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Month: July 2022

Shilling of a Lesser God. (An Atheistic Amusement)

Originally produced for Related Records’ Phoenix-based independent Zine, “Testimony Vol. 1”, initially published in August of 2022.


“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” – Epicurus

I open up this screed by definitively declaring, that there is no God. Never has been. Never will be. And most assuredly, if my first two observations are later to be proven false, Logic will still find that as the alleged Father of all, he still fails far shy of deserving the unconditional love he so conceitedly deigns that we, those who were cursed by his own hand, provide him.

Like most modern-day fathers who long ago shirked their responsibilities, he demands unwarranted respect when he bothers to make a limited appearance, but refuses to bestow it in turn. At best, he’s an incompetent over-the-hill Salaryman, trying to relive his glory days via the manipulation of innocents, and at worst, he’s an obsessively mercurial and highly disingenuous sociopath, whose intrinsic ideology is far more in line with the Family of Manson, than the one espoused by the Family of Man.

In short, God is a Fraud. A Theoretical Bully. A Celestial Construct. A mythical Sky-daddy, specifically crafted to keep the ignorant and the fearful under the semblance of social subjugation, and for those select chosen few, to serve as their conduit to acquiring power and influence over others. And in this, an age where access to the world’s knowledge entire is instantaneous, he’s also irrelevant.

We as a society, save for the gullible few scattered among us, remain in the dark no longer as to how the world itself actually works, as we’ve conquered the initial ignorance surrounding biology, geology, and astronomy, and need not the salve of spiritualism, to make sense of that which we don’t understand or fail to comprehend. The Dark Ages had Prophets to guide us. We on the other hand, have YouTube.

Who needs a God when morality is inherent? Who needs a God when Science is based in (and on) verifiable Reality? Who needs miracles, when we’ve split the atom, landed on the Moon, and placed no less than five planetary rovers capable of independent actions, on a celestial body that at its farthest distance from us, is 112.72 million miles away?

Fortunately, for current gas prices, we tend to send these robotic explorers when Mars is an average of only 33.9 million miles away in relation to our home world, so cut NASA some well-earned slack, regarding their past dual cock-ups within the Shuttle program. Think about what humans have accomplished in the span of an average lifetime, and what God thus far, has failed to even partially eradicate over millennia, despite being all-powerful and allegedly, omnipotent.

War, poverty, famine, disease, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, nationalism, willfully hateful ignorance, sexual trafficking and abuse, infant mortality, a rapidly untenable planet, due ironically, to both Man’s actions and inaction, and lest we forget, the scourge that is Nickelback, being allowed to produce a body of work that contains no less than nine studio albums, two compilation albums, one EP, five video albums, and 32 individual music videos.

If that isn’t proof enough that there is no God, I really don’t know what to tell you. Chad Kroeger may not be the Antichrist himself, but he certainly would be the composer for his theme music, nevertheless. I noted earlier that the roots of God’s existence lay in Mankind’s need at one point, to explain the workings of the Universe which was once unknown, but what are the elements within that particular narrative?

Our story begins after God, having:created said Universe in six days, decides to situate a virtual paradise on Earth, that he calls The Garden of Eden, stocks it with all of the delights and delicacies that he crafted days before, and in a sheer moment of omnipotent genius, takes Adam and Eve, his two previously immaculate human creations, and deliberately installs the flaw of Free Will into them, despite having no real need in the first place, to do so.

He then instructs them both not to use it, under the threat of dire consequence, then purposefully crafts an irresistible temptation, as he concurrently allows their dual corruption by yet another of his predestined formations (albeit an evil one) who somehow, manages to enter and exit, the Garden unmolested.

After the pair commit the sin that will eventually be classified as “Original”, and doom us all to Hell, God loses his collective cool about it, and banishes Adam and Eve from the Garden forever, notwithstanding the obvious fact that the situation at his hand was ENTIRELY HIS FAULT, he still sends the duo out into the harshness of the world beyond the Garden, completely unprepared, as all good parents are apt to do.

After quite some time has passed, he takes some personal initiative, transcribing a book of rules via other flawed humans, in which he demands that they, and all of their resultant offspring, endeavor to spend their lives worshipping him on bended knee, otherwise he’ll deem them as being unworthy of his “love”, toss them into a bottomless pit of eternal fire, replete with chains of ice, and unceasing torment, with no hope of escape.

And lest ye forget, he’s doing all of this, because he “loves us”. Now, if I were a far more cynical person, I’d assert that the manner in which he shows us this fictional grace, seems like it would fit far better in Ted Bundy’s gameplan, rather than God’s obviously improvised one. And this is whom we’re commanded to slavishly worship without fail and/or query? F**k that noise, plain and simple.

After all, just because I have chosen to metaphorically walk among the stars, and require neither God’s presence, or the insular imprisonment of his doctrine to do so, doesn’t mean that you should follow my path. But as a rule, its hard to explore the infinite possibilities that Life itself offers you freely, when you’re consistently genuflecting to forestall a predetermined fate that you didn’t warrant to begin with.

Just a thought. And hopefully, a clear one.

“It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is, than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” – Carl Sagan









Conspiracy Drearies Pt. 3 (Interhate Love Song)

“The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and willfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.” –  Aleister Crowley, Magick: Liber ABA: Book 4

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

The Greek philosopher Plato once optimistically stated that; “To prefer evil to good is not in human nature; and when a man is compelled to choose one of two evils, no one will choose the greater when he might have the less.” While this is a rather utopian view of Humanity in general, it’s also seemingly quite naïve, whereas modern-day society is presently concerned.

Not only does it appear that certain individuals within today’s alleged Civilization will readily, if not happily, choose the greater of said Evils, they’ll do so for no other reason than the obsessive hope that the people they’ve ignorantly chosen to despise, will be grievously wounded by their doing so. Hate is a powerful emotion, and when it’s specifically weaponized, the carnage that it can unleash, is damn near nigh impossible to put this malicious Jinn back in its metaphorical bottle.

The accepted definition of “hate” is as such: “an extreme dislike or disgust “, but this rather clinical assessment fails to take into account the underlying, yet primary, foundation of all things that are both hated and hateful in spirit, that being Fear.

To truly hate something, one must also have some modicum of dread regarding it, otherwise such things would pass through our lives harmlessly, emerging as if they were corn that had traveled through a two-year old blemish-free, and entirely whole. But such is not the case with that which we fear, now is it? Hate and Fear leave open wounds, spiritual scars, and excavates the darkest of chasms within our hearts and minds.

However, acknowledgement of the problem hardly qualifies as its solution, and the area where Fear really pulls its allegorical weight, is as a tool of propagandists, as its ratio of investment to net gain, is beyond spectacular. Empires, both personal and corporatized, have been built on the backs of both the fearful and the malicious, and the malevolent manna that they require to propagate their metaphorical borders, is essentially self-generating these days.

If exploiting people’s Fear hadn’t ever actualized as a viable construct already, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity would be regarded as nothing more than those two brotards at your workplace whom HR would sadly get to know on a first name, if not related hobbies, basis. But with all due fairness, while these two malingerers may serve as heralds of the horrible, they are in reality, no more than symptoms of a societal cancer that has afflicted us for quite some time now.

Hate and/or fear, while truly the most simplistic of emotions, also possess quite the variance as to just how they choose to manifest themselves, a quirk that also extends to whatever underlying factors set them on their path in the first place.

Starting off, there’s the American classic, “Fear of the Other”, whose obsessive focus falls both upon the GQP’s favorite scapegoats of late, that being registered and undocumented immigrants, as well as anyone else who dares to be clearly “not from around here”, such as the descendants of slavery, whose shade of melanin in some way, makes them “less than” in the eyes of those who think that skin color falls somehow, under the category of a personal choice.

if I had a dollar for every time some racist wretch shouted “All Lives Matter” at my back whenever I proudly rock my BLM T-shirt, I could easily buy an island for all of their similar thinking ilk to live on, fully stocked with Pabst Blue Ribbon, pork rinds, and record stores that sell nothing but Ted Nugent and Kid Rock CD’s. What can I say? I know what White trash digs.

But when it comes to acknowledging the inequities regarding economics, applications of legal justice, educational disparagement, and career opportunities that the African-American community continues to suffer through, these very same ALM cheerleaders hit the mute button on their bullhorns faster than a fifteen-year-old caught watching porn on his cellphone when his mom walks into his bedroom unannounced. .

I’d point out that if they really believed that “all lives matter” as they consistently claim, the message of “BLM” wouldn’t bother them at all. They’re just pi**ed by the thought that African-American lives being considered as equal to those of Whites, might actually become a standard, and mystical Lord knows, they sure as f**k, don’t want that.

Next up on the list, there’s the “Fear of the Non-Divine”, stereotypically fueled by Christian intolerance which targets those of the Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist faith, along with Satanists, Pagans, Wiccans, and the evilest of all, those who don’t believe in the one true God known as Odin, and whom label themselves as (GASP!!!) “Devout Atheists”, which is akin to those that practice Humanism, but with far more calories, if not better shindigs. 

Oops. My bad… [checks notes] it seems the “one true God” is supposedly Jesus Christ, and not Odin. My sincerest apologies. I tend to get those two mixed up, due to the fact that they both have awesome stage presence, incredible hair, and a true sense of showmanship as well. Unfortunately for both of their respective fan bases, and despite the powers each is purported to have possessed, they still are to this day, one-hundred percent completely f**king mythical.

Honest mistake. It won’t happen again, I assure you.

Moving on, Fear and Hate correspondingly, have quite the issue with those whose lifestyle choices are different than theirs, fitting into a characterization that I like to call “Fear of the Fabulous”. Now, as far this particular category goes, it has a few varied underpinnings that form its foundations. The most obvious of course, is the phobias starting with the prefixes of “Homo” and “Trans”, or those which despise any mention of the acronym LGBTQ,

Underlying plywood within this subfloor of ignorance, also includes the oddity of its detractors possessing a blatantly obvious latent curiosity regarding gay sexual practices while simultaneously disparaging them, as well as the inclusion of a singular sentence from a book of Bronze-Age fairy tales, arguing that it provides no less than celestial justification itself, for their unwarranted arracks to boot.

Not to mention, the parasitic attachment of barely restrained toxic masculinity that bleeds through when this community is openly harassed. For men who claim to be ever-so-manly, they for some as yet unknown fully heterosexual reason, seemingly need a lot of backup muscle when they go out cruising as a group, hoping to beat up some effeminate poofs, let me tell you.  I’m sure there’s nothing of homoerotic interest to unpack there, by any stretch of the imagination.

Since I covered this topic in depth somewhat in the last screed, I won’t be rehashing it here yet again, but I will say this: if you spend more time thinking about gay sex than the people who are actually engaging in it, you’re more than likely, so far back in the allegorical closet as it were, that next year’s Christmas gifts no longer remain unknown to you. Just saying.

Progressing forward, we come to the next hovel of hate, and that is the relatively new aspect of “Fear of All That is Known”, which covers the fields of Science and Medicine, along with their practitioners and those who possess both a higher education, and the ability to apply it to everyday life.

The Right-Wing Retard Brigade refers to these specific people as “elites”, for no other reason than the fact that unlike those who slavishly obey the whims of a red-hatted Mango-tinted Mussolini, the learned instead, actually bother to check the veracity of the details they’re presented with first, before deciding on a personal course of action.

I’ve always been amused by those who couldn’t open the front door to get into DeVry, assume that they’re now honorary virologists, political pundits, and constitutional lawyers, just because they spent ten minutes watching a handful of garage-assembled videos on YouTube

And when it comes to the institutions that produce these educated individuals that are so despised by the often-wrong Right, the hatred is quite literally, a palatable entity. Colleges, according to these GED washouts, are nothing more than “centers of Liberal indoctrination”, hellbent on nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of traditional society, established cultural norms, and the core values of the American family itself.

And here I was, thinking that all my Associate of Arts degree was going to get me, was a comfy job making album covers and the conversational opportunity to pick up the random art groupie, every now and then, when all along, I was actually being groomed to become a Godless anarchist with machinations of evil intent, to lure the unaware into my ever-expanding cabal of inclusive consciousness, instead.

Damn you Art College. Damn you to Hell.

Nevertheless, while the people who view opening a book as being on the same intellectual par as dismantling a nuclear bomb, rail about their precious children being brainwashed by exposure to the light that eradicates the ignorance and hypocrisy installed by their parental units, their offspring academically advance regardless, and that’s what Conservatism truly fears: the fact that when their brood learns that they’ve been ;lied to their entire lives, the desire to make some major changes within it, becomes truly tantamount.

Conservatives don’t fear and hate education because it imparts a rigid standard of seeing the world one way or another, they despise it solely because once unshackled by the skeleton key of education, the mind set free, becomes a rather dangerous foe to those who wield power over a relatively complacent (and easily misdirected) society.

If you value personal thought and the freedom granted by your individuality, do the three things that Conservatives hate most: read, write, and question all that you’re told, and watch the blood vessels inside their constricted brains pop.

Its always worked for me. It can work for you too.

And finally, there’s the “Fear of the Feminine”, as espoused by a cadre of intellectually void misogynists, ranging from the thankfully deceased Rush Limbaugh, to the aforementioned Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, who are quite literally, the walking embodiment of want barely sentient hemorrhoids can achieve, when they’re given free license to spew vacuous bile during the most advantageous of prime-time slots.

Whether it’s disparaging women for choosing a career over having children, or slurring the single moms that manage to do both as breeders for future welfare recipients, conservatives consciously play both sides of the hypocrite’s coin whenever possible.

For instance, they could teach their sons to respect a women’s right to spurn unwanted carnal advances and not engage in the abominable acts of sexual harassment and/or rape, but why do that, when you can just as easily, paint the victim as “asking for it”, dependent on where she was, what she was wearing, or how much alcohol she consumed prior to being attacked?  

Let’s be clear: conservatives LOVE seeing women subjugated, humiliated, and most importantly, defeated on every level. as it reaffirms both their faux masculinity, and the erroneous notion that women truly are, [in their opinion] just as the LGBTQ community is, “less than” what they consider themselves to be. Doubt this take of mine? Just look at the specific insults relating to gender and sexual identity that men hurl at each other: “Bitch”, Pu**y”, “Queer”, ”C**ksucker”, “Fag”, and the like.

Conservative men are terrified of strong independent women, hence their obsession with keeping them in line via laws to strip them of their rightful body autonomy, so that they find themselves trapped in the emblematic kitchen, forcibly pregnant, the way God intended them to be. While I can only speak for myself as always, I find it hilarious that these so-called men who can’t find the clitoris of the woman they do know, still feel that they have the right to govern the uterus of the woman they don’t.

However, what these wannabe uterine ushers fail to take into account, is the ramifications of ticking off half of the world’s population due to their fear of being bested by the fairer sex. Outside of the expected sexual cut-off, I wonder what the reaction will be when female legislators start introducing bills concerning the body rights of men. At the moment, there are no laws on the books that regulate what men can do with their genitalia, a sexist fact that these cravenly cucks purposefully overlook.

Can you imagine the testosterone-fueled outrage if it were passed into law, that men had to get pre-authorization to be sexually active? Better yet, how about decreeing that prior to each act of sexual activity, only men were subject to being tested for STD’s? And since conservatives are ever-so-worried about the scourge of teenage pregnancy, shouldn’t condom usage be delegated as mandatory, unless one was willing to undergo a reversible vasectomy?

After all, doesn’t it make more sense to take the bullets out of the gun, rather than place a bullet-resistant shield in front of it? And let’s not forget making men purchase birth insurance, just in case an “accident”: or as anti-abortionists put it, a “miracle of life” just so happens to occur. Rational options all, I feel. What’s that you say, my manly chums? It seems that the responsibility for inadvertent reproduction seems now placed upon your previously unburdened shoulders?

Well, I’m sorry about that. Truly, I am. But in retrospect, maybe you should have kept your nose out of ither people’s private concerns, and then you wouldn’t be sitting home alone on a Friday night with a case of the Blue Balls, now would you? But enough with my setting up the quadrants of fear-based ignorance, as it’s now time to switch gears, line up the dominoes of density, and knock them all down, using nothing save the words originally scribed by their authors as a testament to their own obliviousness,

And what better way to start us off, than with an example of antisemitism disguised as political commentary, posted by one Jimmy Frost, who also goes by the moniker of “Kentucky Fried Jimmy” on Facebook?Good question Jimmy- are there any “Jews” around, and if so, why in the f**k would they ever do business with you? Maybe your daily rate is a factor, given the well-known stereotype for Jewish thriftiness in regards to matters of financial outlay, but your sparklingly odious personality for sure, is unquestionably not. Maybe the reason those who are Jewish tend to vote Democratic, is because unlike your party, we tend to screen out the NAZI’s, rather than elect them to high-standing, as you guys are so fond of doing.

And as for your claim that you were talking to a “Jew”, because apparently, that’s the way you respectfully identify people these days, is by their religious leanings, I’ll call bulls**t. Not only do you not know any, I’m fairly certain that the ones in Florida where you allegedly operate, treat you and your business as if it were a non-Kosher shrimp and pork sandwich. And if you don’t get that joke Jimmy, you are most certainly, not down with the Jews.

Fortuitously for Jimmy, if he runs out of imaginary Jews to talk to concerning the theoretical, he can always rely on his fellow lover of all things Jewish, Al Savaria, to commiserate with in regards to us Democrats having cornered the market on free-range Jewry:

Wow. Just wow. I’ve seen some clever ways to introduce the classic gambit that Jews run the world entire, but this is quite the new twist on an antisemitic fantasy. However, I have some sad news for Al here: if Jews did run the world, I can assure you that not only would there be a Katz’s delicatessen on every other corner, Ben Stiller would have been installed as the true face of the John Wick movie franchise by now.

Or so I would assume, according to this theory I just created out of air and the vile bigotry that I borrowed from these two burnt-out light bulbs of dizzying intellect.

But don’t you worry kids, because if you can’t make one asinine theory stick to your supposed enemies, you can always hit them in another area that’s always a sore spot for most, and what better method is there, than questioning the legitimacy of their religious faith?I tell you, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a word salad drizzled with a slightly acidic vinaigrette of dumbf**kery, such as this one appears to be. Let’s just check the ingredient list: a befuddled interpretation of a Bronze-Age book of fairy tales? Check. Misspellings and/or improper contextual use of the words “their” and “our”? Check. An arrogant claim about whose God is the “real” God? Check.

And finally, a threat of divine retribution against an imagined enemy? Check and done. One small note however regarding theology, if I may? The last time I checked, the aforementioned Jesus of Nazareth, was a Jew, unless of course, McLeod here, is referring to the renowned car mechanic, Jesus of Nazareth, Texas, who while not granted the healing powers of the allegorical Savior, has been known to work absolute miracles on late-model Subarus.

Call me crazy, but when I think of Jesus, I think of the one seen in prayer cards holding bunnies, not the one holding an UZI, happily splashing in the rapidly congealing puddles of his chosen victim’s blood. But what do I know? Its been over 40 years since I was an altar boy, so maybe the Vatican has made a few changes here and there in my absence.

But the image of Christ as an agent of vengeance, while popular with Conservatives, is thankfully, not the most so-called Christians ascribe to. Nope, that position of punitiveness, is generally reserved for his dad “God”, whom if you remember the Old Testament, was all about bringing the pain, if not the Brimstone rain. But as is usual with most bigots who hide behind the faux sanctity of a thin-as-tissue-paper faith, they conveniently on purpose, fail to mention this, and instead, cast it upon others:

And who better to anoint with their hypocrisy, than the blasphemous infidels who would dare to label Jesus as nothing more than a prophet, and not as the deity commonly represented as the Son of God?

Regular readers of, or even those passingly familiar with the Bible, may be raising their eyebrows right about now, regarding this take concerning the virtuousness of the so-called Good Book versus the wickedness supposedly contained within the Quaran, as the role of women and the overall respect they’re supposedly accorded within established Christian doctrine, is not that far removed from what’s being alleged about the Islamic faith.

Now, while it is true that Ephesians 5:25 does command; “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her”, The intent of Corinthians 14:34-35 immediately counters this by bluntly decreeing; “The women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.”

 But let’s not forget, the Quran is really the purported misogynist tome here, and not the Bible. In fact, the Bible is not only amazingly pro-feminist, but also offers helpful advice as well. Take this passage from Timothy 2:11-15, for instance:

 “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing- if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.”

 Yup. Nothing controlling or knuckle-dragging Neanderthalic about this at all, right? You just gotta love God’s message here: “Learn stuff but don’t share what you know outside of your one-book-only club, shut your pie-hole, and even though I created the forbidden fruit and the serpent pushing it on you, KNOWING FULL WELL AND IN ADVANCE, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, because I’m all-powerful and all-seeing, I’m still going to blame you for eating it, because… um, “mysterious ways” and all that jazz.”

 But maybe, just maybe, I’m reading too much between the lines in regards to God’s immutable assertions. After all, he did create women for a specific reason, and I’m sure it was not at all self-serving whatsoever, as evidenced by Proverbs 31:30: “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Ok. I admit it. That may have been a bad example. Certainly, he must place worthwhile stock in the value of a strong independent woman who speaks her mind, as notated within Proverbs 21: “It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.” Once again, my fingers did the walking and tripped. I sincerely apologize.

However, this passage from Genesis 3;16 is all about a woman’s role as a wife and mother, and I’m sure that it will redeem the one true God, for certain: “To the woman he said, “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”

[Artbitch closes laptop, glares at empty sky for ten minutes, composes himself, opens laptop, tries again.]

All right… this time, and I really, really, mean it, I’m sure I’ve hit upon the one pronouncement from the all-powerful God that proves, 100%, that the Bible is way more respectful to women than the Quaran could ever hope to be, even on its best day. Titus 2:4-5: “And so, train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.”

 And this is why I apparently need to read the story all the way to the end, rather than just skim it, because quite honestly, these plot twists are killing my credibility here. Nevertheless, I’d advise you all to keep the faith as it were, because I’m about to hit it out of the park with this one, where God notes the strength of women in relation to the power of royalty: Proverbs 31:3: ”Do not give your strength to women, your ways to those who destroy kings.”

Seriously. What f**ked in the empty head disciple, transcribed this chauvinistic piece of celestial cuckdom into existence, Roman of Polanski? Sean of Connery? James of Woods? Man, I understand good writers were hard to come by back in the day, but you’d think the omnipotent Deity over All, would have had the budget to hire the Kurt Vonnegut’s of Bethlehem, rather than the Dean Koontz’s of Kentucky. 

And speaking of Kentucky, our ol’ pal “Kentucky Fried Jimmy”, AKA: Jimmy Frost, has a solution to what he considers to be the “Muslim problem”, and it’s one that would make Josef Goebbels ever so proud:
You know, for people who just love to compare the other side of the political fence to NAZI’s, they sure do spend an awful amount of time trying to install some of their more virulent visions into the mainstream minds of our collective society’s psyche. And despite the reassurance by his fellow f**khead Thomas Strauch, that we should remove American citizens for the “good of America”, I’d suggest a counteroffer instead: how about we deport all the racists first as a test, just to see if that improves things?

It obviously couldn’t hurt, and just think about how nice it would be, knowing that all the so-called Confederate flag flying “Christians” were now being placed in countries where not only would their bulls**t not be tolerated, it would be ironically dealt with, in the very same manner that they wish to inflict upon the religious minorities currently living here.

Maybe it’s just me, but has anyone else noticed that since the concept of Trumpism took hold, conservatives think that the ultimate resolution to every social concern they have, albeit real or imagined, is to exile it, as if it were an unwanted Christmas fruitcake from their Aunt Hildegard? Other than being unconscionable, the very concept of Jimmy’s non-PC braggadocio, is wholly unconstitutional, as well. 

Frost’s reference to the act of banning Muslims from entering the United States, stems from his vile misinterpretation of a passage within the McCarran-Walker Act of 1952, which upheld a divisive quota system for immigration that was first introduced in 1924. Although the 1952 measure eradicated the racial conditions for acquiring citizenship, particularly where Asians were concerned, its founding of new quotas that favored Western Europeans, is definitively the origin of Frost’s erroneous claim.  

As noted in Chapter 2, Section 212 of the Act, there exists a provision that allows specific United States government officials the right to deny entry to any person deemed to pose a possible threat to said government. The observant among us, and you know who you are, will note that nowhere within this decree once examined in depth, does there exist any mention of specifically excluding those who identify as being of the Muslim faith, or anyone who hails from Islamic nations, either.

Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

But leave it to conservatives to demand action concerning a problem that doesn’t actually exist, as evinced by this mentally-deficient, and highly xenophobic word-salad, courtesy of one Debra Caldwell: 

I’ve noted in previous screeds, that in no way, shape or form, do I have any proven clinical background in regards to the field of psychology, and therefore, have no right whatsoever to present a formal diagnosis in respect to what particular mental issue Caldwell may allegedly be suffering from at the current moment, but I will say this- whatever it is, I’m sure it’s very hard to pronounce.

In fact, I will go one step further, and submit that while I don’t personally know for certain exactly just what transgressions proper grammar and punctuation inflicted upon her as a defenseless child, she’s definitely paying them back for it now, in spades. I don’t want to be unnecessarily flippant here, but if Caldwell wasn’t in the middle of having a stroke as she was writing this, I’d strongly suggest that it may be a good idea to not only take away her car keys, but to wallpaper her home with bubble wrap, as well.

Sadly, Caldwell’s intolerant ignorance of all persons ascribed as Islamic, is not unique, and it most certainly, is not lacking for company, either. By way of example, let’s peruse this delightful slice of bigoted accounting, presented to us by one Richard Crisp, who, just so happens to be, a Facebook “friend”: of the hateful humanitarian, Jimmy Frost: 

Even I, the eternal optimist of all things sunny and bright, have to admit that the scenario offered up by Dick Crisp here, is darkly discomfiting. However, since it is a radical proposition being presented as a theoretical reality by an obvious Islamophobe, I’d propose that perhaps some fact-checking should be done first, and as some of you may have already guessed, Dick’s numbers are a tad bit off the mark.

According to the website Statista.com, the typical American male was the progenitor of an average of 1.93 children in the year of 2020, and the rate for his Muslim counterpart? Well, according to Pew Research, that number clocks in at 2,9, and not 9.7, as Crisp’s fever-dream so hysterically declares as fact.

In 2020, the Earth’s total population was estimated to be around 7.753 billion inhabitants, of which, 1.8 billion were classified as being Muslim. In simpler terms, that translates into an average of there being no less than 4.30 persons for every lone Muslim currently residing on the planet. Literally, a 4 to 1 ratio, which if I were a betting man, would make me lay down some serious money on the “Home” team to win…

I for one, don’t fear Muslims, half as much as I do so-called Christian-Americans, because the last time I checked, most of the terrorism in this country, was being undertaken by those waving the Stars and Stripes with one hand, while holding the Bible in the other. And as for Crisp‘s assertion that his fantasy of captured women awaiting the horror of being forcibly impregnated is, and I quote; “real s**t”, I’d totally agree. It is s**t, and so apparently, was the bathtub meth he smoked to form this opinion in the first place.

But try as it might Logic and reality can’t keep a good conspiracy theory down, nor can it make the willingly terrified any less scared than they already are, either. Take for instance, this “warning’, posted by Phil Draper, concerning an unnamed pastor who was supposedly attacked by Muslims, which ostensibly, according to the warped minds of the Alt-Right base, is on the verge of becoming a common occurrence:

So, let me see if I got this right… the partisan party who mixes their politics with faux Christianity, and whose civilian adjuncts want to deport all Muslims, as they attempt to have the fantasy of the Bible taught in schools as if it were long-established Science, is afraid that a bunch of fanatical religious extremists will eventually take over the United States, and by doing so, will become… what, exactly?

Direct competition, perhaps? Because in all of my 53 years walking this big-ass space rock, the only people that have ever sent me death threats or told me that I was going to burn in Hell, have been 100% dyed in the wool of the Lamb, supposed Christians, and nobody else. 

My devout Muslim neighbors on the other hand, have not only complimented my landscaping and Christmas light display every year without fail, but maybe that’s just part of their devious plan to lure me and mine, into a false sense of security before their premeditated cultural coup comes to the zenith of its successful fruition. What clever bastards,

And to think, that their annual gift of home-made Qatayef, was nothing more than their attempt to soften me up for either the eventual kill, or forced conversion. I may never trust another dish of delectable pastries ever again. Still, our good friend Phil isn’t done sounding the alarm about the planned Muslim takeover just yet, and has this vital piece of the puzzle to share with us:

A thought occurred to me immediately after reading this, and I’m sure it may have also crossed your minds as well- why is it, that the people who claim to be the most American of Americans among us, speak and write the language of this country as if they’re cosplaying a drunken Latka Gravas from the 80’s TV show Taxi?To begin Phil, may I note that the correct tense you should have used for your first three contextual errors are, and in order, “their”, “their” yet again, and finally “they’re”, because if you’re going to be calling for us to defend our country from your metaphorically posited threat, you should probably show that you’re actually a fully mentally-functioning citizen of it, first.

As for the rest, not only would it be damn near nigh impossible to constitutionally install any form of Sharia Law within the parameters of the United States, as American Christians have sadly known for years, the assertion that it would happen due to the political machinations of a few carefully placed Muslim politicians, is, quite simply, beyond insane.

It’s bad enough that we have citizenry who are unaware what the laws of this country are, but it’s even worse, when they think that they can toss aside the Rule of Law, predicated on the single fact alone that they just don’t like someone very much, as proven by this gem of purest political insight straight from the horse’s ass that is returning guest, if not the newest Artbitch scratching post, Debra Caldwell:

As always, I won’t speak for you, but I just love it when a brain-dead Conservative plays all their classic hits, don’t you? Opening up with an unhinged rant, transitioning into delusionally desired threats of unconstitutional retribution with well-practiced ease, and finally climaxing with the conservative surefire winner, the unintentional mangling of the English language throughout.

Bravo, maestro! I tip my oversized novelty hat made of corn chips and overflowing with guacamole, in your general direction. Now, you might think Caldwell, can only play the same tune endlessly over and over again, but rest assured, she is imbued with that jazz spirit, and she likes nothing more than to riff on a theme familiar as she adds that special racist touch to an otherwise blandly bigoted mix:

Yup. There’s no way you can be an “American” if you wear the “Rag”, and if you do dare to do so as a legally elected government official, then according to Debra Dumbf**k here, that should be demonstrable grounds for you to be impeached. Sigh… one day, hopefully soon, there’s going to come a time where these racist, bigoted, despairingly ignorant, walking piles of putridness, are going to try and make a pot roast while sitting inside their oven, and only then, will I be able to truly rest.

An Artbitch can dream, I guess.

If I had to offer an educated guess, I’d assume that despite Caldwell’s access to the World Wide Web, its never been directly utilized to engage in any form of credible research. If she truly considers the hijab to be no more than a “rag”, which it most certainly is not, I can only imagine her ill-informed opinion concerning the turbans worn by Sikhs, the Yarmulkes worn by Jews, and of course, the post-digger hats that those Catholic cardinals so proudly sport.

Are they, to be considered as being non-American as well, or is that slur reserved only for the ones who just so happen not to be Caucasian? I’d like to assume that this was a factor that Caldwell never once considered when she scribed her bigoted tripe, but I’m also fairly confident that she wouldn’t have an issue with being called out for it, either.

She, like most of her fellow demagogues of density that inhabit the dark recesses of the Web, are proud of being accurately labeled as racist, unintelligent, and wholly xenophobic, as it’s the only thing that gives their otherwise pathetically empty lives, any actual purpose.

This is not to say however, that Caldwell is a one-trick pony, as she’s also seemingly fond of disseminating hysterically unfounded conspiracy theories as well. Take for instance, this easily debunked post regarding the process of one being sworn in to an elected office:

And when I say “easily debunked”, I mean to say that you can do so (according to Google) in less than one second. A point sixtieth of a second to be more precise, which apparently for Caldwell’s sense of personal responsibility, was far too much time to spend establishing as to whether her already highly=y suspect blog-sourced “news item” was genuine or an obvious falsehood:
And despite Facebook’s fact-checking system informing her that this fiction was straight off a website based in and on satire, as evidenced here…

… two of Caldwell’s clan of confused cucks, still debated about its veracity nonetheless, deciding to do so without doing any research regarding the topic, save for one person, whom I can only assume, spends most of their time making sure that these morons don’t take a bath with a plugged-in coffee maker:

I particularly like how Sheila here, and without any evidence, brushes the factual info aside, arrogantly positing that FB’s “fact-checkers don’t know everything” as a conceptual theorem, while simultaneously proving that she most certainly doesn’t, as a definitive. Classic. Not only can one be sworn in using a copy of the Quran, one can also do so with a copy of MAD Magazine, if one so wished.

Quid me solliciti in regards to this abject stupidity? Not in the slightest, as dumb bitches like this, are literally a dime a dozen within the ranks of the GQP base, and despite her racist ignorance, Caldwell herself, tends to fall into the role of being more of a clueless cog, rather than as a conservative intellectual, as this later word salad strongly underscores:  

Now, I don’t want to make fun of whatever learning incapacity that Caldwell is openly displaying here, but JFC lady, given whatever this mélange of mangled gibberish was intended to convey, I’d make the assertion that you need to get your ass over to Grammarly.com right quick, and attempt to get your spastic s**t together.

If not for your own comfort, or for those unfortunate souls that have to read your inane drivel, then do it for no other reason than to quell my rising concern that you require either hospitalization, or the combined services of a young priest and an old priest, ASAP. As to the validity of your laughably pathetic claim that FB took away your Constitutional rights, Facebook (as well as any other private business) does not, I repeat, DOES NOT, fall under the protective auspices of the First Amendment.

Not now. Not ever. So suck it up, blubbercup.

I’d like to posit the assessment that if half these people spent a quarter of their time doing random acts of Humanity versus tracking down the lunacy that fuels their idiotic paranoia, not only would all forms of Cancer have been cured by now, we’d also as a species, would never have to fear the thought of anyone seriously thinking about a re-boot of “The Last Starfighter” starring Ryan Reynolds, as well.

As I started off this original story-arc addressing the topic of conspiracies and their champions in part one, I’m going to take a slight detour off-path, and highlight a few selectively chosen one from Caldwell, that have stumbled into my line of sight, as of late. Starting us off, we’ll tackle this one, which combines the standard GQP demagogy of anti-abortion sentiment, constitutional minipreparation, and faux Christianity into one vile loaf of White inbred rage:

First off, nothing contained within Caldwell’s post is “unconstitutional” by any stretch of the imagination, second, as a myth “God” can’t and won’t “deal” with anyone, and most importantly, nowhere in the United Sates does there exist a single medical professional engaging in either infanticide, or the proactive murder of “born alive” babies, which for the benefit of Debbie Dips**t here, I have to notate as being the exact same f**king thing.

Nevertheless, I do feel sorry (somewhat) for Caldwell, as I can’t imagine the level of self-delusion required to not only post the following, but to wholly embrace it as well, in full view of the general public:

You know who else presented as an Angel of higher purpose at first, and later turned out to be singularly evil and morally rudderless as f**k? An ex-employee of God’s named Lucifer, but I’m sure that no comparisons could be reasonably drawn between the Prince of Lies, and a thrice-married, whore-mongering serial adulterer, who just so happens to be in tandem, not only a lecherously craven con-man, but a self-admitted sexual assaulter of women, to boot.

And regarding all of his links to traitorous actions and established pedophiles? Well, that’s just the icing on top of this boiled pork sandwich wearing a wig, in my ever so humble opinion. Jesus weeps to be sure, but I’m confident that the underlying reason must be sheer gratitude for such esteemed representation.

I hate to be the one that truly bursts Caldwell’s fragile as a soap bubble optimism that Trump was indeed hand-picked by God himself to serve a specific purpose, because as a devotee of the Truth, I’d fight to be the first to witness that he most certainly does. Unfortunately for Caldwell though, it’s only to be as a walking reminder as to why God felt the need to transcribe the Ten Commandments in the first place.

This opinion of mine, based on nothing more substantial than the compilation of Trump‘s own compiled words, actions, and public displays of his dearth of character, may come as a surprise to Caldwell’s surreal sanguinity, but I’m afraid that I may have to present a far bigger shock to her system with this far more unbelievable revelation that apparently happened quite literally, right under his nose, if not his thankfully short-term housing.

This bombshell, courtesy of the website Bitchute,com, brought inadvertently to my attention by one of its adherents, an individual known as June Meek, is without a doubt, the biggest American scandal that has even been revealed, hands down. Far less ethical than Watergate, twice as sexually shocking than Penisgate, Nipplegate, or Pizzagate combined, and while it lacks the incel load of Comicsgate or come to think of it, any Star Wars Fan-Con for that matter, it most definitely can give all these “gates” a run for their money, as ii may just be, the most beautifully insane set-piece of crafted lunacy, among them:

Indisputably, the comparison twixt the two is most definitely founded upon the fact that much like this steaming anaerobic lagoon, this fecal-laden fantasy stems from nothing less than the constipated bowels of a perceptibly disturbed mind, but this is still a freakishly mesmerizing page-turner, no matter what your level of personal gullibility may fall between.

This story has it all: a worldwide cabal, using a network of underground tunnels as a conduit to sexually traffic their innocent captives, finds themselves, in a delightful twist of serendipitous fate, trapped within those very same tunnels by “soldiers” who after arresting them, make the brilliant command decision to

escort both their former victims and the corpses of their less fortunate brethren to the safety of the outside world, boldly using the FRONT DOORS of one of the most iconically famous buildings in the known world.

Not to mention, there’s the additional delusion of there being not one, but TWO fake White Houses, along with the tantalizing story-arcs of gene decoding, Extraterrestrial bloodlines, “black goo”, whatever the hell that is, and of course, the ever-looming presence of what I can only assume, will eventually be revealed as the danger of AI going rogue. Sure, it’s wackier than Gary Busey on vodka-infused Red Bull, but as long as the Sci-Fi Channel makes it into a limited series, I’m totally cool with it, overall.

Don’t look at me like that. You know damn well that if they ever cast noted science-fiction icon / actor Ron (“Hellboy”) Perlman to play a part, any part, you’d binge-watch it until your eyeballs bled, so don’t lie. Either to me, or more importantly, yourself. But believe it or not, I do know what you’re thinking, and yes, you are 100% right- this account is frothing at the mouth insane, to say the very least.

Nevertheless, let’s play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, and look at the … well, let’s just call them “facts” for the moment, and attempt to analyze this fever-dream logically, if such a thing is possible with a narrative as twisted as this.

So, to recap….  a series of tunnels located under one of the most secure buildings in the world, was actually a super-highway of sorts for child sex-trafficking, unbeknownst to the allegorical fighter of such, and the decision was made by persons still unknown, to wait until he had fully vacated the premises, in order to rescue the unfortunate souls being exploited.

And despite the accumulation of political advantage that the incoming administration could have eternally milked from such a cabal being exposed by going public with the rescue, decided instead, to go full dark concerning it. And yet, they somehow blew the whole operation out of the water, by making the rookie mistake of leaving via the front lawn, rather than utilize the quite extensive tunnel system as the logical alternative.   

Genius, I tell you. Sheer literary genius. If L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t dead already, this I’m sure would have killed him dead on the spot. However, please don’t take my flippant mockery as my ignoring the very disturbing reality that there are quite a number of people out there, who passionately believe in the truth of these matters as being incontestable.

Referencing such, let’s now turn our attention to yet another of our modern society’s irresponsibly ill-informed ilk, who somehow manages to violate an edict of the God he claims to revere, so far beyond its established and expected boundaries, that even I, the avowed agnostic, want to buy the guy who originally transcribe it, a case of top-shelf whiskey to get over the shock of watching his literary baby be taken out to the allegorical woodshed for an unhinged tête-à-tête with a possible madman:

Before I dissect this pile of mental aberration within the microcosm of an ever far more troubled demographic that puts stock in such insanity as Gospel, I would like to state that the majority of Conservatives are not this far gone. Overall, that is.

As to the directive demanded by God of us contained within the earlier referenced biblical passage that is Exodus 20:16, it simply says this: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”, which, as a rule of thumb, should be easy to follow, even for the most intellectually dimmest scattered among us.

However, “Lowery Porter” (AKA William Pennell) may serve as the test case as to why sometimes, slipping medication into an unaware person’s cup of morning java, might not necessarily be a violation of their constitutional rights, so much as serving the purpose of the greater good, as it were.

In any other context as a professional writer, if a tale of horror such as this had been presented to me that combined elements of “The Devil’s Rain”, “Seven”, “Silence of the Lambs”, “What We Do in the Shadows”, and topped it all off with a touch of John Carpenter’s cult classic, “they Live”, I’d eat my own laptop out of sheer creative jealousy, and be happy to do so. But in concern to this masturbatory fantasy straight from the fevered sickness that passed for Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed’s sense of creativity, I find myself truly at a loss for words.

I for one, can’t even begin to imagine what form of mental illness could envision such sadistic barbarism serving as a vital cornerstone of civilized debate, and because I value what remains pf my inherent sanity, I’m not even going to try. It’s one thing to concoct a political or cultural scandal where no such thing exists, but to craft a truly insane allegorical snuff film theory out of nothing more than one’s failing grasp on the certainty of the world’s rationality, is quite another thing altogether.

As a rule, I consider myself quite the connoisseur of the dark and otherwise unworldly, but when it comes to this odiously perverse pile of schizophrenic paranoia posted by the barely sentient essence of human failure, even I must take a moment of pause to contemplate just where this person’s life went so horribly awry. My guess is starting at birth, but maybe that’s just my inherent sense of cynical horror running it’s mouth yet again.

The only estimate I could offer concerning what may be wrong with this person, most likely would  still fall short of the allegorical goalposts, given my exceedingly limited knowledge regarding ng the clinical sphere wherein diagnosing mental illness takes place, but I’m pf the mindset that if you truly believe that Hillary Clinton was not only dancing around wearing someone else’s face in the style of a Venetian Bauta, but also allowed herself to be filmed doing so, odds are pretty good that your tin-foil tuxedo collection  is huge.

If I didn’t have the proper milieu within my sight, I’d believe that the “Saw” movie franchise had teamed up with the production crew from the “Faces of Death” one, in order to reclaim their collective splatter cinema endowment of “Most Unbelievable S**t You’ve Ever Seen”, and leave it at that. If any of this fairytale were even remotely true, there would be no way any supposed cabal could manage to keep it suppressed, albeit through threats, deaths, or payoffs.

Not only would this be the biggest story ever, it would be so far beyond the pale of all scandals that had come before, it would remain in the public eye for decades to come. And yet, the only person of note so to speak, to have access to this mind-blowing if not devastating information can’t provide a credible link to the evidence that supports it? Weird, that.

Keep in mind, this lunatic can not only vote, spawn, and openly handle sharp stabby things, he’s also legally allowed to own almost unregulated ordinance as well. If that thought alone doesn’t make you want to crawl into a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and never come out again, I seriously don’t know what will. However, the depth of Lowery’s mental obesity is far deeper than the first Initial offering I’ve presented here thus far.

And while I can’t necessarily “top” the unhinged perception presented above, I can at least, give you some additional  insight as to why there will still be a cultural struggle of a sort in relation to ongoing political policies and societal identity, even if we as a nation, manage to cauterize the leadership that inspire and guides these wackadoos. It’s a philosophy best summed up in a singular image:

Granted, Lowery isn’t intelligent enough to be part of the governing board as it stands to my belief that their hiring practices for such would be no less than top-notch, but his qualifications for doing their metaphorical heavy lifting, would be a definitive in securing him steady employment. Take for instance, this stellar example of just how far detached Lowery is from the rational world entire, and pray to whatever mythical deity that you like, that he doesn’t choose to go gun shopping one day:  

Sigh… if there ever comes a day where an alien species does land peacefully on this planet, the thought that my asking them to take me with them when they leave this ever-increasingly screwed-up rock to get away from these f**king loons, may have some serious credence to it.

I’ve said it before, and Odin knows I will be forced to say it again, but I’m fairly confident that the mindset of the interstellar Greys who supposedly abduct humans, considers visits to our planet as an opportunity to practice their intergalactic cow-tipping, rather than a foray into establishing a base for credible scientific research. And when it comes to their infamous acts of utilizing anal probes? Well, that just goes to verify that for at least %10 of us, a good weekend came early.

On the surface, both of Lowery’s assertions are indebtedly, quite insane. Bonkers. Wackadoo. Madder than a Hatter. Nuttier than a ten-dollar pecan pie. And if I were so bold, slightly amusing as well, on a certain level, that is. Let’s not forget, even for the briefest of moments that these ravingly mad assessments are coming from a free-roaming citizen, and not someone who has found themselves locked up in a padded room for the safety, if not the betterment of society at large.

As I noted above; “Keep in mind, this lunatic can not only vote, spawn, and openly handle sharp stabby things, he’s also legally allowed to own almost unregulated ordinance as well.” What, pray tell, would happen of Lowery formed the conclusion that his fellow humans had been “chipped” by Aliens, thereby becoming Transhumans, (It’s a thing now) and decided to go full John Nada about it?

And even worse, they feel that they have the right to do so, literally courtesy pf the one true GodYup. most definitely, Lowery is most certainly, a good lamb of Jesus, humbly spreading the Gospel of the Gunnery, as if he were understudying for Chuck Norris in a re-boot of “Invasion USA”.

Now, if I were of the desire to challenge these delusional dumbf**ks face to face, intellect to non-intellect, mano a mano, and this philosophical debate of course occurring in a gun-free zone, I’d open with the message contained within Matthew 26:52, that being; “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.”

For the majority of us, the actually thinking people, this passage translates into a variant of the message to be learned within Hosea 8:7: “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.”

In other words, and in both cases, it’s quite literally the celestial equivalent of “F**k around and find out”, which to us normies, serves as a warning, but to guntards such as Lowery, it’s interpreted as a challenge to their very existence, Itself. And they’re more than happy to declare the imaginary treat of such, and their intentions to negate this metaphorical tyranny, directly to an ever increasingly fretful public:Nothing to see here, folks- just yet another “patriot”, doing all he can to purge the corrupted straight out of the positions of power that they’ve tyrannically obtained, over the course of the last few decades.

And as you might envisage, it covers all the classic hits: secret cabals, twisted machinations, and as is to be expected, the threat of unfounded violent retribution against imaginary supposed enemies in lieu oi any form of moderated and/or intellectually-supported, debate.

Hilariously, the toxic male posturing is what ultimately sells this temple of testicular tripe. I’d like to point to this cuckold of cravenness, that if her and his assorted mouth-breathing ilk were really as badass as they claim to be, they’d be the headlining act, and not waiting in the back alley in the manner of a desperately groveling groupies.

It has been suggested by many far wiser than I, that we as a whole, should strive to laugh hard at the absurdly evil, and there’s a lot to be said concerning the fear that they exhibit when that power is forcibly taken from said malevolence, using nothing more authoritative than a well-crafted quip or two.

For all of their pustular pomposity in claiming ownership of on unearned throne from which they supposedly and effectively, disseminate ass-whooping night-terrors, the truth of the matter itself, is far less worth the braggadocio that they so consistently post about.

The reason as to why you see such toxic masculine reinforcement toxicity and a fetishtic love for threatening violence being lauded among these insular incels is quite simple, fore as af yet, there’s no such thing as Viaga for ongoing political impotence, but the dual actions of degrading women as they engage in self-pleasuring themselves with gun oil, seems to be doing the trick, as Time marches ever forward.

What I find amusing when looking at this post with fresh eyes as it were, is the pride of their ownership woven throughout, concerning their collective lack of knowledge in regards to the current sociopolitical landscape at large that they have found themselves stumbling through. And density, when combined with a sense of paranoic victimhood, is never a recipe you want to bring to any form of fruition.

However in this case, it’s also ludicrously overconfident as well, given that while there is a certain amount of credibility to Lowery’s assertion that “they” control the mass-media platforms, he then stunningly goes on to list the tools that he feels will help he and his like-minded Patriots to victoriously overcome the shadowy cabal who allegedly control the World entire.

Why is this funny, you ask? Maybe it’s due to my observation that the conduit of use concerning every one of these so-called weapons, save for the mythical “God”, IS ALSO CONTROLLED BY “THEM” AS WELL, so the best of luck circumventing that hedgerow of thorns.

 For if “they” truly don’t want your message of revolution getting out, you’ll soon find yourself along with your allies, sending communiques via smoke signals, and given your disparagement if Native Americans, your odds of finding a familiar linguist open to assisting your cause, will be close to zero, at best.

Keep in mind, that the abominable events of January 6th proved behind a shadow of any doubt that for some of these cosplaying Conservatives, there is no line that they won’t cross, if given the opportunity to do so, and we should take declarations like this seriously, rather than dismiss them as nothing more than idle venting. Especially when they have a long history of posting barely veiled passive-aggressive tripe:As a person who considers himself to be fairly well-grounded within the comforting warmth of that which is proven reality, the cerebral gymnastics required for a previously rational human being to willingly mutate into a hateful and potentially dangerous haranguer, is, quite honestly, beyond the proverbial beach for me.

This isn’t a societally selfless offer of masculine protection, it’s at best, a giant red flag that maybe this particular person  needs to be on a specific list somewhere, That is, if he hasn’t been placed on one already,

Not only do they speciously portray themselves as the, and I will not apologize for this assessment, Great White Hope that will save our allegedly fallen Republic, they’re also under the erroneous assumption that no other group is certifiably tasked with the defense of the country they claim to love, despite hating the majority of their fellow Americans within it.

Nevertheless, they still see enemies everywhere, despite all evidence to the contrary. And as I am a fan pf the rational, I cannot, and will not, grant any oxygen to the hate that these faux patriotic pinheads happily guzzle, as if it were forbidden mead clandestinely acquired from the wine cellars of Odin himself.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a rather uncomfortably large part of my psyche that hopes that somewhere out there in the world, there’s a family of Bigfoot just living their best lives, but until TMZ captures it on tape, I’m just going to keep this theorem of mine to myself, for the time being, unlike the fantasies that Lowery and his fellow f**ktards feel the need to propagate, sans logic or credible proof.

Regardless of what’s going on in the outside world, Lowery, and the other honorary members of his Fearful Fighters Brigade, see the machination of Fascism everywhere, except from inside their own house, where quite truthfully, almost all of the phone calls engineering the infliction of such, have been coming from as of late.

When it gets right down to the brass shells pf the matter, I only want to watch the action-adventure flick “Red Dawn” every now and then, but these jingoistic jackasses? They want tom live it, and every one of them, envisions themselves as Patrick Swayze while doing so:

The imaginary enemies of the moment come and go, but the need to not be considered a dickless wonder by your fellow couch-riding sociopaths, remains strong as ever. Color me curious, but just how exactly, would a guy who just gave the master game plan away to subvert Big Tech, by using Big Tech to disseminate it, overcome a united and heavily fortified coalition invading our shores?

By laying out his battle strategy from inside the air-conditioned War Room of the United Nations HQ, would be my guess. I honestly don’t know if QAnon issues merit badges for Sociopathy to deserving recipients, but if they do, I’d like to nominate Lowery here for going above and beyond the call of duty, even if it’s only so that Homeland Security can hopefully keep an eye on him.

And while this is the sort of badass chest thumping behavior is exactly what you’d expect from conservative men, to their credit, they’re more than willing to shelve their misogyny somewhat, when one of their equally as guntarded gals, wants in on the fun:

What I really do enjoy about this meme however, is that despite its being posted by a woman, our two little ladies of the hoped-for Purge here, are still depicted as being ever so busy in the kitchen baking goodies for their big strong domestic kings, rather than flexing their 2A prerogative, like the men we’ve seen thus far. I could be wrong of course, but when was the last time you saw the female gender depicted such as this, taking no guff from their societally enforced Better Homes and Garden expectations?

Thanks. That’s what I thought too. Now, even given the sociopathic tendencies Whittaker lauds in her presentation of our two Susie Homierakers here, apparently there was still the need for her metaphorical next-door neighbor, to set us straight on just who we really need to keep an eye out for:

Does anyone remember all those anti-vaxxers that quit their jobs over enforced mask mandates? I’m starting tin think that some of them like Mcallister here, found gainful employment as reverse projectors, given how much they cast their accusatory glare at everybody else, save for themselves. Say what you will about Liberals, and Conservatives often do as we’ve seen without any semblance of proof, but it’s pretty rare for me to consistently come across a comment like this, on leftist-themed pages:Without question, this is a repulsive statement to publicly declare, much less stand behind, and it has less to do with the improper use of a period at the end of it, rather than Breeden’s failure in possessing the proper reservoir of Humanity that should have prevented its inception in the first place.

Let us not dismiss this wish for horrific retribution as nothing more than the perverse desires of an obviously warped mind, such as it may be, but focus instead, on the natural culmination of what happens when FOX news, QAnon, and OAN, have a paranoia-fueled threesome, and leaves the resultant uncared-for progeny outside of a Trump rally. If you need any substantiation for my theorem, look no further than this prime example of sociopathic disconnection to all that is reasonable and civilized:In all honesty, I cannot even begin to envision what degree of personal trauma DiFatta was subjected to, that seemingly turned him into a psychopathic fanboy of the very late Vlad Tepes, but holy f**king Jesus on a crutch dude, go seek out some counseling ASAP. before you’re ordered to do so, before an act of legal intervention, turns into one of forced incarceration within a cell wallpapered with bubble wrap.

I don’t know how many n=more times I have to say this, but if you’re openly [posting material that encourages act of barbarism against your fellow humans based on ideological differences, maybe the ongoing series of imaginary problems you’ve deemed the purview of the “Woke” enemy that you’ve allowed free rent within that block of granite you wittily call a head, isn’t the real issue, but the fellowship of the company you prefer instead.

As I’ve noted ad nauseam over the last four years, for people who consistently decry the actions of the so-called “Violent Left”, they do seem to spend a fair amount of time concocting violent revenge fantasies straight out of the Dark Ages, do they not?

And just what crimes, pray tell, would Difatta deem worthy of a death like this? Murder? Rape? Pedophilia? Good candidates all, if he were overseeing a reboot of feudal society, but my as of yet unpunctured by a wooden pole gut, tells me something quite different.

Even if I were to play Devil’s Advocate, I’d still surmise that if DiFatta and his like-minded sociopaths ever found themselves in charge of issuing life or death proclamations, the allegorical field of poles would host a range of supposed enemies ranging from openly gay people, to those who would dare report accurately on the actions of a Mango-tinted individual who DiFatta wishes to see, and that by any means necessary, recoup the reins of power.

Key word being; “recoup”. Need proof yet again? You ask, I provide:

Personally, what I particularly enjoy about this photo from a writer’s point of view, is the look of joyous glee on both the face of the future sandwich artist at Subway, and what I can only assume is her nanna, sharing her life experience regarding just how great America used to be, before them damn darkies and queers ruined everything by being granted the same inherent rights as the rest of us: “I won’t speak for you sweetie, but the thought of murdering people I don’t like, is certainly the best way to make Jesus notice your ol’ Garndmama here… oh wait, did I say “Jesus”? I meant Donald Trump.”

But maybe I’m being too overly critical in concern to DiFatta, for after all, there’s no real evidence that he might be a tad off his rocker or anything like that, based on his posting a singular image alone, am I right? I mean, in order for me to even sell the punchline, I’d need something, hell, anything, that truly suggests that his symbolic screws are ratcheted a thread or two far looser than they should be

Man, no wonder the writers at “The Onion” have started freelancing for NPR: when acquiring the absurd from the ether of what constitutes reality is this easy, what’s the point of attempting to craft the perfect joke for the world entire, when it’s already been done for you? I don’t know if I should thank DiFatta for doing the heavy lifting here, or if I should be enraged for his making me feel like I’m phoning it in.

Probably a little bit of both, in my ever-so-humble opinion.

Nevertheless, it actually does get stranger, because after reading some of the inaner commentary exhibited within DiFatta’s Facebook banner, or after perusing his profile photo, your assuming that he’s just yet another Trump supporting supremacist wackadoo, would be dually right and wrong

In an unforeseen plot twist, when DiFatta self-identifies as a “Nationalist”, he ‘s not doing so in the traditional sense, which is commonly accepted as being either; “an advocate of or believer in nationalism”, or “a member of a political party or group advocating national independence or strong national government”, positions generally regarded these days, as being associated with the White Supremacy movement, which to be quite clear, DiFatta is NOT an ally of, in any way, shape or form.

Here’s where it gets weird though, and the reason why, comes straight from DiFatta himself courtesy of a comment in regards to a photo of Donald Trump’s bought-for star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, being vandalized with a traditional Native American Swastika, rather than the bastardized version created by notorious dictator Adolf Hitler: that perfectly encapsulates Trump’s attempts at a political legacy:

Despite the mangling of the Queen’s English, you did read hat right. DiFatta apparently, identifies as being Native American. This in and of itself, is no big deal, as the beauty of America is that you can follow whatever ideology you please, regardless of color, creed, or caste, but does it strike you as odd, that a self-declared First American would be a devotee of a person who quite literally, represents everything f**ked-up about the one race that most blatantly, stole the land right out from under his forefathers?

No offense intended dude, but if you want to make the Whites suffer for their transgressions of the past, just open a tourist trap on the side of any interstate within the confines of New Mexico, and charge the culturally insensitive morons traveling through from Vermont, seventy-five times the actual production cost of the “Native” items you had manufactured in China, just like every other tribe in the Southwest does.

And while this option may deny you the presence of a Tapioca Tepes who most likely, would want those poles you’re so fond of gold-plated, you’ll at least have the satisfaction of knowing that your casinos are actually going to remain open longer than six months at a time. Granted, you’ll still have the urge every ow and then to create a screaming forest out of us woke do-gooders, but in time, that need will fade as you slowly come back to what us normal folks call rationality:Dammit. Looks like my optimism has reared it’s ever so adorable head yet again, and totally misread the room, as usual. Apparently, Di Fatta has discovered a methodology that’s far more efficient if not pre-approved by the Republicans, in order to make the culling process for implantation that much easier instead. So, in hindsight, I guess I’ll just keep an eye on my local CNN affiliate to see if he eventually does, because mythical Lord knows, they won’t be discussing it on Newsmax if he ever commits to putting his personal wish list into action.

Speaking of unhinged fantasies made flesh, I’d like to now introduce you all, to one Dave Burggraf, who as you can see, would be an absolute shoo-in for being cast as “Comic Book Guy”, if the Simpsons ever decided to go all in, and commit to a live-action feature:

Oops. I’m ever so sorry. That’s actually s picture of said “Comic Book Guy” from The Simpsons, and not Burggraf. In my limited defense however, let me just say that it’ was an honest mistake: here now, is the “real” Burgraf, resplendent in all of his simmering contempt:

Well… he looks friendly as f**k, does he not? On a related tangent, if the CBG acting gig falls through, Burggraf could always make a living (according to Google Image Search) posing for mugshots, as he sort of resembles every one that’s ever taken of a guy with a beard and a bad attitude in regards to society:

Admit it… it is kind of a weird coinkydink, and still funny, no matter who you are. But all jokes aside, just what kind of person does Burggaf present himself as online? Does he fit into the “keep an eye on that guy” parameters that Lowery Porter most certainly does, or is he simply no more than an ill-informed crank comfortably placed within the demographic of those who believe in the veracity of Trump’s honesty?

I guess you’ll just have to decide for yourself, given his bio bucket list

To retort, given Burggraf’s appearance, I’d say the last thing that he truly overcame, was the need to exercise. As to his deflation to “Make your faith greater than your fear”, I’d have to call bullspit, as the entire nucleus of religion. is predicated upon the application of fear throughout Literally, the Bible itself says in Hebrews 12:28, that “Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear”, so good luck with that.

And lastly, I must address his obviously passionate dedication expressed in all-caps, to forcing whomever “took” it, to, and I quote; “GIVE BACK THE RAINBOW”. So, either I have to stop buying Skittles on the off chance that I’m directly funding their efforts at rainbow containment, or I definitely need to pay more attention at the next GLAD meeting I attend. Now overall, none of these opinions cause me much worry, as the first two are really more of a personal choice, and in regards to the last… well, good luck in taking back an icon from a community that for decades, has refused to give us back Cher and Madonna.

But here’s where Burggraf starts getting dark, as it were:Other than the fact that I have no idea what Strickland’s issues with TikTok’s lip-syncing videos are, as like most punch-drunk cage pugilists, he’s deliberately omitted the necessary subtext to provide clarity for his context, I’d call attention to Burggraf’s rather bizarre promoting of the inane submission that self-neutering as a panacea for ending what he considers to be both a social scourge if not a definable threat to the breeding stock of this country, seems a tad bit extreme, when this meathead could just as easily, not watch them in the first place.

But to each his own I guess, even if the own that’s being openly lauded, is seemingly bats**t insane, if not worrisome to the general thinking public at large..

While it may seem that at worst, Burggraf is campaigning to be the next in poster boy for Betas hoping to be taken seriously one-day as Alphas, it would be a pointless endeavor at best, for as is the case with most of his craven conservative contemporaries, deep inside, he knows that such accreditation will never be accorded to him. Hence his need to post delusionally pathetic societal revenge porn straight out of an 80’s A-Team episode:

Yes, the guy who altered a Komatsu D355A bulldozer by adding layers of steel and concrete on top of it to serve as ersatz armor, and then went on a criminal rampage in order to wipe the small town of Granby, Colorado off the proverbial map after losing a civil suit against the city, was “reasonable” in Burggaf’s estimation. During this two-hour hissy fit that culminated with the suicide of the cowardly twat who fomented it, Granby saw several of its downtown businesses completely destroyed, most notably, its City Hall, as well as the home of its former mayor.

Despite someone being in the home at the time, and the fact that this testicle-lacking cuck had installed two rifles in custom-fitted ports, shooting off no less than fifteen rounds at cops, power transformers and propane tanks from inside his mechanized tamper-tantrum, it stands that the only grievous injury suffered by anyone, was the self-inflicted singularity by the lone hand of the hemorrhoid analog that Burggraf feels will be granted some form of respectful homage to, and that, sooner than later.

However, the desire to inflict politically inspired violence against one’s supposed adversaries is nothing new, nor is it strictly the sole province of Right-wing partisanship either. There has been plenty of instances of Leftist inspired terrorism over the years, but when it comes to sheer consistency of production, the Right, in this regard at least, does it far better than any Anarchist group I’ve ever heard of

When you see something like this display, proudly erected outside the Capitol building prior to the January 6th riot inspired by the blatantly false conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was “stolen” from Donald Trump, it should come as no surprise to witness his cultist fan-base, openly posting images like this, on social media months after the non-issue of non-existent voter fraud was succinctly addressed:Comforting, is it not, that the very same people who view reprehensible depictions such as this as no less than the most civil of political debate, are also the ones that feel that they should be the ones in charge of the national direction concerning the ethics of political decorum, if not its procedural laws?

Say what you will about the Left, but at least when we throw a party involving a Pinata, we make sure that it’s filled with non-sentient candy, and not a functioning colon, as a rule of thumb.

The theoretical question of just how the NAZI’s Final Solution the Jewish Question came to pass, is perfectly illustrated here: if you enemy is to ever be eradicated from the progress of your influence, than the necessity to see and sell them as anything but less than human to those slavishly devoted to your movement, is nothing short of crucial.

This strategy is as old as Time itself, and has been utilized in various forms, ranging from the mildest application that eventually created what we now know as April Fool’s Day, to the most extreme, which has led not only to the Hydra that currently markets itself as modern-day Trumpism, but in due course, full -blown Fascism as well, if we allow it to advance past the boundaries it has already eclipsed.

Nevertheless, I could just be crying “Wolf” here, since in all applied logic, it’s quite the leap from expressing the desire to lynch your imaginary enemies online, to actually undertaking such action in direct and openly unabashed, view of the public at large, am I right?

Of course, I am. Thank goodness. Can you imagine just how bad the party directly responsible for inciting such an act of insurrection would feel afterwards? Why, they would be absolutely wracked with guilt, let me tell you. Wracked, I say. Certainly, they would leave no stone unturned in their quest for bringing those directly involved to Justice, all aspect of personal politics aside:

Or…  they could just collectively choose to remain the same brain-dead, non-researching, reality disbelieving, total f**king cultist idiots that we’ve had to put up with for the six years. Either/or. Place your bets, Ladies and Gentlemen, and be warned, because the odds are most definitely with the house regarding this one.

If anything, Trump’s slack-jawed putz parade has only doubled down on its inane sense of being unrighteous victimized since the proverbial chickens have come to roost, and it’s ever so much fun to watch them spin against a tide that they have no definable hope of stopping, irrespective of how much they whine about it on social media:

I won’t speak for you of course, but when faced with such a devastatingly intellectual counter-argument such as the one Radoslovich is laying out here, I’m almost tempted to put Donnie back in the driver’s seat for another attempt at securing his Fascist legacy. Or I would be, if was half as f**kingly delusional as this Conservative guttersnipe presents herself to be.

With no due respect to the foul-mouthed intellectual void I’m lambasting here, thus isn’t a case of “He said / She said”, nor is it a singular eyewitness account of a crime either. This was a mass riot, fomented by a treasonous Mango-tinted seditionist, broadcast worldwide as it happened, by not only the established Media, but in many cases, ironically by the perpetrators of the insurrectional action themselves. .

But yeah… nothing to see here folks, for as this picture clearly shows, this is nothing more than a candid snapshot of a simple  patriotic tourist, going about his daily business, after acquiring a souvenir from what I can only assume, is one of the higher-end gift shops located within the Capitol itself:

As Radoslovich’ noted; ” the hearing is a sham”, which, when we’re presented with her viewpoint, perfectly mirrors her intellect, sense of nationalism, and inherent gift for selectively cherry-picked amnesia, as displayed above. Shockingly, reality doesn’t bend to your will just because you want it to, because if that was the case, Milla Jovovich and I would be living in an open relationship, along with my totally-cool-with-it redheaded GF of 13 years in an artsy warehouse loft complex, located just off the docks, in downtown Manhattan.

If Donald Trump had displayed a third of the physical flexibility that his adherents do mentally, trying to absolve him of his beyond reproach guilt in regards to the events of January 6th, Stormy Daniels would have been the one happily cutting that 130K personal check for that incident of naughty bouncy fun time that they collectively engaged in. However, Radoslovich is not alone in painting a different picture of what really occurred that day and it’s expected consequences, and when I say “painted”, I literally mean it:

What an image. Powerful. Invocative. Heart-wrenching. And in all reality, the very best example of a paint by numbers online art class graduate, using a two-ton pile pf horses**t as their primary medium, that I’ve ever seen. And keep in mind, I’ve been to Art Basel no less than four times. I will say however, that I do find Amber’s illustrative concern for her fellow morons quite touching, even if it is wholly misdirected, undeserved, and blatantly false in its depiction of what Trump’s bloviating base see as a political prisoner.

Granted, while I don’t know much about the modern-day penal system, I’m also equally confident that a suspect being detained in such, isn’t chained up barefoot in leg irons, suffering the cruelest of abuse at the hands of their jailer, finding themselves forced to mark the passage of time by scribing their cell walls with what I can only assume, would be their own repurposed feces, would be a standard day to day policy that current institutes of correction would actively be engaged in. .

However, these poor victims of their own self-delusion do get to keep some semblance of personal pride, thanks to their captors graciously allowing them to retain ownership of the Chinese-made Trump hats that serve as an icon of remembrance concerning the ideology that put them in that Dungeon of Democracy in the first place, so it’s not like their undeserved stay at Club Fed ought to be considered a total washout, now, should it?

In the end, the main feeling that resonates within me when I gaze upon this piece of NASCAR Gift Shop designer art made pixels, is best described by the word “steadfast”. Despite all that he has inflicted upon them, their friends, their family, and the country they supposedly love, while concurrently hating almost everyone who resides within it alongside them, these yak-brained yokels still swear allegiance to the one man who said he would save them, then left them to rot, when they could no longer feed his ego 24/7.

And in a refreshing change of pace, for once, I’m not talking about God. Well, at least the traditional one from the Bible anyway, who as of late, has found himself swapped out for a Mango-tinted *עֵגֶּל הַזָהָב ‘ēggel hazāhāv for no other reason than the fact that said pork-pie with a toupee, makes them feel far more relevant than they really are, or will ever be considered again, in the near (or far-reaching) future.
*[“Golden calf” in Hebrew]

Nevertheless, for a guy who claims to “love” his people so much, he’s been curiously quite in regards to assisting their collective effort to make bond and get out of jail. But in his limited defense, he’s been very busy ducking subpoenas, whipping up frenzy concerning his Big Lie, and contemplating new schemes of grift, to really give a rat’s ass about those he led to ruin.

However, such wry observations are moot in the Age of Apostolic Trump Deism, as evidenced by noted conservative token Candy-ass Owens, whose willingness to please her allegorical Massas, almost single-handedly has made Samuel L Jackson’s depiction of Stephen Warren, the head house slave for the villainous Calvin Candie in the movie “Django Unchained”, appear as if he were channeling Richard Roundtree in “Shaft” for inspiration.

And no, I will not be apologizing for that comparison, especially after reading this asinine post of hers:  

So, my modern-day Stephanie Fetchit, it’s the “Left” that’s in a cult?

Well, that would explain why we‘re always sporting those Chinese-made Obama hats, festooning our diesel-fume-belching trucks with various Biden signs and bumper stickers, ,attending all those post-election Nuremberg-themed Clinton rallies, and let’s nit let us forget, even for a moment, that sixth day in January where we en masse, stormed the Capitol in a desperate and failed attempt to get Al Gore installed as the “legitimate” President.

Jesus Christ Candy-ass, I know you’re really into fellating the boots of your contemporary colonizers, but if you take anything further down your already overworked throat, you’ll be able to give a spit-shine just by slightly constricting your larynx. I’ve seen (and heard) some brain-dead political takes out of this here indentured Republican House-girl here, but this one may just take the cake.

How, pray tell, are “we” the ones in a cult?

I don’t recall us doing any of the above once our election run was over, I honestly don’t have a recollection of us forgiving treason, adultery, alleged pedophilia, and self-admitted sexual assault by using the rationalization that our guy “wasn’t a politician”, and I most definitely cannot, for the life of me, vaulting a racist, misogynistic, lech into higher office on the sole reason that they were as lacking in moral character as I am when presented with an opportunity to score some free Ding Dongs.

For instance, this is how we presented our still highly-respected candidate to the world entire:

Thoughtful. Humble. Intelligent. And most importantly, dignified. Possessing a steadfast and steely resolve to get the hob done, regardless of the effort involved to traverse the difficult road ahead. A depiction that for the most part, a grave responsibility he willingly and solemnly, shouldered for the eight years he so dutifully served,

But your guy?  Honestly, If I were ever forced to be diplomatic, bordering on the charitable in concern to your mentally obese Alt-Right White Knight, I’d wryly suggest that the only thing dignified about your mango Mussolini, is that at least in this case, he isn’t portrayed here leering over a 14-year-old:

Regardless of what you may think of this fever-dream, after a while, this art does start to come off as less than propaganda, and more akin to a branding campaign for discount political Viagra. I cannot ever recollect seeing a piece of partisanship that screamed “Small Dick Energy” half as much as this one so brazenly does, save for this laughably regrettable one from my childhood:

To be fair, Herr Twittler does pull the tank motif off far better than Dukakis ever could have, but that’s really more based on the fact that due to his status as an example of a living caricature, it easily checks all the boxes required by his slavishly stupid fan-base requires for their limited intellectual capacity to be salved.

Let’s recap the iconography here: Is there a tank, symbolizing America’s military strength, even if Cadet Bone Spurs here, did pay his way out of serving his country when asked to? Check. Are there fireworks going off randomly in the background, as a way to represent the patriotism of the man who openly bartered his business loyalty to China, and his personal allegiance to Russia? Check.

Is Trump, the self-declared ”Man of the People” depicted wearing an outfit 90% of his aficionadas don’t own? Check.Are there, fluttering in the patriotic wake left behind him, free-flying notes of currency, signifying that he has cash to burn, as most of it used to belong to his perpetually fleeced supporters? Check.

Is he standing in front of a ridiculously oversized American flag so that we can be reminded despite all evidence to the contrary, that he works for us, and not Putin? Check.  Is there an automatic assault rifle depicted as well, in order to certify that he’s president who really believes in the 2A, despite banning all such weapons at his rallies and public appearances out of fear for his own safety? Check.

And lastly, is there an American Bald eagle leading the charge, even though one of its fellows  once gloriously tried to take off Trump’s face during a commercial shoot?

Check to the motherf**king hells yeah. I’m not gonna lie here, but it’s so nice to see Donnie cringe, in lieu of deliberately creating it for once. I’m mt sure why said American icon went after the worst one this country has ever produced, but I’d bet solid Benjamins that as a known scavenger, it probably mistook Trump’s hair for a dead marmoset, and figured it was a good time to break for lunch.

But this frivolity aside, if you need any proof that the Candy-ass kettle calling the pot black is hilariously hypocritical, just check out this ever so normal posting, detailing just how so-not-in-a-cult his sycophantic base of boneheads really aren’t:

I may be somewhat off-base here, but if Jesus were to appoint a champion on Earth, I’d like to think that he’d have a much better set of candidates to option, rather than choose a man who treats the Ten Commandments in the same way that he treats his family, friends, and country. And as for his expected servitude, a man who has spent his entire life surrounded by those who jump at his beck and call, sure isn’t going to be willing to act as one himself, anytime soon.

I can see that you may still be wavering on this point. Well, there’s this delusional fantasy to consider, wherein one overly optimistic Trumpite by the mane of Daisy Chey posits a vision of a modern-day Camelot, minus the charm, the class, and the presence of the physical attractiveness that set the Kennedys apart, long before the Trump clan was even a consideration in regards to such:Other than the reality this horror show is not how political dynasties are actually established, what are the odds that any of these ethically challenged gene pool rejects, could go the full distance? Trump himself, could only manage a personal best of 1-0, Ivanka always sounds like she’s asking a question even when she’s being dead silent, and Don Jr. would probably be caught raiding the evidence closets of the DEA the first moment he got a chance.

And when it comes to Eric… well, it’s probably not a very good idea to give the nuclear codes to someone who looks as if his DNA was test-run through Gary Busey’s colon first.  And as for Baron’s eventual ascendence, I’ll just say that since I can’t recall ever seeing him with his alleged dad at any point during the run of Trump’s failed presidency, I’m going to assume that he was actually no more than a prop on loan from the very same studio that once considered Donnie a bankable entertainment asset.

if you haven’t figured it out by now, fantastical role=playing and the unquestioning acceptance of such, is a key component to the faux mythos surrounding all things Trumpian, and nowhere is this more self-evident than in just how the world’s angriest Creamsicle is marketed to his defectively American public, irrespective of his widely known flaws of personal character.

In Trumpland, Donnie isn’t ever depicted as what he truly is; that being morbidly obese, cowardly, and dumber than a bag of drunken rocks- instead he’s portrayed as the sole possessor of admirable qualities that he has not, and quite perceptibly, has never had to begin with  

Allusions abound, such as his being a man of Virtue, even though he cheats on his wife and lusts after his own daughter, or being lauded as displaying Bravery, despite it only making an appearance when he’s behind either a podium or a social media account, far removed from the sight of his intended target, and when it comes to his track record for personal Loyalty… WAHAHA WAHAHA WAHAHA WAHAHA WAHAHA WAHAHA!!!!

Sorry, that made me almost cough up my kidneys, given how that word and he have never been in the same room, much less on the same planet. However, my favorite non-entity out of the seething vile pile, just may be his self-declared assertion of being both devastatingly handsome, if not irresistibly charismatic to a fault. And I do mean “fault”, because if you recall, this is what he actually looks like:
It’s ’truly shocking I tell you, that some people would ever openly suggest that this virile hunk of mentally languid lard-cake, has had to pay women in the past to either f**k him, or keep their mouths shut in open court, isn’t it? A Mystery for the Ages, as the scholars on the Hitler Channel are fond of saying. But such realities are nothing but an irritating trifle to the denizens of Trumplevania, who see their Mango Mussolini as nothing short of matinee idol heroic:

Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t you as well, pay good money to watch a movie where this larded candy-ass tries to squeeze his morbidly obese bulk into an aircraft designed for actual people?

Not to mention, think of all the scenes where, after watching nervously as he taxis down the runway, his long-suffering ex-mistress / current wife / adultery excuse / photo-op prop, finds herself emotionally crushed later on in the film, when it’s tragically revealed that the plane he was sitting in, being far too heavy to take off successfully, thereby ensures she’ll eventually see him return safely.

Color me curious, but since the only thing I’ve ever seen that eternally squinting mug of hers do is balefully glare at her boiled ham of a husband, the opportunity to see if she can safely cry without melting, is really an intellectual itch I’d like to get scratched. But to be fair, there are some in Trump’s fan base who see him not as an ersatz Stalinist strongman, but instead, view him as a true statesman, cast of the same virtuous American steel as Abraham Lincoln himself:

I don’t know what’s the most ludicrous aspect of Trump that’s being depicted here- is it his so-called love for the American value he does not possess, the inclusion of personal photos of the parents he never talks about, implying a strong family loyalty which he has never displayed, or the inanity of seeing him engaged in an activity that would necessitate inherent talent, if not an appreciation for the aesthetically ethereal, which, given the fact his personal decorating taste appears inspired by the inside o Liberace’s colon, makes this take on hos alleged character, that more farcical.

And as to the obvious incongruity of Trump’s temperament being portrayed here as one of calming introspection, I won’t even begin to debate the amount of chutzpah it must have taken for the painter of this tripe-laden tragedy to portray Herr Twitler as possessing such, but I will admit being impressed by it, nonetheless. In addition, let’s also toss some kudos his way for not only successfully reducing Trump’s standard Oompa-Loompa skin tone, but managing to somehow, minimize his Jabba the Hutt gut as well.

Seriously. Nice work, Michelangelo. I honestly do hope however, that you were prescient enough to ensure that you were paid up-front first. And in cash, no less. Now, to the casual viewer observing this narcissiic nattering from outside the boundaries of Trumpland, all of this should seem quite insane, and they would be completely spot-on regarding this acerbic assessment.

But to the resident denizens of said twat land who wish to govern over all with malevolent malice, Trump is the end-all be-all for that which is to be followed, if not slavishly worshiped:

As perfectly illustrated by the example above, your average Trump fan is less a functioning human being and more akin to what would happen if a racist urinal cake was given the barest of sentience, as well as unfettered internet access. Naturally, I just had to respond to this mentally-challenged mash note, and choosing to do so, with my stereotypical kindness and sense of decorum:

See? It’s quite possible for me to be friendly- all I have to do is concentrate. But this is what we as a country are up against- a mass of moronic slack jaws, who’s mental acuity is centered solely on eternally surrendering themselves to the petulant ire of the world’s angriest jar of discount Tang drink mix.

Not only are they ready to sacrifice all for a man who wouldn’t condescend to spit on them if they were on fire, as proven by the irreversibly damaging example of January Sixth, they’re equally willing as well, to allegedly rise up and in their oft-repeated words; “Take America Back’.

Now from whom, is still the operative question to be answered, but fortunately for this crew of cravens, the answer seems to be everyone whose lips aren’t super-glued to Trump’s porcine ass, as well as a cabal of imaginary enemies, ranging from Antifa assassins, to the ever-popular boogeyman, the NWO, AKA; the New World Order. And if that doesn’t fuel the fire, combine one lunacy-inspired theorem from Conspiracy Column A, and one from Conspiracy Column B, and run with it:

What our friend Jimmy here is referring to, is the Corona-virus-inspired purchase of body bags in anticipation of future outbreaks, or what Jimmy would call “a plot to kill us all”. Other than the stereotypical conservative method of only telling half the story, Jimmy also neglects to mention just who he and his fellow faux patriots would be taking on with their mail-order ammo and camo, that being, the US Government.

And just in case that visualization wasn’t enough to make you laugh given the absurdity of your average Trumpite successfully fighting an enemy that can quite literally, fly a missile down your fireplace, keep in mind this is the hardened warrior that told us all to clean our weapons and “fix bayonets” for the battle to come:
If I saw this advancing towards me across the manicured suburban lawns of combat, I would do one of two things: either, I’d throw a box of pork rinds at him as a distra5tipon maneuver, as i casually sauntered away, or if I wanted to induce fatality, I’d just slowly ascend a flight of stairs, and watch him suffer a coronary as he attempts to scale them at a running pace. And lest you think sort of delusion is new only to the inclusion of Trump’s influence, check out this post from five years ago:

To be certain, this is just what we’ve come to expect from the party of irrational inanity, but even so, there’s still a new twist to be found within this gem of a mental meltdown. Sure, there’s the list of unsupportable demands, the mangling of the Queen’s English, if not the King’s grammar, but what I really enjoy about this, is where jerry calls for his fellow patriots to be, and I quote: “BE REOPENED AND REINVESTIGATED”, which quite honestly, sounds somewhat uncomfortable, if not personally invasive.

All jokes aside, I am aware that Sellers was most certainly referring to the legal cases enacted against these people, but it still showcases his need to be considered relevant to the national discussion, even if said debate, only takes place inside his own head  Because if you do, the consequences could be far more “sever” than you could ever realize. And just how, you may ask, does the Conservative movement think that these allegorical consequences should be delivered?

Well, our old pal Jimmy Frost, has the answer:Tell me again, if you would, just exactly why we consider these people to be no less than sociopaths sprinkled with just a dash of domestic terrorism? Because honestly, it remains a mystery to me. So according to Jimmy whom I’ll refer to here as the “big guy” because despite its accuracy, “lard-ass” seems rude, thinks that maybe one day, it’ll be the” little guy” who, eventually takes out both the “elitists” and their “tricks”, whatever the f’k that means.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but as the definition of “Elitist” is designated as being; “a person who believes that a society or system should be led by an elite”, doesn’t that mean that his continuing support of Donald Trump, a supposed billionaire, a socialite, and a former president, makes him by proxy, an interconnected elitist himself? I generally don’t offer advice to someone this intellectually dense, but you just might want to distance yourself from this particular aspect of the End Days.

However, I could still see some of you believing against hope that at its worst, all of this is just more bluster from the buffoon brigade, and if it were any other time period than the one we’re currently living through now, I might even agree. But that optimism tends to fall apart whenever I see something like this:

Yup. That’s a depiction of our current president, hogtied in the back of a truck, being proudly displayed for all to see, and in broad daylight, no less. I have to admit, this newest crop of cultural demagogues, is most definitely not shy about expressing their sickest impulses, as they decry the imaginary ones of the specific people that they choose to dislike, in order to feel “more than” what they actually are, which is pathetic:

Tell me again, if you would, just exactly why we consider these people to be no less than sociopaths sprinkled with just a dash of domestic terrorism? Because honestly, it remains a mystery to me. Oh wait- I believe I asked that question already, but unlike the last time I did, the answer is now well within reach.

The simplest one that comes to mind, is this: while they’re not part of an officially recognized cult that posits violence as the ultimate solution to the issues that they conceive within the sewer that is their movement, they sure as hell play one out in the public. Oh, who in the f’k am I kidding? They’re not only in a cult, but one that’s actively recruiting using the time-tested “Fear of the Other” tactic that I covered earlier. within this screed

Now, when I look upon this person, I don’t perceive what I would normally consider to be a credible threat- if anything, I’d disparage him as yet another brainless yokel with a jingoistic streak, and a need for a best friend, if only to tell him that he looks like a low-end 4th of July parade float that was modeled after the fashion sense of Vanilla Ice:

While this entire ensemble is in and of itself, quite the fodder for overall mockery, it’s also a solid indicator of just how far removed from actual Reality that these Trumpian Troglodyte have willingly fallen, in order to garner the approval of a person who at best, considers them to be no more that useful idiots to be discarded as soon as their usefulness expires in relation to that singular task.

This theorem of mine, proven beyond reproach after the events of January sixth, where his base catches the metaphorical bullets meant for him, and this fervor of unwavering faith, is what truly lubricates the Trump juggernaut.

Warm bodies and their disposable souls go in, disturbingly devoted Republican Replicants come out, armed with new marching orders. And those orders, not only include the dissemination of conspiracy theories, but threats, both veiled and direct as well, along with untenable demands upon society for cultural assessments not based within any realm of that which can be solidly verified. But even with the events of January sixth still burning into the social conscience, do we really need to be concerned about these mentally menial morons? You tell me:Oh boy. We may be forced to pull an all-nighter regarding this one, methinks. But once again, I’m sure that this isn’t a commonality to be found within the wilds of the Internet, right? I mean after all, how many unhinged lunatics with both web access and a gun fetish could there possibly be?

Ok… but even so, I’m 100% certain that from an overall perspective, guns in the hands of the politically unhinged cannot conceivably, be that big of an issue. Because in essence, these people are all true-blue patriots. Misguided to be sure, but Americans still, full of nothing but love and respect for their fellow…Um… this might seem somewhat disturbing to be sure, but isn’t it sort of reassuring to see a woman enjoying the same things that a guy does and at the same level of intensity? Of course, it is. I just need to look on the positive side of things. In fact, here’s another dynamite gal just back from her cosplay event:

Holy f’k. Are there any people left in the Republican camp that aren’t goddamn insane? Seriously. Isn’t there at least one brave soul, who still believes in the necessity of gun laws, as a rule? Oh wait, here’s one, thank the allegorical maker above. For a second there, I thought it was going to be another guntard…

…and apparently, my initial hunch was correct. To be fair, Nguyen here is a repeat offender for this sort of declaration, so this posting isn’t so much a shock, as it is a vital reminder that it would probably be best as his neighbor, not to forget to return his lawn mower spotlessly clean and with a full tank of gas, when you’re done borrowing it.

Nevertheless, this outcropping of sheer lunacy is arguably derived from political differences, so I guess we’ll have to take that into account, if only to hopefully view the situation at hand with an objective eye. After all, it’s not like anyone’s just walking around looking for a fight over the long-overdue advancement of the cultural understanding of what American minorities go through. That would be just crazy.

One day, and that hopefully in the very near future, I’m going to start listening to the voice of my inner cynic, instead of just consistently drowning it out via the melodies Zen that is the ABBA Gold CD, playing on repeat. However, I’m not completely jaded yet, as here in New Mexico, a very Blue state, there’s always the option of our political candidates who are running for office, picking up the gun control baton, and…

Will the last person out, please turn off the lights, because the Republic is doomed, if cartridge-fellating c**ts like this who are vying for office, ever get in.. Even worse, is the number of people who actually believe that Bedonie’s displaying a rifle, isn’t an obvious ploy to acquire favor among morons who despite fearing the government, still want “their” politicians to be able to open carry in our legislative house

I can personally assure you all, that despite her last name being “Tornado”, Lucia here, couldn’t blow out a match without depleting the crucial oxygen reserve that keeps her head inflated, and that’s probably a godsend, given the fact that I firmly believe she could mortally injure herself, in the attempt to make toast.

Thankfully, we’ve come to the last two individuasl on my list of persons I’ll be discussing today, and for the good of the community I feel, should not only be on a watchlist somewhere, but concurrently, should also be denied the right to unencumbered gun ownership as well. Why do I openly suggest this, you ask?

Let’s just call it a hunch, and leave it at that:

To quote Dr. Bruce Banner in Marvel’s The Avengers; “Well … this all seems horrible.” 

Let’s take an overview, if we may. Two entirely different people. Two entirely different upbringings. And yet, thanks to the influence of Trump, the GQP, Right-wing Media, and gun culture itself, we now have two possible future cautionary tales freely walking among us, openly threatening supposed enemies, promising retribution for acts allegedly inflicted upon them, and in Trujilo’s case, claiming that they can single handedly, defeat up to 2K foes, which I have to point out, is overly optimistic at best.

And as to his posting that he’s looking for an excuse to; ”pull out and unload on you”? Yeah, that just screams responsible gun owner, does it not? Now, this is not to say that there will ever come a day where either one of these two emotional castrati finally act upon their publicly stated impulses, but I definitely don’t want to be in the local vicinity, if and when they do.

The truly terrifying aspect of all of this however, is the reality that until one of the conservative choads featured within this screed actually does act out, not a single thing can be legally done. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and all that happy jazz. And they know it, hence the strutting, the posturing, and the elevating of the implied threats.

After all, they did gleefully watch as “their” President abused his office to impend due justice, engage in selfish profiteering, slander and degrade his enemies, both real and supposed for four years without suffering any form of notable consequence, so in the end, why should it surprise anyone that they themselves, regularly say such things with arrogant impunity?

Once again, January Sixth serves as the test kitchen for this theory, and it applies to both sides. If Trump and his treasonous lackeys are allowed to escape the metaphorical noose that in a just society, would be awaiting the weight of them all, the next attempt at insurrection this Cult of the Ego launches, will be far worse- both in its scope, if not its body count.

But there is also a downside to the Democrat’s winning their justified case against these said modern-day Confederates, and it is this: even if Justice does rule on the right side of History as it should, these cultists will still want to respond with outrage, for at this point, the majority are seemingly too far gone to salvage.

The ideological divide that already exists twixt Reality and the GQP faithful, will only get wider and deeper as Time goes on, and the Libs will be most certainly, far too busy trying to make nice-nice to see the obvious danger coming straight at them. If the GQP were a horse, I’d render it into glue sticks. If it were a car, I’d sell it for scrap. If it were a stripper, I’d make certain that the only shift it worked, would be on a Tuesday afternoon, between 1pm and 4:30.

And it doesn’t get any harsher than that.

These liberty-absconding loons are just waiting in the wings, anticipating their clarion call to go forth and lay waste to all that’s been established, and pervert all that will come in its stead. Count on it. For every example I’ve displayed within this latest piece of my literary meandering, there’s scores more who for one reason or another, didn’t make the cut. And knowing that, scares me half to death.

But just for the sake of rational argument, let’s just say I’m wrong about all that I’ve opined. It could happen. I have been wrong before, as have many of you. For instance, I once joked that there would never be a Nickelback song that I would ever like, much less download, and then one fateful day, “Burn It To The Ground” came on over the radio, and a perfectly good theorem was shattered forever.

And as an aside, their cover version of “Devil went down to Georgia”, is also pretty goddamn shreddingly amazing, as well too. Just saying. So, there is a valid ghost of a chance that I could just be blowing the words and deeds of a few lone conservative cuckoos far past the boundaries of what actually is, rather than what I perceive it to be.

After all, accurate perception is key to truly unbiased understanding of a situation, and it’s not like I’ve been given a clear sign from someone who claims to be a Patriot, with a definitive plan to make America great again:

Sigh…as I said earlier; “Will the last person out, please turn off the light, because the Republic is doomed”. Or it will be, if we don’t et our collective s**t together, and that, right quick.

Woof. It’s now 12:15AM out here in the wilds of New Mexico, and I’m both tired and somewhat depressed, so I’ll wrap this up for now. And when I come back, I’ll be tackling the one issue that nobody ever gets really upset about, by asking the simple non inciting question that all of us at one point in our lives, have surely asked:

“Is there a “God”? And if so, why is so bad at the singular job he Himself created for Himself?”

“It is not the monsters we should be afraid of; it is the people that don’t recognize the same monsters inside of themself.” – Shannon L. Alder