Wayne Michael Reich

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About the Artist:

Wayne Michael Reich is a writer and visual artist living and working in New Mexico. He says he spends way too much time working on his career, and way too little in regards to his life and health. Along with his visual works, Wayne maintains a healthy presence advocating for the Arts, via direct action, contributions to regional publications, and through his infamously scathing blog, “Artbitch”.

Blasted [and subsequently blacklisted] by the Phoenix New Times for writing a series highlighting their sub-par journalism in regards to covering the Phoenix Art Scene, he was later honored by www.AZ.Kaos.com as one of the top five blogs to read in regards to the same. Kaos’s take on his writing simply stated: “Speaking of New Times, nobody kept ‘em on their toes like WMR. Snarky? Yes. Well-written? Indeed. Every city needs an Artbitch, and this is yours.”

Currently, Wayne is accepting private commissions, as well as creating new work for eventual exhibition.

Quotes about Wayne Michael Reich:

Artist Bryn Corbett:
“He has the intensity of a young Nick Cave”

Former Writer for The PHX New Times, Ashley Naftule:
“The dude is PASSIONATE and cares about local culture, and I’d wish more people in town felt as strongly as he does. And regardless of what you think of the man or his work, Reich f**king cares.”

Poet Aaron Johnson:

“Wayne Michael Reich is a saint for paying attention to all of his fellow Phoenician brothers and sisters and challenging us. If he isn’t a saint, a monster, or a bogeyman, then he’s a great devil’s advocate or muckraker.”

Artist Luis Daniel Gutierrez:
“You’re a great writer. Hunter S. Thompson of the desert… F***in awesome.”

Performance Artist Kevin Flanagan:
“For the most part, I find Wayne Michael Reich to have one of the only tolerable philosophies of art in Phoenix- and while I may not always agree with his particular mode of expressing it (saturnalianly venomous), I find more and more that his attitude, regardless of presentation, is one of the few I find meaningful. In fact, during the whole censorship-at-the-chaos-theory-show fiasco, Wayne seemed like the only other sane person in Phoenix- a refreshing change of tone from the mob.”

Australian Artist Leith O’Malley: www.leithomalley.com
“Refreshing to hear someone speaking their mind and burning a torch for their arts community. That’s always dangerous in flip flops. Rock on..”

Photographer Tate Hemlock:
I have met few people in the AZ art scene who didn’t strike me as being pretentious wankers. Wayne is a beacon of light. Seriously. Most of the people in this scene just pat themselves on the back congratulating themselves for getting themselves noticed. It’s a f***ing Academy Awards show without the f***ing Solid Gold dancers… Wayne Michael Reich just pisses you off for speaking the truth as he sees it.”