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Inhuman Rage-sources. Pt.3 (Bigotry Blues)

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Joseph Fort Newton

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

How are you all doing today? Are you happy? Feeling truly serene? Well, if so, then the screed for today is about to sadly punch a huge hole in your Kumbaya kayak, for today’s topic is Racism, its practitioners, and its ongoing influence in both American culture as well as its directed impact upon modern-day politics. But what pray tell, is the definite of “racism” as it currently stands in its true perspective?

Generally, the academic definition of Racism is as follows: “The belief that humans may be divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called “races”; that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits and traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural and behavioral features; and that some races are innately superior to others”

In its worst incarnation in America, this unfounded flaw of Humanity has resulted in a host of race-based issues over the years, ranging from inequities in regards to voting access, civil rights, economic and educational opportunities, disparities in criminal sentencing for analogous crimes concerning Black defendants versus ones who are White, and as we’ve all sadly seen the number of unarmed Black men killed by police for alleged social infractions and supposed transgressions of established law..

Wither America’s citizenry wants to admit or not, the vileness of Racism clings to our cultural identity as if it were a face-hugger steeped in an ideology of Xenomorphic Supremacy. And much akin to the hoped-for eradication of that multi-limbed nightmare depicted within the “Alien”: film series, every attempt to allegorically remove it with surgical precision from our collective psyche has sadly, only resulted in a dishearteningly consistent pattern of abject failure.

As a side note, the correct anatomical classification for a face-hugger, is “Manumala noxhydria”, whereas the descriptive of one being an American racist, can be easily designated to those who refers to themselves as being either a “Trumper”, an “American Christian”, or as it’s been known for the last decade or so, a “Patriotic Conservative”.. And yes, I do realize that this is at its best, is a generalized blanket statement, overall.

However, it’s also a well-established hard truth that when it comes to those particular activities and/or actions that are typically deemed to be racist by society at large, the odds are pretty good that a Liberal won’t be found surreptitiously lurking in the disturbingly long shadow cast by such. But those particular persons I just referenced? Well, for them, those same said shadows are indistinguishable from their philosophies regarding the topic of race, as we shall come to sadly see.

Even now, I’m continually amazed by just how much unbridled hate the Alt-Wrong’s political ideology is capable of producing at the mere drop of an unfounded rumor concerning the non-Caucasian, and as Time marches seemingly backward to an era we all thought had thankfully passed into the regrets of history, Racism’s current state of reemergence, should concern us all, irrespective of one’s skin color.

But why simply take my credibly-supported by evidence word for it, when we have a true American like Mario Tomasi here, to illustrate my point with supremacist-tinged clarity, if not cringe-worthy bigotry?

You read it here first, boys and girls… a guy whose lineage is Italian in nature, is going to educate us all on just how rough White people currently have it, thanks to Society finally acknowledging the inherence of America scourge of racial disparity. However, inane as Tomasi’s opinion certainly is, we really shouldn’t criticize him for it, as he lacks the contextual understanding of what Racism truly is.

And who are we to blame him for not having such? For as anyone of Italian heritage already well knows, Italian immigrants who came to America at the turn of the 20th Century were warmly welcomed with nothing less than the height of humble hospitality, if not open arms:

I’m ever so sorry. Did I just state that Italian emigres were welcomed with “nothing less than the height of humble hospitality, if not open arms”? My bad. What I meant to actually say, was that they were met with horrific waves of anti-immigrant hate, and the allegorical open arms, were connected directly to hands that most likely, were holding blunt items that you could bludgeon dirty foreigners with.

So, “Equity means stealing from White people”, says the self-appointed spokesperson for those who stole this country from its native inhabitants, built its Republic on the backs of slave laborers, and segregated its citizens for decades in this, the so-called land of “Freedom”, but please do go on, my scurrilous sage of clueless self-righteousness. Seriously. Please do, as I always the inadvertent laughs at your expense.

Now, we’ll touch base with Mario a little later on down the road, as he’s just full of similarly discussing and bigoted bon mots such as these, but for now let me just say that the subject of the lyrical composition may change over the years, but the song itself, remains absolutely the fucking same. “Wop” becomes “Wetback”, “Chink” becomes “Spick”, “Jigaboo” becomes “Raghead”, you get the general idea.

And yet, it’s Whites who seemingly whine the loudest about how unfair it is that they have to grant these disparate groups with what they themselves, have possessed since the day this Republic was founded; equality, opportunity, and basic human dignity.

Oh, the horror of it all. And while Whites lose not a single thing in this long-overdue exchange of political power, cultural influence, and diversification of the societal landscape, the paranoid and hateful among them don’t see it that way at all, as evidenced by this pustulant re-post from one Judy Bartlett, who at my charitable best, reminds me as to just why condom usage among first cousins needs to be strongly encouraged:

Now, the truly curious among us might ask just how this simpletons came up with both the initial data alleging such an action, and the research that certified it, but we already know the answers to these queries, don’t we?  

Not only is there no such proof for either aspect of this insane supposition, it’s also obvious as hell that this xenophobic fever-dream was pulled straight out of Gadsden’s ass, and then retooled to serve as a meme that involuntarily, showcases the resultant offspring of a family tree that sadly resembles a tumbleweed.

By the way, as of 2021, the current population of America is estimated to be give or take a few hundred-thousand, 331.9 million, or just slightly more than half of what Gadsden claims will be the projected total numbers of migrants from the mysterious lands of the “South”. Which of course, leads me to make the following observation about Gadsden’s grasp on established reality:

Rest assured that Gadsden most certainly does, but for the disingenuous disseminators of false narratives such as he, that’s not where their conservative concern actually lies. Promoting the “other” as being dangerous is a tactic that goes as far back as human society itself, and regardless of the age it’s employed in, it’s still one of the most effective gambits for sowing the malevolent seeds of hate.

And if you’ve ever pondered just what results when such an obvious ploy takes paranoic root in a low IQ but high-hating individual, then speculate no more, for a previous Artbitch guest who’s become rather well-known to my regular readers, has graciously provided the answer for us, once more:

Despite the brain-dead racism seeping from this meme, Marvin (“Choad”) Choate isn’t entirely incorrect about apple pie and hot dogs being ethnic foods, surpassingly enough. Apple pie for instance, is resultant of the merged culinary influences of France, the Netherlands, and even the Ottoman Empire, Whereas the origin of the stereotypical hot dog, can be traced to the city of Frankfurt-am-Main located within the nation of Germany

So, would this set of factoids qualify this meme ‘s commentary as being a six of one, half-dozen of the other, kind of situation in play here, or is it simply a matter of a broken racist clock getting it right twice in one day?

Granted, Choad/Choate isn’t wrong, but he’s also not even remotely close to being correct either. I’ve previously documented Choad/Choate’s abominable opinions before, most of them dripping in the vile ichor of misogyny, anti-LGBTQ bias, as well as a level of political ignorance seen only in the most brainwashed of the mewling mob that is Cult 45, but racism is really where Choad/Choate really sets his metaphorical front-lawn cross afire:

Anybody else notice what’s missing from this meme? That’s right… an accurate representation of our diverse society, versus the vanilla-infused Norman Rockwell pastiche that Choad/Choate presents as being the quintessential core of what America is supposed to be.  And that’s just what the “Whatever” in this meme is- a land where women are in the home, Gays are in the closet, and minorities are blessedly out of sight.

And just in case you were wondering if he “accidentally” left out that which is American, here’s your answer:

Anyone else seeing a pattern forming here?  If not, then it seems truly odd that both Tomasi and Choad/Choate would individually equate the aspect of racial diversity as being an integral problem to society’s betterment, don’t you think? Interesting that neither of them seemingly views the issues facing minorities as being worthy enough to discuss in depth, but when it comes to mixing some color into the symbolic yogurt they represent?

Then, and only then, does a “problem” manifest itself into existence. Weird, that. And I’m sure there’s nothing whatsoever within this assessment that we need to unpack, given the underlayment of its obviously well-thought-out contextual construct.

As previously mentioned, this idiocy in service to the unwarranted fear of the “other”, is really nothing new whereas deflationary tactics are concerned, even if the conspiratorial conduits disseminating its same said racist dog whistle, is now presented via the medium of memes, rather than the wheatpasted posters and hand-bills of yesteryear, and as the following examples will prove, hateful ignorance never ages well: Yes, these takes on racial assimilation being utilized as a cover for future terrorism are mind-numbingly stupid, and should be mocked as such, especially when you remember that the 19 terrorists behind the abominable events of 9-11 legally entered America no less than thirty-one times, using the access granted by airports based in Miami, New York, and Newark, and not via the Mexican American border.

However, actualities as they exist are inconvenient to the false narratives of those who are intellectually bereft, as there’s always at least one lone idiot savant to be found walking among the simple-minded racist rabble demonstrating just why their personal unfettered use of the World Wide Web, should require them to undergo a regimen of psychiatric evaluation first.

And currently serving my literary need as that singular idiot in question, is none other than Artbitch’s resident professor of Racial Diversity Studies, the, aforementioned Mario Tomasi, who once again proves himself to be the best reason as to why his mother’s boyfriend should have been equipped with fully-charged batteries, rather than the three ounces of defective baby-batter that ultimately led to Tomasi’s unfortunate spawning:

Amazing isn’t it, that the very same persons who couldn’t find the origin country of the people they despise on a map, and whose personal concept of political “research: is dependent on the acquisition of racist memes and whispered rumors, always present themselves as if they were nothing less than the combination of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “and “The Federalist”, come to newly sentient life?

Given Tomasi’s vast expanse of political and academic ignorance, I’d opine that if he were ever asked to identify a country that isn’t either Mexico or Canada without the aid of Google Earth, not only would he possibly suffer long-term brain damage from his attempt to do so, I’d also wager that no one who knows him well enough, would even notice the cognitive impairment in regards to his already handicapped intellect.  

An intellect that despite being akin to that possessed by a mentally-challenged urinal cake, still knows just who really faces being culturally disenfranchised, and it’s just whom you’d expect it to be, regardless of what’s actually happening on the American political stage, and/or in front of Tomasi’s face:Sigh… it’s a story as old as America itself. White people being unjustly marginalized, stereotyped, harassed, and sometimes even prosecuted by law enforcement, for doing nothing more than average run of the mill everyday White people things that minorities are allowed to take for granted without so much as a thought given to such. Like exercising their Constitutional rights to “peacefully questioning” a disputed election, for instance:

I’m telling you now, if we as a society start holding White people accountable for the most minuscule of crimes, say such as the attempt to overturn established democracy in the name of a Fascist with skin tinted to match that of an Oompa-Loompa, next thing you know, we’ll be seeing African-Americans get murdered by cops for doing White people stuff as well. Say, like driving, walking home, or sleeping in their own home, by way of example.

I know, I know, it’s a crazy never going to happen at any point in time analogy, but if White people can be held to task for their actions, it could one day, and without any warning, happen to everybody else as well.

And I’m not alone in this opinion, either. In fact, here’s a corroborating judgment wherein the topic of Free Speech being challenged is crudely hijacked, and turned into a soap box to plead the non-existent case that White males (not females, mind you) are being discriminated against by the “bigoted” entity known as the Democratic party.

You know… the people who actually fights against racism, unlike the GQP who’ve replaced their blood with it?

Why would I claim this, you ask? Well, maybe it’s because [gestures to everything’] the evidence to support my theorem, exists in buckets. Take for instance, this post concerning how former FOX News host and White Supremacy aficionado Tucker Carlson, was supposedly “silenced” by the alleged “Deep State”, and watch just how fast it mutates from being an unfounded talking point, into a vehicle for reprehensible racism:

Disgusting as Ryan E, Wasiak’s comment is, it does beg the question: with which political party’s ideology would such a despicable caricature seamlessly fit in? The one that rails about a food truck being parked on every corner if minorities are allowed into our country, or the party that would not only happily line up to eat at those same said trucks, but then would post online about doing so, afterwards?

Yeah. That’s what I thought as well.

But hey… nice attempt at throwing a Hail Mary pass nevertheless, Mr. Walsh. Sadly, along with their inherent intolerance, the Conservative movements collective lack of ethics, empathy, and any ecumenical misunderstanding of what the mythical Christ actually commanded, only tends to underscore the reality that when it comes to engaging in a battle of wits, most Neocons arrive to the duel unarmed.

Not that you’d be able to tell, given the devastating grammatical strength of their racist talking points:

You may be right about English being a second language in Texas Louise, especially when faced with its current racial diversity. However, when it comes to the common vernacular of America itself, your improper usage of the verb “are” over that of the correct first-person plural possessive determiner that is “our”, lends credence to my theorem that English being one’s second language, might apply to you as well.

But as racism is stupid beyond belief, it stands to all reason that devoted practitioners are more than happy to check off all the boxes on the venomous stereotype list that’s associated with it.

Paranoid fear of being gravely harmed by those who are Brown, solely because you’re White? Check. Afraid of becoming a true minority in “your” own country due to being “invaded” by the very same? Check. And as you’re a fan of the racist classics, do you also like to unwarrantedly equate immigrants or their home country as being superspreaders of an infectious disease, even though you yourself, as well as your Ideological leaders railed against wearing a mask during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Check and check:

Conservative ideology. The closest thing that Nature will ever have to producing a truly effective form of birth control. Just outside the overly-generous use of AXE body spray, that is.

if you’ve ever speculated just what happened to that one particular kid in your high school whose supposed mom and dad looked as if they were far too closely related to each other to be the end result of disparate genomes, wonder no more, for they now serve as a poster child for the modern-day GQP base who vote not to the stirrings of their conscience, but to a sense borne of Caucasian cowardice, instead.

And nowhere is this feral fear made fetid flesh more than when the topic of immigration, albeit legal or otherwise, comes up for a tabled discussion. And what better representative for the Alt-Wrong’s xenophobic idiocy than a man whose only interaction with Latino emigres is when he demands that the landscapers in his neighborhood not be seen, heard, or acknowledged as being people worthy of respect?

Ladies and Gentlemen, making yet another appearance as a paragon of that which is ignorant, hateful, and delusionally paranoia, and who’s also the closest thing America has ever had to a barely sentient Butternut Squash cosplaying as a debatably passing human, the one, the only, Marvin(“Choad”) Choate:

First off Marvin, immigrants are not the “enemy” of this country, half as much as your party currently is, and second; what “will” are they forcefully imposing upon us, exactly? The will to do the jobs your bigoted fat ass would never condescend to do, such as maintaining the greens of the golf club who most likely you would quit in a huff, if they were allowed to use the facilities?

And as for “what’s to come”, I fear the mango Mussolini you man-crush on far more, as he talks about setting up “deportation camps”, vows that he’ll jail political opponents without cause or due process, and openly refers to immigrants as being akin to those like himself and the ilk you represent, who are indeed, the only ones responsible for “poisoning” our country”.

In a nutshell, I don’t fear immigrants Marv, half as much as I dread the unhinged ideology of insurrection-supporting, traitor-coddling, conspiracy-theory believing, willfully ignorant racist jackasses such as yourself. And I only say this because as it currently stands, the glorious day wherein that you’ll solve society’s ills by diving into a pool with a plugged-in toaster is taking far too long to arrive.


Sigh… a man can dream, I guess. Speaking of which, it seems that the so-called “American Dream” that once served as an allegorical beacon to expatriates of all shades and philosophies, has found itself somewhat brutally modified by the Caucasian cabal, and whereas this country once offered shelter and promise, it now dictates that its doors are only open to some as this heartless post smugly infers:

In regards to Summers claim that dangerous existent conditions in a foreign country aren’t valid reasons to seek asylum in this one, let it be mu singular joy to point out to his xenophobic dumbass that in all actuality, they actually are. An opinion by the way, that has been legally bolstered via several court challenges that originated from entities attempting to assert that they were not.

According to the precedent resultant ff the Due Process clause of the Fifth Amendment, asylum seekers must establish a credible risk of persecution based on one of the five legally-protected groups. That being, ace, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social caste, or political creed. So, feel free to go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut Carole, because you’re the one who’s certifiably wrong here.

Nevertheless, when the Law and even public opinion aren’t on their side, the Oft-Wrong still endeavors to sow societal division where none is required, and there’s no better way to enact this deflective tactic, than by subtly suggesting immigrants are morally in the wrong for doing nothing more than daring to cross an imaginary line that delineates the border of a country that ironically, was stolen outright from its original inhabitants.

You’d think that the Oft-wrong would catch the s atire within regarding this, but sadly they do not, preferring instead to draw metaphorical lines in the sand dictating the right and the wrong of the situation at hand as they specifically see it. And as you’d imagine, the White people are the ones who got it right. As always:

Grab your popcorn boys and girls, for debunking time has arrived.

(!) Possibly not true, as Congress didn’t enact the first widely restrictive immigration law until 1917, so if your family came to America prior to this law being set in stone, Congratulations! Your lineage just might allegedly stem from undocumented criminals.

(2) Debatable at best, depending on what archival source you use to argue this point.

(3) Patently false, as prior to World War Two, the second most common language spoken in America was German, but please… do carry on about the topic of cultural hijacking, if you would be so kind.

(4) just where and when, may I ask Mrs. Bledsoe, have you personally witnessed immigrants, legal or otherwise, burning the American flag in a public setting? I’d suggest that the answer is “never” given your cult’s penchant for inventing the fallaciously fantastical out of ether and idiocy, but I digress, if only for sanity’s sake.

Irrespective of your race-baiting which says far more about you than those who come here seeking a better life, your unfounded slandering of refugees as being anti-American, still doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. For as it’s well known to those of us who can actually comprehend Reality, flag burning as well as flag desecration, is constitutes a form of “symbolic speech” that is wholly protected by the First Amendment.

The Constitution. The bane of dumbfucks, faux patriots, and mouth-breathing racist morons, since the modern-day Conservatism movement collectively decided to became an inane cult of personality.
Man, if there’s anyone who’s truly “brain-dead” here, it would have to be June herself, because her stupid as fuck take on emigres willingly voting for the mango-man-child who’s proclaimed that he’ll deport them if not inter them in “detention camps”, is quite possibly the most intellectually-bereft thing that I’ve read in quite some time, and that’s saying a lot, given her competition for the dubious honor.

And her implying that other countries are somehow lesser than America, because they’re not America? Let me just say that’s the purest distillation of jingoistic bullshit as well, no matter how you look at it.

For while people may be coming to America for the opportunity to better their lives, they conversely, aren’t coming for its unaffordable healthcare, its lack of gun control, or the mass shootings resultant of such. Nor is the actuality that our nation’s leadership caters solely to the mercurial whims of the rich and powerful, rather than the needs of its citizenry, quite the selling point that they’d like it to be, either.

But as I noted earlier, Conservatism is all about the manifesting of, and the feasting upon, unwarranted fear: Not only does it “rationalize” their bigotry with the weakest of invalid certainty, it also fills their political war-chests, to boot. For if there is no enemy to fight, then there is no political shell-game to play, and mythical Lord knows, a socially aware voter is a lost voter, so far as the GQP is concerned.  

But never let it be said that the cadre of useful idioms whose inherent racism underpins the ideology of Cult 45, aren’t the lifeblood of the GQP, because they most certainly are. And as the following posts prove, they’re more than happy to stand behind irrational inanity with their pride completely intact:

Americans at their most Ameri-Klan, highlighting just what can happen when you allow the introduction of a case of grain alcohol and a gaggle of first cousins, to sadly occur., While a multitude of adequate words to describe such disturbing commentary fail me at the moment, the descriptives of “reprehensible”, “vile”, and “inhuman”, do come quickly to mind.

Let’s review: Mario R. Escobar slurred immigrants as being carriers of disease, Cynthia Spear insanely accused them all of being murderess in waiting, James Oscar Holmes misogynistically implied that US Representative Rashita Tlalib is nothing less than a Syrian whore, and in a turn most disturbing, Ron Bonte informed us all that he thought KILLING AN ELECTED OFFICIAL, was a suitable alternative to voting them out.

These so-called humans can legally vote, boys and girls. That alone, should scare the fucking hell out of you. I know it does me, but to be fair, that might just be due to the fact that my conscience still works the way Biology intended it to, unlike these seeming sociopaths. But it’s not all gloom and doom, for unbelievably, there are still some decent people within the GQP, and they’re more than happy to prove it:
Now, while the actual subject of this meme [that being abortion] is somewhat off-topic, it does imply that Conservatives actually do have a rather deeply ingrained respect for all life, even if its origin of such, wasn’t based ion the America ideal. This is just my theory of course, for it was literally contradicted no less than 24 hours after its initial presentation, and in a plot twist most hilarious, it was inadvertently negated by the very same person who originally posted it to begin with:

I say that this visual gaffe was done inadvertently, because this is how it actually appeared on Snyder’s page:

I’m no expert on social media by any stretch of the imagination,, but as a rule, if I’m going to shoot ,my mouth off in public, I try to make sure that the allegorical bullets I’m firing don’t circle back and hit me in my freaking face as I do so. Just some helpful advice from me to you, free of charge.

But once again, not all hope is lost, for some ingenious Conservatives have proposed a surefire way to staunch the flow of illegal immigration by utilizing an ancient and recently rediscovered technology that by all accounts, was quite the rage back in the day. It’s called a “wall”, and it they’re very excited about it:

And do you want to know what the best part of this magical wall is that Trump promised [and failed] to build at Mexico’s expense? It’s practically impenetrable, unless of course, you possess the ability to buy a twenty-dollar battery-powered angle grinder from your local Harbor Freight store, have access to a hardy shovel, a length of rope, or are one of those people blessed with a keen awareness of the latest developments in ladder-based technology/

Now, I could point out that American crime rates has virtually nothing to do with immigration whatsoever, and that suggesting that the “hate” will stop after constructing a wall based on a foundation of such, is a fever-dream worthy of a psychiatric intervention, but why do that, when Trump’s positioning himself to be the one true builder of the Wall was ordained by no less than God himself?

Yes, I did just say that. But thankfully, I’m also not the moron who actually places serious stock in it:
A few points to discuss, if I may. To start, Trump in no way, shape or quantifiable form, would ever be called into the service of the all-powerful, all-knowing, and totally mythical “God”, as it’s become fairly obvious over the last six years that Trump believes that he indeed, is actually the one true God worthy of respectful adulation, if not outright slavish worship.

Second, if God had indeed hand-picked Trump to his representative on earth, then it’s blatantly clear that he doesn’t believe in conducting an in-depth background check first, or asking for references from his applicants, as a rule. Because if he did, I’d also opine that he wouldn’t choose a builder whose design aesthetic mandates lacquering everything in sight, including himself, in 14K Liberace gilding.

Honestly, does any actual Christian out there reading this, seriously place any solidarity of faith in the theory that a deity who talks incessantly about his love and concern for Humanity itself, would anoint a self-serving narcissistic liar, a convicted grafter, sexual deviant, and confirmed adulterer, as his champion, just so he could build a wall intended to forcefully keep people both in and out, as well as apart?

Yeah… that totally clocks. But rest assured, that even though most of the pro-wall cabal are clearly so due to their being disgustingly racist, that doesn’t actually mean that they’re inherently sadistic in regards to it, either.

In fact, our old buddy Marvin (“Choad”) Choate has gone out of his way to let us all know that he believes in the erection of a wall for one simple reason. That being of course, his concern for easing the unnecessary suffering of others. Although to be fair, I think his interpretation of what constitutes “concern”, might somewhat be a tad bit off the defined mark.

In a refreshing change of pace, Choad is actually 100% right. Walls don’t do that. But then again, what kind of person views the horrific imagery of children being ensnared in razor wire as if they were rats in a trap, and still thinks to himself that keeping them out if “his” country is actually the issue of overall concern?

Other than a complete fucking sociopath that is, but I’m sure you knew that already. Disturbingly, Choad’s failed sense of Humanity isn’t the most malevolent one that I’ve come across in my casual culling of the sewer that is social media, and to be honest, there’s a ton of people whose posted disinterest in relation to the suffering of desperate” immigrants, is far worse than his, if not more psychotic:

Yup… unjustified murder and non-native alligators will definitely fix the problem in due time, no doubt about it. Tully, it’s amazing that these societal geniuses who can’t even spell MENSA haven’t had the supreme courtesy of an invite to join such, is it not? I tell you, there is no justice in the known world anymore, and as a species, we’re all poorer for it.

But even with their publicly posted displays of pustulant hate announcing just who they really are, they’re still not the worst persons in the world, believe it or not. That singular distinction is easily held by our next future candidate for permanent residency in a room wallpapered in bouncy castle, a man who goes by the name of Carl Smicker.

And no, I am not going to make the obvious joke about a racist candy bar, because the Artbitch likes to pout in the work to craft his snarky one-liners. Now as you’ll sadly come to discover, Carl here, is insanely hateful, if not hatefully insane, and I base this assessment on his “solution” for curbing illegal immigration. And I can assure you, that it’s not even remotely close to what you think it might be:
Yes, you did read that right, despite the atrocious grammar, misplaced punctuation, and abhorrence within.

Smicker, displaying the sociopathy that the GQP has become known for, actually sad seriously, suggested that our nation unleash the horrors of MOTHERFUCKING NAPALM against desperate refugees fleeing poverty, drug-related violence, and politically corrupt regimes, in order to collectively protect us from those same said people from taking the most menial of our jobs away from us.

Unfortunately for Smicker’s sadism-laden fever-dream, the use of Napalm against civilian populations was banned by the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons in 1980, but as Smicker is an inhuman Conservative dumbfuck, such legalities are more than likely trivial in his overall estimation. And if you have no idea why his “solution” is so brain-dead as well as barbaric, I’ll tell you why.

First, there’s the unique ingredient list that comprises the very essence of Napalm:

In layman’s terms for the non-chemically-comprehending among us, Napalm can be best envisioned as being akin to lave in a jellied form, and if you’ve ever suffered the painful spatter of a homemade marshmallow recipe gone awry upon your unprotected skin, just imagine what it would feel like if you were inescapably trapped inside that molten marshmallow,

And while that does sound horrendous, it isn’t even the worst of what you’ll experience, to be honest:

Hideously scarring burns, a lifetime of undeserved trauma, and possibly even death, for crossing over an imaginary line, drawn over two centuries ago by colonizers whose descendants to this day, profit from the underpaid and underappreciated labor that immigrants provide Yeah, that seems like a fair exchange, right?

But please Carl… tell me more about what you find to be truly “pathetic”, because I see the literal poster child for such, presenting himself to the world via his repugnantly hateful opinions on social media.

Hideously scarring burns, a lifetime of undeserved trauma, and possibly even death, for crossing over an imaginary line, drawn over two centuries ago by colonizers whose descendants to this day, profit from the underpaid and underappreciated labor that immigrants provide Yeah, that seems like a fair exchange, right?

But please Carl… tell me more about what you find to be truly “pathetic”, because so far as I can tell, you being the literal poster child for such, are currently presenting yourself to the world via your repugnant hateful opinions on social media. Speaking of that which is equally wretched and/or hateful, take a gander at the one other thing that Conservatives have in buckets besides inherent racism, that being hypocrisy.

And while clueless disingenuousness may not necessarily be a Conservative value alone, it definitely is one of the activities that they truly excel at, as these upcoming examples prove beyond a shadow of a doubt:

On the surface, this does seem like a positive message that while debatably harsh in its tone, is also infused with a new-age hippy-dippy “We’re all one race, the human race”, Kumbaya kind of vibe. But unfortunately, its optimistic outlook finds itself somewhat cruelly undercut by Partridge’s earlier posting of a meme that devastatingly, entirely negates its essence by showcasing accurately what constitutes hers:

I’ve honestly lost track of just how many times I’ve seen this particular meme lauded within the sewer that is the Oft-Wrong media stratosphere, but for sake of transparency, I’m not really that shocked at seeing it proudly, if not hypocritically, displayed so brazenly yet again. At this point it’s almost kind of a Conservative cliché.

What does consistently surprise me however, is just how often I see it posted right on top of an “I’m not a racist” declaration by someone who so obviously is. Say for instance, a person like Judy Bartlett here, who while claiming societal virtuousness, unsurprisingly pivots towards being vile, when she thinks no one is paying attention:

I’m not entirely sure what Bartlett thinks the true definition of “blaming” actually is, but whatever her academic reference for obtaining her erroneous classification was, I think it’s reasonably safe to assume that its prologue was written by Tucker Carlson during a lull in his daily race-baiting efforts.

And yes, while Bartlett herself seemingly lives up to the applied descriptive of being a flaming racist, it’s not like she’s out there burning her allegorical front-lawn crosses solo, as the following examples disturbingly demonstrate:
Say what you will, and I happily encourage you to do so whenever prudent, but when it comes to playing the victim of tempestuous fate nobody nails the role better than your modern-day Conservative voter.

No matter what you may ideologically believe, you still have to appreciate the inadvertent humor that derives from the fact that the very same people who slur everyone as being overly=sensitive cancel-culture “Snowflakes”, are also the ones most outwardly terrified of almost everything under the sun,

 Things like Civil Rights, Gays, Feminism, Science, Literature, Reality, or personal accountability, for instance. Nevertheless, these woebegone whimperers of Whiteness do know what they want, and it’s as clear as the translucent skin that they think grants them the unfettered absolution of supreme authority:
That’s right boys and girls, “they” want “their” country back ASAP, and they’re not going to take “noy gonna happen for an answer. Now, while we all know that what they want is a return to the era of the lily-white 50’s, they’re strangely stingy with the minutia concerning just what “taking the country back”, actually means.

Naturally of course, this dearth of detail led to my asking what I thought was a rather pertinent question:

Sadly, I never did receive an answer to my query, but to be fair, Chapin was probably too busy at the time to respond, what with planning on just how to achieve his desired outcome and all. fortunately for his cause though, his fellow self-declared “Patriots” were already laying out their ingenious plans online:

I’m ever so sorry… did I actually say their plans were “ingenious”? My bad. What, I meant to say was that these mentally-bereft fever-dreams are absolutely fucking insane. Casel in point, this particular post by one “Tommy Goods”, who despite proudly wearing his idiocy upon his chest, still doesn’t possess the actual testes required to do so under his actual name.

His inherent Caucasian cravenness aside, Goods does present a uniquely Trumpian solution in order to successfully revert America back to its founding glory, and as you’ve already surmised, it’s as intellectually-bereft as his overpriced made in China tee-shirt:

Now, you’d be forgiven if you openly posited that the wooden dummy finding itself posed next to the flesh-and-bone one was the smarter of the two, and given Goods’ asinine assertion, it seems that the odds at their worst, would still be proven to your favor. You know, since Goods appears to be kind of an idiot and all?

However, even with his absurd suggestion that violence as societal resolution is the best way to go, Goods’ inanity still pales in comparison to Jonathon Townsend Alexander, who is not only a member of a Moron’s Militia known as “America’s Defense Force”, [ sadly, I’m not kidding] but so far as I can tell, was also the main inspiration behind the coining of the “small dick energy” descriptive, as well.

Amusingly, Alexander thought that he could compensate for this clearly obvious shortcoming of his by posing with the stereotypical substitute for such in almost every self-portrait that he posts of himself, but as his countenance far more closely resembles Paul Sr from “American Choppers” rather than the warrior for America’s sovereignty that he clearly lauds himself as, feel free to draw your own concussions.

Townsend, as you can see from his self-posted photo, is a true American badass, who… [Artbitch checks notes] Oops… my bad. It turns out that Townsend is actually an American sad-ass, who as a proud foot soldier of the previously referenced “America’s Defense Force”, supposedly “hunts the evil that you pretend doesn’t exist”,

All jokes aside, this would be a great catchphrase for the marketing of a straight to video 80’s action flick starring Steven Seagal, but when applied to Alexander’s xenophobic ideology, it just comes off as a midlife crisis gone horrible awry, more than anything else.

Why do I say this, you ask? Well, Alexander along with being a gun-toting of Evil, is also a journalist associated with both livebordernews.com as well as the self-regulated American Press Association, whose membership “requirements” are (according to their website) “is predicated upon a brief phone interview.”, so you just know that only the cream of the eventual Pulitzer Prize winning crop are represented.

In other words, Alexander is a “journalist” in the very same way that Donald Trump is a ‘faithful husband” and an “innocent man”. But rest assured, Alexander’s other passion, that being “America’s Defense Force”, is nothing less than a top-notch organization, as this screenshot from their not-amateurish-looking-at-all website clearly shows:  
“America’s Defense Farce”, everybody. Begging for donations, dressed in clothes more appropriate for a Walmart shopping trip rather than the travails of securing our border, and looking every inch like the types of people, you’d expect to see rampaging on Black Friday inside a Hobby Lobby, or starting a brawl at any Waffle House, on any night, in any town. I won’t speak for you of course, but I know I feel safer already.

Amusingly, despite Alexander’s website claiming that; “Our work has helped take down several sex trafficking organizations and so much more”, I couldn’t find one single mention of any such activity concerning ADF whatsoever, nor are there any links to such on ADF’s website, either.

Weird, that.

But considering that ADF’s site claims that; “We have over 150 countries coming in through our southern Borders who many are child sex traffickers and terrorists that have only one thing in mind – death to America”, perhaps we should collectively take Alexander’s grandiose assertions with about a pound and a half of salt.

But before I move on to the next American embarrassment, let’s not forget to sum up just who Alexander and others of his ilk truly are. Despite their declarations of being Patriotic Protectors, they are at best, hateful xenophobes, cowardly racists, and ultimately, betrayers of America’s once-noble promise. And as proof of my claim, feel free to reference Alexander’s statement/manifesto outlining his “Core Values”:

“Vigilance is how I ensure the safety of all Americans. I am continuously watchful and alert to deter, detect and prevent threats to our nation. In order to do this I have to demonstrate courage and valor in the protection of our nation.

Service to Country is embodied in the work I do. I am dedicated to defending and upholding the Constitution of the United States. The American people have entrusted me [to protect the homeland and defend liberty by exposing the corrupt and getting the truth out to the American People.

Integrity is my cornerstone. I am guided by the highest ethical and moral principles. My actions bring honor to myself for being a reporter of real news and a fighter for freedom. If you want news that you can trust follow me on APA news or subscribe to my YouTube channel.?

Yup. Nothing insanely braggadocious to take away from this jingoistic jizz-fest whatsoever.

Save for Alexander’s disingenuous and singular dedication to nothing less than the glorification of his clearly needy ego, of course. Jonathon Townsend Alexander, everyone. Protecting America and its citizenry via a poorly designed website, press credentials less valid than a Trump Organization financial statement.

Normally, I’d call this sort of overly-inflated self-serving false patriotism utterly pathetic, but for modern-day Conservatives, it’s definitively, if not sadly, on brand. Now to be clear, I’m in no way suggesting that one shouldn’t have national pride, but I’d also advise that if you’re going to openly express such partisanship, then perhaps you shouldn’t be a hypocrite about it, as this series of postings will show.

First up, previous commentator Mario Tomasi, who stays true to his ignorant take on most things, except that this time, it’s in the name of American nationalism:

Ah yes… the ol “America Love It or Leave It” challenge that Conservatives employ as naturally as they lie, slander, distort realty, and breathe, but I digress. Unfortunately for Tomasi’s sense of faux patriotism, he’s far better at dispensing nationalistic and erroneous advice, than he is at actually following it:
So… when’s your flight leaving Mario? Because I for one, will be more than happy to help you pack up your shit on your way out of my country. But don’t you fret about traveling solo, because you’ll have a fellow hypocrite named Judy Bartlett, sitting beside you in coach as you do so:

And the best part for Judy, is that Mario shares her opinion that only the American flag should fly within the country that he loves so much, while overlooking the fact that he seemingly hates the underlayment of just how it was initially founded:

For those of you who may have forgotten, America grew by the successful application of land acquisition, limited armed conflict, unrepentant land seizure, and immigration. And speaking as someone who is the child of immigrants, one German and one Sicilian, I have zero issue with anyone being proud of their heritage, because WE HAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BE SO, UNFETTERED, AND UNAFRAID.

And while I’m proud to be an American, I’m also goddamn proud of my dual lineage as well. And as I am, not only do I celebrate the 4th of July and Valentine’s Day, I also appreciate the history of both Oktoberfest and the Carnival of Sciacca, as a rule. And guess what? I still bleed Red, White, and Blue, regardless of how many sauerbraten I eat, or how much I dance the Tarantella.

Nevertheless, I do agree with Tomasi that the American flag should fly far more permanently, than the flags of my ethnic background, but as I noted above, Mario’s far better at dispensing nationalistic and erroneous advice, than he is at actually following it, for I have yet to see him condemn this vile bastardization of the flag that he claims to love so much:
So, the act of respecting long-established flag protocol can be tossed out the allegorical window when you belong to a cult of personality, I guess? Good to know, but if I recall, Tomasi was berating us all about the flying of a non-American flag, and we really need not to interrupt him when he’s being a flunking hypocrite.

No offense intended, as these insurrectionists have already committed the ultimate one in the name of a treasonous man-child, but if any of you out there ever decide to paste my mug on the American flag, please make sure that you use a far better picture of me than the one that these idiots used of Trump.

Seriously. That’s all I ask.

Now while Tomasi’s “advice” falls short due to its dangerousness, Conservatives overall, are more than happy to dispense unasked for and unnecessary instructions on how to avoid societal disorder in the long term.

Take for example, this piece of sage wisdom regarding the decision to cast an African-American actress in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, which if you recall, is the tale of a mermaid princess who falls in love with a land -based prince named Eric, leading to her making an unwise deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, to experience life on land masquerading as a “normal” person.

You know… the sort of personal situation that we all can relate to?

Now as you are all well aware of, this movie based on a cartoon, based on a classic book, centers on a character that’s wholly fictional, but such a triviality matter nutters not in the long run. Especially to our cultural guru who despite the lack of need, is dedicatedly intent on giving us all his racist take on this societal non-issue:

Let me see if I can translate Clowers’ conservative outrage into actual human-based English: “I’m sick and tired of being reminded that there’s African Americans in my country have the same right to cultural representation that I do, and I’d really prefer that everything remains White and uptight, like it used to be.”

Normally, this would be the part where I would respond to Clowers’ bigotry with a snarky rejoinder, but fortunately for my already overworked joke writing department, “RJ Mac” beat me to the literary punch:

And that my readers, is how you Alpha-slap a racist bitch into next week, using only the wryest of targeted humor.

Regardless, sheer idiocy being the persistent cancer that it is, won’t be so easily dissuaded from blazing a trailhead into the lands of racist inanity, and as Conservatives can’t think for themselves, they’re sure to follow the stench-trail that Clowers’ hate laid down, even if it does go straight into the bowels of bigoted dumbassery:

Oh Marvin… you always know just what totally ignorant thing to say that certifies both the size of your Caucasian fear if not your allegedly inverted micro-dick. I might be wrong, but I get the feeling that ol’ Marvin (“Choad”) Choate here, gets seriously pissed off every evening just because the night-sky dares to turn Black without his express permission.

And for the record Marv, Kwanzaa has been a publicly-supported celebration since its inception in 1996, Juneteenth has been a federally-recognized holiday since it was signed into law in 2021, and if you really wanted to validate that you’re whiter than a Utahan swimming in an ocean of milk, there’s no better way to do so than by your implying that “Toyotathon” should be regarded as an actual holiday.

Granted, you’re seemingly dumber than dirt, but I do understand your inherent frustration. It must be such a bitch knowing that you have a perfectly good white hood and matching robe ensemble just sitting in your closet going to waste, now that 3 am front-lawn cross barbecues have fallen out of social fashion.

But as the saying goes, “You can’t keep a good man down”, and as Choad/Choate presents himself as being far more akin to a piece of racist feculence rather than as the good person he was supposedly spawned to be, it’s not surprising whatsoever that the sinks to the bottom of the metaphorical gene pool. And as such, he can’t help but place himself on the wrong side of racial politics, regardless of their intact:

Quick question: did anybody else after reading this tripe, have the takeaway that if Marv had been able to get his way, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial would have been renamed “The Statue of the Uppity Negro”?

Man, if Choad/Choate‘s outrage gets any whiter, Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise is going to offer him a lifetime endorsement deal. If only for the fact that he’s literally the closest thing that I’ve ever seen to a living jar of such, that is. Although to be fir, I’ve never encountered a jar as rancid as his displayed ideology.

But Whitey is goanna whine, and nowhere is this more relevant than when perusing this clueless commentary from the husband and wife (?) team that is Dave (and) Pam McQuel, who despite all of the racist fear-mongering coming out of the Oft-Wrong media machine, cannot fathom just why African-Americans overall aren’t going to vote for the guy that at one point in his past, refused to rent to them:

The background context of what I claimed: In 1973, the Justice Department sued both Trump and his as equally reprehensible father for their “alleged “refusal to rent apartments to potential tenants who just so happened to be Black. Proof emerged that residency applications primarily filed by said African-Americans were marked with the letter “C”.

But what pray tell, did that letter “C” stand for.? “Cool”? Nope. “Conservative”. Wrong again. Was if code for “Captivating”, “Capable”, “Caring”, “Charismatic”, or “Cheeky”? You my friend, are way the hell off. In actuality, it stood for “Colored”. And yes, you did read that right. Iin a way, it’s kind of nice to know that they only use the “N” word among family and trusted associates, rather than in the letterhead of the office stationery.

In the end, the Trumps acknowledged that they had “failed and neglected” to comply with the Fair Housing Act, but in a pattern that was to become culturally familiar, they were never required to overtly concede that any act of blatant discrimination had been committed. It’s kind of similar to just how the McQuels deliberately overlook the obvious point of this racially-charged brouhaha:

Actual definition of Tribulation: “distress or suffering resulting from oppression or persecution”. A situation which can hardly be applied with any defensible sincerity in this particular case. However, the same cannot be said in regards to calling it as an act of overt racism, because when viewed objectively, it alone certainly can be.

Why do I say this, you ask? Well… the reasons are in the collective numbers. Or more specifically, those numerically-based statistics directly associated with the racial demographics of Zimbabwe, as seen here:

So, Zimbabwe is 99% Black, and less than 1% White, and yet it has an ivory figurehead representing it? Even if you’re the type of person that believes in the inclusion of diversity in everyday life as I myself do, this factoid still seems way off the expected nark, given the relevant data concerning Zimbabwe’s racial divergency.

And before any of you out there in the wilds of the web level a charge of my being hypocritical or that I’m cherry-picking the McQuels narrative, let me just put an American filter over this situation, if I may/.

Keep in mind, that notwithstanding their defense of the winner by saying that she deserves her crown because she’s both a native of Zimbabwe as well as the belief that she “earned” it, they’re still ideologically aligned with the GQP, who to this day, still refuses to assign the same courtesy to former US President Barrack Obama.

You remember Obama, don’t you? The first and only (thus far,) African-American President in our nation’s current 247-year-old existence, after he underhandedly weaponized affirmative action, just so that he could uncivilly interfere with the long-held American tradition of only hiring old White guys for the job?

Certainly, you recall the nefarious traitor who dared to suggest that the American people deserved affordable healthcare, that the LGBTQ Community deserved marriage equality, and that maybe, just maybe, we should all try and get along with each other, despite our wide range of personal differences?

You know… the secret Muslim homosexual with a Transperson wife, a fake birth certificate, and two adopted children provided by the Deep State, in order to destroy America itself from within, and whose evil plan was only stopped in its slimy tracks, when Trump took office and… um… finished the job for him, I guess?

But maybe that’s just my TDS [“Trump Derangement Syndrome”] talking, and if so, maybe I should seek some help in relation to it. A condition that Mario Tomasi was more than nice enough to offer a remedy for:

Please remember if you will, that this demagogue talking about people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, is also the same stable personality that posted this idiocy as a reassurance of his own non-racist sanity, and then ask yourself, just who it is that really needs to be institutionalized for the greater good of the public:

Yup. NASCAR, which only has THREE minority drivers out of a current field of THIRTY-FIVE, is, according to Tomasi, “anti-White”. Which is kind of like saying that the NBA and BLM, are “anti-Black”.

In the old days, Whites bragged about their societal superiority, but now? They brag instead about being the unwarranted victims of non-existent discrimination by the very people that they used to openly exclude from their schools, restaurants, hotels, beaches, hospitals, churches, movie theaters, neighborhoods, and governmental positions. So, there’s been, um… “progress”, I guess?

Now, while I admit that my math skills are rudimentary at best, even I know that Tsosie two things don’t add up, whatsoever. In fact, the actual percentage of White to Non-white is 8.57142857%, which sort of affirms that if anything, NASCAR is far more anti-minority, than anything else. Not that such matters one bit to persons such as Tomasi, who are obsessed with portraying themselves as the “true” victims of racism.

As you may have already surmised, such a position isn’t one that Conservatives can actually defend, being the true commentors of internalized bigotry and all, but mythical God love them, that doesn’t mean that they won’t give it their best effort, nevertheless.,

And despite their endless screeching about Leftists being afflicted with terminal TDS, let us not forget that these same said internet psychoanalysts have yet to shut the fuck up in concern to their hypocritical histrionics concerning Obama, even though he’s been out of office for over half a decade now.

Here’s the rub: holding Trump legally accountable for his myriad of crimes, some of which he literally confessed to committing to during press interviews and at his rallies, is NOT TDS.

Nor is pointing out his racism, his convictions for fraud and battery, his fawning love for fascism and dictators, his 91 criminal charges, his attempted overthrowing of a free and fair election, his two impeachments, his lecherousness, his cowardice, his adultery, his penchant for lying, or the reality that as POTUS, he was a walking shit-show of horrific incompetence, elitism, and narcissism, either.

But you do know what TDS truly is? Standing by such a person when you know who and what he is, but still not giving a damn either way, simply because he hates who and what you hate, and the fact that you enjoy that for him as well as your ideology, the cruelty is the point. And by that, I mean the almost sociopathic ongoing despisement of both Obama and his wife Michelle, by the Oft-Wrong cabal:.

For the life of me, I will never understand just why the slanderous stench that Conservatives are both racist and emotionally immature, lingers about them and their collective party. Truly, it’s a mystery fir the Ages, if not the scholars who will study the aftereffects of such hateful inanity for the decades to come.

Especially when they ostensibly still think that he holds sway over the application of executive power:
Yup. They’re not dedicated to depicting Obama as an allegorical bogeyman whatsoever, are they now?

Once again, may I remind you all, that the very same people who crow that Liberals are obsessed with Trump for “no reason” whatsoever, are also members of the so-called party of “Law and Order” which so far as I can tell, no longer seemingly cares about either aspect of such, anymore.

In addition, they’re also the same ones posting daily temper tantrums masquerading as memes, SEVEN YEARS after these two quietly re-entered the (slightly) private life of an average citizen.

Unlike your average citizens however, both Obamas are still openly vilified after leaving their short-term jobs with their personal integrity and dignity fully intact. This, despite the reality that the people who hate them the most, are among the most debatably detestable to walk the earth itself, as evidenced by their need to depict Michelle Obama as being a Transpersons, and her husband Barrack, as Gay.

And no, I am not making any of that insane idiocy up, as the following posts  prove:

I’ve previously covered the vitriolic hate directed at former President Barrack Obama over the years, the most in-depth notation of such in “Shetter Island. (Fun with Dick and Lame.}”, a screed of mine that was published on January 19th of 2022, in which I covered the literally unhinged reaction to the historical achievement of America’s first African American being elected to the highest office in the land.

But as that literary overview centered on Barrack alone, I’m actually going to narrow my focus to just how the Oft-Wrong mixes their inherent racist misogyny with their anti-LGBTQ sentiment, and vehemently directs it at his wife Michelle. You know, in the manner that only a group of truly well-adjusted people would do?

Rest assured, there’s no better way to show that you don’t suffer whatsoever from ODS [“Obama Derangement Syndrome”] than by continuing to claim seven years out, that his wife is a Transperson, and that his actual kids were adopted, solely because you’re still ticked off that the Black guy did a far better job as our duly elected President, than your treasonous mango-man-child, could ever hope to do.

And yet, you continue to post reprehensible trash such as this, even after you submitted your genealogical information to Ancestry.com, and they responded back via a text kindly suggesting that you should start over from scratch:
Does anyone else find it odd that for people who consistently claim to hate the concept of Transpersons in general, Conservatives spend far more time thinking about the concept than any of the persons who actually are such?  I’m sure there’s absolutely nothing in their metaphorical closets to unpack there…

Maybe I’m off base here, but it strikes me that if you think labeling someone you don’t know as Trans is in actual insult in this day and age simply because you don’t like their significant other, then the odds are probably pretty good that you’re the one who really needs help, and not the innocent subject of your ideologically insane ire.

Just a thought.

As I noted earlier, I will never understand just why the slanderous stench that Conservatives are both racist and emotionally immature, lingers about them and their collective party, especially when given the depth of the intellectualism they’re ever so willing to wallow in. But this is only the appetizers for the worst of what’s still to come, and trust me, it’s just as bad as you already know it will be:

A hard fast rule of Conservative politics: when you can’t attack your opponent’s record due to its success, when you can’t disregard their wife due to her own personal accomplishments, then take the next logical step and feel free to go after their kids, because quite honestly, it’s the only target that you might have a slim chance at actually besting, if only In the short-term.

Because when you look at just who their parents are, and as its well-known that your moral barometer is as strong as overly microwaved Velveeta, I guess that literally attacking their children is the only way you’re ever going to score the cringiest of points against them. What steadfast bravery, these moral people project, am I right? Who’s the next adversaries next on your fight-card, GQP members? Defenseless puppies and babies in an incubator?

However, never let it be said that Conservatives aren’t overly willing to go to war over something that they believe in, as it’s a huge part of their brand marketing, it’s just that they won’t ever walk onto that said battlefield without blatantly attempting to stack the odds in their favor first. And when they can’t, they’re perfectly comfortable playing off one clearly false narrative against the other

As I laid out in an earlier piece of mine entitled “Hateriot Lames Pt. 3 (You Ken leave your Hate on)” that was published on September 17, 2020, Melania Trump is not even remotely close to the cultural icon that the Trump PR machine has claimed she is. Far from it, in fact. And if you really want to know why, I’d suggest that you go read it before continuing on.

Now, while it would be pathetically easy for me to eviscerate the gold-digging, nude photo posing, former mistress and First Lady who sounds like Natasha Fatale from The Bullwinkle Show, on her actions alone, as it’s far easier to just let the facts speak for themselves, as always.

Supposedly, this ex-wife in waiting speaks six [not five] languages: those being, Slovenian, French, Serbian, German, Italian and English, but that claim may not be entirely true. I know, I know… a Trump may have been caught in a blatant lie? Clutch my pearls and call my therapist, because the wonders seemingly never cease.

And yes, there is circumstantial evidence underpinning my theorem. For when she met Pope Francis in May of 2017, video surfaced that showed the Pontiff making a joke in Italian to the former First Lady, who appeared to not understand the context of what was being said, until a translator repeated it back to her in English. Now, if she does possess such impressive fluency in multiple tongues, why has she yet to display this theoretical skillset to the disbelieving world at large?

In the words of Tucker Carlson: “I’m just asking the question”. Seems like it be an easy one to settle.

But let’s face it, we already know the answer, and it’s [pretty clear what it is: much like her Oompa-Loompa of a so-called husband, she’s an outright fraud. Despite her one-time stating that; “I attended and graduated from design school, from Fashion and Industrial Design School and also attended, graduated from architecture degree, bachelor degree”, she actually did not, as it was revealed that she had dropped out of the University of Ljubljana located in Slovenia, in her first year

Given this embarrassing information, it becomes quite clear as to why Conservatives such as the pustulant pinheads above, hate Michelle Obama, for she is everything that Melanoma is not.

So, if only for the sake of playing Devil’s Advocate, let’s compare their respective personal & professional accomplishments, as a means to establish who’s a role model for girls and women of all ages, and who’s the kind of woman you wouldn’t sexually entertain while drunkenly using someone else’s spawn-hammer.

In Melanoma’s case, she changed the spelling of her name from Melanija Knavs to Melania Knauss after starting her modeling career in 1992 Yugoslavia after she won second place in the “The Face of the Year” contest. Interestingly, she is also the second first lady in American history that was born outside of the United States. And that’s really about it.

Her post-1992 modeling “career” was relatively unimpressive, despite her husband’s boast that she was one of the world’s top models at the time, as her most notable professional triumphs were appearing semi-topless in the Spanish edition of Harper’s Bazaar in August of 1997, and snagging the January 2000 cover and interior of British GQ, where she posed nude inside one of Trump’s private jets:
America’s firmer First Lady everyone, appearing in magazine bragging about how its chock-full of.  “Naked Supermodels”, so I guess it’s “one out of two” type of situation going on there. So, besides posing in the nude as so many past First Ladies have done, what else is Melanoma known for?

Well, she allegedly banged a married man thereby serving as his mistress, “speaks” six languages, despite showing public fluency in only one of them, disregarded immigrant children being held in detention, once designed a Christmas display at the White House reminiscent of the “Handmaid’s Tale” drenched in blood, and claimed to possess a bachelor degree in architecture, even when she most certainly didn’t, but I’m sure that despite all of that, betwixt the two, Michelle’s resume can’t even come close.

But just for the sake of argument, let’s see if it does, shall we?

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama: the only First Lady in American history to hold two Ivy League degrees, a graduate of both Princeton University and Harvard Law School, former Assistant to the Mayor of Chicago, former Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development. former Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public Allies, former Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago, former Vice President for Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Medical Center, and former board member of TreeHouse Foods Inc.

She also served on the board of directors of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and is the first African-American to serve as America’s First Lady. In addition, she is also responsible for establishing the Task Force on Childhood Obesity co-lead Joining Forces, a nationwide initiative to support veterans and their families by tackling common issues such as unemployment and homelessness.

Not to mention, she’s also a co-founder of Let Girls Learn, a U.S. government initiative committed to helping young girls receive the education they deserve worldwide, as well as being a mother of two, and is the author of no less than five best-selling books, whereas much like her husband, I doubt Melanoma know how to write one, much less read one.

Nevertheless, it seems that despite her being a highly educated, stunningly popular and impressive role models for women of all ages, Conservatives still find Michelle Obama to be almost as terrifying to them as it would be to admit that their imported analog for a whorish version of Jackie-O, can’t even begin to hold a candle to her. Or a marriage for that matter, as Melanoma’s is solely founded on the basis of a series of ever-evolving pre-nuptial agreements.

But please, tell us more about the Slovenian slattern who can ask for her to-be-paid-in-cash fee in “five’ languages, Lorenzo. I’m sure it will be just as impressively deep and certified as Melanoma’s curriculum vitae But as the saying goes; “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity”, and mythical Lord knows, the Oft-Wrong is stocked up to their gullible gills with both.

Case in point; the Oft-Wrong collective seriously believing that the anti-immigrant PR human-trafficking stunt executed by wannabe Trump cosplayer Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, actually accomplished anything of merit. Past the point of making Ron feel taller without the aid of his “special” boots, that is:
As you may have already guessed, Ron’s engaging in an act of mass kidnapping, resulted in exactly the kind of condemnation that you would expect from actually functioning human beings with a soul, but the Oft-Wrong was besides themselves with joy.

Why, you ask? Well, as the last meme suggests, they thought that the residents of the Vineyard would rebuff the newcomers, as they themselves would, but that’s not what happened at all:
Man, it must just suck to be a Conservative these days… you preach hate, spew slander, plan a mass exodus of people that you view as refuse rather than refugees for a  “GOTCHA!!!” soundbite on the news,, and not only does it go pear-shaped by making you look malevolently racist, as you most certainly are, it gets even worse for you as the illegality of your scheme backfires in your cowardly Caucasian face:
Genius Strategy, was it not? Kidnap a whole mess of non-citizens seeking a better life as is the American way, cruelly ship them off to an unknown place under false pretenses, sit back, and watch the well-deserved denunciation roll in and certify beyond all reproach, that quite literally…
And if there’s any doubt about this theorem of mine, then gaze upon this delightful array of racist commentary as presented by the previously spotlighted Lorenzo Zimmerman, who when he’s not being vile in tandem with his FB friend Mario Tomasi, goes out of his way to showcase just why most of his real-world friends are probably cohabitating on some form of a watchlist, with his clearly bigoted ass:
Conservative “humor”. What the KKK would laud as “genius” if only it owned Comedy Central.  But Zimmerman isn’t just about the art of disseminating lame racist jokes, for he’s also quite passionate about the crafting of false racist narratives as well, as a means to justify their existence:
Now, the author of this xenophobic ignorance disused as societal commentary “John Carter”, is a person that I’ve never heard of, and after skimming his so-called essays on the Substack social media platform, I now know why that is. And while yes, it does center on his seeming racist inherence, it’s actually his clunky-as-fuck presentation of such, that I truly find to be the most annoying.

The meme’s quote was taken from one of Carter’s exorable essays entitled “The Day The Irish Snapped”, and its full text reads as follows: “The transnational ruling class has decided that humans are to be treated as a fungible resource, to be moved around the same way we transfer oil, cell phones, or liquid capital. Of course this doesn’t apply, yet, to every country. China, India, and Japan, for example, are famously exempt from the requirements to open their borders to a laminar human flow from every segment of the globe. In practice, it is only White countries that must treat their borders like sluice gates from a cesspool.”

Such wisdom comes packaged with other equally as bigoted bon mots such as; “Contrary to the official ideology of tabula rasa liberalism, humans are highly territorial animals. We are tribal and xenophobic by default, and therefore tend to resent and resist incursions by alien tribes into our lands. Usually with lethal violence. In what amounts to a de facto admission that humans are not, in fact, blank slates – and that the practice of treating humans as interchangeable meat robots is fundamentally flawed – the managerial class has perfected an ideological fix: convince as much of the population as possible that their tribal instincts are ‘racist’ and, therefore, evil.”

Imagine that… we’re all naturally racist, and therefore, immune to changing our perceptions, so never you mind what comes of it in the end. I tell ya… that’s some insight, folks. Irrespective of such resulting from the act of shoving one’s own head up one’s own ass first.

Nevertheless, this following observation is the one that’s pure genius. If by “genius” I meant that somebody wants to call random strangers racial slurs but lacks the balls to do so in front of company that wasn’t selectively cherry-picked beforehand. Buckle up kids, because the ensuing is just gross: 

“Ethno-masochist indoctrination requires a narrative framework, preferably one that paints the native population as morally culpable for some past crime against humanity. This is tailored in bespoke fashion to every country. In the United States, the great crimes are of course African slavery and the conquest of the continent from the Red Man: both blacks and Amerindians are still around to serve as daily reminders of the sins of our fathers, so this has worked like a charm.

In Germany, it’s the Holocaust. In England, it’s the British Empire; in France, the French Empire; in Holland, the Dutch Empire; in Spain, the Spanish Empire. In each case the narrative involves the enslavement, dispossession, or murder of a racial other by the ancestors of the native population, with the native population expected to atone for this inherited sin by allowing the descendants of the aggrieved (along with everyone else) to settle in their lands, while enduring their welfare state parasitism, criminality, and occasional acts of random terrorist violence.”

And this is who Zimmerman thinks is on his side? Because if Carter’s writings are any indicator of his true feelings, rest assured he; s going to have an opinion about the Jews, more certain than not. Speaking of imports from the Middle East, Zimmerman also has some strong takes on the Muslim religion as well, despite what it actually is, what it actually preaches, and more imp-mordantly, its actual impact upon Americans:
OK, let’s have some sanity-based clarity here, if we may. At this moment in time, there are estimated to be no less than 3.45 million persons of Muslim faith reading within this country, which makes Islam the third largest religion in the US, and yet, every time I hear of a domestic terrorist attack occurring in Americas, a majority of the time it’s been committed by a White Judaeo-Christian.

In simpler terms, if 3.45M people want you dead, you’re gonna be taking a dirt nap soon.er than later

I’m sure there’s nothing to dissect there, right? And for the record, I know plenty of Muslims who eat bacon, Catholics who eat steak on Fridays, and Jews who just love a good piece of Ham every now and then, so personal dietary choices don’t mean jackshit in this day and age.

And if I may, I’d also point out that in my personal experience, self-declared Christians are some of the most un-Christian people that I’ve ever met, so what exactly Lorenzo, is your fucking point? Other than you’re proving that you’re an ignorantly paranoid dumbfuck, that is. And as such, ol’ Zimmerman here, can’t help but double down on the bighted blanket statements, regardless of their ill-researched veracity:
You read it here first, my loyal Bitchiteers. “All” Palestinians are part of the HAMAS terrorist organization that want the Jewish people dead, so the implication that it’s perfectly A-OK to slaughter them wholesale, as if they were nothing less than the vermin of the land, must be valid. Damn the actuality of such, of course.

This sort of racist rhubarb is akin to saying that all African Americans are criminals, that Asians can’t drive, that all Native -Americans are drunks, and that White people consistently ruin neighborhood potlucks by bringing bowls of potato salad that has loads of unasked for resins in it.

Ok… while the first three listed items are patently false, let me assure you that the last one involving potato salad abominations, is not. And don’t even get me started on the whole “weird food suspended in a Jello mold” thing, either. We will literally be here for days. Days, I tell you.

Still though, I do have to wonder if my ever-so-casual labeling of Zimmerman as being a racist is out of bounds. Sure, the evidentiary proof is posted online for all to clearly see, but does that mean he’s truly an ignorant bigot when all is said and done? After all, Zimmerman knows himself far better than I do, and to that end, he’s even explained (inadvertently) just why he could never ever be considered prejudiced.

It’s because he has, [wait for it…] and I’ll quote him directly; “respect for others”:
Definition of Respect: “Due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.”

So, suggesting that illegal aliens should be shot at the border, falsely labeling an accomplished woman as being a Transman with a dick, simply because you don’t like her husband’s political success, referring to African-Americans as monkeys, stating that immigrants emanate from a cesspool, and slandering all Muslims as blood-thirsty terrorists, is what you consider as having “respect” for others, Lorenzo?

But rest assured, Zimmerman despite all that he’s posted, still isn’t a racist, because he also posted this ss well:
I gotta say, for a guy who’s allegedly color-blind, Zimmerman’s allegorical eyesight only seems to function in the spectrum betwixt black & white. Just saying. I’m starting to believe that before we get him into some form of intensive court-ordered counseling to help curb those racist proclivities of his, we should probably buy him a thesaurus as an aid to his hopeful betterment, if only to educate him as to what words actually mean.

As I’ve now proven by using his own postings no less, not only is Zimmerman quite the bigot, he’s also a rather impressive hypocrite as well. Funny how those two massive flaws of Conservative character, always seemingly travel in tandem, isn’t it? A random coincidence and nothing more, I’m sure.

What isn’t a fluke however, is just how prevalent blatant disingenuousness is within the fascistic framework of the Conservative ideology. Itself. But as Misery is known to love company, so too, does hypocrisy as well. And in this case, that wretched companionship arrives in the ever-repellent personage of Marvin (“Choad”) Choate, who as usual, lives up to the cravenly stereotype of White male fragility:
“Be More like Poland”, says the clearly ignorant racist who on the surface at least, seemingly has no clue that Poland is already in comfortable goosestep with the xenophobic fascism that the GQP is openly espousing:
See, Marvin? It’s just like home, except that unlike there, you’re the one who’s the punchline of the joke.

Now, as to the rest of Choad’s xenophobic dumbfuckery, while there are an estimated 2000 mosques and/or Islamic prayer rooms in the UK, there are approximately 40,000 church buildings in the UK serving the chosen faith memberships of Anglicans (26M) Buddhists, (272,508) Hindu, (1.03M) Pagan, (74,000) Alevi (26,000) and finally, the Jain (25,000

And while sharia is a source of guidance for many Muslims, the supposed “Sharia courts” themselves, have no actual legal jurisdiction whatsoever in either England or Wales, despite what Choad’s meme is trying to falsely infer. But as I noted earlier, hypocrisy loves company, and as it does, there’s no better guest than Ol’ Marvin here:
If it is indeed held to be true that “race only matters to racists”, as Choad boldly asserts, then I’d opine that it’s also pretty clear as to what team Choad is lighting allegorical front-lawn crosses for in his free time. Irrespective of Choad’s dual lie and immediate proof of such, he’s not alone in spreading falsehoods regarding the non-Caucasian, as this screen-grabbed meme and its subsequent commentary, definitely shows:
Honestly, it’s truly a mystery to me, given the collective failure of their common sense, as to how these people haven’t gravely injured themselves making toast. If I had any advice for David Ellis above, past seeking out the services of a competent psychiatrist that is, I’d suggest that he learn how government actually woks, before assuming the American president has the same power as a 3rd world dictator.

For when one looks objectively at the Conservative playbook, you might be forgiven for thinking that the mob swallowing the false assertion that most of their failed claims and schemes were successful, could be best personified belonged by this self-declared genius…

… and in all actuality, you wouldn’t be too far off. Especially considering the level of delusion you’d be willing to engage in, in order to unquestioningly place stock in divisive drivel such as this, wherein the non-Caucasian are inferred to be nothing more than animals, lavabouts, and murderous thugs:

Say what you will about racists, and I strongly encourage you to do so whenever prudent, but you can never say that they’re not unswerving in regards to their malevolent need to hate. Even when the subject of that mindless despisement, stopped being culturally relevant quite some time ago.

A notation about this post: not only is its premise is entirely false, but the source of the supposed claim originated from a clearly defined (and easily discovered) satire site, as evidenced by this screengrab of the actual headline that inspired this cringe-inducing falsehood:

Read the name of the site itself, and laugh your ass off as I did, because the “Dunning-Kreuger Effect” is a cognitive bias in which people with limited competence in a particular domain, overestimate their abilities.  

In other words, it’s what happens when morons think that they’re actually smarter than they are. And as Tomasi’s an idiot Conservative who’s totally incapable of separating fanaticism from reality, he bought the clearly bogus tale, hook, line, and sinker: And just for the record, the “Dunning Kreuger Times” in no way, shape or form, hides the fact that it’s a satire site, either.
And while this revelation is hilarious in and of itself, it’s really not the best part, for this literally marks the FOURTH TIME that this sort of willing self-ownership has happened to Tomasi by an act of his own hand.

First, he posted TDKT’s farcical story that actress Alyssa Milano was suing musician Ted Nugent for ruining her Golden Globes party, even though she isn’t, and he didn’t, then he promoted TDTK’s tale that Candace Owens had been offered 10M to join the cast of ABC’s “The View”” even though she hadn’t, then presented yet another TDKT fabrication, this one centering on the idiocy that Roseanne Barr’s “new TV show” crushed The View in a ratings sweep, despite the fact that no such show starring Barr actually exists.

Seriously…  just how fucking stupid do you have to actually be, in order to miss that which is obvious? I mean… Conservatives aren’t known for being collectively intelligent, but JFC, you’d have to think that anyone who’s found themselves embarrassed by their own stupidity as frequently as he does, would still be able to put two and two together in the end.

A defining detail that Tomasi is seemingly unable to achieve, if only on a theoretical scale. But then again, neither can his FB friend Rick Aaron, who much like Tomasi, has no fucking clue as to what he’s talking about
That’s right, boys and gilds, Colin Kapernick, a former professional football player is a “cowardly and despicable traitor” for daring to take a knee (as is his Constitutional right) before games he played in, despite the fact that it was a veteran who suggested the idea to him in the first place.

Oh, the fragility of White Conservatives in relation to the dual issues of both Free Speech and Civil Protest, when openly utilized by minorities. Keep in mind, these are the same people who regard the J6 riots as just, White Supremacy the American Way, and Trump’s attempt to overthrow established Democracy as “Patriotism”, but I digress, because we already know who the real traitor is, and rest assured, these two twits will be voting for him come 2024.

And in case any of you were wondering just what Kapernick is actually is doing these days, unlike these two racist choads, I was more than happy to do the merest of basic research to help you find out:

Now, this info wasn’t hard for me to unearth, nor is the reality of its narrative convenient to Tomasi’s false take concerning it, but as it’s become clear, Tomasi, like most of his fellow Conservative cucks, can’t take control of either his unwarranted hate ,or the sociopathic need to be proven relevant to an ever-changing world that requires him not, in order to discover the actual truth of things. Sadder still though, is just how he justifies his paranoid POV to that same said world, via the weaponizing of his own ignorance:

I do love how Tomasi decides to play both sides of the bigoted coin, in order to cover all immigrants, be they legal or naturalized, don’t you? On the one hand, illegal immigrants “bring” drugs, vicious criminals, and undesired political impetus in to our country, and on the other, once they are settled, the implication is that they’ll refuse to assimilate into the modern-day American culture, thereby creating the country-within a country scenario that all Neocons fear.

You know… sort of like this patriotic native-born citizen is doing, by proudly flying the treasonous flag of the defeated in battle country that for a brief period of time, tried to literally destroy America itself?
Yup, no trace of Conservative hypocrisy flitting about here to discuss, let me tell you. Nevertheless, Tomasi knows who it is that’s really at fault for all of the hate crimes, anti-Immigrant sentiments, and xenophobic conspiracies that his party crafts in very much the same way that they produce child traffickers, Homophobes, insurrectionists, and snake-oil salesman, as it’s exactly whom you’d expect it to be:

Well. This is a revelation, is it not? As it turns out, it’s not discovered racism that’s the issue, it’s the Democrats who are proving it as an absolute, that are the problem at hand. Who would have ever guessed?

Not me of course, for when it comes to debunking Tomasi’s blatantly false claim of inherent American racism being a non-issue in both past and modern-day America, all I need do is check my file of his compiled racist commentary, and crunch the numbers pertinent to his hatefully histrionic hypocrisy, and ascertain where the actual “bullshit” really finds itself spread far and wide:
Being outwardly vile once, could be taken as an accident. Thrice, a flaw of character. A handful of times, the beginning of an establishment pattern. But 100+ times? That’s deliberate obsession, no matter how you try to justify it. And even more so, when you try to sell such a lie, by pretending to be whom you clearly are not.

And by the way Mario, in concern to your anti-Muslim idiocy, there are an estimated 3.45M of them currently living in the United States, and so far as I can tell, they seem to have incorporated rather seamlessly into the allegorical cultural river, but when you’re a dedicated bigot, such reality punching a hole in your false narrative, is probably taken as being nothing less than terrifying for you.

A proof of concept, validated by this slew of Islamophobic postings, courtesy of people who at their personal best are still the walking equivalent of a mayonnaise sandwich on Wonder bread. First, there’s the hatred displayed towards duly-elected American government officials who just so happen to be, Muslim, such as the U.S. representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar:
Omar hails from Mogadishu in the country of Somalia, and became a naturized citizen in 1999 at the age of 17. And despite previous governmental service in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Neocons such as the idiots above, still view her with bigoted distrust, based solely on her race and national origin.

Which is ironic, considering that these same said morons couldn’t find Mogadishu using Google Earth, much less spell it correctly in the first place. Also take note if you will, that at no point, do any of these vile memes base their disparagement on her actual policies or personal actions, but instead, play to fear of the “other”, which has been a go-to political gambit of the rabid GQP faithful, for years now.

A ploy I was more than happy to exploit, in relation to their inherent hypocrisy regarding their fear of terrorism:

For the record, no one is “siding” with Hamas. Some people are however, calling out the decades of human-rights violations and related actions, that Isael has previously undertaken to reap such violence, abominable as it most certainly is, standing on its metaphorical doorstep. And guess what? Under the auspices of America’s Constitution, they’re allowed to freely do so, whether you agree with them or not.

And for people who are so openly concerned about Muslims committing acts of domestic terrorism at some theoretical point in time, the Conservative movement to a person, sure doesn’t seem to be overly concerned when it’s revealed that some of its most ardent practitioners, are none other than their fellow members of the Vanilla Vanguard, as the abominable events of J6 proved beyond reproach.

But as they’re inspired and guided by anti-immigrant paranoia, the Conservative-pro-trump cabal slithers forward nevertheless, with their inhuman rhetoric only getting worse as Time goes on:

Now before you get all up in my allegorical grail at some Neocon jackass equating an article of clothing with the Nazi party’s favorited hate-emoji, some context is necessary first. Keffiyehs have been worn throughout the history of the Middle East, but over the last few years, they’ve become strongly associated with the construct of Palestinian’s cultural struggle, as they attempt to exist under the jackboots of an apartheid state.

Yeah, I said it. Come at me, bro. I am more than ready.

As I said earlier, nobody is “siding” with Hamas, but obviously Tcher being a mewling moron of Constative bent, also thinks that it’s perfectly sane to slur an entire race as being anti-Sematic for the brazen act of wearing an article of clothing that has been a staple of Palestinian culture for DECADES, now.

Let me put it this way- if I wear my Motorhead concert tee out in public, that doesn’t mean I encourage drinking and drug use that would put Hunter S Thomson in the hospital, if not the grave, and if I wear my vintage Michael Jackson “Thriller” tour equivalent, rest assured my motivation is not to sing the praises of pedophiliac acts.

Sometimes a design is just a design. Sometimes it’s not. I don’t go around punching out people for wearing Trump’s made-in-China merch, nor do I condone others for wanting to do so. I also don’t automatically assume that they’re racist either, unless like the idiots I’ve been writing about, they hand me the proof gift-wrapped, and ready to go.

And I certainly wouldn’t encourage this kind of alleged maniacal response, based on nothing more than my seeing a provocative symbol: that for whatever reason, I didn’t find socially palatable:Do you want to take two guesses as to who the shooter assumedly supports for President in 2024? I’m guessing that it won’t be Joe, by a long shot, if you’ll pardon the pun. Call it a hunch. And according to the authorities the shooter, who was later charged with three counts of second-degree attempted murder, opened fire on the trio, with no prior warning and/or provocation, unless you want to factor in his Islamophobic bias, that is.

And what was the response from the Oft-Wrong in regards to this hate crime, you ask? Well, it was exactly the type of response that you’d expect to see from a cowardly cadre of Caucasian xenophobes:
Thou Caucasians doth protest specifically too much regarding the people endowed with the brownest of melanin, but goeth silent as the grave when they’re the victims of hate crimes. Weird, that. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the mahogany melanocytes, because if it did, that would actually be racism in its purest furor, and as we’ve all been told by none other than Mario Tomasi himself, inherent American racism is “bullshit”.

And thank mythical God that it is, otherwise the following commentaries would be ever so awkward:
Hey everybody! Donald Trump Jr, the guy who cheated on his wife, hooked up with one of FOX News former screeching bobbleheads, whose family-run company was convicted of business fraud, and who claimed total ignorance to the fact that it did, is now an expert on cultural assimilation. It almost seems as if he’s just pulling this paranoid narrative straight out of his allegedly coked-up ass, does it not?

As noted, earlier Donny Dumbfuck, there are an estimated 3.45 million Muslim Americans currently living peacefully side by side with the rest of America’s citizenry, and the last time I checked, most of the domestic terrorism that I see occurring live on the news, is being done by people who look more like James Hetfield than they do Rami Malek. Just saying.

And considering that you’ve been pushing the “Big Lie” regarding the 2020 election, since your treasonous father found his mango-tinted lard-ass kicked to America’s allegorical curb, I suggest that your equally as corrupt ass sits this one out.

Unfortunately for the state of ongoing war with reestablishing basic intelligence as a commonality, this post by one David Pope, takes Donny Dumbfuck’s racist stereotyping, and adds his own secret sauce comprised of xenophobic paranoia, to an already repugnant nothing-burger:
Oh believe you me David, I trust these immigrants both legal and not, far more than I would ever trust a bigot like you. Take that to the bank and cash it, because you’re a fucking loon, at the best of times A theorem solidly verified by his unappetizing bite of your Caucasian chicken-shit salad
Racist stereotypes disguised as even worse jokes, who could ever have seen that being employed? Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question, as we all know the answer already. Original, these idiots are not, but that doesn’t stop these slithering schmucks from spewing their dimwitted disgust at which they don’t understand, as often as possible.

Case in point, this display of mindless anti-immigrant vehemence that is the binding factor in the wretched life of the aforementioned Marvin (“Choad”) Choate:
Yup… even when Sweden finds itself allegorically “overrun” by immigrants, they still lean in favor of the Aryan template, rather than the false narrative that Choad disingenuously presents as being the go-to standard.

It’s almost as if Choad just regurgitates GQP talking points, in lieu of undertaking any credible form of actual research beforehand. But to be fair, that’s just my humble opinion, backed up by nothing, of merit save for the numerous examples of Choad’s own posted ignorance.

For as it currently lays, the reminder of the country’s collective ethnic diversity, breaks down as such: Syrian (1.9%), Iraqi (1.4%), and finally. “Other” (15%) the majority of which, is made up of the indigenous Sami people, who are estimated to number somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 individuals.

I won’t speak for you of course, but I personally look forward to the day that Conservatives can both willingly tell the whole truth, without a federal subpoena being required to draw it out first, as well as their being able to pass a Palestinian food-cart without thinking that a terrorist is weaponizing the Tatbeeleh Shatta.

However, there has been an uptick in White-supremacy-based hate crimes in Sweden as of late, the worst example of such, being the related van-used-as-a-bomb incident at Regjeringskvartalet in Oslo, and the equally abominable mass shooting on the island of Utøya, both occurring in July of 2011. In the aftermath, the orchestrator of these cowardly attacks was discovered to be a Norwegian far-right domestic terrorist known as Anders Behring Breivik, whose body count totaled 77 victims.

And despite the fear-mongering commentary of Choad and his fellow bigoted loons, guess what race Breivik turned out to be? SPOILER: it wasn’t anything but what you already suspected it to be:
Well. He seems … um, nice? A racist craven resembling a boiled egg, casually throwing a neo-Nazi salute while standing in the dock, proudly resplendent in the knowledge that an ocean of blood is marked within his allegorical ledger, all because he [in his own words] believed that; “The attacks on July 22 were a preventive strike. I acted in self-defense on behalf of my people, my city, my country, I therefore demand to be found innocent of the present charges.”

Shockingly, the court didn’t buy it, but I’m pretty sure given the empirical evidence, Choad and his equally xenophobic cadre of baleful Caucasians would have on some level at least, because for all their pustulant politicizing, the real danger America faces doesn’t originate from those who are Brown, but from the ones who think that they alone, bleed Red, White, and Blue.

And lest we forget, Choad here, is the same guy who posted this clarion call for diversity;… and then went on to add to the never-ending pile of truly racist crap that I’ve been dissecting throughout this screed. But remember, deep down inside, where his soul was just taking up space, Choad only really cares about “character” regardless of whether or not he and his vanilla-dipped ilk are actually able to display some when the need arises.

Nevertheless, the selective memory regarding the actual History of hate-related abuse remains as foggy as ever, whereas Neocons are concerned, and as they deliberately deflect from the what is versus the what once was, I fuses I can’t be too surprised when they try to flip the script in relation to those particular situations that they care not to know anything about, in the first place.

As evidenced by this charming repartee betwixt my new favorite chew-toy Mario Tomasi, and his online oracles of odiousness, wherein they offer up options both revolting and ignorant, regarding the current hostilities intent on decimating the Palestinian citizenry caught in the war between Hamas and Israel:
Well, this is rich… a member of the political party & cult of personality that claims to be the “victim” pf CRT courses, BLM, Antifa, school libraries, college professors, Science, Medicine, Gender Equality, Gay marriage, Transpeople, Women’s body autonomy, kneeling athletes, supposed, anti-Christian bias at Christmas, Starbucks, Converse, HIKE, Cheerio’s, Wendy’s, Samsung, the NFL, NASCAR, Disney, Netflix, CBS, ABC, MSNBC,  CNN, “Woke” and “Cancel” culture, would like to point out just who the real drama queens are, thank you very much.,

And in a refreshing change of pace, I didn’t even have to reference their mango-tinted de facto shitgibbon of a leader, who’s still ranting about an election that he fairly lost three years ago, so that’s nice. But you know what isn’t, though? The overall take of the ongoing conflict, by Tomasi’s dumber than fuck Facebook friends:
Yes, these people are woefully misinformed, outwardly hateful, and yes, even proudly so, but that doesn’t mean a shining star of jingoistic jackassery can’t come along and outdo them all in terms of being an absolute fucking moron, and for that, we turn to the one and only clown prince of such, a walking rubber room who goes by the name of Donald Williams and offers us a truly original theorem to contemplate.

That being, the Democrats are the ones behind the scenes machinating the countrywide pro-Palestinian protests:
I tell you; I don’t know how we Democrats, supposedly operating as a political party, manage to achieve all of our evil goals in this country, what with our already burgeoning schedule running the world as you know it, and all.

I mean… we’re neck-deep in the rigging all American elections from school boards to the senate itself, crafting Deep State plots to raise the price of a Mc Donald’s Happy Meal, installing an illegitimate President in the White House, hiding Satanic messages in and on items ranging from kids cartoons to Monster Energy Drinks.

And for the love of our Dark Lord and Master, Tom Hanks, don’t even get me started on just how much time we spend keeping our side-projects such as human-lizard hybrids, our Illuminati potlucks, Reality TV in general, and our child-trafficking operations resupplying Disney’s labor force, out of the public eye.  

Truly, it’s hard work more often than not, but at the end of the day, the real reward is in watching just how happy it makes all the conspiracy theorists out there, by giving them a false seen of personal relevance to an actual reality-based world that they both can’t understand, and quite frankly, don’t want to.

And thanks to our most concerted of efforts, racist jackasses such as Tomasi, finally have a purpose in life, past being future organ drinkers, that is. No, if anything, they get to live the remainder of their days serving as the archetype for what can happen when paranoia, white nationalism, and self-righteous inanity, forms into an anal wart that’s shaped like a person.

So, as I start to wrap this latest dissection of the very worst people that America has to sadly offer us, I’d like to shuffle Tomasi off into the wings by presenting just a few last examples of just why his future headstone will serve a far better use as a public urinal, rather than as a memorial to his foul memory:

And there’s no better way to certify this sure-to-be-proven-correct prediction of mine, than by sticking with the anti-Islamic script that Tomasi’s ever so fond of sticking to even when all the evidence says that it desperately needs a rewrite due it’s overwhelming faith in blanket statements founded on paranoiac delusions:
Call me crazy if you wish, but I for one, do not find myself routinely paralyzed with fear in regards to  the thought of an attack on American soil by Muslim extremists, whether they’re naturalized citizens or not.

What I do worry about however, are the home-grown, flag-waving, vehemence-spewing Caucasian ones who’ve sworn the most ardent of undying allegiance to a man who, unbidden and on live TV no less, “jokingly” claimed that, he would only “be a dictator for one day”, if and when, he was ever entrusted again with the reins of presidential authority.

Granted, he’s only been threatening judges, prosecutors, witnesses, their respective families, his political adversaries, random celebrities, and high-ranking members of our nation’s military for months bow, all while praising the internal policies of fascist leaders such as Russia’s Vladmir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, but really… we shouldn’t be concerned, whatsoever.

Because as only Tomasi knows, the real danger to America is coming from the guy wearing a keffiyeh, and slinging Musakhan sumac chicken, down at the local farmers’ market, and not the morons such as himself, who can’t differentiate between a Muslim, a Sikh, an indigenous person, or a Mexican.

These same said jackasses, are also the ones who cry about “cancel culture” as they demand boycotts of companies that preach diversity, call Liberals “snowflakes’” as they melt down over PRIDE flags, and who slur everyone from Facebook to celebrities, as being “Nazi’s”, as they not only use the language of such  [“vermin”] in regards to describing their political opponents, but whom are indeed, fully supporting of an actual one demanding to serve as the next President, yet once more.

You quite literally, can’t make this shit up folks, and that’s why satire as an art form, is truly dead.

Nevertheless, Tomasi knows just what these bacon-avoiding, keffiyeh,-wearing, democrat-voting, Hell-bound heathens are really up to, and it’s as clear as the inherent ignorance infused within his asinine assessment:
I KNEW IT!!! As it apparently turns out, Islam is nothing more than a centuries-old ploy to incorporate their so-called “religion”, and their “religion” alone, into our everyday lives, by getting rid of the one True Book that of course, would never attempt such a thing, no matter how tempting it might be. Can you imagine if they actually succeeded?

I mean, next thing you know, we’d be up to our proverb-ial necks in theocratical laws telling us what books we could and could not read, what we could and could not, publicly say about their faith, what movies we could and could not watch, what subjects we could and could not, teach our kids, and just what institutions would have to base their decisions on the whims of a mythical deity.

Not to mention, you just know that they’d also have some clear opinions on just which gender could get legally married to each other, along with what gender would have unalienable rights, [take a wild guess] and which one wouldn’t, and I’m pretty sure along those same lines, they’d probably place severely draconian restrictions on a woman’s body autonomy, as well.

Oh wait… [Artbitch checks his notes] I’m ever so sorry- it seems I was actually talking about modern-day Christianity, but as the ones who utilize Conservatism as their framework for promoting such a falsehood, tend to come off as being nothing more than superstitious epoch-era disingenuous Neanderthals, I’m sure you can completely understand as to why I mistook them for such.

Oops. My bad. Won’t happen again…. I hope. For after all, who am I to libel Tomasi as a fake Christian when he’s such an ardent practitioner of the Word? By way of example, just look at how well he lives up to the edict set forth in Matthew 25:31-40:
OK, that might have been a bad example, given Tomasi’s obvious ignorance regarding just how both actual Christianity and electrical current, are supposed to work.

That being, neither were ever originally designed to be weaponized, in order to hurt people indiscriminately. If you ever discover that Tomasi’s house has a crawlspace, I’d recommend that you never accept an invitation from him to come inside and check out his house, because with commentary like this, he comes off as a total sociopath to me.

And by the way, Matthew 25:31-40 reads as such: “When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

But maybe I’m just being overly cynical here, right? For there’s no way that Tomasi, a man so concerned about t the Bible being eradicated, wouldn’t dare but live up to its challenge of its clearly stated message of accepting Brotherhood, unconditional Charity, and openly welcoming Love and Respect for all, that every human deserves, no matter how racist I might surmise him to be:
Does anybody else feel as if we’re slipping backwards, every time we read one of Tomasi’s “I’m the real victim here” type of postings? For the record, no one in an official capacity has ever asked, infrared, demanded, or even brought up at all, the very idea that American citizens have to “learn” Spanish, and do you know why? Because the overall response from the citizenry, would be this:
But just because Reality exists as it actually exists, and this, regardless of whatever I or Tomasi may think, don’t assume that Tomasi will accept it as such. Especially when he can beat the war drums of his self-manufactured paranoia by equating two disparate events, into one completely unfounded conspiracy theory:
Why yes Mario, I and everybody else on Earth for that matter, remember the events of 9-11. And the two things thing that I remember most past the obvious focus of that dark day, is that (A) the terrorist weren’t Mexican nationals, and (B) they gained entry into the US via the low-key conduit of American airports, using forged passports, and that as we all saw, to a devastating effect.

In other words, they didn’t come across the US/Mexico border, because quite honestly, it’s far easier to use the flaws already inherent in our own security systems against us. Nevertheless, when one conspiracy theory finds itself debunked using empirical evidence, rest assured, that Tomasi will always have yet one racist round in his allegorical chamber, just waiting to be popped off:
So, to recap: over the span of just two memes, we collectively as a country; went from having to definitely kiss our asses goodbye, to having to kiss our jobs good-bye, instead. An assume assessment that every time I hear it, makes me think of this, far more than anything else:
I love to break this to Tomasi, but if your job can be taken by an immigrant unfamiliar with our customs, language, which as a rule, lacks both the education and skillsets demanded by even the most basic of American jobs, then your job overall, and in two words, fucking sucks, and you’re probably going to be better off looking for a new one, when all is said and done.

But what American jobs are truly at risk, you ask? Sure, it’s a given that the traditional career niches populated by Whites such as seasonal farm labor, dishwashing, janitorial and cleaning support staff, and day labor, are clearly in the crosshairs, but what about all of those doctors, teachers, scientists, lawyers, middle-managers, engineers, and politicians, who are just waiting for the metaphorical ax to drop at some point if this trend continues?

And if you think I’m kidding, Tomasi was more than nice enough to let us all know just which industry has been hit the hardest by the intrusion of unwanted minorities, and it’s not gonna be what you think it is:
See? It’s even worse than we thought. If we don’t do something soon, next thing you know, these immigrants will bring in their food, their music, their art, their religions, their culture, and even their language, and what will we do then?

[Artbitch checks notes…}

Oops, my bad. It seems that they’ve been doing that for decades now, and the end result has not only been the expanding of our collective culinary, artistic, engineering, and cultural diversity which is awesome no matter how you look at it. but as an additional unforeseen bonus, we also picked up the former South African resident and currently kicking ass actress, Charlize Theron, as part of the trade deal: too:
Tomasi can call us all Libtards-Commie-Marxist=Socialist-Soy Boy-Cuck-Demorats until he’s as blue in the face as a Smurf gets while engaging in an act of autoerotic asphyxiation,, but as long as I know that somewhere in America, this immigrant is walking around freely within its borders, I for one, will somehow make personal peace with the idea.

I know, I know… I’m ever so brave. It’s a curse, really. I honestly have no idea just how I go on.

And as Theron is White, even Tomasi can feel as if he’s scored a win for once. Which when given his inherently racist idiocy, is truly a rare event, so far as he’s concerned. Now, as to Tomasi’s whine about Whites being phased into remembrance in regards to their current impact on television advertising, he’s wrong, as usual.

In fact, the representational on-screen time stats in relation to appearances, are as follows WHITES 43% of the time, LATINAS 17%, AFRICAN-AMERICANS 18%, and “OTHER”, which includes indigenous and Asian cultures, only 10% of the time. In other words, there’s still far more allegorical vanilla wafers on the plate, than there are actualized churros.

But as it’s been proven time and time again throughout this screed, and by using Tomasi’s own words, no less Reality and he have been estranged for years, even if he would say quite the opposite, if you asked him directly

Fortunately, you don’t need to do so, for in spite of the accumulated evidence set forth by his own fingers, Tomasi cluelessly, if not falsely, lauds himself as being nothing less than the bearer of the purest “Truth” sent straight from the mountaintop itself.  Or at the very least, his severely flawed interpretation of it:
Quick show of hands… where at any point, in this, my latest narrative, did you observe Tonmasi telling the “Truth” as it actually exists? That’s what I thought too, thank mythical God, because for a second there, I felt like I was taking crazy pills.

The more I cull the best/worst of Tomasi’s online rants masquerading as societal commentary, the more it becomes clear that he’s just an overflowing reservoir of hate, and nothing else, which let’s face it, is par for the course whereas modern-day Conservatives are concerned. Professing faux indignation at everything not White and tight isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, as evidenced by this meme:

Well, would you look at that? A member of the race that once legally dictated which spaces African-Americans could eat, sleep, work, choose to visit, and perform in, as well as notating what public facilities they could use, what doors they could walk in, and which water fountains were theirs and which ones were for Whites exclusively, is upset at being excluded, from certain organization and facilities, based solely on his race.

See, the part that Tomasi accidentally on purpose forgets to mention here, are the underlying reasons as to why these “Black only” places were necessary in the first place, and yes, the answer is deeply rooted in societally structured and inherent racism, although not in the way that Tomasi deliberately misrepresented.

For back in the day, Blacks were routinely purposefully denied access to opportunities and equal media representation, and the reasons behind this were due to both direct and veiled racism, whether Tomasi wants to admit it or not. And shockingly, when a specific group of people are barred albeit legal or societally, from that which is supposed to be available to all without question, they tend to circle their allegorical wagons, and create their own thing, independent of their wannabe overlords.

That’s the “TRUTH” of the ongoing matter at hand, and Tomasi, being a seeming racist, prefers not to address it, as his false narrative plays far better to the type of idiot that believes that they’re being openly persecuted for simply being White. I’d point out the irony of getting a taste of one’s own bigoted medicine, but why do that which is obvious, if not long overdue?

Tomasi by no stretch of the imagination, is a bigot, but as we’ve also seen, he’s not the only one promoting racial discord based on nothing save for Caucasian paranoia. And while this bad enough in and of itself, its cultural punch goes that much farther when it’s combined with a helping of hypocrisy that only a true Conservative can seem to generate.

Case in point, one June Bledsoe, who delighted us all with her trio of meme ousted above, my favorite being the one wherein she opines that illegal aliens would overwhelmingly vote for Trump, in order to keep America from becoming, and I quote directly; “INTO THE KIND OF COUNTRY THEY ESCAPED FROM”, despite the reality that non-citizens don’t have the legal right to vote, no matter what she thinks is in the political works.

Nevertheless, this inanity is revealing on a few levels, believe it or not, even with its absurd conspiracy-theory-based assertion laid out in the idiot’s font colloquially known as “all-caps”.

First, it implies other countries are dystopian shitholes, and therefore America is a welcoming refuge, a fact which as native-born Americans should instill some form of pride within us for being considered so, and second, it insanely posits that immigrants would happily vote for a person who not only hates them, but whom has also suggested that they be rounded up, and placed in “camps”.

This assertion of course, shouldn’t remind anyone in any way, shape, or form, of those particular camps camps that the Nazi party was so fond of arranging one-way visits to, because as Trump himself publicly stated, he would only be a “dictator for a day”, which oddly, isn’t as reassuring as it sounds. Call me crazy, but for some strange reason, I get the feeling that we just can’t trust the guy in regards to his promises.

Let’s just call it a ”hunch”, and leave it at that.

But it never be said that Bledsoe is a one-trick pony, for even while she can only play one note, she sure knows how to make the most of it, even when its prelude is more confusing, than enlightening:
I quite literally, don’t have words for this, but even so, I’m confident that regardless of the context involved, there’s no way that I would allow the term “negro Jewish” to ever escape past my lips as a means to describe anyone of color to begin with. On the one hand, Bledsoe claims not to harbor a racist bone in her body, but on the other…

… well, you already know that if she actually didn’t, she wouldn’t have had any of her social media postings being openly shared and dissected here, now, would she? Granted, while “Negro” isn’t necessarily considered to be an offensive word in and of itself, its limited use these days, should serve as a tip-off that there’s a reason it’s been gradually phased out of the common lexicon since the mid-1960’s or so.

And I may be off-base here, but when I came across this post, the first thought that I had in regards to it, was that given the right carefully selected company, Bledsoe would be more than happy to let fly the most common “N” word still in everyday use to describe how she really feels about this person, rather than the Conservative-approved buzzards she employs in lieu of the vile one she actually wants to say out loud:
I won’t speak for you, but it always saddens me when I hear about Black prosecutors holding the Orange criminals wholly responsible for the wrongdoings they actually engaged in.. Oh wait, no I don’t, because that exactly how the criminal justice system in this country us supposed to fucking work, no matter what our bigoted buddy Bledsoe believes.

And in a revelation that will shock no one, most of what Bledsoe erroneously perceives as being the truth in relation to immigration, be it legal or not, is either stunningly misinformed, or just flat dead wrong. Take for instance, this post where she falsely states that illegal aliens get a host of Federal freebies upon entry into the US, ranging from dwellings to doughnuts, as an enticing persuasion for them to vote Democrat:
As the truly informed walking among us know, this is a patently false assertion across the board. While the undocumented receive some assistance, it’s not top-tier, and its most certainly, not just freely granted, either. And when it comes to naturalized citizens voting, as the undocumented legally cannot, despite what bigots like Bledsoe place false stock in, the reason why they tend to vote Democrat, is deceptively simple.

As a rule, we Democrats don’t refer to them as “an invasion”, or as “terrorists”, or as “lazy freeloaders”, and our movement’s leaders sure as fuck, don’t spew vile rhetoric such as this gem from the horse’s ass that is Donald Trump:

“Nobody has ever seen anything like we’re witnessing right now. It is a very sad thing for our country,” poisoning the blood of our country. It’s so bad, and people are coming in with disease. People are coming in with every possible thing that you could have.”

So says the man whose grandfather was an immigrant who has been accused, if rumors are to be believed, of everything from running a Canadian brothel during the Gold Rush, to being a lowly tax evader, which if true, shows that it’s a hobby that runs in the family.

Not to mention, Trump has also married two emigres, once again proving the long-held theorem that immigrants do the distasteful jobs that no American truly wants to do. But whitewashing is what Conservatives do, because even with the volatile political climate these days, it’s still far safer, if not expedient, to use the dehumanizing language reminiscent of Nazism, rather than the racial slurs themselves.

As it’s been said, Evil never truly dies or is ever completely vanquished…
It simply just rebrands itself as a “new” political movement, and picks right back up from where it left iff.
As I’ve often said before, the lyrics may change, but the racist marching song remains the absolute fucking same, irrespective of whether the political waters are reminiscent of 1933 Germany, or modern-day America. But then again, I repeat myself. However, this is not to say that Bledsoe doesn’t have a sense of humor regarding the aforementioned political river and its sensitivities.,

In fact, she even once took the time close to a decade ago, to craft an amusing joke regarding such:
I’m not going to lie here, as even I found this to be equally funny and disturbingly accurate, given the plethora of knee-jerk reactions occurring far too prevalently on both sides of the current partisan divide.

Especially during a time of cultural upheaval when it’s far more common to be societally excoriated for the most flippant of commentary regarding a particularly touchy topic, and no one, no matter who they are deserves that. Unless of course they’ve actually put in the maximum effort to earn the inherent dishonor of such scorn.

Speaking of which, let’s get back to our recently awarded gold medal finalist:
Given that Bledsoe allegedly lives in Florida, a state surrounded on three sides by an ocean, this may be a good time for me to point out to her that a wall would neither protect her state from illegal aliens and the mythical crime that they don’t bring, nor in the long run, would it protect anybody else, unless you make said wall several miles high, and bury its footings, several miles deep.

Or until they ban ladders, shovels, and the true grit of actual human determination. I do love however, how she describes Obam’s speeches as “hypnotic and spellbinding”, while describing Trump’s rambling self-aggrandizing tales of unwarranted victimization as “raw and truthful”, a description that only applies to what he says when he numerously pleads the Fifth, during one of his many legal depositions.

Nevertheless, Bledsoe seem rather fixated on remaining annoyed at the fact that democratic leaders can speak eloquently, in direct comparison of the word-salad-in-a-blender-stuck-on-high approach that is the foundational crux of Trump’s fascist monologues, and it ties in to her paranoid theorem that Obama the former US president, is conspiring with Biden, the current one, to “destroy America”, once and for all.

But remember kids, we’re the ones supposedly afflicted with a politically-based “derangement syndrome”:

So Susie, you want to know what America was like, “before”?  Well, don’t you fret, for I have the answer.

Overall, it was a country hip-deep in tits ever-continuous process of trying to live up to its own once glorious potential, an oath emblazoned on our Statue of Liberty, immortalized in our folk songs and national anthem, and hard-wired (or so we foolishly believed) into the DNA of every Red, White and Blue-blooded American.

Then one dark day, the 16th of June 2015, to be exact, a hateful snake-oil salesman named Donald J. Trump, slithered down a golden escalator with his former escort / mistress / future ex-wife in dutiful tow, announced his ascension into America’s political bloodstream, and then proceeded to brutally mind-fuck the most ignorant walking among us, and in doing so, disseminated a case of societal syphilis that we as a nation, will require decades to fully recover from.

And that’s it in a nutshell, despite Bledsoe’s asinine delusion that Obama and Biden are conspiring together to eventually “Destroy America”, by turning it in one of two differing political ideological states of being. Or given Bledsoe’s partisan ignorance, maybe she thinks Communism and Socialism are the same thing, because while Conservatives can hurl buzzwords, they honestly don’t know what many of them actually mean.

This personal theorem is borne out by some earlier presented posting of one Judy Bartlett, wherein her truly unique takes on the issue of race, nail my soon to be revealed assessment of her, to the goddamn ground. Bartlett as you shall see, is a reservoir of unwarranted hate, Caucasian conspiracies, and contradiction, and fortunately, she’s also our last bigot coming up to bat, as well.

Thank merciful mystical God, because if you’re finding yourself exhausted by reading this collective bigoted bile, just imagine how tired I am, after having to collect it, sort it, and eventually, write about it. 

However, my personal favorite meme from the random collection that’s been presented thus far, is where she implied that US Representative (and practicing Muslim) Ilhan Abdullahi Omar was married to her brother, besides being false, also indicates just what an incredibly hateful C U Next Tuesday, Bartlett actually is. And in a revelation that we’ve come to expect, Bartlett, along with being a proud hate-monger, is also a self-declared Christian, resplendent with positive messages such as this:

Now this is truly uplifting, is it not? Even if you’re not religious, as I am not, it still speaks to you on some level. A message of peace. Of tolerance/ Of acceptance. Of openly friendly coexistence, as it were. In fact, I’d even go so far to say that given its overall upbeat positivity, nothing short of an awful revelation, could even ding it.

But as Bartlett is a Trumpist, a self-declared Christian, and as we’ve already seen, kind of afflicted with a case of racist, you just know something is about to come along, and spit in that barrel of Brotherhood, post haste: And as usual, it’s the polar opposite of what Bartlett claims to believe in:
Weirdly, I find Israel claiming the right to exist while forcing Palestinians to accept living within a brutally enforced state of Apartheid to be somewhat hypocritical, given the fact that my brain still works the way Nature intended it to, but maybe that’s just me. All I know is that if you keep a marginalized community under the oppressive heels of a self-righteous jackboots for decades, you really shouldn’t be too surprised when the populace suffering underneath them, rise up and punch you in the fucking throat.

And you would think that as a “Christian”, Bartlett should be repulsed by the carnage occurring within the scope of the now-current conflict, as it inevitably harms both the so-called “Bad Guys” and innocent citizens alike, but clearly… she’s not, and that’s horrifyingly hateful, even at its very best outcome. But rest assured, Bartlett would never see it that way. And why is that? Because Bartlett remembers this very important piece of advice:
In other words, don’t ever slur, slander, insult, harass, degrade, disparage, mock, ridicule, or defame others, for as Proverbs 16:18-19 says; “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.”

So naturally, what with her being a hate-filled hypocrite and all, Bartlett does exactly just that:
Well, if you’ve ever wondered what a game of “Pin the Stereotype on the Other” would look like, here’s your answer made meme flesh. Not only is this repugnant, but when it’s a so-called “Christian” posting it, then I think it’s safe to say that if Bartlett can be seriously considered as what a Christian should be, then my official approval to serve as Milla Jovovich’s go-to side-piece, should be rubber-stamped ASAP:
You know, on second thought… I’m totally cool with not being that. I know, I know, she’ll be crushed, but she’ll get over it in time, unlike Bartlett’s seeming grudge against anyone who isn’t as white as her 3 am front-lawn-BBQ white-hooded-robe ensemble.

Yeah, I said it. And no, I’m not taking it back. It’s bad enough that someone who had the potential to be a good person from the day they were born, learns to play-act as one, while dually wrapping themselves in piousness. And Bartlett, is so that type of the protective cover of a false faith as a means to act horribly, and yet still claim the right to unchallenged snake in the Garden, if you catch my drift.

For while she posts heartwarming memes such as this, wherein a helpless dog is seeking the kindness of strangers;
She then shows us all what she really thinks of her fellow (and equally helpless) human brothers and sisters, by posting this racist red-meat that openly masquerades as concerned social commentary, which somehow, makes it even that much more vile:

Just look at these two images: one shows a couple that’s comfortably , comfortably  sitting in what I assume are chairs in their own home, and the other ,depicts a group of people comfortably sitting in a dinghy, which as we all know, is not typical of the desert-crossing scenario of our Southern border.

And that’s because this photo isn’t of illegal immigrants crossing into America, it’s an image of immigrants being rescued off of the coast of Turkey, after the overcrowded boat that they were traveling in sank, a factoid that Bartlett could care less about, even if she didn’t know it at the time.

So, to recap the message here: helping stray feral dogs falls under the auspices of being a good Christian, but assisting human beings in a state of terrifying financial, emotional, and societal distress, is not. Congratulations, Judy Bartlett- you’re exactly the type of person your mythical God absolutely despises.

But the stench of hypocrisy, inherent in such a person as Bartlett presents herself to be, remains strong, despite its attempt to mask itself with toothless platitudes. For as it currently stands, the seedlings of hate which the allegorical Lambs of Christ tend to sow, highlight not the steadfast resolve in service to Humanity as their faith commands, but rather, their collective dereliction of their fellow brethren within it.

Case in point, this offering, in which Bartlett stresses just what is most important in life:

Once again, a lovely sentiment. And overall, it’s one that even I, a mercenary Capitalist, can actually get behind, even if it does possess kind of a treacle-soaked, Hallmark movie kind of vibe. But as we’ve previously experienced, the warm fuzziness can’t last for long, due to the fact that regardless of personal inner strength, a Conservative can’t help but show their true colors, if not their actual in-use face:

Judy Bartlett, everyone. A self-declared Christian who despite the edicts of her faith, is seemingly totally cool with state-sponsored genocide, apartheid, and subjugation, based on Resolution 181, also known as the Partition Plan.

This political gambit, which was adopted by the UN in 1947. sought to divide the British Mandate of Palestine into distinctly Arab and Jewish states, which in turn, led directly led to the direct creation of Israel itself.

An act of creation which resulted in the first Arab-Israeli War. That’s right, I said “First”, for as of this writing, there have been SEVEN major conflicts, those being; the 1948 Palestine War, the 1956 Suez War, the June 1967 Six-Day War, the 1969-70 War of Attrition, the October 1973 Yom Kippur War, the 1982 Lebanon War, and “finally”, the 1991 War in the Gulf.

Oh, and as of this screeds publishing, Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group known as Hamas, are going back and forth trying to wipe each other off the literal map, with heavy civilian casualties being racked up on both sides. And in a twist that’s absolutely nauseating, but not at all surprising, real estate developers are trying to sell plots of land located within the Gaza Strip, using promotional material with photos of destroyed Palestinian neighborhoods.

BTW, did I happen to mention that underneath all those collapsed buildings seen in the images, there’s also still scores of unrecovered dead bodies?  Oops. My bad. But remember kids, kindness is what counts, not the accumulation of wealth through war-justified land-grabbing, and most certainly not the power achieved by committing genocide under the cover of military action, either.

But we can relax regarding all of this because so far as I can tell, Bartlett sure as hell has.

In fact, this helping of hypocrisy where Bartlett disregards one set of human beings for ones that she feels more in less-problematic alignment with, carries over into the next posting of hers that I’ll be discussing, and its message is just as strong as the previous ones she offered up, albeit with the same soon-to-be-seen, mixed signals:
This message of seeing humans as such, brought to you by the very same person who heartlessly resented us all with a meme depicting survivors of a drowning incident, emblazoned with the words;  “Ship them back”, but I digress. However, even though Bartlett arrogantly dismissed the very existence of the Palestinian homeland, (such as it once was) that doesn’t necessarily make her a bad person, right?

My mistake. Never mind. Sadly, it appears that Bartlett’s basically a hateful walking amalgamation of willing ignorance equivalent to human pudding skin, and as she only relies on a book she randomly skims to guide her obviously flawed morality, I believe her asinine affliction may be irreversible, at its assumed best.

There’s an old joke that goes; “When you assume something, you make an ASS out of U and ME”, and to a limited degree, I believe this. But I also place serious stock in what the lauded poet Maya Angelou once said, that being; “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time..”

And allegorical God above, does Bartlett ever so consistently, do just that, despite her attempt to hide who she really is under the false cloak of alleged concern for the personal welfare of others unknown to her:

“Be kind to everyone and do good deeds”, which if I were to fathom an educated guess, would be to devoutly assist in housing the homeless, granting the financially disadvantaged a respite from monetary concerns, and feeding the hungry, all of which I might note, find themselves addressed in Bartlett’s meme above.

However, as it will come to be discovered, this attachment to her own sentiment was only temporary, and true to established form, Bartlett finds a way to misuse the instruction manual of her supposed faith to yet again cast unwarranted derision on the neediest among us:
Yes, you did read that correctly. Bartlett, ever the piously devout Christian, is claiming that the Bible, which is full of edicts and parables regarding practical charity, unified brotherhood, glorious virtue and lending a metaphorical hand to those who need such support, is, and I can’t believe that I’m even having to write this, is openly DEAD-SET AGAINST HELPING OTHERS, FOR ANY REASON.

And here I was, thinking that this tome was written by God, rather than the Roman general Marcus Licinius Crassus, whose greed was only matched by his personal ambition to climb up the Roman social ladder. Now as an openly proud Atheist, I generally point out the hypocrisy inherent in both the Bible as well as its so-called adherents, but even I know that Bartlett’s reposted claim is the purest of ecumenical bullshit across the board, hands down.

Receiving or “being on” government assistance, is not a verification of one’s being purposefully idle, nor does it “penalize” marriage, and “undermine the “dignity of work” either. Working is not dignified, so much as it is necessary, to survive in a country that dedicatedly rewards the ultra-rich for doing nothing more than exploiting the working poor, who through their “dignified” labor, sustain both the wealthy’s extravagant lifestyle, as well as the nation’s economy.

As shocking as it may seem to an elitist snob like Bartlett, sometimes people genuinely need help. I for instance, have full-ride state-supported Medicare., and it’s not because lazy, or gaming the system.

In fact, I kind of wish it was sometimes, but the sad reality is that I literally suffer from Diabetes, and over the course of two-and-a-half decades, it’s taken my balance, my stamina, my dexterity, my sense of balance, a chunk of my left foot as well as its small toe, damaged my eyesight to the point that I can only legally drive during daytime hours, wrecked my gastric system, causes me to experience random waves of horrendous nerve pain, and in its doing so, has made it ultimately impossible for me to work a physical job, be it demanding, or not.

Now ask yourself a serious question… do you honestly think I enjoy any of this? Do you think I enjoy having monthly shots in both of my eyes, or being poked, prodded, being regularly drained of my bodily fluids, as if I were a six-foot tall lab rat? Do you really think I enjoy the sugar highs, the sugar lows, and sometimes, being forced to crawl around my own house because my legs betray me?  

Sure, it sounds like ever so much fun, but let me assure you, it really is not, as the inherent joy wears thin, after a while.

But maybe Bartlett is right. Hell, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and let’s be honest here, Bartlett, if not her sense of faith, is most definitely broken. Nevertheless, maybe her God really doesn’t believe in helping the poor at all, despite what he said in the Bible, which by the way, is the only book that He ever wrote.

And despite its tremendous marketing success, it’s blatantly clear that its most ardent devotees by the impact pf their own actions, skimmed it, rather than read it all the way through. Even more insidious so-called “Christians” have weaponized it to serve as the dubious tome of questionable morality that they indoctrinate their children with, thereby continuing the cycle of religious-fueled ignorance.

My cynicism aside, it’s a truly riveting page-turner, thanks to its over-the-top tales of murder, sodomy, rape, genocide, infanticide, misogyny, incest, sexual assault, racism, and so many over-the-top acts of unwarranted violence, that even Quentin Tarantino would call it excessive. And yet, despite the perversion of Humanity within, these very same people are the ones slandering the LGBTQ Community as being nothing less than sexually deviant groomers”, but I digress.

However, in a plot twist that I never saw coming [SPOILER], the main chapter known as “God”, who’s also a supposed omnipotent deity, deliberately impregnates an innocent teenager to bear his son, only to let him be killed later on, for the sole purpose of protecting all of us from… (wait for it) GOD HIMSELF!!! That my Bitchiteers, is some Grade-A trash reading material, let me tell you.

But in a ploy to appeal to the family demographic, God threw in some pretty bad-ass edicts regarding the poor, such as Deuteronomy 15:11 which demands that; “For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore, I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.”

And who can forget the message of Psalm 41:1 which says; “Blessed is he that considereth the poor: The LORD will deliver him in time of trouble. The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: And thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies. The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: Thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.”

And in one of my personal favorites, that being Proverbs 22:16, God lays down his law, Brooklyn style: Proverbs 22:16 “He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.”

Sadly, Bartlett knows exactly what impact her words have, but as a self-declared modern-day Christian, it’s clearly obvious that she really doesn’t care. All Glory to God, my ass. Bartlett’s social media postings if I may be so bold, are more akin to patting oneself for being at truly awful hypocrite, and then getting away with it.

But success is an addictive allegorical drug, and false deity love her, Bartlett simply can’t stop lying, as seen here.
I just love it when false patriots play all of their greatest his; illegal aliens arriving with soon to be anchor babies, immigrants who are in fact, dangerous terrorists, and who can forget the old trope oif the diseased immigrant bring the chilling spectra of death to the front door of innocent Americans. And all of it, is pure bullshit. And yes, Bartlett is aware that it is.

At the moment, the estimated population of America sits at 331,449,281 million, give or take a few as of the 2021 census, so 8 million more people within its borders, is literally a drop in the bucket. We have the infrastructure necessary to absorb these people, and thanks to the efforts of the poet American Emma Lazarus, it’s literally the credo inscribed upon the Statue of Liberty: AKA; “The New Colossus”:

”Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand. A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame. Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name. Mother of Exiles. from her beacon-hand. Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command. The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she, with silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming sharre. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

If you would, take particular note of that highlighted paragraph, for it literally spells out what America openly exports- unfettered hope and the opportunity for the people that Bartlett so clearly despises, to achiever the kind of life that bigots such as the previously named above, as well as Bartlett herself, take for granted, and think is solely their birthright alone.

SPOILER: it isn’t, and nit ever was, as the entire premise of America itself is to serve as a welcoming enclave for those fleeing war, crime, violence, and horrendously fatal poverty, on a scale that a hateful bitch such as Bartlett can barely comprehend, much less stand against.

Like it or not, America is still regarded as a beacon of hopeful renewal. Or at least it was, until racists such as Bartlett and her fellow bigoted ilk decided to collectively and deliberately, to disregard what America represents to the world entire. While we native-born citizens as a rule, refer to America as the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”, we might as well just be walking around and saying to the same said world;

America is made better by immigrants. It’s made stronger by the diversity that they provide. It’s made far more culturally interesting by the numerous and positive differences that they present to us, albeit their religions, their customs, or their respective languages. And I challenge anyone to tell me with a straight face no less, that “our” food is better than theirs, because it sure as fuck is not.

And yes, I will be fucking fight you on this. Come at me, bro… I’ll be standing over by the taco truck parked out front of my local carnicería. Just let me finish my Carne Asada first, and we’ll get to scrapping.

However, Bartlett doesn’t see it that way, preferring instead, to let her all-too-real ignorant bigotry take the reins, rather than an actual fact- based argument for excluding those who seek refuge here. For even though immigrants across the board, have helped elevate this country into something truly unique, Bartlett still propagates the proven falsity that the persons who have willingly emigrated here, secretly harbor an unchecked hatred for America.

Which of course, is 100% pure Grade-A horseshit, no matter how she steps in it.

Nevertheless, Bartlett treats it as Gospel, which is somewhat ironic, considering her faux sense of adherence to actual Christian principles, as evidenced by this vilely misinformed post, wherein she crafts a patently false narrative, combining racial degradation, and her blatant misunderstanding of just how the Constitution actually works, into a self-owning masterpiece:

I love to break this to Bartlett, but as a rule, women who come to America from foreign countries steeped in state-sponsored misogynistic oppression, generally don’t come here for more of the same, whether she chooses to believe it or not. And as to her commentary about such women talking “trash” in order to “change” America into the very same place that they most likely fled from?

Well then, I guess I’d have to point out that it’s her party who’s actually trying to do just that in this country, far more than the immigrants who freed themselves from same said oppressive states. Proof of this theorem, can be found in just how the GQP mocks and attacks sexual assault victims, how it’s currently supporting a convicted rapists’ run for president, and how its ripping away women’s body autonomy, by scandalously overturning the precedent set by Roe vs. Wade, has resulted in incidents like this:

That’s right… in America, the so-called land of “Freedom,” women are now being forced to make a choice between fleeing their home states in order to get the medical care required for a personal healthcare decision that is nobody’s business save their own, or choosing to comply with the unconscionable laws quickly being enacted within the metaphorical boundaries that are rapidly transforming America into the once-fictional, yet completely totalitarian, Republic of Gilead

But please Judy Bartlett, do go on about how it’s our settled immigrants who are trying to turn thic country into a place where women aren’t allowed to talk, and not the absolute fucking hypocrites such as yourself, that openly supports the legal and cultural machination of the people who actually are.

Not that Bartlett is aware of her own hypocrisy, of course. Or maybe she is, and the reality is that she just doesn’t care, so long as she can remain immune to the consequences of it. Either/or, as it works for both mindsets, but she’s still complicit in propagating the hate that the GQP has weaponized in order to maintain their tenuous grip in regards to their political power.

And yet despite being so, she still has the cojones to post saccharine-soaked sentiment’s such as this:

Man, I’ve heard of people being ironically clueless, but I never thought I’d ever see the day when the very descriptive itself, was formed into a literal walking analog of it. Let us not forget, that his person who posted this missive to be less ignorant, consistently posts about her love for a fictional deity while ignoring his teachings, degrades human beings fleeing untenable situations, and spreads racially-abhorrent disinformation as easily as she both breathes and slurs.

And sadly, as we’ve seen throughout this screed, she’s not alone in her quest to degeminate hate, paranoic mistrust, and over-the-top xenophobia, despite the fact that she herself suffers not one iota from immigration, or the people who are its literal physical embodiment.

And in the end, how does Bartlett the self-declared Chistian American, truly view these people, and what does she envision as a rational solution to this modern-day refugee crisis, akin to the one that occurred after the partition of India in 1947? Well, even though I’ve been the one “talking” throughout our time together, I feel it would be best if the so-called “Christian”, tells us herself:

“STOP FEEDING THEM, THEY’LL GO AWAY!” says the Christian, who just openly, if not proudly, condescendingly described her fellow humans fleeing desperate situations, as being akin to the alleged  “nuisance” of feral cats begging for haughtily tossed table scraps. I for one, don’t believe in God or his son Jesus on any level, but if he does truly exist, I can’t wait until the day Bartlett’s deity meets her face to two-face, and cunt-punts her straight into the very bowels of Hell itself.

And if the Karmic scales of Justice do weigh fairly true, she’ll be hanging out with all of the other bigoted bozos I’ve presented to you all as well. Which in a way, is what she and they both deserve, and truly want- a place where her fellow members of the bigoted Borg collective, finally get the minority-free safe space that they’ve always prayed for.

Be careful what you wish for, kids. Because sometimes you’ll only get what you deserve, rather than what you want.



“As a nation, we began by declaring that ‘all men are created equal.’ We now practically read it ‘all men are created equal, except negroes.’ When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read ‘all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.’ When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty – to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.” ― Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Letters

Inhuman Rage-sources. Pt.2 (The Crude Twits of Hate)

“Man cannot be homophobic without having concerned himself with another’s sex life.”
– Mokokoma Mokhonoana


Greetings Bitchiteers!

Today’s Word, Topic, and Mental Illness of the Day, is none other than that ol’ Conservative standby; “HATE”. As in; “I love my country, but I hate everyone else who lives in it.” T

his detestation is of course, applied rather unevenly in this republic by its progenitors, depending on whether or not said individuals are women, minorities, non-White immigrants, or those blessedly absent of the absurdist hypocrisy that underpins modern-day Christianity, but outside of that, Conservative hate is the most consistent of all the Hates, and as such, it’s literally a pictograph of who they really are

One switch from the norm though, will be that unlike the last few screeds, I’ll be sticking to a singular issue today, that being the hateful anti-LGBTQ rhetoric that the Alt-Wrong embraces in much the same way that I approach a box of unopened Ding-Dongs. And in order to do this, I’ll be dipping into my screen-grabbed archive of all that is hateful and histrionic, and pulling out some true gems of ignorant spite.

However, before we dive into the fetid swamp of that which is abhorrent, I feel that we’ll need some cultural terminology explained first, as its most relevant to that which will be soon presented for both discussion and dissection. And to start, we’ll go in order of the long-established societal acronyms:

LESBIAN: A lesbian is a woman who is physically and romantically attracted to other women. Interestingly, the first mention of lesbianism in recorded [circa 1700 BC] history, is found within the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi, which legally granted women the authority to marry each other, so take that, you “traditional marriage” morons.

GAY: A person [typically depicted as being a male] who is sexually or romantically attracted to people of one’s own sex. Curiously from an anthropological overview, being openly Gay may have been considered to be not that big of a deal, as some research has suggested that same-sex relations were freely practiced in the Roman world, So, kind of like San Francisco, but with far more toga parties.

BISEXUAL: Diversely demarcated as a person of either sex, who is romantic or sexual attraction to both males and females, thereby making them your best bet for a date at the last moment, but only if you play your allegorical cards just right.

TRANSGENDER: A person [male or female] whose gender identity differs from that typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. Individuals who identify as such, may undergo transition surgery to achieve what they feel is their correct gender, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that same said person now identifies as being either gay, lesbian, or even bisexual. A fact that Neocons still can’t understand, despite the extensive use of educational flash cards and hand puppets.

And finally, we come to the last stripe within the exceedingly diverse rainbow, that being:

QUEER: Also known as “questioning”, it broadly defines itself as being the rejection of everything that’s associated with heterosexuality, but in a positive way/ Sometimes used as a blanket term for being gay, lesbian, or Bi, its meaning continues to evolve as Time and the boundaries of one’s self-defined sexual identity progresses forward.

Now, the motivation as to just why I provided this soon to be relevant information to you, is twofold: the first reason being that I like my readership to have the firmest of grips on the cultural context that I’m presenting, and the second, to once again highlight just how far the Alt-Wrong is willing to go, in its never-ending campaign to remain pathetically mired in its collective ignorance.

To be clear, I’m not labeling them as such due to my annoyance at their believing in situations and things that are contrary to both established reality if not common sense, although to be fair, that is a rather large part of it, but it’s the arrogance they display in doing so, that is truly the irksome thing for me. In this, an interconnected age, there is no reason whatsoever to find yourself uninformed in regards to any topic.

If anything, my general disparaging of such ignoramuses, tends to be based on the fact that they all to a person, openly present themselves as being just the worst people. Case in point, provided ever so graciously by the homophobic horror show that is one Richard C. Smith;
Now, this is a horrid, if not insidiously inhuman story… or it would be, if were anywhere near to being even remotely true. See, like most Conservatives, the emotion is the thing, and not the actual evidence, which I found in quite literally, less than a second, using the very same web capabilities that provided Smith with his asinine and hatefully misinformed meme:

Well, would you look at that? Seems there are programs to aid homeless vets after all, not that Smith actually cares about such unhoused veterans in the first place. For Smith and the others of his ilk, they’re just a convenient prop, whose only purpose is to masquerade their hatred as help, their disgust as devotion, and their ignorance as inspiration. Because when it gets right down to it, their bigotry always floats to the top:

And referring to the political party that unlike his, actually help vets by its actions, rather than by wearing flag pins, and calling it all good, as “Demon Craps”, only goes to showcase both Smith’s lack of intellect and his inability to keep his always-running internal monologue adequately curtailed to its position as such.

Because regardless of their protestations, when it gets right down to it, their bigotry always floats to the top:
Yup. Smith’s assertion, while appearing quite insane, is fundamentally correct. Prior to the year 2000, there was no widespread media representation of the LGBTQ+ community, whatsoever Anywhere. At any time. For instance, you never saw an openly gay character depicted within a successful mainstream movie:

Oops. Bad example. After all, Hollywood is known as “Hollyweird: for a reason. And as Smith was talking about broadcast TV only, I really should stick to that aspect of entertainment, if only to keep it fair. So, as I was saying, openly gay characters being represented, much less multiple ones on mainstream television, prior to today’s over-saturated with such streaming platforms, was never an actual thing to be considered, am I right?
                                                                                                                                                                    Sigh… never mind. As it always seems s to play out with Conservatives, whatever it is that they’re actually talking and/or whining about, is rarely (if ever) what’s actually been occurring, whether that’s within the biosphere of established and applied Reality, or the maniacal sludge pit that serves as their brains.

Rest assured, anytime a Neocon whines about the overbearing cultural reach of PC or “political correctness”, know for certain that its barely disguised code for their wanting to be openly hateful / bigoted / homophobic, but not suffer the inevitable consequences of being so.  

However, while they histrionically demand the right to say whatever they want, no matter how hateful or harmful it may be, don’t you as a Transgender person, dare expect any common courtesy back in regards to what you call yourself, because they, unlike you, have fully unfettered “Freedumb” and all that:

“It’s not my job to perpetuate your fantasy”, says the very same people that mandate that we collectively support the unwanted and illegal intrusion of their imaginary and wholly sociopathic false deity into the underlying processes that facilitate our public schools, non-theocratic government, and private bedrooms, but I guess hypocrites are gonna hypocrite whenever it’s convenient for them to do so.

And BTW Cliff, it’s not “against” your Freedom of Speech for you to be called tout or societally penalized for your homophobic bullshit either, because whether you believe it or not, that’s LITERALLY THE WAY FREE SPEECH IS ACTUALLY INTENDED TO WORK. Now, you would know this if you spent more time reading the Constitution, rather than making erroneous statements regarding its protections, but I digress.

Getting it all wrong, regardless of the fact that thanks to today’s tech one can easily get it all right, seems to be the modus operandi of the GQP’s faithful these days, and nowhere is this proven more prevalent than when it comes to just how they view society as a whole. Not only do they abhor those who are different, they’re also seemingly contact stewing in the stench of their own fecal fallacies as well, rather than make the merest of efforts to educate themselves in concern to a topic they clearly know nothing about:

As regular readers of mine might already know, Mossberg our resident seer of all that constitutes Leftist culturism, has made an appearance or two previously within my screeds, and the societal takes he presented then in regards to gun rights, Feminism, and race-based issues, were just as bereft of intellect as the one he’s so graciously declared here.

So, to recap, Lesbians are “perverts” who “lead” the Gay movements and are without question, all Leftists, as well. That’s quite the unfounded trio of assertions you’ve made, Marlin, but sad to say, it’s not true whatsoever. For as it turns out, watching lesbian porn doesn’t actually make you an expert on Lesbianism, half as much as it makes you an expert on knowing which Lubriderm formulation suits your needs best.

Fevered fantasias of unbridled hostility directed towards the straights as it were, is a key and consistently played component of the Conservative movement’s rationalization for their ongoing series of character attacks on the LGBTQ community, and even though such occurrences are rarer than a Kevin Sorbo movie that’s worth wax thing all the way through, Neocons present this falsehood as if it were the very Gospel itself.

And when no such evidence can be found to support their false narratives of unwarranted hatred for the hetero-based, as it simply isn’t actually a thing of note within the culture of the rainbow, Conservatives, being persons of great moral responsibility, generally tend to sincerely apologize with great chagrin, if not honest remorse. Which, let’s face it, is a sign of excellent personal character.

Just kidding! When they can’t find proof, they do the next best thing, and craft they craft stories that border on the ludicrously unbelievable, if not the outright insane, such as the one presented here by the very real personage of one “TL Maybe”, whom as I just said, is definitely a real person, and not a pseudonym for a wannabe firebrand of fallaciousness, whatsoever:

I’ll take “Things That Never Happened In TL’s Life for 1000, Alex”.

Has anyone else ever noticed that when it comes to stories of Transpersons having public tantrums, the people within it use language and applied contextual absurdity that you’ve never heard anyone utter outside of a poorly written movie? For not only is this tale spun from an amalgamation of a few disparate tales of alleged and certified Transphobia directed at Starbucks employees and customers alike, it’s not even TL’s own story, either.

He literally took some other person’s narrative, and spun it into his, using the lowest-grade bullshot yarn that he had at his disposal, in order to appear to be a victim of the ever-widening scourge that demands the LGBTQ Community be perceived as being akin to the rest of us. And every time I read one of these viral testimonies re-appropriated by a cultural coward, all I can think to say in response is this:
And if I were to be even more specific in my questioning, how in the ever-loving fuck does addressing someone by their chosen name with the most basic of human dignity, affect your life one iota? Does it cause you to question your religious beliefs? Nope. Does it cause you to question your inherent morals? Nope again. Does it impact your friends, family, and intimate relationships? I doubt it.,  

Let me put it this way- I live in the kind of town where I’ve met  random people who go by the appellations typically accredited to celestial objects [“Antare”], animals [“Okapi”], and even fictional characters from “The Hobbit” book series [:Elrond”], and with mythical God as my witness, I know not one, but TWO people who not only call themselves “Sun-song”, but do so without a trace of self-reflection, and I’m just fine with all of it. And do you want to know why that is?

Because unlike Conservatives schmucks such as “TL”, I’m not a sanctimoniously narcissiic jerk who takes to Facebook to brag that even although “I’m not a: INSERT ABOMINABLE CHARACTERISTIC HERE”, I’m still going to post an opinion that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am just that which I claim not to be, as I histrionically clutch my allegorical pearls.

But despite all available evidence that debunks these fanciful chronicles of that which has never-happened and never will be, the insanity concerning such continues unabated, nevertheless. But on the upside, the detestable harpies who are at the core of the perpetual cycle of hateful disinformation and unhinged paranoia, are using basic math to do so.

A bizarre factoid that this artisan of asininity so happily shares with us all, and that, right off of the bat:
For those of you keeping track, a member of the political party that’s been savagely using the TG populace as its personal partisan punching bag for the last few years, is only now, openly questioning as to just why the country is so seemingly “obsessed’ with them, despite their demographic numbers being such a small percentage of the overall population.

Gee, I wonder how that came to be, don’t you? I do however, love her inclusion of the word “WOKE” as a slur, because as we all knew by now, Conservatives have no clue that it actually indicates persons who are aware of, and actively attentive to, issues of racial and social justice, such as Civil Rights for both minorities, as well as the LGBTQ Community. You know… being decent to your fellow humans and all that Socialistic garbage?

“This is another WOKE agenda””, says a person who probably tells everybody within earshot to “wake up”, but I digress. Take all the time you need to process the cluelessness within that one statement alone as I did, and the jump back in when you’re ready so that I can discuss her completely off the rails rant, which is nothing less than a quintessential word salad prepared using both a blender and a liberal dosage of meth amphetamine as a venomous vinaigrette.

There’s the classic misdirection concerning “Big Pharm”, replete with numerous false assertions about TG transitional medical procedures, parental rights, and the mythical “involvement’ of public-school teachers, who now regularly find themselves being painted as the cowardly villains intent on marking them as unwilling candidates for life-altering surgery that quite literally, simply doesn’t happen 1/16th as much as the Alt-Wrong claims that it does.

And in a plot twist that I for one, never saw coming, it closes on the repellent inference that somehow, it’s TG’s who are the ones responsible for multiple illnesses not being cured, and not the non-interest of Big Pharm itself. Truly, an impressive an=mount of hateful bullshit, lovingly crafted into a leaning Tower of Tantrum.

Disturbingly though, Bookman isn’t alone in her said Barbican of Bigotry, for as it turns out, there’s a basement dweller living there as well, and his opinion that pornography is responsible for Transgenderism is just as goddamn stupid as her assertion that teachers are serving as agents for transitioning toxicity:

Um, dude? I’m a 54-year-old white male, and I have seen a lot of porn in my lifetime. Like… tons of it. On a personal level that would make the publisher of Penthouse Magazine the late Bob Guccione, blush like a schoolgirl, and that guy was figuratively up to his gold-chained neck in the production of it.

And as of yet, it never once inspired me to seriously consider becoming Transgender, so much as it installed the never fulfilled hope that one day as I worked my pizza delivery job, I’d run into two buxom blondes who didn’t know how to properly tip using cash, and were forced to get creative on the spot.

Porn doesn’t foster Transgenderism. It may create false expectations of what you can actually expect when you acquire both a backyard trampoline and a willing brunette, but it does not create Transgender people from scratch. Whether you believe it or not, Transgenderism is as settled as your ignorance is deep, and it’s never fading back into the societal shadows, no matter how much you may whine about it.

Speaking of whining, I’d like to reintroduce you all to one Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville, AR, who was the most recent recipient of a four-story arc detailing his inherent love for insane conspiracy theories, acting as Donald Trump’s official bootlicker, and of course, disseminating anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. That is, when he, a man-child in his fifties, isn’t complaining about how the ever-evolving gay culture has ruined the “Transformers”’ cartoon movie franchise.

And yes, you did read that last part right:

I don’t mean to be rude here, but if a TV show from the 80’s aimed at kids still “speaks” to you when you’re a quinquagenarian, then the odds are also probably pretty good that you live at home with your parents, as Seay actually still does, due to both his self-stated Schizoaffective disorder, as well as the reality that he’s seemingly incapable of self-realization in concern to what he actually says and believes.

That aside, I’m not sure what’s truly funnier here, the fact that Seay is offended by fictional characters using modern-day pronouns, or the fact that he’s genuinely mad on the behalf of these characters, who just happen to be INTERGALACTIC ROBOTS, who look like cars, planes, and 18-wheelers albeit ones that can talk, and also shed their earthly disguises by “transforming” back into their true robotic forms.

So, to recap, fictional robots who battle each other with the most varied of melee weapons, still need human-provided protection from the LGBTQ Community and their terminology, because… um.. oh wait, they actually don’t, because they’re FUCKING FICTIONAL CARTOON ROBOTS! However, Seay wasn’t quite done giving his uninformed takes on just what is and what isn’t, certifiably “gay”:

Now, for those who have no idea what Seay is babbling about past his belief that Gay Conservatives don’t exist, even though they most certainly do, [Log Cabin Republicans, anyone?] he’s also once again, displaying his disturbing fixation with the American classical crossover singer Jacqueline Marie Evancho, a topic I covered in detail in my screed  “Seay What? Pt. 2 (A Jackie of all Tirades)”, that posted in August 2023.

Evancho, who not only sang at Trump’s inauguration at the age of 16, when Seay became disgustingly obsessed with her, but who’s also known for being a strong advocate for trans rights as well, due to her brother identifying as one, has drawn Seay’s ire since 2016, for what she’s supposedly “done to him” by showing said support for her kin, despite Seay’s never having met or communicated with her directly,

So, in knowing that, maybe his personal overview on gay issues, should be taken not with a pinch of salt, but with a ton, if only to be on the safe side of things. Specifically, his unchecked and possibly dangerous lunacy. But just how insidiously and truly insane is Seay’s hatred for Evancho, you ask? Well, you tell me, boys and girls:

Yup… this guy doesn’t remind me of Mark David Chapman at all, even with the [at this time] 90+ comments he’s posted in the last four months alone, singling out Evancho for targeted harassment, unwarranted arrest, and even deportation, for the non-crime of loving her Trans relative. But Seay’s paranoia-based enemies list in regards to those who may one day, harm the purity of American Conservatism isn’t complete just yet, and it’s last two entrants are the wildest of dark horses, to say the very least:

OK, I do get just why Seay might not logically think that the LGBTQ Community may not be Conservative overall, since the modern-day aspect of it seems rather intent on eradicating them out of existence, I must admit that the unforeseen inclusion of both “Witches” and “Mormons” has thrown me for quite the existential loop.

While the topic of whether or not Witches politically lean towards liberalism or conservativism as a unified demographic, is truly open for a round or two of spirited (no pun intended) r donate, the suggestion that Mormons aren’t, really isn’t. By way of example, if Mitt Romney is your idea of a quintessential Liberal, then I can only assume that you regard Jeffrey Dahmer’s home-cooking as the height of daring epicureanism.

Seriously… “Witches”? Is this a rising political movement that I somehow didn’t see coming? I mean, I know I’ve been really busy as of late, but you’d think that something like that would at least make a few ripples in the news, to say the very least. For fuck’s sake, doesn’t the Alt-Wrong have enough imaginary enemies on their allegorical plate already without having to add in ones that make eye of newt milkshakes?

After all, when you’re already belaboring under the delusion that your side are the “good guys”, despite all evidence to the contrary, there’s more than enough dimwitted density to carry you and your inanity over the finish line of fallacy, and straight into the locker-room of sheer lunacy.

For as this self-declared and often wrong “Prophet” by the name of Maggie May so perfectly illustrates, the singular difference between crafting a word salad and mixing a mojito for morons, is all in just how badly you muddle the premise, the context, and the reality of what you think you’re saying, but in the end, fail to do so:

As long as I may get to live, I never thought I’d see the day where even Paranoia itself, wouldn’t want to be seen in public at a Trump rally with a specific person, but here we are at last. It’s truly a shame when you can’t blame stupidity such as this on mental illness, as we so halfheartedly can in Seay’s ever-increasingly disturbing case, but as it’s become clear, inherent idiocy in the GQP isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.,

For instance, we have this post here, which mewls about just how “difficult” it is to teach kids about “the birds and the bees”, in an era when most kids already know far more about them than their uninformed parents do, by the time said parental units decide to have the “talk” with them:Has anyone else ever noticed that when Neocons finally and directly discuss the facets of human sexuality with their kids, they always have to talk about the genitalia of strangers as they do so? And it’s always specifically related to penii, for some strange and later eventually reveled in therapy reason?   But a valid question was politely inferred, and it should be addressed.

So how does a parent explain the Birds and the Bees in this, an age of expanded sexuality? I would suggest in the same direct fashion that they explained just how a self-declared and eventually convicted abuser of women who bragged about grabbing women by their “pussy”, is serious contender for being the GQP’s go-to candidate for the 2024 presidential race.

That abhorrence aside, not only do kids not give a damn about this sort of stuff, they also don’t think about it with half as much of the unnecessary detail that these seemingly obsessed adults do. I’m sure there’s nothing to unpack there, right? And honestly, even less to explain, as I was more than happy to point out:

And BTW, these are also the same people who don’t want their kids to be subject to sexual education classes in their school, but whom are also surprised when it’s reveled that their precious Timmy has knocked up a fellow, classmate, because he has the sexual knowledge of a 1950’s era Sunday School pamphlet.

And when you throw in the TG component, that’s when things get really trying for today’s Conservative parent, who while knowing nothing about the subject, still has opinions about it that match their ignorance:

Yes, Norma …” they” shouldn’t be able to judge anyone or anything within their sphere of actually informed experience, especially when going up against persons, who’ve taken it upon themselves to go out and do their own “research” in regards to a wide range of topics.

Say, like the COVID Pandemic and its related vaccines, the J6 Riot, Trump’s unquestionable guilt regarding his convictions for fraud and sexual battery, his hush-money-compensated acts of adultery, his attempt to overthrow the results of a free and fair election that he lost, and the treasonous theft of classified documents that threatened America’s national defense and ally relations, but please do go on with your astute observations, if you would be so kind.

But who really is this woman, who while complaining about judging others, as she herself hypocritically judges them? Well, in case you were actually wondering what type of person Strydio actually is, she’s a self-declared Christian [of course] who posts commentary concerning people that Jesus himself would openly praise as representing the best PR work he’s seen of late for promoting the work of his long-time associate…… Satan, whom Strydio will get a chance to meet, right after JC kicks her hateful ass out of Heaven, and straight into Hell’s waiting room. Not because she’s anti-Gay mind you, although that is part of it, but because like most of us here on earth, even mythical God too, really hates hypocrites. Especially those who quote his words as they use them as disingenuous cover in order to disseminate their bigotry.

Say, like Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger, who, despite being depicted in no less than three previous Artbitch screeds, [AB Archive: “Debbie Does Malice” series] still shows no sign of turning off her personal tap of hate for all things gay and/or willingly unknown to her, anytime soon. In fact, Harshbarger seems to be a relatively bottomless reservoir of unhinged odium in regards to a wide range of topics, but her anti-LGBTQ sentiment is where she truly emanates the intellectually void stench, she’s best reviled for.

For while Harshbarger is quite fond of openly posting stuff like this, which on the surface at least, belies the reality that at her core, she’s nothing less than the most hateful of histrionic homophobes…
… they only exist to serve as sanctimonious window dressing in order to belie the reality that at her core, she’s actually the walking embodiment of the most hateful of histrionic homophobes, even on her so-called best day. I don’t say this lightly. I don’t say this flippantly. And I sure as fuck, don’t say this without the proof of receipt, graciously provided by Harshbargar’s own words plucked from her venomous carousel of Christian cravenness:

Let’s start off with this Lamb of God’s respect for her fellow humans, especially when it comes to first introductions, because I do believe that Harshbarger could learn a valuable lesson from the edict within, Proverbs 22:24-25, which suggest that we: “Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man thou shalt not go: Lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul.”

However, as I’m fairly confident that being such a devout Christian, who’s so deeply steeped in the ways of the very Word itself, that this warning in no way, shape or form, could ever be directly applied to how Harshbarger chooses to comport herself when out and about in public. If anything, I’m sure she’s an absolute peach:

Well, there goes that theory of expected graciousness under societal pressure, right out the goddamn window. I’m certain that Jesus would be ever so proud to see just how much of his teachings that the ol Debster hers has successfully absorbed.

 In fact, I’m so inspired by Debbie’s courageous duality in being both a faux Christian, as well as presenting herself as a truly awful human being for no definable reason, that therefore, I will no longer be addressing her by the nomenclature she specifically prefers.,

Instead, I will now refer to her as “Debbie Dumbass”, because I refuse to support her slandering the LGBTQ Community as being mentally ill, when she’s the one who purportedly believes in the reality of an all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing, celestial Sky-Daddy deity, actually existing. Seems fair, given the circumstances, and all that.

But trust me, Debbie Dumbass has nitwittery to burn for days, and she’s not afraid to light it up:
Oh, look… the cultist who promotes the conspiracy theories of a violent subculture that routinely legislates Hate Crimes into Law, has an opinion about alleged harassment by a demographic that she attacks consistently, and without prior provocation, I’m sure that’s worth the weight of the water that she’s been carrying for the cause of hateful Conservatism since she discovered that Gay people have rights, too.

I do love however, that Debbie Dumbass ranked the LGBTQ Community wanting “equality” as being supposedly akin to the imaginary violence that she claims is currently happening, even though we all know no such actions are taking place anywhere outside of the fetid cabbage that is DD’s hate-fevered mind.

See, the last time I checked, refusing amenity when you’re a business that serves the general public on the basis that you’re offended by how a stranger lives their private life, is considered under the current laws as being either discrimination and/or bigotry, depending on the circumstances involved.

Also, no one has ever been seriously threatened with prison due to the lack of proper pronoun usage, but I guess when you’re a withered and societally useless elderly homophobe, everything you don’t want to understand is the gravest of threats. Speaking of which, we’re now TEN months into 2023, so when exactly, are the executions at the hands of the LGBTQ horde going to start, Debbie Dumbass?

Tell me- are they waiting for Christmas, just so they can really rub the lack of Jesus at such an event, in your face? As well as the custom catering, which you just know, will be beyond absolutely fantastic? In addition, the last time I saw a mentally ill subculture being openly  “promoted” by governmental, media and corporate interests, was when I saw your inbred cabal storming the US Capitol on J6.

And as for the snuff film Drag Queen / Mutilation of children fantasy that you’ve got running on a perpetual loop inside that nattering noggin of yours, I’d suggest that whatever prescription medication you’re currently abusing, should either be reduced or eliminated completely, because it ain’t mixing well with your homemade hooch, anymore. Evidence of this theorem of mine, as follows:

Yup. Nothing says “I’m 100% sane regarding the issue of Transgenderism” like screaming in all-caps on asocial media post where you’ve substituted your normal profile picture of you as the female you are, with the photo of the disgraced male politico that claims that windmill noise causes cancer, let me tell you.

And as an aside, “Transgender”: is not a “made up word”, you delusional dingbat, for I literally used it to open up this screed which characterizes the idiocy of dumbfucks such as yourself. Not only is it in the dictionary, it’s in medical journals, esteemed novels, celebrated movies, and the wellspring of modern-day culture itself.

In addition, Debbie, you’re declaring anyone as being mentally ill, when you still express belief in an all-powerful, all-seeing, celestially resurrected deity who can mercurially grant wishes no less, is quite the hypocritical take, so maybe you should just sit this one out. Just saying. However, when it comes to the subject of what words are actually made up, “Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger’s actions and proclamations make Jesus proud”, would probably be a good place to start.

And when that’s been analyzed to death as it should be, we can then move on to Harshbargar’s next compiled list of genderized fearmongering, which if anything, just goes to prove that her knowledge of gender fluidity, is just as informed as her understanding of what century she currently resides in. Albeit hatefully, of course:

Um, Debbie Dumbass? Not all women have periods, nor can they all give birth, either. And judging from your lack of regular typeface to address your willing ignorance, it’s also obvious that you’ve never heard of the term “Hermaphrodite” or the medical condition known as “Hermaphroditism“, describing such, which while rare, .is the most common intersex condition to be found within South Africa, of all places.

Go ahead and make your racist joke Debbie, for I’m sure you have one just waiting in reserve. But maybe I’m being overly optimistic that you will, given the fact that you don’t “care what anybody says”, even if unlike you, they’re actually well-versed in the particular subject that you so ardently researched by reading memes instead of a book, a research study, or the published work of those considered to be lauded experts in the field that taxes your already overloaded intellectual grasp.

Such a limited capacity in regards to one’s critical thinking skillset might hamper a normal person rather drastically, but as we previously saw throughout the Debbie Dumbass story-arc, ol Debbie isn’t prone to such contemplative self-reflection. Not by a long shot, or even one that’s near, either.,

However, she is more than able to dig deep when it comes to displaying the mentally-bereft thought process that one day hopefully soon, will cause her to be forcibly placed inside a secured room wallpapered in traditional bouncy castle. And if you don’t believe me, just peruse this not insane at all posting, in which she odiously opines about just what the TG Community is “really” up to:

Yessiree, Bob, nothing insane about this dimwitted diatribe, now is there? I hate to break this to Debbie Dumbass here, but the TG “agenda” as it were, centers around one thing, and one thing only; the right to live their lives free of the lunacy that jackasses like ol’ DD here self-generate as if it were the flop-sweat that forms every time she realizes that they have the legal right to do so.

However, let me address one of the other takeaways from this collectively paranoid shitpile, if I may, as her focus on the supposed scourge of “Transhumanism”, is one of the most unhinged claims to be found within this miasma of mental misfiring. Not excluding the other crazy as fuck examples, she foisted upon us, which can only be resultant of when you use spray-paint in an ventilated room, that is.

For those not in the know, Transhumanism is the interesting theory that humankind can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, by the means of science and technology, which overall, actually sounds pretty badass to me, given my ongoing health issues in concern to my eyes and diabetic-related neural pain management. If I could find myself supremely bettered by the introduction of tech into my regimen, not only would I do it without question, I’d rent myself out for demonstrations of it, at Costco.

Because you just know that they’d be all over it. Is her declaration of an insidious cabals’ agenda nuts? Oh, hell yes, it is. Would she see it that way? Most definitely not, for when that day comes when she finds itself locked away in that padded room, built exclusively to contain both her main personality and the one that she keeps hidden away until she’s in front of a computer keyboard, it’ll be enacted, if not for her owe safety, then most certainly, to protect those who find themselves sadly within her hateful proximity.

A state of self-induced psychosis, that hilariously manifests itself into the lowest caliber of inadvertently unaware self-ownership, as evidenced by this post which serves far better as a personal confession, rather than as a targeted accusation of any merit:

Let’s check the relevant boxes on the collective list here

Which political party is it, that’s been issuing false claims about masks, obsessing over kid’s sexuality, blocking abortion access, disparaging pronoun usage, slandering BLM, disparaging feminism, promoting censorship, and demanding that unchecked governmental power be given to a winnable Fascist, all while making a mockery of family values, ignoring God’s edicts, attacking communities that they don’t like, stripping away individual freedoms, and sticking their noses in people’s private business?

Go ahead. Take all the time you need. And don’t forget to Google for the actual answer, if you get stuck.

Nevertheless, as is the way with all hypocrites, Debbie Dumbass never misses an opportunity to reveal who she really is, even when she doesn’t mean to. I’m not sure if it’s an instinct or an unavoidable compulsion, but either way, it’s gloriously cringe-inducing in its arrogant cluelessness:

“Amen” says the two-faced dissembler who spends a great deal of her free time unwarrantedly judging those who’ve never done a thing to her, while demanding the mantle of virtuousness be hers. JFC, if this disingenuous twunt us the best talent that God can successfully recruit, no wonder the Rapture is taking so long to implement.

Yet, Debbie Dumbass is not the lone standout when it comes to engaging in rampant pretense, for there are others waiting in the shadows of the World Wide Web such as Dave Burggraf, who while giving what could actually be considered good advice, is seemingly unable to follow it, with any modicum of success:
Then there’s Tommy Robson, who “always’ shows people the respect that they deserve, and he does so unconditionally, because he’s not the type to disparage anyone, regardless of who they are or what they believe: Um… is anybody else getting mixed signals here? Well never you fret, because Tommy our paragon of personal veneration, is going to set it all straight for you. And I do mean “straight”:

Tommy is a moronic Transphobe. Tommy does not know that he is. Tommy needs to stop talking about himself in the third person. Tommy requires the services of both a therapist and a grade school English teacher. Also, Tommy is a passive-aggressive racist, which is odd, given his self-declared “respect” for others:

Tommy is seemingly a bigot. Tommy is also a hypocrite. Tommy is dumb. Don’t be like Tommy. And whatever you do, don’t emulate returning guest Marvin Choate, either, because goddam… he just may be far less intelligent than Debbie Dumbass, and trust me, that’s no easy feat to successfully accomplish, even if he does start off with a truly stirring declaration of the unity of community:

“America is not divided by…” says the man who does just that by posting inanity such as this
Yup. America is not divided, but Choate’s limited intellect sure as fuck is.  I’d note that his casual homophobia displayed by his reducing Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders to nothing more than letters, is lame enough, but admitting that he’s creeped out by people that he literally never interacts with, is just the idiotic icing on the proverbial conservative craven cake.

And as to finding one’s self in propinquity to that which “creepy”, this is what Choate actually looks like:

With no due respect, that’s the last face you’ll see, just before the car’s trunk lid closes on you, or it hands you a business card that lets you knew that you’re about to subjected to a sales pitch for upgrading your homeowner’s insurance. Either way, it’s creepy as all heck.

Obviously, I’m kidding of course, for I have no idea what Choate is really like, but his social media postings definitely don’t paint a pretty picture of the man, and they may just collectively be the worst thing to come along since that portrait that he posed for as if he were staging a Post-mortem photography table.

Case/s in point, these fine examples of Choate’s commitment to unified American brotherhood:

Um, none of them actually do Marvin, but as you’re an ill-informed homophobe, I guess I’ll have to cut you some slack, as I’m sure the act of embarrassing yourself I n public, is just second-nature to you by now.

 For the record, according to the data compiled from a number of statical and legal studies, the ratio of “straight” pedophiles to those that identify as being either Gay, Trans, or Gender-fluid, is approximately 11:1, which not only punches a hole in your allegorical hate boat, but does so using that rotting jack-o’-lantern that you call your face. But nevertheless, Choate’s ignorance remains paramount:

Once again, the actual evidence says otherwise Marvin, but I can only guess that when you support a disgraced ex-President who was convicted of sexual battery, long after he bragged about engaging in such, on a “hot mic”, false narratives are all that you have left to offer the conversation, because mythical Lord knows, the met assessment you’ll present to us all, will be twice as stupid:

Liberals are “grooming” children, says the political demographic with one of the highest per capita conviction rates for sexual trafficking, exploitation of minors, and the production of child porn, but please Marvin, do carry on, for as always, your intellectually-bereft takes are nothing less than fascinating.

And as you do, just keep ignoring the rapist running for president, the sexual scandal facer who wants to be Speaker, the two adulteresses whoa cheated on their husbands, one of whom was caught sticky-handed on videotape giving a hand job in a theatre packed with the children you claim you want to protect, as the Floridian brotard that creeps on teenage girls as if it’s his birthright, mewls about ethics.

Now normally, I’d call such selective outrage the height of deliberate hypocrisy, but as is the way of nattering Neocons, when trapped by reality, delving into absurd Fantasy as a defense, is always an option:

I don’t know where these types of events are happening, but they sound absolutely lit. Hell, when I was a kid, the best I could ever hope for was a weekend trip to Mc Donald’s, and even then, there was no guarantee that I’d get what I actually wanted. Which by the way, was a Big Mac, a large fry, and a no-ice-involved Dr. Pepper. Or a Vanilla shake. Either/or. I’m truly not picky.

Getting back on the subject at hand which is  facial at best, I also doubt that Choate even owns a Bible, much less read anything past its first two opening lines, if he actually does. As evidenced by this bigoted bon mot, which showcases not only his indifference to educating himself about the struggles of the LGBTQ Community, but also draws a correspondingly repulsive display of disrespect from one of his equally as hateful friends:

What class. What elegance. What Humanity, am I right? These of course, are also the same people that claim to respect others on Sunday, but do the polar opposite of such, come the dawn of Monday. And what makes this revolting rhetoric even more pathetic, is that their particularly empty lives aren’t affected one bit by the LGBTQ Community at all.

And yet, they use the cover of “protecting the children” to justify their own abhorrence of that which they do not understand, and will never engage in an attempt to do so. An opinion of mine bolstered by the fact that they view even calling some stranger by their name, as being nothing less than a venomous attack on their own sense of well-being. Albeit one that’s been mutated into an allegorical cauldron of seething hatred:

Quick question, Marv? Do you refer to any of the following people by their “real” names?

Pop star Lady Gaga as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? Former Police frontman Sting as Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner? Rapper Ice-T as Tracy Lauren Marrow? David Bowie as David Robert Jones? Noted actor Michal Caine as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr.? Or Elton John as Reginald Kenneth Dwight? Of course, you don’t, because that would be stupid, wouldn’t it?

But addressing a Transperson by their chosen name, is an unforgivable affront to you so far as you’re concerned, because of a lifestyle choice that doesn’t affect you at all? Is that seriously where you draw the line on the dumb as fuck hill you’ve chosen to metaphorically die on? Yup… you’re not the living embodiment of a sanctimoniously self-important dick, at all.

However, Choate’s whining refusal to practice the merest of common civility, has inspired me yet once more, to think that someone needs to be assigned a modern-day nomenclature more in line with their hateful ignorance. To that regard, I believe “Choad” will fill the slot quite nicely, unlike what its definition actually represents. Go ahead and Google the term, for it is assured that you will not be disappointed,

Although to be fair, I can’t say the same for the unfortunate women in Marvin’s life, unsatisfied as they may be, However, I do wish them all the best, if not the biggest. Getting back on track, does anyone out there actually believe that Choad with any unfortunate regularity, is finding himself forced to be in conversational situations with a fair amount of Transgender people?

Especially to the point where he’s become unwarrantedly annoyed with what their preferred nomenclatures just so happen to be? Call me cynical, but I seriously doubt it.

Although to be fair, I can’t say the same for the women in Marvin’s life, unsatified as they may be. Getting back on track, does anyone out there reading this, actually believe that Choad with any unfortunate regularity, is finding himself forced to be in conversational situations with a fair amount of Transgender people? Especially to the point where he’s become unwarrantedly annoyed with what their preferred nomenclatures just so happen to be? Call me cynical, but I doubt it.

Irrespectively however, Choad isn’t quite done with his idiocy just yet, and being a paranoid if not delusional jackass, has developed what I can only say is a most interesting theory that for whatever reason, he felt compelled to share with us all. In retrospect, I’d suggest that in the future he workshops such things before standing behind them, but what do I know?

For unlike he, my brain arrived at the moment of my birth without the trauma of significant shipping damage.

A few questions if I may, Marvin? First, by what societally accepted process are the supporters of Transgenderism going to make women their “slaves”, and second, as it seems that you really don’t appear to have a definitive counter plan in place ready to thwart it. are we then to assume that so-called concerned men like yourself, are just going to idly stand by and let it happen without so much as a challenge being presented?  

And lastly, just how are women “allowing” it to happen, my member of a party that’s hard at work trying to force women back into both the kitchen and the back-alley abortion clinics?

I mean, I would think a man such as yourself who’s so concerned with women being turned into slaves as you put it, would be doing everything he could as a dedicated ally to assist the sisterhood by any means possible, rather than being one who posts women-hating garbage such as this:

Let me tell you all, there’s no better way to show your concern for women than by slighting one as being unattractive because she doesn’t look like the ones you regularly masturbate to. Yup, you as a man in your late fifties, has a far better shot at sexually obtaining that which is on the left, because as we all known, a stunning super model in her twenties with the world at her feet, just can’t resist a guy who looks like this:Sorry ladies, but I believe he’s taken. And if he’s not? Well then, I’m really sorry about that too. Has anyone else noticed BTW, that the main people criticizing women’s weight usually resemble a melted circus peanut, even on the so-called best of their days? I truly don’t want to body-shame anyone here Marv, but there’s a reason why she’s a model, and you’re a cautionary tale involving pork rinds and a bad at home hair dye job.

But Choad isn’t a guy who draws his pro-feminist conclusions based on looks alone, for he’s got lots of other opinions to certify his high respect for womankind, and as you’d imagine, they’re all as equally intellectually devastating as those that have previously come before. Like his take on birth control, for instance:

Granted, you’d be well within bounds if you thought that this assignation was the sole domain of Choad alone, but as his Brylcreem comb-over and Pepsodent breath are allegedly doing all of his heavy lifting these days when it comes to being sexually repugnant, you’d find yourself

Sure, Choad here may possess all the charm of having a Coney Island white-fish wash up onto your beach picnic, but that’s not to say that he doesn’t occasionally make a keen observation, nevertheless from time to time. Take this one for instance, where he, a middle-aged White man of assumed privilege and limited intelligence, draws a parallel to his view on feminists, using Roe vs Wade as its theoretical core:

The answer to this is simple Marv, and it probably has something to do with the fact that far too many men these days are like you, and therefore, not worth having sex with in the first place. Glad I could help you out with that, and feel free to ask for any other societal information that you, might find useful in the future.

But Choad’s flippancy is just a sardonic salve to ease the pain caused by the “truth” of what the loss of Roe vs Wade actually means, and as you can imagine, its reversal is most damaging to the rights, psyche, and well-being of … you guessed it, MEN: You know, the real victims of women’s loss of body autonomy?

 Gee, Marv. I wonder what that is? Maybe it has something to do with women not being under the patriarchal yoke of controlling men as they once were in the past, or maybe it’s due to women wanting to make their own independent choices, or maybe the reason is (GASP!!!) that women in general, have discovered that they don’t need either your validation or your appearance-based criticism, to feel complete.

But as Choad notated, it’s not the women who’ve truly suffered from finding themselves powerless to have a direct say in how they govern their own health, it’s really been the mee who once again, have gotten the proverbially short end of the stick in relation to their definitively short sticks. An unsupported fact that Choad is more than happy to histrionically dramatize as being a problem of biblical proportions:

Say what you will about the never-ending refrain of unwarranted victimhood emanating from the GQP faithful, but their weaponization of it as a divisive wedge in gender-related issues, is a masterclass in Machiavellian manipulation, nevertheless. Only a male conservative could take the concern of women’s body autonomy, and turn it into a venomous attack on the very fabric of America itself.

For the record, Fatherlessness is defined as; “the state of having no father because he is dead or absent from the home.”, and while it does add to the cultural repository of some societal concerns, it hardly qualifies as a “pandemic”, either, as its impact truly depends on the situational context in which it is applied.

A fact that Choad is most certainly aware of, despite his seemingly apparent ignorance of such. And as a person who was raised without the stable presence of a so-called “father”, I take great un=umbrage at Choad’s ill-informed inference that it takes two people to make one person beneficial to society.

However, let us not forget that Choad is ever so concerned about women being forced into unwilling slavery, by those who support Transgenderism and the rights that it is equability guaranteed under the laws of these here United States, because as we’ve seen, he’s all about respecting the sisterhood and as this post verifies, he’s also about shattering the negative stereotypes attributed to it, as well:

The openly public opinions of Marvin [“Choad”] Choate, everyone. A ghastly mélange of homophobic misogyny that just goes to certify the theorem that when it comes to passing as functioning humans, Conservatives might be able to talk the talk, but still can’t get the zipper on their human skin-suits, to go all the way up.

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that Choad isn’t as interested in real women half as much as he is in acquiring a human analog for a blow-up sex doll that comes equipped without a working larynx. But then again, when you find a working intellect, contrasting points of view, and a lack of testosterone-fueled creepiness to be negating factors to your falsely assumed Alpha-male status.

Now, while this misogynistic detour may seem off-topic, I assure you that it is not, as Neocons like Choad revel in being truly awful human beings across the board. Racism, Sexism, Classism, and yes, even the anti-LGBTQ sentiment and the detestable commentary that it foments, all commonly stem from the same source that inspires all such unfounded hate. That being, the dual toxicity of ignorance mixed with fear, 

And nowhere is fusion of malevolent fallacy more prevalent the n when it comes to the yearly celebration know as “Pride” or “Pride Month”, in which the LGBTQ Community openly celebrates who they are and what being such means to them. Such has been the cultural impact of Pride, that come every June, mainstream businesses, public institutions, and the Federal government itself, take part in parades, special incentives, and even the widespread promotion of Gay culture and its relevance to modern-day society.

Naturally of course, Conservatives detest it. Loudly. Bitterly. Immaturely. Insanely. Hatefully. And in some cases, even weakly, as demonstrated by our old friend Marvin Choad’s attempt at humor here, in which he amalgamates gun rights with the audacity of the LGBTQ movement daring to exist:

Checkmate” says the troglodyte who to this day, finds himself absolutely befuddled by the rules of the game that is Pick Up Stix, but I digress.

This overall idiocy notwithstanding, Choad’s extrapolation that the LGBTQ Community is somehow “untouchable” because of their being granted celebratory month in which to celebrate their culture, despite all evidence to the contrary, is indicative of just how far removed from certified reality that the modern-day Conservative movement finds themselves these days, and most disturbingly, it’s by choice:

In this day and age where one can discover the truth behind almost everything under the sun with just a few swipes of a stylus, ignorance is no longer a valid excuse for one’s lack of knowledge, especially when that lack is deliberately willful. While It’s one thing to be uncomfortable in a contextual situation that’s at odds with either your limited understanding or personal code of morality in relation to it, the act of keeping your intellect purposefully gaslit in order to avoid discussing such, is quite another matter entirely.

As is demonizing it, just so you can feel morally superior, as these examples so clearly showcase:

Oh, the horror of it all- wherein a routinely marginalized and threatened demographic whose lifestyle doesn’t affect actually anyone, save for bigots that is, being allowed an entire month that forgoes addressing just how bad White Middle-class Conservatives have it these days. Seriously… you have no idea.

In fact, such adversity even inspired an editorial cartoon: reflecting the exhausting struggle of having to put up with rainbows, the tenets of basic human dignity, and just minding your own damn business for once that PRIDE evokes within a time span that’s far shorter than the time Conservatives spend obsession over its now socially-accepted yearly return, as spiteful homophobes such as Marvin Choad, are apt to do:

Yup. Nothing more strenuous than having to grant people their unfettered right to exist outside of the shadows once a year, let me tell you. It’s amazing that we as a country somehow manage to get it through it all without suffering near-fatal attacks of self-righteousness, is it not?

All jokes aside, mentally-challenged -and-n-the-closet cases like Choad really shouldn’t worry about PRIDE though, because unbeknownst to most, a fellow hater by the name of Norma Zekaria, has devised a brilliant solution to the scourge of having to treat the LGBTQ Community as actual human beings once a year, and it’s both elegant and practical in the long run.

So, in essence, everybody gets their own month? Seriously…  why has nobody thought of this absolutely genius idea before now, and why weren’t “HETEROEXUALs” part of the planning committee right from the start? Also, would it be rude of me to assume that they’re like “Heterosexuals”, but with far less homophobic baggage? Man, you really do learn something new every day. Like using spell-check, for instance.

I love to break this no you Norma, given your online boot-licking love for all things Conservative and fraudulent, but heterosexual [correct spelling\ White people already have a celebratory period. It’s called “Every other month that isn’t June”, and as you’re not a bonified member of the Male Christian Whites academy, I would think that you knew that already, but boot-lickers are gonna boot-lick, I guess.

See, even if every race got its own month, it wouldn’t ease tensions, because when it gets right down to the brass tacks, one demographic would be sure to complain about such commemorative assignations, nevertheless. And we already know who that would be, don’t we?  Rest assured, it wouldn’t be the people of color or differing sexual orientation, so much as it would be the ones who can’t abide having the attention taken off of them, if even for the merest of moments.

And as usual, “they” in the form of Marvin Choad yet again, provide the proof of concept, almost as a reflex:

Aww…. sounds like somebody’s jealous that they aren’t the focus of the world entire, and they’re all butt-hurt in regards to it. Pity that they only have the other 11 months of the year to whine about it. And may I also point out, that for someone who “doesn’t care” about LGBTQ related issues, you sure do seem to talk about such… a lot.

Tale note as well, that the very same people who call the cops on African-Americans for doing anything, who deride Mexicans regardless of birthright or legal status as being “lazy”, and who openly legislate to assure that women, Gays, Lesbians, Transpersons, non-Christians, and the variance of America’s assorted minorities remain designated as being no more than second-class citizens within their own country, are the ones who as always, would be the actual speed-bump toward fostering true equality for all.

In regards to the ludicrous demand that Whites both deserve and should get their own note-worthy month, I’d still begrudgingly admit that this asinine response far outweighs the unnecessary and over the top disrespect shown by these textbook examples of what happens when a grade school bully made it to adulthood without ever getting their asses deservedly kicked when they needed to be:

Keep in mind kids, that these two jackasses are what the Conservative base considers to be “good people”, these days when compared to the LGBT Community that they regard as degenerates, despite the undeniable reality that such a descriptive is blatantly slanderous, when their own transgressive beliefs are taken into measured account.

Implied violence and validated abhorrence in lieu of civilized debate? What fine people they seem to be.

If I presented you with en to one odds and dollars to doughnuts, how many of you out there would lay serious money down on the wager that if either one of these two cravens came within spitting difference of a Gay person, they’d run home and hide under their bed as if the Boogeyman were after them? 

Whereas Rich Pohl’s threat of implied violence directed at the LGBTQ Community is pathetically cringe-inducing at its best due to its broadcasted validity that Pohl himself is a coward, its wretchedness pales in comparison to the rancid representation of PRIDE’s iconic flag by the obviously false-named “Homer Puhdnarker”, whose Factbook page is simply rife with material that not even a 14-year-old reprobate would find amusing, unless of course, he was just as pathetic as “HP” purportedly is:

Wow. Just…  wow.

A joke about sexually assaulting a woman visually, and another about sexually assaulting [via incest] what appears to be a minor child. And yet, this jackass infers that the LGBT Community are the truly perverted ones deserving the mantle of disrepute? When you consider that posting these two venomously disgusting items was a conscious choice on HP’s part, the reason why I used the term “purportedly” in describing his intentions, makes a lot more sense in situ.,

See, when someone engages in the lowest of repulsive Alpha-wannabe posturing such as this, it’s usually an indicator that they’re either a sexually inept loser with no definable impact upon their own life or that of others, or that they’re so far back in the closet, they already know what next year’s Christmas gifts are going to be, because they’re sitting on them. Take your pick. It’s always going to be one or the other.

Once again, I present you with proof of concept:

I won’t speak for you of course, but doesn’t it strike strange that the most virulent of homophobes seemingly spend way too much of their free time thinking about gay sex, far more than the people who actually engage in it? I’m certain that there’s nothing to unpack in regards to that closet, as I’m sure we’ve all let this meme’s theoretical scenario play out in our heads every now and then.

Oh wait, we actually haven’t, mainly because you don’t actually think about such stuff when you’re “straight”.

I’ll be addressing the overall crudity of the homophobic hooligans a little further down the road within this piece, but for now, let’s just consider that a warmup for future wretchedness as it were, and move on to the next topic, that being, the ridiculousness of heterosexual self-importance finding itself wounded, and taking the most direct action against such an unforgivable transgression, by engaging in the practice known as “boycotting”:

Let me start off my remarks by saying that boycotting does work… but really only when such a tactic is put into play by Liberal interests. This is not to say that Liberals have greater resolve in sticking to their metaphorical guns, it’s more based upon the reality that when Conservatives boycott a business, a product, or the endeavors of a specific person, they often do so for reasons that are at best, absurdly petty, if not wholly ineffective overall.

Think about the faux outrage over Bud Light having a Transperson as a spokesmodel, and you’ll get what I mean. Keep in mind if you would, that these same said geniuses abandoned NIKE after the company hired Colin Kapernick, swearing allegiance to the Converse brand, instead only to discover to their horror and our amusement, that Converse is actually owned by NIKE.

You literally can’t make the stuff up, but mythical God above, does the red-meat dog-whistle responding base of the Alt-Wrong ever try, bless their blackened little hearts. But to be fair, this sort of asininity in action, is far less painful to observe than when they started filming themselves burning, smashing, and blowing up items that they had ALREADY PURCHASED as a way to ”even the score” with the “woke” companies who thanks to them alone, already had their money.

However, a boycott based on who a business specifically serves or caters to once a year, versus one that addresses a morally troubling issue, say like unsafe working conditions, rampant worker exploitation, inherent racism, unchecked sexism, or any of the other forms of discriminatory behavior, brings an entirely contextual parallel to the action, albeit one that’s been put into repugnant practice before, and that, with truly horrific results:

The musical composition of the song may change, but the lyrics remain exactly the fucking same: fear the other, the outsider, the different than you, or perish at their hand. Just replace “parasite” with “pervert”, “Fag” instead of “Juden”, and “pedophiles” in lieu of “Untermenschen”, sand you too, can justify or capitalize your hate crime to the point of either running for political office, or playing the true victim, yet again.

And if your malevolent machinations find themselves exposed to the daylight of truth, don’t worry, for all you need do is follow the advice of Joseph Goebbels, who was the chief propagandist for the Nazi Party under Hitler, and who once advised: “Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty”, and just watch the tide turn away from you and drown your adversary in deflective waves, as they struggle to defend themselves from your false allegations.

Proof of concept, as well as a case study in historical ignorance, provided by one Kurtis Hawkins:

Would this be a bad time to point out to this histrionically dense jackass, that the Gay community in Hitler’s pre-war Germany was not only actively targeted by the Nazi’s for being Gay, but were persecuted and sometimes murdered for being so as well, or should I just let him figure that horrendous factoid out for himself?

Decisions, decisions… and none of them good. Now, I know that as a rule, Neocons are insensitively dumber than dirt at the best of time, but comparing the LGBTQ Community to the political movement that murdered six million Jews, plunged the world into World War Two, and whose leader still inspires the modern-day White supremacist movement, shouldn’t be considered as being beyond the pale?

This isn’t a question of optics, or a difference of opinion, this is the forgoing of all ethical Humanity.

However, slippery slopes are how the Conservative movement picks up societal speed, and boycotts are one of the best ways for them to acquire the attention that they crave, even if such comes off as being asinine beyond belief. Take for instance, this “warning” of an industry that is just (GASP!!!) simply infested throughout with all shades of the LGBTQ rainbow:

This just in: water is wet, fire is hot, snow is cold, beach sand is coarse and gets into everything, and Pinky Thompson may be the only person on the planet who has no freaking idea with just whom the fashion industry is staffed. A fact that I was more than happy to point out:

Now, while Thompson’s warning is dumber than fuck, it pales in comparison to the faux outrage that Conservatives threw at the Disney Corporation and its respective theme parks after they released the following statement: on Florida’s Nazi-esque “Don’t Say Gay” bill that eventually, we signed into hateful law:To quote the Chicago-based wizard Harry Dresden in author Jim Butcher’s phenomenal book “Storm Front; “You don’t go walking into the proverbial lion’s den lightly. You start with a good breakfast.” And boy oh boy, did Disney obviously ever eat a hearty one just before chewing on the Florida legislature’s allegorical ass s a pre-dinner snack.

In a move that everyone with an actually working brain saw coming, one of the world’s biggest media empires dared suggest that the LGBTQ Community be tested as actual human beings worthy of dignified respect, instead of happily jumping aboard the modern-day Führersonderzug [“Fuhrer’s special train”] presently being driven by Florida’s current part-time governor and full-blown fascist, Ron De Santis.

And the reaction from America’s ever-so-sanctimonious Conservatives, was exactly what you’d expect: from a bunch of pearl-clutching histrionic hateful harpies. That being, an over-the-top wave of scurrilous slander, vitriolic vehemence, and unhinged lunacy akin to the “Satanic Panic “ of the 1980’s. And if you think I’m being overly dramatic, keep in mind that I wasn’t the mentally meandering moron who posted this:First off Dave you dimwit, God is, much like your sense of Humanity, Christian faith, and supposed possession of a working intellect, a damnable myth. Second, Disney is not a place, it’s the name of the company that owns Disneyland and Disneyworld, so please get you word choices correct next time, if only for the sake of not looking like the total idiot we know you to be. And lastly, Disneyland / world are NOT a “Satanic Altar”, for this is what one actually looks like, depending on the personal decorating sense of the disciple involved:

Glad I could help clear that moronic misconception up for you, Dave. Feel free to ask me if you require any further clarity as to why your perception of established reality may necessitate the application of both future medications, if not intensive and hopefully invasive, mental therapy.

Speaking of which, the same sort of medical intervention should probably be applied ASAP to the nimrod who came up with this questionably brilliant “Gotcha!” social media-based gambit, as it’s one that even Stevie Wonder could see through, and that Disney will just laugh it’s sitting on piles of cash ass, off at:

Truly, a deviously simple plan, is it not? I for one, can’t see this as being anything less than an unqualified success.

Just think how much easier it will be to suss out morons such as Rhodes, with them posting blatantly clear code words such as these to assist us. I mean, the red hats, bumper stickers, and diesel trucks belching black clouds od carbonized death that figuratively scream “I’M OVERCOMPENSATING FOR MY SHORTCOMINGS!” are useful tools and all, but this is really going to help us whittle down the old “Facebook Friends” list in the end, let me tell you.

Nevertheless, Rhodes, ever the pragmatist carries on with his Disney delusion, because when one commits to a self-imposed mental impairment, you might as well goi in all the way up to the ass you’re talking out of:

I hate to have to admit it, but Rhodes is 100% right, strangely enough. This is not the Mickey Mouse I grew up with, nor is it the Disney created cartoons that I remember from my childhood, either. And for that, I am eternally grateful, since I recall seeing scores of vile imageries such as this, throughout their catalog in my youth:

If you need an actual reason to dislike Disney past it’s assembled acts of worker exploitation, efforts at union busting, alleged inherent sexism, and refusals to adequately compensate its creative team members, then this past history is really the place where you should start, rather than its attempting to keep up with an ever-evolving modern audience.

Nevertheless, these far-too-real imaginings naturally of course, begs the question: if Rhodes is upset that Disney is keeping in lock-step with the current cultural norms, does this mean that he misses this sort of depictive referencing as well? This is not to say that Rhodes in any way, shape, or form, harbors racist tendencies, but it is a given that if one holds views that are ignorantly bigoted, as most Conservatives seem to do these days, that hatred tends to spill over into other trains of thought. Just saying.

But thinking outside the FOX box is hard when you’re a demagogue, as this post by Dave Burggraf attests to:Sorry to burst your bubble Dave, but I believe you’re thinking about the modern-day GQP, whose leadership roster includes such normal figures as Jim Jordan ,who covered up a collegiate scandal involving the abuse of student athletes, Matt Gaetz, who’s alleged to have had inappropriate relations with underage girls, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is a known adulterer, and Lauren Boebert, who besides being an adulteress as well, was recently caught on security cameras giving a hand-job in a theatre full of children to her date for that evening,

And of course, who can forget Donald J. Trump, the serial adulterer, lecherous procurer of porn star trusts and payoffs, who’s also been credibly accused of not only lusting after his own daughter, but who is also a convicted sexual batterer as well, far too long after he admitted on tape that as he was famous, it was ok for him to sexually assault women he found attractive.

Not to mention, when it was alleged that he raped the woman whose claim led to his conviction, rather than simply come right out and say that he didn’t, he claimed that he wouldn’t, because she wasn’t, and I quote; “his type”, which of course, implies that out there is a type of woman who most certainly is. But please, Dave, you were talking about pedophiles and perverts, and I’d hate to interrupt you with actual case studies of such.

As it stands, actual facts don’t matter to the Disney Doomsayers, half as much as their being able to be smugly self-righteous in their imagined offense, as in the end, that’s all that really matters to them, regardless of whether or not they know what it is that they’re actually supposed to be mad at to begin with.

And nowhere is this theorem of mine verified half as much than within this error-laden post from Vincent Barone, who I can only assume, thinks that “The “Shining” novel by Stephen King, the cinematically  released movie by Stanley Kubrick, and the poorly adapted TV miniseries are all the same thing:

Not surprisingly, this meme is factually incorrect in a number of easily researched ways.

To note, it wasn’t “Toy Story” that got banned in 14 countries, and not “22” , as @sherry2225 falsely asserted, as the move in question was actually called “Lightyear”, and was one that presented an entirely unrelated story set deliberately apart from the original “Toy Story” quartette of films. And in relation to the countries that did ban the film, they did so due to the fact that in those particular backward-ass lands, same-sex relationships are legislatively forbade

Let’s not forget the fact that it was these chaste sane-sex kisses that led to the ban, and not any form of graphic sexual representation of the so-called “Gay lifestyle”, which Conservatives both hate for the fact that it exists, and also love, for the fact that it gives them something else that they can faux-rage over.

Two kisses, on screen for less than a second and a half, in a CARTOON featuring a fictional space ranger who [SPOILERS] after stranding himself and his crew on a hostile alien planet, time-travels with a robotic cat named “Socks”, fights aliens, robots, and even his future older self at one point, and in doing so, learns a valuable lesson about teamwork and personal humility, by the end.

And this, enraged supposed adults so much, that they felt the need to not only embarrass themselves online in regards to it, they felt justified in doing so, because (wait for it) Disney who once portrayed Blacks as being cannibals in early shorts and offensively stereotyped crows in “Dumbo”, and who released “Song of the South”, arguably one of the most racist movies ever made, was now fully “Woke” and it was ruining… well, just about everything under the sun, apparently…

But do you know just why Neocons think labeling something or someone as “Woke: is an insult? Because they’re too stupid to realize it actually means (according to African-American Vernacular English) “a person who is alert to racial prejudice and discrimination”, two things that Neocons enjoy pretending doesn’t actually exist, but not to the point where they’ll fix the underlying causes to ensure that it does not.

However, when presented with the bottommost tier of low-hanging fruit, Conservatives will never pass up the chance to snag it off of the tree, even if it literally affects anyone or anything, as proven by this bizarre amalgamation of two entirely different cinematic takes on questionably  “original “story ideas:

First things first, if I may. To begin, the central plot of “Pauline” the Netflix “Devil” movie in question, has been described as thus: Pauline, the eponymous protagonist, is an 18-year-old who accidentally becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with “Lukas”, who, as it turns out, is actually the (GASP!!!) Devil himself! Now, for some strange reason, this storyline strikes familiar.

But just where have I heard an analogous plot device wherein the Devil impregnates a human, before?

Oh, that’s right: “Rosemary’s Baby”, “The Witches of Eastwick”, “Our Father the Devil”, the “Omen”: film series, the cartoon shows “Little Demon” and “Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil”, as well as Netflix’s “Lucifer”, so obviously, this concept is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s only a “problem” because the modern-day faux-Christian movement requires a high-profile windmill to publicly battle, because when it comes right down to it, addressing the real issues within its purview, if not its rank and film, such as income disparity, racism, misogyny, Trans-hate and homophobia, is far too much of an inconvenient hot potato for their collective liking, and that’s it.

If there is no villain, there is no reason to fight, and with the loss of such, then there’s also are no willing cash cows for the Christian leadership to milk, albeit for either tax-free profit or additional political influence, now is there? If you’re unable or reluctant to take on the literal plagues befalling society, just invent some supposedly far worse ones, and rely on the odds that your ignorant sheep can’t tell the difference twist the twain. Destroying Disney isn’t the endgame here.

But keeping the mewling self-righteous mass of morons distracted, until the next carefully crafted, and mass-marketed “outrage” can firmly take firm societal root? That most certainly is the game plan, and mythical God knows, the Conservative nose employs it as a strategic gambit far better than anyone else these days. Like when they try to amalgamate two disparate subjects into a comparison that just doesn’t work, for instance.

To note, “Sound of Freedom” was a strictly theatrical release in its initial presentation, and the reason why none of the major services mentioned are showing it, is due to both the reality that its distribution rights have been nothing less than an epic battle to get straightened out, along with the revelation that the events depicted within the film, supposedly based on the life of Tim Ballard, the founder of the anti-trafficking group Operation Underground Railroad, were speciously fictionalized for dramatic effect.

A slightly embarrassing plot twist as it were, that surprisingly emanated from Angel Studios itself, who just so happen to be, the film’s chief distributor. In a publicly released statement, Angel acknowledged that the film took “creative liberties.”, or as we call it in the promotional trade, “lying”.

As for the film’s unexpected box-office success, credible claims of it being artificially boosted by the practice of “astro-turfing”, a tactic in which a disingenuous attempt to deceive the public into believing that something, such as this movie, is the commonly held view., even when no such evidence to support such claims, actually exists. In other words, while tickets were sold, the film played to mostly empty theaters, as multiple online videos allegedly purport to show.

But as I’ve said, where outrage doesn’t actually doesn’t exist due to realty being ever prevalent, Conservatives more often than not, are more than happy to disingenuously invent a wellspring of it, if only to justify their sense of sanctimonious smugness, as evidenced here by this absurd posting referencing Ghislaine Maxwell, the convicted procurer for, and the former girlfriend of, the now deceased infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein:

Now why did I call this posting “absurd”; you ask? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that the person who posted it, that being one Judy Bartlett, apparently possesses all the research skills of a mentally-challenged rice cake, which to be fair is far more insulting to the aforementioned rice cake, than Bartlett: herself:

Sigh… some days, I honestly feel that Earth would seriously benefit from either yet another Great Flood, or a one-time winner-takes-all playdate with the asteroid Apophis if only to get us back on the allegorical track. I’m not hoping for a purge of Humanity overall mind you, but rather just those meat-slabs that would be stupid enough to stand in either’s path of eminent destruction and attempt to take a selfie in front of it.

However, that which is painfully ignorant will not be denied its moment on the stage, and when deception fails, as it invariably does in the face of incontrovertible actuality, outside of the dimwitted demographic that rejects such evidentiary proof, the foot-soldiers within this camp, just change tactics, and craft even far more glaring examples of their already overtaxed sense of inadvertent hypocrisy:

On the surface, I actually support the nucleus of this idea, despite the fact that at its contextual core, it’s based on a sense of hate, rather than a need to understand the nuances of American History, which in ways both direct and incidental, have shaped our country into what it is now. Which if I were to be even remotely charitable, could only be considered a capitalistic cluster-fuck of nearly biblical proportions.

However, and despite my optimistic cynicism that eventually one day America will step up to its promise and be the beacon of Hope to the world it claims that it currently is and even more dishonestly, always has been, I still would like to point out one the undisguised hypocrisy relevant within this jingoistic statement. If one is to believe that the men and women who died for this country offered up their lives to protect its founding ideals, do you think they did so, hoping that it would turn out to be like tit is now?

I mean… do you really think they’d be happy to discover that after surrounding their lives in the name of Liberty, Freedom, and what the Flag itself is supposed to represent, that the full brunt of legislative power was being brought to bear against the civil rights of Women, Minorities, the Poor, the non-Christian, and the LGBTQ Community? Sire, some might, as it was a different time, but most wouldn’t. Of that, I’m sure.

And given just how Conservatives use our veterans as disposable props, and that their leadership fails to deliver on their end of the bargain for these people willingly placing themselves in harm’s way for us, I seriously doubt they’d be cool with just how their courageous sacrifice has been culturally devalued. It inspires parades, it inspires the wearing of flag pins, it inspires grand speeches, but in the end, it doesn’t actually inspire the protection of the marginalized who require it the most.

“Teach them to be grateful that they live in America”, says the meme, and I just have to ask; for what is it that they should be “grateful” for? A government that overall, caters to the whims of the rich and the powerful alone? A country where unrestricted civil rights apply to some, but not others? For displays of inherent racism, misogyny, and normalized anti-Trans/Gay sentiment? For the scourge of crippling income, educational, and career inequality?

Or maybe they should be grateful that in modern-day America, you can be a convicted sexual batterer and grafter, a self-admitted abuser of women, a licentious lech who lusts after his own daughter and pays off porn stars for illicit sex, a draft dodger who praises dictators, and even though you engaged in possible treason by attempting to overturn democracy by fomenting a coup, not only will you still be allowed to run for president again, you may be considered the number one preferred pick for your party, as well.

Yup…. America’s projected visage is nothing less than the allegorical shining city on a hill, is it not? And let’s not forget either, just how “Christian” it is as well, as seen here in posts that if Jesus saw them and had a Facebook account, he would not only designate it as “private”, he’d probably set it up as belonging to Buddha, just so he wouldn’t be bothered by the hatred emanating from these fraudsters in faith:

Such a face-to-face encounter actually occurring, is highly unlikely Mr. Reece, what with “God” being a myth and all, and if he’s not, well then, let me be the first to say that if I were you, I wouldn’t expect a warm welcome from anyplace ethereal other than the one you’ll be rightfully assigned to given your ignorant hate. Best of luck, and don’t forget to stock up on the Aloe Vera.

Trust me, you’ll need it. And If I could, may I offer the same advice to T.P. Harmon, who posted this tidbit of less than sage counsel that’s both wrong, and unasked for, to boot:

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but outside of the designated month of June, when is the LGBTQ Community calling attention to itself to the point where you felt the need to comment on it, T.P.? If memory serves, I see far more anti-gay sentiment online, than I do positive, and the people most seemingly obsessed with talking about gay sex and its accompanying lifestyle, ironically aren’t the ones actually having it and living it, at all. That’s you guys, and I think it’s time you get some help concerning it.

Next up, more moral pointers from a hypocrite, who doesn’t even catch the irony resplendent within his own statement, which while on brand for the GQP faithful, is still fun to make fun of, nevertheless:

When one takes into account Buggraf’s political leanings towards that which is Trumpism, a simple analysis of just how the antics of his mango-man-child checks off this tabulation’s metaphorical boxes as if it were a “to-do” list, makes this affirmation both unintentionally hilarious, as well as cringe-inducingly pathetic. But hey, such is life, and at least it isn’t half as stupid as our next three contestants’ offerings:

As you may have already guessed, all of this wrong, regardless of what this trio of twats wishes to believe. Fore not only does marriage have not a thing to do with God, as it was most often used to secure power, titles, and financial security, it’s also 100% legal in many other countries as well, several of whom passed it into law long before we, the country of so-called “personal freedom”, did. And in the USA, it’s now as common as “traditional” marriages, a fact that I was more than happy to point out to Mr. Radd:

But even with all of that now firmly implanted into the public consciousness, these heralds of hypocrisy-y persist in shoving heir imaginary deity into the societal spotlight as being far more relevant than the entire breadth of established cultural identity. And nowhere is this theorem proven better then by their outrage that the “rainbow” was “taken” from God.

You know, the all-powerful Creator, who despite being such, was seemingly unable to stop a bunch of dykes and queens from seizing one of his favored icons, and making it their very own? Yeah, that checks out, as does the so-called “promise” that God purportedly made in relation to it:

And I was raised to believe that these colors were Yabba-Dabba Delicious, but that’s a discussion for another time I think, as the origin of God’s vow is now front and center on the ol’ discussion deck.

Within Genesis 9-12; God pledges that; “And I will establish my covenant with you, neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth. And God said, this is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:”

In layman’s terms: “I God, now having gotten over my self-induced and ego-driven hissy-fit, during which time I killed almost every single creature thing that I spent a week throwing together, will now vow to never fully engulf the world in water ever again.  In the future, I’ll just drown wide swaths of it instead, and y’all can just hope for the best, that it isn’t your specific section of the globe when I do.”

And despite Peterson’s hateful take, being openly gay isn’t “living in sin”, but judging it thusly when it doesn’t affect you one bit, sure as hell should be, in tandem with the blatant hypocrisy of our met post:

“Respect begins with accepting that others will not accept your ideals”, says the disrespecting homophobe whom not only refuses to accept the reality that others don’t have to respect their religious views, but who also drives home just how little they believe in their own message of tolerance, by depicting the LGBTQ Community as being nothing less than a demonic monstrosity, hellbent on causing harm.

And as to ‘manipulating the little ones”, I don’t recall the LGBTQ Community holding weekly indoctrination classes telling children whom to hate, fear, and disrespect, nor do I recall any of their higher leadership willingly engaging in a decades long practice of covering up sex crimes against children by their collective staff either, so feel free to take your offense and shove it into the place where your head already resides.

‘But Artbitch’ you say, “certainly not all Christians harbor such hateful views, right?” And yes, you would be correct, for my saying that they do, would be just as absurd as when such persons of faux faith declare that all Gays are just pedophiles fabulously lying in wait for your children to cross their path. And while there may not always be a religious component to the homo and transphobic abhorrence expressed by Neocons, rest assured that the element of ignorance-fueled despisement, is always a constant:

Well. They both seem nice and friendly, don’t they? Like a bear trap masquerading as a gloryhole? Yup. Nothing to show that you’re a fully functioning human firing on all intellectual levels, better than publicly hate-yanking to the thought of others unknown to you being put to death via the time-tested process of stoning by fucking morons.

And speaking of one’s intellectual level firing at a rate set just below that of a glacier progressing inland, I offer up this charming example of egregious stupidity

If I thought it would make a difference in her asinine thinking, I might point out to Heather that an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 gays were deported to German concentration camps, with the end result being more than likely, exactly what you think it would be.

Not only is comparing the victims of the Holocaust as being ideologically akin to their respective murderers woefully ignorant, it’s nothing less than inhumanely heartless as. However, two can manipulate an image to create a narrative worthy of inclusion in Heather’s vile version of “Connect Four”, but in this case, my presentation of such is actually accurate:

And here I was, thinking that playing the home version of Conservative Shape Match wouldn’t be any fun at all. My bad. Although to be fair, I highly doubt that Heather being a dumber than fuck homophobe, would appreciate the validated comparison, regardless of how much evidentiary accuracy is involved to support it.

Ignorance, even on its best day, is akin to herpes, because much like that societal scourge, it seems that no reasonable amount of academic Acyclovir can cure its effect on either its cultural consequences, or the dimwitted disseminators responsible for it, such as the previously introduced human skin-rash we’ve come to know as Marvin (“Choad”) Choate, who spews venom as easily as he pukes mythical falsehoods:

And I’m beginning to understand Marvin, that if God id indeed real, he’s going to familiarize you with just why he did what he did, as he gleefully kicks your hatefully hypocritical ass straight into the bowels of Hell, give or take a moment or two for him to warm up his kicking foot first. And joining him in his fallen angel cosplay will be one David Roberts, whose stupidity not only complements Choad’s own, it may in fact, actually be far superior to it:

Sigh… have a dream, it’s not a big dream, but it’s mine. Now, I hope this doesn’t sound too crazy, but I would like to think that if God forbid there ever were an open debate regarding the subject of Transgenderism, being actually informed in relation to the subject, would be a wise thing to do.

You can’t have people wishing to be enlightened by acquired knowledge, saying; “Whatever you do, listen to the guy who obviously doesn’t know anything about the thing he’s consistently ranting about!” That would be bad. Not only for the uneducated, but for the spirit of American tolerance, as well.

By definition, Religion is classified as: “”he belief in and worship of a superhuman power or powers, especially a God or gods”, and Transgenderism  as; “possession of a gender identity that is not congruent with the sex assigned at birth: often associated with, but not necessarily resulting in, gender dysphoria”.

Simply put, the two have not a thing to do with each other, but as Roberts is consumed by his need to wallow in paranoid and misinformed hate, cutting him some slack for being a misinformed idiot, is almost a given at this point. Despite what Roberts may fantasize, Transgenderism is NOT a religion, and if Stan were to actually ever declare adamant allegiance to one, he’d probably self-identify as being a modern-day Christian, due to its hypocrisy lines up ever so nicely with that which is considered to be truly “Satanic”.

Hypocrisy based in the unfounded belief that it’s actually “straights” who are constantly being societally harassed, morally mocked, and venomously marginalized, because unlike the Gay community which has PRIDE month, they themselves have no “straight pride” moth holiday to speak of which celebrates them.

And no, I’m not making this false equivalent of victimization up, for they literally can’t stop posting about it:

In regards to this last post, I could also say that if you’re truly upset by the existence of gay people, you can also blame the straight people for that as well, because they’re the ones having all of those gay babies.

But as it has been oft noted, irony detection isn’t one of the skillsets that Conservatives possess, so once again, I call attention to the fact that it’s always the so-called “straights” sexily thinking about the Gay lifestyle, far more than the people actually engaging in it. I’m sure that doesn’t imply anything out of the ordinary, no matter what this particular meme regarding the issue, might seem to suggest

The Truth may be hard to swallow for some, but it remains the Truth, nevertheless. But Conservatives for whatever reason, apparently see the scourge of gayness everywhere, because their inherent “Gaydar” as it were, has been profoundly broken since the era of the Stonewall riots, which I can assure you, is a cultural reference that the majority of these homophobes neither understand, or will ever want to.

And proof of this concept, is provided by posts such as these, which present a non-reality that’s not only completely paranoid, but quite possibly, the best indicator of just how this person’s obviously disturbed psyche sees the world:

Notwithstanding their collective obsession with gay-themed paranoid conspiracies that they’re somehow changing the sexual orientation of America itself, Conservatives also hold onto the ever-dwindling certainty that the now-loaded with Neocons Supreme Court will put the final coffin nail in gay marriage, which BTW, is never going to happen given its current 71% approval rate among Americans, no matter how much they fantasize about it. But mythical Lord knows, it doesn’t stop them from doing so, albeit sometimes bizarrely

With all due respect, if your choice of a sexy team-switch candidate is FOX’s cringe-inducing commentator Greg Gutfeld over that of the 1995 version of Peirce Brosnan, I think that it can be rightfully declared that your opinion regarding anything, should be immediately ruled as being invalid. But to be fair, it’s not as if Burggraff is alone in his ignorance in just how the legislative process works

James McCabe, everyone. A righteous man who clearly, has no actual clue as to what the separation of Church and State in practice essentially means, much less what it entails in its theoretical purview.

For not only would placing religious symbolism inside governmental entities violate the basic tenets of this separation as clearly stated in the First Amendment, which bars Congress from enacting any law “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise”, it would also mean that the symbolism of all faiths, would be allowed the same privilege.

Which I’m sure, being the ever so tolerant Christian as Mc Cabe most certainly is, wouldn’t present any sort of problem for his sense of interfaith appreciation. Or so I’d like to believe, because as you well know, I’m the walking embodiment of an eternal optimist. For instance, I actually expect people to do some cursory research before the posit an opinion on an issue, but as it goes, I find myself consistently disappointed by just how intellectually lazy my fellow citizens have become, despite direct intervention:

Hate. As I noted above some paragraphs ago, the element of ignorance-fueled despisement, is always a constant, as is the need to justify this stupidity via the stereotypical amalgamation of disparities that have no commonality whatsoever to speak of between them., but which is presented as a conservative “GOTCHA!” gambit, nevertheless. Ands who better to kick off this testicle-lacking tangent depicting such inanity, than our old friend, Marvin (“Choad”) Choate?

Say what you will about Choad, and I encourage you to do so whoever appropriate, but you have to admit, he’s at least consistent in his ongoing quest to publicly display his ignorance:

No, Marv. What we do know, is that you’re a quintessential waste of skin, oxygen, and a set of organs that should have been granted to a person worth delivering into life. And while you’re more known for shooting off your mouth, I could totally see you shooting off your pocket as well, due to the fact that you’re the type of Beta-cuck who regularly confuses a gun for his comically undersized spawn-hammer.

And as such, Choad can’t be bothered to post factual information as it exists in situ, when the opportunity to misrepresent it, yields far better results for both his false narrative and always roiling sense of hate:

Right out of the gate, Choad draws a non-existent comparison between us and “them”, as a way to distract from the fact that he seems far too interested in what total strangers do in the privacy of their own homes, but I’ll digress for now, if only to keep the image of what Choad does in his, out of my psyche, which unlike his, doesn’t obsess over theoretical situations that don’t affect my life whatsoever.

Nor do I rely on unaccredited memes for my opinion shaping either, as researching such stories tales less than a minute these days. A reality that would have served Choad’s goal of not wanting to be revealed as a supreme idiot to the world entire. A humiliation I might note, that was ironically set in place by his own hand. Which when you really think about it, just makes his public display of self-indignity that much funnier.

Competent research. Or as I like to envision it, the Conservatives equivalent of what Kryptonite-laced underwear would be to Superman. It always amazes me that in this, the Golden Age of instant information acquisition, Neocons still think that their proven to be traditionally false propaganda can’t be fact-checked to the point of quickening its eventually fatal degradation.

Puerile propaganda like this for example, wherein a noble profession gets unwarrantedly slandered:

“Get your children out of public schools”, says the lummox who more than likely was the person in her Kindergarten class who sat in the corner and ate paste as if it were a jar of marshmallow fluff, but I digress. For the record, NO ONE in your kid’s school is trying to turn your precious trophy child into a LGBTQ asset, no matter what your paranoid ass chooses to place indignant faith in.

Fear and hate are what drives the Conservative movement these days, and when one is caught in the eye of a malevolent maelstrom such as that, no one or no thing is safe. Such as the right to free speech, freedom of expression, and the presentation of ideas that may or may not contradict the sensitivities of one who is just looking for an excuse to be outrageously offended:

Well, this is interesting. A woman whose sexual activities allegedly rely on her stock of available batteries, whines about teenagers being educated about sex, which of course, is an activity that none of them would ever willingly engage in without the insidiously corrupting influence of (wait for it…) LIBRARIES AND BOOKS. Because as some of you may remember, that’s how we all found out about it as well.

For the record, Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) gives young people accurate, age-appropriate information about sexuality and their sexual and reproductive health, which, when given the fact that the GQP wants to force ten-year-olds to give birth, to children born of incest and/or rape, such education would come in kind of handy.

But the Conservative’s concern isn’t about kids being “groomed” by books and acquisitioned knowledge, it’s about people being smart enough to see through their bullshit altogether. An educated person rarely votes in favor of the uneducated mob, and a consciously aware person is nothing less than poison to the same said sect, hence the need to control people intellectually, spiritually, and even sexually.

As explained by the character of Julia in George Orwell’s novel “1984”; “When you make love, you’re using up energy; and afterwards you feel happy and don’t give a damn for anything. They can’t bear you to feel like that. They want you to be bursting with energy all the time. All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone sour.”

That’s it in a nutshell. Contrail and direct the natural impulses of people, and you can do whatever you want with them. Let’s not forget that the self-declared party screaming for Free Speech on TV, on social media, and at Trump rallies, is also the same group that bans and burns books, defunds public and school libraries. And supports a rapist running for president who has called for the chilling of the Free Press, but please, do go on with your tale of woebegone and misled youth, Kelly.

And as we wait for you to do so, let’s take a moment to see yet another abominably stupid take on the issue of free speech, by a person who while whining about it being held to account;

… also posts supposed offenses of it, which literally contradicts the very essence of what Free Speech actually is:

Man, oh man, is Judy a warrior for the protection of Free Speech, or what? Given this posted idiocy, I’d wager that she’s the kind of person who uses the limited array of books in her home as either deliberate beer coasters or inadvertent cooking trivets, but something tells me that’s being far too charitable on my part. Especially when I see fascist-tinged garbage like this, poorly masquerading as cultural debate.

Two things about this post that you may find interesting. First, there was no video link attached, so I have no idea what got Judy’s panties in a twist, and second, all of these books are considered to n-be masterpieces of literature by both fans and academics alike, so once again, I’d wager that if I had to assign a cartoon representing Judy’s personal preferences in regards to literature, it would be this one::But as it goes with almost all Conservatives, she allegorically neuters her own argument against libraries grooming children via the infectious agency of books, by posting this meme encouraging their use in order to educate oneself about the world as it actually exists, as a means to shake off the chains of propaganda that she herself promotes as if it were the Gospels:

So, which is it, Judy? That which is “vile” because it goes against the inanity you’ve based your pathetically misinformed views on, or that which plants the very seeds of “Rebellion” because engaging in such serves to justify your willing ignorance? Sorry, that’s actually a trick question, as I and we, already know the answer, and it’s just as well-formed as your observations about the LGBTQ Community.

As I said above, Conservative concern isn’t about kids being “groomed” by books and acquisitioned knowledge, it’s about people being smart enough to see through their bullshit altogether, and there’s no better way to do that than through books, one on one educational experiences, and interaction with toile who are different from you, whether that variance be ideological, spiritual, or yes, even sexual.

And enlightenment is truly the one thing that Neocons fear most of all. For if you can’t keep a populace unstable, then how can you control both it and the ideology you wish to ascribe to it/ Simple answer; you can’t, and they know that. Hence, the rampant homophobia, the legislative attempts to push Gays back into the metaphorical closet, and the crafting and promoting of false narratives designed to separate the LGBTQ from being seen as a rightful inhabitant of the same collective pool that we all exist in.

A pool whose shallow end, seems to be quite overworked these days:

Yep… that’s apparently a thing now. Whereas the government was once overstocked with Communists, Marxists, and Socialists, according to the Alt-Wrong, the times have changed and it’s now a surplus of “Heterophobes” who are ruining everything in sight. I won’t speak for you of course, but I think we can all agree that this assertion at its best, is mind-numbingly insane. But on the upside, it’s not as delusional as this posting regarding the “gayness” of TV commercials, so I guess that’s a plus:

Um Dude? On what channel or streaming service, are you seeing a continuous multiplicity of mainstream commercials with Gay characters “making out”, and why do you continue to watch it, if you’re soi offended by it? Maybe you should check to see if once again, you mixed up your Netflix account with the one you secretly maintain on Pornhub, and I’m sure the issue will work itself out, in all due time.

But Ralph isn’t the only one with a bone to pick in regards to the LGBTQ Community, as it seems that his fellow alleged homophobe Eric Moutsos, has an ignorant thing or two he’d like to add to the disquisition as well:

Wow. It Eric’s ultimate goal was to certify his position as an ignorant bigot, he knocked it straight out of the park. But to be fair, he’s probably had a lot of practice at it, considering he’s a former Salt Lake City police officer who retired in 2018 after refusing to take part in a Gay Provide parade as part of his official duties, due to his “religious objections”, regarding such.

For the uninitiated, whenever someone says that they have “religious objection” in regards to an activity, a societal event, or a cultural enterprise being founded, rest assured that it’s nothing less than a code-word for their being either a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, or just an idiot, in general. And as Eric just proved, some of them even brag about their own idiocy. Not well. Not interestingly. But they do like to show it off, as Moutsos does with this mewling plea for relevance, drawn straight out of the Beta play-

Man, if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what else is. If you’re already a shining example of masculinity, then why would you care if anybody else was? Methinks there’ was something to unpack there which I was more than happy to discuss, but instead the resultant conversation with several of Eric’s fellow Facebook flatheads, took a turn towards the truly absurd:

Now, while this conversational flow might seem a bit off the topical track, it does highlight the fact that conservative homophobes aren’t just a one-hate pony, either. As a rule, they tend to also be racist, misogynistic, and deliberately proud of being willingly misinformed about almost everything under the sun.

And most pathetic of all, they seemingly also have zero issue with the perceived optics of the cavalieres with which they express the underlying crudeness of their homophobic idiocy to the world entire. Granted, while I never expect a well-measured debate from a conservative troglodyte intent on defending their irrational loathing for the LGBTQ Community, II also didn’t expect this sort of repulsive vulgarity, either:

As disgusting as these postings are, outside of their grade-school grammar, spelling, and asinine cultural stance expressed within, we can still take heart in the fact that the only way this dumbass will ever find himself in the role of a father, is if his goldfish has babies that he can adopt.

However, if I ever ran into someone as mentally defective as this repulsive twit crowing about their supposed “I like to fuck women” status, I’fd be certain that not only do they have a metaphorical closet in which they consistently deny their “truth”, but I’d also be comfortable stating that they probably live in it, as well. And as you’d expect, the cucks who whine about hearing about gay people’s sex lives, can’t stop hypocritically talking about theirs:

Sure, Jan. We believe you. Because after all, when you’re ever so manly, the best way to certify it is to tell everyone about it on social media, and the sit back and wait for the respect that you deserve, to come flowing in.

Now, while this post could be easily dismissed as someone who’s a tad bit insecure, the next set of examples are the willingly displayed ramblings of a mind far more suited to lurking in the shadows of a children’s playground, rather than the ones prevalent on the internet, for: he’s a classic walking example of hypocrisy in action. And while he’s more than happy to openly posts anti-LGBTQ rhetoric such as this;

Hickam, while seemingly decrying the LGBTQ Comm unity as being less than, also has the gall to do this as he posts abhorrently discussing content, wherein he demonstrates to us all, just why I think that his being separated from your kids by no less than 200 yards isn’t such a bad idea, despite his being the moral gentleman of our age,

Yes, while this is gross on all levels, the fact that Hackham is a supposed adults in his late fifties, and not a child in his early teens, makes these slices of vulgar jocularity, that much more sickening, no matter how you may try (and fail) to rationalize if. This verified certainty aside; I did half-jokingly suggest that Hickam is the type of person that you’d rather not see within the proximity of anything where kids tend to congregate, and now I’m going to explain why that is.

For regular readers, you might unfortunately recall the pond scum human analog that is Wayne Robert Hickam from previous screeds in which his inanities are sprinkled throughout, but I’d like to reference one in particular, that being the one entitled “Conspiracy Drearies Pt. 2 (Transpotting)” which was originally published on May 12th, of 2022, In said screed, Hickman makes a less than reputable guest appearance, in which the post presented below, was dissected to within an inch of its reprehensible life:

But why is it reprehensible, you ask?

From the original screed: “Take a good look at this image. Just how old do you think those two girls on the end are? Fourteen? Fifteen, tops? And this guy and the others of his ilk, seriously consider themselves morally superior to those who’ve done nothing worth noting as nefarious, save past finally embracing their truth? Get the f**k out of here with that bulls**t, bro.

I say this with all due seriousness- Hickam strikes me as the type of guy that if you saw him sitting quietly by himself, just outside the boundaries of a shopping malls’ play-area, you’d instinctively ask it’s rent-a-cop mall guards, to have him kicked out, even if it was only to err on the side of caution. Who in their right middle-aged mind, would even begin to find this amusing or appropriate?”

Hickam, who has the unmitigated gall to infer that Gay and Trans persons are who we as a society need to be worried about, as he publicly jokes about fucking the underaged while he unabashedly posts photoshoped porn pics featuring himself, leads me to ask this of him; “Do you tend to deflect or project your personal issues upon others much, dude?” Because all evidentiary context leads me to believe that you do.”

And I declare this, without any fear of credible reproach for my doing so, as weaponizing their own hypocrisy to the detriment of others, seems to be the number one tool that the GQP adherents lean on the moist these days, more often than not. Such disingenuousness goes hand in hand with their inherently smug ignorance, wherein they showcase not only their inability to grasp tur modern culture as it currently exists, but their unwillingness to educate themselves about it, as well:

For whatever reason, Conservative’s collective inability to debate civilly using actual facts, causes them to compart themselves in a manner most immature, one that’s far more akin to the disrespectful attune of a surly tween having a hissy-fit, rather than that which is typically possessed by a supposed adult:

“They hide behind the internet”, says a person who more than likely, uses the internet to in very much the same manner as his seeming hacker, who most definitively is NOT a Transperson, but I digress.

But when immaturity fails to make its mark, rest assured that Neocons will fall back on the time-tested gambits of degradation and dehumanizing that they’ve utilized since they discovered to their horror that the LGBTQ Community, now has the same rights that they do, and are allowed to exercise them without question.
Yup… the very same people who post this hateful garbage demonizing those unknown to them, who openly support a convicted sexual batterer as their candidate for the 2024 Presidential race, who still claim that the 2020 election was “stolen” despite no evidence that it was, who threaten a civil war if their mango-man-child isn’t reelected to fulfill his role of a modern-day Mussolini despite his four indictments containing 91 felonies, believe that Gay and Transpersons are the “mentally ill” ones, when the two disparate demographics are compared.

Take all the time you need to process this, and when you’re done, let me know if this next posting from a supposedly “normal”: person, doesn’t strike you as being far more mentally disturbing than a stranger declaring themselves to be either Gay or Trans, will ever be to you:

Our good friend Dick… sorry, “Richard”, here, has the dubious pleasure of being a former Artbitch story subject, which was detailed in the screed entitled “Shetter Island. (Fun with Dick and Lame.}” published on January 19, of 2022, and it’s obvious that his ability to be socially repugnant remains strong as ever.

I won’t speak for you, but the image of the wholly fictional Santa fucking an equally geriatric Mrs. Clause with a tinsel condom/roto-rooter, doesn’t exactly strike me as being the type of wholesome imagery that anyone should ever visualize with all due seriousness, much less an adult who it seems, spends way too much of his free time crafting a warped descriptive such as this

But despite Dick’s vulgarization of what was once an icon of the Christmas spirit, I’m sure we’ll get over it, just so long as we have the guarantee that he won’t ever be employed as a mall Santa, now, or in the future.

Once again, mind the fact that the very same people who post this type of fucked-up garbage, are the ones demanding the right to unquestioningly be the judge of what is to be considered “normal”, and then you’ll see why America’s moral compass took an early retirement. But then again, maybe it was just trying to get ahead of the curve when it did so, due to inanity such as this:

Now, I have no idea which particular sci-fi show that Kane is watching, but if it’s one that tends to be pro-gay, you usually know about it beforehand. Not to mention, if you are watching a show that treats interstellar travel, family-habitable space stations with gravity, and sentient humanoid space aliens as being distinctive certainties, maybe you’re really not the best person to opine that Hollywood has “lost touch with reality”. Just saying.

However, it’s almost ironic given Kane’s assertion, that his equally homophobic Facebook friends are seemingly the ones who have lost touch with what constitutes actual reality, as seen below:

Ah, the paranoid delusions of the willfully misinformed. Improving the collective gene pool as we know it. By introducing a plugged-in toaster to a running bathtub, whoever possible. Come on cruel Fate- do your thing, and help [p us all out in the process.

Speaking of which, our hopefully soon to be next candidate for a burned toast cosplay, the aforementioned homophobe Jeffrey Seal, has one last set of arrogantly hateful opinions that he would like to share with us all regarding the LGBTQ’s that he despises so much, using as his “proof” of concept, the Bronze-Age fairy-tale tome known as the Bible: Which to be fair, is akin to using the unwarranted premise that Highlander 2 as an example of a “good” movie:

Actually? The mythical Jesus says no such Him-damn thing, whatsoever. And even if he had, so what? I for one, don’t take life cues from a mythical figurehead, no matter who his dad might be, and neither should you. Not only is it not your individual right to speak for God, the personal lives of strangers are also none of your business either, according to 1 Thessalonians 4:11-14, which demands that;

“And that ye study to be quiet, and to DO YOUR OWN BUSINESS, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you. That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing. But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.”

But as Seay’s brain is limited in his capacity unlike his unnecessary hate, he just can’t leave well enough alone, and had to go that one extra step over the line into full dumbass. Which by the way, you should never willingly do. Never go full dumbass. It’s not a good look, even if you are one:

If you ever needed a reason as to just why a family tree having more than one branch is ever so crucial, look no further than Seay here, who resents the sap that’s sadly running through that which is his.

But then again, maybe it’s perfectly sane to post, in a five-month span, no less than 120 hateful comments about a demographic of strangers whose lifestyle affect your life one way or the other, especially when you have all that time left over after deliberately misunderstanding how the Constriction actually works.

Man, this is an awful lot of hate, to have waded through, isn’t it? Therefore, I would like to add a touch of both education and mirth to the ending proceedings, as I start shutting down this latest screed of mine. First, the educational bit, provided by the entity of all reposited knowledge known as “Google”:

Now, if you didn’t know this information before, you most certainly do now, and while the knowledge of this won’t necessarily make your life any better, it might actually help improve your meme writing, somewhere down the allegorical road, if only to save you from the embarrassment presented here by one Mario Tomasi:

But why is this embarrassing, and possibly even awkward, you ask? Well, it has a lot to do with just how this never-happened event has been artistically depicted throughout the ages. For while the familiarity of animals and their respective appearances is fairly common these days, the artists of the post-Biblical era were not so fortunate to all share the same collective knowledge of such particularly specific things. C

A case in point, and also, proof of concept:

Did you spot the issue? It’s not glaringly aware at first, but it is there, clear as day. If you look closely at this painting, wherein the animals are boarding the Ark, BOTH LIONS HAVE MANES, WHICH MAKES THEM BOTH MALES. So, unless one of the Lions is wishing the other a happy trip as it waits for its inevitable encounter with drowning, the assumption could be made that it’s either a bisexual bromance, or a committed relationship. You know, the kind that anti-Trans and Homophobic bigots absolutely despise?

I will admit that this trifle of an artistic discrepancy is a bit of a stretch to justify a defense of the LGBTQ Community at large, but such has been here since before the time the fairytales regarding “God” were written, and such will remain here long after we’ve hopefully purged this mythical mendacity from our culture’s critical thinking skillset. And while yes, such a mistake of zoological depiction could be blamed on a lack of practical knowledge, the same can’t be said for the modern-day representations of the myth:

In fact, this mistake of bestial anatomy is so common in its cultural dissemination, it’s even found itself inadvertently replicated in Biblical-themed pre-school playsets aimed at the most ardent of Christian adherents:

As an atheist, I can only imagine, and this with great amusement, the certainly uncomfortable resultant parental discussion resultant when their kids, thanks to their basic science class, name the play-set’s Lions Adam and Steve, rather than the Adam and Eve nomenclature that religious homophobes would prefer.

Absurd argument overall, I know. But is it any less absurd than the ones based in paranoia, fear, and willful ignorance that Conservative hypocrites employ to justify their unwarranted hate of the LGBTQ Community and its deeply-rooted culture? I’d say “no” of course, but to be fair, my sense of Humanity still functions as it should. Unlike the despicable troglodytes I’ve presented to you throughout this screed.

Keep in mind, that not one of these people ever presented a rational defense as to why they despise persons unknown to them this much. Nor did one present a personal encounter that resulted in their bigoted bias, either. There was disgraceful slander. There was ignorant fear. There were ludicrous conspiracy theories, as a rule.

But in the end, nothing was offered to serve as actual proof, save for the abominable flaws of character assigned only in the morally timorous, if not the intellectually tepid. These people aren’t inspiring for their unwavering dedication to a lost cause, because that cause is fed, maintained, and buoyed up by hate, and hate alone. Sort of a hate for hate’s sake, kind of deal.

Weather it’s the hatred of minorities, the hatred of Women, the hatred of the LGBTQ Community, the hatred of differing spiritual and political ideologies, or the asinine despisement of established Reality itself, hate is all that they’ve got to spare. Noy compassion. Not empathy. Not intellect. And most certainly, not a singular trace of any desire to educate themselves in regards to their dystopian worldview, either.

Members of MENSA, they will never be, but as mindless MAGA, it’s not like much is expected of them in the first place, past marching when told to, screaming when instructed, faking outrage when coached to do so, and serving as cannon fodder when expedient for the Fascists that they adore more than life itself.

But maybe, just maybe, their winding up as convenient disposable cogs in service of a disingenuous juggernaut that chews them up and spits them out at will, is actually the most appropriate fate for these mindless blunt instruments. For after all, when it comes to hateful idiots, the GQP has the lock on being overstocked.




“The concept that really gets the goat of the gay-hater, the idea that really spins their melon and sickens their stomachs is that most terrible and terrifying of all human notions, love. That one can love another of the same gender, that is what the homophobe really cannot stand. Love in all eight tones and all five semitones of the world’s full octave. Love as Agape, Eros and Philos; love as infatuation, obsession and lust; love as torture, euphoria, ecstasy and oblivion (this is beginning to read like a Calvin Klein perfume catalogue); love as need, passion and desire.” – Stephen Fry, Moab Is My Washpot


Inhuman Rage-sources. Pt.1 (Crazy from the Bleat)

“You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for his own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful.” – Marie Curie

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

What kind of mood are we in today? Happy? Sad? Contemplative? Whatever it just so happens to be, I hope that it’s working out for you like gangbusters. Speaking only for myself as is my way, I can honestly say that on most days, my stereotypical mood could normally be visually depicted as looking just like this:
Somewhat introspective, occasionally sidetracked by the process of woolgathering as it were, thinking ahead of what’s still to come, while trying to build upon the lessons taught by the key takeaways from my not too recent past. And all of it accomplished, with the aid of a pot of Earl Grey, served char-brewed style.

To quote the English novelist Jasper Fforde; “There is no problem on earth that can’t be ameliorated by a hot bath and a cup of tea.” A sentiment that I heartily both applaud and agree with, one-hundred-percent.

But as of late, it seems that there’s not enough tea in the world to overcome my current level of frustration in concern to the idiocy I see all around me, an appallingly endless cycle that occurs day in, day out, and seemingly, most of the night as well. Some of this aggravation as you’d expect, gets translated into the allegorical grist that fuels my writing endeavors, and the remnants of what’s left, gets transmogrified into the mental equivalent of:
This is not to say that I have a drinking problem by any stretch of the imagination, as to be quite honest, I rarely imbibe any form of alcohol at all. No, what I’m getting at here, is that sometimes, after several days of my writing up a piece to its completion, I feel like I’ve just gotten back from a month-long bender in Vegas wherein I spent most of my time chugging the water from the shallow end of the collective gene pool.

Especially when my background research turns up dumber than fuck commentary such as this:

Regular readers of mine already knew who this histrionic harpy is, and if you don’t, hit up the AB Archive and enjoy the “Debbie Does Malice” trio of stories composed over the span of June 2023 to August, 2023, centered on the ravings of this stunningly ignorant, if not exceedingly hateful, Alt-Wrong wingnut, because after you do, you’ll understand just why providing unfettered birth control access, along with adequately funding public education, should be everybody’s top societal priority in the upcoming future.

Irrespective of all that though, this lunacy does manage to kick it a notch or two up and over Harshbargar’s characteristic “WTF” yammering yardstick, and if you’ve read any of her previous entries of asininity as described in my screeds, you well know that’s not the easiest of things to accomplish.

Sure, there’s the stereotypical Conservative demands for imprisoning their political rivals based on nothing save for their hate for those they can’t leverage actual evidence against, but the claim that these same said political icons were secretly arrested, criminally charged, tried, executed, and then unobtrusively “replaced” with actors wearing Mission Impossible style masks enhanced by CGI?

That my readers, is a truly unforeseen plot twist.

And even better so far as the inadvertent humor is concerned, is the fact that none of these nattering nimrods pushed back on this lunacy, at all, if even for a moment. Hating your partisan adversaries passionately, makes sense. Spreading lies about them, or selectively cherry-picking their words and deeds, makes sense. For after all, that is how the game of politics has always been played, distasteful as it most certainly is.

But casting them in a politically-themed cosplay reminiscent of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Trust me, they do, but they also don’t care, because as they lack any measure of honesty and/or the personal courage to better themselves, the fetid stench of their collective failures as decent human beings, as loyal Americans, and as devoutly faithful Christians, makes such introspective furtherance, that much harder for them to successfully achieve.

Now, to be fair, jackasses such as Harshbarger, Bear, and Reynolds, are the exception, rather than the rule, but it sure does seem that there’s far more of these ranting rabblerousers loitering around these days, than there ever used to be.  Fortunately, this is somewhat incorrect in its cultural scope.

This somewhat incorrect assessment, wherein the parameters of the sociopathic morons in our society are tallied, can be directly attributed to a number of factors. Two of the most prevalent being the influence of social media, access as well as the never-ceasing hate-milling of the modern-day Conservative movement.

This is not to say the Liberals are off the hook in relation to their transgressions, but as far as attempted shots on goal go, Neocons far and away, present themselves as being nothing less than the fascist embodiment of Gordie Howe, at best.

Over the last few years, I’ve amassed quite the trove of cuckolded commentary from these unfrosted Pop-Tarts poorly masquerading as humans, and while a good chunk of that research winds up on the pixilated page, a great deal of it does not. At times, it’s literally a “Sophie’s Choice” type of decision, which is an apt analogy, considering just how close some of this unchosen annotation comes to mirroring Nazi ideology, every now and then.

Granted, this doesn’t apply to all of the asininity that I will eventually be unraveling for you over the course of this screed, for sometimes an allegorical moron is just that, but as you’ll come to see, the modern-day Conservative movement doesn’t so much as march to the beat of a different drummer, as they ever so willingly, goosestep in formation to it.

Case in point, this ever so lovely and not-racist-at-all meme, that weaponizes the fear of the “other”, the “foreigner”, and the “non-American”, in order to rationalize the author’s inherent ignorant sense of unwarranted xenophobia, Islamophobia, and outright bigoted isolationism:  

This vile falsehood, disturbingly reminds me of this abhorrent observation as it was written by one Paul Joseph Goebbels, who, under the tutelage of Adolf Hitler, served as the Nazi’s chief propagandist.

The following excerpt, taken from an article that was published November 16, 1941, and titled “The Jews are Guilty!”, clearly lays out the Nazi’s feelings in concern to the Jewish people’s future place in Germany at that time, and at no point within the original full text, does it ever pull its antisemitic punches.

And after you’re done reading it, take a moment and see if you like me, were able to draw any parallels between its intolerant message, and the one so abhorrently presented by Noyb’s meme:

“Every Jew is our enemy in this historic struggle, regardless of whether he vegetates in a Polish ghetto or carries on his parasitic existence in Berlin or Hamburg or blows the trumpets of war in New York or Washington. All Jews, BY VIRTUE OF THEIR BIRTH AND THEIR RACE, are part of an international conspiracy against National Socialist Germany. They want its defeat and annihilation, and do all in their power to bring it about. That they can do nothing inside the Reich is hardly a sign of their loyalty, rather of the appropriate measures we took against them.”

The more things change, the more the fucking songs rife with hateful rhetoric, remain the goddamn same. Albeit with different lyrics and a rearranged melody, of course. Just switch the nationalities, throw in a few racist code words and red-meat dog whistles, and play the victim card as often as you possibly can, and you my good sir, will have a Conservative hit on your hands that you can retread for decades.

Now, while the aspects of, racism, misogyny, paranoid fear-mongering, the manufacturing of cherry-picked false narratives, and religiosity-fueled hypocrisy and unwarranted self-righteousness are Conservative \classics for a reason, they’re also blatantly obvious to anyone whose brain and/or soul works as Nature intended.

And therein, lies the root of our current societal problem. Conservatives don’t think, don’t care to, and if pressed, probably couldn’t do so at this point, even if their lives depended on it, as their collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic most certainly proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What isn’t in doubt though, is just how pervasive this communal pond of puerile paranoia has been in infecting the general populace, notwithstanding the varying degrees of cumulative success such as achieved. As the saying goes; “We didn’t have “Fake News” until we elected a “Fake President”, and nowhere is this maxim better certified than when you read stuff like this

In the Land of the Nattering Neocon, paranoid conspiracies are the embodiment of Truth itself, hypocrisy is virtue, and saying; “I know you are but what am I” in response to one’s transgressions of character being held to account, is considered to be a stunningly effective and legitimate defense. In other words, the inmates are not only currently running the asylum, they’ve sold the franchise rights to it as well.

As I said above, I’ve got quite the archive of asininity in reserve to draw my literary inspiration from, and if you think I’m kidding or being over-dramatic, here’s the proof of the pustulant pudding:

Fifteen-thousand two hundred and thirty-eight screengrabs, of conservative commentary and posts, gleaned from scores of mentally- bereft neocon cultists, spread out over five-hundred and twenty-six individual sub-folders, further divided by topic as well as specific persons,, with the end resulting in 2.09 GB of the proof that not everybody should be allowed internet access without the results of an IQ test being analyzed first.

And all of it mind you, gathered in less time than it takes to make a sandwich. Say what you will about the Shadowlands of the World Wide Web, and I heartily encourage you to do so, but when it comes to providing grist for my literary inspiration, it’s the equivalent of a 7-11- never closed, easily accessible, and all of the good stuff you really want, is right up front closest to the door out.

So, that’s what I’ll be dipping into today: this relatively untapped trove of terribleness that evidences the Conservative so-called “thought process”, as well it’s ever-increasing spiral into mental instability, if not eventual and societal irrelevance, when one takes into account all of that which has been unfortunately said and is dumb

And for the sake of clarity as well as my own sanity, I’ll be doing it in the order that they’re catalogued: CONSPIRACIES; the sub-headings being Health, Politics, and Wackadoo, HATE: the sub-headings being LGBTQ, Misogyny, Racism, and Violence, POLITICS; which of course is all about American politics, and finally, SOCIAL ISSUES: the sub-headings being Abortion, God, Guns, and Media.

And hopefully I’ll have covered it all with that singular kindness that I’m rumored to be known for, in the end. As an added bonus, I may even revisit some previously written about old friends, if only to see what they’re up to these days, because keeping an eye on that which is proven to be venomous, is never a bad idea, regardless of whatever ideology it is that you ascribe your belief system to.

Whether such revolves around “the Deep State”, “Q”, “Lizard People”, “Clones replacing human political leaders”, “Crisis Actors/False Flag Operations”, or “Satanic machinations“, CT’s are the GQP’s most recent import into the cultural mainstream, and being as such, they show no sign of either losing allegorical steam or being defeated by the penicillin of common sense.

This of course, leads us to our starting off point, that being the Conspiracy Theories surrounding vaccines and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Of which and in regard to, there are endless varieties to be dissevered within the Neocon Thunderdome. Two Conspiracies may enter, but literally one-thousand more leave, when they’re done interbreeding in full view of the clamoring cultists that adore them so much.

Keep in mind if you would, that some of these posts do go back quite some time, and therefore, may no longer reflect what its originator may think now, but as once a moron forever a moron, seems to be a founding philosophical cornerstone of the modern-day Conservative movement, Id also point out that I’m pretty sure the gullible goalposts of theses soon to be presented wackadoos, probably haven’t moved an inch, but as it is with all things, there are the rare exceptions.

Like this guy for instance:
Ken and I, from a literary POV at least, go way back to roughly September of 2020 or so, and his Aryan-inspired asininity has made several appearances in my screeds over the years, with April’s 2021 installment “Vanguard of the Vanilla. (Chauvin-istic Tendencies)” being the crowning achievement. As the majority of what he posted at the time, was generally racist as fuck, seeing him delve into the nattering neighborhood of wackadoo, was actually a refreshing change of pace from his stereotypical bigotry.

But White boys are still gonna White about everything, so naturally of course, Ken here just has to draw a false parallel to the unvaccinated being validly refused entry to certain places for the safety of the public at large, as being akin to the type of racial discrimination that he wishes he could practice openly and without societal consequence.  Why do I say this, you ask?

Well, the answer is White in front of your face:

Yes Ken, they actually do. But as you’re not at credible risk for being five times more likely to be fatally shot by the police while obviously unarmed, or have the threat of being racially profiled due to your being whiter than an Osmond cover band, I think it’s safe for us to take our eyes off of you for five minutes.

However, Ken’s feeling that all White lives do, is only seemingly conditional at best, as this; heartfelt posting highlighting his inner concern for the well-being of others, makes abundantly clear:

By the way, I too, shop at this very same Walmart, and the homeless people there are NOT a problem on any level, and even more relevantly, never have been. And I say this, as someone who walks with both a pronounced at times limp and a cane, which is normally catnip for the criers of sob stories.

I have never been asked for cash, I have never been harassed, nor have I ever even seen in the first place, any of these alleged public nuisances that apparently vex my resident mayonnaise scheißkerlso ever so much.  

Not to mention, there are many travelers who come through my small town who aren’t homeless, and they use the Walmart parking lot as a quick nap-stop, rest-stop, and eating-spot, before they head back out to the world entire that Ken apparently thinks only exists to serve people just like him. A feeling I may note that his fellow and equally as arrogant anti-humanists, share more than willingly, if not publicly:

Yes, Tammie… “they” have “shifts”, because that’s just how the scourge of homelessness works, my suburbanite twat. Strange then, that as someone who visits this location an average of five to six times a week at all hours of the day and/or night, I have yet to witness this dedicated troupe of marauding malcontents as you, Ken, and Ken’s obviously got-nothing-better-to-do-with-her-time wife, allegedly have.

Not to mention, the auto shop location in question, is figuratively miles away from the front doors of said Walmart, and is NOT EVEN VISIBLE from the parking lot itself, unless you literally drive halfway round to nearly the back of the building. But yeah, these homeless people are such a concerning threat. So, I guess “White Lives Matter” only when they have a permanent address and a 739-credit score, right Ken?

However, this is not to say that Ken and his buddies don’t have any helpful suggestions:

Ah, Walter. Spoken like a man who has no idea of what he’s actually talking about, for the “homeless shelter” that Ken mentioned (AKA; SPIN) is an SOS (Seasonal Overnight Shelter), and not a long-term solution for those who find theses stuck between a rock and a hard place in a town whose biggest employers are the Walmart, the Mining industry, the Hospital, and the severely limited food & retail trades.

But then again, should I be surprised about his lack of concern for the homeless, when he’s as equally upset, that blue-collar workers are possibly going to achieve the acquisition of less than a living wage?Poor Walter. His life is going to be made that much more difficult by people having not only enough money to barely pay their bills, as well as funding his monthly social security check, but by finding himself burdened with the knowledge of just whose fault it is for this bare minimum bump of a cost-of-living increase, as well: And who is that, you wonder?

Well, lets’ just let Walter and his mentally-challenged friends inform us all:

A few notes, if I may? First Richard Leyba, it’s actually spelled “outrageous, not “outrages” Buy a dictionary, or learn how to use spell-check. Second, Walter, I have serious reservations that the Communists are going to “take over” America via your pellet stove operational cost. Just saying. But thanks for presenting yourself ad every walking cliché we expected from someone who brings nothing to the metaphorical table, save for willing ignorance and paranoia.

However, the well of stupidity only gets deeper, as Walter and his moronic minions continue to squawk:

Remind me again if you would, which political party it is, that passed a tax break for the uber-rich and not the poor and middle class, who fights against worker benefits and raising the minimum wage, decries maternity leave as unnecessary, rails against affordable healthcare and lowering the cost of prescription drugs, as they attempt to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, all while bragging endlessly that they alone, truly “represent he working class”?

Go ahead…
And while I do, let’s get back on track with what we opened this section up with- that being, conspiracies about COVID. Now, while some of these were clearly borne out of fear, leading to a pervasion of willful ignorance to take hold, more than a few have been manufactured wholly out of delusional dipshittery, such as this gem, courtesy of yet another Artbitch scratching post, a lummox who goes by the name of Russell Ward Mathews:
“Millions of Murders”, and yet somehow, using only the internet, bumper stickers, and the ever-screaming voices in that otherwise vacuous melon that he calls a head, Matthews was the only one on the very earth itself, to suss out a definable pattern of occurrences.

And rather than bring this crucial proof to any form of legal authority, advocacy group, media outlet, book, magazine, or newspaper publisher, he felt instead, that the best way to spread the word was with a self-created meme on Facebook, which just so also happens to be, the main social media platform that Conservatives are always claiming purposefully censors the “truth” whenever such is posted.

Truly, a genius plan all around, with nary a flaw that I could ever hope to detect. I’ll never cease to be amazed, at just how unfair it is that brilliant minds such as Mathews are forced to toil away in only the most menial of mediocre jobs, rather than being allowed to fully unleash their obvious intellectual prowess towards the benefit of Mankind itself, by unraveling the mysteries of the known Universe, such as it currently exists.  

Sure, I could mention that this is yet another claim without any actual evidence being presented to defend its proof of concept, but when you’re far too busy disentangling the web of an insidious cabal hell-bent on murdering all those who get in its way of its lust for power, it’s not like you have the time to jot down any notes, am I right?

Oh wait, no I’m not, because this premise is fucking insane. A reality that I was more than happy to point out:

See? I keep telling you all that I’m truly a “people person”, and as of yet, you still don’t believe me.

But sometimes, being considered a Man of the People isn’t always a good thing, especially when the individual presenting themselves as such, disguises the fact that they’re nothing less an alleged snake-oil salesman who uses the cover of religion to profit off the selling of fear-mongering false salvation, such as we see here:

I first introduced you to this self-styled “Man of God” back in October of 2021, in a screed entitled ”Ruth-less Sheeple. (The Divine Profit-see)”, in which, I discussed Cooper’s moronically misinformed takes on the Constitution in relation to religious practice, the COVID pandemic, his church’s seeming lack of doing anything typically related to what churches actually do, and the fact that as one of his parishioners, you’re more apt to hear about his book(s), long before you hear about God’s record-braking one:
Cooper, for all of his faux-Christian pomposity, somehow missed the fact that the message from the Good Book that he obviously considers to be less important to promote than the self-punished tripe he cranks out, is simply loaded with edicts concerning the protecting others, to take responsibility for your own actions, and to not sow falsehoods of any kind, but when you’re trying to become the next far more-grafting Joel Osteen, I guess you can pick up that annoying slack in your virtuosity, later on down the road.

Because as the Good Book tells us, in in the lesser-known parable of Shitheadius 10:1; “And the Lord gathered the Morons of the arid Lands replete with green chiles, and bade them to care not for others or themselves, for the sale of books with covers too far apart, must continue unabated, and to be haughty and dance like uncircumcised Philistines, in front of the official scribes who would note their jackassery for the age, with great humor and infinite sadness.”

Truly inspirational, even if Cooper’s contribution to creating a public health crisis, is not. You read that right- Cooper here, desperately dependent on the incoming cash from his cringe-inducing merch sales, once found himself in legal hot water, when he decided that despite a public health order issued during the height of the COVID crisis, he was going to hold services anyway, the public safety be damned.

Naturally, he (falsely) turned this into an issue of “religious freedom”: which is code for; “I believe in a mythical Skydaddy, so the Laws of Man don’t apply to me”, which if you’re an actual Christian, blatantly violates the edict of Romans 13: 1-7; which says that:

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and THOSE THAT EXIST, HAVE BEEN INSTITUTED BY GOD. Therefore, whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore, one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.” …

But hey, that’s just God saying this, so I’m sure we can just ignore it, like Cooper so regularly does.

Now, if you’ve already read the screed about this shekel-seizing Man of the Cough, then you’re aware it’s fairly obvious that Cooper is nothing more than a new variant of the long-established cadre of evangelical End-times entrepreneurs, and as such, should be best avoided at all [literal] costs. That is, if you truly value your soul or current credit rating, anyway.

But surely you ask, how openly gullible must one be to put any stock in Cooper’s selling you on the concept that just being human is a “sin”, right before he suggests the fallacy that the only the “cure” for such, is the “salvation” that only he can arrange?  To answer that, I present one of Cooper’s naïvely trusting walking cash cards:

With all due respect Mrs. Turner, if you’re hearing voices in your head while taking a shower in the privacy of your own home, I’d suggest that ether you check your bathroom windows to see if they’re open, or your bathroom mirror, to see if your brain is leaking out of your ears. And when you’re done doing that, check your credit report to see where your money is actually going. Call it a hunch.

However, as fear-mongering is a growth industry, there’s always someone who has to kick the lunacy up a notch:

Yup. COVID vaccines contain “nano particles” to track your movements, everyone. Because your cell phone GPS system, social media postings, location-based apps, and personal spending habits, have failed miserably to do just that with any form of efficiency, thus far.

But wait if you will, for Marlin has more crucial information regarding the vaccines that he needs to share, and in no way, shape or form, is it 100% insane as fuck:

Anyone else getting the feeling that Marlin should call up Ken, and invite him over for a 3 a.m. BBQ on the front lawn of his closest African-American neighbor’s home? So, not only is the vaxx tracking you, it’s also deliberately cock-blocking you as well? Damn. Science-based Evil, is really bringing its “A” game to the allegorical table these days, let me tell you.

Never mind that the originator of this unsupported by any actual science miasma of a mediocre thought process, also uttered that; “COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese”, which according to the GQP, is not a racist thing to say at all, when it’s slanderously false to begin with.

Do you know what the COVID vaccine actually does do, Marlin? It prevents the spread of disease, and increases the intellectual bereavement of jabbering jackasses like yourself, as it does so. But I do hope that you do get the shot, for if your theorems prove correct, not only will it protect the rest of us from a plague, it will also give us all the comfort of knowing where you are at all times, and that you’ll be the last of your line.

Speaking of Science-based Evil, it’s about high time we address just who it is that’s been cluelessly aiding this multiple murdering cabals behind this “scamdemic”, as the cool kids call it, and I can assure you, it’s not going to be who you expect. Sure, the government and the Deep State are playing their part, but the real enemy we should be fighting, is those who swore a satanic oath to the false God known as Hippocrates:
Applying Red Pilling’s “logic” here, I guess it’s also a lot easier to tell yourself that you’re a steadfast  warrior for Truth when you’re not encumbered by the burden of producing any credible evidence to support your asinine claim either, but then again, it’s not as if our anti-masked vanilla vigilante Jason Schagene here, (Red Pilling’s actual name) would be able to do so in the first place. Nevertheless, I offered him some heartfelt advice anyway, which I’m sure he truly appreciated.

Once again, I keep telling you all that I’m truly a “people person”, and yet, you still don’t believe me. That just hurts. Granted, it doesn’t compare half as much as some of the Conservative idiocy that I’ve collected over the last few years, but it’s still quite painful all the same. Case in point, this intellectually-starved meme, courtesy of one Richard “Ricardo” Leyba, who hails from my current neck of the woods:
Yes siree Bob, this twat nails it dead. Having to wear a mask every time you’re inside a store for five minutes to protect both yourself and your fellow human from a pandemic that at this point, has killed over 1.1 M people in the US alone, is akin to slavery.

Layba, much like some of the people listed above, is a previous Artbitch story subject, whose asinine commentary has appeared in a few other stories of mine from time to time, the end result of which led to he and the aforementioned Walter Cook Sr, finally sharing a duo of screeds, “Leyba of Love PT 1 (Walter for Elephants)” in August of 2021, and its follow-up; “Leyba of Love PT 2 (Don’t think the Walter)” one month later.

However, don’t misconstrue this meme as being evidentiary proof that Leyba is no more than an ignorant bigot with no literal grasp of what actual slavery is and what it actually was in the US, because he’s been pretty clear about just who he identifies as, and it’s not as a racist:
Damn… I guess he told us, did he not? He is so not a walking stereotype.  Nope, he’s a free thinker. A godly man, as it were. A patriot, no less. And most certainly, NOT a racist, no matter what his own social media posting history proves beyond a shadow of a doubt.:
“I don’t like traitors to America” says Trump-supporting, clueless hypocrite, who just above those strong words, openly praised two of its biggest betrayers during its tenure as a country thus far. Dude, I know you’re ever so busy being a jabbering baboon, but could you just take three minutes next time, and proofread your self-owning idiocy, before you go ahead and share it with the world entire?

Thanks, you’re a peach. Albeit one that on the surface at least, appears to be rather rabidly racist, for as we all know, thanks to our brains working the way Nature intended them to, the Confederacy and its vile ideology, isn’t a “culture” so much as it is an embarrassing footnote in our collective history.

Look at it this way: I’m German, and unlike you, I celebrate my culture by eating heaping plates of Kartoffelkloesse, wearing inappropriately tailored lederhosen, and singing the ever-popular song “Die Gedanken sind fre” at the top of my lungs, in lieu of posting racist tripe such as this:
Yup… 100% totally not racist, ignorant, or cringe-inducing, whatsoever. An opinion verified by this 3rd to last post of his, wherein he not only forgets that his surname literally hails from north central Spain, but that people who celibate the holiday month he’s promoting, only want him at the celebration to serve them their food:
No wonder he’s Facebook friends with both Cykala and Cook, for after all, you do tend to get a far better deal on a White-hooded robe ensemble when you buy them in bulk. I’m obviously kidding of course, for if you want to spot a potential member of the KKK, all you need now do, is to see if they’re wearing this specific hat out in public, and you’ll have that confirmation on the spot.

But what does the hat actually “mean”? Well, here’s a visual aid to assist you in acquiring your answer:Crafting false parallels, seems to be one of Leyba’s favorite deflection gambits, and while he does do it with consistent frequency, it’s also quite clear that he’s really not that good at it, as this post proves:
Um, genius? We as a nation, already have to carry a card [AKA: a driver’s license or state-issued ID] to get into certain places, such as bars, nightclubs, and the strip club where both your mother and sister work, so when it comes to this particular point, you sound like an even bigger moron than usual.

I also need that said same card to sign legal papers, buy alcohol or cigarettes, complete banking transactions, pick-up my pain medication, and drive a car, so maybe you should just sit this one out. Be careful not to squash your brain as you do so, because let’s face it; you really do need every last brain cell that you’ve got left.

Evermore the pity then, that the few remaining ones still chugging away inside the dimly-lit corridors of Leyba’s already overtaxed intellect, were seemingly asleep at the switch, when he speciously decided that the world needed yet another example of his failure to craft appropriate analogies in regards to sensitive topics that he clearly knows not a thing about:
It’s truly a shame that metaphorical apples and oranges can’t be monetized, for if they could, Leyba would be up to his neck in disposable cash. For the record, the scourge of sexual harassment and refusing to comply with an instituted health policy, are not even remotely close to being the same.

But as Leyba is a proud member of the political party whose current de facto leader is a convicted sexual batterer; I can understand why he may think that it is.To this inanity, I’ll just say what Neocons always like to say when the working class asks for the decency of an actual living wage: “If you don’t like it, you can always go get another job”.

Perhaps Leyba seeking employment as a tackling dummy, would be appropriate, given his intellect.

Moving on, we come to the next level of Conservative idiocy, that being their taking pride in refusing a vaccine or other related procedures designed to protect all people, including these same said jackasses who barely care about themselves, even at the best of times. And what better way to show that you’re on solid moral ground than by using terminology most commonly associated with White Nationalist ideology?

“We’re Purebloods”, say the very same people who look upon Donald Trump as a patriot, the J6 insurrection as an ultimate necessity, and the social precautions to reduce the death of innocent persons from preventable disease as a personally targeted affront to their individual sovereignty, but I digress. Nevertheless, their unjustified pride in allegedly being so, remains willingly unabated:

Unsurprisingly, I had an opinion or two regrading this state of delusion, and was more than happy to share it:
Damn. Do I ever love Conservatives. Not only do they take their moral guidance from persons delightfully unencumbered by any sense of such, they also get their medical advice from them as well, which is doubly hilarious when you remember that their mango-tinted man-child received one of the very same said vaccines that they hate and fear so much, and DIDN’T TELL THEM that he did so, until months afterward.

Irrespective of that hypocrisy, their madness and idiocy continues unimpeded:
If you ever wondered just what happened to all those people in your high school who could make a bong out of anything as if they were the MacGyver’s of the 420 collective, now you know how they ended up. In fact, here’s yet another example of just why you don’t mix your cannabis with your household’s cleaning products:
Oh look, Pam has an opinion regarding vaccine “passports”, and like the majority of what she posts, it’s equally incorrect and insane at the same time. First, it’s not incantational for governances both local and federal, to enforce health-related provisions, and no one anywhere is “forcing” you to get the vaccine, in any way, shape, or form.

And your being barred from a Starbucks, because you’re an ignorantly entitled moron, isn’t even close to being a “violation” of your HIPAA [correct spelling counts, dumbass] rights, either. As for your inference that only “PINKERTONS” and “TYRANTS” dismiss the Constitution out of hand, whose political leader was it, that said this?
Well, I guess we all now know just who the actual tyrant really is, don’t we Pam?

Man, I tell ya’: if Conservative hadn’t wasted all their time fabricating imaginary adversaries, false culture wars, and conceptually non-existent scenarios to obsess over 24/7, they might have actually been able to do some actual good for this country., rather than foment the destruction of it, as they’ve been doing for years now. And sadder still, is the fact that they didn’t invest some of that time learning just how Virology actually works:
After reading this dumber than fuck assessment, is it any wonder why conservative blockheads such as Sherrill, decry everything they don’t understand as being “fake”, regardless of whether it is or not?

Given this level of stupidity in concern to long-established scientific procedures, I can only assume the following: books in Sherrill’s home do double-duty serving as beer coasters, the reading of tea leaves negates the need for reading newspapers, and if you need either leeches or a poultice made from duck dung, honey, and linseed meal, hers is definitely the house to hit up first.

This is especially true if you just so happen to be under-stocked on the crazy in yours:
If I can say anything positive about the scourge of illnesses that Sherrill will most certainly face in whatever remaining lifetime that she may have left, it’s that at least when it comes to our getting into a doctor’s office on short notice, at least she won’t be in the way, thanks to her asinine beliefs about medicine in general.

And nowhere is this reality better verified, than by this cluelessly ironic self-owning meme, in which yet another Neocon known as Nikki Miller, lets us all know just who the idiots walking among us are. You know, just in case they’re not wearing one of those cult-identifying hats that I mentioned earlier?
True that, Mrs. Miller… true motherfucking that. Nikki here, being the lummox that she so clearly is, will be making a few appearances later on down the allegorical road, but for now, we’re moving on to the next facet of my CT collection, that being the ones dealing with the “Political”:
Truly, this is a damning statement, even if it was courteously delivered to us via the personage of a man whose best quality is to consistently serve as the supreme example of just why first cousins shouldn’t marry. Not only is this deflection blatantly false, it’s also relatively easy to disprove as well.

Last time I checked, it wasn’t Democrats being arrested in droves for the crimes of fraud, tax evasion, child trafficking, sexual assault, committing seditious acts, election interference, and obstruction of justice.

Just saying.

Not to mention, we’re also not the ones attempting to pass unconstitutional legislation and civil restrictions based on fallacious fabrications resultant of imaginary culture wars, either. But yes, Greg Gutless, other than those pesky details blowing holes in your dimwitted dingbat dinghy, you’re 100% correct. Well, at least inside your self-created media bubble/safe space that you hide in, anyways.

But isn’t that seemingly always the particularly specific case, when it comes to your political takes? But on the upside, that is, if one actually still exists, Gutless isn’t half as cerebrally cracked as this walking mental illness seeking appropriate medication, willingly appears to present herself as:
She seems ….um… rational, I guess? Yup, nothing but the best that America has to offer in concern to fleshing out the Neocon movement’s membership base, let me tell you. I mean, we already had clones replacing our world leaders being offered up as a possibility, so what harm could actually result from lifting the central plot of  “Capricorn One” wholesale, and then promoting it as being conceivably akin to it?

Nothing good I’m sure, but as the situational aspect currently lies, Storbeck isn’t the only loon out there formulating misconceptions out of the miasma of moronic mental meandering, for a prior Artbitch subject named James Oscar Holmes, is doing his part as well, to make the act of civil debate that much stupider, whenever such an opportunity clearly presents itself:
Sigh. Let’s take this absurd commentary in order of density, box by box, shall we?

BOX ONE:No, it’s not “common knowledge”, and you haven’t “interviewed” anyone. No, they’re not. And no, he is not. Also, if you could, please define “Marxism” for us all, because I’m pretty confident that you can’t.
BOX TWO: In a few simple words, none of this is true, and you are fucking insane. And you have no idea by the way, just how happy that I am, being the one that gets the opportunity to point this actual fact out to you.
BOX THREE: Yes, he did, no he didn’t, no he is not, no they aren’t, and no, he most certainly is not using his own money, as he hasn’t stopped spending yours yet, and doesn’t plan on ever doing so.

Say what you will about Conservatives, but when they find a song and/or a beat that they really like, they tend to stick with it, even when it’s catchiness and marketability has long played itself out, and there is no better example of this to be found than their own craziness-laden social media posts concerning politics:
Oh, Martin Choate. When I first discovered your online idiocy back in 2022, I knew then that someday it would really pay off. And while you’ve been an untapped resource thus far, I have a feeling that by the time the last word of this story-arc has been written, it’ll have been worth the wait. However, you did ask a valid (sort of) question, and as you’re either too goddamn lazy or stupid to go and discover the answer for yourself, I’ll do your homework for you, just this once.

You’re welcome. And even better, you don’t even have to thank me, for I do this all for the love of the craft:
Let it never be said that I don’t try to educate the inane as I go, because I most definitely do. Now, whether or not they truly learn anything however, is up to them alone. But Choate isn’t the only one pushing the false narrative that despite what we all saw on our televisions, phones, and tablets LIVE AS IT HAPPENED, that J6 itself, wasn’t an “actual” insurrection, so much as it was a Deep State telenovela:

What an uplifting message Elliot is promoting here, is it not? I mean, my late Mother and I were never what you’d call close, but I also wouldn’t ascribe our mutual emotional disconnection to the fact that she and I never participated in a treasonable act against our country of birth.

Also, while it’s not illegal to teach your kids to stand up for themselves, it is dumber than fuck to couch that lesson using an attack on Democracy itself with your impressionable child in attendance, as its principal framework. And BTW, did anyone else catch Elliot’s none-too-subtle racist swipe within it, as well? “The Kenyan King”, Lewis? Really?

As to the rest of your blathering, it was on TRUMP’S WATCH, [July, 2020] that protesters in Oregon were being rounded up using unmarked vehicles, and for the record, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, an avowed  anti-government extremist, was killed as he resisted with threats, his arrest by the FBI after he participated in an armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters, a small detail you somehow forgot to mention in your rant-as-meme, along with the fact that he was also armed at the time.

But hey… please tell us more about how Obama who is no longer President, is still ruining/running your life.

While Elliot’s asininitiy is telling of a personality far more suited to being a thrower of Molotov cocktails rather than kernels of Truth, it’s our returning demagogue Marvin Choate, who really comes out swinging the stick of stupidity with his obviously well-researched if unverified take on the “actual” events of J6.

Nice try, Marvin. But I think you’re forgetting a few things in regards to this dark chapter in American history,

That being, the hours of videotape documenting the days’ events as they happened, the trove of eyewitness testimony, and in a twist everyone with a working brain saw coming, the cellphone videos, texts, selfies, and the social media postings from the RIOTERS THEMSELVES, admitting to, and the documenting of, the crimes they willingly committed in real-time, based on the lies of your mango Mussolini.

Reality may not see it the way that Choate does of course, but that still doesn’t staunch the flow of falsehood fabricators trying desperately to lay the blame for this abominably of actual patriotism at the feet of everybody else, regardless of what actually occurred. Case in point, this wretched and quickly debunked attempt by one Sunnymarie Zealy, who somehow forgot that the bleach goes on your hair, and not on your brain:   Naturally, this false accusation of Zealy’s brought on a response from a person who if I may be so bold, quite possibly may just be, twice as goddamn stupid and woefully uniformed than she is:

Honest to mythical God, I have no idea how Obama does it. Pulling the behind the curtain political puppet strings, organizing false insurrections and nationwide race riots, all while running the government, as he chillaxes with Sata himself. Where does he find the time? Screw that; where does he find the energy itself, because whatever the heck he’s having for breakfast, I want some as well, no questions asked.

Seriously. I don’t even care what food is involved, for, I will chow down on whatever it is, like a piranha on a bleeding cow, a dog on a bone, or a Conservative on a chance to make a hero out of a known traitor:
Yes, rest in peace Ashli Babbitt, as well as historical and eternal disgrace, for your role in soothing the bruised hubris of a man who on his best day, wouldn’t have pissed on you if you had been on fire.

Your needless sacrifice means nothing to the demagogue who thus far, has yet to raise one dime for the legal expenditures of those arrested in his name, who has yet to offer any of his own cash towards the same, and who has yet to testify in any capacity, albeit in person or via a video statement, to minimize the punitive judgements that they now face, thanks to the marching orders that he himself, was too craven to follow.

But I’m ever so certain, that down deep inside, he truly appreciates your taking a bullet for the sake of his election fraud lies, nevertheless. James Tronka here, demands that we all “SAY HER$ NAME”, but as I find attempted treason somewhat distasteful, I’ll just use her should-be-official nicknames, instead.

As I’m relatively new at this sort of thing, I’ll do my best to try and [no pun intended] give it a shot. How about; “Brainless Cultist”?  Perhaps “Mentally-bereft Moron”, is far more accurate? Maybe I should refer to her as a “Delusional Dumbass”, as that seems to nail it in the head? Sorry, I meant to say “neck”. It nails it in the neck.

But the cheery-picked narrative imparting heroism, continues on, nevertheless:
Babbitt is no here. And she was not “murdered”, either, as her own actions led to her truly pathetic

At best, she was a highly misguided if not manipulated twit who went down the rabbit hole, and never came back up. And at worst, she’s a seditious and fully complicit betrayer of the oath she swore to protect this country, in willing league with the closest thing America has ever had to a publicly-supported fascist. Either way, not exactly the grade-A material one requires to craft a classically worthy hero, by any means.

A reality that I was more than happy to comment on, with all of my usual sensitivity:
See? I can take the negative and make it into a positive, when the need truly arises. Look at it this way: America gets one less wackadoo seditionist, and History gets a brand-new cautionary tale as to what can happen when one tragically confuses a mendacious moron as being akin to a mythical messiah.

Seems like an equitable trade-off to me, but what do I know? For after all, I remain as always, a situational cynic.

The false narrative that the J6 seditionist were innocent victims of machinated circumstance, is a popular theorem amongst the Alt-Wrong acolytes, and as such, they tend to beat it into dust as if were a dead horse:
Which in a way it kind of is, for we as a nation, collectively saw with our own eyes no less,, exactly what they didn’t do and more importantly, what they actually did, and all of the conspiracies based on sociopathic paranoia, fabricated non- occurrences, and lies uttered by a delusional demagogue intent on retaining his wholly undeserved grasp on fascistic power, will never change that.

For as a group, the J6 insurrectionists DID attack and subsequently injure, over 140 Capitol police officers. They DID loot offices, invade the chambers, smashed windows, and defecated in its halls. They DID proudly march down its corridors waving not only the flags once borne by Confederate traitors, but those bearing the name of America’s newest one, as well.  

And disgustingly, if not more disturbingly, they DID chant about hanging the vice president and a specific group of America’s duly-sworn legislators as well. You know, like “innocent” people so often do? Off topic somewhat, has anyone ever noticed the sheer number of times that Neocons erroneously associate the allegorical strength of the American Eagle with the flatulent flabbiness that is Trump’s?Yup. no better way to represent America’s great promise for the future, than by juxtaposing its most revered symbol of its inherent virtue, next to the criminal mugshot of the treasonous arsonist, who’s never had a sense of such to begin with: Or come to think of it, the strength to be able to manage it, if he had:

Man, that is some serious steadfastness being displayed there, am I right? No wonder the collective forces of the world’s dictators cowered in abject fear. when they found themselves face to face with him in the same room, displaying the resolute strength that he’s truly legendary for:
Hang on a second… is that the former President of the United States fucking saluting a high-ranking official of the North Korean military? The same military led by a dictator who openly swore that he would wipe the USA off the map of the world itself? Yes. Yes, it is. Gee, I can’t imagine what he gets called a “useful idiot” by our enemies, can you?

Their political gaffes and missteps aside, this is not to say however, that Conservatives aren’t all about meting out justice, it’s just that they don’t believe that it’s swift sword should ever touch upon the illegal actions that they themselves either solely undertake or are directly responsible for ideologically supporting.

And nowhere is this arrogance made more obvious, than by the fantasies that they manufacture in order to justify their delusion that they, or more accurately their cult leader, are truly the victims here:

“That’s a hard fact”, say the very same people who have to be able to produce any of notable substance in order to validly back up any of this partisan garbage up, but I digress. Despite that glaring discrepancy, I was still nice enough to offer up some encouragement for the cause itself, nevertheless:

Say it with me, my loyal readers: “See? I can be nice when I need to be.”

However, the same cannot be said of the Alt-Wrong underbelly of the debunked deflection as fact brigade that is today’s GQP, and for people who are always claiming that their adversaries duffer from “TDS”, or “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, they sure do seem to fixate on the Clinton’s (Hillary in particular) far more than they need to, and long after she was ever relevant:
I’m sure this deliberate misquoting of the contextual facts and of what was actually said in the report that Summers here obviously never read, was based on a genuine concern, and not the need to misdirect attention away from their own wrongdoing in relation to the scores of criminal activity that the Trump administration fomented as policy. A fact that I was more than happy to allude to:
I’m sure this deliberate misquoting of the contextual facts and of what was actually said in the report that Summers here obviously never read, was based on a genuine concern, and not the need to misdirect attention away from their own wrongdoing in relation to the scores of criminal activity that the Trump administration fomented as policy. A fact that I was more than happy to allude to:

Context counts, kids. That’s why Conservatives never employ it correctly, if and when they use it at all.

Pathetically, as well as predicably, the non-issue of imaginary voter fraud, became the rallying motive for the Alt-Wrong’s crafting of a fallacious framework intended to justify the chain of events attached to J6, as being a reasonable reaction to that which has been proven to be nothing more than an outright fabrication.

A falsehood that to this day, Conservatives still push as being nothing less than the gospel trut

Once again, a charge of corrupted process straight from the mewling maw of the GQP, that to this very day, has never had one shred of evidence presented in its defense to back any of its claims up.

Sure, it could have been presented inside a courtroom, distributed via books, magazine, or newspapers, posted on social media, or handed out at one of Trump’s Nuremburgesque rallies, but why do any of that, when you can just say that you have proof and your slavish base will just unquestioningly accept it at face value?

The belief that the 2020 election was “stolen”, despite all established evidence to the contrary since, has spurred the Alt-Wrong to achieve new heights of reactionary insanity, resulting in asinine and logistically impractical “suggestions” to stop such non-occurrences in the near future:

Despite Sullivan’s unwarranted insistence that over half of the country would willingly vote for Trump, the reality that such would happen, is overly optimistic at its best, and completely unhinged, at its worst. And as I’m all about helping those who’ve sadly found themselves cruelly bereft of an actually working intellect, I offered my ever-so-kind observational take on the overall situation:
Rest assured, when one batshit crazy conspiracy fails to deliver the goods as promised, there’s always another even far crazier one in the allegorical chamber, waiting for its moment in the sun, regardless of just how rationally improbable it is, or may be:  
As you may have already construed, everything stated within this meme obstinately false. To begin with, there were no “quantum blockchain watermark” [QFS] placed on ballots by anyone, anywhere, nor was there any form of “RIFD” [correct notation] tracking being used in conjunction with such, as well.

And I know that you’ll be shocked just as I was, to hear that at no point in time, were there ever 14M ballots that had been verifiably identified as being pre-filled out for Biden, either. In fact, it seems (GASP!) that this whole assertion was nothing more than a credulously implausible lie:
Imagine that. A guy known for lying as naturally as he breathes, being behind a series of conspiracy theories so insane and unforeseen, that even hardcore Scientologists and the ghost of Charles Ponzi, are seethingly envious of its nearly worldwide success. But the suggestions by Neocons to “safeguard’ the electoral process, just keep coming, no matter how tyrannically fascist they are in nature:

I love to break it to Leyba here, but that’s not how elections actually work in the United States, and it never will be. Shockingly, you don’t get to indiscriminately arrest people doing their sworn duty just because your cuck of a candidate, incontestably lost a free and fair election. Nevertheless, the cries of faux victimization from the side that employed deceit and attempted violence to acquire a win, remain shrill:  

This is truly some seriously selective memory recollection being displayed here boys and girls, and its cravenly pathetic, if not deliberately misleading as all fuck.

To start, the reason why Trump was “banned” from Twitter, was due to his reported insistence on posting incendiary and blatantly false lies that could (and did) incite political violence, which by the way, was well within Twitter’s right to do so, as it is a corporate entity, immune from the oversight of the First Amendment.

In addition, he was first validly impeached for both his soliciting foreign interference in aid in his failed re-election bid, and his attempt to obstruct the inquiry into such, by ordering his underlings to ignore the Congressional subpoenas they were dutifully served. Not too surprisingly, his second impeachment was resultant of his alleged “incitement of insurrection”, which in essence, declared that he was partially responsible for inciting the J6 attack upon the U.S. Capitol.

Wrapping up Washington’s falsehood, his supporters were arrested for participating in the same seditious action, his home / country club for foreign agents was raided due to his blatant theft of classified documents he had no right to be in possession of in the first place, and in regards to which, he refused to return lo ng after that fact was made exceedingly clear to him.

And as to his four indictments? Well, in order, they’re the end consequence of his paying “hush money” to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016, the aforementioned illegal retention of classified documents case, the Special counsel’s investigation of January Sixth, and ending with his attempt to influence the 2020 election results in Fulton County, Georgia Weird that Washington forgot to mention any of this, isn’t it?

And as to  they’re being regarded as “Fascists”…

… I too, have to wonder; wherever did people get that crazy ass idea?

The occasionally unfounded paranoia that Trump’s loyally stupid minions display at times while cringe-inducing, can also be somewhat hilarious for the same reason, and as I do enjoy a moment of levity at someone else’s expense every now and then, I’ll share with you an example of the false victimhood that these conservative cretins live with almost every day, if only to lighten the mood for a moment:
Actually Frank? You shouldn’t wear any hat into any restaurant, because it’s considered socially rude to do so.

And as a MAGA hat serves to inform the people around you that you willingly belong to a cultish demographic of dimwitted demagogues who are uniformly racist, misogynistic, Homo & Transphobic, as well as being proudly ignorant, maybe it’s best if you just leave it at home next time, right next to the copy of the indictments concerning Trump, that you’ve obviously never read.

And you can relax about anyone in the food service industry deliberately urinating in your lemonade, [correct spelling] because the odds are pretty good that ponce, they see your portable idiot identification symbol, they’ll probably ask you not to walk in to their establishment in the first place.

So, lighten up, you paranoid dipshit. You’ll be ok.

Referring back to the quatrain of indictments that are the current bane of both Trump’s legal team, as well as his cadre of MAGA loyalists, the lack of knowledge among the Trump faithful regarding their contextual impact, of the classified documents case as well as the other ongoing ones, while not entirely surprising, is still somewhat shocking, given the pervasiveness of the 24/7 news cycle juggernaut we find ourselves subjected to with an almost negligible amount of meaningful respite.

Overall, not only do they ignore the reality of what’s being explained right in front of them, they also purposefully invent increasingly ludicrous alternative narratives in order to ignore it:
Happy to say that Hickam here, ever the obsequious optimist  is wrong as usual, for The National Archives and Records Administration [AKA: NARA] had, as early as May of 2021, notified Trump’s lawyers that some two dozen boxes of original records had not been not turned over to them, as long-established federal law demands.

Highly classified records by the way, that he denied having for over a year, until they were unearthed in the unfortunately necessary FBI-led raid of his Mar-a-Lago resort on August 8th, 2022.

In other words, they DID know just what they were looking for, but don’t tell the party faithful that, because they already know the “truth” of the matter, and it’s twice as stupid as Hickdumb’s initial take on the situation:
Yes, that must be the reason for the raid, regardless of the fact that they found exactly what they were looking for, despite Trump’s claim that he wasn’t in possession of any such documents. A story that he maintained until he admitted to the exact opposite on his Twitter knockoff Truth Social, on August 31st of 2022:
Adding additional weight to the fact that Trump was in possession of said illegally held documents, past his inadvertent admittance that he was, his lawyers certified this assumption by stating in a now-infamous court brief that  the DOJ, and I quote directly; “gratuitously included a photograph of allegedly classified materials, pulled from a container and spread across the floor for dramatic effect.”

And this my readers, is why you don’t hire your lawyers off of a bust stop bench advertisement. Just saying. Regardless, the fallaciously crafted fever-dreams of unjustified persecution continue unabated
As previously notated in limited detail above, Trump is not being, nor has he ever been, indicted for “questioning” the results of the 2020 election, which by the way, is something that he legally did in sixty-four separate court cases, all of which he lost, due to the lack of evidence verifying any form of the fraud that to this day, he claims unquestionably occurred.

SPOILER: it did not, a fact that he and his sanctimonious sycophants know all too well, but refuse to acknowledge, because I guess when you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a mythical 215 pounds. And when you are, you most certainly need to justify actions bordering on treason, by falsely claiming that by participating in such acts, you’re actually “protecting” your fellow Americans from the auspices of nefarious legal overreach:
No, Donny Dumbass, “they” aren’t after me or any other normal American citizen for that matter, because we’re not the ones interfering with a free and fair election, attempting to influence or intimidate witnesses, inciting acts of political violence, and spreading lies about non-existent voter fraud that directly led to an unimaginable attack on established American democracy and it’s duly-sworn representatives, either..

And yet, Conservatives still cling to the mistaken confidence that a literal hail Mary pass of sorts will materialize from the ether to save their mango-tinted Messiah, although at this point, this clutching delusion is just that- an absolute misinterpretation of how reality actually works in its fullest utilization:

Yeah… it actually doesn’t work like that, though. Because if it did my wannabe Clarence Darrow, I’m fairly certain that Trump’s clearly fraying at the seams legal team might have already acted upon it, quite some time ago to the benefit of their beleaguered client Maybe you should drop them a note suggesting such a course of bold action, as I’m sure your experience poaching and then reposting incorrect memes, far outweighs the relevant knowledge that they collectively acquired in the real-world.

Speaking of observations cobbled together out of ignorance and undeserved internet access, our ol’ buddy Nikki Miller is back with a humdinger of a hot take regarding Trump’s infamous mugshot taken after he surrendered himself to the authorities in Georgia, which Miller refers to as a ”mic drop” moment, forgetting the fact that where Trump might eventually end up, he ‘d be far better off remembering not to drop his soap:
Um, stable genius? The reason n why you had a mugshot taken, is because whether you believe it or not, you’re not above the law, and persons arrested and charged with crimes such as yours as well as others you have yet to commit, not only undergo the process of having their fingerprints taken, but are also subject to the inglorious indignity of having a mugshot taken as well.

I know this comes as a stunningly unexpected shock to you, given the years you’ve skated responsibility for your myriad of previous transgressions both legal and moral, but the rules don’t change just because you’re famous, politically connected, or rich, although most of the time those very same aspects allow you to forgo what ordinary crotoxins cannot.

Nobody gives a rat’s ass whether or not you’re known by many or by no none at all, what they care about is imposing upon you that when it comes to the charges levied agents you, they don’t actually give a fuck about your cultural or political impact, because they’re irrelevant in the eyes of the Law

And while you can publicly rant all that you want that those who finally put the punitive screws to you are “Communist”, a descriptive that you literally couldn’t even begin to define with any clarity or margin of success, it still doesn’t alter the fact that you my treasonous sir, are legally, if not royally, boned.

Now that’s a “mic drop”, Nikki. You really should learn the fucking difference.

However, Miller isn’t the only ideology-fueled idiot who hasn’t quite grasped exactly just what Trump’s mugshot really means in the long run for both he and the political party he’s almost single-handedly destroyed, for as it is with all that is jackass dependent, there’s always an understudy waiting in the wings, resplendently waiting for their turn to prove just why branches are so crucial to a successful family tree:   
Now, I’m not sure what Choate thinks a mugshot allegorically represents, but it’s not on any level, “proof” that your political adversary is somehow more corrupt than you, especially when you’re the one in front of the camera who’s currently looking at possibly spending the rest of your life in prison.

And when you’ve found yourself in this untenable position due to both your actions, as well as the rulings of grand juries comprised of ordinary citizens and not agenda-driven politicos, maybe the best of hills for you to die on, isn’t necessarily arguing that it’s the other side that’s corrupt, and not you. Just saying.

Choate though, happens to be a diehard (if dimwitted) Trumper, and even if his mango man-crush has been impeached twice, incited an attempted coup, been indicted four times, and is currently facing no less than 91 criminal charges, as well as being found liable for sexual abuse in the E. Jean Carroll case, that’s still not reason enough for Choate to see Trump as being anything less than being the leader that America needs.

Despite all well-established evidence to the contrary, of course.

And while it’s long been suspected that Trump is running for his former office solely to save himself from an almost certain long-term imprisonment, Choate knows far better than most, what the real reason behind Trump’s caustically histrionic campaigning actually is for, and truly, it isn’t discomforting at all:
A few crucial notes, Marvin? Don’t worry, they’ll be simple, like your intellectual grasp.

First, all of the profits from those said merch sales will be going straight back to Fulton County, because they’re the ones that own the copyright on the image outright, and second; if you think “revenge” is an appropriate reason that it assures a “lock” on the win, then I can understand why you pleasure yourself to this photo as often as you do, because it]s obvious that you invest heavily in unobtainable fantasies.

Well, that… and unrepentant whining about that which has already been proven obvious to the rest of us:

You know what, Marvin? I too, am old enough to remember when US Presidents didn’t do certain things, either

For instance? They didn’t praise dictators, didn’t abuse the power of their office for barefaced personal financial gain, didn’t openly brag about sexually assaulting women, didn’t engage in acts of graft, didn’t blatantly mismanage a public health crisis, outside Ronald Reagan’s abominable handling of the AIDS epidemic of course.

And tellingly, if not most definitively, they didn’t disseminate slanderous and unfounded lies regarding election safety, in order to preemptively set the stage for an attempted coup against the very country whose laws they swore an oath to uphold when they were declared the rightful losers of a free and fair election, but I digress.

Reviewing Choate’s ever-growing pile of infantile partisanship, I’m reminded of a quoter by the noted author Umberto Eco, who once declared that; “Social media gives legions of idiots the right to speak when they once only spoke at a bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community, but now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. It’s the invasion of the idiots”

A theorem that when weighed against all that I’ve presented thus far, holds far more water than any of the buckets of Trumpian bullshit that asinine adherents such as Choate, carry as if it were the very essence of manna itself. And this brings us to the last segment of today’s screed, the conspiracy theories that are just plain “wackadoo” at their very best.

Now when I say “wackadoo”, I’m referring to the those particular postings that take what is already quite the crazy cupcake, deep-frying it in delusion, rolling it in powdered partisanship, and then serving it up with a wedge of lunacy, as evidenced by whatever the hell this was supposed to be:
For sake of clarity, my prior descriptive describing that which is literally posted above, isn’t just me being sarcastic mind you, as I seriously have no idea what in the hell this loon is babbling about, Nor do I understand why someone close to them, hasn’t sought out the professional help they so obviously need.

However, while this declaration is somewhat extreme, it’s also not that far outside of the lines of what was once considered to be sane, either. A boundary that I constantly see being inexplicably crossed by the Conservative movement, almost every day, regardless of how such appears to the public at large:
Rods of God” … that’s either the best name ever for a heavy metal band, or the best way to describe what an army of John Holmes clones might be correctly regarded as. Either/or, it’s a visual win all the way around. It’s also nuttier than fuck, but that’s beside the point., which in and of itself, is somewhat terrifying.

Let us not forget that the individual who carelessly scrawled this online, can unfettered and unsupervised, breed, handle sharp objects, purchase a gun, drive a car, and also vote, which when given her serious as a heart attack assessment of the mythical Deep State’s validity, should concern the living bejezus out of you.

And by the way Mrs. Storbeck, your allegorical “hounds of hell” have already been released, and quite some time ago, I might add. We call them “the Kardashians”, and they have been doing a fantastic =job whereas making us all suffer unilaterally is concerned, so no need to up the ante, or anything like that…

When it comes to the world of CT’s, the options range from the truly inane to the totally insane, and since they do, I’ll touch on a few examples from my hand-picked collection of well-aged mental mediocrity in order to illustrate the breadth of each remaining category I have yet to fully address.

And to kick us off towards this story’s end, I’ll delve into that which is absurd, to serve as our opening appetizer:

Every time I see this particular Halloween-themed urban legend rear its ever so sadly threadbare false narrative into the spotlight of the public consciousness, it always reminds me of this specific meme:
Which in turn, usually results in my responding to it in a somewhat particularly snarky vein:
In retrospect, I must amend my initial assessment that people who swallow this histrionically stupid swill, require psychiatric help. Maybe all they really need to get over delusions such as these, are a few handfuls of those free drugs that they believe are being handed out via the door-to-door network of crazed Willy Wonka wannabes.

Now, while it was once common to experiencer this kind of stupidity in person via an uncomfortable conversation with a loved one or co-worker, it’s more of a certainty that these days you’ll read it online first, long before you’ll ever hear about it, face to face. For the World Wide Web, being both the progenitor and disseminator of all such drivel is, in its own way, much like the titular character of the Wizard in Frank Baum’s series of “Oz: books.

That being, it’s both great and terrible regardless of its contextual reach, and as such, it allows tripe like the following to be broadcast without delay, interference, or any form of prior consideration as to its necessitated value in regards to its supposed cultural impact:Yes. That was a serious question. And yes, it was asked about one of the most amazing if not well-documented, technical achievements that Mankind has ever truly kicked ass at. And yes, this dumbassery bordering on conspiracy theory, was presented to the world entire, using the very same conduit of mass communication that could have just as easily, answered it in the first place, if only a bare modicum of effort had been applied:
Well, would you look at that? In less than four seconds using no other research tools save for Google, I managed to find not only photos of the folding design that allowed the lunar Rover to fit snugly under the Lunar Lander module itself, I also discovered the deployment instructions concerning it, to boot. Will wonders never cease?

You know, I think this “Google” thing might have a pretty decent shot of really taking off if only the word regarding its intellectual usefulness, could only get out to those who really need to hear about it.

Say, for instance, like conservative Republicans, self-declared ideological Christians, pool hall scientists, and morons such as Savaria here, who, despite being able to navigate Facebook’s cultural complexities almost flawlessly, still finds himself unable to figure out just how to use the basics of the internet itself, to avoid embarrassing himself in public, as a general rule.

Fortunately for Savaria’s social interaction schedule, he won’t be alone in the metaphorical Darwin’s waiting room that is the Internet, for he’ll be sharing the space with his fellow delusional dipstick, one David Shafto:
What an absolute horrible story concerning elder abuse… or it would be, if any of it were true to begin with. Not only was I unable to find evidence of any such story appearing anywhere albeit online or in print, I was equally unable to discover its source of origination either, in an era where literally everything that has ever been said, written, or discussed, is no more than a few keystrokes away.

Now, while Shafto may appear to be the very walking embodiment of a public educational system’s failure, it’s our next contestant John Bradley, who really nails down the main reason as to why the practice of eating lead paint chips as a kid, is so strongly discouraged, and why learning some actual History, isn’t:
Sigh… it is truly a shame that ignorance such as this, is only painful to those unfortunates who find themselves forced to sadly interact with the histrionic jackasses that Bradley so clearly serves as an honorary poster child for. One question I do have for our newest loon, though?

If Democrats were indeed, going to originally round Conservatives up and send them all packing to “death camps” as the result of an “honest” win, then why in the fuck wouldn’t they not do the same, in the face one that was dishonest?

Is that really how Bradley thinks the situational ethics would work at that particular moment?  I don’t know what’s more pathetic; Bradley coming up with this batshit crazy idea, or the fact that he decided that it needed to be put into the form of a meme. I can just imagine the inner monologue within the progenitor of such a plan: “Oh gee, even though we won unfairly, I guess we can’t kill everyone like we would have if we had won fairly”.

Oh yeah… that totally clocks, does it not? Unfortunately for those of us within the sphere of his paranoid circle-jerk, Bradley wasn’t quite done fallaciously fellating the concept of Godwin’s Law quite just yet:
Um, Genius? Before Hitler “took over”, Germany was a fledgling democracy [AKA: “the Weimar Republic”] which was abolished after Hitler and the Nazi Party, seized power in 1933.

Interestingly, for all of Bradley’s talk comparing Democrats to Nazi’s, I’ve yet to see him in any form, address the relevance that when it comes to the political arena, White supremacists and other such hate groups, not only overwhelming vote Republican, they also ideologically identify with them as well, as evidenced in these two not disturbing at all photos showcasing this theorem in action:
However, Bradley is half-right about a few things, albeit from a contextual POV.

For instance, Hitler blamed the Jews for the ills of the world, just like your party blames migrants, the LGBTQ Community, the working poor, and Muslims, for ours. Hitler weaponized the Media to spread lies while discrediting and slandering the ones that didn’t, just as FOX, Newsmax, Breitbart, and OAN ever so blatantly, currently do for your side.

The Nazis burned and banned books, demanded indoctrination in their schools and national culture, censored media, and called for the arrest of its political adversaries, both real and invented, just as your party’s representatives emulate on a daily basis, and stripped away the rights of those they despised, as your party is attempting to do with Gays, Minorities, Transpeople, and women’s body autonomy.

Not to mention, they to almost a person, prided themselves as being unquestioningly loyal to feeding the narcissism of a man they revered so much for no reason whatsoever, that they willingly died for him when they were asked to do so. A man I might add, so morally bereft of basic humanity, that he became the standard archetype for dictatorships everywhere.

A concept so dystopian and far beyond the pale of all that which is considered to be normal, that I’m sure your party could never even hope to ever see its equal within your lifetime:
Well, this is embarrassing. It seems that my optimism was wildly unfounded. My bad. It won’t happen again. Pinky swear. But Richard Williams, our next poster on the other hand, has no such qualms about humiliating himself online, mythical God bless him, and his inanity succeeds where Bradley’s lagged: that being, taking the absurd and presenting it as nothing less than the doesn’t need to be verified to be true, truth:
Yes… the same FBI who were considered to be American heroes when they investigated Hillary Clinton, are now the “Gestapo” for the simple reason that it refused to arrest her when they didn’t find the required evidence required to do so. As for the rest of the meme’s claims, they can all be addressed with one simple phrase: that being; “no, they did not”.

First, Trump has no “friends” to speak of, since actual friendship requires both loyalty and a sense of selflessness, and those are two qualities that Trump has never possessed, much less understands.

Second, same said non-friends of Trump fell like dominoes, due to their committing of serious crimes in his name, and when the FBI did finally raid Trump’s home, they found scores of classified documents that he claimed he did not have, while at the same time, demanding that they be returned to him ASAP, which sounds like a severely clueless disconnection between his stated story and the actual reality of what is.

Say, like claiming that the FBI both interfere in the 2020 election and then somehow sans court trials, put people in prison for simply questioning it, which is blatantly false beyond all measure. But then again, when you refuse to accept how reality itself actually works because it disproves your idiocy, I guess labeling it as a conspiracy makes it far easier for you to portray yourself as the unwarranted victim of cruel fate.

However, not all Conservatives are willing to slur Democrats as using the government as a cudgel to further their alleged evil agenda, some, like George Evans, our next up to bat blockhead, give them full credit for taking on the gull responsibility for doing their own hands-on wet work:
Oh George, you forked tongue demagogue… you sure do know how to lay down that sweet talk, don’t you?

If you would be so kind George, could you please remind us all once more, which political party it is that Jesus would rather hang out with? Would it be the one that welcomes migrants, as well as wanting to take care of the sick, the poor, the homeless, the hungry, and the elderly, or the party that demonizes those same said groups as being freeloaders, while hypocritically ignoring his father’s edicts?

Go ahead…
Ah, Conservatives… living proof that while you can lead a cultist to a place of higher learning, they still won’t be smart enough to figure out just the doors to the lobby actually work. Case in point, this overly optimistic post from 2020, concerning the almost godlike political prowess of a six-times-bankrupted man who couldn’t successfully sell steaks, vodka, and the game of football, to Americans:
Call me clueless Stephen, but which political party is it, that not only squelched the predicted “Red Wave” of the past midterms, and won the 2020 Presidential race, but also isn’t also burdened with the reality that its current front-runner for the 2024 presidential race, along with being a traitor, is a convicted rapist as well? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

And while I do, I’ll just overlook your need to disparage the LGBTQ Community as well as the Muslims, because as you’re a Trump adherent, I get that bigotry is part of your core DNA, as well as your party’s/ In fact, as previously noted, while the GQP screams about “TDS” [AKA; “Trump Derangement Syndrome”] until they’re blue in the face, they seemingly don’t get the hypocrisy of being actually deranged-in relation to Barrack Obama.

And as you’ve already suspected, their maniacal need to marginalize both his accomplishments and his continuing global cultural impact, is entirely based on his being Black. Nothing more, Nothing less. Hence the reason why they continue to manufacture Marxist machinations out of thin air and their racism:
Well, this seems credible as all fuck, does it not? “Somebody” told another somebody, in this case the physicist and conspiracy loon named Tom Fife, the essential details of a top-=secret multi-year plan to take over America, because that’s wat top-level agents of a secretive cabal do, and for whatever reason, he remained silent about it until Obama’s two presidential terms were over?
Oh yeah. That’s not a theorem that finds its central story completely riddled with realistic plot holes, whatsoever.

In fact, just yesterday, an agent of the southwestern division of the Illuminati, informed me that as I’m a middle-aged White guy in my mid-fifties living in New Mexico, I was allowed to slap on the Din-inspired jewelry, don a denim shirt, slip into a pair of cowboy boots, inform everyone in my immediate circle that I had found true spirituality, and then demand unilaterally, that they now should refer to me as “Brandon Bloodstone”.

Take a moment. Let it resonate within you, and then get back to me with your critique…

But the conservative craziness just gets deeper, the further we fall down into the rabbit hole that modern-day Conservatism has dug for itself over the last few years, and when the Manchurian Candidate ploy failed to take hold the way that they hoped it would, they simply switched gears and started claiming that Obama was gay, and that his wife the lauded Michelle Obama was… well, you’ll see:

We are so not racist or homophobic”, say the very same people who employ the gambit of racism and phobic bigotry to degrade those they despise, as comfortably as they breathe. A reality proven by their seemingly never-ending campaign of posting lunacy such as this, and declaring that it is indeed, hard-proven fact:
So, if Obama is “gay”, his wife is therefore obviously “trans”, and it matters not that such assertions are blatantly false, because as we’ve all seen by way of far too many freely provided examples, Conservatives regard a person’s being openly LGBTQ or worse, being born Black, as universally authorized permission to consider either as being fair game for their sociopathic process of dehumanization.

And nowhere is this concept of lunacy borne into pustulant flesh, then by this particularly vile example originally posted by previous Artbitch honoree and fulltime nutbar Jeffrey Seay, which at the very least, certifies the Alt-Wrong’s obsessiveness in crafty narratives so bizarre that even L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the cult masquerading as a religion Scientology, would call them crazy:

I apologize in advance, for both its length and its abominable stupidity:
If you actually made it all the way through this scheißhaufen poorly disguised as political commentary, keep in mind that such slanderous tripe is now more of the cultural norm than the aberration it should rightfully be and was once considered as. Even more disgustingly, the disingenuous vultures that comprise the Alt-Wrong media sphere inject these false fever-dreams into the societal bloodstream, and then claim the faux mantle of innocence when such lies eventually blow up in their faces:
Sadly, and irrespective of consequences such as the one posted above, the conservative movement refuses to bravely reclaim the  limited dignity that it once possessed, preferring instead to acquiesce to the unhinged demands of the inmates running the allegorical asylum, and then having the unmitigated gall to wonder aloud as to just why this country is as currently fucked-up as it is.

This cravenly attitude of going with the fallacious flow of self-propelled insanity, has led to the Alt-Wrong as a collective whole, throwing everything they can at the metaphorical walls in the wretched hope that at least one of their delusional valuations sticks, and by its doing so, allows them to maintain their already tenuous grip on political power.  

And as of late, their favorite go-to tactic for discrediting their political enemies, is either as we’ve already seen, falsely accusing someone of being gay, or even more abominably, as being a sexual predator of children, AKA; a pedophile. This in and of itself, is an already disgusting stratagem, but it’s also somewhat ironic, considering just how many of their very own have been prosecuted and convicted for crimes involving sex trafficking, underage sexual procurement, and the distribution and production of child porn.

Nevertheless, the GQP without reservation, has done little to curb these abhorrent attacks, opting instead to turn a blind eye as well as closed ears to the chaos that it both deliberately fosters and cravenly protects, all while disingenuously claiming that they’re really the ones being unfairly targeted for the violent acts and repugnant words that they inflict upon society as a whole.

For the GQP, cruelty and slander are part of their endgame, regardless of just how insane such may be, or whatever permanent damage it may cause to an innocent person’s reputation. Case in point, yet again:
Ladies and gentlemen, meet one Ally Carter who claims (without any verifiable proof) that at the age of 13, she was raped and I’m not making this up, although she most certainly is, by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and in a plot twist most curious, Beyoncé, and John Travolta, as well.

Now, I do know what you’re thinking: if Obama supposed to be gay, then Isn’t Michelle by extension, also gay if she’s actually a man? Isn’t Beyonce more into Jay-Z, rather than Day-C [short for “daycare”]? And as for the likes of Biden and Travolta, her list of supposed attackers is more akin to the cast list for a reboot of the “Love Boat” series, far more than one based in or on, any form of credible happenstance.

And don’t just take my word for it, or the fact that mainstream media has pretty much disavowed her bogus meanderings either. Even the most wackadoo of Alt-Wrong networks have ignored this clearly fabricated falsehood, and they literally make their money promoting salacious garbage like this as nothing less than legitimate news. Seriously. When even Newsmax thinks you’re insane, trust me… you really are

However, given the impact of this sort of delusional disinformation and its persistence it shows in relation to its hanging around within the cultural sphere, it wouldn’t be out of line if you found yourself asking at one point or another, just what kind of person would actually believe in this sort of story, and the answer is simple;
The English philosopher and political economist John Stuart Mill, once said that; “Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative”, an assessment that I do think has been proven rather competently throughout this screed, using only the words of the very same said conservatives themselves, who as you’d expect, bitterly protest this fact to the contrary, whenever possible..

Despite its whitewashing [emphasis on the “White”] of its own history and current legislative efforts, the modern-day conservative movement is a case study in deflective projection, at it’s very best To note; self-declared intellectuals with no discernible intellect, alleged Christians with no sense of actual Christian faith in service, Patriots who spew vehemently arti-American rhetoric, and self-styled cultural warriors who are at turns, hateful, bigoted, paranoid and morally bereft, if not mentally challenged.

Further evidence of just how strongly Neocons have amalgamated their inherent racism within their latent gullibility is provide by this supremely insane nugget of idiocy, courtesy of one Donna Stirling, who is to established rationality, what Jeffrey Dahmer once was to the preparation of home-cooked meals:
Um, Donna? Nobody anywhere has ever said that. Ever Anywhere. At any time, On any site.

Not the Alt-Wrong media, nor Trump and his asinine acolytes, not even the wackadoos that you self-pleasure yourself to in the wee hours of the gloaming, either. In fact, numerous deep dives of the World Wide Web, as well as combing through multiple Neocon conspiracy websites turned up ZERO results and/or details of such an event as you described, ever occurring.

So, either you’re a liar, which is a strong possibility, or fucking insane, which I believe is far more of a definitive certainty, considering you couldn’t post anything other than vague rumors you more than likely heard from the ever-screaming voices in your tin-foil-wrapped head.

And for the record, this is AOC’s father:
The late Sergio Ocasio-Roman, an architect and CEO of his own company, who died of lung cancer in 2008, seen here with the then an infant, AOC. Comprehensive research. It’s obviously not for everybody. Especially for those jackasses like Stirling, who’d rather remain ignorant, in order to feel as if they’re relevant.

But try as they may, Neocons can’t stop trotting out the familiar if not well-loved classics, and rebranding them as something new. In this case, it’s taking the essence of the “Brute Caricature” from America’s openly bigoted past, and reshaping it into the histrionic fear felt at the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement [AKA; “BLM”] borne out of the societal turmoil triggered by the needless murder of George Floyd and other African-Americans:

But of course, being both ignorantly racist and unwilling to accept the reality of their verifiably being such, Conservatives chose instead to cast themselves in the role of unwarranted victim, and invented not only an implausible scenario in which they could do so, but one that took the focus entirely off of them, as well:

“Black lies matter”? “There has been an order going out”? “Poison or glass in food”?

But let’s all remember kids, Conservatives are in no way, shape or form, “racist” whatsoever, hence the reason why Pam Asshat here, so casually mentioned that the “majority” of fast food and restaurant workers are Black, which BTW, is not even remotely close to being true.

According to industry statistics compiled by Zippia, the most common ethnicity among fast food workers is White (58.1%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (16.7%), Black or African American (12.3%) and Asian (7.1%). And just in case there are some of you out there like Austadd who apparently can’t grasp the concepts of basic math, 12.3% vs. 58.1% does not, on any level, constitute a “majority”.

Glad I could be there for you when your daily meds seemingly could not, Pam. But then again, I live to serve.

And with that, we now enter the world of the truly insane, our last pit-stop on the way to the end of this particular observation of the sewer that is the foundational cornerstone of the Conservative ideology. Yes, I did say “the truly insane”. I know that you think you’ve been experiencing that over the course of nearly 120 separate postings, but let me assure you for the official record, that you have really not.

And what will we find in our last handful of postings both virulent and unhinged? Well, only the best theories regarding False Flags, the New World Order, crisis actors, and whatever the hell these are supposed to be about:
Unbridled insanity, boys and girls: America’s number one current export to its own citizenry, ever since the unfortunate advent of internet access for all, was made allegorical flesh. Got an absurd theorem rattling around your obviously warped mind? Post it!

Want to disseminate harmfully incoherent false narratives? Post it! Need a conveniently defenseless scapegoat, want to terrorize or slander a specific demographic, or display your stunning ignorance to the world entire? Post it! And as you do, remember that the Internet exists for that singular purpose alone, because if you as a Conservative, didn’t have any enemies to rail against, be they real or self-invented, then whatever would you and your equally idiotic comrades have to obsess about?

Well, probably something either paranoid or racist as usual, but it’s not like that list has would ever run out of things to be faux outraged at, I’m sure. Speaking of which, we move on to something that Neocons are always mewling about, that being the never-ending societal challenge of separating that which is “fake” from what they perceive as “truth”.

This is not to say that they have any certifiable lock on what the actual “truth” of anything is, given their penchant for propagating and promoting fake news, fake courage, fake intellect, fake patriotism, fake anger, fake information, and lastly, a fake president yet very real criminal thug and traitor, but mythical God love them, they sure do like to pretend that they do, regardless of its absurdity.

Like this example, wherein a moron who on their best day, can’t differentiate the proper use and context of the words “they’re”, “there”, and “their”, but somehow still manages to uncover a conspiracy of epic proportions, using only a photo that they found on the internet, and the inherent CSI-level investigatory technique skillset that they acquired after years of watching criminally-themed YouTube vlogcasts:
So, if we’re to believe this delusional nitwittery, we need to with one of two possible scenarios:

George Floyd didn’t die as was falsely depicted in the clearly fabricated and infamous video seen worldwide, for he was a willing cog in an insidious plan that allowed the Deep State to acquire nefarious power, using the resultant civil unrest from Floyd’s supposedly horrific death, as an amazingly opportune cover to do so

And in order to engage in this massive breach of trust directly in full view of the public eye without fear of discovery, all “they” needed to cover up this loathsome breach of the public trust, was to convict an innocent cop for his “murder”, which of course, no one would even dare question, as said false death was ever so conveniently caught on video as it allegedly happened.

Floyd in fact, indeed did die, leading to the rightful incarceration of the repressible cop-thug who murdered him in cold blood, and faced with a supreme opportunity to advance their cause, seized the moment to follow the exact same plan above, except this time, “they” utilized the involvement of BLM to make the process go that much faster.

However, for some as of yet unannounced (or unexplained) reason, “they” needed to get rid of Floyd’s now inconvenient to their plan corpse, and rather than just bury him as was going to naturally happen in all due time anyway, ”they” felt the need to either switch his body out for that of a smaller individual, (?) or got rid of it entirely, for as I said some unexplainable reason.

Yeah, that totally makes sense, Audrey. Just as the “math” you used to estimate the casket size, does.

But Floyd isn’t the only pawn of the Deep State whose “death” can be considered as being somewhat highly suspicious, for as it turns out, Ashli Babbitt, the Neocon’s favorite fallen J6 martyr and /pustulant traitor to her prior Air Force oath of service oath, apparently isn’t all that she’s cracked up to be, either:
Other than the fact that all three of the people in this meme have not been identified within it by name, which is always an obvious tell of conservative falsehoods yet to come, I’d also point out that the woman in question, also doesn’t even remotely resemble the late insurrectionist Babbitt, to boot.

Say what you will about Conservatives, but they’re not above eating their own when the impulse strikes them. And as a side note Mrs. Downs, in regards to this notion that you so clearly that you dredged out of the vacuousness that is your failed intellect?

While entertaining as it was, what with your rambling soliloquy presenting your mental illness to us all, its final assessment should have read: “I never believed that she WAS killed”, or even, “I never believed that she HAD BEEN killed.” Either/or. It literally works both ways, ever more the pity, a feeling that comes into play when I realize that sadly, it’s only a matter of time before you inevitably injure yourself gravely while attempting to butter your morning toast.

The exposing of falsehoods is considered quite the badge of honor in MAGAland, which makes it that much more of a goddamn shame that the only ones that ever do get brought kicking and screaming into the proverbial light, are ever only the bones that they themselves fabricate in lieu of presenting an actual fact-based argument. Say, like this paranoid and insensitively repugnant garbage for instance:

Lewis Elliot and Edna Furlano, everybody… what the ravages of untreated syphilis combined with genital warts would aspire to be, if only they could access the World Wide Web on a consistent basis.

I won’t speak for you of course, but isn’t it always amazing how twats like these toxic two, can claim the US government is led by a brain-addled dumbass, yet somehow, is still more than capable of pulling off the slickest of domestic intelligence operations?

And that I may add, without their so much as leaving a single trace of evidence behind, either. Call me a Conservative, [AKA: “crazy”] but I harbor strong reservations that the governmental minds and leadership that’s waged a decades-long “War on” Drugs, Terror/, Poverty, Educational disparity, and Racism, could knock such a ploy out of the infield, much less the allegorical ballpark.

And while this commentary is equal parts insane and vile, it still falls short of the metaphorical bar set in place by this truly dumb as fuck “warning”, courtesy of a person who so far as I can tell, is the reason why toilet paper still needs to be advertised as if it were a brand-new invention: I swear upon all that is unholy, do Conservatives honestly think that the Earth s it currently stands, is just the in-play analog of “Westworld” made literal flesh, but on a far more ambitious scale? Seriously- at the rate they’re accusing people of being a manufactured clone or a body double, it would be far easier for them to tell us who isn’t one, because quite honestly, I can’t keep up with the current stats.

Yes, this is unbelievable, but not for the reasons that you may think. First, there’s no way in Hell that Donnie Dicko would ever let someone steal his thunder in front of a TV crew, and second… where exactly on this planet would you ever find another human being that resembles a barely sentient circus peanut with a ferret glued atop its head?

Ok, maybe West Virginia or possibly Idaho, but even then, it’s still quite the stretch, as is this:
One day, I’m going to tabulate the number of times Neocons forecast warnings, predictions, and foreshadowed abominations against the times that they got something right, and watch the collected series outsell the “The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus”, after I cleverly market it to both Liberals as a great warm-up for cocktail parties, and to Conservatives, as the next best thing to the Bible itself.

And the reason why I’ll be able to successfully sell such a direct mockery of their ideology to Conservatives? Well, much like the Bible, I already know it’s a book that they’ll never actually read, much less crack open the cover to do so, especially if I throw a cross and an American flag on the dust jacket first.

Rest assured though, not all conspiracy nuts draw upon the improbable to score points, but to be fair, even when they do pull their talking points from reality itself, their inherent penchant for political [posturing invariably dooms their narrative, nevertheless: By way of example, this attempt at relevance that crashes and burns, right from the moment of its takeoff:
So, David;  “93% of all felonies including murders and violent assaults are commuted by self-identified Democrats””? Well, slap my ass with a magazine and call me Trump, but if this “fact” were indeed verifiably true, then why didn’t you post a direct link to the said data source proving this beyond a reasonable doubt?

And yet, here we are without it. I’m sure that’s not a deliberately accidental oversight, or anything shady like that, as what with all of the excitement associated with picking out just the right typeface [Comic Sans? Really?] for this meme, I guess paying attention to such a minuscule triviality, must have slipped your so-called mind. Unfortunately for your false narrative, mine was on far move evidentiary footing:
So no, David. Democrats don’t commit 9”3%” of anything, save for kicking the dumber than fuck asses of Conservatives in debates using actual data. But something tells me that you knew that already, hence the reason why your side considers memes as ammo, and not as the proof of your asininity that it actually serves as.

Now, I myself, don’t really enjoy walking within a self-induced mentally-bereft miasma, but I do understand why Conservatives so willingly, if not happily, do. For when you have no desire to expand either your knowledge, as well as your soul, it’s far easier.to slander that which you don’t want to understand as being that which is “fake”.

Especially when you already have a convenient scapegoat for your ignorance set firmly in your self-styled mind:Unsurprisingly, the very notion of climate change, which also covers the three items related to it that Blomstedt mentioned, is supported by scientific data compiled from a number of sources both organic and technological. You know, the application of actual science, versus thinking that a moronic meme is its equal?

Such disciplines include, but are not limited to; analysis of reservoir rock and glacial ice core samples, assessments showcasing the change in climatic conditions over the passage of time, gleaned from the study of tree rings, as well as further evidentiary proof of such, provided by observational satellites.

Now, as to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic which Blomstedt erroneously called out as being an insidious invention both utilized and weaponized by Democrats, I would remind this dimwitted disciple of dipshittery that [at this time of this screed] the death toll from the Pandemic as tabulated by the World Health Organization lists no less than 6,957,216 deaths worldwide, with 770,563,467 confirmed cases in total, thus far.

And by the way, 1,141,782 of those fatalities occurred in America. Speaking only for myself as I always do, I’d opine that the family, friends, and loved ones of those unfortunate people, might disagree with your definition of severity, considering just how many deaths might have been prevented, if ignorant jackasses such as yourself, had only followed basic health protocols.

So, feel free to go pound sand, Oscar, because the adults are talking at the moment. However, Oscar the Scientific Slouch wasn’t satisfied just letting us all know how ill-informed he actually is, oh heck no. For whatever reason, he also had to inform us just where he gets his improper information, and in doing so, he reaffirms my personal opinion that due to his intellectual deficiency, he’s never had the opportunity to grant a woman an actual orgasm:
I say this not to be harsh, but because I’m a stickler for accuracy. I mean… if you go by the avatar depicted within this inane meme, Oscar’s doppelganger in real life, most certainly has to look just like this:

Trust me, there’s no way on God’s fucked-up earth, that someone who believes in this garbage and looks just like this guy, is ever getting laid without the assistance of outright charity, the aura of superstardom, a prank gone horribly awry, a fistful of cash, or a ten-gallon jug of bargain-basement Chloroform, tactfully applied.

A personal take that in my rejoinder, I diplomatically avoided saying or typing out loud:

See? I ca be… oh, you got the joke at this point, I think. But with that assertion settled, we now move into the truly crazy territory wherein the toxic cult of Trumpists happily reside, and to start it off, I’ll open with a rather intriguing conspiracy theory, that places of all people, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, at its core:
Shockingly, even I will admit that overall, this isn’t an implausible or even insane idea, save for the involvement of the CIA, who already has quite the history in running these types of scandal-producing operations, and they’ve done so fairly successfully, without employing a stable of Playmates as leverage to do so..

Not to mention, the theorem that a guy who spent the majority of his overly privileged life lounging around his house in silk PJ’s, could have been a crucial intelligence asset in any capacity, is far more in line with the plotline of a Netflix Rom-Com, rather than a concrete possibility based in reality.

As is common with the majority of these supposedly “discovered” intrigues, the evidence to support them is scarcer than a Darth Vader action figure with Double-Telescoping Lightsaber, still-in-the-box, and in mint condition. Which, let’s face it, comes as no surprise to anyone, including the Conservatives who willingly swallow this crap as if it were manna itself.

Reality is not half as important to these demagogues, so much as their need to feel that they’re politically relevant, and as it is, there’s no better way for them to fallaciously secure their own self-styled cultural warrior status, than by presenting their clearly invented enemies as being part of a worldwide cabal:  
Let’s examine the Conservative playbook, shall we? A none-too-subtle racist jab at Blacks and their valid adoration of Obama as a justification for gear own Mango-man-child worship? Check. An accusation that the sane populace outside of his cult of personality, are the ones who are truly cultists, from a person who is himself, blindly following and swearing fealty to a known liar, alleged traitor, and convicted rapist? Check.

Say what you will, but nobody does “cluelessly ironic self-ownership” better than Conservatives. Nor does anyone else engage with such consistency that they alone, know far better than the rest of us, just what’s what, either.  And even though they miss the obvious point that the term “conspiracy”: means that no one can discover such, they persist in their pointless belief that all which happens, is part of a global plot, nevertheless:

In case I’ve forgotten to mention it, next to calling someone a “pedophile”, or implying that they’re “crooked” or “treasonous”, Neocons just love to label everything else as being “satanic’, even though they themselves really have no idea what such a descriptive actually entails.

And this commitment to inanity persists, regardless of the fact that their party undoubtedly, has the most convicted pedophiles, corrupted legislators, and open-faced traitors, outside of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Besides, when it comes to that which represents the truly Satanic, knowing that such depravity exists within clear sight of your ideological blinders and remaining willingly mute about it, is as close as one can get to being wholly demonic, in my ever so humble opinion. Well that, and continuing to openly endorse stupidity such as this, as being legitimate political commentary
Is there anything more inspiring than witnessing someone having an obvious stroke, and yet, still participating in the art of public discourse as they do so? Truly, a rousing display of personal fortitude over the scourge of applied logic and verified reality. And BTW Johnny, I’m still waiting for that “trap” to close and those weaponized agencies to cease existing, but I’m sure that your ersatz cadre of foot soldiers is all over it.

But wait, there’s more blatantly false “information” coming our way, and this time the impeccable source that, it emanates, is none other than former FOX host and publicly disgraced sexual harasser and bloviating blowhard, Bill O’Reilly, which in a way, is akin to Ted Bundy giving you dating advice:

You know what’s “Reilly” strange about this claim?

Despite this still anonymous “whistleblower” supposedly coming forward TWO YEARS AGO, O’Reilly has produced no ACTUAL proof thus far, which seems out of character for a guy who worked for the paragon of honesty that is FOX “News”. In addition, when given the hostile nature of China’s communist government towards those it deems as being dissenters, a title which this so-called source would be definitely classified as,

Personally, I would love to know just how he successfully got this story out of the Orwellian landscape that is China, and yet, somehow, failed to include the necessary evidence to back it up. But yeah… this scenario definitely sounds totally legit, does it not? Nevertheless, the putrid paranoia of the Conservative 24/7 fear-sphere shows no sign of slowing down, much less stopping. Unlike the electric cars so central to the maniacal narrative of our next claim:

The last time I checked, the personal decision to buy or not buy an electric car, was still a choice. And as an aside, if the government can shut down the power grid to deprive said cars of their energy source, doesn’t that also apply to their ability to shut down both petroleum plants and gas stations, as well?

Seems that the only “dumbass” in the room Geno is you, and nobody else. However, let us not dwell too long upon Geno’s incredibly stilted intellectually-challenged argument, because he’s got another one in reserve that he’s been just dying to share. Key word being “dying”, if not “paranoically stupid”:

I swear to mythical God, Geno, the tragic fact that your paranoid ignorance doesn’t cause you to suffer waves of consistent physical pain, truly disappoints me on a level that you can’t even begin to possibly understand.

Does anyone else out there reading this whose brain actually works, understand that if the “Deep State”: actually did exist to the degree that Geno’s Pizza Troll here claims that it does, the internet would be literally impossible to use as a cultural cudgel in order to exact meaningful societal change?

Speaking of which, change is coming. And if this walking warning to the dangers inherent with inbreeding is even remotely correct, [he isn’t] it sounds like said renovations are gonna be just flat-out lit:

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the holiday that is Juneteenth, it is an African-American-based holiday celebrated on June 19th, and NOT on the 4th of July, which commemorates the 1865 resolution that led to the emancipating of all enslaved people within the United States. Hence the reason why the Vanilla Vanguard is so terrified, if not outright enraged, by it.

The celebration of said holiday usually involves parades, rodeos, races, Miss Juneteenth contests, as well as barbecues, so it’s basically just like the Fourth, but with a far better soundtrack and equality where it was once denied for far too long. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of holiday that Conservatives hate, solely because it’s one less day dedicated to those who are whiter than an Osmond cover band headlining the Mormon Tabernacle church.

Once again, let us remember the battle hymn of the Conservative masses: “We’re not racist!”
However, while this sort of racist -themed whining is par for the course of Conservative political posturing, this is not to say that the rest of their malevolent stupidity isn’t just as dumb. And trust me, I do mean “D.U.M.B.”. And in this particular case, such a descriptive is dead on the mark.

Yup… it’s DUMB, all right. Really, really dumb. I don’t know how to say this, but the odds that a top-secret government initiative concerning certainly classified Black-Ops location sites, isn’t the sort of thing that casually or credibly, turns up in unsupported by actual evidence, memes. Just saying.

I’m not sure what’s funnier here- the alleged acronym, or the fact that the moron who posted this assumed expose of Deep State nefariousness, missed such a transparently obvious example of the purest troll-bait. But it’s not like such people who believe this garbage are the deepest of thinkers, and being such delusional dullards, sarcastic snares such as this, are akin as nectar is to a honeybee.

And a perfect example of conservativism’s willingness to be influenced by its own inherent gullibility, is provided to us by one David Schaefer, who I think it can be charitably argued, may have a few screws that are either way too tight, or way too loose. I’m not actually sure just which estimation is actually correct, but when the underlayment of their psyche comes across as this insane, does it really matter?
One suggestion David, from one assembler of fact-based narratives to one who clearly isn’t? You really need a far catchier name for your delusion, because from my layman’s POV, that abomination of a run-on moniker, is quite the difficult mouthful to get successfully rolling off of one’s tongue.

Now, as I didn’t actually read the attached article out of concern for my own sanity, I can’t honestly give David full credit for his possibly being nuttier than a ten-dollar pecan pie, but even at his best, he’s still equivalent to a jar of peanut butter gone rancid. But sadly, he isn’t alone in his devotion to theories both absurd and improbable, and even worse, for some among us, they’re even granted the highest of undeserved merit:

As noted previously, “Red Pilling’s” actual name is Jason Schagene, and at the time of our initial contact, he was employed as a mid-range grunt at his local Walmart, and not as a lauded professor of Theological Studies at Wartburg Seminary. This is not to say that brilliance can’t come from an unexpected source as even Einstein himself was once a patent clerk, but let’s remember just who Walmart tends to hire, and it’s isn’t MENSA candidates.

So, it’s a war on Jesus Christ, Red/Jason? Hate to say that I’m afraid that “it” is not. However, it is an abhorrent attack on the established bastions of Reason, common sense, and yes, even our basic Humanity.

And when given this specific insight, I harbor serious reservations about his qualifications to cast judgement on what constitutes as research, much less what it actually proves when said research is finally done. A feeling I might add, that has only gotten stronger as I’ve been crafting this particularly disturbing screed, and not for the reason that you might suspect.

See, while it’s been rather easy for me to dismiss these mentally-damaged demagogues as being nothing more than inbred and woefully uneducated dumbasses, such is not the case at all. As is true with any cult, its members are drawn from a wide swath of the general public, and Trumpism is no exception to this rule. If anything, it may even be far more problematic in concern to whom it’s actually ensnared within its claws.

For although we might perceive Conservatives (AKA: Trumpists) to be nothing more concerning than this…

… the reality is that for every clod wearing a star-spangled onesie, there’s a fair number of teachers, lawyers, politicians, judges, celebrities, military personnel, cops, and the providers of vital infrastructure, who not only hold the allegorical keys crucial to the access of power, but in addition, also possess the intellectual competence to utilize it for the endgame of implementing their fascist agenda, without firing so much as a shot.

Hence the reason why this particular societal warning, resplendent with hints of saturnally venomousness, was written. Granted, the cringe-worthiness of what I’ve presented is somewhat funny at times, but the flip side of this coin is the seriousness with which these loons want to alter the facade of this country and what it stands for, by any means possible, be they fair, foul. or forcible.

Remember this guy from earlier above?  Guess what he’s planning on doing in the very near future:
He’ll be voting to secure his Oompa-Loompa-toned Calf a safe berth within his definitively unamerican rand of American Fascism come 2024, as well as considering just what actions that he’ll undertake, should his guy lose again. And in regards to the given eventuality that his resultant actions can’t be predicted with any clarity of comfort, we all need to address the very pertinent GQP elephant in the room, disturbing as it may be to do so.

Just honestly ask yourself: does this cultist alleging his forever fealty to a mango-man-child, even at the disadvantageous cost of either his own life or more than likely, yours; strike you as the type of person that can be reasonably swayed by the application of both facts, and/or civilized debate, at this point in time?
Forgive me if in my inference of what may come, I’m coming off as being histrionically hyperbolic, but I do feel that America is on the edge of an asinine abyss, and it’s been climbing towards this societal apogee for quite some time now, for America is not only facing a crisis of its representational identity, but its very soul, as well. And embarrassingly, we as a once semi-united nation, collectively, allowed this to happen.

Openly, loudly, and with nary a roadblock deliberately set to impeded its progress, regardless of our partisan affiliations, religious convictions, acumen, or sense of hopefully inherent humanism and patriotism.

To be fair, the GQP has been the main antagonist in the attempt to mutate America into a near-Orwellian dystopia, what with their racism, misogyny, Homophobia, Xenophobia, and intellectual incompetence, taking center stage in their political movement, but the Left is almost as equally culpable for the current state of affairs, and no amount of debating the clarity of our hindsight, will ever change that.

This is not to say we’ve been wholly complicit in asserting the GQP cause, but rather to note that in the acquirement of unobtainable kinship, we didn’t’ push back half as hard or as consistently as their actions necessitated that we should have. We allowed conspiracies to be forwarded as incontrovertible “facts”, gave hate speech the societal latitude to masquerade as “Free Speech”, and normalized Alt-Wrong acts of seditious violence in lieu of measured and of well-intended dissension.

And by our doing so, we now find ourselves culturally inundated by this kind of maniacal lunacy:
Yup. Just another day in a truly sane world, boys and girls, one where a fully cognizant Trump has a clone waiting in the wings, just awaiting his chance to be publicly assassinated, as Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood murder children, in-between writing hit country sings. You knew… the sort of thing that so commonly happens almost every other day in this country?

Once again, this guy is allowed to legally vote, breed, and most disturbingly own a gun. Or a number of them, which of course, shouldn’t concern us at all, because he seems… um… stable? However, maybe I am being a tad bit overly cautious, because to their credit, there are a bunch of Neocons out there letting the citizenry know right up front, that not all of them are nuts, some in fact, are just really well-informed:

And trust me, Sherrill here, has “learned “a lot. Say, like vital information about NASA, for instance:
Unfortunately for the credibility of Sherill’s “knowledge”, the image depicted within the meme, is not that of NASA’s film studio; but is instead, their former facility that once produced rockets and other space-related equipment. After the dissolution of the space shuttle program in 2011, NASA did rent out a part of said facility to a film production studio until 2016, but as it now stands, other aerospace firms occupy that space.

That’s the danger of going down a rabbit hole without prior assessment of the situation at hand: the odds are pretty good that eventually you’ll run into the bedrock of realty, and that most likely, with the soft part of your head. Nevertheless, she’s also picked up a mugger or two of political savvy as well, and she isn’t afraid to express it, even if such is rife with inadvertent hypocrisy, and cringe-inducing self-ownership:
Um, Nan? Do you really want to talk about “insanity” or being an “imbecile”, in relation to your mango moron? Do you really want me to open up that overly-stuffed bag of well-documented absurdity that are his thought-process, and serve it up to you with a can of literary whoop-ass as a bonus? Ok, you asked for ii:
And mind you, this mere sampling doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all that he’s actually said, and even worse, actually done powered by both his arrogant ignorance, as well as his unwarranted hubris. However, this next offering just may be one of my particular favorites, considering both the illogicality of its premise, as well as its inability to provide any tenet of veracity:

This claim is resultant of Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean dictator & Trump’s personal man-crush, Kim Jong Un, in June of 2018. Momentous, yes. But accurate? Not really, if you dive deep.

To start, while North Korea did return 55 cases of possible remains in the summer of 2018 after the visit, Trump publicly claimed that the number of war dead repatriated was “over 200”, and that NK was “sending them back”, despite key officials advising that there had been no verified confirmation of the said accounting of such, and the reality of this happening just one month later:
In fact, the US diplomatically adjourned the undertaking of these operations in 2005, allegedly out of rising of rising concerns relating to the safety of US personnel due to their finding themselves working under an increasingly unstable umbrella of heightened political tensions.

This in turn, only added to the already injurious lie that Trump himself uttered in relation to his foreign policy “success”, that being, his so-called meeting with the “parents” of the Korean Conflict war-dead, despite no recording or documentarian of such an event ever occurring, along with this lie-killing factoid: –

But please Nan if you would, tell us more about the inherent danger of having an insane imbecile serving as our President. Especially one known for posting conspiracy theories about an election he fairly; lost, an attempted coup he staged, and a sexual assault that he was convicted of, by a jury of his peers, just before he was multiply indicted for a whole host of other crimes that he’s literally admitted to.

And after you do that, maybe you could then explain how his anti-Semitism is a plus for our country:Spoiler: other than the fascistic undertone warning the “Jews” (vs. Jewish people) to “appreciate” what they have, the accuracy of this claim is selectively cherry-picked of course, especially when it’s measured against the still relevant political popularity of other former US presidents, such as Bili Clinton or Barack Obama.

With no due respect, saying that you’re the most popular person in a country that you don’t lead, when you can barely break a 34% average in the country that you actually do, is akin to proudly saying that you once were considered to be the best dancer in your entire high school. Sure, it might come off as being cute, but it really doesn’t mean dick when you used to “dance” like this:

JFC. As mythical God as my only witness, I’ve seen better rhythm watching a troupe of epileptics’ juggle cats. No offense intended towards either the epileptics or the unfortunate cats, but if this is any indicator of Trump’s dope moves, then his having to consistently pay women exorbitant amounts to fuck him, makes a whole lot more sense than it once originally did.

And when it comes to the overall opinion of Trump’s pro-Israel stance outside of those who obviously prefer their tyranny Americanized, the world’s consensus is hardly pro-him, on any level of note:
But please Nan if you would, tell us more about the inherent danger of having an insane imbecile serving as our President. Especially one who posited the following on the day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish holiday that not only commemorates the creation of Man, but is also the start of the Jewish New Year:
An ominous anti-Semitic warning of ill future intent, ending with “Happy New Year”? Yup. I’m convinced. He’s insane. He’s an imbecile. But thankfully, he’s not our President any longer, nor will he ever be again.

Hopefully, that is. Keep in mind, that despite or in spite of, his history of lies, graft, treason, sexual assaults, [and conviction for the same] his racism, his ignorance, his incompetence, as well as his threats of promised retribution., he’s still far and away, the true Messiah of the Maga Morons.

However, he could be even worse than that in the long run, if we don’t stop collectively acting as if these people are a bug in the system, and not the deliberately programmed and prominent feature within it. So, ask yourself this; do we, nip this bullshit in the budding of its fascism, or do we try to be “nice” again, since last time, that worked out so well for us, our society, and the marginalized communities within it.

These loons, these demagogues, these racist, ant-LGBTQ bigots, these misogynists, these “truthers”, these bleating sheep who swallow conspiracies the way Nina Hartley swallows penii, are at their core, dangerous. To Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. This is not dramatization. This is fact. They are not amusing. They are Heralds of what is to come, if a line in the sand isn’t drawn now, and forever.

I know what my marching orders are. Where exactly, does yours take you?


“Come,’ he said, ‘come, we must see and act. Devils or no devils, or all the devils at once, it matters not; we fight him all the same.” – Bram Stoker, Dracula


Seay What? Pt. 4 (The Rainbow Deflection)

“Well, while you were in the bathroom, I sat down at this picnic table here in Bumblefug, Kentucky, and noticed that someone had carved that GOD HATES FAG, which, aside from being a grammatical nightmare, is absolutely ridiculous. So I’m changing it to ‘God Hates Baguettes.’ It’s tough to disagree with that. Everybody hates baguettes.” – John Green, An Abundance of Katherines“

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

What an age we are currently living in. We can travel the world and access the wisdom of all that is known via our modern-day technology, and yet, we still find ourselves suffering the societal scourge if consistently vexing fools who view the purposeful acquirement of verified knowledge, as being nothing less than akin to Superman accidentally donning a Kryptonite-laced. prophylactic.

Such a state of affairs is nothing new of course, as America was literally founded on the principle of its citizenry openly possessing the singular freedom to be an inexcusably proud jackass if they so desired to be, but as of late, it seems that some people see it less as a right, and more of a challenge to see who can qualify as being just the absolute worst.

If I were challenged to present to you all one of the quintessential walking examples of wasting perfectly good oxygen and internal organs on a hatefully sanctimonious shrew, I would remind you of the previously written about Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger, for whom the term “histrionic harpy” was specifically coined.

I say this not because she’s a stunningly spiteful Neocon, although that is part of it, but because Harshbarger is so damn proud of apparently being perceived as such. And as is common with such people, the proof is inadvertently provided by themselves:

To be forthcoming, I’m not entirely sure what unfortunate event happened to Harshbarger as a child that turned her into the type of person that both Jesus and Satan would deliberately avoid when out and about in public, but I’m sure that it wasn’t half as malicious in its original intent, as the cultural carnage that she so willfully endorses towards those strangers whose lifestyle choices and personal decisions, affect her not one bit.

In other words, she’s your stereotypical modern-day craven Conservative, hell-bent (if not Hell-bound) on purposely making the world a far worse place for no other reason than the fact that they’re fearfully uninformed cowards. However, despite the fact that she ostensibly cosplays as if she were a malevolent Jenny Appleseed, preeminently spreading the spores of hate, lies, and paranoia to harm the undeserving, she’s not the only one out there within the cravenly shadow lands of the Web dedicatedly doing so.

Take for instance, these examples, screen grabbed from the page of one of Hershberger’s equally intellectually-bereft FB friends Nikki Miller, wherein she claims that which is dually not true and debatably insane, to boot:
This warning, that the Democratic party is a threat to Americans, given to you all, by a member of the personality cult that not only attempted to overthrow American democracy on January Sixth 2020, but I’m sorry Nikki, you were displaying some hive-mind ignorance in public, and I would so hate to get in the way of that:

Sigh… welcome to the new reality, boys and girls.  A reality that if you read my stuff with any sense of regularity, is proven to be dysfunctional beyond all reproach. The Conservative crooners may find themselves replaced, the tempo itself may be rearranged, and the backing band may not have any original members left, but the ideological song remains the fucking same, nevertheless.

Hateful, Divisive. Ignorant. Self-righteous. Outdated. Far past its prime. And yet, supremely overconfident in its faith that they alone, know the best way to guide America to ever continuing prominence. You know, by hating everything and everyone within its borders that doesn’t fit its detestable narrative? But these two twits are not the reason for today’s screed, not by a long shot.

They’re simply the 3rd rate warm-up act for the real star of the show, one Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, whom I’ve been dutifully dissecting in literary form over the course of three previous story-arcs. Seay, whose opinions on topics ranging from American politics to Gay Civil Rights, can only be best described as “truly unique”, has some issues dealing with the reality of things and if I may be so bold, some of them rather disturbing.
If anyone out there can translate this what-the-fuckery into understandably coherent English, I’d really appreciate it. Now, I have no idea how the subject of abortion ties in to how a hamburger chain approaches expanding its market share, but the AI component that Seay is babbling about here, is actually a fact, something that Seay using Google could have discovered in….
… 0.24 seconds. Or as us actually functioning humans like to put it; NO FUCKING TIME AT ALL.

Sad to say however, this inanity isn’t as dumb or even as vile that Seay can get, which is a sad veracity that I will hopefully prove to you all, as we walk collectively down what I hope will be the final path that we will ever have to share with him ever again. In order to do this, I’ll be addressing two last brain-addled obsessions of Seay’s, that being his over-the-top hatred towards Alcohol, and his far more troubling loathing of the LGBTQ Community in general.

Given these specific personality triggers, I’d sarcastically surmise that perhaps Seay at some point in his thus far unremarkable life, got way too inebriated and in doing so, discovered an inner truth that to this day, he’s far too uptight to accept, but that’s just my opinion, based on nothing but the obvious tells.

I’m clearly kidding of course, because given his homo and trans-phobic tendencies, I’m sure Seay’s sexual charisma to the sensibilities of the rainbow brigade, is just as alluring to the one that straight women utilize. And as we’ll come to discover, Seay’s aversion to the consumption of alcohol, albeit casual or problematic, may be one of the biggest factors in his disproportionate hatred of all that isn’t straight.

Such a hateful attitude does make sense actually, for if the only way that I’d ever be invited into a threesome would involve my having to soak both of my hands in Jack Daniel’s in order to gain the semi-willing consent of me soon to be sexual partners, I’d probably be bitter as all heck, too.  Wait a minute… did I say “bitter”? I meant to say “batshit crazy”. My bad. Won’t happen again. Well, at least not on my end, anyway:
So now it’s “Satan” who’s solely responsible for rigging the election process, and not the Democrats, the Deep State, or George Soros? For fuck’s sake, I didn’t attend all those planning meetings, just so that the Prince of Lies could swoop in at the very last minute, and steal the due credit from those of us who actually put in the long hours and did all the heavy lifting.

Maybe instead of playing politics Luci, you should work on getting Iron Maiden back into evil shape. Just a suggestion. Nevertheless, Seay is just getting warmed up regarding his alcoholic asininity, squarely placing blame for the societal menace of drunk driving, on the unlikeliest of sources:

First, it’s not a “well-known fact”, nor is it even a fact at all to begin with. When it comes to needing the truth of a matter or even the barest semblance of such relating to it, Seay is not the person I’d openly recommend to be its finest sage. Here’s the thing: I for one, do take the issue of drunk driving very seriously, as I once knew two people who were killed by a scumbag doing just that. And even with them in my occasional remembrances, I still think that Seat’s take on applied punitive justice is completely insane.

I hate to break this to you Jeffrey, but America isn’t a dictatorship yet, despite the best efforts of your fellow GQP sheep, and therefore your current “demands” for mass arrest and subsequent illegally conscripted incarceration, will, like all of the others that your mental illness has blathered out over the years, remain unanswered.

And in case you forgot, the Bible has not a fucking thing to do with the Constitution, for as thew first line in the First Amendment CLEARLY states; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, so feel free to go pound sand, you absolute dumbass.

However, it’s your call for applying the finality of death penalty to a transgression that doesn’t merit it, that just proves to me that as far as sanity goes, you and it, haven’t communicated in quite some time, and maybe, just maybe, some phone calls concerning your truly worrying lack of a grip on reality should possibly be made, if only for the greater good of those within your immediate reach.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d have to believe that Seay composed these Orwellian ascertainments made flesh, right after he discovered the secret of how to mix his prescribed meds with home-brewed bathtub hooch. Normally, this would be the part where I might suggest that a certain somebody could really benefit from an AA meeting or two, but in this case, I think we just skip ahead to the shock treatment and eventual lobotomy phase, instead.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. No wonder Seay adores Trump so much, for the Fascism is strong in this one, as is the undoubtedly unhinged lunacy. Which is perfectly exemplified with Seay’s as equally moronic take on drugs, both legal and illicit:
Now, while these two statements are dumb enough to stand on their own it’s this one that I really enjoy:
“You have not been raised right”, says the man who thus far, has demanded the deportation of an at that time, child singer for supporting Trans Rights, who defers to conspiracy theories over that of actual facts, who has sworn slavish allegiance to a traitor who was not only convicted of sexual battery, but bragged about the act of doing so,, by “joking” that we men should; “Grab em by the pussy”.

And out of respect for rehashing the known, I won’t even mention that one time when he attempted a political coup after he lost a free and fair election. “You have not been raised right” says the man who has posted vile slander against the Amish, people of color, the LGBTQ Community, the Rev. Martin Luther King, and even his own parents, as he calls for the summary executions of drunk drivers, regardless of the severity of their particular offense

Yup. Definitely a prize citizen we should all take our moral cues from, so says I. But it wouldn’t feel right if there wasn’t some discerning cherry-picking on Seay’s part for us to discover, as evidenced by this post steeped in some truly selective theological amnesia:

Let me get this straight, if I can: due to “man’s fall” from the Garden, all things beneficial created by God became cursed? That seems odd, given the fact that the Fall of Man was deliberately orchestrated by God himself, despite his knowing in full beforehand, just what would happen if he forcefully introduced both Free Will and the forbidden apple from the Tree of Knowledge into the lives of his own creations.

In fact, he even admitted to such, albeit in a roundabout and mysterious way, of course:

Anybody else out there find it sort of strange, that Seay accidentally on purpose I’m sure, left this most insignificant of details out of his theorem? A question for another time I guess, because when it comes to this particularly vexing topic for Seay, the dimwitted divinity he promotes, falls just shy of whatever goal it is that he wants to achieve:
Wow. You can really feel the love of Jesus pouring out of this dude, van you it?  So, “90% of the Homeless choose their plight”, because 100% of them spend their given money on alcohol? Gee… I can’t even begin to tell you how truly effective a talking point that’s been presented with zero evidence to back any of it up, is for assigning the allegorical win to your side.

Shame that it doesn’t work that way at all, but you already knew that, unlike anything else that you babble. Speaking of which, we have this next example of exactly just why your parents always told you never to use spray- paint in the garage, unless all of the windows had been opened first:

Once again, my Lord of mentally-larded Lunacy, that’s not how any of this works. Ether in practice, or Reality. But as we’ve all seen ad nausea by now, Seay has no concept as to what veracity actually is, as proven by this specimen of sanctimonious slander wretchedly disguised as political punditryYes, that was stupid AF, wasn’t it? But rest assured, Seay’s one true talent is to take an idea that was already mind-numbingly incoherent, and make it that much worse, by claiming the ever-popular Neocon mantle of being unduly victimized by nothing less than the cruel hand of specifically targeted hate:
For the sake of actual sanity, the definition of “Religious Persecution” is demarcated as being; “the act or practice of persecuting especially those who differ in origin, religion, or social outlook”, which if you look at it, is exactly what the members of the GQP and Seay’s self-declared Christian faith, enact against women in general, the LGBTQ Communiuty, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists, but I digress, because the hypocrisy on display here is so blatantly obvious..

If selling alcohol on Sundays is indeed “religious persecution”, then openly selling ice cream on a daily basis at Dairy Queen without concern for its hypoglycemic index, is societal harassment specifically targeting the Diabetic Community, which just so happens to include persons like myself. I wonder if I should follow the lead of Seay’s online jackassery, and meme-whine incessantly about that injustice, as if it were actually a thing that actually existed, as he tends to do,

I mean, it couldn’t hurt to try, right? But I’m sorry, Seay was about to gift us all with yet another liturgical laundry list of rationalization to justify his idiocy, and it’s just as brilliant as all of his previous takes:

Once again, I can’t even begin to tell you how truly effective a talking point that’s been presented with zero evidence to back any of it up, is for assigning the allegorical win to your side. But facts matter little to those who wallow in sanctimoniousness, and being one of these persons, Seay is more than happy to cast stones at those who dare make a living selling what he considers to be the literal embodiment of the Devil’s urine:

Answer me this Jeffrey, if people who work at a liquor store have no “heart” then what do the various congressional members of the NRA shill brigade who help  facilitate the murder of American children in their own schools, have in place of theirs?

I’d say overstuffed wallets soaked in gallons of metaphorical blood, but yet, this type of easily correctable societal cancer doesn’t seem to bother you half as much, despite how many people a year it kills, now does it? Moving on, we have yet another example of where Seay formed a thought and then found it immediately hijacked by the cadre of the ever-screaming voices forever trapped within the fetid swamp that serves as his brain:
If anyone reading this can translate this babble into an actually comprehensive thought, I’d be more than happy to hear it, for while I write quite extensively about the culture of those who qualify as ideologically-driven dumbfucks, I’m actually not fluent in their native tongue. The downside of a fully-working intellect, and all that, I guess. Such is not the case for Seay, who it seems can play the victim card, regardless of whatever deck he’s been actually handed:
Poor baby. I can’t imagine how stressful it must be for you, living on a planet chock-full flawed humans that refuse to bend to your asinine will, based on nothing more than the fact that they have the right not to do so. The nerve. On the upside though, at least these two statements don’t even come close to possessing half the measure of the maniacal paranoia that this upcoming one certainly does:
I won’t speak for you of course, but if Seay organized some of these lunatic theories of his into a series of novels, not only would I buy them all for the unbelievable plot twists alone, I’d wait breathlessly for the movie versions as well. With all due respect, I consider myself to have quite the knack for writing, but the level of crazy fun that Seay’s ideas could generate as formulated entertainment, would be epic.

What isn’t as impressive though, is Seay’s equally as convoluted literary process when it comes to the attempt of making   point regarding just why he despises booze so much. By way of example, I could perfectly illustrate just why I loathe the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi in only a few mercifully brief words, and you’d get the gist of what I meant, almost immediately. It would be to the point. Clearly concise.

And 100% accurate across the board, even if the incel fanboys want to slander the BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle as being inadequate to do the damn job it was designed to do.

To note; there’s no fucking way in all of creation, that those creepy bug-eyed teddy bears from Hell, helped defeat the Empire. Nut when Seay tries to do the same in concern to his disdain for the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy? Well, the end results appear as if he made a word salad using both a badly-written thesaurus and an open-topped blender:

Strange… this reads like stereotypical “drunk speak”, and yet it still comes off as far less rational. Maybe it would make more sense if it had actually been written by a drunk, rather than by someone whose mental facilities can be severely overtaxed just by the mere thought that other people actually have the right to drink whenever they want?  

However, Seay being the type of person who for whatever reason, allegedly perceives alcohol as being no less destructive than the illicit substances of heroin, crack, and the known to be criminally addictive snack-joy that is Flaming Hot Cheetos, has a truly unique take on what the imbibing of Alcohol represents and what it does, and as you’d expect, it’s just as “informed” as you’ve come to expect:

Ignorance by all accounts, is most definitely Seay’s stock in tirade, and even when he does give a concerted effort to try and incorporate data into one of his rambling ruminations, he still can’t seem to get his facts or the contextual underpinning of such, correct.

Because… priorities, I guess? I do always enjoy how sanctimonious slugs like Seay will go on for hours mewling about “saving the children” from whatever hypothetical issue it is that we’re all supposed to fear unconditionally, but when it actually comes to doing something about one of the most pertinent issues that they should care about, you would think that they’d been struck deaf, dumb, and blind.

In Seay’s particular case, I’d say that he’s got the “dumb” part down, if not nailed to the floor with ten-foot spikes. By way of example, take this slab of stupidity, wherein Seay “thanks” Walmart for still selling guns, currently the number one killer of children in this country, while railing against them for selling booze, which while harmful in its own right, is still akin to comparing apples to durian, and calling them the same:

Interesting mix that Seay has decided to present here: cherry-picked facts, selective half-truths, full fabrications, and of course, an icing of insanity just to keep his pro-gun hypocrisy balanced out against his batshit crazy beliefs: “underaged children” and “Anybody who brews, sells, or uses alcohol is a murderer”?  

Shame then, that reality, the United Sates government, and Anheuser-Busch don’t actually give a fuck what your dumber than fuck self thinks. No wonder you’ve been forced to live at home Jeffrey, as I’m fairly confident that your parents are probably very keen on making sure that the outside world never discovers to their horror, that you’re directly related to them.

This feeling of existential dread that his [poor parents must face on a daily basis, is probably not helped in any way, shape, or form by his online trash-talking about them, but as such is the way of a man-child who sees his comfort as being the top priority, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, either:
Rest assured readers, when I’m finally  finished with this piece, the first thing I’m doing is calling the local precinct in Seay’s district, and asking for them to conduct a general welfare check on both he and his family. Not only to make sure that they’re all collectively okay, but also to verify that Seay’s “parents” aren’t just two mannequins that he likes to call “Mom” and “Dad”, as well.

As I’ve noted throughout these screeds, Seay is a self-admitted sufferer of schizoaffective disorder, and it’s become rather transparent that if he ever found himself held to account for his seemingly endless series of vile commentaries, he’d use it as an excuse to nationalize his easily dealt with behavior, but while that excuse can carry some of the weight, it still doesn’t cover this kind of racism-inspired tripe:

I have to wonder just how much equity in free rent Seay has granted Obama over the last seven years, but the tabulated amount, even when one treads cautiously, has just got to be equal to Trump’s current legal expenses, at this point. And amalgamating contextual racism with his in tandem psychosis slandering voters who drink as being morally opposite of with those who don’t, while somehow blaming Obama for those who do?

Well, all I can say in response to that, is:

It’s truly a shame that Seay can’t successfully monetize his own insanity in quite the same manner that his mango-man-crush has done, but to be fair, when you spend most of your free time inventing scenarios and then crafting the villains who inhabit them, the attendance of a community college marketing class, would just get in the away.

Besides, Seay’s pretty booked up already, what with his harvesting of conspiracies, his self-admitted hatred of his long-suffering parents, his racism, his cravenly contempt for American singer Jackie Evancho, and of course, his never-ending cycle of playing the victim due to the cruelly intervening hands of the TV shows “Person of Interest” “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as “Star Trek”, which of course, I’m sure we can all relate to on some far more spiritually inward -looking level,

Oh wait. No, we can’t, because unlike Seay, the majority of us aren’t as crazy as a shithouse rat.

Actually, I take that back. A shithouse rat has a reason to be crazy, due to both its fetid working and living environment and the fact that rat psychiatrists are still a rarity, even within the sewer tunnels of a big city. Rats at their core, are the most hardened of urban survivors, whereas Seay is nothing more than an urban legend made into sanctimonious flesh, whose only noticeable talent is for simmering sociopathically online.

And it’s that aptitude for groveling gracelessness, that brings this story-arc to the apogee wherein I will hopefully never have to mention this walking Wendigo of Woeful Wussiness, ever again. And to close it out and off, I’ll be addressing what appears to be Seay’s number one fear. Shockingly, it’s not political intrigue, nor is it the concern of Jackie Evancho releasing another successful album.

Heck, it doesn’t even have a thing to do with Facebook, not getting his grape juice, or even his hourly Hot Pocket, if you can imagine such a thing. Nope, we finally reached the point in our tale where I get to mercilessly shred Seay over one of his most abominable quirks, that being his seething abhorrence of the LGBTQ Community.

A detestation that probably stems from if I were to posit a theory, of just how Tinkerbell level “tingly” he gets down below, every time he sees a picture of Ryan Gosling with his shirt off. All jokes aside, just how bad is this hatred furiously boiling within Seay, you may ask? Well, you tell me:

Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, everybody. An American homophobe. An American Transphobe. An American coward. And if I may be so bold, a future perpetrator of an American hate-crime, waiting for its moment in the spotlight. And most certainly, a perfect example of just why Christianity is nationally withering on the line as we speak. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Jesus ever suggesting that you murder people wholesale because you don’t agree with how they choose to interact with others.

Seriously. This kind of statement is what the national news will be talking about, long after the time when someone who believes in what Seay obviously does, enters a Gay nightclub to do “the Lord’s work”.

Funny how these very same self-declared paragons of all that is normal and who claim to be allied with the most powerful entity in the known Universe, are also the first ones who threaten physical violence when confronted with the unfamiliar, isn’t it? It’s almost as if they know that there is no God, that they’re on their own, and that they can’t do jack shit about it, regardless of what actions they take.

In Seay’s case, those actions center around disseminating fear, slander, outright paranoia, and a fair amount of personally held stupidity akin only to the choice to cast Denise Richards aa a nuclear physicist named “Dr. Christmas Jones” in the 1999 James Bond film, “The World is Not Enough”. Yep, it’s that bad, That dumb. And as you’d expect. it only gets worse the further we go down the hate hole to Hades.

As there’s a ton of over-the-top outrage to sift through, I’ll be breaking such into sub-categories, those being the Dumb, the Religious, the Canceled, the Media, and finishing it all off, with the most distasteful of Seay’s phobic rants, the category known simply as the Hatemongering. Sounds fun, right? So, let’s start with his rather audacious stance that despite decades of societal research, Transgenderism isn’t actually existent:

We can all go home, everybody. Seay figured it all out for us, using only the power of his Transphobia and hand-crafted memes to certify yet again, as to just why to this day, he still needs to wear a safety helmet while walking around his house, Quick question, Jeffrey? If Trans people don’t actually exist, then why are you so afraid of them in the first place? Was being afraid of spiders too conventional for you, and as you’re the type that requires something a tad more bespoke to feel relevant, you chose bigotry instead?

Granted, that’s still ignorant as all get-out, but bold choice, nevertheless. Moving on, Seay reminds us all who we should actually be grateful for during Pride month, because the thought oif any demographic getting a celebratory month all its own, is anathema to the middle-aged loser club that he so proudly represents:
Would this be a truly bad time to remind Seay that the whole of the LGBTQ Communiuty came from these same said straight people as well? Because let’s face it, they are the ones who keep having all those gay babies that grow up to be the gay adults that allegedly make Seay consistently feel the way that he used to, when he climbed the rope in his high school gym class.

But Seay isn’t going to take his misplaced interest lying down, no siree Bob, for after all he knows that’s just how the Gays get you. If anything, he’s walking out oi the situation itself, by using the best platform to do it: a nationally connected and supposedly openly promoted, “Pride flag walk-out” day:

And no, this is not a joke, even if the end result of its abysmal failure to score any significant societal impact points, was. Now, if you can’t recall this so-called “event”, don’t feel bad, because despite the Alt_Wrong’s insistence that it was a huge success, literally nothing came of it, save for the public exposure of who the bigots in our society are.

In fact, support for Gay and Trans rights are growing as time moves forward. and when it comes to walk-outs in concern to the display of the Pride flag, this is usually how such actions play out in the end;
Happily, this sort of public reaction routinely occurs more often than not in opposition to this sort of homogenized hatred, and it does so, much to the delightfully delicious chagrin of Seay and his fellow Homo / Transphobes, who seemingly, can’t get over the idea that not everyone masturbates to hate-porn such as they tend to do.

And while it’s their side who creates safe spaces away from those they hate, and who demands that discrimination be passed into law, as they cower in fear at the mere thought that LGBTQ persons are legally allowed unfettered access to the same rights and privileges that they possess as well, they still have the cojones to post self-owning confessional commentary such as this:

“They can’t fight anxiety”, says the very same cabal of cowards who require the ingestion of a case of Xanax  in order to deal with the trauma of an entire month being devoted to persons they wouldn’t condescend to talk to, but I digress. And Jeffrey? If the “world does not care about your pronouns” as you so arrogantly declared, then why in the hell does their implementation or lack of use, fucking matter to you in the first place?

But care Seay does, and he cares… a LOT. Take for instance, these psychological takes on what he perceives human sexuality to be, although he hasn’t any academic background in any discipline of gender-related studies, sexual development, or what gender dysphoria actually entails. Not that such lack of knowledge could ever stop Seay from making an ass of himself in public:Definition of Asexual: “an umbrella term for anyone who experiences little to no sexual attraction toward other people of any gender”. Seems strange that if such a condition doesn’t exist, that they’d go out of their way to craft a specific descriptive for it, does it not? But then again, as Seay probably represents his ongoing celibacy as being a “personal choice”, rather than as “unwilling”, maybe I should cut him some slack.

This courtesy BTW, will not be extended to his mangling of proper grammar, as this meme’s text should have read as being either “There’s such thing as Asexuality”, or staying on theme with “There’s no such thing as AN Asexual””. Glad I could help you out with this one, Jeffrey. No need to thank me.

As to why I feel that Seay ‘s only sexual experiences have derived solely from those aforementioned moments wherein he soaked his mutton-mitts in Whiskey to get them in the mood first, maybe it’s because most women in general, don’t respond well to bigoted small talk such as this:

Seay’s ignorance really isn’t what I find to be the most distasteful aspect here believe it or not, for as it is with most things unknown, all it takes to correct your situational unawareness to undertake some personal initiative in order to learn all that which you needed to know, which is something that despite the resources available to him via the Internet, Seay adamantly refuses to do.

However, this deficiency based on dimwittedness, hasn’t stopped him from diving deeper into the rabis hole of transphobic muttering, and the role models that he seeks intellectual guidance from to justify what he so erroneously believes, are unsurprisingly, just as hatefully uninformed as he so proudly is: Now, for those of you not in the right-wing lunacy loop, Crowder is yet another Alt-Wrong demagogue, who among other things, has been accused of abusing his now ex-wife Hillary after he was caught on video yelling at her for not behaving in a, and I quote;  “wifely manner” , thus establishing a pattern of mentally and emotionally abusive behavior of which, his ex-claims, that he has been engaging in for years now.

In addition, no less than ten former employees of his have come forward and alleged that not only did Crowder engage in targeted harassment towards them, but that he would regularly expose himself at work, as well. Accusations that of course, Crowder has steadfastly denied.

In response to these seemingly credible claims, reports surfaced that he not only interrogated his staff in regards to media leaks concerning his behavior, but in tandem, demanded that they sign non-disclosure agreements featuring $100,000 breach-of-contract consequences, as well.

You know, like an innocent person would do? But to be fair, if a thief can spot anther thief and a liar knows another liar, then most definitely does the possibility exist that an affirmed abuser would recognize his own kind. In fact, let’s take a look at one of Crowder’s “abusive parents” being so in full view of the public:

Jesus H. Christ, what an absolutely horrible person and total failure if a mother. I mean… would it have killed her to add some much-needed pizazz to that hand crafted sign by springing for some glitter? I’m telling you, there seems to be no love for the crafting aspect of protesting these days, and it truly hurts.

Closing out the “Dumb” category, we have these last two entries wherein Seay feebly attempts to use humor to make a point about the injustice of being both unfairly labeled as being Homo & Transphobic, as well as his definition of a Tran person actually is. And surprise, surprise, he gets both horribly wrong.
Sigh… that’s not how any of this works, nor is it even remotely analogous to whatever point you were endeavoring to make. It does however prove that once again, the simplest of well-established cultural concepts is far beyond your exceedingly limited grasp. I’m not entirely sure just how your think combining the disparate makes any definitive sense to us, but I’m certain that the voices in your head, probably got it.

In relation to this meme, an anyone see what the inherent problem here is? I’m sure that you can.
That’s right. Seay, being the ever-eternal blockhead that he so passionately is, has confused the wildly dissimilar aspects of Transgenderism, Cross-dressing, and/or the art of Drag, into one not homogeneous at all example hoping for proof of his concept, but instead, only serves to certify his own intellectual density once more:

To clarify by definition: 
TRANSGENDER: “a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth, or relating to a person whose gender identity is opposite the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth.”

CROSSDRESSER: “a person who wears clothes designed for the opposite sex, also known as a transvestite. Crossdressers often dress only in certain situations. They as a rule, DO NOT identify as being transgender. Most identify as straight men.”

DRAG ARTIST: “a person (typically a man) a man who performs dressed as a female, and whom also does not always identify as being Transgender.”

Amazing what you can learn when you actually bother to do some competent research versus swiping memes, isn’t it? Educating himself isn’t on Seay’s list of personal priorities though, and as proof, we now move on to our next subset wherein we’ll explore Seay’s reliance on the mythical God whose word he does not follow, to justify his loathing for those within the coalition of the rainbow.

Kicking it off, let’s examine Seay’s assessments on what the parameters of being an American or a Christian “really” are, despite the fact that he has no odea himself. And while you or I may demand proof for these absurdities, all that Seay can offer us is; “well, God Says so”, which is akin to my telling you that I heard something directly from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy:
Of course, Seay is dead wrong as usual about all of this, as his interpretation of the Bible comes not from actually reading it all the Way though, but by gleaning snippets he cherry-picked and then recombined for the cravenly purpose of rationalizing and justifying his hateful ideology regarding his asinine take on what Christianity is truly supposed to be, irrelevant of what Scripture actually says..

And the one thing that scripture definitely dislikes, is blatant hypocrisy disguised as secular Faith:

So, to recap: if you’re a true Christian, you in all good conscience, can’t support abortion, or any business or service that accepts money from, caters to, or refuses to discriminate against, the LGBTQ Community in general.

I can hear the CEO’s conversation now: “Oh no! We won’t get the business back that we never actually had in the first place as the demographic we target our advertising towards, maintains its steadfast loyalty? Well, that’ll show us, I guess.”  

Now, as you’re actually sane, unlike Seay, you probably understand that this quite literally, means that almost all forms of commerce, production, and acquirement options that humans engage in, are now verboten to you. Yup. No glaringly obvious fatal flaws in that plan whatsoever, so far as I can tell

I’ll let you in on a well-kept secret Jeffrey: not only are your hissy-fits disguised as boycotts highly ineffective overall, they also make for a far more pleasurable experience for the rest of us, due to your barely-noticed absence. What’s even more hilarious though, is that half the time you guys attempt and fail to “cancel” a business, it’s not even one that you regularly shop at to begin with:

That’s true dedication right there, folks. The willingness to remain in excruciating pain, just because you’re triggered into an incandescent rage by seeing a T-shirt with a rainbow on it. However,< I would like to call attention to Seay’s bizarre accompanying hashtag, that being: “#ZeroTransBaths”, which either indicates that Seay doesn’t want Transpeople to bathe, or more likely, that Transpeople shouldn’t be allowed to use the public rest rooms at Target.

This is an odd hill to metaphorically die on of course, due to the fact that whether Seay knows this or not, TG’s have been using public restrooms since the virtual beginning of time itself, as well as the interesting factoid that the majority of Target’s 1,797 locations, ALREADY HAVE single-occupancy or unisex-deemed restrooms to begin with. Research. Apparently, it’s not for everybody, and far too difficult for some.

By way of yet another brain-dead and dumber than dirt example of histrionic paranoia taking precedence over actually applied common sense, we have this nugget of moronicness, stating that Target was selling “Satanic” merchandise: Specifically, pins and T-shirts proclaiming that “Satan respects Pronouns”:

Unsurprisingly, this is 100% false, but for wackadoos like Seay, who need both a sense of purpose and a cultural identity, what is true and what is not, is immaterial to their desperate need to be depicted as being nothing less than the common man turned societal hero, a false role that they cast themselves in years ago:
I for one, will never cease to be amazed at just how consistently craven Neocons such as Seay, feel the need to manufacture imaginary dragons out of ether and paranoid fantasy, rather than actually step up and take on the real ones that already exist, but it is quite the tell that the only villains that they’re willing to openly  fight are the imaginary ones who couldn’t even begin to hurt them in the first place.

Ironically, Seay even has a meme concerning just that very thing:

But just because a problem doesn’t actually exist, is no reason not to pretend that it most certainly does, and what better target is there, than a corporation that has proven time and time again that not only is it far more popular than your ideology, but that it’s relatively unaffected by it, as well?

’m confused. Which Is Disney: satanic, or communist? I only ask, because under the aspects of Communism, the pragmatic policies infer that while religion was to be tolerated, the ideal worker’s paradise as it were, was that of an officially atheistic social order. And as a writer, I’d also point out that if you do label something as being “satanic”, there’s no need for stating that it’s been “taken over by Satan”, because that quite literally what the fucking word “satanic” means, you dumbass.

In regards to your demand that we need to stop “public LGBTQ”, whatever the hell that is, I’m not sure that even you know what that actually details, but good luck getting over the trauma of attending all those simply fabulous parties, weekend brunches, shopping trips, and seeing your home tastefully redecorated.

Remember boys and girls, Seay is a self-declared Christian and while he may get his sermons off of the internet, posts about not having a physical church of any kind that he attends and issues judgements on everything under the sun via his warped vision of what Christian values are, that’s still no reason not to pay attention to them, am I right? In fact, I’d dare say we could aa thing or two from them:

Now that we’ve all read it, let’s look at what we just learned: first, Seay, evet the so-called “Christian”, apparently despised both DEI and ESG. But what exactly, are those acronyms of, you ask?

Well, “DEJ” stands for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”, which according to the accepted definition; “seeks to promote the fair treatment and full participation of all people”, and in particular, those groups who have historically been underrepresented or subject to discrimination on the basis of identity or disability. In other words, it promotes tolerance, acceptance, and welcoming others into the fold as it were.

“ESG” on the other hand, stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance”, which is a set of characteristics that are used when screening potential investments and exist solely to inspire corporations to act responsibly. Think “Save the Planet”, and that kind of thing.

So, now knowing what philosophy of bettering Humanity each of these represents, let’s take a moment to consider the hypocrisy of a man who claims to follow the Word devoutly, but disparages the very construct of what it means to be a faithful servant of God. That is, taking care of your fellow Man, as well as the planet itself, while sowing the seeds of God’s love whenever possible.  


Those are “Christian values” Jeffrey., Not whatever he fuck it is that you so deceitfully represent. But you did get one thing right: Marxist philosophy is typically atheistic, probably due to the fact that most modern-day Christians like yourself, seem to be nothing less than duplicitous disparagers of mankind, and mythical Lord knows, no person blessed with an actual soul, wants to ally themselves with jackasses such as that.

In Seay’s limited defense, thinking outside of the box isn’t a viable option, as his ability to think inside it, is far worse. Case in point, Seay’s genius idea of aggressively confronting Transpeople face to face, in order to let them know who they “really” are. And after finding themselves threatened by Seay and his faux Christian flying flunkies, that’d be the people who’ll help these bigots meet their God way ahead of schedule.

Um, Dude? With no due respect, you guys aren’t even who you think you are, and if you want to be arrogant enough to forcibly take on anyone who grew up openly Trans in Wyoming, Texas, or Florida, be my ever-loving guest. Just let me know what hospital you eventually found yourself in, after they show you what unexpected consequences for being a hostile bigot, tend to manifest as. That being, generally well-deserved retribution.

Nonetheless, Seay, whose only useful attribute thus far, has been the willingness of serving as a regurgitating parrot, carries forward with the discourteousness of arrogantly speaking for his allegorical God:
You know what is also an “abomination” according to your false and sociopathic deity =Jeffrey? Bearing false witness. Envy. Greed. Adultery. Lecherousness. Theft. Hypocrisy. Pride. Massive flaws of personal character flaws that your political party’s de facto leader engages in almost every day, all of which thus far, you and your disingenuous ideology, have happily turned a blind eye to.

And since you misinterpreted Leviticus, I can only assume that you without question, obediently follow all of the other edicts it demands of you, am I right? Because otherwise, you’d be nothing more than a cravenly hypocrite, and mythical Lod knows, you could never be that. But please… if you could continue lecturing us all about sin, we’d really appreciate it, because given the amount if hate you’ve spewed so far, we could use the inadvertent laugh at your expense… as usual.

Although I do have to say that this particulate upcoming angle is not one that I myself have ever considered:
Should I remind dumbass here, that not only does God NOT play a part in our nation’s complex electoral system, the First Amendment clearly makes this legally impossible? The right to vote is guaranteed to EVERYONE, regardless of color, age, gender, creed, or sexual proclivities.

Once again, Jeffrey: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, so feel free to take your asininitiy regarding “heathens”, and go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. Preferably one that’s doing so, near the edge of a cliff.

Speaking of which, I’ve oft wondered just why Conservatives are so disturbingly obsessed with the private details of total stranger’s sex lives, exotically given the fact that as a rule, they seem to be incapable of managing their own sexual misadventures with any sense of competency.

I mean, they’re always seemingly linked to unknown mistresses, getting busted for having trysts with porn stars, linked financially to underage escorts, and when it comes to both the crimes of sexual trafficking and the production and ownership of child porn, it would be easily understood if you openly surmised that the modern-day GQP was nothing less than the political branch and PR department of NAMBLA.

Seay however, ignores all that, because it’s far easier to cast slanderous disparagement upon others than it is to clean up the mess festering within the confines of your own duplicitous house, as seen here:
Some advice from me to you: if the World entire thinks you’re wrong, it might be prudent of you to take a moment or two, and set that time aside for some long-overdue personal introspection. Just saying. Also, Jeffrey, no one is going “back” [correct spelling] into the closet, just so that you can stop pretending that you don’t all flustered every time your Grindr profile receives a “nearby match” notification.

Make peace with it, already. Mythical Lord knows, your family and long-suffering friends have.

By now, you’ve probably noticed just how many times Seay has made demands that are either unrealistic, sociopathically petty, or stereotypically, absolutely fucking insane. And like most Neocons, he thinks that he knows how the Law of the Land works better than most, while still thinking that none of its restrictions apply to him and/or his truly warped belief system.

This is never proven more succinctly than when we dive into his hot takes regarding the US government, Gay rights in general, and how these two disparate universes intersect. For not only is he consistently wrong in concerns to nis assertions, he also manages to show just why we need to bring back Civics class in public schools, and that right quick:
“You aren’t for America”, says the Trans and Homophobic bigot who apparently; )A) doesn’t understand how the Constitution works, and (B) seemingly has no idea that gays have worked in governmental service since the days when men wore powdered wigs, makeup, silk stockings, and corsets without fear of reproach.

If I had to lay money down, I’d opine that Seay’s intellectual grasp of just how governmental positions are acquired, is just as well-researched as the database that he uses to present his talking points based on theological underpinnings. Take for instance, this stunningly inaccurate overview of the nomination of one Richard (“Ric”) Grennell, who at the time, was being conspired to serve as the Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence Agency, a position that he held from February to May of 2020.:

I’m sure you’ll all be shocked to know that this so-called “right to fire” is patently false, for while the president can appoint judges, ambassadors, and executive officials. the Constitution itself however, says NOT A GODDAMN THING about whether or not the president can subsequently fire those same said appointees, as the president’s autonomy to dismiss specific directors of administrative agencies, is usually subject to terms set by Congress.

So, in concern to your pile of bullshit Jeffrey, the President can’t just din what they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want. Checks and balances, you non-researching whiny-ass bitch, and yes, not only possible to be both Gay and American, it’s also a certainty that such people are far better are being an American than you’ve ever been or will ever be, so please feel free to choke yourself to sleep over it.

But as it’s been noted, facts, laws, and basic human decency, matter not a bit to Seay’s paranoically hateful bigotry and ignorance, a reality that he’s more than happy to share with the world entire:

Oh, Jeffrey… the allegorical evidence that you truly want to be on “D” just keeps, if you’ll pardon the pun, mounting up, does it not?  All offense intended, I have no idea why so-called straight people such as yourself ruminate over the mechanics and frequency of gay zex, considerably far more than the people actually having it, but I’m sure that’s not a sign of you coming to terms with your own truth, am I right?

Of course, I am. I must be. Shame though, that Seay is never right, about anyone anything, or any situation:
Actually, Jeffrey? They really don’t, as “God” isn’t intertwined with our current form of government, nor is the construct of such, even remotely considered in how governance is enacted in our country, regardless of what its citizenry believes. Say, such as this mentally-challenged commentary, for instance:

In point of fact, Jeffrey? No, it does not. If a chosen behavior that other people may find reprehensible immediately disqualifies you from a lauded position, than your failure to successfully pass as a decent human being, should have demanded that your internal organs should have been forcibly harvested decades ago, and given to a person who unlike you, was actually worth a damn.

Oh look… proof of my theorem, made cravenly hateful fetid flesh:

“God is my Lord”, says the faux Christian who just reveled to us all, that he; loathes the very concept of diversity, inclusion, and brotherhood, while attacking strangers for being Gay, but I digress. If there truly is a “God” Jeffrey, I cannot wait until the day he meets you face to face, spits in yours, and then gleefully kicks your hypocritical ass straight into Satan’s long-awaiting arms:

Seay as one might naturally expect, would be horrified to learn that he’s been a top-draft pick on Satan’s “good” list for quite the length of time now, but it’s not as if all the signs indicating such a pole position, weren’t easy to spot. Shockingly, God loves everyone, or so he says, and He expects his creations / minions / slavish hostages to do the same in his name.

Acts of compassionate-tr understanding that I think can be said without fear of rebuke, that Seay simply will not do, regardless of celestial edict, common sense, or a sense of personal charity. And it’s also something that he openly admitted to earlier above, if you remember:

This is who Seay truly is. A sanctimonious, Bible-thumping and cherry-picking demagogue who’d rather watch his fellow humans burn for the imagined transgressions that he himself invented to justify his ignorance, his bigotry, and his seething hate. Never forget that. And never disremember either, that despite all of his whining, he alone is the one most culpable for his own pointlessly wretched misery.

Not the Gays, not Transpeople, and most definitely, not Facebook, although he’ll tell you differently:

if I felt charitable, I could point out to our professional prey of the rainbow ravagers here, that if he really doesn’t want to see anything pro-gay on his social media, he could just as easily stop using its various service as he does mewling about them, but why would he do that, when playing the victim constitutes so much if his cultural identity? And without such, just what would he be, other than being as equally pathetic and fearful as he is now?

Either way, it’s a lateral move at best, but such is Sesay’s path, and at this point, I harbor serious reservations as to whether or not he can alter its trajectory. The gay-hate is strong with this one, and as it’s not a thing that’s ever going to go away, as gay people themselves aren’t apt to, you would think he’d attempt to learn how to deal with it, but alas he tries not.

While it is true that the acceptance of Queer culture has become far more mainstream, it’s also fair to say that the push-back towards such acclimatization, has been as equally resistant. Especially when it finds itself interlinked with long-established POP culture iconography, such as that which Seay rails about here:
You, read that right. Seay, ever the muddle-aged man-child, is ranting about gay subculture infiltrating the fictional metaphorical lands of a fictional cartoon universe populated by frictional robots who hail from the fictional planet Cybertron.  

And yes, I wish I was making all of that up. But Seay’s adoration for the Autobot’s leader Optimus Prime’s observations about courage, rings somewhat hollow, considering what a bigoted coward Seay presents himself to be. Apparently in Seay’s haste to disparager the LGBTQ Community for merely existing, via his childhood here who would unquestionably, regard him as being a jackass for holding such abhorrent views,

Seay accidentally on purpose I’m sure, neglects to mention something else far more relevant that Optimus once said, that being;: “Freedom Is the right of all sentient beings”, which BTW Jeffrey, applies to everybody, be they Gay, Trans, Straight, White, Black, Brown, or even robot. You’re so lucky that the OG OP isn’t real, Jeffrey. Because he would absolutely despise your bigoted ass.

Nevertheless, Seay carries on falling down the rabid rabbit hole, lamenting about the injustice inflicted ever so cruelly on a TV show whose cultural impact, he should have outgrown several decades ago:
Isn’t it interesting, how the one political party that’s currently attempting to pass unconstitutional legislation against, civil rights, unfettered voting access, personal body autonomy, drag queens, gay marriage and adoption, holding terrorists and insurrectionists accountable for their actions, as they try to keep God and gun violence in schools, all while praising slavery as a good thing as they ban history classes and library books, are also the ones screaming about “agendas”? Yup. Nothing hypocritical there, kids. Nothing at all.

But wait,, there’s more from the Decepticon side of the battlefield that Seay wishes to present, and in a break with tradition regarding his other ramblings, this one isn’t so much a slur, as it is just fucking weird:

Staying on theme with that which is both strange if not unhinged, Seay also references a TV show that even I a dedicated sci-fi geek, had never even heard of. That being, “The Tomorrow People”, which was is a British children’s science fiction series that aired from 1973 to 1979: Now, Seay doesn’t actually have any point of merit to discuss here in concern to it, but he is rather put off by how it’s impact is now regraded:

For those of you like myself who aren’t familiar with this show, the synopsis is thus: a collection of children and teenagers who find themselves gifted (or cursed, depending on your POV) with the posers of  Telepathy, Teleportation and Telekinesis, which they used to protect the Earth from adversaries both human and alien, as they struggled to keep their presence unknown to world governments for fear that they and their powers would exploited and weaponized.

Protecting the Earth? Not allowing themselves to be used as unwilling pawns by shadowy and nefarious cabals with a blood lust for power? Never intentionally killing anyone in order to secretive their goals? Call me crazy, but that sounds “woke” as fuck to me. Now, to be fair, Seay most likely has no idea as to what “woke” actually is or what it actually means, but he does understand how to come off as completely nuts:
I know it’s been a while since I saw the Andy Griffth show, (decades in fact) but I’d bet dollars to doughnuts, that there’s never been an episode of such that dealt directly or indirectly, with the issues of gender dysphoria, Gay rights, or Transpeople.

You know, because it was a forbidden topic on TV until 1977?  In that year, the CBS sitcom “The Jeffersons”, featured a trans character, named “Edie”, who was portrayed as being a male friend of George’s prior to her transition as a woman. And if we’re going to talk openly about someone being “triggered” Jeffrey, between the two of us, which one of us has posted anti-LGBTQ hate rants, close to 100 times?

Methinks thou doth protest too much, and self-medicates, not nearly often enough. Evidence of this lack of self-care, is further advanced by Seay’s faux outrage that a girl likes, and I quote directly; “boy stuff”, which is incel code for “girls are ruining all the dorky stuff I like with their female cooties!”Man, how fucked up as a person do you have to be, to still specifically designate what activities either gender is freely allowed to participate in? Especially when you yourself, never seem to leave your bedroom to do anything? Pray tell Jeffrey, what exactly is “boy stuff”? Weightlifting? Fixing cars? Sports? Being able to walk down the street, without needing your keys poking out from in-between your fingers?

The nerve of these modern-day women! Next thing you know, they’ll start thinking that they’re allowed to have both opinions of their own, as well as unencumbered body autonomy. But Seay isn’t done just quite yet making overly g ridiculous assertions about the things that he cares not to know not a thing about, and that list, which is already overstocked, just keeps growing:
I have no idea what color the sky is in Seay’s paranoically dystopian world, but I get the distinct impression that the very air itself, tastes like regretful bitterness and abysmal failure.

When the day comes that Seay finds out how much of his favored entertainment and obsessive distractions have been crafted and/or creatively skippered by members of the LGBTQ Community, I can only hope that the only place he can find solace to ease his pain, will be the blanket fort that he created for himself inside his mother’s garage.

Seay’s fear is palpable, but it’s his delusions of self-assurance, that I find to be the truly most troubling aspect of his clinically unbalanced personality, His self-admitted schizoaffective disorder diagnosis aside, Seay still las no excuse for posting this kind of veiled threat as social commentary, and rest assured, he knows full well what he is actually saying, even if he does try to hide it in-between the lines as he does so:
Every time I read something like this from an asinine adherent of the political movement that screams the loudest about so-called “cancel culture” as they themselves proliferate it to a ridiculously absurd degree, it brings to mind the intended messaging of the infamous “Die Ausstellung “Entartete Kunst” [The Degenerate Art exhibition] organized by the Nazi party, in 1937 Munich.

Just some friendly advice between you and me? If your inherent ideology lines up almost seamlessly with that of the people who passed racial purity laws, you my brother, are definitely on the wrong fucking side of the allegorical fence, no matter how you’d prefer to rationalize it. So, individual creativity needs to be “silenced” because you’re a hatefully irrelevant twat?

Yeah… good luck with that. I’m sure it’ll work out just as well as your “taking back America” coup did, on J6..

Fortuitously, for society as a whole, the Conservative ability for following through with hoped-for actions, is just as well-developed as their aptitude to think for themselves, as evinced by both their social media activity as well as their media interviews. They have the plans, they know what they want to happen, and yet, when it comes to carrying the water for it, in the end, they only wind up spilling it all over themselves.

Such is the case when it comes to the most virulent of Seay’s anti-rainbow rantings, wherein he propagates vile slander, pushes forward debunked theorems, and calls for punitive societal actions that are just three steps shy of a full-blown reenactment of Kristallnacht [AKA: The Night of Broken Glass”] in which an unfairly targeted demographic found itself literally overnight, turned into allegorical Enemies of the State.

The Nazi’s called them “Juden”.  Seay’s chosen definitive, while far less racist, is no less despicable:First off, my wannabe Wehrmacht water-boy, it’s spelled “heinous”, and second; whether you like it or not, being LGBTQ isn’t a crime of any sort in this country. Morally, legally, or spiritually. However, hate crimes are, as is e the endorsing of such things to happen, depending on the particular circumstances that led to said incidents.

We get it Jeffrey. We really do. You really, really, really, hate the ol’ LGBTQ. And it’s not because you’re mentally ill. That’s your excuse, your shield, and your fault in leaving it seemingly untreated. No, the reality is that you’re just a seethingly impotent loser sitting at home, posting memes and contributing nothing to the world, save for the carbon dioxide you so graciously provide for free to your mom’s house plants.

And that’s it. No personal accomplishments. No humane contributions. No legacy of societal impact whatsoever to be left behind. Just your craven catalog of lies, paranoic fears, slander, and stupidity. Sure, there’s always the possibility that even you, an aging dogmatist, could learn some new tricks, but that hope fades when it’s already clear that you never picked up any of the old ones to begin with:Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville, AR everybody. A fake Christian. An all too real Homophobe and Transphobe, and most definitively, a person that one day we’ll all be seeing on the evening news with the word “allegedly” placed prominently in the front of the chevron crawl announcing his name.

Once again, I don’t think that Seay would truly appreciate being compared to that type of all-too-common modern-day American loser, but if the tin-foil hat and matching coat fits? Well, he’ll just to have to make peace with it, I guess. In fact, being labeled as such, is possibly a thing with him, as this meme attests to:

Answer me a question, if you can: is it irony or cluelessness, that causes a person who supports a mango-tinted traitor who deceitfully accuses others of the very things that he himself has done, to falsely accuse others of that which he has undoubtedly done, after inadvertently providing the physical proof of it? I’m thinking that the answer is “both”, but you tell me.

All I’m saying here is that if you’re going to play the victim, maybe you shouldn’t have been caught red-handed willingly drawing the chalk outline that you’re currently laying in:

Man… where do people get the clearly erroneous notion that Seay might be a cravenly bigot? Truly, a mystery for the Ages, if you ask me. So, to recap; the members of the LGBTQ Community are in order, “Groomers”, despite no evidence of this, “Demons” despite the fact that they too, also don’t exist, and “perverts”, despite the fact that the one Seay supports, was convicted of sexual battery.

However, in a plot twist that I never saw coming, apparently rainbow-themed terrorists as well, despite that it’s consistently been Seay’s side of the political fence that’s been fomenting all the domestic violence as of late. But please remember, not to call him a name that perfectly describes just who he really is, because as we’ve all discovered by now, the sensitivity of a sanctimonious snowflake, tends to be off the charts.

As is their disturbing disconnection from both established reality and inherent humanity:Unfortunately for Seay’s fascist leanings, Gay people are Americans. Liberals are Americans. Transpeople are Americans. But he is right about one thing: it doesn’t matter if you keep “it” where the sun doesn’t shine, because regardless of Seay’s dumber than fuck opinion based so clearly on his own closeted tendencies, the people he despises are what truly gives America its nobility of strength, whereas his contributions to the body politic, causes it to rot away from the inside out.

Rember earlier where I talked about how flawlessly Nazi ideology blended with that of modern-day Neocon fascism? Well, here’s a shining example of this posted by Seay, that if it were laid out side by side with the Nuremberg Race Laws that the Nazi’s passed in September of 1935, the only key differences in their tone, would be the targeted demographic and the propaganda produced in concern to it:Those of us who are sane, fully understand that the phrase “abolishing by law: in relation to a specific group of people, is nothing less than a none-too-subtle codex intended to launch the genocidal action required to achieve such a goal. I guess we should all be grateful that Seay didn’t outright reference setting up Vernichtungslager, but trust me, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll eventually do so.

And similar to the manner in which the Nazi’s publicly referred to the Jews as being either “Untermensch” (sub-human) or “Ungeziefer”, (vermin) Seay weaponizes as equally vile terminology, in a pathetic attempt to paint the LBGTQ Community as being detrimental to the very e fabric of America itself:

Definition of the word Traitor: “One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty.” Or; “One who commits treason”, neither of which on any level, apply legally or otherwise, to being Gay or Trans, hiring someone who is, or supporting financially any pro-Gay business or individual.

And no, his self-admitted schizoaffective disorder doesn’t even begin to excuse any of this abhorrent hate speech either, no matter how much he’ll try to use it as necessary shielding in the future.

Seay is not only a bigot, as is obvious, but he also happens to be, quite the fucking moron as well, as proven by this craven commentary, wherein his suggestion for what he considers to be the “solution” to the ”LGBTQ problem”, echoes the underlayment of what came to be known as the Wannsee conference of January 1942:

Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville, AR everybody… a proud Constitutionalist who believes in the virtues of American freedom, unless those same said principles are legally extended to persons who for no judiciously defensible reason, that he so appallingly fears, despises, and disparages.

As I wrap up this disgustingly uncomfortable skinny-dip into the exceedingly shallow end of the collective gene pool, I’d like to think that Seay is the exception, rather than the rule, but for those of you who follow my literary endeavors with regularity, you already know that this is not the case at all. And while Seay may not be physically dangerous, his words and machinations of realty, sure as hell are.

Now, if you’ve managed to make it all the way through the breadth of the four sections of Seay’s story-arc, I commend you, if only for having the strength to wade through the sewer that is his mind, and coming out of it, both smarter and clean. But before I tie up the trash bag that is Seay’s abominableness, and leave it on the curb for collection, I’d like to end on one last slice of his self-owning hypocrisy:

I couldn’t have said it better myself Jeffrey. But I knew that the ever-seething voices in your otherwise empty head could, and boy, did they ever. I’d wish you luck, but I think medication would benefit you far better down the road. Well, that… or coming out of the closet, because Lord knows, you’ve already come out from under your rock



“What’s unnatural is homophobia. Homo sapiens is the only species in all of nature that responds with hate to homosexuality.” – Alex Sanchez, The God Box

Seay What? Pt. 3 (The Bored Identity)

“Conspiracism is always epistemic poison. this accusatory, credulous mindset, more than any individual theory, is what contributes to our epistemic crisis. it treats confirmation bias as confirmation, rumor as research, and innuendo as proof. It isolates its victims and builds their community on a foundation of sand. It falsely labels ideas and behaviors unconnected to reality as a heroic search for truth. And all those downsides, ironically, are part of conspiracism’s appeal. They’re part of why people believe.”
– Bonnie Kristian,

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

Today’s screed is all about conspiracy theories, and the Granfalloons of gullibility that believe them to be 100% true. For those of you unfamiliar with this term coined by the writer Kurt Vonnegut, a Granfalloon is defined as a “false karass”. That is, a group of people who share a collective identity, but ultimately find that their reciprocated association is essentially meaningless. Think Trumpers, members of any state “Militia”, or in its worst-case scenario, the die-hard fans of Nickelback.
Now, this is not to deride all conspiratorial constructs as being nonexistent mind you, as there’s ample evidence to suggest that given the number of galaxies and the planets within them, extraterrestrial life could possibly exist, that a shaved Bigfoot could be working as a barista in Portland, and maybe, just maybe, that there’s even a shooting script for Highlander 2: the Quickening” floating around out there in the wilds of Hollywood that might actually be worth committing to film once more,
Come to think of it, that last one was too unbelievable even for me, and I’m a guy who still has faith that one day, they’re going to make a J.J. Abrams movie lacking a lens flare effect, every three and a half minutes

But as they say, stupid is as stupid posts online, and whether its morons espousing that the events of 9-11 were an “inside job” (it wasn’t) or that Hollywood celebrities are drinking the blood of children to “stay young”, (explain Tommy Lee Jones to me, then) it appears that CT’s have taken hold of the world by way of an early onset senility storm, and they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

And nowhere is this theorem of mine more certified, than we take a walk through the cavernous void that serves as the intellect of todays screed subject, Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville, AR. Seay is currently, as regular readers know, on part 3 of what looks like it will be a quartet of my observations concerning his particular habit of going online and posting inanities both incredulously dense and if not disturbing, and today will be no different.

For ease of access as it were, I’ll be breaking them down into the following categories: “Health” (dealing with COVID-19 and its vaccines, “politics”, dealing with Seay’s ignorance and willful naivety regarding the subject, and finally my favorite section, “Wackadoo”, which covers a wide range of topics, the majority of which come in varying degrees of sanity, from the ever popular “WTH?” to the always entertaining, “WHAT. IN. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK?”

Case in point, this charmingly petite slice of what the “law and order” party thinks should be “done” about Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, both of whom so far as I can tell aren’t under any form of federal or state indictment for breaking the law, aren’t currently being prosecuted for such, and most importantly, haven’t actually been convicted of anything to begin with.

Not that such trivial details matter to persons who get their political cues from a treasonous fascist, of course:
Gee, for the life of me, I cannot imagine where people get the absurd notion that conspiracy theorists are nuttier than a case of Zagnut bars, can you? Don’t get me wrong, I too, have a sense of homicidal range every time that FB goes and fucks with their layout and functions, but turning the Zuckold into a human pinata is also not the first option that comes to mind, either.

And when it comes to Twitter’s Dorsey, I find it hilarious that while conservatives are mad at him for supposed “shadow-banning” of conservative users that never actually happened, as my lifetime ban certainly validates, they seemingly had no issue with whatever Elon Musk is now calling it, becoming a literal haven for extremist White Nationalists. I guess that must be a quirk, and not a proof of concept.

However, I would be remiss in my duties as a professional Snark, if I also didn’t call attention to the fact that they also want to hang the DA who, after it was DECIDED BY A GROUP OF HIS PEERS BASED ON PRESENTED EVIDENCE, to charge Trump with (gasp!!!) crimes that he most certainly committed, if not kept admitting to in media interviews, at his rallies, and even on his own Twitter clone website, Truth Social.

What fucking nerve. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that the law is supposed to apply to everybody equally, irrespectively of whether they’re busy running for higher office, or not.

For those of you who’ve been reading this story-arc thus far, you’ll remember that Seay self-proclaimed of suffering from schizoaffective disorder, the nature of such I will not be rehashing yet again, for sake of not repeating that which has already been explained in detail previously.

Nevertheless, Seay’s admitted mental issues still don’t entirely excuse a fair majority of his ludicrously unhinged commentary, nor should it ever. If you’re aware that you’re mentally ill, then you’re also more than painfully aware when and how it’s triggered. And as social media is an editable medium, there’s more than ample opportunity for one to go remove and/or apologize for the mentally-impaired content you posted while suffering the effects of a fugue state.

Speaking of which, I can’t think of a better starting point to talk about Seay’s mentally-deficient affinity for equally intellectually-defective conspiracy theories, than the one that he more than likely spent most of his time mewling about, that being the minutia surrounding both the general issue of personal health, and the scourge that was the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Which of course, Seay believes was a Deep State plot:
I’m not entirely quite sure quite how Seay intends to establish just who did and who didn’t, get the “jab”, that he so mistrusts, but I’m sure his scheme to do so, is just as logically sound as his declaration that “they” will “pay dearly in a murder case as well”, which causes me to wonder if he thinks that “they” will kill him for being unvaxxed, or if he meant that “they” will be the ones dying at his hands, instead.

Best answers below, and the winner as a reward, gets a break from having to read any more of Seay’s insanity.

However, Seay knowing that the fight against actual reality is always an uphill battle, isn’t going to engage hi allegorical nemesis using data, logic, and a credible argument, oh no siree, Bob. He’s going straight for the throat of his imaginary adversary, and bringing in his own version of such, instead.

Ladies and gentlemen, wearing the white (of course) trunks, floating in an ethereal beam of light, and fighting on behalf of all of the voices in Seay’s head, the TRUE master of disasters, the man with a plan that you can’t understand because he works in mysterious ways, the one, the only… GOD!!!!!!
“it’s not Christian to wear a mask”, says guy who speaks of what is God’s will, despite never having once cracked open his coffee-table-decorating copy of the book that dictates what such is.

For instance, there’s Philippians 2:3, which says that; “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves”, or maybe I should quote Galatians 5:13; “For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one”, which seems to indicate that we are called to do that which is necessary to help each other, which is exactly what mask-wearing does.

But for my money, Corinthians 10:23-24 just flat-out nails it: “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not. Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.” in other words Jeffrey, stop being a false Christian, a paranoid prick, and a useless jackass, and put on your goddamn mask.

Why would I call Seay a “false Christian”? Well, other than the fact that a true one would be more than happy to show God’s love by doing whatever it takes to keep his fellow brothers and sisters safe, I’m also certain that a true lamb of God’s word wouldn’t also post prideful vulgarities such as this:
Call me crazy, but not spreading a possibly fatal illness on purpose to strangers, strikes me as the very epitome of what being a Christian is, but then again, what do I know? As an atheist, I don’t rely on a mythical Skydaddy to rationalize my motivations when I’m acting out with both overconfident selfishness if not outright willful ignorance, such as Seay so deliberately does.

I guess he also never read (or took to heart) the message of James 2:14-17, either: What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food. And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

In Seay’s very limited defense the Bible is a pretty dense book both in physical weight and where its lack of intellectualism, is concerned, so I guess it would be unrealistic of me to get to all of its relevant parts, save for the ones he uses to justify his own abominable actions, but nevertheless where his faux sense of faith falls through, he can always rely on his even far shoddier sense of humor to finish the job:

Groan… I don’t know what’s worse here- Seay’s “jokes”, the thought process that created them, or the fact that you just know that he thought that these were the best of the bunch. No wonder the people in his life allow him unfettered internet access. It’s probably a far better if not safer, alternative to what just might transpire if he were granted unsupervised admittance to his household’s kitchen chemical supply.

Of course, if such an occurrence had happened, it might then explain this display of dipshittery:

Granted, while this is quite stupid, it’s also not surprising in the slightest to those of you who’ve been closely following the posted course of Seay’s free-form dumbassery via my literary excursions. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have to suggest that even Seay himself doesn’t know what the hell he’s ranting about half of the time, and when he sort of does, it’s still nothing less than pointlessly sociopathic:
So, you may be asking yourself, as I most certainly did when I first read this post without the aid of any supporting context, just what in the blue blazes is this guy going on about? Would you believe me if I told you that it was based on his dislike of a descriptive applied to the common name of an oral disease known clinically as transient lingual papillitis?:

Which by the way, is a fact that Seay still manages to get wrong in his petulant display of faux outrage:
TLP, or “Lie bumps” as they are sometimes called by laymen and not doctors, [see: ”TLP”], are small red or white bumps that occur on the tongue. can cause pain and discomfort, stereotypically disappear after 2–3 days, and overall, are considered not to be dangerous to those who find themselves briefly afflicted with them.

And yes, they are known by that moniker due to the myth that a person could develop them after telling a lie. Now, why Seay is so upset at this minor deception borne from parents rubbing the rhubarb as it were, is beyond me, but I also think that it may be beyond Seay just as equally.

Calling something by a name that’s become enmeshed to its commonalty over the years, hardly makes someone a “traitor”, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean, but let’s also remember the source of this supposed outrage to begin with.

While Seay may find himself offended at the “lie”, he’s also the gone who pushes a Bronze-Age book of collective Middle-East-centered fairy-tales, as being the “truth”, so maybe his assessments should be taken with nothing less than a pound of salt for us, and a strong dose of paliperidone for him and the delusions he fuels.

And not for anything, I am amazed at his ability to seamlessly speak for God yet again as if calling something by a common nickname was a sin, [it’s not] as well as the knack with which he besmirched the myth of Santa Claus, degraded parents in general, and then wrapped it all up by calling the COVID pandemic “fake”, even though it’s caused over 1.1 million deaths in the United States alone.

Truly, a man of pseudo-science, if there ever was one to be found.

However, I did promise you conspiracy theories, and not just a walking example of a failed public education coming into its own, so let’s get started by diving into some of the Deep State plots, cherry-picked narratives, and outright lies that the anti-vaxxing movement has brought to the metaphorical table, rather than discuss the resultant carnage that these same said self-taught simpletons of basic science caused, via their ignorance and arrogance.

To begin, I’ll start us off with this deliberately misinterpreted slice of prosecutorial suggestion that in all practicality, doesn’t translate to the situation at hand, much less the fictional one that Seay hopes for:

Two things I must flesh out before I dissect this tripe, that being what is an Executive Order, and second; what does EO 13818 actually say?  First, an executive order is defined as a declaration by the president [or a governor] which has the force of law, typically based on prevailing legislative powers. Executive orders do not require any action by the Congress or state legislature to take effect, nor can the legislature overturn it.

However, the legislative branch can make it difficult, or even downright impossible, to carry out the order, by employing legal gambits such as passing legislation that invalidates it, or refusing to provide the funding necessary to implement the carrying out of specific policy measures delimited by said order. In other words, it can be regarded either as a definitive action, or a glorified Post-it note, depending on the circumstances if faces.

This synopsis aside, EO 13818 directly addresses being a foreign person who has materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, serious human rights abuse that is conducted by a foreign person.

What this boils down to is that is that the entry into the United States by such persons who meet the above criteria, would be considered as being disadvantageous to the best interests of the. United States, and therefore, would be barred from legal entry.


Nothing about COVID, or the imaginary “hoax” that despite being “fake”, still managed somehow, to kill millions worldwide. Not a word about “Big Pharma” execs, Hospital Administrators, School Boards, the CDC, FDA, the “Media”, Governors, Mayors, or City Councilmen, either. Seay’s take, besides serving as the vilest of Alt-Wrong masturbatory fodder, is also 100% steeped in pore fantastical bullshit, as well.

This is why reading is fundamental, Jeffrey. And in your case, apparently exceedingly necessary.

Irrespective of the verified realty, Seay clearly fancies himself as an intellectual warrior, and as such, he’s not going to let a few worthless trivialities such as established data, proven science, and common sense, get in the way of his campaign to spread the Truth as well as COVID, because he has the best weapons and counter defense that an anti-vaxxer could ever hope to have. You guessed it… he has a MEME! And he’s not afraid to use it:
Fortunately, I have databases, empirical research, and even headlines from reputable and award-winning journalistic media to disavow this less than stunning “bombshell” from a self-declared “news source” that Seay discovered while gleaning “exposes” off of Twitter/X/Whatever the fuck Elon is calling it now:

Steadfastly though, as if he were the Rock of Gullible Gibraltar, Seay refuses to accept reality for what it is, over the dystopian nightmare scape that he’s willfully constructed within the abyss located between his ears, and because of this, he feels the need to share with us his ever-so-public stand:

The sharp-eyed amongst you out there in the wilds of the World Wide Web, may have noticed that the space featuring the “people” backing Seay’s asininity is as tellingly, as blank as his intellect is when it’s challenged, but I’m sure that they’re currently on their way to offer their collective support any minute now.

And when and if they ever do arrive, I can only assume that Seay will direct them to unleash their sanctimonious ire against the entity most responsible for the seemingly never-ending scourge of COVID misinformation being disseminated, that being, of course, the social media juggernauts that are Facebook, Google, YouTube, and as it was to be expected, Twitter/X/Whatever the fuck Elon is calling it now:

First off Jeffrey, as I’ve noted more than once in my previous writings, private companies are NOT subject to the overview of the First Amendment, unlike Governmental entities, which most certainly are. Second, as such, your misunderstanding of what the private property exemption actually means in relation to the aspects of social media, strikes as being nothing less than cringe-worthy, because it quite literally, has nothing to do with social media to begin with.

By definition, the private property exemption pertains to the allowance of you to protect a certain amount of the value of your primary property from taxes. This can be structured to either allow you to exclude a flat amount or a percentage of your taxable value, and it has not a goddamn thing to do with how social media does or does not operate, whatsoever.

Not that such details are going to stop Seay from cluelessly frothing at the mouth:

Minutiae counts. Especially when it punches holes in an egregiously false narrative, such as the one that Seay is presenting here. For instance, the doctor pictured within this meme, is none other than one Dr. Stella Immanuel of Texas, who not only called the COVID vaccine “Luciferian,” but declared that it could be easily exorcised by invoking the name of Jesus, like all competent doctors tend to do.

Furthermore, she also publicly discoursed that in her Nigerian medical school trained opinion, that gynecological ailments were the result of sex imaginings with supernatural beings, who transmitted their “demon sperm” into those who found themselves afflicted with such.

Immanuel was also the nation’s top prescriber of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in 2021 and 2022, writing 69,000 prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine, and 32,000 prescriptions for ivermectin the first year, and 30,996 prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and 16,085 prescriptions for ivermectin, in the second., despite the fact that neither drug has been proven to be effective against COVID.

In addition, she also once commented that “Because the Luciferians and the globalists are not going to stop doing what they want to do to take over the world and corrupt every human being and turn everyone to human 2.0 and take over the nations of the world at the end of the day. God is going to come and stop this.”

Apparently, “God” didn’t get that particular memo, due to the fact that he’s imaginary, and that Immanuel is possibly insane, if not debatably unethical to a fault. But yes Jeffrey, we should all be listening to the doctor who was proudly retweeted by the twice-impeached, four-times indicted, incompetent, treasonous failed TV Reality-show host who told us all to:

Given this willingness of faith that Seay has developed over the years wherein he places full stock in the ramblings of charlatan wackadoos over that of the media platforms and medical professionals trying to save lives, including his own, I can see why he seems to possess the critical thinking skillset of an anemic turnip, at his best.

And once again, Seay himself, has graciously provided the empirical proof for my theorem:

Is there any better allegory to prove that you’re not wholly unhinged, than depicting the corpse of a hung child?

If one actually does exist on this planet, I really don’t want to know about it. Let us not forget, even for a second, that the same people who decry the debunking of false medical information as being akin to first-degree murder, are also the very same persons who won’t wear a fucking mask to actually protect them in the first place.

Sadly, Seay doesn’t see it that way of course, what with being dumber than fuck and all, and as he is, he’s not going to accept any personal responsibility for trusting quacks, disseminating possibly dangerous falsehoods, and crafting a disingenuous tale wherein he and his side are the “good guys”, and all those scrambling to stop a pandemic in its tracks, were insidious agents of a dark cabal, intent on gaining “control”:  

Sigh… when all of this writing is done, I think I’m going to send Seay a thesaurus just so he can acquire the knowledge necessary as to what words to use, along with the proper context in which to present them..

To note Jeffrey, the definition of “tyranny” is “a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler”, which sounds like, when given your support of Trump, more in line with what you essentially want to happen, rather than what’s actually is occurring.

And in tandem with that asinine assessment of yours, the definition of “obscurity” is described as being “the state of not being known to many people”, which when it comes to you and your ignorance, would only be regarded as a godsend across the board, if not your local community.

And in order of your other posted density, the Muslim religion cites burqas and niqābas as a testament of faith, you can breathe just fine wearing a mask, as medical professionals doing soi all day long easily certifies, the same goes for your voice as well, and the last time I checked dumbass, “smiling” wasn’t a right protected by the Constitution on any level, either.

And while you might not want to hear this my dimwitted disciple of dipshittery, the government doesn’t need to foist an “experiment” upon its populace to see who’s down with doing this or that, because they already have that information well in hand, courtesy of your social media posts and preferences, emails, cellphone calls and texts, personal spending habits, and offline activities. That ship sailed decades ago, you dumbass, and there’s not a goddamn thing that you, or I, or anyone, can do about it.

Speaking of things that are in our control, albeit with no small measure of contrived difficulty, the subject of Politics, is yet another area in which Seay’s ignorance tends to cosplays as if it were the Belle of the Ball and in doing so, reminds us all just why lead-based paints was banned from residential use in 1978:Man, is this economically efficient, or what?

Not only does Seay get in a swipe regarding the 2020 election which his treasonous Oompa-Loompa lost by 7 million votes, he also manages to insert a Transphobic slur as well, to boot. Gee, it’s almost as if he had no verifiable evidence to present to back up his claims of voter fraud. For some reason, this situation seems very familiar, but I just can’t put my finger on it:
Never mind. I remember now, and remembering is half the battle. The other half is eventual acceptance of Reality, a concept that Seay proves via these misinformed posts, that he doesn’t truly understand:

Um, Jeffrey? That’s not how elections actually work. See: “Kari Lake”, by way of example.

The World’s Angriest Creamsicle can sit in a corner and yell his head off that he didn’t lose all that he wants, but that still doesn’t change the reality of the conclusion that he did, nor does it stop the transfer of power, either. The verification of a candidate losing an election is what certifies a political loss as such, rather than the insane idea that he has to fully agree with the proven outcome first.

Nevertheless, Trump actually did concede, a fact that I’m amazed you missed, as it was all over the news:

Petulance may not be solely a Conservative value, but they sure do seem to engage in it far more than any other political party on Earth, let me tell you. Whether it’s whining about “cancel culture”, “wokeism”, imagined “pedophiles” and/or “groomers”, or a thousand other moral transgressions that they themselves are the worst instigators of, Neocons never accept either personal responsibility or verified realty on any level, whatsoever.

Case/s in point:

Move along folks, nothing to see here, save for the delusional fever-dreams of one Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR. An American citizen. An American voter. And an American moron, extraordinaire. If you’ve ever wondered why they still have to advertise toilet paper on TV, why silica packets in shoes are marked “DO NOT EAT”, and as to why Preparation H still requires usage instructions, here’s your reason.

I do so enjoy how sixty-four election challenges lost, multiple state recounts and voting record audits validating Biden’s win, no definable proof whatsoever of any nefarious activities in regards to 2020 election fraud, save for that practiced by the GQP and Trump’s own lawyers and advisers themselves, and four indictments relating to such, aren’t enough to sway Seay back onto the side of Logic, but rest assured, he’s NOT in a cult.

How do we all know this to be true? Because he said so, of course!  

Well that settles it, does it not?

Seventy-seven million people couldn’t possibly be in a cult, because it’s perfectly sane to assume that a former president who fomented an insurrection to overturn the results of a free and fair presidential election that he lost, who openly stole classified documents, obstructed justice, tampered with evidence, threatened judges, witnesses, and prosecutors, and who talks glowingly of fascist dictators, is nothing less than the purest representation of what America truly stands for.

Not to mention, I love how Seay slurs Democrats for having dyed hair, as his de facto leader walks around with a ferret glued to the top of his head, derides them for using pronouns out of respect for others, when he doesn’t even respect himself, and then calls them “baby killers”, when it’s his party that has zero issue with letting those very same said kids get slaughtered wholesale by gun violence.

Remember though… he’s so NOT in a cult. Nope. No way. Uh-uh. In fact, one of the best ways to let people know that you’re not in one, is to show just how plugged-in and rational that you really are, by referencing a fictional character from a film series whose last contribution to America’s cultural Zeitgeist, occurred in 1990:
Yup. This so reminds me of Joe Biden. The mental and physical obesity, the bad hair, the crassness, the bullying arrogance, and of course, the radiant personality that’s best associated with the type of guy who sells bootleg DVD’s out of the trunk of his mother’s borrowed car. Unfortunately for Seay though, he’s wrong as usual:
Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Even if you’re the villain that people just love to hate. As is to be expected, Seay doesn’t see the aspects of Trump in Biff, because much like his Cinnamon Hitler, he’s quite the idiot to begin with. In fact, Trump so far as Seay is concerned, is a man of virtue, steadfastness, and of course, bravery:
Yes boys and girls, those mythical Man of Steal depicted here walking side by side with a lion no less, is the kind of leader that America needs. Resolute. Strong. Principled. And absolutely not afraid of anyone or anything:
Except of course, for the literal physical embodiment of America itself, that is. But let’s not forget, even for the merest of moments that Seay is not, I repeat is NOT, in what anyone of us might consider to be a “cult”:

In fact, I have even more proof provided by Seay, that he isn’t, and I’nm sure that you will find it just as intellectually devastating to any false assertions that his mental facilities aren’t firing on all eight cylinders:

I’m sorry, did I say “all eight”? I was trying to be complimentary, but in retrospect, I feel like I was being far more charitable than practical, here. Not only is every claim that Seay made blatantly false, save for the “mattress” joke, which I won’t even begin to portend that I understand as I’m not fluent in “Arkansas dumbfuck”, I’d also point out that they’ve all been soundly debunked by multiple sources as well.

However, given what we’ve all just read, I hope you can appreciate the clueless self-satirizing within this post:

The inherent and inadvertent irony… it simply burns. Although to be fair, the stupidity contained within the following commentary, might just give it a serious run for its money, when the dust has finally settled:
If anything, you have to admire the Alt-Wrong community’s dedication to willingly throwing themselves under the bus when it comes to supporting the disproven, the absurd, and the truly insane  Granted, I would have to think that at some point, consistently being held up for ridicule would have to become truly exhausting, but to be fair, as I tend to deal in established reality, I have yet to experience that feeling.

But Seay it seems, apparently has a long history dealing with such emotions, and there’s no end in sight:

I know that Seay self-admittedly suffers from the affliction of schizoaffective disorder, but for fuck’s sake, is there nobody in his life keeping tabs on him, even peripherally?

Forget the paranoia. Forget the word salads masquerading as political, cultural, and theological commentary, and even set aside for a moment, the level of failed intellect necessary to maintain such delusions, and the question still remains- who exactly, is in charge of balancing this loons mental see-saw? Because they’ are, and without question, simply terrible at their job.

And it’s not like there isn’t enough evidence to prove this theorem, as it’s obvious that perhaps Seay needs either an evaluation, an intervention, or a far stronger medication regimen, one that’s hopefully being overseen by a dedicated team of competent medical professionals. Unless of course, you regard commentary such as this to be humming along at the speed of “normal”:
Let’s check the particulars off the list… fantastical scenarios that didn’t happen? Check. A paranoid delusion regarding unwarranted tyranny? Check. And a duo of claims that you’re being targeted for telling the “truth” when it’s actually the opposite that’s true? Check and check.

Now, while this sort of pustulant posturing is sadly par for Seay’s course of debunked dissemination, it’s when he mixes his faux faith with his unmedicated meanderings that his true inner wackadoo really shines the brightest, if not the weirdest:

Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, everybody. Legally allowed to drive, breed, own a gun, and handle sharp stabby things without the guidance of a supervising adult. And what better way to showcase that you’re as far down the path of no return as one can get, than to reference a cancelled TV show that you miss, with not one, but two, End-times “Mark of the Beast” conspiracy theories tacked on in addendum?

Show of hands: how many of you out there, have been faced with the exceedingly terrifying issue of being forcibly micro-chipped against your will? Anyone? Anyone at all? Man, does Seay have all of the worst luck or what? Can you imagine being the only one who’s ever seemingly confronted with these types of ethical situations, and not being able to prove it, save for posting memes about it?

And then, there’s Seay’s deceptively insane claims about the A=mish. Yes, you did read that right:
Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, everybody. Seen here, having a nice relaxing cup of tea, as he expounds upon his other theories surrounding a demographic nobody else on Earth, seems to have any issues with:

I’m sure that overall, Seay’s fixation on a group that literally has no definable influence ever American politics, culture, or  anything else of actualized note is unworthy of any deep consideration, but it is telling as to how his day-to-day mental state fluctuates between a wide range of obsessive fascinations in concern to the self-imagined scenarios that he alone, so arduously crafts into fevered reality  

And as they say, where there’s schizophrenic smoke, there’s also the Masons:

All Seay looks for to certify that someone is a Mason, is “witchcraft” (in the year 2023) and “pedophilia” (perhaps he should look at his own political party?) because as we all know, anybody who engages in both, would make it a point to do so in public, as often as their free time and opportunity allows.

Crazy on the other hand, seems to have no set schedule at all, nor does it seem to ever take five minutes off:
Nor does it shy away from mining the still fertile ground of past fever-dreams, such as the ones that Seay’ has centering on lunacy derived from his disturbing preoccupation with the kid;s TV show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
Yup. Once again, this is all perfectly normal for a guy in his FIFTIES, to be taking about online.

I’m being dead serious, too. You simply have no idea how many hours a week I spend online talking about how the ghost of American actress Farrah Fawcett keeps screwing with my family, just because my mom at some point in the seventies, aped her iconic hairstyle without asking her first.

On the upside though, the more that Seay finds himself preoccupied with a kid’s TV show, the less we have to hear about the falsehoods of both hos Lord and Savior, as well as the allegorical New World Order Neocons are always shitting their pants over:
Interestingly, Seay has hit upon a truly novel way for himself to connect with Christ’s message, and it’s one that I can honestly say has never occurred to me at all. Just make sure first, that its heralds are dead:
Anyone else out there, feeling like they’re learning so much useful information today? I know that I am, although most of it revolves around keeping Seay deliberately away from anything that can lead to accidental electrocution, inadvertent fire-starting, and/or catastrophic explosions.

And while we’re at it, maybe he needs to be cut off from surfing the Web without his being supervised as well, because thus far, nothing good has come of it, as these further examples of “WTF?” easily prove:
At this point, you would think that nothing Seay posts would throw me for a loop, but you’d be wrong, because every time I think I’m clear of hos insanity, he cranks it up a few more notches:
Once more, I do understand that Seay is self-admittedly mentally ill, but I still maintain that’s no defendable excuse for his posting this wide range of lunacy, given the fact that there’s medication and therapeutic treatments designed specifically for this sort of intellectual dysfunction. But the fact that he seems unwilling to utilize them at all in my opinion, puts most of the reprehensible onus back on him.

As I wrap up this last segment of this tale of paranoid pigheadedness, I’ll leave you with a last few bon mots of mentally-deficient malevolence, and while this last grouping isn’t as unbalanced as that which has preceded it, they’re still perfect examples of just important it is that Seay gets the psychiatric help that he so clearly requires:
Um, Jeffrey? That’s not how the continued maintenance of absolute influence held by the super powerful works. At all. And if you ever do find yourself going up against a well-established “cabal”, then you lost, long before you even started. But as Seay is stuck in a loop, he’s more than happy to run this last set of maniacal musings straight into the ground:
Call me overly cautious, but when given recent events wherein loons with views akin to Seay’s have acted out against society in horrific ways,  it’s reasonable to suggest that  if this sort of thinking is something that doesn’t make you concerned even just a little bit as to how it might all play out in the end, I’d suggest that you and Seay become pen-pals, or unwilling flat-mates within the confines of a secured room wallpapered in packing peanuts

And while I’ll end on this note for now, there’s still far more ludicrous fool’s gold waiting to be unearthed from the fetid morass that serves as Seay’s perceptive mind. But until that time arrives, I offer you this teaser to tide you over:

Words fail. But then again, so has Seay’s medication, to the detriment of us all.


“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Seay What? Pt. 2 (A Jackie of all Tirades)

“An obsession is a way for damaged people to damage themselves more.” – Mark Barrowcliffe


Greetings, Bitchiteers!

How are we all doing today? Are we happy? Sad? Optimistic? Depressed? Or are we too busy presenting ourselves to the world entire, as being nuttier than a fifty-dollar pecan pie, and that without fail, as today’s screed subject Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, does almost every day?

Now, if you’ve read the previous installment of this ever-expanding story-arc, you’ll already knew just why I say this, despite Seay’s self-admitted diagnosis of being afflicted with schizoaffective disorder.

To recap, SD is a mental health condition encompassing elements of both schizophrenia and mood disorder, and while it is a severe concern to those who’ve been sadly stricken by the ravaging effects it can unleash, it’s still not an excuse for all of Seay’s literally insane political, societal, and cultural takes, nor is it a legitimate defense as to why I should go “easy” on him, either.

Hate is still hate. Racism is still racism. Ignorance is still ignorance.

And all are treatable, adaptable, and able to be eradicated from one’s psyche and systems of belief, but only if one sincerely endeavors to do so. In other less diplomatic words, there’s never a hall-pass to be expected when you’re unjustifiably acting like a complete jackass albeit online or in person, and yes… it really is that simple.

In my last literary outing, I discussed Seay’s openly displayed racism, threats of implied violence, bizarre ramblings covering quite the gamut from social media platforms to the construct of his mythical and sociopathic “God”, but to be fair, I barely scratched the surface of Seay’s analogous to human pudding-skin intellect, or more accurately, the lack of such, coupled with his highly disturbing at times commentary.

This rather worrying aspect of Seay’s so-called personalities, has naturally led me to once more providing you all with concreted examples of his online opining that should serve as dire warning of that which is yet to come if persons such as he, are allowed to freely propagate their delusions unfettered amongst the far too easily susceptible citizenry, without the validated consequences of concerned oversight.

Now, this is not to say that his right to Free Speech should be curtailed, but it most certainly deserves to be called out fir what it actually is, that being the most odious measure of bullshit encrusted and paranoia-infused partisan pablum, that I’ve come across as of late. Save for the last three fellow loons of his that I’ve also written about, that is.

Dullards of a feather flock together, and all that happy jazz.

Today’s not so secret word of the day is “Obsession” boys and girls, and let me assure you, that Seay has a ton of them. But what is “obsession” you ask? Well, it’s demarcated as; “a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often-unreasonable idea or feeling”.

Say, like Seay’s soon to be revealed over the course of due time fixations regarding nonsensical conspiracy theories, political erroneousness, anti-LGBTQ propositions, supposed Media malevolence, and almost retraining-order-worthy predilection with the celebrated singer Jacqueline Marie Evancho, for instance.

I did briefly touch upon Seay’s compulsion for believing that he and the social media powerhouse that is Facebook [hereafter referred to as FB] were locked in eternal battle for one-upmanship in my last screed, but I’d like to expand upon this curiously sad state of affairs somewhat more, before I eventually delve into his equally oft-bizarre valuations concerning POP culture, before I put it to bed as it were, with his creepily unhinged attacks on Evancho, who at the time he first laid his creepiness upon her, was only sixteen.

If you just threw up in your mouth a little at the mere thought of that, don’t feel bad. So did I, but then again, my brain, unlike Seay’s works the way nature intended it to. And nowhere is this better proven, then by his letting us all know right off the bat, just what it is that he didn’t come on to FB to “discuss”:

Quick show of hands, if you would- how many people currently gathered here, have to consistently deal with either “Flat-earthers” or anything else from the myriad list that Seay posted, openly harassing them on their FB pages and/or daily feed? Let me count…Yeah, that’s what I figured. Considering that I deal with Conspiracists nearly every damn day, and have lost count of how many times over the last five years that I’ve been told about the Deep State harvesting Adrenochrome from child sex slaves, I find it strange that I have yet to encounter any person espousing this particular fallacy even once, whereas Seay literally trips over them to the point of maddening distraction.

However, Seay is also gracious enough to let his fellow FB’ers know just who he is, as a warning to people who for some strange reason, couldn’t determine that for themselves, using only his memes, his postulant commentary, or his stunning ignorance, as the litmus test for their consideration as to whether they should attempt to acquire his ever so necessary FB friendship, or not:
How do you say “I’m a total fucking disingenuous idiot, who supports treason, over-militarization, gun violence, misogyny, bigotry, Homo/Trans phobia, and racism”, without using the actual words? Well, here’s your go-to example. Feel free to take all the notes you may need.

I do find however, that Seay’s advisory guidance is somewhat unnecessary, especially, given the fact that his “friends’ list on his FB profile, is possibly emptier than the space between his ears, and that’s saying a lot. Not only have I never seen anyone comment on any of his posts, I have also yet to see any proof of his actually interacting with any of his fellow humans either.

But hey duly warned is duly informed I guess, and I for one, have always appreciated that sort of optimism, unfounded as it is. Nevertheless, Seay marches on, resolute in his dedication in bringing the FB juggernaut to heel not because he despises their business model, or their global reach, but because he feels that certifying fact from fiction, is somehow a violation of his (and everybody else’s) “rights”:

Surprisingly, Facebook responded to Seay’s whining with the following straight to the point retort:

“Dear Jeffrey: Actually, FB is a private company who has SPECIFICALLY DETAILED USER AGREEMENTS AND TERMS OF USAGE POLICIES THAT YOU WILLINGLY AGREED TO WHEN YOU SIGNED UP, so feel free to stop posting about how you’re going to “delete” your account one day, and actually fucking do it for once. Signed, everybody else on earth who understands how reality actually works”

Whereas Seay finds himself inordinately vexed by the limitations of just what Free Speech actually entails, it’s FB’s fact-checking system that really gets under the fallacious fondant that serves as his skin, and there’s no better way to complain about it, then by posting a series of falsehoods in regards to it:

Yes Jeffrey… that’s how you know when something posted on FB is “true”. By not being able to prove that it’s fake as FB does, by using actual evidence. And I hate to break this to you as well, but when it comes to Liberals spending time in FB jail, they do it as well, but with far less consistency.

Because as you well know, unlike you, we tend to use fact-based arguments and all that, versus manufactured memes as our conduit to do so? Don’t hate the player Jeffrey- hate the game. But before you do, maybe you should learn how to actually play it with some competency first. And may I just say, if only for myself that is, that nothing proves just how upset you are with a clearly stated enforcement policy that certifies your idiocy, half as well as your cluelessly bragging about how often it’s been necessary to apply it to you:

I just have to ask, given Seay’s dearth of publicly posted proof of human interaction, just  what “friends ‘ have you made Jeffrey, and where exactly are they all in your times of need? Seems to reason that such ideological allies would be standing arm in arm with you, fighting the pointless fight, but then again, maybe it’s just another one of your delusions running amuck, which is probably the case.

And the use of a misappropriated cartoon icon that’s been most closely associated with the White Nationalist movement as well? Truly, that’s one of the best ways ever discovered to easily convince others that the “arguments” currently supporting your ideology, are nothing less than intellectually sound, let me tell you.

But where Logic itself fails, then inanity must reign, right? Sort of. Because try as he might, Seay literally cannot get out of the way of his own inherent crazy, as these random postings easily attest to:

Once again, a serving of word salad that looks as if it was assembled from inside the confines of a still-running blender, resulting in yet even more pointless demands that FB will neither read, or even ever act upon.

And when these two … let’s just call them “ramblings”, failed to produce the results that Seay wanted, he fell back onto his favorite detraction grenade, that being the foisting of inane conspiracy theories:

As you may have already surmised, this is not the case. First, as a FB user, you can control your “feed” using FB’s easy to find control settings, and second, Spotify has not a thing to do with FB’s feed, policies or actions, as they’re distinctively disparate companies to begin with. JFC Jeffrey: you’re not even remotely close to being that important to people in your own wretched life, and yet you honestly believe that FB would waste their time and management resources fucking with the likes of you?

Yeah. Good luck with that. As well as continuing in your resistance to “apologizing” for a self-invented transgression that nobody accused you of committing in the first place. Playing the victim, while long a Conservative gambit, finds itself given a new reach by Seay’s addition of his always flawed interpretation of just what is, and what is not, “American”. An opinion that I find almost adorable, in its abject selectivity:

Now, I could comment on this absurdity, but the universe being what it is, already provided me with the best retort, and who am I to mess around with an excellently phrased gift of near-perfection snarkiness?

I’d suggest that Hunt is onto a good point of discussion here, but it’s also fairly obvious that Free Speech is a far-too-challenging topic that’s just outside the grasping line of Seay’s already over-taxed and limited intellect, as he so graciously proves here:
So, let’s establish the guidelines here: Seay thinks that the deleting or blocking of copen commentary on a post or posts, is nothing less than a self-righteous act of vile censorship, and therefore, should be disavowed. I can actually get behind this, as the free exchange of ideas is essential to a functioning democracy, if not the overall betterment of mankind’s march towards progress.

But what if those same said ideas are dangerous to the common good, hateful to Humanity, or in Seay’s case totally insincere to what he just claimed was inherently morally craven for others to openly do? Well then, I can only guess it’s a disingenuous act of “do what I say, not what I do”, yet once more:
One day, some techno genius is going to come out with a phone app that helps track Conservatives multiple hypocrisies in real time, and after he does, he’s going to make Elon Musk his unwilling personal bitch-boy, using nothing save the bank interest accrued off the pure profit alone. Shame then, that Seay is far too busy nonsensically ranting about FB, rather than put all of those voices in his head to work: I’m not sure what’s sadder to discern here: the fact that Seay sat down and actually composed these mentally-challenged meanderings to the best of his ability with the most supreme of effort, or that he thought this was the best version of both to present to the world without any sense of self-reflection.

In retrospect, a moment set aside for such introspection, may have allowed Seay to take thirty seconds and discover that specific situations may exist in which certain aspects of stereotypically protected Free Speech may not fall under the auspices of the 1st Amendment. These may include issues of “hate” speech, child exploitation, slander, factual threats, and those words which may or may have already, incited unchecked acts of violence.

And whether Seay likes it or not, this message of his meme that’s posted below is blatantly false, when those allegorical and possibly arbitrary rules are used as a societal yardstick, as the First Amendment only protects your speech from government censorship, such as that which may be illegally threatened by federal, state, and local government entities, AND THAT’S IT. Simply put, corporations are not subject to it at all;

And no, this is not what modern-day book burning looks like, because they actually look like this:

But please Jeffrey, mewl to us all about how unfair it is that you can’t freely watch videos centered around promoting dangerous lies, anti-vaxx propaganda, racism, homophobia, and debunked conspiracies, produced by persons who film their “exclusive truth” podcasts on a 2nd generation I-phone inside their Moms’ garage.

Left to his own devices in an earlier era, I would have dismissed Seay as just another random kook I’d happily cross the street to avoid, but as the modern-day social order no longer has that protective bulwark any longer due to the double-edged invention and insertion of the internet into our everyday lives, we’re all sort of forced to deal with the terminally ignorant far more than we’d ever wish to.  

But as Seay ill-advisedly, does have unfettered if not unsupervised internet access, we’re all sadly subject to observing his mini-meltdowns being presented as social commentary, even when they’re clearly not:

Note to self: find out who this “Medasin” guy is, download every album that he’s ever made, and then send him a very nice “thank you” card for pissing Seay off this much.

And once again, I love how Seay cluelessly demands that both Spotify and FB (for some reason), listen to him in the same way that he listens to whatever voice in his head that keeps openly suggesting that he embarrass himself in public. However, out of all of these nuggets of madness, this just may be my favorite post, for reasons that are going to be obvious:
Man, I wish I had that kind of self-confidence when I’m out in public sans medication to suggest with no sense of sarcasm that someone was “possibly a lab grown person meant to masquerade”, but c’est la vie, and all that, I guess.

As I’m not a doctor, I can’t even begin to tell you what’s actually wrong with Seay past the effects of his self-declared schizoaffective disorder, but even that doesn’t fully explain his random tangents of obsession, such as the one regarding “porn” that’s being displayed here:
Show of hands! How many of you find yourselves bombarded with pornography every time you go on a legitimate news website? Anyone? Anyone at all? C’mon now, don’t be shy. Speak right up, and let us all know in what way the two blondes who don’t know how to properly tip a pizza guy using cash instead of gash, hurt you.

Seay’s dislike of porn though, isn’t really the issue that I’m mocking here, as even I at times, feel that modern-day porn sometimes goes way too far past the pale, especially where the subsets of rape, BDSM and “teen” fantasy are concerned. No, what I’m making fun of in the short-term, is the fact that not only do legitimate news sites not run porn ads, Seay wouldn’t even know what those are to begin with, given what he erroneously considers to be pornography:

Why do I get the feeling that Seay is so uptight that if he were to undergo a colonoscopy, they’d need dynamite as well as the standard dose of anesthesia to gain access to his colon? Cleavage is “porn”? In what era and on which planet, do you currently live Jeffrey, because it sure as fuck isn’t Earth.

And by the way, you’re turning 50 didn’t give you the “privilege” of blocking people you don’t like on FB, you loon, because that’s literally how ALL social media works, regardless of age, mental acuity, or in your case, an overblown sense of self-righteous Victorian-era prudishness. In addition, what does your being debt-free have to do with the issue of supposedly unwillingly inflicted upon you, porn ads?

So, Seay despises pornography. Good to know. Not necessary, useful, or even that interesting to know as well, but hey…  to each his own personal battle, I guess. Therefore, I can assume that it can be safely suggested that since Seay loathes porn as he does, then it would also stand to reason that he’s also not an ardent fan of its creators, its talent pool, its promoters, and most certainly, not its users:
Well, three out of four, anyway. And BTW, David did not have sex with a “porn star” unless MindGeek had a division based in the unified kingdom of ancient Israel, and somehow that chapter was left out of the Bible. Which is sad, because those stories about a lonely widow and a randy goat herder would have been lit AF.

For the scriptural record, King David, depending on who you talk to, had either an adulterous affair with, or engaged in an act of sexual assault against, a woman of noble birth by the name of Bathsheba. And no, God didn’t exactly “forgive” David’s transgression either. In fact, the first thing that God enacted was a prophecy wherein David would suffer the loss of his three sons; that being; Amnon, Absalom, and Adonijah.

Following that, God decreed that David’s wives would be “humiliated before all Israel”, an event that came to pass when it was discovered that Absalom had lain with “his father’s concubines in the sight of all Israel”. God then capped off his revenge tour with the death of Samuel, who was the love-child of David and Bathsheba’s torrid tryst / possible sexual assault.

And as Seay is a self-declared adherent to what’s in the Bible, he knows that the above is true, because it CLEARLY SAYS SO IN THE BIBLE. Sure, adultery may be number seven on his top ten “no-no” list, but I’m sure he forgave the guy who not only can’t recite a single bible verse, but whom also spends his Sundays playing golf, rather than attending church.

Yup. That totally clocks. And as Seay is all about keeping the Sabbath holy, you would think that Trump’s numerous sins should upset him greatly, considering that Trump once infamously declared that; “When I drink my little wine, which is about the only wine I drink, and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed,”

Call me crazy, but if you’re the type of “Christian” who can’t recite a single biblical parable, doesn’t attend church, and repeatedly commits acts of adultery, fraud, bearing false witness, and refers to the Host as “my little cracker”, then the odds are probably pretty good that you’re a Christian in the same way that Trump is a faithful husband. But nevertheless, Seay knows who’s really disrespectful of the Sabbath, and has no problem saying so:As always, hypocrisy is my favorite Conservative value. And while they’re not the only ones that practice it, they sure seem to engage in it far better than anyone else does. But sports aren’t the only thing that Seay refuses to watch anymore, for as it is with most of his obsessive tendencies, he prefers to take it up a notch. In this case, it centers on the TV show once known as “Person of Interest”, which ran on CBS from 2011-2016:

For those not in the loony loop, “POI”’s central plot was centered on the premise that an ex-CIA agent and a wealthy programmer, saved lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of members of the general public allegedly involved in imminent wrongdoings, and that’s it. Think of Tom Cruise’s 2002 film “Minority Report”, but without the floating in a jacuzzi psychic triplets.

And I would also venture a guess, without the supposed hatred of American values and way of life, to boot.

As to what Seay is babbling about in relation to John 9, in essence it says that the coming of Jesus will disclose who people really are, and as we are all collectively existing in darkness, we need to slavishly accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, in order to be “saved”… from HIM. Yup. That totally clocks with the contextual plot-lines of a cancelled show that features the progenitor of HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, doesn’t it?

Sadly, this Moebius strip of mentally-challenged meandering, is quite the commonality in Seay’s alleged to be thought process, and it isn’t content to just prattle on endlessly about a show that’s been off the air for eight years, oh heck no. it’ willing to be just as idiotic about a whole slew of TV related nuttiness as well, and if that’s not personal growth, I don’t know what is:
Jesus Mythical Christ, this is exhausting. And let’s not forget, we haven’t even reached the basement level of Seay’s discount-bin-purchased brain yet. By way of example, feel free to peruse these slices of what happens when Seay’s medication fails to do its job, centered on the American superhero television series known as the “Power Rangers” And read them all, because his commentary is truly disturbing:

I’d like to take the time to point out that the actor Keith Robinson, who played the part of Joel Rawlings in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, is not only not a pedophile as Seay so slanderously claims, but has also never been accused or even rumored of being such, in the first place.

I speak only for myself of course, but is anybody else who’s reading this creed, hoping beyond all hope, that Seay isn’t legally allowed to own any form of firearm? Because Holy-what-in-the-actual-the-fuck, dude. You quite seriously, need to be secured the hell away from not only access to the World Wide Web, but possibly, your immediate neighborhood as well. If not its local toy shops.

However, crazy is as crazy acts, and the one other show that Seay really has a tumescent hate-on for, is the one whose creator once described it by saying that;

 “Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs: that there is a tomorrow — it’s not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb; that the human race is improving; that we have things to be proud of as humans. No, ancient astronauts did not build the pyramids — human beings built them, because they’re clever and they work hard. And Star Trek is about those things.”

But as you’ll see, Roddenberry’s truly Humanist vison, is perceived quite differently by Seay:
As I said, Holy-what-in-the-actual-fuck, dude? I’m not entirely sure when the happy day will arrive when the authorities in charge lock you away in a room wallpapered in washable vinyl, but it can’t come soon enough.

Now, when that long overdue day of enforced institutionalization finally does commence, it’s not as if the world itself will get any less stupid, hateful, or paranoid, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction, nevertheless. I say this not to be flippant, but vas we’ve seen Seay’s quirks of logic walks the razor’s edge between being a source of mockery, versus becoming an inevitable headline one day.

I earlier mentioned why this is, and it’s largely due in part not to Seay’s asininity in regards to his takes on politics, POP culture, and theology as you might assume, but something far more disturbing. I am of course, referring to Seay’s fixation with a celebrity that until I came across the 70+ posts that Seay has devoted to harassing and slandering them, I had no idea who they even were to begin with.

This person, who has through no fault of her own, unfortunately become the apoplectic of Seay’s delusional eye, is one Jacqueline [”Jackie”] Marie Evancho, who is best known as a singer, concert artist, actress, and model, A platinum selling recording artist, Evancho’s big break came after her performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” on NBC’s America’s Got Talent (when she was only ten), blew the doors of opportunity wide open.

Prospects that faced severe curtailing after she also controversially sang at Trump’s 2017 Inauguration. The reason why Evancho faced such harsh backlash, centers on the fact that while Evancho has a transgender sister named Juliet, the Trump administration itself, promoted an abominable stance on LGBTQ rights.

Such incivility openly occurred, despite Trump’s false assertion that he would both be a “better friend” to the community, and that when it came to his administration, he felt that, and I quote directly; “Sexual orientation would be meaningless. I’m looking for brains and experience. If the best person for the job happens to be gay, I would certainly appoint them,”

Foisting a blatantly obvious ploy to appeal to the Gay voting demographic, Trump also declared that; “And by the way the LGBT community is just—what’s happened to them is just so sad and to be thinking about where their policies are currently with this administration [Obama’s] is a disgrace to that community”

So, how exactly did these heartfelt pledges play out in the end, you ask? Well… just as you’d expect it would.

Trump’s administration not only opposed the Equality Act that guaranteed non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people and which was eventually passed by the House, he also appointed anti-LGBTQ judges: crassly joked about VP Pence’s wish to hang LGBTQ people, supported LGBTQ employment discrimination via amicus briefs submitted to the Supreme Court, banned transgender people from serving in the military, as he rolled back Obama-era non-discrimination protections.

He also issued a regulation granting federal contractors the right to fire LGBTQ workers because of their sexual orientation or gender identity via a claim of religious exemption, as well as creating a Religious Discrimination Division in order to foment legalized religious persecution against the LGBTQ Community, as he removed explicit protections for LGBTQ people in healthcare programs, as well.

Then there was the attempted elimination of the entire Affordable Care Act, directly affecting those afflicted with HIV. and the suggested trimming of $1.35 billion from the PEPFAR budget: which assists in the fight to stop the spread of AIDS overseas. And even sadder, this isn’t even a quarter of what he’s purposely done to foster anti-LGBTQ hysteria, nor are they even the highlights of such.

Truly, the best friend and protector that the LGBT Community could ever ask for, am I right?

Evancho for her part, issued a statement in concern to the backlash that she experienced from Trump’s numerous detractors, saying: “I now get to tell myself that my name goes down on that long historical list of people who sing at the inauguration. It was a huge honor and an experience I’m never going to forget.”

Simple. Mature. And brief. And in no way, shape or form, was it a snide swipe at Trump.

In a later interview, Evancho addressed the issue of attacks on the rights of Trans people, stating that; “We really just need to fix it. Things need to be equal for everybody. You can’t exactly be comfortable and happy in your own skin when you have all of these restrictions on things that everybody should have.”

This of course, is how America is supposed to work, and just as before, in no way shape or form, was it a targeted attack on Trump, his GQP stooges, or the policies that treat the LGBTQ Community as being perverted, freakish, or evil. Class in action, if I do say so myself, and I do.

This of course, is how America is supposed to work, and just as before, in no way shape or form, was it a targeted attack on Trump, his GQP stooges, or the policies that treat the LGBTQ Community as being perverted or evil. Class in action, if I do say so myself, and I do. However, this is how Seay interpreted such graciousness, which leads me to think that if her security team doesn’t have a picture of him by now, they probably should soon: