Wayne Michael Reich

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Published Articles

1990: As Illustrator:

Computers in Graphics Magazine

1991: As Illustrator:

Screen Printing Network Magazine

2005: As Subject:

Phoenix New Times- “The Reich Stuff.” (No Link)

2006: As Quoted Subject, Writer, or Featured Photographer:

Phoenix New Times- (Quoted) “Hi, My Name is Ryan.”
Phoenix New Times- (Quoted and featured Photographer) “Tear Down Town.”
PhoenixArtSpace.com- “My Favorite Hack.” (Defunct Site)
PhoenixArtSpace.com- Artist Interview by Joe Charleston (Defunct Site)
PhoenixArtSpace.com- (Featured Photographer) “AZ. Fetish Ball.” (Defunct Site)                       

2007: As Subject or Featured Photographer:

Phoenix New Times- “Scene Stir.”
Phoenix New Times- “Through the Lens Darkly.”
LoLo Records- “Laura Sawosko” CD Project Principal Photographer

2009: As Featured Photographer:

Java Magazine: “Le Bete Noire and the Blackheart Forest.” (No link)

2010: As Subject or Media Mention:

Phoenix New Times- (Hit Piece) “Wayne Michael Reich.”
Phoenix New Times- “Feud for Thought.”
Phoenix New Times- SB 1070 Fuels Boycott.”

2015: As Writer:

PHOENIX Magazine- Vintage Industrial: April, 2015
PHOENIX Magazine- Lalo Cota: May, 2015
PHOENIX Magazine: Yai Crecream, June ,2015               
PHOENIX Magazine- Cyrus and Nona Coron: July, 2015
PHOENIX Magazine- Running in Cycles: September, 2015
PHOENIX Magazine- Brian Klein: November, 2015

2016: As Quoted Subject, Writer, or Featured Photographer:

PHOENIX Magazine- (Quoted) Row on the Row: March, 2016
PHOENIX Magazine- Douglas Proce: March, 2016
Phoenix New Times- (Photog) “What it’s Like to Write an Album in One Month.”
PHOENIX Magazine- Eric Cox: September, 2016

2018: As Subject.

VoyagePhoenix.com (Artist Interview)

2019: As Writer or Featured Photographer.

ZIA Magazine- “Silver City MainStreet”: October, 2019
ZIA Magazine- (Writer/Photog) “Jean-Robert P. Beffort”: October, 2019
ZIA Magazine-  (Writer/Photog) “Michael Lacey”: October, 2019

2022: As Writer
 Testimony Vol. !: “Shilling of a Lesser God” August, 2022