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Month: February 2022

The Kook of Ruth Pt.2 (Re-tease the Karen!)

“Narcissists are consumed with maintaining a shallow false self to others. They’re emotionally crippled souls that are addicted to attention. Because of this they use a multitude of games, in order to receive adoration. Sadly, they are the most ungodly of God’s creations because they don’t show remorse for their actions, take steps to make amends or have empathy for others. They are morally bankrupt.”

– Shannon L.  Alder

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

I don’t know about you, but I just love Winter, and everything about it- the crispness of the air, the biting wind in your face, the rationalizing that there’s no prescribed time as to when you can have hot chocolate, and the best part of all, the grey feeling of desolation that hangs in the sky. That is, until that annoyingly perky season known as “Spring” shows up, and crashes the snowbound shindig

And while my fashion palette declares earnestly to anyone who’ll listen that I’m an Autumn, my soul has always been wearing an ugly sweater and sipping a heated Dr. Pepper, as I languidly sprawl in front of a roaring fire, listening to a CD of Billy Idol’s Christmas album; “Happy Holidays” on repeat.

Snicker all that you want, but this will-never-not-be-a-classic disc, is a certified gas. More importantly, it makes me truly happy, since as of late, I’ve found myself yet again, venomously dealing with a person so egocentric, that even Plato, who advocated for the Geocentric Model regarding planetary orbits, would recommend that they pick up a science book, if only to discover that they’re not the center of the known universe.

urrent screed is notated as a “Pt. 2”, it stands to reason that this is a continuance of my previous blogvella, where I revisited a previous chew-toy of mine, and suggested in essence, that when it came to the particularly hateful harpy that I was writing about, their current dedication to exhibiting their “crazy” so openly might not necessarily be curable, but it could be medicated, and perhaps that would be the first step in bringing this wackadoo back to the land of Reality that the remainder of us whose brains still work correctly, happily call home.

To argue my point, I exhibited some of their publicly online assertions, as well as their self-pitying passion plays, and as usual, approached my somewhat caustic take dispensing the milk of human kindness, as only I can. From a non-working refrigerator, that’s been sitting in the middle of the Sahara for three and a half weeks.

I feel however, that despite my inherent snarkiness, the inane individual that I was allegorically flaying alive using nothing else save their own words, actions, and online segments to do so, my admiration for their commitment to foisting dazzlingly dense displays of disingenuousness upon the undeserving public at large, was truly impressive, to say the very least.

If I had to draw a parallel between their following through on showing us all what a failing public education system would look like as a person, while remaining true to themselves, I’d label them as the Mandolorian of Morons.

Sorry. That was rude of me to suggest, given that the Mandolorian himself, is a complex character with an adherence to a [personal creed that honors self-sacrifice above all else, and today’s return guest idea of true altruism, is to milk every drop out of her homespun drama, as if it were the last vestiges of Manna from Heaven itself.  

As someone who rightfully prides themselves on their own personal productivity, I can’t tip my hat hard enough to show my envy concerning this person’s efficiency at mass-producing the very drug they need to remain feeling both delusionally relevant, if not morally superior to everyone else.

Without any further ado, let me take this moment to re-introduce an individual who blazes her own path, as if she were Anakin Skywalker taking a shortcut through a Jedi preschool, and of whom, author Walter Bagehot might have coined the following: “Nothing is more unpleasant than a virtuous person with a mean mind.” Granted, todays squeal on a stick is far meaner than she’s ever been virtuous, but let’s not quibble over semantics, shall we?

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the answer to what happens when a Bible and a lack of access to birth control, decide to have a one-night stand, and accidentally spawn a barely sentient stack of rancid communion wafers, so put your hands together for Silver City’s very own …

(Off in the distance, a singular cricket chirps, as a lone tumbleweed rolls on by…)

Bitchiteers? We’ve talked about this- regardless of whose head is locked in the stocks of my Hasbro French Revolution Playset, you still have to clap, and show the decorum of proper respect, even if that person doesn’t deserve it. Especially then. After all, when the emblematic guillotine blade is dropped and all is said and sone, I’ll have yet another work of public service under my belt, and you’ll get a spanking brand-new soccer ball to play with. Everybody’s a winner.

Well, everybody but Ruth, that is. Or come to think of it, anyone else that has to sadly deal with her lack of a truly dizzying intellect on a consistent basis. I’ve often said that one of my key tests in determining the likeability of a person, is to ask myself whether or not I could handle being trapped with them in an elevator for about an hour or so, which overall, I’ve always felt is an adequate timeframe in which to ascertain such an abstract concept. .

In Seawolf’s case, not only would I go out of my way to not find myself sharing a lift with her, I‘d make it a point to take the stairs, just to avoid any risk of my metaphorical scenario occurring in the first place. And I say this, both as a partial amputee who’d missing a quarter of his left foot, and as someone who’d rather jump out a window during a high-rise fire, rather than negotiate a stairwell with my cane.

But in the end, it really wouldn’t matter, because despite all evidence to the contrary, if Ruth and I did find ourselves trapped within a box of steel, overflowing with her speculative Ego, asking her beforehand as to whether it was crucial that we got along or not, would most likely be met with this response:Unfortunately for Seawolf’s false decree, her own public displays of near-sociopathic pettiness, have proven this valuation of hers to be entirely false, if not wholly hypocritical. Seawolf does care, and that, quite a lot, it seems. I’ve met some drama queens in my day, but I never thought I’d honestly hear of someone in my small hamlet, who could do a one-woman play of “La Cage Aux Folles” without breaking a sweat, let me tell you.

And while I myself, refuse to believe in the concept of an all-powerful, all-seeing, and omnipotent God, as I really don’t want to help enable unreliable and inconsequential sociopaths, I’d be of the mindset that if such a deity did exist, he’d consciously avoid Seawolf as if she were a Mormon Sister he accidentally gave his real name and phone number to, after an awkward one-night stand just outside of Provo.

We’ve all heard the phrase; “Jesus protect me from your followers”, but has anyone ever considered the strong possibility that when dealing with cafeteria Christians like Seawolf, he himself, may utter the same under his breath? I’d happily point out that for someone who claims to use her rarely opened copy of the “Good Book” as a guide for living her life, Seawolf references her Facebook one far more often, as a rule.  

I knew that being addicted to drama can manifest as a real concern for some people, but JFC…  is it really possible to be jonesing for a hit 24/7? Apparently so, and I say this as a person who, despite looking forward to confrontation the way a preschooler looks forward to Christmas morning, has been known to take the occasional break every now and then,

If Ruth on the other hand, through either legalities or the nature of her personal circumstances at the time, found herself being forcibly detoxed cold turkey style, of her obsessive need to create territorial turbulence, she just may, through the severity of her withdrawal, inadvertently craft the unintentional sequel to Nikki Sixx’s the Heroin Diaries.

Once again, Seawolf posts a declaration of self, only to later negate it, or pretend like I always do with the Star Wars prequels, that said self-own never existed in the first place. If God thinks so highly of her, then why is she always (allegedly) under some form of spiritual duress? If God rewards those who praise him ceaselessly, shouldn’t Seawolf have achieved her VIP status by now, thereby granting her the perk of being safe from harm under the gaze of his ever-watching eye?

After all, if Ruth is to be believed, which, on most days, is a 90/10 split at its supreme best, she’s apt to be down on her knees servicing the Lord, which truly sounds somewhat dirty, but seriously, is not meant to be. So, if any of this is true, then why would she feel compelled to say something like this in the past?

Yep. You heard it here first, folks… the reason there’s so much drama swirling around Ruth as if she were a streaming service specializing in low-budget telenovelas, is because she “thinks differently”, which to be fair, is also a descriptive that one could apply to every single middle-aged White woman seen on YouTube, screaming at an African-American for doing nothing, save for existing.

I hate to burst your bubble Ruth, but in order to be considered as thinking differently, one actually has to be accused of being able to think first, and that’s an allegation that’s never been, nor will it ever be, a[plied to you. And if you need wonder why this is, may I suggest that you re-read anything you’ve posted online, as all will be made clear, even to a person such as yourself, who inaccurately perceives reality through eyes that have been superglued shut.

While her paranoia is entertaining, if not ingrained, knowing that Seawolf has accrued an “enemies list” of sorts, does raise a few questions, does it not? Are these enemies of hers real, such as Logic, Facts, and her oldest nemesis, Reality, or are they imaginary, like Satan, her Faith, her Empathy, or established dependability in regards to telling the truth as it actually is?  This is not to say outright that Seawolf is deceitful, but if she ever told me that Biggie Smalls was dead, I’d do my best to confirm that information with Tupac Shakur first.

The credibility of her assertions has been questioned within my small community not only by myself, but numerous others, and the collective conclusion that has been reached, is that you would think that for somebody who bears false witness as much as Seawolf does, she’d actually be somewhat competent at doing so by now. Nothing could be further from the truth, save for Ruth herself, that is, and that proven theorem is what I’ll be discussing as this screed progresses.

Regardless of topic, albeit Religion, Public Health, Politics, Cultural Norms, Civil Rights, or the proper temperature at which one should chill Ding Dongs, Seawolf being counted on to get it wrong, is an almost bankable certainty. And on those rare conditions when she does get “it” right, I can assure you that she’ll find some way to squander that attained good will, almost immediately.

One particular area where Ruth comes off as stunningly dumber than a box of Bibles, is the land of politics. Whether it’s crafting false analogies to connect dots that don’t line up, or fabricating falsities out of the thin air that encompasses the vacuous void between her ears, Seawolf consistently showcases why Right-wing media and its disseminators, should be classified as hazardous waste, and is the primary reason as to why her yearly CAT scan, tends to be designated as a reevaluation for a Superfund site. 

Take for instance, Seawolf’s deep insights regarding “what’s really going on”, and see tor yourselfYes Ruth. “They” really did need 2000 Marshalls for an inauguration, thanks to a largely unhinged contingent of your inane ilk attempting to overthrow democracy a short time before. Strange how you left that part out of your narrative I can only guess you were too busy being offended by the Capitol police stopping them from doing so.

As to Democrats “knowing what’s coming”, yes we do. a whole bunch of you are about to display your lack of intelligence on a level unforeseen in this country, but not uncommon among those who routinely spray-paint things inside a sealed garage.

As to Democrats “knowing what’s coming”, yes we do. a whole bunch of you are about to display your lack of intelligence on a level unforeseen in this country, but not uncommon among those who routinely spray-paint things inside a sealed garage. However, attempting to compare the violence, destruction, and faux patriot disrespect of one of America’s oldest and revered institutions to the disturbances springing from the relatively [peaceful anti-police protests across the country, is such a Karen take, that even Karen herself, wants to talk to your manager…. now.

But you’re right about one thing. Nobody is fooling an all-knowing, all-seeing God. Especially yourself, hence the reason why he’s polishing up the boot that he’ll use when he kicks your venomously disingenuous ass straight into the gaping maw of Hell. But then again, since he’s a myth that seems either powerless or wholly complicit, in relation to the harm that he foresees is about fo befall his creations, maybe the dice will roll in your favor, regardless.Man, this reads like an L. Ron Hubbard novel- complete with a plot that has so many disparate threads, you’d have to read it at least twice to understand the underpinning of insanity it took to scribe it in the first place.

So to recap, this odiously imaginative pile of pretentious pointlessness, the Clintons, Joe Biden, his nonelected son Hunter, were all in devious league with the nation of China, as well as a host of several other unnamed countries, to engineer the fall of Afghanistan, in order to cover up unspecified crimes, and only Ruth and her cabal of poetically ignorant pinheads, have managed to put the pieces of this conspiracy puzzle together.   

I particularly like her confidence in expressing that Biden, despite being integral to the subversion, is seemingly going to be deposed as collateral damage, in order to further an undescribed, yet somehow nefariously brilliant “evil agenda”, that she herself, can’t set the parameters of. Never let it be said that you can’t reach for the proverbial stars when you’re obviously mentally ill kids, for Ruth is shining proof that you can. Even if those “stars” are Sean Hannity, Laura Ingrahm, and of course, Tucker Carlson.

Sadly though, it’s apparently only going to get worse for Joe Biden, and Seawolf as usual, is all over it, using the inside information that the voices in her head provided her. Or maybe she got her intel off of a bumper sticker or even perhaps, from a meme. Somedays, its kind of hard to tell with her, given the fact that her grasp of political intrigue, is just as firm as the one she’s presented regarding her seemingly in decline sanity.

My mythical God… it all makes sense now. The Deep State, supported by corrupt Democrats, rigged the 2020 presidential election, tin order to install a political patsy, that for some unproven by evidence reason, is going to be eventually removed, so that his Indian-American female counterpart, can assume supreme control, in order to continue, and I quote; “their evil doing”, whatever the f**k that is.  Yup. It’s such a brilliantly subtle plan, that I can easily see why a rational mind could easily overlook it.

I would like to, if I may, point out yet another instance of hypocritically slurring Biden as being mentally incompetent from a group of people whose Fanta Fascist once said the following;

In regards to the topic of gay marriage, as quoted (1/5/11) in the New York Times: “It’s like in golf… A lot of people – I don’t want this to sound trivial – but a lot of people are switching to these really long putters, very unattractive… it’s weird. You see these great players with these really long putters, because they can’t sink three-footers anymore. And, I hate it. I am a traditionalist. I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a traditionalist.”

This advice brought to you, by a person who believes in traditional marriage so much, he cheated on all three of his wives, two of whom, are ex-mistresses.

Concerning the valid issue of Global warming, as posted (6/10/12) on Twitter: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

Not sure how that works out, but I’m sure the guy who manufactured his clothing line in China, kept secret bank accounts there, and allowed his daughter to acquire a boatload of trademarks as he paid them more in taxes there than he did in America, will definitely, one day, put them in their place.,

As quoted in the book, “TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald”, discussing one of his favorite movie scenes: “My favourite part [of Pulp Fiction] is when Sam has his gun out in the diner and he tells the guy to tell his girlfriend to shut up. ‘Tell that bitch to be cool. Say: Bitch be cool.’ I love those lines.”

This slice of misogyny offered up from a so-called man, who also once said on Face the Nation; “I will be phenomenal to the women. I mean, I want to help women.” Interesting approach, Donny. And who can ever forget his boast on Twitter regarding his Intelligence, where he declared; “Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest – and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.”

And then, to show off that highest IQ, eventually went on to talk about how windmill noise causes cancer, toilets in America require ten flushes, how modern LED bulbs made him look orange, noted that; “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening”, and in what may be be one of my personal favorites, said this, when asked about his desire to retrieve the remains of our nations veterans who were killed during the Korean War:

 “One of the things that really I’m happy is that the soldiers that died in Korea, their remains are going to be coming back home. And we have thousands of people that have asked for that- thousands and thousands of people. So many people asked when I was on the campaign,” Trump added. “I’d say, ‘wait a minute, I don’t have any relationship- but they said, ‘when you can, president, we’d love our son to be brought back home… you know, the remains.”

Trump openly declared that while he was on the campaign trail in 2016, the parents of our revered war dead asked for his direct assistance, but there’s one almost embarrassingly irrelevant problem in regards to this claim of his- that being, these alleged parents of soldiers who fought in the war, would’ve been (on average) roughly 100 years old at the time, and not one shred of evidence, be it a photo or a video clip, backs up his highly questionable claim. I know, I know… I was shocked too.

Mainly that anybody bought this pile of bulls**t at face value, but I digress. But let’s just ignore his track record of lies, misdirection, sexual perversion, graft, money laundering, violating visa law, treason, and stunning narcissistic ineptitude, to bash on Joe Biden, who unlike Trump, has never bragged on tape about wanting to f**k his own kid and sexually assaulting women, just before it was revealed that he had paid a pornstar to f**k him, while his wife was at home, caring for their newborn child.

And yet, despite all that I just laid out, the topic Seawolf feels the need to so desperately disuses is the intellect of the current president who, unlike the one she pleasures herself to, didn’t ignore the pandemic, didn’t downplay the events of January Sixth, didn’t push conspiracy theories to explain away his political and personal blunders, and most importantly, never insulted an alleged sexual assault victim, by saying; “She’s not my type’, as Trump publicly did, in regards to Elle magazine columnist, E. Jean Carroll.

Such an insensitive, if not outrightly insufferable comment BTW, not only proves that Trump’s boast about grabbing helpless women “by the pu**y” was by no means, just “locker room talk”, as his defenders have nauseatingly claimed, it also disturbingly indicates that out there somewhere, is, a “type” he’d be more than happy to rape, given the right circumstances. But let’s ignore that blatant admission, in favor of Ruth’s pathetic gaslighted distraction, instead.

That’s what I’ve always found interesting about Seawolf- whenever she points her finger at someone, the ones pointing back at her, resemble a pack of headless hydras. For an average person, this amount of tone-deafness in relation to one’s personal hypocrisy would be labeled as “stunning”, but when it comes to Ruth, I’ve; learned to see it as just another normal Tuesday.

When one takes into account Seawolf’s political ignorance, fondness for conspiracy theories, as well as her ever-increasing sociopathic zealotry, I can only estimate how long it will be before the streets of my small town suffer the experience of her running down them, screaming this at the top of her lungs:

If there truly is a “God” that exists, I can only hope that regardless of uts theological theology, they stress upon the voices in Seawolf’s head, the importance of remaining clothed as she does so,, for my town at this point, has already in my widely accepted opinion, suffered enough unwarranted degradation due to her brazenly arrogant presence within it.

When it comes to the small slice of a Norman Rockwell painting in which I live, Seawolf’s position as an honorary deacon of detestable idiosyncrasies is hardly a secret, but the fallout that should n=be meted out in response, is barely whispered about, for a reason I’ll address in a moment. This naturally, has led to Seawolf’s erroneous assumption that she’s somehow above reproach, and comfortably below the visibility of the community’s social radar, but this belief, like most of the ones that Ruth holds dear, is starting to show signs of rapidly advancing attrition.

What Seawolf fails to realize, is that the emotion of fear is stereotypically underpinned by the sub-emotion of hate- either it’s the hatred of consequences that keeps people in check, or hating the conceptual reality that regardless of what actions you undertake, you can’t do anything to keep the fear at bay. This fear, is both the fuel and the tool that Seawolf exploits to keep her detractors at bay, and even I will admit, she’s got quite the knack for dispensing it.

However, it’s not because she possesses cunning, or a feral intellect, it’s because those on the receiving end of her wrath, believe her to be mentally unwell, or as one of her Facebook-based vendettas recently told me; “I think she’s crazier than a s**thouse rat on crack, and I’ve got kids to worry about.”

Now, this is not to say that Seawolf herself would ever do anything violent, but if one reads the comments posted on her social media victim statements, she does have a few in her only-one-book club, who seem more than eager to dispense their own form of vengeful vigilantism, as noted in an earlier blogvella: of mine:So, it’s not Ruth’s being correct, pr the strength of her assertions that keeps the people of my town silent, it’s their collective concern that one day, they’re going to wake up one day with the allegorical head of Christ in their bed, as if they were starring in the TBN remake of the Godfather. Let us not all forget though, that when it comes to who the true casualty of cruel fate is, it’s always going to be Seawolf hands down, who as we all know by how, is blameless for all that happens to her.

But, here’s the best bit about hatred-driven fear, Ruth- it galvanizes people to bide their time, waiting for cracks in your armor to appear. It eventually inspires them, to rise up as one great overpowering mass, and even more so, when they sense metaphorical blood in the water. When the time comes for your long-overdue fall, its all on you, nobody else. And all the Facebook posts in the world won’t save you from the social shunning you’ve been earning in installments, since only your mythical God knows when.

That’s the flaw of self-invented drama Ruth- in the end, it’s akin to tying an engine block around your neck, as you go searching for refuge within the Marianas Trench of your own hubris.

Speaking of which…

Seawolf, who fancies herself a community organizer, when she’s not organizing faux outrage targeting her own community, also currently oversees a Facebook page known as “Silver City Reviews, Experiences & Recommendations” the description of which, is as follows:

“ This is a page set up specifically for people to review local and surrounding cities, and online sites & companies, stores, products, restaurants etc. Please share your experiences with us whether they be good or bad. Members are now also allowed to ask for recommendations for specific items, foods, doctors, hair stylists etc. Businesses are allowed to advertise their hours, menu’s, prices, specials, etc BUT only once a month!

Once members try the place out they can then post a review, experience or recommendation. Please refrain from any vulgar language and please be aware that once you post whether it be negative or positive you open yourself up to diverse kinds of feedback and opinions. Also please keep in mind that we will not always agree! Please agree to disagree in a respectful way with no harassment or accusations to the person posting. We all will never have the same personal experience for a place. That’s what this page is for…..to voice “your” personal experience.

Any post containing nudity or vulgar/curse words will automatically be deleted:) Thank you all for keeping this an informative site. Members who have Admins blocked will be removed from the group.”

On the surface, this reads as a useful resource where one can find the necessities often difficult to find in such a small town, but when I first encountered Ruth, my experience was strikingly different. Let me provide some context, by quoting from my first screed concerning her, and the control freak complex, she fails to masquerade as communal concern:

“My initial quest for practical storage eventually led me to discover a page named “Grant County Goodies”, and it didn’t take long for me to discover that one of the page overseers was yet again, another pretentious quasi-Christian Trump supporter whose attitude was disturbingly similar to the person who had cast me out for experiencing my opinion previously.

And in an action that was not too surprising, this individual as well, when not boring the group with their arbitrary rants, was also posting content that went directly against the rules of the page that they themselves violated consistently. Sort of a “do as I say, not as I do” type of situation. This particular hypocrisy, in regards to word and deed, has also been alleged to be blighting yet another FB page that they run, that being “Silver City Reviews, Experiences & Recommendations”, which is supposed to be for the promotion of the local businesses in Silver City, but has sadly found itself at times, serving as a soapbox for this person to air their at times, allegedly skewed take on Reality.

When I look at it with a cynical eye, it’s almost as if Joel Osteen and Michelle Bachman had a baby, and as a christening gift, decided to bequeath an Empire upon it, whose legacy is founded in Facebook-disseminated ignorance.

Interestingly, when I was casually talking to one of my doctors about the GCG page and how I had found myself banned from it, they not only named the same admin who I had my issue with, they added: “Oh, that cow bans so many people from her bulls**t page for disagreeing with her, she might as well be Twitter.” However, while that was amusing, I forgot to mention one small detail: when I was discussing the page, I never mentioned her name.  At all. They just knew who it was when all I had said was: “I got booted off by some cowardly hypocritical bi**h””

And this, my loyal readers, was back in 2020, long before I had ever taken the first of several deep dives into what would be the swiftest of delusional slipstreams. And I can assure you, she hasn’t gotten any better, since she first crossed my path, as my previous scrawls have sadly confirmed beyond any reasonable form of doubt.

If Seawolf’s asinine antics were simply limited to nothing more than reaffirming as to why organized religion is thankfully dying on its proverbial vine, I would probably have overlooked them, if for no other reason than the fact that such activity is rarely self-sustaining. But Seawolf is that scarcest of conversational commodities that make writers such as myself, joyous beyond words, for thanks to an inability to keep her puerile proclivities under wraps for more than five minutes at a time, the jokes and observations to be made, literally write themselves.  

Especially when Seawolf is so magnanimous about providing the stones to smash the walls of her glass house. Say what you will about th8s hateful harridan, but at least she occasionally does think of others needs, even if she spends an inordinate amount of time whining about her own.

As I noted in the past snippet that I posted above, Seawolf’s personal approach t=o her social media infestation is “sort of a “do as I say, not as I do” type of state of affairs, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the rules that she posts, and yet, does not follow herself:In case you can’t read this grammatically flawed screenshot of the SCRE&E page, it states; 


Everyone is welcome to post your Personal Review, Experience, or Recommendation IF

Lastly anyone removed from the group who retaliates by sending threatening messages to a person posting, commenting or Admin will be reported to our local Police Department., Thank You.

The First Amendment allows us to speak our mind and stand up for what we believe in. However the limits of free speech are rooted in the principle that we’re not allowed to harm others to get what we want.
That’s why we’re not allowed to use to speech [Great grammar, Ruth.]  for force, fraud, or defamation.

Also, this page is not enforced by a Governmental Entity, you’re free to leave at will.”

Before I shred this pile of overly smug sanctimoniousness, into the largest of hypocritical Cobb salads, I’d like to offer up my gratitude to whatever God of Writing placed it on my plate to enjoy, (looking at you, Hunter S. Thompson) and I swear by all that is unholy, I will not let this bounty go to waste. Unlike Ruth’s public education, and that spoiled cabbage she calls a brain.

Ironic self-ownership may not be a singularly specific trait whereas Seawolf is concerned, but I swear to her faux God, no one I know, does it half as well as she does.

This list of rules, other than being irrelevant, as Seawolf will ban people left and right on a whim for simply disagreeing with her, and that, regardless of the civility level involved, is also duplicitous as f**k, given her well-established track record for slander, threats, and the retelling of events so deliberately cherry-picked as to the actuality of what happened, she might as well be working the salad bar at a Sweet Tomatoes.

Like all good things that are about to commence, I’ll start at the beginning, and work out from there..

““IF IT IS TRUE”: This standard, brought to you by the very same person that accused Lady GaGa of being affiliated with, and I quote; “Satanic Worship!  Sacrifice! Blood sacrifice! Pedophilia! Hurting Children!” A shocking list of charges, which every major news organization on Earth, both Liberal and conservative, somehow missed. But I’m ever so sorry to interrupt you Ruth, as you were talking about the “Truth”.

“ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO A MANAGER…” says the woman who after talking to a manager, defamed Sunshine Coffee on the basis of an eventually rectified banking error anyway, and whom without talking to a manager at all, defamed what many have assumed to be Chaos Sandwich Shop, after a simple mistake caused Christzilla here, to receive the wrong sandwich order. There’s also another business that she’s gone after lately, for no logical reason at all, but I’ll be discussing that a tad bit further on down the road.

“ANYONE FOUND TO BE POSTING UNTRUE STATEMENTS OR PICTURES WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOIVED FROM THE GROUP!” Unless of course, you’re a page administrator as Ruth happens to be, and find it’s easier to ban people after they point out the stench of deceit that encircles you, as it were the emanating rot of what I can only assume, passes as your soul.

Now, all of this is the standard Seawolf subterfuge that we’ve come to expect from the most cravenly of Christian cows such as Ruth, but it’s her take on the First Amendment, that really displays the depth of her deceitfulness, if not her sense of entitlement to break the rules she deems mandatory. For while she postulates that; “the limits of free speech are rooted in the principle that we’re not allowed to harm others to get what we want. That’s why we’re not allowed to use to speech for force, fraud, or defamation”.

And yet, Seawolf does at least two of those three things, with such scheduled regularity, that Amtrak could use it as a hypothetical model to run its train service. When it comes to the First Amendment, it’s safe to say that Seawolf not only shows the same firm grip on it’s underlying construct that she has on the evidence that will one day convict Lady GaGa, she also manages to add an entirely unrelated analogical connection as well, which as any conservative pundit proves almost daily, is what the best of unaware idiots strives for:I’m not sure if any of you would agree with me, but in the end, you just have to admire Seawolf’s ability to take two disparate topics, on which she is willingly ignorant, and yet, using nothing save the sheer determination of her inherent density, manages to combine the two, into an as yet unclassified element of pure inanity. Since I’m aware that most of you don’t speak jabbering jackass fluently, I’ll do my best to translate this dumber than f**k query of hers into the common vernacular, if at all possible.

So… Seawolf, who bans detractors left and right from her social media fiefdoms, and who has publicly stated that while she believes that private businesses can enforce mask mandates, while simultaneously  bitching that they shouldn’t be allowed to treat anti-mashers “differently” or exclude them, has just seriously suggested that being booted off social media platforms for disseminating hate speech, false information, and maniacal conspiracy theories, is akin to the consequences of a deadly pandemic.

Shocking that this Rocky-Rhodes scholar who’s openly expressed anti-masking views and refereed to vaccine cards as “the Mark of the Beast”, allegedly came down with COVID, isn’t it?

I for one, never saw that eventuality coming, let me tell you. But I have to call things as I see them, and when you’re dealing with a thick wench even half as dumb as Seawolf seemingly presents herself to be, your explanations have to be as simple as they are, so here goes: When the two situations are compared side by side, and in equal light, it’s clear that one has the potential to kills a person’s over-imagined ego, and the other… ACTUALLY F**KING KILLS PEOPLE, YOU DIMWIITED DUMBF**K…

Imagine that. A concise elucidation for Ruth that didn’t require hand puppets resembling Jesus. Will wonders never cease? They may in time, but when it comes to missing the point as she beats a dead horse into dust, Seawolf’s lack of understanding as to how the world works, certainly never will:

To be fair, Seawolf accidentally does make a good point here, as terrorist groups have managed to weaponize the Internet as a tool for recruitment and the dissemination of propaganda, but she literally neuters it when she brings the “Commies” in as a second-string villain, as she deliberately ignores the fact that given the events of January Sixth, we could say the same thing about the GOP..

Interestingly though, she unintentionally on purpose, overlooks the reality of what she speaks about here as well- Trump not only had the Press Corp at his beck and call, but scores of sycophants spreading his message unabated, and if he had so wanted at that point, could have launched his sure-to-fail; “Truth” social platform site far earlier, to stay one step ahead of what he and Ruth wrongly conclude, was censorship.   

However, I do like Seawolf’s innovative solution that she cut and pasted here, for the non-existent problem at hand, that being; “Th church must PRAY”, because the very act of doing so, has worked out so well as a viable resolution for every other issue that the human race currently faces. Call me crazy, but something tells me that restoring the Twitter account of a morally perverse demagogue, isn’t going to be occupying a top slot on mythical God’s “to-do” list anytime soon.

But then again, your original source did spell “PRAY” in all-caps, so maybe, just maybe, your ever so imaginary deity, might get off his non-existent ass, and do something about it. Roll the dice, kids- what have you got to lose? Nevertheless, Seawolf wasn’t done exposing her imbecility just yet, and went into full End of Days mode instead, posting this paranoiac wet dream for all of us to enjoy:

All jokes aside, I myself, would pray for a media blackout, as I’m sick to death of hearing the mewling masses like Seawolf complain endlessly about events that have not, will not, and could never happen, unless of course, a fascism-supporting political party that recently burned books in Tennessee., and who tried to overthrow democracy by violence, ever found itself sitting in a position of supreme power, but what are the odds of that… you know… happening again?

Pretty good actually, considering that when Parler’s temporary exile from the World Wide Web-came in January 2021, it had a user base estimated at 15M, Unsurprisingly, the majority of these were alleged to be, based on the site’s posted content, Donald Trump supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists, some of whom had either found themselves expelled from conventional social networks, or were pugnaciously opposed to the rules and regulations said networks enforced.  

Standardized Parler content ran, as a rule, along the lines of debunked conspiracy theories such as the ones that followers of QAnon promote, antisemitism naturally, along with a smattering of racist tropes, as well as the “phobias” popular among amateur Neo-Nazis: be they xenophobic, homophobic, or Islamophobic. And don’t you worry, my chapped hands incels, Parler had enough misogyny on their site to make even perpetual virgins kike you, feel as if they were at their weekly RPG game, too.

You know. The type of content that only a true Christian like Ruth, could lovingly appreciate.

When information surfaced that Parler was used to coordinate the January Sixth insurrection, several companies such as Apple and Google, denied it access to their services, going offline when Amazon (late to the party of good as always) canceled its hosting services. Sadly, Parler resumed service on February 15, 2021, after moving domain registration to one owned by an American domain registrar and web hosting company, known as Epik.

On a side note, Epik is notorious for providing services to websites that host far-right, neo-Nazi, and other extremist content. It has been labelled as a anchorage for the far-right, due to its disposition to provide services to those websites that have been excluded from other Internet service providers. I won’t speak for you, but that doesn’t sound disturbing ta all, now does it?

No wonder Ruth feels allegedly at home there. It’s literally a conspiracy theory book club, but without the hassle of actually learning anything that’s fact-based. As to MeWe, the other site she refenced, it too, saw an upswing in popularity after Trump supporters started searching for an echo chamber wallpapered in ignorance, Unlike Parler however, MeWe wasn’t originated to be a platform for conservatives. It just turned into one, and greeted them with open access.

The alternative-reality surge for the platform came about after mainstream social media, started cracking down on the proliferation of vaccine misinformation. Many different types of conspiracy theorists, such as the anti-vaxxers, call the site home as it were, because if you’re going to a f**king moron, you might as well do so, with like-minded company. But there’s an unexpected twist: MeWe does have a large number of users who aren’t conservative.

Unlike the politically incoherent vibe mired within the swamp of Parler, MeWe hosts several different groups, ranging from music and art aficionados to animal lovers, and even some Green party activities, as well. However, the most active users on the site, much like the ones to be discovered within the mainstream platforms as well, appear to be the conservative fringe, who since the 2020 election, see it as an alternative to Facebook.

Think of it as Parler Lite, with half the calories, but all the tastelessness. Regardless, both of these companies are trudging along, despite Seawolf’s fatalistically stupid belief that the “Left” owns all the social media outlasts to be found; And once again, Ruth- if your faux God is really in control of all, then why are you worried in the first place? Just say a prayer to your sky-residing sociopath, and I’m sure, he’ll take out all of those lawless liberals your little Christian heart despises so much.

There’s an old maxim that says; “There’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal”, but this in and of itself, is not entirely true, for the most dangerous animal is, and I will happily quote Dora the Explorer here; “A healthy animal, for starters”, which when given serious thought, makes a lot more sense. I’d rather face an angry elephant with a limp, than one in fine form, any day of the week.

Fortunately for us, when Seawolf is wounded, or even when she’s in fine form, the best that she can do, is throw up on herself, and then, hope that her intended victim takes pity on her, as this post highlights:
Once more, Seawolf takes two entirely separate talking points, and crams them into her shriek-hole, as if she were a toddler going at a birthday cake. As I noted above, Parler wasn’t “banned” for setting its own rules, it was dropped by private companies after it was revealed that its platform had been used in an attempt to OVERTURN AMERICAN DEMOCRACY, which as a supposed American yourself, should be the thing that upsets you more, but obviously doesn’t, because you’re in a f**king cult of personality

A descriptive that, regardless of whether it’s Jesus or Donald Trump she’s been pleasuring herself to in the wee hours of the night, still applies. And as for Seawolf unironically slurring others who point this factoid out correctly as hypocrites? Well, it just serves as definitive proof to what my late Oma was fond of saying; “Whenever it’s appropriate, try not to talk about yourself at length; for others will do it for you the moment you depart.”.”

Every time Seawolf posts one of these asinine conclusions of hers, all I can think of,is that her Facebook page is where her sense of hypocrisy, personal victimization, arrogance, willful stupidity, and, paranoia, meet up for coffee and compare notes..

Every time Seawolf posts one of these asinine conclusions of hers, all I can think of, is that her Facebook page is where her sense of hypocrisy, personal victimization, arrogance, willful stupidity, and, paranoia, meet up for coffee and compare notes. Speaking of which, I can only hope their assemblage of such, is far better organized, unlike this mentally deficient tripe:

Yet again, our Child of God here, cuts and pastes another reference to websites (one being misspelled) that Jesus would n=most certainly, not approve of, due to their dredge of humanity content, and once more, alludes to an unnamed and insidious cabal, hell-bent on stopping free speech as we know it, despite the GQP literally attempting to do the same thing where books of all genres are concerned.

They say; “The South will rise again”, and maybe one day it will, but unfortunately, it won’t be in the areas where literacy and individual IQ points are under consideration that is, as the lack of proper grammar, spelling, and comprehension of what year we’re all currently residing in, as this one photo so clearly depicts. It also concurrently shows what happens when an orchard full of family trees, has no definable branches, but that’s a topic for discussion at some other point in time, I feel..

As to Seawolf’s so-called point regarding the projected shut -down of alternative social media, I’m not entirely sure just why neo-cons have this belief that all social media is owned by the Left, despite their ability to consistently, if not freely, post continual complaints whining about their being censored on all the mainstream platforms, but its not as if faux fatalists like Ruth, do the research necessary to back up their dystopian fantasies to begin with..

And please correct me if I’m asking a rude question here, but what exactly does Jesus have to do with any aspect of social media?

The last time I checked, there was no platform known as “Christbook”, and even if there was, the odds are fairly good that modern-day Christians such as Seawolf, wouldn’t follow any of its postings to begin with, given the fact that they don’t even do that with the collection of fairy-tales it would be based on, so maybe, they should just keep their sociopathic sugar-daddy out of the national conversation, for now, at least.  

Now, as I’ve noted in previous screeds, Seawolf aligns herself quite frequently, with opinions and activities that her so-called Faith wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, if she did indeed, truly believe in its tenets. She’s publicly posted that the insurrection of January Sixth was actually the work of outside agitators, not Trump loyalists, as has been proven, and inferred that people engaged in justified remonstrations, such as the ones that addressed the topic of police brutality, are the real criminals.

 This double standard, a common tool to be found nesting within Seawolf’s temper tantrum toolbox, led to her gleefully posting this unintentionally hilarious act of self-ownership:

I can only wonder, as one must, just how much of this draconian overreach against civil protest Seawolf feels should be applied to her fellow Trump cultists who subverted the process of American democracy for a few abominably dark hours on that fatefully sad day in our nation’s history, knowing full well just how dedicated she is to the concepts of both Truth and the Rule of Law.

Oh wait. My bad, I forgot. These rules obviously don’t apply when it comes to metering out earned justice to counterfeit American Christian Patriots, as they are to be used only against those who believe that equality under the law applies to everyone, regardless of skin color, or sexual identity. Silly me. For a moment, I foolishly disremembered where Ruth’s head is at most days- that being, so far up her own ass, that she can use her belly button as a viewing port.   

Observing Seawolf in her native habitat, its become quite clear that she views the world entire, as nothing more than a vast repository of fear, which is somewhat strange, considering how often she insists that as a daughter of God, she fears not a thing. I can only imagine however, how terrifying it must be for Ruth on a day to day basis, given statements like this, where she, once again, mixes up a batch of unasked for mewling margaritas, and serves them up with a twist of Trumpism, and a chaser of Heaven’s Gate rotgut:.I’ve said it before, and sadly, I must now say it again, but with all due curiosity; WHAT, IN THE ACTUAL F**K, IS WRONG WITH YOU, LADY?!? I don’t wish to make light of those truly suffering from the scourge of mental illness, but if there ever was a brain deserving of an electro-shock gift certificate, yours would be the first one I’d recommend for the VIP weekend package.

Normally, I would call this whole exchange insane, but given how nuts it actually is, I’m almost wondering if a new descriptive should be crafted in order to capture the purest essence of a mental defect that at this point, may require a medication regimen that’s only been used to treat the truly rabid and the wholly Republican. But then again, I repeat myself.  

So, in the interest of clarification, let’s recap her salient talking points: The all-powerful, all-knowing God can’t hear you with a mask on, disgraced former President Donald Trump did win reelection, despite the reality that he did not, it’s her “speaking her mind” that makes people call Ruth a drama queen, and not because what she says is so far gone, it might as well be aboard the Voyager spacecraft,

Fauci, masks, and Dominion voting machines are  frauds, despite no corroborating evidence being provided proving that shows they are, current and duly-elected USP Biden and VP Harris are imposters, and Trump is taking his rightful place… at some point, I guess, since the only place he’s currently inhabiting 24/7, is his fear of going to prison.

There’s also a personal admission that she’s in a cult, a notation that God gets to to be the one that nags us last, stating that Satan is up to his old tricks, sowing the very qualities that Ruth possesses and proudly displays on an almost hourly basis, and a plea that her fellow humans see with clear eyes, what is “happening” in our country, during these so-called last hours..

Yessiree Bob. This all seems quite rational, doesn’t it? And Seawolf’s untenable public position that it’s everyone she comes into contact with, who’s actually the problem, and not her? Classic. Always a classic. I do hope she’s careful with this overplayed gambit of hers though, as its so old and brittle, it could be classified as an irreplaceable antique. But fear not the impending darkness yet to come, my loyal readers, fpor Seawolf has some advice for us negative Nancys, and it is this:Remember what I said earlier above? “Ironic self-ownership may not be a singularly specific trait whereas Seawolf is concerned, but I swear to her faux God, no one I know, does it half as well as she does”, and If I may add a wry notation; “with quite the frequency she does, either.” Seriously. When is Seawolf not offended by something, if not everything, that doesn’t align within the parameters of her f**ked-up view in regards to what the world should be?

We all have some form of personal index that causes us some form of grief, ranging from mild to severe annoyance, but at worst, it’s supposed to be a laundry list, not a 27-volume set of the Encyclopedic Bitchtannica, as Seawolf has so willingly composed inside that rotten cabbage she calls a brain. Whether the subject at hand requires her to think about others, or to think about the consequences of her actions in relation to the same, the only thing that Seawolf ever truly devotes marginal thought to, is herself, and herself alone.

This opinion of mine, verified by Seawolf’s numerous online postings describing a litany of things that offend her, may have a semblance of validity on some level, but the majority, and I say this with supreme confidence, are at best, Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. An olive short of a pizza. Away with the fairies. Playing Canasta without a working deck. A few bricks short of a load. Nuttier than a ten-dollar pecan pie.

In essence, crazier than a Christian Conservative at a Hobby Lobby clearance sale, but without the joy of watching someone who deserves it, getting garroted with Washi tape. And how does Seawolf consider those who correctly chide her for promoting widely discredited theories so implausible that even the most ardent of Scientologists think her Thetans would benefit from psychoanalysis?  

Ladies and assorted gentleman, I present you with this:Keeping in mind that Seawolf’s own flesh and blood called her a cultist, and her response in kind, so-called, was to, and I quote directly; “rebuke her”, as if her familial were some form of demon, not only speaks volumes about Ruth’s relationship with reality, it also strengthens my supposition that her dedication to the lunatic fringe, is far stronger than the societal bonds one normally applies to their family and friends.

I’ve often held firm to the credo that like your friends, you can choose who your family is, but JFC, I’d like to think that my pool of potential candidates for the positions needing to be filled, wouldn’t make the family Manson come off as if they were the Brady Bunch.

As seen within the framework of her fearfully ignorant world view, Seawolf has taken offense at literally everything under the sun, ranging from being accidentally overcharged for coffee, to the reality of her own hypocrisy being called out repeatedly, and it’s a pile of inanity that only seems to be increasing in size, as time marches on. And even when Seawolf does call attention to a serious topic worth discussing, she still manages to make it tie in with the other non-issues she’s conflated into Battle Royales.

Case in point:The reason why “they” don’t go door to door Ruth, is because that’s not how the Law, or even criminal investigations into supposed crimes, occurs. For someone who’s compared being politely asked to shelter in place as nothing less than Nazism, I’d assume you would have a grasp on that, but as it is with most issues that you address concern over, as usual, you have not the simplest of f**king insights as to how the inside mechanism actually works

And before you feign offense at this assessment, Ruth, let’s all just take a minute to remember that the lecherously perverted President you still support, once did this, in regards to the procurer for a well-known pedophile who was at one point, a close associate to Seawolf’s masturbatory mango man-crush:

Irrespective of who you are, what your believe, or even what your educational or social status level may be, I’m still confident that even off the cuff, you could have come up with a much more measured and sane response to a reporter’s valid question, then by wishing the assistant to an avowed pederast,  the best of luck in relation to their long overdue meal of justice being served up ice-cold.  

Seriously. Who the f**k does that? Just a person with a long history of sexually deviant actions and utterances, would be my guess. Along with the fact that Trump has been connected, either personally or professionally, to no less than five alleged pedophiles, that being Jefferey Epstein, John Casablancas, Tevfik Arif, George Nader, and Roy Cohn, his administrations track record for prosecuting sex traffickers, (coincidentally, I’m sure) is significantly lower than the one set by his predecessor, Barrack Obama.

This, according to a report from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, based at Syracuse University, After climbing steadily under President Barack Obama, the number of federal prosecutions against child sex traffickers dropped after Trump took the reins of power, going from a peak of 277 in the year 2016, to a low of 180, in 2020.

Shocking to think that that a man of virtue such as Trump, who’s made lewdly inappropriate comments about his own daughter for years, and who pays porn stars for sex, wouldn’t have the same Impact on the sex trade, isn’t it? I guess the theory put forth by QAnon and its followers, about his being recruited by military generals to run for president in order to break up a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles, might not in the end, hold any water, after all.

Imagine that.

But I’m sure Seawolf was gong to address this flaw in her logic, right after she gets to the bottom of why hot dogs come in packs of 10, and their respective buns, come in lacks of 8. I’ve always been curious about this myself, so I did some basic research, and discovered that, according to the National Hot Dog Sausage Council, or the NHDSC for short; “Sandwich rolls, or hot dog buns, most often come eight to the pack because the buns are baked in clusters of four in pans designed to hold eight rolls.”

So, not only is there a council in charge of this sort of stuff, I’m guessing I now have to apologize to the Lithuanian community at large, for my years of claiming that they were behind it all along.

See? I’m mature enough that I can admit when I’m wrong, unlike Seawolf, who seemingly has made both a cottage industry and a dedicated hobby out of her being consistently so. Let’s be fair- even a broken clock can manage to be right at least twice a day, so it’s not like Seawolf deliberately picks fights based on her forcibly faulty convictions r just to have something to be mad about, right?

Well, let me just say now to all within reac,h that;

Sure, as a self-declared Christian, Seawolf could expend her energy on actions that by their very existence, would help a wide and deserving swath of the populace, but to be fair, engaging in hypocrisy and allegedly slandering those who disagree with her, really does eat up a great deal of her free time.

Sure, as a self-declared Christian, Seawolf could expend her energy on actions that by their very existence, would help a wide and deserving swath of the populace, but to be fair, engaging in hypocrisy and allegedly slandering those who disagree with her, really does eat up a great deal of her free time.

In her view, and this I can only assume from observing, well… everything she does, a cartoon series, clearly aimed at an adult viewership, was apparently worthy of a histrionic harangue that once again, she had to cut and paste, because when it comes to thinking for herself, Seawolf’s train of thought, is just as useless as vocal lessons were, to Milli Vanilli.

And no, I’m not apologizing for that reference. Once written, it stays in the act forever.

So, what animated collection of heart-warming and truly comforting, tales that were composed specifically to instill societal values into people via the construct of a morality tale, drew Seawolf’s ire? That would be no less than the iconic Grimm’s Fairy Tales, of course!  But my descriptive pales in relation to the posted petulance itself, so here for your perusal, is yet another sampling of how Seawolf spends her time, when she’s not obsessing over never being elected Prom Queen:

On the surface, this series sounds traumatizing as hell, but here’s the rub: the stories in their original form, contained a stepmother cooking her stepson into a stew, and making her unsuspecting husband eat it, a girl who has no hands, because her father cuts them off, a woman who gets thrown into a barrel full of nails, an evil queen who is forced to wear burning hot iron shoes, and dance until she falls dead upon the ground, and a mass-murdering dwarf, before modern culture turned them into Disneyesque classics.

And in an unforeseen twist, the initial tome featured an unsanitized version of “Rapunzel,” where our heroine finds herself knocked up by her rescuing prince, after the two spend many days together, having in-depth discussions concerning what I can only assume was in regards to proper hair care and tower maintenance… or so I’ve heard.

Therefore, the ‘shock’ displayed by Christians regarding the true nature of these stories, is laughable at nest, considering the Brothers Grimm first edition of such, dates back to December of 1812. Despite the fact that each episode begins with a warning as to the content contained within, and which was dismissively marginalized by Ruth’s source as ineffective, to be fair, it is portrayed more comically than graphically, but is still relatively dark, nonetheless,

But when compared to the book of Bronze-age fairy-tales that Seawolf claims is the cornerstone of her life, are they really as evil as Rith’s exit buddy for the Rapture, makes them out to be? In a few words, that singular answer is a most empathic “No, they are not”, although their combined attempts at deflecting the disingenuousness of their alleged offense, is quite impressive., as is are the faux histrionics the writer of this tripe manages to emote from inside the security of her ivory doublewide.

I particularly enjoy how even though she claims to be disgusted at the series content, she still watched it all, in order to “warn” us all about stories that have been in consistent circulation for over 200 years, and amazingly has yet to lead to a child being emotionally scarred for life, unlike the ones Ruth forced into her kids craniums that make them believe they’d be doing an eternal breaststroke in a swimming pool full of fire, if they didn’t follow an archaic list of ten arbitrarily enforced rules.

In the end, which disseminated work has proven far more destructive to Mankind overall? The book where children eat a house of candy and burn a witch, or the book that “justifies” discrimination against the LGBTQ community, reduces women to being no more than birthing vessels, condones rape and incest under the right conditions, and has been one of the most consistent wellsprings for international and regional conflicts for centuries?

Granted, the imagery presented on screen by series creator Netflix, is at times, a tad bit unsettling, but as I and the writer of this idiocy noted, it is addressed beforehand, so fair warning, and all that, However, as graphic as her list of things she’s seemingly baffled by is, let’s take a moment to list the scores of true abominators that are catalogued in the so-called Good Book that as soon as her kids could read, was put into their hands as well as their heads.

IIn no particular order, the Bible contains the following atrocities, several of which, the writer of this op-ed expressed sneer horror at seeing in the Grimm series, but as is true with most cafeteria Christians these days, moral offense all depends on the perspective you’re able to exploit, be it victim or enabler, but I have noticed, that when it comes to the inception of foisted horrors their mythical God says are cool, they don’t so much as bat an eye, or even question their implementation..

Examples of this mental hopscotch in action?; Well, as a start, Herod is killed by an angel for dishonoring God, and subsequently, being eaten by worms, Ananias and Sapphira struck dead because they lied to the Holy Spirit, the apostle Paul i stoned, shipwrecked, whipped, and beaten numerous times, his fellow believers are also beaten, flogged, tortured, and literally sawed in half.

God drowns the world entire in what may just be the ultimate Karen moment, smites Sodom and Gomorrah from the face of the Earth, an innocent woman is forced to marry her rapist, encouraged acts of Genocide, such as the Israelites being slaughtered by the Levites, John the Baptist, finds himself beheaded, mentions of sodomy, rape, and the murder s of Abel and the firstborn, to boot.

In addition, a royal concubine is dismembered, as is a disrespectful slave, Jephthah honors God by sacrificing his daughter, multiple depictions of sexual violence against women, angels pour out bowls of God’s wrath onto the earth causing suffering among its people, turn the seas as red as the blood of a corpse, thereby killing everything that lives in it, ending with the sun scorching all the remaining people who don’t repent, and I won’t even begin to describe the gruesomeness of the act of crucifixion.

But whatever you do, make sure to keep your kids away from the Tele-Satan when they return home from the Sunday school where they’ll eventually learn all this stuff, as you don’t want them to be desensitized, and all that Jesus jazz. I swear to mythical God, if these people make it any easier for me to mock them, I just may have to buy them something nice, to show the depth of my appreciation.

Perhaps I could buy them a second book for their home, but since this this one would be full of actual facts, and devoid of pop-ups, the odds are probably good that much like the first book that they claim to follow but obviously don’t, it may just get skimmed for the highlights, and then, find itself abandoned on their bedside table to act as an unintentional drink coaster.

Speaking of drinks, I could really use right about now, as dealing with Seawolf’s continuing hysterical hubris, literally makes me want to replace most of my blood with tequila, which on the upside, might be somewhat of a boon, in regards to better understanding her alleged thought process. I mean… everyone has the right to be a goddamn idiot, but boy oh boy, has she been abusing the privilege, or what?

So, on that note, let’s take yet another break, and when I come back, I’ll introduce you to the seemingly unethical eunuch that enables Ruth, by ignoring her territorial transgressions, chat with a few members of her not-a-fan-in-the-slightest-club, and dive even deeper into her past history of Releasing the Karen upon my local community, by maltreating the good-willed nature of the people who reside within it.

“I have a practical suggestion for all you Drama Queens… sell your crown, and use the money to get some much-needed counseling.” – Anonymous


The Kook of Ruth Pt 1. (A Study in Karen)

“Maybe we are entering a new era in which bullying and the intimidation of other people are at last consigned to their rightful place alongside racism, hatemongering, drunk driving, littering, spitting in public, and passing gas at parties.” – Frank E. Peretti

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

Is today not a wonderful day? The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the winter air is cold and crisp as if it were a Stephen Fry retort, and even the Right-wing wackadoos I write about seem to be in good spirits this morning. I haven’t checked, but something in my gut tells me that either there was a school shotting that they think that they can finally blame on BLM, or maybe perhaps, they’re feeling elated that Matt Gaetz finally has a girlfriend who can attend an “R” rated movie without his compulsory presence.

Who knows? The day itself is rife with possibilities, whether they be absurdist, or not.

However, the screed of the moment is centered on an ever so favored chew=toy of mine, a person who succinctly answers the question of what happens when a person who seriously believes that mythical God communicates via Walmart receipts, is granted internet access, despite their allegedly urgent need for an obviously long-overdue mental health evaluation.

This state of affairs, puzzlingly being currently ignored by those who really shouldn’t leads me to suspect that if she ever devoted herself to a cause outside her previously discussed religious zealotry, which at this moment in time, is precariously teetering on the razor’s edge between her future lodgings being decorated in wallpaper, versus one lined with industrial bubble wrap, it would most likely be this one:

For the uninitiated, the symbolization for a “Karen” is described as: “a white woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. The term is often portrayed in memes depicting white women who use their privilege to demand their own way.” Or more specifically in this case, as someone who plays the victim so much that I’m genuinely surprised that CBS hasn’t created a CSI spin-off named after her, modeled after the classic “V” miniseries villainess, “Diana”.

Granted, while today’s screed subject to be isn’t, in my opinion, nearly as physically attractive, socially charming, intellectually gifted, or culturally interesting, so much as the protagonist so beautifully played by actress Jane Badler is, but she does have some of the far less notable attributes that were so integral to her iconic character, nonetheless.

Traits such as arrogance, short-sightedness, callous manipulation of her alternate reality, and in a plot twist that shocks no one who’s ever had to unfortunately deal with her, the revelation that she is, in fact, nothing less than a giant space lizard wearing an ill-fitting human skin suit.

Obviously, I’m kidding about the whole “nothing less than a giant space lizard wearing a well-tailored human skin suit” assertion, for I’m also fairly confident that if a person takes divine guidance from their Walmart receipts, the odds that they’ve never bought anything that didn’t come off of one of its discount racks, are also pretty good as well.

Speaking of whom this applies to, I could recite the classic aphorism of; “Small town, small mind”, but it still wouldn’t fully explain the vacuous disconnect between reality it truly exists, and how this assemblage of pinhead paranoia assumes it to be. Ironically, this pathetically histrionic harpy, in between her far-too-common public displays of narcissistic martyrdom, also lays claim to being a true Child of God, which one might think, would give them a sense of overconfidence as to how they would choose to face the world entire.

I’ve oft said it before, and mythical God knows I’ll have to say it again, but If Jesus himself was my homeboy, not only would I be picking fights left and right, I’d be eating my congratulatory post-battle campfire S’mores, from inside the conflagration itself, because I would perceive myself to be freaking untouchable. But this person? Literally, they’re akin to a wedge of Velveeta, locked inside a microwave set on high, that’s been abandoned within the confines of Mount Kilauea’s caldera.

In my professional capacity as both a writer and an artist, the concept of possessing a fragile sense of one’s self-worth is nothing new, but JFC, if this craven drama queen’s ego gets any more sensitive, I’m going to have to openly suggest they rent it out to the US Geological Survey on the weekends, just so that the USGS finally gets that additional eye they’ve needed, regarding Mexico’s somewhat worrisome, Popocatépetl volcano.

The upside of this arrangement, is that she wouldn’t have to travel, given her said overblown characteristic, and with the extra cash she’d earn, that giant pair of salad tongs she’s required for quite some time to finally pull her head out of her ass, would finally be affordable.

So, who is this person that I’ve started referring to in my off hours as Silver City’s canonizing Christian Child of cray-cray?  Well, if you’re a regular reader of my pixilated tomes, you already know the answer, and if you’re not, let me introduce you to the mental gimp gift that just keeps on giving;


Now, over the last year or so, I’ve had a lot of fun with ol’ Ruth here, and while the majority of it was at her expense, it’s still been a lot of work staying cautiously abreast of the ever increasingly erratic Sisyphean boulder that masquerades as her intellect. When she first wandered into the darkness that is my empire of the Snark as it were, she was content in her way, to espouse asinine views regrading politics, the (at that time) current implementation of mask mandates, and religious hypocrisy so blatant, that even Satan started distancing himself from her.

And who among us can truly blame him? Especially when his reputation is really all that he has bow, since losing his gilded golden boy Donald Trump to the Evangelicals that once, so happily worked in tandem with him. Sure, he might be the essence of all that is evil, but even he, has scruples of a kind, worth defending.

But Ruth? That’s arguably debatable, for since my initial curiosity concerning her comments and actions was tweaked, she’s expanded her song and prance act to include the promotion of debunked conspiracy theories, fomenting groundless claims of being personally persecuted for her thin-as-tissue-paper alleged Christian faith, as well as hurling over-the-top scurrilous slander at those she considers to be her allegorical enemies, be they real, or imaginary.

According to Seawolf and as of yet, only her alone, she has experienced attempted personal coercion, acts of vandalism targeting the businesses she owns, and once hilariously claimed in an act of sheer paranoiac narcissism, that a native and utterly harmless snake discovered living its best life in her back yard, had been placed there deliberately by persons unknown of course, to acquiesce her into silence, because apparently, she fancies herself as the living embodiment of Cleopatra, I guess?.

Despite the reality that the snake itself posed no danger to Seawolf, she bragged about killing it on social media, which leads me to believe that the snake made its own philosophical choice, deciding instead, to commit suicide rather than having to listen to yet another of Seawolf’s histrionic rants regarding how yet again, she was the victim of cruelly deliberate fate.

Given that fact that where I live is an exceptionally small town, and people here are genuinely starved for the free entertainment drama provides, it strikes strange that outside of Seawolf ‘s numerous social media posts claiming being the undeserving subject of such, no one else in my tight-knitted community, has seemingly heard anything in relation to her victimization by the unspecified of pure venomousness.

As to the validity of her martyrdom, the only comfort I can offer is this supportive affirmation;

This is not to say however, that if Seawolf is indeed, being subjected to various illegalities, that this in and of itself is in any way, shape, or form, to be considered even remotely acceptable, but the not to be unexpected downside of crying “WOLF!”: as many times as Seawolf allegedly has, even those nearest and dearest to you are gonna eventually lay down a trail to you front door, by means of prime-cut lamb chops.

As of late, there’s been a growing undercurrent of contempt regarding her arrogantly inane flaws of character that she so freely dispenses as if she were a licensed dealer of sheer bitchiness in my bucolic burg, and if I’m reading between the lines even half-right, I’d suggest that it seems Seawolf is about to become the reluctant lead in a real-life reboot of 1981’s “Wolfen”, Minus the charms of Sybil Danning, who’s  stared in the same years far more cheesy werewolf offering, known as “The Howling”.

Now, while Seawolf’s role in said schlock-fest to be, will most thankfully, not see the inclusion of a three-way werewolf sex scene as seriously written, performed and presented so disturbingly in “The Howling”;

Her metaphorical fall from the last shreds of Grace she still possesses, will resound, within the deepest strata of the community that she’s willingly incensed, if not openly harassed, for years, In a nutshell, Seawolf’s antics and overall unhinged pettiness, as I’ve thoroughly dissected in previous screeds, has inspired both fear and seething hatred, and when the time comes to settle her tab for her doing so, calculating the appropriate size of the anticipated tip, will be the least of her worries.,

Urk. Looking upon this still from that f**ked up scene in the movie, I do find myself to some extent, emotionally divided. On the one paw, copulating with a female werewolf would be akin to having sex with a dog, but on the other paw, a dog IS a man’s best friend, is it not? A small aside- when I wrote this joke, a friend who was reading through the rough draft of it remarked, and I quote: “Well, if a dog is a man’s best friend, and Ruth was one of those werewolf chicks, whoever advised that Weredude to sleep on his stomach, would obviously be his.”

Motherf**king pus-bucket, that is COLD. And I say this as a man who chills his Diet Coke and Ding Dongs inside of his heart. But such is the inadvertent joy that Seawolf helps foster, in between episodes where she wavers twixt self-declared woman of Faith, and the mire realistically seen aspect of applying for future residency in a facility with regulated visiting hours and the most draconian of riles whereas the ownership of overly pointy accoutrements is concerned.

As someone who isn’t a qualified psychiatrist, it would be exceedingly arrogant of me to casually label Seawolf’s public passion plays of petty patheticness as anything more than the attention-seeking antics of a middle-aged Veruca Salt made corpulent flesh, but as a former New Yorker, I can tell you that spotting allegorical crazy from a distance, is something I’ve gotten quite good at over the years. And the proof to be found within this pile of petulant pudding that she might have an errant screw either too loose or too tight, comes from no less than the originator of all of her drama, that being Seawolf herself.

With no due respect, Seawolf tends to export tepid theatrics as if she were a bus full of drag queens fighting over the last eyebrow pencil in existence, and while her eternal performance shows no sign of ever having an upcoming intermission, anytime soon, we should all take some comfort knowing that when left alone with her own thoughts, she’s acutely aware that full credit for being an executive producer on every single episode she inflicts on the undeserving within her sight, is her fault entire.

Granted, Seawolf would never openly acknowledge to ever having even the merest moment of self-reflection vis-à-vis her continuous campaign to be crowned Queen Bitch of the known Universe, but when the only common denominator in all the supposed trials you face just so happens to always be you, even the dullest of lummoxes has to have the occasional flash of personal insight, if I were to be so curt.

If I had a dollar for every accounted time that Seawolf has dragged out her cross and hypocritically nailed herself to it, not only would I have achieved my goal of owning an island made entirely out of Dung Dings, I’d have that domestic staff of Milla Jovovich clones to go along with it, as well  Mentally obese, pitifully paranoid, determinedly disingenuous, and willfully dumber than a sack of drunken urinal cakes, may not be the way for most of us,, but even I, albeit begrudgingly, must admit that our bloviating Baby Ruth, has somehow managed to make that odious niche truly her own

But as usual, I may be] getting ahead of myself. Therefore, I’d suggest for those of you who aren’t familiar with the asinine antics of Silver City’s most relevant example of a what a walking failure of the public education system can look like, I’d suggest that you hit up the Artbitch Archive, and read the following screeds before you continue on, and I’ll just chillax right here until you get back.

In order, I’d recommend: August 2020: Hatertriot Lames Pt.2 (Razz the Ruth) October 2021: Ruth-less Sheeple. (The Divine Profit-see) and finally, October 2022: The Ruth is on Fire. (Oh, The Racists You’ll Know!). Up to speed? Awesome. Let’s get back to the issue at hand- that being, somewhere in my otherwise pastoral hamlet, an arrogantly self-righteous narcissiic harridan slithers among its upstanding citizenry, and in a refreshing change of pace, walks directly on its own tongue, strangling both its credibility, and a community’s empathy for its cravenly cause, as it does so.

And in an additional unintended joy, they’ve also managed to provide proof positive to the concept once voiced by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who once said; “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?”

Why do I make this reference, you ask? It’s because I Ur find it odd that a person who so ceaselessly brags about walking in step with Christ, manages to represent such a selfishly hateful repudiation of his noble teachings. Ruth’s contributions to Christianity are as relevant as Donald Trumps are to marital fidelity and she goes out of her way to validate this estimation almost every day, and that, most often unbidden, if not unprompted. By way of numerous examples, here’s one of her Faith-based assertions that NM’s current Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, promotes… well, you’ll see:

GASP! Do you meant to tell me that she actually believes women she does not know, should have autonomy over their own bodies? What’s next, Ruth? Is she going to dare suggest that women should also be allowed to express an opinion not forced upon her by strangers? The horror of it all.

I’d happily point out that I’ve yet to see Seawolf ever post anything useful regarding the decreasing of abortions through measures that actually work, such as sexual education classes, access to birth control, adoption reform, as well as adequately funding social programs to support new parents and single mothers alike, but why do that, when you can wallow in a pond of your own self-righteous smugness?

As to Seawolf’s certifiable lunacy regarding Grisham assuming “God’s role”, thereby “allowing” unspecified “others to kill anyone not happy with God’s will”, all I can enunciate is this question that at this point, I mutter under my breath at least twice a day… SERIOUSLY. WHAT IN THE F*KING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, LADY?!? Drugs? Alcohol? Breathing in spray-paint fumes resulting from your failing to open all the windows in your garage on a consistent basis?  

Whatever in the f**k it is, seek help immediately, because you are fully baked through, my Mistress of Martyrdom. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, (in this country at least) is purposefully murdering Christians, unless there’s a reincarnated Roman emperor somewhere out there, with not only a spare coliseum in his backyard, but a few hours of free time to kill, and a cadre of hungry pet lions, at his beck and call, as well.

And as an aside Ruth, you can be Christian, and still support a woman’s right to choose, since the Bible in concern to the issue of abortion, SAYS NOTHING ABOUT IT AT ALL. If Christians really cared about the unborn, they’d also be outside fertilization clinics, where thousands of Ova are disposed of daily, but  it would then interfere with their harassment campaign against women utilizing the necessary resources of Planned Parenthood, and mythical Lord knows, they most certainly don’t want that.

Not to mention, if Seawolf is so “pro-life”, then why would she post something like this?

I guess when the zygote is out of the womb, it’s also out of mind? I can only assume she considers murder most heinous, but only when it involves the death of someone who thinks being covered in metaphorical zombie blood, is not that far removed from Reality as the rest of us perceive it, and don’t even get me started on that whole “eat and drink of my body” cracker and wine thing, either.

For the record, the red-hatted twat pictured did not win 250M for his publicly displayed racism, but as I’ve previously described, full accurate disclosure is not one of Seawolf’s stronger personality traits, despite her religious tenets demanding it be so.. If you believe that as a follower JFC, that Kyle Rittenhouse is to be considered laudable, your copy of the Bible, may have come straight from the NRA gift shop, rather than off the printing presses located within the Vatican.

Oh, and by the way? When Rittenhouse murdered two people in cold blood, he was too young to drink. Much less hold a beer, but apparently in Ruth’s eyes, he was more than old enough to be in possession of a deadly weapon he wasn’t properly trained to use, so I can totally see why a modern-day Christer would like him so much, considering how excited they get regarding the sacrifice of innocents in the name of their sociopathic deity.

However, what a lovely example of God’s love Seawolf displays here, by praising the most extreme examples of everything that stands in opposition to it.  Something tells me that if Ruth were just a few years older, she’d commend Ted Bundy as being good with women, and Jeffery Dahmer as a gourmand, worthy of society’s respect for his interesting flavor combinations.

To add some weight to this assessment of mine, let’s review how Seawolf views the possible prosecution of the parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley, who not only purchased the weapon that he allegedly used in tandem with other armament that left four of his fellow students dead, and seven others injured, but whom also willingly ignored the obvious signs warning of his murderous intentions to boot:

Man… when Sea-Karen here, decides to deep-dive into the anus of asininity, she does so all the way up to her cankles, doesn’t she? This may come as a surprise to you, oh breeder of all things grating and squall, but when one takes on the mantle of being a parent, certain responsibilities go hand in hand with the title, as well as the “I spawned successfully” bragging rights.

Not only did my parents lock up their liquor cabinet as if it were Fort Knox, they also quite shockingly, didn’t buy me a dangerously accessible weapon as a birthday gift, either. And while I have no children, I’d like to think that of my kid’s school sat down with me in a meeting to discuss my child’s pre-visualized fantasies about killing their fellow classmates, I sure as hell wouldn’t have shrugged it off, just so I could go home and watch FOX News. Weird, that.

If justice is to prevail, the parents of this POS should not only be charged as fully complicit accomplices, they should be turned over to the victim’s families as well, in an act of cost-cutting retribution, as well. I have no idea who actually put in the hours to raise your progeny Ruth, but if the secondary choice for the parenting assist was a pack of rabid wolves, I’d at least be secure in the knowledge that your brood would have a far better set of morals, then the ones you most likely instilled within them.

For instance, let’s peruse yet another of the endless examples of your zealotry fueled hypocrisy, by presenting this rant of yours, whining about how in the middle of an ever-enlarging pandemic, your church was briefly shuttered, which for some as yet unstated reason, somehow prevents the most powerful being in the Universe from corresponding directly with you:

Other than the fact that Seawolf speaks the truth as well as I speak Swahili, the rest of this mewling quim’s contextual take is pure invention as well. First, there’s the out of nowhere claim that our current Governor doesn’t support the police, from a woman who, as we shall see later on, didn’t seemingly care about them either, when they were attacked en masse in our nation’s Capitol, on January Sixth.

Second, for someone who claims to be full of God’s love for others, she doesn’t seem to give a flying f**k about her fellow cafeteria Christians, when she’s asked to be minorly inconvenienced to protect them, either.

Oh no… you can’t go to an archaic and architectural tax dodge and pretend to be pious for an hour and a half” You poor ever so deprived baby of undeserved privilege. But don’t you fret kids, for Ruth is about to stereotypically contradict herself, and in the process of doing so, completely negate her previous point regarding the necessity for a dedicated divination space, and I for one, am more than happy to share her dimwitted disingenuousness with you all:So, Ruth, if the church itself can easily exist outside the four walls, as you put it, then why is yours being temporarily dark, that much of a concern to begin with? If God’s word can travel with you, regardless of destination, then why are you acting as if you’ve been confined to spending a month in Delaware? Unless of course, you’ve realized that you have no idea how to truly communicate with Him outside of his crash pad, and even then, he makes excuses for his routine avoidance of your beguilement.

And if my assumption that God sidesteps her as if she were one of his crazier exes, is even halfway true, then this later posting by Seawolf becomes even more inadvertently hilarious, as in retrospect, her history of personal attacks, alleged slander, and consistent self-pittance, displays a maturity that is far more in line with one who still wears diapers, rather than those who supposedly wear the Gospels on their sleeves:

If you are personally familiar with Seawolf’s track record as just described, this post reads less like an affirmation of her tissue-thin Faith, and more as if she were crafting a personal confession for the benefit of local law enforcement. I wasn’t aware that the collective laundry list of her transgressions were her fulfilling of God’s calling, but then again, maybe that all depends on the “God” that Seawolf so hypocritically follows, if not regularly disappoints.

Normally, this would be the time when I’d counsel God’s self-chosen call girl as it were, to follow her own sanctimonious advice, but to be fair, I doubt that my voice could override the ones already in squalid residence inside her damaged psyche. Not because Seawolf would be unable to follow the thread of my narrative, but due to the sad fact that it’s fairly obvious that she cannot even follow her own.

The way Seawolf bounces around the swampy banks of her own fanatical tales, the more I understand just why I’m starting to regard her as the human analog of a mentally-challenged Right-wing Tigger. Minus the adorability and childlike wonder, of course. I’m dead serious here- if Seawolf ever suffered any form of grievous brain injury, I tend to believe that it would be decades before anyone noticed.

As a rule, I would never mock the burden of being afflicted with a mental illness of any sort, but when it’s so wonderfully mixed with the speculative and arrogant sagacity that one is an unheralded visionary, even I have to admit, the end effect of it all, can be somewhat entertaining, despite the foreshadowing of far worse inanities to come:

I won’t speak for you, but I absolutely love it when a person whose entire political ideology is based on bumper stickers and divination drawn from their slavish worship of a tangerine-tinted Savior, attempt to Edgar Cayce their way back into partisan relevance by disseminating Things to Come prophecies they gleaned from websites that typically feature a Bald Eagle wrapped in the American flag, and clutching a Bible to their proudly puffed-out chest, very much in the same way I’d grasp a box of chilled Ding Dongs.

But let’s be fair here for a moment. Can we seriously expect a woman who sees God every morning in the foam of her latte, to be anything less than epically ignorant in regards to the machinations of the political apparatus are concerned? Call me crazy, or just “Ruth”, if you need a catchy remembrance of pure insanity, but if it took Herr Twitler almost three hours to do something about the insurrection he caused, protecting the city that was kicking him out soon after, was most certainly, not high on his list of personal priorities.

Try as she might, Seawolf deliberate glossing over as to the reasons why there was (and needed to be) a strong military presence in our nation’s capitol pre-inauguration, fails to erase, deflect, pr distract, from the truth of the matter, and that is this: ON JANUARY SIXTH, 2021, A MOB OF BLOOD-THIRSTY, CANDY-ASSED, WANNABE DOMESTIC TERRORIST SEDITIONISTS, TRIED AND THANKFULLY FAILED, TO OVERTURN DEMOCRACY AFTER THEY LOST A VALID ELECTION,


“C’mon Artbitch”, I can hear you say… “Aren’t you now, the one being a tad bit over-dramatic?” Sure, she’s an obvious hypocrite, a metaphorical cafeteria zealot, an alleged slanderer of the innocent, and hell, maybe even possibly the type of person who eats deep-dish pizza with a fork, but to suggest that she’s also an ideological supporter of openly treasonous acts? That’s quite the brass ring you’re reaching for, I think.”

Alright. You got me. That is quite the stretch, is it not? As such, it would be rather irresponsible of me to make such an accusation without proof positive, and mythical Lord knows, that I would never say or even imply such a thing without definitive and incontrovertible evidence. If only I had some from a source that was willing to publicly put it out there for all to discover for themselves, if only for them to make up their own minds. If only….

Oh, silly Billy that I am, as it turns out, I have it right here. I just need to work on my patience, I guess. By way of transparency, I did reference this source material in an earlier Ruth-centered blog, but I feel it needs repeating, nonetheless. To start us off, let’s begin with the topics that Ruth felt were the most important to discuss in the later hours of January Sixth- that being everything that wasn’t about what had actually occurred:

Now, do you all see why the word “Karen” is so prevalent in the underpinning of this latest screed? If there ever was a shopping list of all the things that an out of touch, fearful, hateful, middle-aged, one-wang-rider from Silver City required to fulfill her Bigot Bingo card, the one that Seawolf has compiled here, would be the envy of all those who routinely abuse both their granted at birth White privilege, and the limitations of anti-aging cream.

e time of this post’s original inclusion, I wrote the following about it: “Adding further weight to her indifference to other people’s suffering, here’s Ruth’s brain-dead assessment regarding the January 6th insurrection attempt, inflicted upon our democracy by the traitorous caste of MAGAts, to whom, Ruth grants a Capitol Halls pass of sorts, based on what I can only infer, is a relatable form of kinship.”

Continuing forward, I queried: “And who are “they”, that desires this secular cultural upheaval, you may wonder? Why, a rogue’s list of villains, of course. N namely, the Democrats, leftists, Antifa, and naturally, the newest of boogeymen, BLM.”. This BTW, is still a judgment that I proudly stand by, but in reflecting upon it, I realize that I should have gone a tad bit more expansive in my dissection of it, and if I may, I’d like to now correct that unfortunate oversight.

As you can see, all the greatest “I’m not a racist, but… “ classic hits are on full exhibition here, ranging from bogus claims of cities being burned down to the ground, along with the hysteria (and wholly false) claims that BLM was responsible for the random deaths not truly associated in any form with the protest themselves. Granted, she could go and do the research that bolsters my assertions, but why do that when she can go hide her head in the comforting White sands of bigotry?

Isn’t it interesting that Seawolf mentions the “historic” statues that have been removed by either legislative decree or public pressure, but fails to mention who those said statues were of, or what abhorrent former aspect of American history that they represented? Some fought to dissolve America, if not the ideals it stands for, others were individuals who wanted to maintain the status of the forcibly conscripted as property of a replaceable and disposable nature, and these soulless bastards are whom Ruth feels deserves memorial eternal?

You would think that someone who worships the symbolism of the cross, that she’d actually have a serious disagreement with those who would set it aflame, but I’ll assume that’s only on a case-by-case basis. Seawolf goes on to further betray her latent racist roots, with her false claim that, and I quote directly; “murderers and drug addicts and men who held guns to pregnant women’s bellies were being called heroes!”

For the record, and once again, no one has said that. Anywhere. Ever. Save for the screwed-up voices in the puerile pumpkin that masquerades as Ruth’s head. I’d note that to take offense at the suggestion that anybody has, is duplicitous as f**k, coming from a woman who not only posted a meme praising Kyle Rittenhouse, but who wields her book of Bronze-Age fairy-tales against women unknown to her, who dare to demand autonomy over their own bodies.

If pressed, Seawolf would most likely, take great umbrage at being depicted in this manner, but what should the takeaway be, when someone assuredly thinks that the penalty for passing a bogus twenty should be suffering the indignity of being choked to death by those sworn to protect and serve us? Not to mention, while her so-called God embraced lepers, Ruth instead, feels that drug addiction is off the table for charitable forgiveness?

Wow. Just … wow.

This position of gracelessness, is even more galling in its sanctimoniousness, when one considers that its wellspring speed-balls self-invented drama much in the manner of Iggy Pop left unsupervised during his Berlin phase of personal addiction. If that’s the love of Jesus coming through, I can totally comprehend why Satan plans on being out of the office when she eventually arrives at the Gates of Hell, along with the extra protection of hanging up a “closed for business” sign, as well.

However, she still had more to say concerning January Sixth, and as I duly noted previously; “since Ruth can’t articulate this fallacy for herself, here’s her cut and paste declaration instead.” I swear, if other people didn’t tell Seawolf what to think, she’d be the best doorstop ever made. I apologize in advance for what you’re about to read, but keep in mind that the first time I did so, I didn’t have the benefit of being liquored up on rum first, so you may not want to repeat my initial mistake:

Someday, and possibly sooner than man any that I may posit, they’re going to find this nattering nut-bar, walking down the street, naked as the day she was born, holding only a hand-made sign declaring that the Rapture is nigh, and the last die will have been rolled on what remained of her sanity, and it came up snake-eyes.

To quote my previous scribing yet again; “Normally, this would be the part where I’d lay down some savage snark as a rejoinder, but given how f**king insane this delusional overview is, by saying that this was somehow a “false flag” operation, despite all the hours of self-recorded and I might happily add, self-incriminating video willingly taken by Trumpeters, a myriad of news agencies, as well as the general citizenry, along with the other evidence uploaded to Twitter and Facebook Live by the same, I’ll just have to let such speak for itself.

 As the scope of its absurdity is far more eloquent than my commentary could ever be, any attempt at doing so on my part, seems almost redundant. Mythical JFC, Ruth, I’ve had the displeasure of meeting some mentally twitted people in my time, but you are truly the closest epitome to the phrase, “f**ked in the head”, that I’ve ever come across.

It’s bad enough that you as an alleged Christian, still support a mango Mussolini who represents not one iota of what you believe, it’s bad enough that you look forward to the fabled Armageddon, but just how f**king stupid must you be that you regard showcasing your willing ignorance as if it were an act of pride?”

Nevertheless, Seawolf is no one-shriek pony, she’s as equally unaware when it comes to the current Pandemic as well, asinine aspect I’ve touched upon in my previous writings about her, and one she seems to be still refining as time goes on. Initially against masking protocols alone, she then went on, as we’ve seen, to rage against mandated lockdowns as one might expect, but then added a new twist to her melange of pudding-brained theorems, by posting dipshi**ery such as this:

I am impressed. Close to 800K of her fellow Americans dead, more suffering the long-term aftereffects of the virus itself, some of whom I can comfortably assume, share the same hive mind that Ruth dies, and all this hateful wench can concentrate on, is the need to wrap her already stunning illiteracy of the human soul, within the bigoted borders of a transphobic slur. What a fine example of modern-day Christianity, let me tell you.

And this transgression against the very essence of what God represents, isn’t a 0ne-off of Seawolf’s either- just check out this charming exchange between Ruth and one of her similarly homophobic craven choir:

I can only conjecture that Ruth and her fellow Bible fellating fan-girl, happened to forget the whole of Isaiah 45:7 [KJV] which clearly places the blame for all that is pure as well as the unholy, on the big man himself, and himself alone. To quote; “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I THE LORD, DO ALL THESE THINGS.”.

A piece of advice, you Bible-thumping morons? Try reading your book first, before attempting to use it as as absolution for being some of the most spiteful and selfishly stupid people on the planet. The hours you save not embarrassing yourself, will be worth their weight in communion wafers alone. So, do the truly Christian thing, and cut Satan some slack. After all, he’s already got his claws full, apologizing for your vindictively malicious asses, to begin with.

Despite pi**ing in the pond of God’s grace, Seawolf is still secure enough in her specious faith, to speculate that despite all the layers of protections, open access to vaccines, and the most basic of common sense available for the taking, if you’ll pardon my unintended pun, the only thing that can save mankind entire, is the long-overdue intervention of her imaginary sky-daddy, and she’s more than happy to clue us all in on it:  

Damn, does this crazy-ass Caucasian know how to rebuke, or what? Certainly, with a heavenly hailstorm like this, directed against this Hell-sent scourge, it doesn’t stand a chance, and you can take that to the proverbial bank. So, how did this overly naïve approach of asking a mythical and petty sociopath for help work out? Well, if logic is to be followed, the deity Seawolf is beseeching for vanquishment, is also singularly responsible for allowing the virus to ravage the world relatively unchecked, and for quite some time, are they not?

hindsight, it went just as well as one might expect, when established science, is purposefully swapped with magical thinking:

All of my standard black humor aside, this is just terrible. Not only because this physical cost of this virus and its potential for long-term complications is so high, but what’s truly maddening is knowing that if Seawolf and her ilk had undertaken even the merest of effort to follow common sense protocol, the odds of she and her immediate loved ones not contracting COVID in the first place, were most definitely in their favor.

But isn’t it interesting, to see how fast she disingenuously begs for help, in relation to a cherished intimate getting sick, after almost two years of whining non-stop about the mandated precautions that were specifically set in place, so that the general populace at large, would hopefully never have to find themselves facing this terrifying situation?

Never mind that though, for God obviously wanted her to learn a lesson, or maybe he was too busy at the time manifesting via one of her Walmart receipts, (true story) and just didn’t have the free time to listen to her pointless prayers.

Either/or. Take your pick Case in point:

Once again, a hypocritical request by Seawolf to “Please keep my family in prayer”, which, when accurately translated into non-conservative English, reads directly as; “Even though I’ve resisted every effort to help protect yours.” To this appeal, I offer this sentiment from within the frosty chambers of my little blackened heart, and it is that which everyone in her life, needed to say quite some time ago:

Now, please don’t interpret this cartoon causticness of mine as an inference that I wish any form of fatalistic tragedy to befall Seawolf’s family, but that being said, I also can’t think of a more apt act of Karma to afflict her, either. It is quite literally, perfectly tailored for the bed she publicly made, and now, thanks to the anticipated implosion of her own petulant petard, I can honestly say that I have zero sympathy to offer, whereas she and her discomfort are concerned.

After all, there’s still the unanswered elephant-sized question in the room, that being: exactly how many innocent people could she and her collective brood of intellectually-devoid inbreds have possibly infected. As they were walking around carefree and maskless? I for one, can only hope that if a cluster of cases are ever contact traced back to her, the survivors of such, litigate the actual love of God back into her.

Sadly however, it seems that God, for whatever reason, was taking his sweet-ass time responding to Ruth’s prayers, and therefore, she instead sought spiritual support from her fellow Christers in Arms inner circle, many of whom I’m happy to say, rose up to the challenges that God had deliberately placed in her path, if Isaiah 45:7is to be remembered. Good for them, and I seriously mean that.

Sure, they won’t wear masks, practice social distancing, or get vaccinated to help keep others outside their only-one-book club safe, but hey… gotta pick your battles, and all that.  So, in review; Ruth begs God to protect her and her family from COVID, does nothing of note to assist God in his efforts, gets COVID, regardless, and then, asks the entity who allowed said virus to ravage her and her clan, for his divine intervention to vanquish the disease he let flourish… did I get that right?

Knowing this set of contradictions to be true, I’d openly declkar5e that Ruth isn’t promoting her onion-skinned Faith, so much as she’s displaying a rather advanced case of Stockholm Syndrome, instead.

As I said earlier, I, in no way, shape, or form, wish any sort of malevolence upon Seawolf and her family, despite all of that which she has delivered upon my community, but I would ask that if anyone on her family is mercifully free of the wackadoo gene that drives the insincere hamster that powers her brain, the best thing that they can do for her come her birthday, is arrange for a one-on-one session with a psychologist. Or a pharmacist. Or a voodoo priest.

Hell, maybe all three might be put into play, because at this point, I honestly don’t=t know which one would be far more crucial in suspending her alleged mental decline. Regardless, I’m 100% certain that in some fashion, all will play a necessary role in the limiting of her socially posted outbursts of sheer lunacy that as of yet, remain unfettered, unhinged, and untenable to maintaining a rational discussion with her, irrespective of whatever topic it may center on.

The meaning of the word “rational” BTW, is defined by Merriam-Webster as;( 1) Based on facts or reason and not on emotions or feelings a rational decision/choice. Or, (2) Having the ability to reason or think about things clearly. As Seawolf’s own postings and public theatrics have so clearly demonstrated many times over, she has no aptitude for the first definitive, and expecting competency in regards to the second, is an unrealistic expectation, at best.

While I don’t consider myself to be cynically jaded in relation to how deep some people’s mental rabbit holes are, I’m also not too optimistic when it’s asked of me if these same persons can ever be brought back from the edge of the abyss, either. In a nutshell, some can. Some can’t. And those that can’t, should be helped along to their eventual unhappy ending, by being shoved head-first into the gaping maw of the endless void, as we all congratulate ourselves by making Humanity’s gene pool, a tad bit smarter.

See, here’s the thing- most of us, after going through a traumatic experience, generally walk away with a somewhat altered perspective, depending on the extent and eventual consequences of what was inflicted upon us. As you’ve just read, no less than six people, not including Seawolf herself, were affected (allegedly) by COVID, and the reasonable expectancy would be that after surviving such, she would walk away far wiser and possibly somewhat introspective about her experience, overall.

Instead, what happened was this:And when it came to the act of not learning a crucial lesson at all, this arrogant bitch knocked it clean out of the proverbial park, as if she were Reggie Jackson in the 1978 World Series. If I had to use a rather vulgar secondary analogy, I’d surmise that the moral takeaway that scars normal people for life, tends to pass through Ruth’s sou as if it were corn going through a two-year old’s digestive system, looking as pristine as the day it was swallowed.

I can’t possibly begin to tell you specifically what the specific terminology for Seawolf’s particular problem in relation to accepting new information is, but I am fairly certain that it is hard to pronounce. I will say this about Ruth though, whenever I need to bolster an opinion that I’ve formed on my gut instinct alone, she’s always been gracious enough to provide the evidentiary material that nails it to the ground:

OK, I’m confused. Her entire family was literally stroking the bunny slippers of Death, just a few days before this was posted, allegedly sick with COB+VID, but now they’re not, because of… “God”? Yeah, that’s not how illness, viruses, and Realty work, my cannoneer of Christian cray-cray. You either had it, or you didn’t. You were either deathly ill, or you weren’t.

And you most certainly don’t pendulum swing from what you described, to being the pink as it were, within a few days either, especially where COVID is concerned, and that’s regardless of whatever variant you may have suffered. If I were to dissect your supposed turn of sickness, I’d start with this question: Is your doctor an actual doctor, or are they a doctor in the same way that Dr. Pepper is?

Because honestly, that’s the only way that this slice of secular crazy-cake would make any sense. You didn’t get sick (if that actually happened to begin with) because we live in a “fallen world”, you and your family became ill due to your insistence on remaining an absolute f**king moron, who believes that an imaginary cloud-man watches over you, despite reams of proof that shows not only that he doesn’t, it additionally validates that he never existed in the first place.

And I would point out yet again, that if he were truly shielding you from the scourge of COVID, it really wouldn’t be that much of a stretch for him to protect you from whatever bug you purportedly did have. I guess you can file that particular oversight under that convenient “strange ways” clause of his, and therefore, never have to reflect upon it ever again. Nevertheless, I do know this though- if my so-called father put me through all of this for no defensible reason, I sure as Hell, wouldn’t be wasting my breath thanking him for doing so.

Since I earlier called attention to the possibility of you and your family freely disseminating whatever affliction you may or may not have had among the local populace, I will endeavor to not beat a dead horse with a stick here, but I will question the lack of both logic and Christian values, concerning your as equally selfish hubby going back to work within a time period in which, he could still have been somewhat contagious, COVID afflicted, or not.

JFC, no wonder you so loyally follow a *pastor who acquired his ‘Theology Doctorate’ online, rants about the “End of Days”, unashamedly hawks a “Spiritual Warfare Bible”, and who, I kid you not, claims that the commonsense separation of Church and Stare as created by the Founding Fathers of America is, and I quote; “Satanic”, he had to see you coming a mile away, and literally thought; “There’s the person who’s not only gonna pay for my kid’s college tuition, but the printing bills for my line of self-published snake-oil, as well.”  *[Artbitch Archive: October 2021: Ruth-less Sheeple. (The Divine Profit-see)]

The knowledge that this modern-day false “profit” [spelling intentional] is allowed to spread his venom unchecked under the guise of religious freedom, is in equality, both nauseating and troubling, given the fact that this wackadoo is one of those who feeds Seawolf’s increasingly bizarre manifestations of mental weakness, which of course, naturally leads to her issuing declarations such as this:

Out of respect for the sanity of both myself, if not my readers, I’ll try to keep this section brief, as even I do have a limit for how much delusional demagoguery that I can swallow in one sitting. Seawolf, on the other hoof however, is quite fortunate in this department, as being already so full of herself, she literally has no appetite for rationality any longer.

Nevertheless, she does feel compelled to regurgitate publicly whatever her Pastor and the voices in her head managed to force-fed her, and when it comes to the art of asinine anorexia, this woman performs on a level that would make Karen Carpenter green with envy. Although as my means of apologizing to the sadly deceased and exceedingly talented Carpenter, I will happily postulate that she’s actually the only Karen that any of us should pay full attention to.

However, I’ do have a harpy to de-beak, and a Ranch dressing and bacon-bits sandwich awaiting me in my kitchen, so to wrap up this latest assemblage of what one day, will be the cornerstone of the decision to assign Ruth a live-in guardian of sorts, who, let’s face it- will definitely earn whatever form of money, that they’re hopefully being paid in at that time. And I will solemnly attest on my hopefully soon to be dead Mother’s grave, that when I’m done with this last (for now) exsanguination, you and I will take an overdue break.

Okay, okay… I pinky promise, alright? Geez. Who do you think I am, a modern-day Christian? Or even worse, a member of Ruth’s church? Man… you really know how to cut a guy to the quick. But I get it, I honestly do. Reading Seawolf’s rants, opinions, and pixilated ignorance, is enough to drive even a Mormon to bathtub rot-gut, and these people are usually all about the Root Beer alone.

So, without further ado, let’s get Snarky with it. Ironically, Seawolf’s semi-manifesto opens up with a statement that I agree with 100%- “The church should not be involved in politics!!”  Religion, albeit organized or not, has no place in this country’s political, educational, medical, or legislative systems, and if it wants a seat at the table as if it were an ordinary citizen, then it can do what we all have to do, whether we like it or not: PAY TAXES AND BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ITS ACTIONS AND WORDS.

Otherwise, much like Ruth, it can go f**k itself to sleep, as we certify that it keeps its talons out of the People’s business, as well as our lives. I do wonder however, what Seawolf would say if the community at large was open to the suggestion that we instill tenets of any other faith that isn’t her own, such as Islam into the political mix. I’m sure that she’d be totally cool with it, right? Because after all, she’s so well-known for her even-handed tolerance of opposing ideas.

Speaking to the rest of this woe-is-me diatribe, I’ll call attention to the consistency that once again, Seawolf is seemingly unable to glean that if everyone around her keeps saying the same negative things about the opinions she screeches, maybe, just maybe, and hear me out regarding this please, perhaps the entrenched root of the issue, is indeed, our self-declared professional victim.  

And Ruth? When your own sister told you to your face, that you were in a cult, and the only thing you could publicly utter as a retort, was that you “rebuked” her, we all knew at that precise moment, who the sanctimonious snowflake spanner in the works of Reality truly was. While your laundry list of grievances on some levels do strike as valid, your delusional assertion that we currently have a “fraudulent president” sitting in the White House, is still one of my favorite intrigues that you openly promote.

For the life of me, I can’t imagine why your public presentations of paranoid conspiracy theories, debunked faux-science, unhinged rants showcasing your toxic zealotry, slanderous accusations, and continued slavish adoration to a lecherous Gilded Calf over your supposed Savior, would cause others to label you as a cultist- but I guess that at the End of Days you’ve been praying for, this mystery of the ages will finally explain itself.

Or, more likely, you’ll finally start getting those Thorazine shots that I strongly suspect you’ve required for quite some time now, thereby allowing the community in general, to sleep better at night, knowing that you’re being forcibly medicated. We can only hope. One thing I did find odd though, as I found myself rereading this persecution resume, is that for someone who so reportedly claims that she doesn’t care what people say about her, she spends an awful lot of time ruminating over it. Just saying.

As I wrap up this screed, based on the earlier pinky promise that I undertook, I’ll end it with this final observation; while Ruth may “know” what God has placed in her heart, and as to what the Holy Spirit has shown her, we, as both the unfortunate observers and collateral damage of her mental machinations, are the ones who comprehend best what she represents, and it isn’t God’s allegorical Grace, Love, Wisdom, Compassion, or Charity. At the worst, she’s the embodiment of his sociopathic pettiness.

And at best, she’s the personification of his worst mistake. 

So, until next time, then. And when we come back, I’ll be sharing recollections of some of Ruth’s most fervent anti-fans, delve into how she defines the phrase: “supporting the local business community”, an as usual, doing it with the milk f human kindness approach that I’ve become ever so respected for. 

“If you’re horrible to me, I’m going to write a song about it, and you won’t like it. That’s how I operate”’ -Taylor Swift