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Debbie Does Malice Pt.3 (The White Sepulcher)

“Imagine the people who believe such things and who are not ashamed to ignore, totally, all the patient findings of thinking minds through all the centuries since the Bible was written. And it is these ignorant people, the most uneducated, the most unimaginative, the most unthinking among us, who would make themselves the guides and leaders of us all; who would force their feeble and childish beliefs on us; who would invade our schools and libraries and homes. I personally resent it bitterly.”- Isaac Asimov


Greetings, Bitchiteers!

I have a confession to make, and while its slightly embarrassing. It seems that as of late, my ability to see the true end of things is not quite on the nose as I thought it once was. By that, I mean that when I wrapped up my last screed concerning the hateful histrionics of one Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger, I thought that was it. After all, it was a two-parter, well-presented via the conduit of Harshbarger’s own ignorant utterances, and just chock-full of that human kindness that I’m so widely regarded for.

However? While I was more than happy to inter yet another spitefully sanctimonious slattern in my metaphorical crawl-space, it seems that Fate wanted me to go boldly once more into the breech as it were, for when the tally-sheet gets added up, the best that can be said of Harshbarger and this, hopefully to her face, is that

And oh, my mythical God is she ever.

Over the course of the last duo of screeds, I dove deep into her Homo & Transphobia, her ignorance of the reality of American politics, her slavish worship of a mango-tinted traitor and convicted sexual batterer, and as you’d expect from someone who could easily pass for a retarded turnip at a farmer’s market, her affinity for unhinged and paranoiac conspiracy theories, based on nothing save for the ever-screaming voices in the allegorical porta-potty that doing double-time serving as both her brain and moral compass.

In fact, here’s an image from Harshbarger’s last MRI, as certification of my opinion:

Yup… the very paragon of personal mental health, if I do say so myself, and I do. Unfortunately for my human analog for what happens when your family tree refuses to accept outside applications for membership, her own words and postings prove otherwise. Take for instance, this actually lovely message as meme, wherein she offers a truly positive affirmation of human understanding, if not acceptance:  

Not only does this present itself as the type of avowal that we all need from time to time, it also presents its message as non-judgmental, it does so without coming off as being saccharine in the slightest. Shame then, that this meme preceded it with a hypocritically hate-soaked inference that completely wrecks the genuineness of the one posted just above it:

Sigh… there goes my optimism regarding my ability to see the true end of things. And while I’ll circle back to Harshbarger’s insane hatred of all things Gay, Bi, or Trans further down the road, I’d like to point out that here I was, thinking that at some point, Harshbarger just had to either run out of hateful steam, or at least do my planet an unexpected favor by finally succumbing to the stroke that we all knew was coming, but such was not in the cards.

Now, while I provided more than enough ample proof regarding her malevolent detestation of all things LGBTQ related within my last screed, Harshbarger is nothing if not creative in just how she takes that which was already repugnant, and kicks it up a notch:

What was that you earlier said about someone being a “mentally ill misfit”, Debbie? Because from my sanity-based perspective, the only person I see investing as much energy and time into actually becoming one, as you falsely accuse others unknown to you as being such, is you, and you alone.

What was that you earlier said about someone being a “mentally ill misfit”, Debbie? Because from my sanity-based perspective, the only person I see investing as much energy and time into actually becoming one, as you falsely accuse others unknown to you as being such, is you, and you alone. As to the rest of your amalgamated asininity, centered on the unhinged conspiracy theories fed to you by the intellectually-deficient voices in your head, I’d suggest you seek out some intensive psychiatric counseling, but at this point, it would be akin to tackling a volcanic eruption with a plant mister.

Despite this reality, Harshbarger continues on with setting her floor tiles of ignorance, as if she were building a temple to, and for, the kind of idiots who post inanity such as this:

The definition of “extremist”: “A person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.” Now, before I shred this dipshittery into pieces smaller than the now imploded Titan submersible, let’s take a moment to assess just how our “extremist” is actually doing these days:

Now, just in case you were wondering, I didn’t post this to mock Harshbarger’s pain on any level, even though her very existence seems focused on causing such to total strangers, but it does serves to illustrate just how ridiculous she actually is. Referring to yourself as an extremist when you can barely use the internet, isn’t quite the fierce flex that she or her fellow members of the non-MENSA squad think, if not hope, that it is.

Call me cynical, but I for one, fear not a self-declared extremist who when the projected second Civil War kicks off, will most likely be waddling towards me, hampered both by their bad knee as well as the full load sloshing around within their pair of Real Fit Depends. Harshbarger, for all of her posturing, is an “extremist” much in the same way that I’m Milla Jovovich’s ex-husband.

Calm down Milla, for I was just addressing the fact that while both are indeed nice suppositions, there’s no actual evidence for either one of us to be able to stake a legitimate claim regarding and/or harboring such thoughts to begin with. Although to be fair, I would make a great ex-husband. Just saying. And if you need proffer, just ask all the women who for some strange reason, felt the need to dump me all those years ago.

As I said, Harshbarger is no extremist, but she is without doubt, a total fucking moron of the lowest caliber. If such things could be accurately measured, and I believe that they can be, and all I need do is once again, use her own words as the building blacks for my eventual theorem. To start, I’ll be doing one of my favorite things to do when I deal with hateful Harrigan’s such as she is, and that’s mining inherent hypocrisy;

“I am Pro-Life”. That must be why you support the party that keeps the plague of gun violence in schools, cuts food and housing aid for the poor, the disabled, our veterans, our elderly, and our single mothers, all while giving lip service to the babies that they wany born, but not provided for.

“I believe in God” That must be why you follow none of his teachings, ignore his edicts, and  bear false witness against Democrats,  opposing political views, and the LGBTQ Comm unity, because… um… “God”, and stuff.

“I support states’ rights and a limited federal government”. That must be why you’re seemingly okay with stripping away women’s body autonomy, and totally fine with persecuting people for being Gay, Bi or Trans, want to jail gender -related medical professionals, and advocate for regulating what your fellow citizens can read, as you openly support a wannabe fascist dictator who tried to overthrow our democracy. Cool story, you dumbass bitch. Got any others that you’d like to share?

“I’m Pro-Gun”. That must be why you steadfastly ignore the mass shootings that are currently the NUMBER ONE KILLER OF OUR CHILDREN, but hey… I guess you need all that firepower, due to your unmitigated fear that the Gays are gonna come and forcefully redecorate your double wide, am I right?

“I oppose Biden’s unwarranted spending”. That must be why you sat by and said not a fucking thing when Trump gave the 1% a truly unwarranted tax break that you and I will now be paying for until the day we die. And that’s even before we begin notating the cost of the damage to the Capitol building that was resultant of the consistent lying about his 2020 election loss, as well.

Cool story, you willingly uninformed bitch. Got any others that you’d like to share?

“I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman”. That must be why you seem to be ignorant oi the reality that as of June 26, 2015, it doesn’t matter what the fuck your hatefully bigoted ass “believes”, Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. And as an added bonus, it doesn’t affect your pathetically wretched life at all, so maybe, just maybe, you should get a grip and shut the fuck up about it. Just a suggestion from me to you.

“I’m a constitutional originalist”. That must be why you simply must be in favor of the slave trade, guns that fire three bullets a minute, women out being allowed to vote, hold office, own land, keep their own wages, or even have custody of their children. Not to mention, if your husband was fond of beating the shit out of you or sexually abusing you as well, there was fuck-all that you could do about it, either.

Damn. Originality sounds like a great deal. You know, if you were White, Male, and Rich, that is.

“I support border enforcement”. That must be why you were so cool with your mango-man-child once demanding that his aides close down the entire 2,000-mile border with Mexico by noon of the following day, suggesting that moats stocked with alligators and snakes would be an effective deterrent, opining that his imaginary birder wall should not only be electrified, but that spikes that could pierce human flesh, should be a design feature, as well.

In addition, after seriously ruminating on the illegality that US soldiers should shoot migrants if they threw rocks, he switched up his approach, and wondered aloud to the same said aides if perhaps as an alternative, they could shoot migrants in the legs instead, in order to, and I quote; “slow them down”, which BTW, is also illegal.

But I’m ever so sorry, my racist rabble-rouser, you were inferring just how scared you are of Mexicans invading your home state of Pennsylvania and by extension, the city that you live in, which BTW, is no less than 2,355.6 miles away from the Mexican/US border, and I’m exceedingly curious as to how that’s been working out for you. But thank mythical God for those guns of yours, for when that dark day arrives where an undocumented person shows up at your door asking to mow your lawn, you’ll be ready for him.

“I think Socialism sucks”. That must be why you were so happy to refuse your SS benefits when your time at receiving that unwanted government handout came about for you, am I right? But if you could humor me for a moment, my ever-so-proud member of the “I Am Not a Hypocrite At All” club, maybe you might be able to define for all of us, just what pray tell, the ideological u underpinnings of Socialism actually are, because I’m 100% certain that you have no goddamn idea what such entails to begin with.

“I’m a conservative”. That must be why you espouse ludicrous conspiracy theories, embrace racism and misogyny, forgive your de facto leaders’ history of, and conviction for, sexual assault and/or battery, promote anti-LGBTQ sentiments, bloviate at extended length concerning topics that you haven’t researched or even know the merest detail about, and wrap yourself in paranoia very much in the same manner that one day a dedicated team of court-appointed doctors will wrap you in a straitjacket, but I digress.

For the record Debbie, the definition n of “Conservative” is as follows: (A) “Tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions, as well as traditional conservative policies.” (B) “Marked by moderation or caution.” (C) “Marked by or relating to traditional norms of taste, elegance, style, or manners.”

Now, while I know that you like to lean heavily into all three descriptives, please tell me which one in particular, truly describes the vulgar and treasonous jackass that you seemingly admire and adore so much:

The former President of the United States, everybody. Harshbarger’s personal hero, role model, and what I can only assume, is her go-to societal avatar. But never let it be said that Benedict Danald doesn’t know how to talk to the common man, as Obama and Clinton were lauded for doing so well, because unlike those two former and still widely-respected prior presidents, he’s most certainly got the “common” part down pat:

The former President of the United States, everybody. A man so ethically hollow, he could serve as an analog for a White (of course) chocolate bunny for a really fucked-up version of Easter, or as the puppet of his own unrefined ignorance, which let’s face it- he’s been doing since the day he was hell-spawned.

But just why do puerile pinheads such as Harshbarger, accept the blatantly vile vulgarity and stupidity of such a character-challenged demagogue? Well, it’s probably due to the fact that when it gets right down to it, they’re really not that much better than he is:

Man, if these finely crafted words or gracious eloquence don’t remind me of that famous speech once given by Abraham Lincoln, who, when faced with the arduously impossible task of reuniting a fiercely divided country torn apart by a civil war, attempted to heal the rift by solemnly declaring that;

Fourscore and seven years ago, which was like so long ago that you can’t even perceive how long ago it was, as nobody truly knows except maybe fir me, because I’m like really, really smart, our fathers who weren’t as great as I am, but were still  pretty good I guess, brought forth on this continent, which I’ve been told is like a country, but so much bigger, a new nation, conceived in liberty, but only for  those who love me unconditionally, and dedicated to the bullshit proposition that all men are created equal, as if?

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, which is the greatest war that we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war, which while a very nice battle-field, still isn’t half as nice as the one I had built just outside Illinois.

We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting-place for those suckers, losers, and haters, who for some unknown reason, here gave their lives, that that nation might live. Which when you think about it, isn’t even remotely close to how much I’ve suffered at the hands of the dishonest media, but I don’t like to whine.”

Amusingly, despite the gaping holes in Debbie’s sanctimonious self-declaration of being a Conservative, such can be considered to be no mere than mere pittances at this point, as evidenced by her continuing attempt to draw a parallel betwixt her corrupted modern-day take, and what the correct definitive clearly is:

Let’s slay the prey here, shall we? None of these character traits apply to the current incarnation of the GQP, and Harshbarger knows it. And if you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’ll explain just why that is, using my needs-to-be-patented-at-some-point method of punching holes in the hypocritical.

To start, there’s the “STRONG DEFENSE” that Harshbarger is supposedly fond of, so that must be the reason why she still supports a party whose winnable fascist leader, consistently refused to pay attention during security briefings, stole classified documents, shared then with unauthorized and random persons, and who also routinely expressed the deepest admiration for vehemently vile dictators and their policies, just before he attempted a Banana Republic style coup.

Moving on, we come to the ”SMALL GOVERNMENT” she also wants, as she ignores the fact of just how intrusive anti-LGBTQ laws and the overturning of Roe vs Wade are, as her party demands the right to both turn America into a Theocracy, with a mango-tinted man-child serving in the role of a de facto God.

And while she claims to believe in “LOW TAXES” for all, would it be rude of me to remind her that it was her party that thanks to their unwarranted tax breaks for billionaires, placed the resultant burden of the tax void it created, squarely upon the shoulders of its poorest citizens? Probably so, given just how much Harshbarger hates Reality and all.

But if there’s one area where Harshbarger’s head is shoved so far up her own ass that she can see out her throat, “FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY”, would certainly be it. Not only did her incompetent mango Mussolini mismanage the COVID-19 pandemic to the predictable detriment of the American economy, he’s also debatably responsible for incurring close to 25% of the nation’s current debt load- a precedent previously unknown in this country’s 247-year-old history.

Now, when it comes to “ADHERENCE TO THE CONSTITUTION”, are we seriously going to go here Debbie, considering that it was the GQP headship as well as its base, that attempted to overthrow the results of a fair equation by force and the use of false electors, while its de facto leader openly suggested that we suspend it for his benefit alone, as said political party drafts legislation that robs people of their civil rights?

Yeah. I thought you’d say that.

And whereas the “DEFENSE OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY” is concerned, who’s actually threatening it more than the GQP who seems to be willing to do business with any dictatorship that is willing to cut us a check, if not cut up one of our residents, say such as the journalist Jamal Khashoggi was, beforehand? Oh, that’s right. I forget that Harshbarger has a hate-on for those who came here to do the work she wouldn’t condescend to do.

“LAW AND ORDER’ Excuse me for a second…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, just needed to get that out of my system, May I remind everyone, especially Harshbarger that she OPENLY SUPPORTS A CONVICTED SEXUAL BATTERER, AN ALLEGED TRAITOR, A SELF-DECLARED ATTACKER OF WOMEN, AND A KNOWN CON-MAN as her pick for a 2024 presidential candidate?

“COLORBLINDNESS” Um…? Which party is it, that consistently slurs minorities as criminals, animals, and lazy sub-humans, complains every year about African-Americans getting a singular month of cultural celebration, legislates the elimination of school study programs promoting the same, and attempts to limit and/or negate their political egress into the mainstream? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Wrapping this section up, there’s also the inclusive mentioning of “traditional American values” that Harshbarger doesn’t actually fellow, such as; “RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE”, which only applies to you if you’re White and straight, “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY”, which doesn’t apply at all to those who are the color of a rotting orange, and of course, the tritely parroted refrain of possessing a “LOVE OF COUNTRY”, but not for any of the people who currently live inside of it.

Sad to say Debbie, you’re not a Conservative in the true sense of that word. However, given your incessant posting on Facebook, I can only assume that it is widely accepted by those who know you that you are a complete fucking moron, and mythical Lord knows that no one person will ever be able to take that away from you. Save of course, unless that specific person turns out to be a lobotomist.

Nevertheless, even though I do honestly perceive Harshbarger to be the possessor of an intellect hovering somewhere between that of a box of stale marshmallow Peeps and a jacuzzi full of rancid mayonnaise, my underestimating her abilities just may bite me in my proverbial ass, when all is said and done. How do I know this, you ask? Well, she was more than nice enough to tell us all, via her honorary doctorate in shit-posting:

Surprisingly, I have no doubt that Harshbarger knows how to “do” some shit, for when given her age and current infirmities, it’s fairly obvious that she was most likely around when most of it was originally invented. However, whether she “can” actually do it at all, is the supreme question at hand, when one factors in that previously discussed lack of thought process that she so clearly struggles with every day.

When faced with what passes for Harshbarger’s critical thinking skillset, if it is indeed true that when one loses a sense the remainders get stronger, then I can only surmise that only can she smell the river Ganges from her front porch in Pennsylvania, but that she can heat up a burrito in her hands as well, using nothing save for the heat-vison coming naturally out of her eyes.

I’m perceptibly kidding of course, for if she can’t see how reality actually works to begin with, my only other assumption would be that her eyes are just as full of the cataracts that have so definitively formed inside her so-called brain. But what kind of snark would I be, if I didn’t at least acknowledge that Harshbarger is trying, albeit in her own unique way, to do some good nevertheless.

And despite the examples of her posted racism that appeared in my last screed, mythical God alone love her, she is attempting to present herself as being a better person overall. In fact, this sampling of a truly wonderful and heart-warming message, attests to this ongoing effort of hers to acquire some redemption, via the conduit of fostering brother-and-sister-hood:

Even I will admit ever so curmudgeonly, that this is indeed, a beautiful message that everyone needs to hear these days, given all of the divisional strife that none of us are ostensibly immune from. And no matter what I’ve revealed lurking within Harshbarger’s pile of putrid postings, there’s no way that even she can override this generalized feeling of goodwill I’m currently experiencing towards her.

Oh wait, what’s this?

Never mind. I forgot who I was dealing with for an all too brief and somewhat glorious moment.

But if I may, doesn’t the term “brotherhood” mean all people, regardless of national origin? Actually, on the face of it, I’d have to say “yes”. Yes, it does: “Brotherhood:  the quality or state of being brothers, a fellowship, or an alliance.” Call me crazy, but I didn’t see a notation that a passport or a birth certificate was a requirement for one’s inclusion, did you?

And as for Debbie’s unhinged rant about “hostile, freeloading assholes waving their own flags?

Please do tell us more, Debbie Dumb-as-fuck.

Regular readers of my screeds may have noticed by now that over the course of these three screeds, that I’ve reused certain memes of Debbie’s that have been placed within other stories, but I assure you that such is not out of any sense of laziness or lack of uncreative insight. It’s just that if I’m going to paint an accurate portrait of a person, I need to depict all the shades of Humanity that they come in, be they light or in her case, exceedingly dark.

As previously explored, Harshbarger’s main color palette seems to be squarely focused on being deliberately ignorant if not paranoidly phobic, across a spectrum of issues that other correctly functioning humans regard as trivial, at best. And while it is true that not all Conservatives are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, faux Christian bigoted and hateful hypocrites, it’s also been verified that the majority of persons who are such, tend to self-identify as ideologically Conservative.

What that means in this, the age of willful obliviousness, is to ignore all that interferes with your assuredly false narratives, and to embrace that which certifies your beliefs, regardless of their accuracy or their societal impact upon others. In Harshbarger’s case, such inanity involves a seethingly obsessive hatred of all things LGBTQ related, and of course, anything involving the Democrat party:

And if such can be presented by Harshbarger as if they were the fanatical ravings of a madwoman, so much the better:

I won’t speak for you of course, but I genuinely miss the good old days when psychotically damaged loons such as Harshbarger were relegated to screaming at the sky on only the best of street corners, before the internet came along and unfortunately made them everybody’s goddamn problem.

JFC, lady- I have no idea what your mental deficiency actually is, but I’m starting to think that one day, you’ll be the reason why a medication was hastily formulated to combat it.

However, this post does have it all: conspiracy theories, biased rumors, unwarranted slander, fantastical fallacies, selectively cherry-picked innuendos, and the inference that Michelle Obama is indeed, actually a man, because if you’re going to present yourself to the world entire as being less intelligent than a urinal puck, you might as well go full in up to your fat neck, and you most definitely need to do it in ALL-CAPS, to boot.

Predictably, Harshbarger dutifully managed to gloss over the GQP’s culpability in the issues both real and imaginary that she listed, and while that itself comes as no surprise to me, I’m still always amazed by just how dumb Neocons seem to be when it comes to the actuality of things. For every finger that they point at the Democrats, they themselves s need both of their hands as well as their feet, to count the number of transgressions that their party’s leadership nakedly commits every day.

Which must be the reason as to why deflection-seeking tripe like this, gets posted as frequently as it does:

So let me get this straight, if I can. Jesus, the Son of God, the paragon of all that is virtuous and self-sacrificing, chose a thrice-married adulterer, a licentious con-man, an inveterate liar, and perpetual self-obsessed onward, who in addition, not only sold out his country as he betrayed its core values, but thanks to his well-established track record of abusing women, found himself inevitably convicted for sexual battery, to serve as his Earth-bound representative?

Yeah… that totally clocks.

But in for a penny, in for a pound, as the saying goes, so if you’re going to wrap yourself and your chosen false messiah up in delusions and denial, you might as well wade in to your allegorical Second Bolgia up to that useless sewer pipe you so wittily call your neck:

Say what you will, but I just love it when Neocons project their own weaknesses as being proof of their self-assumed “strength”. Not only is none of this even remotely true as five minutes of research will confirm, but the last time I checked, being charged with 71 felony counts and also being the first president in American history to acquire such, isn’t really a distinction to be proud of, either.

And I’m ever so glad that people like Harshbarger still have Trump’s back, because it’s apparent that he sure as hell doesn’t have theirs, as proven by this headline from The Guardian.

Imagine that… the guy who cheated on all of his wives, on his taxes, and on his sense of duty as the elected Commander in Chief, did the exact same thing to the horde of fucking morons who are now going to prison in his name. Who could have ever seen that coming down the pike, save for…

That’s right cultists- your mango-man-child hasn’t done one goddamn thing to assist the psychopaths who violently stormed the halls of our democracy on J6. Not one fundraising rally to cover legal costs, save for the ones he’s currently incurring, not one statement uttered in their defense at any of their trials, and lastly, not one website, lawyer, or publicity drive underwritten by him to lend them aid in any way whatsoever.

But yeah… you should totally have his back, if only to stop him from both lilting your wallet, and sticking his set of knives in yours. And while Harshbarger insanely sees him serving as an embodied agent of Jesus, and Trump fancies himself as this colonial monstrosity, screenshot from one of his braggadocious posts on Truth Social;

Rest assured, that the majority of America’s remaining still-sane citizenry, personify him solely as this:

And what pray tell, do you think would really happen if Jesus found himself standing on the allegorical shores of Galilee next to the walking human affront that is Trump? My guess is that his reaction would be more than appropriately justified in relation to whom he’s been so erroneously if not maliciously, aligned with:

Yeah… that totally clocks. Now to be fair, Harshbarger’s devotion to a mirin who quite literally, represents her willing ignorance perfectly, isn’t all that unusual when you look at the situation objectively.

For not only does Trump personify the factual embodiment of her delusional hate and intellectual vapidness, he’s also what she in her ever-increasing density, regards as the only person who can save us, despite the negative connotation of what she previously posted about the exact societal demographic that he directly hails from:

“Men in suits have destroyed it”, says dimwitted disciple who supports a common-man-hating, ill-fitting suit wearing, overly privileged elitist, that has never done the equivalent of an honest day’s work in his speciously scripted life, but I digress. As a rule, I try to give full range when it comes to people’s opinions no matter how goddamn ill-advised, they may turn out to be in the end, but for the love of mythical God, take a long hard look at this guy, and tell me just what it is about him…

… that’s supposed to scream out “working class hero” not only to me, but for that matter, any one of us who’s ever had to seriously debate making the choice between eating and paying our rent. And if that gilded slice of one man’s speciously interpreted representation of what “relatable” is, then here’s yet another, displaying just how much the always suited Trump shares in tandem with the average person:

Jesus F Christ, Donny. It’s a soft-pitched baseball, not another federal indictment, so suck it up, you spineless bitch. BTW, does anybody else get the feeling that the look on his mango-pulp serving as melanin face, is the same expression you’d expect to see if you asked hm to read a book, prove beyond doubt, the validity of one of his conspiracy theories, or demand that he goes thirty seconds without incessantly talking about how great he is?

But sure thing, Debbie- this sexually assaulting treasonous societal Sarcocystosis, is the “hero” we need.

However, never dare make the blasphemous suggestion to Harshbarger that Trump is the most wretched of cravens, because unlike us TDS sufferers who’ve seen the definitive proof of such since his father’s gas-station -purchased condom broke, only she alone knows just who he “really” is, and it’s everything that you’d think it would be:

Man, I’ve often heard of cognitive disassociation via movies, TV shows, and Right-Wing media, but I never thought I’d ever have the opportunity to read a true ode to its darkly insane depths.

Let me translate this nonsensical babbling of Debbie Dumbfuck here, into non-cultist language, if I can: “Because this man-child cares so much about country he bravely committed acts of treason, something which I choose to pretend never happened, undelaying my inadvertent confession that when it comes to what’s really happening in the world of American politics, I’m a complete fucking moron.

Now, if you could be so kind as to ignore the reality that this paragon of altruïsm not only cheated on all three of his wives, despite taking a solemn vow not to do so, then we can all get on to pretending that just because a guy betrays those he supposedly loves, as well as his country, there’s no possibility whatsoever that he’d be blatantly disloyal to a stranger, right?

Say, like refusing to accompany the J6 rioters to the Capitol, and then deliberately ignored their pleas for his help after they did his odious bidding, for instance. But rest assured, he’d certainly sacrifice himself rather than us when faced with the threat of dangerous opposition, nevertheless.”

And do you know why that is, boys and girls? Well, if you don’t, Debbie has the answer for you:

Ah, delusion. It’s just not for the inordinately wealthy anymore. If you’re so inclined, you could say that mental illness was the only true thing that Trump has ever given away for free, but you’d be forgetting the fact that when it comes to misunderstanding that which is actually existent, it’s essentially just a disturbing character quirk, unless it’s been paired with just the right equivalent of personal stupidity and paranoia to balance it all out:

Oh Debbie, you make the literary serial killer in me ever so happy. While you may only ever be considered as a divine gift to your future mandated psychiatrist, your inanity is truly nothing less than a gold mine for the likes of me. Not only is this hexad of memes classic projection, if not singular confession, they perfectly underscore just how out of touch you and your party currently are with the construct of certified reality in general.

If I didn’t know better, I’d strongly opine that your ability to process the world of the real as it were, is on par with the nitwits that believe in astrology, the act of scrying, the Tarot serving as seer, astral projection, or that “Highlander 2: The Quickening”, is actually a good movie worth watching or even worse, owning.   

But Hashbarger’s fevered fanaticisms aside, her inference that the party which isn’t banning books, attacking the LGBTQ and minority communities for no quantifiable reason, that doesn’t base its political moves upon conspiracy theories, White supremacy, misogyny, and which openly wants affordable college made available to all, regardless of societal status, are the true idiots, is laughable at best, and painfully cringe-inducing at its worst.

And as you’ve come to expect, she provides the proof of my perception ever so happily, yet again:

Once more Debbie, can I ask that you allow me to do some of the allegorical heavy lifting, every now and then?

For if the act of mocking you gets any easier for me, I’ll finally have the free time that I require to finish building that life-size X-wing fighter sitting out in my garage, and mythical Lord knows, none of my neighbors really want that. I tell ya’, there’s nothing funnier than when someone presents a performance of cluelessly inadvertent self-ownership, as they attempt (and fail) to make a salient point that they can’t adequately defend in the first place.

Case in point, Harshbarger’s continuance in promising the fallacy that it’s actually Joe Biden, not Trump, who’s morally bereft, if not the apogee of criminalistic behavior, despite all evidence to the contrary provided by court cases, a criminal conviction, witness testimony, sworn affidavits, and oh yes… those SEVENTY-ONE CRIMINAL CHARGES that her mango-man-crush is crowing about proudly, as if he just had a session of uncompensated beforehand sex with his wife.

Let’s cue up the pertinent meme!

One day, and this hopefully soon, Harshbarger, ever the paramour of all that is wretched, craven, and dumber-than-fuck, will have a moment of personally relevant clarity. A shock to the system as it were. With any luck, that shock won’t be the end result of drawing a bath with a plugged-in toaster sitting on her lap, but as I’m a betting man at heart, I say we roll the dice, and see what happens, regardless.

However, while this post is maddening on the face of it, due to its inherent sense of willful avoidance relating to that which has already been firmly established in the glaring eye of the unblinking public, it actually gets far worse, thanks to the vile input of one of her equally abhorrent FB friends, an internet troll who goes by the name of Craig Opheikens, and whom I can only assume, given this batshit post, pleasures himself to the thought of killing the stray dogs that wander into the front yard of his mom’s house:

I have no idea what public school system it was that Opheikens certainly flunked out of early on, but as a rule of thumb, the majority of children’s’ scholastic history books generally don’t cover as a topic, albeit in either in literary or visual form, the methodology of public executions in America. Weird, that.

I have no idea what public school system it was that Opheikens certainly flunked out of early on, but as a rule of thumb, the majority of children’s’ scholastic history books generally don’t cover as a topic, albeit in either in literary or visual form, the methodology of public executions in America. Weird, that. And if you’re wondering just why I posted this, it’s because at no point did Harshbarger ever openly disparage what he posted.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but if you’re sane, they’ll be equal to mine. That being; “Silence is Compliance”, and it’s fairly obvious from Harshbarger’s ever-increasingly bizarre online rantings, that while she isn’t overall necessarily silent, she’s seemingly comfortable with the thought of politically-inspired violence being applied upon imagined transgressions that she can’t recall, define, or most importantly, prove.

But nevertheless, her unwarranted accusations serve as the fuel for the solution she offers for them, and in what could only be charitably described as a doozy of the highest dysfunctional order, she once again, presents her lunacy to the world entire, and ostensibly expects nothing less than praise for them:

As I said earlier, every time a Neocon opens their mouth, it’s either projection or singular confession, and the last time I checked, praising dictators, saluting an enemy’s general, attempting a coup to remain in power, and stealing classified documents, falls far better into what the true definition of what Treason actually is, versus it being broadly applied to someone for no better reason than the fact that you just don’t like them.

But feel free to keep the faith that Harshbarger can justify her embrace of the violently implied, because she has only the best reasons to do so, as demonstrated within this not nuts at all laundry list of lies:

Now, I could point out that all of these issues have occurred under Presidents of both parties, but if I did, then I’d also have to notate just which party it specifically was that ACTUALLY TIRED to make America a Banana Republic at the bequest of a fascistically unhinged Creamsicle, as well.

Spoiler: it wasn’t the Democrats, and in a turn that’s truly pathetic, Harshbarger’s claim that America is now akin to one, has not a thing to do with the concerns that she mentioned, but for how her mango-moron is being held accountable for his treason and criminality. So, the “American people have reached a new low”, Debbie? That’s rich, coming from a slavish cultist who can limbo under a cockroach’s stomach with room to spare.

And I’m not just talking about ample leg room, either. I’m fairly certain given Harshbarger’s track record of falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and outright lunacy that validates her lower than low intellectual status, that she could park the Microverse equivalent of the Antonov AN-225 underneath there, and the roach wouldn’t suspect a thing, much in the same way that she fails to recognize her gift for unintentional self-owning irony:

Yet again, the guy who arrogantly suggested that we illegally suspend the so that he could be reinstated as President, despite his losing both a fair election and botching the attempt to launch a treasonous coup securing said unearned and undeserved position of power, is the real victim here, and we should grant a measure of slack due to this “fact”, because apparently Harshbarger assumes that the rest of us are as dumb as she is.  

When one sadly wades through the anaerobic lagoon that pulls double duty serving as both Harshbarger’s personality and critical thinking skillset, it becomes painfully obvious that outside of manufacturing faux outrage in regards to things that don’t directly affect her one iota, screaming at the sky is really where a great deal of her time is invested, rather than on the research of said topics she’s so inordinately pissed off about:

I’m not a sadist or even a masochist by any means, but how much fun would it be to watch Harshbarger’s online world get crushed and as an additional benefit, her ranting delayed, if the “Caps Lock” button on her laptop found itself deliberately disabled for 24 hours?

Call me crazy, but I would so roll the dice on that in a heartbeat, and might even go double or nothing on my bet, but only if the parameter of this social experiment demanded that she be required to correctly use both grammar and proper punctuation. Seriously. I’d make my money back in less time than it takes for her to have a meltdown, and I for one, like those odds.

Can you just imagine, what holiday dinners at her house must be like? Newsmax blasting out of the TV, her going off every thirty seconds, spouting some conspiracy, rumor, or inner-head delusion that she just thought of, and all of the non-related by blood in-laws milling around, uncomfortably looking at their watches, and wondering just how much time has to elapse before they can politely take their leave.

And on those rare and unavoidable times when she goes over to their homes, I can rest assure you that the right-wing stations aren’t programmed into the TV, the sharp things are kept away from her, and most assuredly if not importantly, the liquor cabinet remains securely locked. That is, until the moment oi her longed-for departure finally arrives, then its hats off, and celebratory drinks all around, to the survivors of the visit.

This is not to suggest that in any way, shape or form, that Harshbarger herself has a drinking problem of any measure, but if there are any such unfortunates in her immediate family that suffer from alcoholism, then I’m pretty confident that I already know the roof source of how it might have begun for all of them.

In retrospect however, I kind of almost wish that she did have an issue with alcohol, because then the symptoms that are usually associated with delirium tremens, would actually make sense as to why she posts stuff like this:

Well, this is certainly an eye opener, is it not? I honestly had no idea that all three of these still respected politicos had been credibly accused of sexual battery, tax fraud, embezzlement, foreign worker visa violations, falsifying business records in New York. As well as illegally holding on to sensitive national-security documents, conspiring to obstruct justice, lying to law enforcement, and violating no less than three dissimilar laws relating to the concealment of government records.

Silly me. I guess it is true that you can learn something new every day, especially if you leave all the allegorical crawlspaces in your brain wide open. And since Harshbarger was seemingly unable to back up her meme using tabulated evidence of any sort, it’s apparent that we should give this meme as much credit as all of the other bullspit that she’s disseminated thus far.

And to think, if Trump only had the capacity of so-called mind to not go on TV and the Web and confess to all of his crimes, then maybe je too, could have enjoyed walking away scot-free as these assumed villains so successfully have. But interestingly, I may now have the reason why Harshbarger processes reality in the manner that she does., and as you’d expect, it offers us all an unexpected personal insight

So, Harshbarger at one point in her sanctimonious life, and this despite her self-declaration of going through a series of “partying days “, did mind-altering drugs, and she did so only once? I mean, it’s perfectly normal to be this delusional, and yet, have no underlying cause for it, I’m sure. To that, all I can say is this:

Harshbarger just loves a good political conspiracy theory, accuracy be damned to heck, and all that jazz. And she admires them even more when like the meme above, they can be utilized into service as a “L know you are, but what am I?” gambit in order to deflect from both the fact that her mango-man-crush is guilty as fuck, and that she has much of a grasp on reality, as I currently do on the thighs of  Milla Jovovich:

Once again, an “opinion” gleaned from the detritus that is the Alt-Wring ideology, and presented to us, with no notation of whom is “guilty” of what, no evidence given for the same, served up with a deliberate lack of any contextual information, that would prove the validity of her concept, as well.

Honestly, I didn’t see that coming at all.

However, while I did expect an insipidly pointless response to be forthcoming from at least one of the idiots in Harshbarger’s cabal of such, I still didn’t expect it to be this goddamn disconnected from the desert of the real:

Internet lawyers. Making the snark in me ever so delighted for roughly the last 15 years or so.

One question I must ask, Lynn? For what exactly, could Trump engage in the act of collectively “suing” [correct spelling} all these people for? Ponting out that he’s a treasonous, whiny, bigoted, incompetent, soulless, spitefully petty, misogynistic narcissist with an unchecked privilege complex?

Sorry to tell you this, but that’s actually not illegal; whatsoever. But you know what is? Tax fraud based on Ponzi schemes, sexual assault, and egregious dereliction of duty when you’re a sitting US resident, all of who ich I might add, that your angry Creamsicle has either been fined for, convicted of, or is currently under indictment regarding. But please, give us your sure to be captivating, closing remarks, nevertheless.

One thing that I must admire, be it ever so begrudgingly, is Harshbarger’s determined dedication to gleefully wallowing in the paranoid pond that floats the Alt-Wrong’s ideology, finding herself covered in slime as she does, and yet with little to no self-reflection, she then goes forward with her campaign of broadcasting her malevolent thoughts. It must be a grace of sorts, to be that relatively undisturbed by the sense, if not the stench, of your own awfulness, must it not?

 In fact, such clueless arrogance reminds me of a passage from the most excellent book “The Phantom Tollbooth”, written by the lauded Norman Juster, in which this sage observation is offered: “You can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry. Most people do.” Using this as a guide of skirts, I can only assume that Harshbarger’s intellect is drier than Melania Trump on her anniversary night.

While it’s not a difficult stretch of the imagination to believe that Harshbarger is as smart as a urinal puck, let us not forget that her density, paranoia, and the other equally as abominable quirks that define her lack of character are completely self-created, self-fueled, and self-promoted. No one person is singularly responsible for her willingly strangling her common sense in an age where valid information is a Google search away. Keep this in mind if you would, for she is quite literally, a fucking moron by choice.

And as we all sadly knew by now, when you are such, you’re going to weaponize it whenever possible:Apparently, when I earlier refereed to Harshbarger being as smart as a urinal puck, I was being far too charitable in my assessment, and for that I will unabashedly apologize to urinal pucks everywhere. In addition, I’m also certain that Harshbarger’s near-sociopathic detestation of this man is based on his political machinations alone, and not his unchosen shade of melanin, because if there’s one thing that Neocons aren’t known for, its overt racism.

And knowing that, I’m sure my criticism of this trio will be quite the chore for me, will it not? Actually, no it won’t, considering that if one removes the fantastical fabrications, the cherry-picking of context, and yes, even the subtle racism from these so-called “points of debate”, they fall flatter than a Kansas pancake

When it comes to examining the first sampling of Harshbarger’s posted dipshittery trio, I have a few corrective notes. To begin, the proper wording of the action she claims that Obama is responsible for, is “led”, not “lead”, and the last time I checked, the only person who attempted a coup of any sort, was her definitely going to be imprisoned for his treasonous actions, mango-man-child.

And while she did pathetically slur Obama as being bath “scum” and an “asshole”, we all knew what singular descriptive she wanted to use in their stead, but didn’t. So, perhaps there’s been some personal growth on her part, I guess? Moving on to the second piece of rotting tripe that she posted, I’ll take her individualized inanity on point by point, clockwise.

(!) A “Loser” doesn’t win reelection twice, and he most certainly doesn’t retain the world-wide respect that your fascist frankfurter demands so cravenly, and has NEVER received. Just saying. (2) No, it wasn’t. In fact, when questioned about the world encompassing junket, Obama’s former national security adviser Tom Donilon said that; “He’s a person who got elected twice with majorities- he’s pretty politically attuned None of these steps he takes are without pretty serious thought, and they are the result of long efforts,”

(3) Um, isn’t it your side as well as its leadership, the ones that White Nationalists both laud and votes for? Please shut up. You’re embarrassing the actual racists. (4) To that falsehood, I say choke on this, you lunkhead:

Granted, this is a mixed bag, but overall, my guy beats the stuffing out of yours, so please take your bile and happily choke to death on it. (5) Um, dumbfuck? Just where exactly, do you think that Transwomen have been going to the bathroom since the beginning of time? Narnia? Isengard? Oz? Fantasy Island?

JFC, get a new obsession that doesn’t involve the urination habits of strangers, you goddamn freak.

(6) Yeah, he tried, and this is why he did so, straight from the man himself: “For many years, it has been clear that the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay does not advance our national security—it undermines it. It’s counterproductive to our fight against terrorists, who use it as propaganda in their efforts to recruit.” But please Debbie, continue to dazzle us all with your bumper sticker understanding of international politics.

(7) On this, I will partially agree. In its resolve to lock in a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration totally screwed the pooch here. See? Even a broken human can be right once in a awhile, but then when it comes to our next topic, she blows her lead.

(8) No, he did not. Russia by the accordance of the mentioned agreement, while being granted the ability to be able to own about 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity, only extracts about 11 percent of said uranium in the US, which much to the detriment of Harshbarger’s false narrative, isn’t allowed to be exported at all.

In addition, the deal was agreed upon by no less than nine separate government agencies, so once again Debbie, please know what the fuck you’re actually talking about first, before you bother us all with your ignorance regarding it.

(9) I hate to point this out to you, my disciple of all things dumber-than-fuck, but it was YOUR guy who canceled the deal that allowed us access and oversight of Iran’s nicker program, thereby putting us, if not the word entire at extreme risk, As I just said, please know what the fuck you’re actually talking about first, before you bother us all with your ignorance regarding it.

Concerning the last slice of Harshbarger’s moron pie, her assertion that Obama needs to be indicted for the political situations mentioned, is an obvious symptom of her desire to come across as being far more politically relevant than as clinically insane, which she so debatably appears to be. Case in point, while Obama’s administration (including Hillary Clinton) was blamed for security lapses, the HOUSE REPUBLICANS NO LESS, cleared both of any malfeasance in regards to the tragedy that Benghazi was

It’s amazing what you can discover for yourself when you actually bother to do minimal research first, isn’t it?

For instance, you’d discover that the seeds of the “Fast and Furious” program initiated with a program formulated under the Bush administration in 2006. Known as Operation Wide Receiver, it too attempted to track suspicious gun sales, even going so far to tallow said sales to progress, even when the ATF had credible cause to have confidence that the sales were unlawful in nature.

A truly fucked-up situation of political maneuvering known as “gun walking”. And while it is true that Obama used the stripped-down bones of OWB to form the skeleton of what would eventually become the “Fast and Furious” program, it’s hypocritical at best for Harshbarger to ignore this facet of reality in favor of her semi-false narrative.

Speaking if which, let’s now address the so-called “IRS abuse” that Harshbarger referenced, wherein it was alleged that the IRS unjustifiably targeted Conservative groups in lieu of doing the same towards those that were Liberal.

Shame then, that a report issued by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, showed that the purportedly disgraceful deed never occurred. Despite possessing not a shred of credible evidence, Republicans claimed that the IRS was displaying political bias in determining the validity of organizations who were applying for a specific classification of tax-exempt status.

To meet the requirements for this standing, an organization cannot engage in political activities of any kind. as the law [tax code section 501(c)(4)] itself states, which specificizes that only organizations operating for the promotion of social welfare alone, are eligible for said tax status, which BTW, paves the road for same said organizations to legally receive anonymous donations as well.

Now, while it is true that the IRS did use specifically-worded search filters to sift through the scores of applicants applying for the tax-exemption, it was solely as a means to an end in order to weed out those who were engaged in unfitting levels of dogmatic action. The actions undertaken by the IRS were not, I repeat, NOT, done so out of any ideological bias.

In fact, the same said word filters which employed the terms “tea party” and other such verbiage associated with the Neocon movement, used in equilibrium descriptives such as “progressive,” “green energy.”, and “occupy”, as well. This knowledge that the IRS has utilized both right and left terminology for processing tax-exempt applications for years is quite well-known by both sides, but you’ll never hear a Neocon affirm this false narrative shattering realty, noted ever so clearly in the TIGTA’s report.

I wonder why that is?

And before you start drawing a conclusion as to why this is actually so, let me just say that it probably has not a thing to do with the fact that the story having been 100% debunked, is nothing less than devastating to its purposely false narrative. Three misrepresentations down. Two misrepresentations to go.

In relation to our next facet of cheery-picked fabrications, “Lock her Up!” was all that we heard from the Alt-Wrong for Hillary Clinton’s brain-dead usage of a private email server for official public communications rather than using official State Department email accounts maintained on federal servers. After a years-long FBI investigation, it was determined that Clinton’s server did not contain any information or emails that were clearly marked “classified”.

As an addendum, FBI director James Comey released a public statement about the incident, which concluded by saying that; “In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. All the cases prosecuted involved some combination of: clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct; or indications of disloyalty to the United States; or efforts to obstruct justice.

We do not see those things here.

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now. As a result, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case.”

In spite of this revelation however, the rabid raccoons of the Alt-Wrong Zoo ceaselessly demanded that Clinton be held accountable by being prosecuted within an inch of her life, despite the discovery of far worse, if not far more extensive veracity that;

And while that alone was bad enough, there was also the whispers of WH insiders that “Lock her Up!” Donnie Dimwit had the embarrassment of the following dangerous habit being observed about him:

But have no fear, for Trump ever the paragon of Honesty, rushed forward to assure us all that in no way would he ever use an unsecured phone, which at best, is exceedingly dangerous, if not stupid:

Well, I feel so much better now, don’t you? The guy who lied about his wealth, his affairs, his taxes, his policies, his political opponents, his intelligence, his abilities, his business success, and his personal ethics, just let us all know that he “rarely” uses a cellphone, despite the fact that it’s the only way one can access Twitter, and my belief that he couldn’t turn on a laptop without his care aides’ help. Plus, there’s this…

… but whatever you say, Donnie. I mean, you do seem trustworthy.

Four misrepresentations down. One misrepresentation to go. And out of all the ones [previously mentioned, thus just may be my favorite. Trump for whatever reason, seemingly, has the worst luck when it comes to his interpersonal, professional, and administrative relationships.

Despite his being true in word, he finds himself surrounded by liars. Despite his being loyal, he finds himself surrounded by traitors. Despite his being brave, he finds himself surrounded by cravens. Despite his being a Feminist, he finds himself surrounded by misogynists. Despite his being inclusive, he finds himself surrounded by racists and bigots.

And in a turn most perplexing, despite his being virtuous beyond all reproach, he finds himself surrounded by criminals of all kinds.

My heart truly goes out to this guy. Can you imagine the challenges of going to all that trouble of falsely presenting yourself as being a champion of ethical stalwartness, only to suffer the inevitable indignity of not having all of the crimes that you’ve committed and, in some cases, even admitted to, taken to be nothing more than politically-motivated hoaxes? Man, that has just got to sting something fierce.

But the issue of validity has been raised, so let me give you all the relevant facts of that which Harshbarger with ZERO research for her own part, has claimed to be a malevolent hoax.

In a nutshell, the “Russia Hoax” [AKA: “The Mueller special counsel investigation”] explored the links between Trump associates, Russian officials, and Russian spies, along with the certainties that same said associates of Trump working on his behalf, obstructed justice in regards to the Russian government interfering with the 2016 United States election.

In the course of the inquiry, Mueller’s governmental gumshoes delved into the thousands of emails originating from Trump’s WH transition team, while a cadre of lawyers in tandem with the investigative efforts of FBI agents, intelligence analysts, and forensic accountants, issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, and questioned nearly 500 witnesses. These included not only his equally as shady son-in-law Jared Kushner, but also his fully engulfed by the blackness of the soulless void, former chief strategist and fellow traitor, Steve Bannon as well.

Trump ever in character as the cowardly bitch that he is, refused to take part in even his own defense, because as he saw it, the validated in time query was nothing more than a… um… oh yeah, a “witch hunt” engineered by the “Deep State”, which was probably underwritten by [INSERT CURRENT CONSPIRACY BAD-GUY / GROUP/ HILLARY/ OBAMA / EVIL SMURF HERE]’

So, in the end, what was the outcome of all of this hard work?

To paraphrase Mueller’s official report regarding his findings, it was proven that Russia did indeed, engage in extensive attacks on the U.S. election system in 2016, via a social media-based disinformation campaign that idealized Trump, as well as the hacking of Clinton campaign-related databases and the release of stolen materials through both Russian-created entities and Wikileaks.

In addition, the report also verified that there were numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign, and that the Trump Campaign “showed interest in WikiLeaks’s releases of documents and welcomed their potential to damage candidate Clinton”. And while Trump was not criminally charged with any wrongdoing himself, Mueller deliberately declined to exonerate him, choosing to list the multiple episodes in which he engaged in obstreperous comportment.

However, when it came to indictments and/or convictions concerning others involved in this alleged “hoax”, the list was far more productive. Kicking it off, we’ll start with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort: seven and a half years in prison for financial crimes, although (of course) Trump later wound up pardoning him, because… um, the GQP is the party of “Law and Order”, and stuff.

Continuing forward, there’s the former employee of Manafort’s law firm, one Konstantin Kilimnik; who was charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice for alleged witness tampering, Trump confidant Roger Stone, who was convicted of all seven counts of the counts he faced, including lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstructing a congressional investigation.

So naturally, crooks being thicker than ethics, he found himself pardoned of such, by his fellow traitor and liar.

Trump also shamelessly pardoned former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations with then Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, as well as Trump’s former campaign aide Rick Gates, who pleaded guilty in relation to alleged crimes, which concerned his role in concealing foreign bank accounts, committing tax fraud and violating federal law in connection with work he had engaged in on behalf of done pro-Russia politicians in Ukraine.

Staying on theme, we’ll close off the rogue’s gallery, as it were with Trump’s personal “fixer”, lawyer Michael Cohen, who pleaded guilty to tax and bank charges, campaign finance violations, and lying to Congress, former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, convicted for lying to investigators, and finally, we end with Dutch attorney Alex van der Zwaan, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with both Rick Gates and an as yet unnamed person in Ukraine,

But it gets even more impressive, especially when you understand just how this motley crew of criminal dunderheads helped pick up the check for their own downfall. For as it turns out, part of Manafort’s plea deal with the special counsel was his agreeing to willingly forfeit real estate holdings and cash estimated to be worth somewhere between $42 million and $46 million.

Granted, while it’s not front row seats to Trump’s ineluctable trial for being an insurrection-fomenting traitor and coward, it’s still a pretty impressive checklist for what Harshbarger perceives to be a supposed hoax, nevertheless.

Such evidence however, regardless of how well-documented and/or verified it may be, means naught to morons like Harshbarger, because when it gets right down to it, she’d rather feel victimized on the behalf of a person who if the tables were reversed, wouldn’t condescend to acknowledge her existence.  But let’s just forget all that for now, because Harshbarger still has some asinine arrows left in her quiver, and she’s determined to fly them all:

As I’ve said numerous times before, anytime a Conservative dare points their finger at in histrionic accusation, rest assured, that there’s at least nine fingers and both of their feet, pointing back at them as confirmation of their attempting to deflect their own guilt for doing that which they claimed others had already done. At this point in the political theater intermission, it’s almost a physical law, rather than just a theorem.

“Everybody knew”, Debbie? Yeah, they did. They knew that your mango-man-child was incompetent, arrogant, narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, a crook, a liar, an adulterer, a can-man, a coward, and eventually, a self-confessed assaulter of women and despicable traitor, who unlike the people mentioned in your absurdly dense meme, did try to attempt a coup on J6.

Maybe you saw it, Debbie? It was on all the major networks, including the ones you masturbate to when you think your house is empty. But to be fair, this sort of realty-based insight is reserved exclusively for those of us whose brains don’t resemble the cud of a cow.  But her lack of common sense aside, ya’ gotta give Harshbarger credit for attempting to muddy the waters that by comparison, resemble those of the Maldives:

Once again, let’s dissect this three-part claptrap from our resident human as urinal cake, in order:

(1) Tha fact that your disgraced presidents’ own words, actions, and social media statements were used against him, does not a “kangaroo court” make. It does however certify beyond all reasonable doubt as to why made members of the American Mafia take a vow of silence. That being, because it actually works in their favor.

(2) No, it wasn’t the “first time” in History that such has happened. However, it is the first time in our history, that an American political party openly attempted to throw an insurrection party, and then wanted same said complicit traitors who helped plan it, to sit in the judgement of it, and thereby, deflect the well-deserved penalty of consequence from doing so.

And if you think I’m being dramatic, whose party does this traitorous bitch belong to, may I ask?

(3) Yup. If there’s one person that you definitely want on an investigation committee when you’re trying to get to the actual truth of a matter, it’s the QAnon-conspiracy-believing, hate-speech spewing, adultery-committing, lying, bleached blonde wackadoo, that espouses that Jewish space lasers are starting fires in our nations’ forests, as she starts several within the halls of our now dysfunctional government.

All of this nonsense was to be expected from the Neocon side of the fence, for after all, when actual proof fails, conspiracies prevail for the deliberately misinformed. The reason why that is, is two-fold: first, it provides an escape hatch of sorts to escape an argument that they cannot possibly hope to win otherwise, and second: it allows them the freedom to pretend that they’re actually smarter than they really are.

(4) I’m not entirely sure how Harshbarger forget this, but the events of J6 were BROADCAST LIVE AS THEY FUCKING HAPPENED, ACROSS ALL THE FORMS OF JOURNALISTIC MEDIA, including both the wings known as Left and Right. This also includes Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and the now almost fully-populated by White Nationalists vanity project known as Twitter.

Now, if there had been a series of pointless explosions, ala the type that Michael Bay’s work exemplifies, with some additional Christopher Nolan plot development, or the lens flares associated with J.J. Abrams thrown in for good measure, then, and only then, would ever I buy into your “Hollywood director” bullshit.

But as none of those stylistic elements are there, I’ll just conclude that as usual, your head is so far up your own ass again, that describing you as bearing a resemblance to a Moebius strip but with legs attached, is not only on the money, its possibly me being too charitable by far.

Moving on, we come to Harshbarger’s next attempt at getting the mud of slanderous intent to stick to something other than her treasonously craven Creamsicle, wherein she tries (and fails) to draw an absolutely batshit crazy parallel between Trump’s certifiably illegal possession of classified documents, and what she insanely and falsely claims that other former presidents have allegedly done.

Once again, I’ll take Harshbarger’s dumbfuckery on in the order: of its presentation, and enjoy myself as I do so, because if I can’t laugh at her, then obviously my sense of humor is broken beyond repair.

GEORGE BUSH SR.: While not entirely false, the narrative is exceedingly cherry-picked, to draw a faux conclusion. While it is true that the documents in question were temporarily stored at what once was a FORMER bowling alley and Chinese restaurant in Texas, those temporary facilities, according to the National Archives and Records Administration (AKA: NARA), “met strict archival and security standards, and have been managed and staffed exclusively by NARA employees”.

NARA has also stated that; “Reports that indicate or imply that those Presidential records were in the possession of the former Presidents or their representatives, after they left office, or that the records were housed in substandard conditions, are false and misleading,”

Furthermore, NARA also automatically assumes the physical and legal custody of all Presidential records, and did so, not only for Bush Sr, but for the administrations of Reagan, Bush Jr, Clinton, and Obama, as well. In short, said records were never in Bush’s possession after he left office, and it continued to be that way, until while his Presidential Library was finally built.

BILL CLINTON: Once again, this is patently false, and it’s also a prime example of how her undertaking two minutes of actual research could save Harshbarger and her family, from the scourge of public embarrassment. In November of 1997, it was reported that employees of a Little Rock junkyard discovered in the trunk of an abandoned car, a rotting collection of files that included a check written in NINETEEN EIGHTY-TWO, payable to Bill Clinton from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan.

For those of you who can read a calendar, that’s ELEVEN YEARS BEFORE he became President., and the records weren’t even his, as they originally belonged to the former owner of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, an individual by the name of James B. McDougal. The check, according to one person who has seen it, was discovered as workers were preparing to crush the car, which had been initially junked in NINETEEN-EIGHTY-SEVEN.

So, NOT records of a presidential nature, NOT his property or under his central to begin with, and NOT (technically) found in an abandoned trunk located inside a car dealership, either. And just how long did it take me for me to find this relevant information, you may ask? In less time than it took for Harshbarger to swallow the bullshit story concerning it:

For fuck’s sake lady. If you get any dumber, you’re gonna have a bright future ahead of you serving as an honorary doorstep for whatever mental care facility that one day, your family will happily leave you behind at. And this brings us to the person that the GQP regards as the ultimate in bogeymen, mainly because he’s both Black and far better respected than their mango-man-child ever was, or could ever hope to be.

BARRACK OBAMA: Christ, this is getting old. While it is true that the documents in question were temporarily stored at what once was a FORMER furniture store, media outlets widely reported on what the use of the facility would be in the future, clearly notating that the records stored there would be held under the protective overview of NARA, until the Barack Obama Presidential Center was finally complete.

DONALD TRUMP: Truly, the amount of cognitive dissonance that it took to construct this fantasy as defense is impressive, by any standard. First, Mar-a-Lagi is not a private home”. Its s a highly porous security nightmare, as evidenced by both the sheer number of infiltrators and sanctuary breaches that have been occurring since before Trump was shamedly elected president.

Not only did he repeatedly claim for over a year that he did not have the documents in his illegal possession, an assertion proven beyond false after an unprecedented raid conducted by the FBI, he routinely moved the records multiple times as well, in a deliberate bid to avoid their detection by the involved authorities. An action BTW, that was hilariously caught on his own security cameras, no less.,

And aside from the uncontested fact that he knowingly broke numerous laws in relation to the LONG-ESTABLISHED POLICIES and SUPREME AUTHORITY of NARA, there were also no Secret Service protocols set in place to protect same said documents, either.

Unless of course, Harshbarger ever the delusionally sycophantic and woefully stupid loon, considers the eventually discovered locations where Trump carelessly stored said documents, as being akin to what the exacting standards set forth by NARA demand:

If this is what Harshbarger truly contemplates as a “secured area”, then you’ll understand just why I get the feeling that you can break into her house using nothing more than a paper clip and the unbridled optimism of a four-year-old wearing a Superman cape. But there’s still one last shred of Neocon dumbassery to dissect, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Interesting how it’s fine if not dandy for Trump to keep his stolen booty in a bathroom and a ballroom that’s easily accessible, but Joe Biden accidentally being in possession of the same, is nothing kiss than an act of treason, to Harshbarger’s functionally illiterate way of thinking.

Biden by the way, also has a full secret service detail at his home, but I notice that dense applied to Trump as a disgraced president, finds no equality if purchase, when it comes to the issue facing the currently sitting one. Strange, that. And 100% not hypocritical at all, by any utilized standard, I’m sure

But let’s get to the specifics; for unlike Trump who stonewalled NARA for a year with lies, deflection, and ultimately a refusal to willingly hand over that which he had no right to legally possess, a display of characteristic arrogance that led directly to an FBI raid upon his allegorical Xanadu.

Biden in contrast, immediately contacted bath NARA and the DOJ when the cache in his home and a satellite office were discovered, and more importantly, he openly cooperated with same said authorities to search for any additional materials that might have been still in his possession.

And while Harshbarger can crow about how Trump “declassified” all that which was found at his 10K-gilded temple of personal tackiness, he did not, and could not, as a caught-on-tape conversation from July of 2021 proved, using Trump’s own words:

So, not only was Harshbarger’s very stable genius captured openly admitting to a crime, he may have committed a few new ones as well, by showing the writers that he was talking to a cache of classified documents that they weren’t authorized to see, and as noted earlier, that he wasn’t allowed to be in proprietorship of.

But please Debbie, tell us more about the walking secured citadel that is Donald J Trumps home.

The lauded astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson once opined that; “If you want to assert a truth, first make sure it’s not just an opinion that you desperately want to be true”, say for instance, like never presenting a fact-based argument that hasn’t been selectively cherry-picked to within an inch of its proverbial life, as we all just saw Harshbarger do.

I honestly believe that if she ever found herself forced to argue her ignorance using only the resource of verified actualities, instead of the poached memes that she relies on ever so heavily, not only would said debate be over in less time than it takes her to embarrass herself online, its immediate effect would cause us all to erroneously discern that she’s a deaf-mute, as well. In essence and deed;

And that’s me being unnecessarily charitable, yet again. Don’t get me wrong, for while it’s patently obvious just how much I do enjoy filleting the truly intellectually bereft among us, even I have a limit as to how much of said density that I can safely absorb in one go. And if Harshbarger should be regarded for anything, it’s her ability to disseminate mass-produced falsehoods at a rate that even QAnon would be envious of.

Speaking only for myself, I haven’t a clue as to what it must be like to wander through this world entire, spouting insidious inanity in the manner of an insane sage, but then again, I also didn’t swear willingly blind allegiance to a fascistic cult leader, either. And yes, I do have proof of concept, courtesy of Harshbarger’s own mental misfirings:

Now, I’m not going to wade through this first meme, due to the specifically selective cherry-picking of its false narratives, but I will say a few words nevertheless, about the tone of the gibberish posted within it.

When your role model/man-crush is a self-admitted and legally convicted assaulter of women, a serial liar, a lecherous adulterer, an unrepentant con-man, and a father who publicly talked about wanting to BANG HIS OWN DAUGHTER on national television, and who also openly praised our enemies, insulted our veterans, our war wounded, and our POW’s, then perhaps it would be best for all concerned if you just shut the fuck about anything that requires the merest modicum of intelligence, if only for a while.

Please keep in mind if you would, that’s not even close to the comprehensive list of Trump’s other crimes and various charges, which also include two impeachments as CIC, seventy-one felony counts, the fomenting of an act of insurrection against the United States, which took place right before he consistently started admitting literally non-stop via all the known media forms, to actions that typically have been covered if not prosecuted, under guidelines set by the Espionage Act of 1917.

And since Harshbarger mentioned Hunter Biden, should I then mention just how all of Trump’s children as well as his son in law, used the WH as both a networking hotspot, if not a cash cow? Probably not, as facts seem to be fairly toxic to Harshbarger’s displays of mental obesity. But yes Debbie… it’s Biden and his son alone, who we really need to worry about

It’s amazing how he can be both incompetent and also the most Machiavellian crime boss of the century at the same time, but what with Harshbarger being a dumbfuck and all, I’m sure this contradiction makes not only perfect sense to her, but an easy mortgage payment for the psychiatrist assigned to her, as well.

However, when it comes to the delusion inherent within the second meme, while its accounting is just as insane, it serves far better as a scroll of confession, rather than as a roll-call of revelation by any measure, as most of the partisan pablum gleaned from the Neocon pastures, tends to be. But that doesn’t mean that I still can’t have some fun shredding this garbage, now does it?

Oh Debbie… you do make this far too easy, and for that, I honestly thank you. To start us off, I’ll address her whacked out of her skull claim that the “Mainstream Media’ a term she lazily cribbed off of a bumper sticker, located on a car that was parked just outside of her church, is not only an entity of “pure evil”, but “is “all for” child trafficking, as well as the proliferation of illicit drugs because they’re “horrible perverted people”.

So sayeth the cult member, who openly supports a convicted sexual batterer, serial adulterer, procurer of prostitutes, and one who has publicly discussed the thought of “dating” his own daughter, as well as issuing a host of equally disturbing sexually-inappropriate commentary to boot, as being the only one morally worthy enough to map out the future course of our country, regardless of what fascistically dystopian direction that will most certainly be, but yeah Debbie…your assertion totally clocks.

As for the rest of your unfounded grievances, wherein you claim that the media is “defending” the following I’m about to list, please let me share my thoughts regarding the same. And as you’ve all come to expect, my take will be based on the use of facts, rather than the imaginary factors that will one day, result in Harshbarger’s being forcibly medicated.

“Child sex trafficking rings”: Would this be a bad time to remind Debbie, that it’s Trump who has the lowest rate of sex trafficking convictions in modern presidential history, and that it was the GQP in several states that killed proposed laws banning the practice of child marriage? In addition, and to a person no less, the House GQP voted against the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act, as well.

It probably would be an inconvenient time, as this act granted empowerment to both the Department of Homeland Security’s Angel Watch Center, as well as parents and law enforcement, in concern to trafficking and online grooming, thereby curtailing the trade of international sex tourism, while improving trafficking prevention education for children, to boot.

Something you’d think that the party of “protecting the children” could and would approve of, but when one takes into account just how many Conservative politicos have been busted for engaging in sexual acts with minors, along with possession and production of child pornography, I can see why Neocons voted against it. After all, you’re going to need those same said people to vote your way, and they can’t do that if they’re in jail, right?

“The White House becoming a Crack House”: Um, Debbie Dumbfuck? First, there’s a distinct difference between a bag of clearly planted cocaine, and the street drug named after the part of your body where you pull all of your delusional ideas out of.

Say, like being faux offended at how the WH has been “disgraced” when you seemingly had no problem when Trump repeatedly allowed his kids and son-in-law to use his presidential administration as a marketing conduit to funnel money into their businesses, or when he installed as our nations’ First Lady, his former escort/mistress/failed model/third wife who banged his ass while he was a then-still-married man, but I digress.

“Mutilating 5-year-olds bodies”: No, they’re not, as this isn’t actually happening at all, but as it has become fairly obvious to all of us that you require a specialized form of applied tolerance when it comes to your lacking the acceptance of verified Reality, I guess we’ll just have to cut you the slack that your mental illness demands that we do.

“Pornography in school libraries”: This, coming from a person who graduated grade school out of charity, high school out of the need to give her seat to a person who actually had a shot at acquiring useful intelligence, and whom only found herself eligible for a college loan, because her banker needed the money to pay off his mortgage.

Funny how all these so-called “Christians” like Harshbarger, get all faux offended regarding books talking about the LGBTQ Community, while attacking the same with a Bronze-Age fairy-tale tome which just so happens to be loaded with stories luridly depicting acts of rape, murder, sodomy, genocide, incest, and bigotry, but I digress yet again, if only for the fact that unlike Harshbarger, I actually know where my local library is.

“Imprisoning political prisoners”: Um, genius? By labeling them as “prisoners” that already implies that they’re in orison to begin with. Holy fuck, are you dumb.  

And the J6 insurrectionists are not “political prisoners”, so much as they’re domestic terrorists, and when your treasonous Oompa-Loompa finds himself sharing a cell with them, as well as a place in the history books for being the fascist traitor that he is, he won’t be classified as anything less, either.

Feel free to choke on that fact. But only whenever it’s convenient for you, of course.

“Chinese organ harvesting”: I’m sorry… who was “defending” who, again?

“The systematic destruction of our food source”: Oh yes, your party is definitely troubled by the ever-increasing issue of food shortages in America, are they not? Shame then, that their concern flows in the wrong direction:

“Racial bigotry against Whites”: Gee, wasn’t it you guys who said that racism was no longer a problem in modern-day America? That is of course, when you’re not claiming that it was a liberal-invented near-myth to begin with?

Quick question if I may: how many times exactly, have you been illegally-detained, patted-down, and wrongfully arrested by the cops, been kicked out of a store, denied a job, a promotion, or an economic opportunity, been rejected for a bank loan, or fatally shot for knocking on the wrong door, because you were White? Take all the time you need to fabricate a falsehood, as I’ll be waiting for it all week, anyway.

“The suppression of free and fair elections”: Do tell, Debbie. For I’m highly confident that your unique political insights will be fascinating in their scope, their presentation, and their stunning lack of intelligence or reality:

Yup. Nothing to see here, folks- just a peaceful group of real American Patriots violently attempting to overthrow both democracy and the Rule of Law, in order to demonstrate, with full transparency, just how the losers of a free and fair election, should handle their loss.

However, the best hypocritical feather in Harshbarger’s tin-foil cap, just has to be this last so-called “point” in her histrionic harangue, that being: “Censorship of Free Speech on social media”: Ahh… is there any other better taste than that of a free-range Conservative red herring? I’d say no, but to be fair, I, unlike Harshbarger actually comprehend just how the context of Free Speech actually works.

The First Amendment, which grants all Americans that right, states in its entirety that: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Read that passage again, and tell me where the words “Social Media” or any of the brand names associated with it, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, are notated. Take your time. I’m more than happy to wait, as you do. What’s that, you say? None of that is seemingly contained within? Strange, it’s almost as if the First only applies to governmental overreach, and not the agreed to rules on your part, that private companies have the legal right to enforce. No shoes, no shirt, no brain, no service, and all of that happy jazz.

Fortunately, Conservative snowflakes such as Harshbarger do have a safe place of sorts, that being Trump’s cloned Twitter knockoff, known as “Truth Social”, who he’s touted as being a repository for both truly free speech and the open exchange of ideas, albeit with a Conservative [AKA: racist, paranoid, false] twist.

And while it is true that Truth Social does endeavor to ban all sexual content and explicit language. Its terms of service also permit its moderators to ban anyone whose content is deemed, and I quote directly; “libelous, slanderous, or otherwise objectionable”, just as all the other platforms do. But when it comes to engaging in the deplorable action of outright and overreaching censorship….

… they also do that shit as well, but they do so in sole service of protecting a soon to be imprisoned criminal and traitorous fascist Whereas the other platforms, just want to make sure that people don’t swallow household bleach, racism, misogyny, and anti-LGBTQ bigotry, just because a cadre of deranged Creamsicle supporting dumbfucks suggested that doing so, was an idea worth putting into public practice.

Another facet of galling hypocrisy that Harshbarger failed to mention accidentally on purpose, is the fact that it’s currently her party banning books from school libraries that address the topics of race, human sexuality, and science, demanding that actual American History not be taught in same said schools, because it makes White people “look bad”, as the past practice of owning human beings as if they were cattle tends to do, and whose de facto ideological leader, propagates PR stunts and false claims such as these:

But yet again Debbie, it’s obviously the Liberals who do all these things, no matter how consistently Realty tells you to go fuck yourself with a cactus. Now I for one, have no idea if ignorance is truly bliss, but if it is, Harshbarger in person, must come across as being higher than Willie Nelson attending a Phish concert.

You felt the need at the end of your laundry list of lunacy to state; “Just in case you were wondering whose side they’re on”, and the answer to such is relatively simple, even for a moron like yourself: That would be America’s, Reality, Humanity, and hell, even mine, but not the one that harbors the sycophants whom your traitorous man-child would sell out in a heartbeat for the sake of his own protection.

Say, like the 1000+ domestic terrorists/idiots currently awaiting trial for storming the Capitol in his name?

Sharp-eyed readers of Harshbarger’s tripe may have noticed that a lot of the time, she plays the gambit of slandering her political adversaries as either being pedophiles, or that they’re directly engaged in protecting the abominableness of pedophilia itself. Such lowly political tactics being employed by nattering Neocons is nothing new of course, but like all new toys that Conservatives are so enamored with at first, this one found itself broken rather quickly from its extreme overuse.

As I noted earlier above, when it comes to such claims, Conservatives are far and away the party of All-Stars in this specific arena, and they know it, hence the constant deflectional use of the slur as both hefted cudgel and misdirected red-meat propaganda. And if you don’t believe me, just Google the phrase “Who has more Sex Offenders? Republicans or Democrats?”, and watch the lies of the GQP burn in real time.

But then again, when your party stifles the attempt to end the practice of child marriage, has judges that rule Mormons don’t have to report sex crimes involving children to police, and covers for the grinning-skull lechers that are Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump, I guess drawing accurate conclusions, is just rude on my part.

Harshbarger though, isn’t going to let a few pesky details based in reality screw with her worldview, because if she did, she might have to actually set aside a few moments to engage in some serious self-reflection, and at this point in her intellectual devolution, that might prove fatal: to her ignorance, and let’s be honest, it’s the only thing that she owns that she didn’t buy off of Truth Social: at a wildly inflated price:

Let me clarify this societal take by this hot mess of a human garbage pile, for those of you playing at home. When Harshbarger uses the word “Pedophile”, [or its British equivalent; “Paedophile”], she’s not so much actually describing those who are disgustingly sexually attracted to children, as she is addressing her disgust with those she disagrees with ideologically.

Let me put it this way: Conservatives use “pedophile”, much in the same way that I use the word “fuck”: it’s a noun, an adjective, and a verb, all in one convenient package that helps describe the world entire, as she so stiltedly sees it. Are you a member of the LGBTQ Community? Well then, you’re a Pedophile. Do you believe in Gay Rights? Pedophile, yet again. Are you for free school lunches, student loan forgiveness, or holding Trump accountable for his numerous crimes and attempted insurrection?

Dear mythical God, who let all these pedophiles in the room? Oh wait. My bad. Those are just the VIP guests at a GOP fundraising event. My sincerest apologies to all involved, even those that Harshbarger would vote for in an instant, as she couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the kids past the point of her using them as expedient props for her own pleasure.

Which ironically, is also how the pedophiles running rampant in her party, see them as well.

This observation aside, there’s still the matter of Harshbarger’s top ten list needing to be decorticated, so let’s get to it, in order of its collective insanity. She claims it’s the Left hat wants to hurt kids, so let’s just see how well her stack of slander holds up against the collective mass of reality.

(1) Says the person who believes that a book (as I noted earlier above) loaded with stories luridly depicting acts of rape, murder, sodomy, genocide, incest, and bigotry, is far more appreciate to expose impressionable children to as the unquestionable guide to inherent morality, but sure, Jan

(2) Gee, the last time I checked, drag queens weren’t the ones maintaining and defending child marriage, trafficking in child pornography, and engaging in sexual relations with them. As the data proves, that’s your side of the fence, lady. I think what you’re really mad about is that most frag queens are far better at passing as an actual woman then you’ve ever been, and unlike you, they can actually read books that don’t require pictures.

3) Somedays, I feel really bad for the ever-screaming voices forever trapped within that imploded void you wittily call your brain. No one is “teaching” gender fluidity to kids, you absolute freaking horror show masquerading poorly as a human, but they are teaching respect for those who are different than them, and that’s what you really hate. For after all, you can’t play the victim without a scapegoat, now can you?

4) As is her way, Harshbarger introduces a real thing, that being “porn literacy”, but then fails to explain it accurately in order to disingenuously stoke the fires of fear surrounding the ignorance regarding what it actually is. Because whether or not Harshbarger wants to admit it, teenagers are now easily viewing content that was once only available to adults alone, and the aftereffects of such are desensitizing at its best, and psychologically damaging at their worst.

In a nutshell, given the ease of online access to pornography, the disciplines of child psychologists and public health experts joined forces to introduce the concept of the aforementioned “porn literacy” teaching aids, which were designed to encourage teenagers to think critically about pornography and its societal impact, with the end goal of fully neutralizing the harmful unconstructiveness that pornographic publishing imparts to its sexually immature viewers.

In my day, we had Playboy, and that was it. Today’s teens have hardcore-themed websites to take their sexual cues from, and by that comparison, it makes our hidden from our parent’s centerfold reserves look like a Norman Rockwell calendar. Now, while it is true that the scientific indicators are unsettled regarding the long-term effects that such imagery imposes upon the psyche, it is safe to say that much of the content porn offers up, definitely alters just how youth processes the aspects of acceptable abuse towards women, that porn tends to lionize.

Honestly, I have no idea why Harshbarger is so offended by this. I mean, possessing prior knowledge about porn stars will come in super handy when these kids are being taught about Trump and his numerous financial contributions to their collective work for a charity that services the needs of married men like himself.

5) Please reread what I wrote for number three, and realize that as you do, Harshbarger is out there in the world, claiming to be well- informed, despite all proven evidence to the contrary. And even more worrisome, she’s allowed unfettered access to cars, stabby things, household chemicals, and the voting booth.

6) Oh Debbie… I’m not sure what’s sadder here- the fact that you believe this crap, or that you think that you need be the oracle of paranoic misinformation that shares it with others. Foer as the ACTUAL data clearly states, gender-reassignment surgery is exceedingly rare in patients under the age of 18, due to the fact that such are irreversible and come with a host of complected risk factors.

Say, such as having to deal with willingly uniformed bigoted maroons like yourself, long after the procedure has been successfully performed, for instance.

Not only is your assertion blatantly false, easily disproven, and completely insane, as its 100% driven by your hateful ignorance, it also goes to highlight once more, that while you could do the research necessary to form a truly conversant opinion, you’d rather not, because the act of critical thinking is ostensibly quite the chore for you.

After all, it’s not like you’ve invested a great deal of time and/or practice, engaging in the act of doing it.

7) Um, Sweetie? Where in the hell do you think Transpeople have been going to the bathroom since the beginning of bathrooms? And considering the collected data that Transgender teens face a far higher risk of being sexually assaulted within a bathroom than your average kid ever will, kindly do us all a favor, and shut the fuck up about the mythically irrelevant.

8) The facts, or as Harshbarger calls them; “Liberal lies”. The data that concerns the rates of conviction accrued by the Center for Sex Offender Management, which is underwritten by the DOJ, indicates that while sadly only one in nine pedophiles is ever caught and prosecuted, it also suggests that pedophiles who have been released, are far less likely to reoffend with new crimes. That is, when compared to other types of criminals within the general prison population, as a whole.

Keep in mind, that the ones currently in prison are no longer a culpable risk to society, but those eight who got away clean and whom are still wandering around, sure as hell are. But not in the way that Harshbarger falsely implies, as most pedophiliac acts are committed by immediate members of the victim’s family, or persons with intimate ties to the same, versus a boogeyman lurking at the edges of a children’s school playground.

As I’ve already noted, the act of slanderously calling someone a “pedophile” without proof, plays into a standard GQP tactic- create an imaginary problem, stoke the fear of it via mass media, allow it to reach a fever pitch, and then just before said fever breaks, step forward and announce that only you, your ideology, or your party is the only solution to “: solving” it.

And if you can score serious points against your political adversaries whole painting them as being complicit to the mass panic that you’ve created from a nugget of actuality, so much the better. So, as much you may hate to hear this, my delusional dingbat, democrats aren’t “softening” prison sentences for those who rape ad exploit children, nor are they granting them the unchecked ability to do so.

But do you know who actively is? Take a wild guess:

I’ve heard of the fox guarding the hen-house, but never have I heard of the chicken-hawk doing so. But it dies make sense, as most predators don’t want competition in regards to their food source. As I earlier said Debbie: kindly do us all a favor, and shut the fuck up about the mythically irrelevant.

9) There seems to be a definitive pattern emerging here, but I’m sure that it’s just another one of those coincidences that Debbie so conveniently overlooks while ranting about Democrats. Sorry, I meant to say “Demonrats”, I only to keep her verbiage accurate. Of course, it must be, because otherwise, she’d be a fucking hypocrite, and mythical Lord knows just how much she’d hate being perceived as that.

Well, would you look at that, Debbie? It appears that your party is unashamedly talking about wanting the legal right to fuck kids… AGAIN. But I’m sorry, you were trying to warn us all about the “pedophile agenda”, and I’d hate to be the one that reminded you that your side of the ideological fence gives the impression that it produces child predators at nearly the same rate that Chinese factories produce U-phones.

10) Do you mean to declare that this alleged derision is being publicly presented in the same manner of how you so hatefully dismiss and demonize the LGBTQ Community, or anyone else who dares disagree with you as they point out your partisan-based insanity, Debbie? Because if so, I can understand how that might raw-rub your ridiculous rhubarb something fierce.

Strange that when a parent shows up at a school board meeting with the same list of fabricated “concerns” that you presented, they generally get laughed right out of the room, huh? But you are right, this is “scary”. However, that fear is based on the fact that you’re openly allowed to walk around unmedicated.

10) Do you mean to declare that this alleged derision is being publicly presented in the same manner of how you so hatefully dismiss and demonize the LGBTQ Community, or anyone else who dares disagree with you as they point out your partisan-based insanity, Debbie? Because if so, I can understand how that might raw-rub your ridiculous rhubarb something fierce.

Strange that when a parent shows up at a school board meeting with the same list of fabricated “concerns” that you presented, they generally get laughed right out of the room, huh? But you are right, this is “scary”. However, that fear is based on the fact that you’re openly allowed to walk around completely unmedicated.

Having you lecture anyone about anything, is akin to asking Jeffrey Dahmer to plan an African-themed dinner party, hiring Ted Bundy as a speed-dating event organizer, or appointing John Wayne Gacy to serve as a High School shop teacher. Sure, you could do all of that, but is it a good idea to begin with?

I’d say “oh hell no”, given all of the empirical evidence that’s readily available, even to someone as dimwitted as Harshbarger, but regardless of this deduction of mine based on well… everything, she still insists that she knows who’s at fault for all of the fantastical conspiracies that form the nucleus of her societal identity:

Sigh… does anybody else get the feeling that when Harshbarger plays the classic board game “Clue”, she thinks that the murderer was the candlestick, who was manipulated by wokeism into killing the lead pipe under the influence of the insidious Liberal mastermind, Professor Plum? I’m kidding of course, as I doubt that Harshbarger has ever once played the game “Clue”, much less ever possessing one to begin with.

Despite the fact that she blames Liberals [with no proof] for all of the things her party is certifiably doing alone, despite the fact that she won’t call out the obvious hypocrisy in her party as well as her own, and despite the fact that she’s gone so far down the metaphorical rabbit-hole that she can see Beijing from her current location, Harshbarger is still resolute about protecting all of the children in sight.

So unyielding is her determination to end the horror of child trafficking, she makes it a point to post abut it frequently, as bath a means to educate us all in regards to the issue, as she pats herself on the back for doing so. Shame then, that almost every time that she does, she almost immediately negates what she just said about offering concern and protection, by uttering the exact opposite of extending such:

Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger, everyone. Christian. American. Pro-Lifer. Mother. Grandmother. And indubitably, the ultimate protector of innocent children, so long as they’re White. I’m sorry. That was rude of me. Maybe Harshbarger’s reluctance to help o even follow the most minor tenets of her thin-as-wet-tissue-paper faith, isn’t because she’s a racist, but because she’s a flaming hypocrite, instead.

Why do I say this? Well, it’s simple really. You would think that if she really cared about keeping kids safe from pedophiles and the like, then she wouldn’t post yet again, memes that contradict what she claims to openly believe:

At the time of this writing, gun violence in America is the NUMBER ONE KILLER of its children.

Not books about race, American history, or human sexuality. Nor Gays, Lesbians, Transpeople or Drag Queens, either. Not social media. Not “wokeism”. Not the “Barbie” movie. Not MSNBC, CNN, ABC, or CBS, Not Democrats. Not the imaginary Deep State. Not Obama. Not Biden. And not Abortion, as well.

In short, IT’S THE FUCKING GUNS, the relatively unfettered access to guns, and the willingness of morons like Harshbarger who’ve make peace with the sacrifice of our kids for the 2A’s continued existence. Funny how in one moment, these same said teachers are being slurred by Neocons as “indoctrinating” their kids for teaching them verified reality, and in the next, having it demanded of them that they willingly face death to protect the brood of those who despise education.

Shockingly, most teachers didn’t [and don’t] want to sign up for this insane fever-dream of irresponsibility, because all they want to do is teach the next generation, if only in the hope that they don’t turn out half as stupid as Debbie so clearly did.

Hence, the reason why, she deliberately amalgamates the scourge of school mass shootings with the disparate personal healthcare decision that is Abortion. Neither has a thing to do with the other, and Debbie Dumbass here, most certainly knows that. But as she can’t successfully defend either position, muddying the waters in relation to both, is the only option that she has.

The born share no commonalities to the unborn, as at the time when the majority of legal abortions are performed, the fetus cannot survive outside the body to begin with. In fact, here’s the definition that defines them: “Fetus: a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth.” Followed by. “Baby: a very young child, especially one that has not yet begun to walk or talk.”:

Interestingly, even the sociopathic deity whose edicts Harshbarger steadfastly ignores, hadn’t weighed in on it, either. Sort of. For in Genesis 2:7, the passage reads; “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Ergo, Man does not exist until he takes his first unassisted breath, and at the time abortion is undertaken, the so-called “baby” who isn’t actually one until he’s born, isn’t capable of doing so. But as it is with anything that Harshbarger sets her battered in a blender brain to pathologically obsess over, she just can’t let go of yet another golden opportunity to embarrass herself, by inadvertently owning herself:

As the politico Madeleine Albright once said; “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”, and if such is even half true, then let me assure you all, that Harshbarger will find herself turning on Satan’s spit with a pineapple shoved up inside the place where a stick was once so prominently lodged, for all of eternity.

Why do I say this? Well, it’s partially due to Harshbarger’s false belief that she [or any other person for that matter] has the right to tell persons unknown, what they can do with their own bodies, especially when she belongs to the party that refused to get vaccinated for the greater good, using the argument of their own inviolable body autonomy, to serve as their claim of cause.

In addition, her inference that unmarried women voted Democrat solely because they valued the right to abortion access over that of being genuinely concerned about the other mostly GOP-fueled societal concerns listed, is nothing less than a red herring utilized as misogynistic misdirection on Harshbarger’s part.

For not only do women want (and deserve) the right to be in control of their own personal healthcare decisions, but as it turns out, they also didn’t want to vote for the one party that marginalizes the acts of sexual assault inflicted against them, that devalues their cultural worth, that demands that they willingly serve as mindless breeders, and which does everything in its power that it can do, to turn them into Stepford Wives.

Who could have seen that coming? Except of course, for:

Speaking only for myself as I often do, if Harshbarger views her fellow women as being nothing less than selfish for wanting to be the ones that make their own decisions as to what works best for their own lives, then I can only assume that the last time she offered up an opinion of any merit, was probably when she dutifully uttered the words “I do”, to her new owner/husband.

It’s 2023, Debbie. Women are actually allowed to do whatever the fuck they want to do now. Sorry that you didn’t the news in regards to this. But to be fair, nobody sends faxes, carrier pigeons, smoke signals, or uses cuneiform tablets as a means to deliver such messages anymore.

As you’ve come to expect from our resident mental midget, the “banning abortion save lives” argument that Harshbarger weakly tires to make, is complete bullshit across the board. Despite all the GQP’s and this second meme’s talk about wanting to “save” or “protect” the children that they themselves will never willingly bear the responsibility of having to do in either regard, they persist in this fantasy nonetheless, using abortion as a cudgel to stifle open debate.

And if you think I’m being overly simplistic or too harsh, then answer me this question: if you really want to protect children by giving them the best shot at achieving their goals, is this the way to go about it?

The party of child bride enablers, rampant misogynists, alleged sex traffickers, whom are all led by a self-admitted and recently convicted abuser of women, wants to protect life by forcing it upon a child who isn’t mature in either mind or body to do so, long before they can legally drink, vote, drive, hold a full-time job, or give consent.  Yup… if that just doesn’t scream “Pro-Life” at you, then I don’t know what else does.

An observation of mine that the GQP all by themselves, provides more than the adequate ultimate proof for:

And this mind you, is before you factor in just how ardently the GQP has been in its attempts to permanently eliminate food aid programs, pre-natal care assistance via clinical providers such Planned Parenthood, affordable healthcare, subsidized housing, and a host of other social aid programs targeted to help the kids that they want born, but not actually supported financially.

And let us not forget all of their vile rhetoric regarding their demonization of single mothers and their “welfare babies”, either. Nevertheless, Debbie knows who REALLY hates women in the long run, and surprise, surprise…

… it has nothing to do with the well-documented realty that I just presented to you:

Some context, if I may: The PWGSA makes it a violation of federal law for a recipient of federal funds who operates, sponsors, or facilitates athletic programs or activities to permit a person whose sex is male, to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for women or girls.

In other words, the continuously hate -mongering GQP, looked at the same list of societal issues that Harshbarger tried to weaponize for her abortion-based deflection, and said;” Nope… Transpeople playing softball is the most important issue of the day that we need to address. That other stuff? It can wait.”

So, Democrats “hate” women, Debbie?

The party that fights for them to have sole possession of their own body autonomy, “hates” women. The party that fights for them to be paid the same as men doing the same job, “hates” women. The party that fights for their right to be granted a fairly compensated maternity leave, “hates” women. The party that fights for their right to not be governed by men who think that miscarriages should be prosecuted as if they were premeditated murders, hates” women.

Therefore, and by comparison of their specific actions, Conservatives must “love” women, and because of that love, want to “protect” women and girls. Am I getting that right? I only ask, because judging from all of the evidence that is currently available for intensive scrutiny, it seems to indicate quite the opposite:

Man, oh man, if I’m exposed to any more of this GQP “love”, I might find myself at severe risk of catching an STD. Or as it’s known in the well-infirmed circles of Liberalism, a Shithead Trumper’s Delusions”. If this is what the GQP base considers “protection”, I’d really hate to see what their concept of “endangerment” is.

Still, I’m fairly confident that it involves the slandering of a demographic that they don’t like, as being the “real” villains of the crisis that they themselves created. I do like how Harshbarger esteems Trans-athletes as being a “danger” to women and girls, simply because they engage in sports activities.

But as she’s a well-established advocate for fostering anti-LGBTQ advocate hate, I guess that I can’t be too surprised at her glee in sharing this latest hand-grenade of mediocre thought that she lobbed. And even better, it meshes perfectly with this GQP land-mine that she so disingenuously forgot to mention:

In case you didn’t know, the Violence Against Women Act (AKA; “VAWA”) first signed in to law by the-president Bill Clinton, created and financially supports, a wide-ranging and cost-effective response to the issue of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.

So naturally of course, the GQP voted against it, because these concerns pale in comparison to the fact that Marcus now Marcie, has a wicked fast-ball.  Nevertheless, we all need to remember that it’s the Democrats who “hate” women, because Harshbarger’s meme says so.

Rampant hypocrisy, willful ignorance, unbridled hateful bigotry, institutional misogyny, cowardly racism, and unhinged paranoia may not necessarily be a Conservative value alone, but they certainly seem to engage in it far better, if not more consistently, than anyone else.

And when it comes to expressing those qualities, Harshbarger is truly the odious Olympian in regards to its presentation. Think of her as the Michael Phelps of Pigheadedness, the Tiger Woods of Temper Tantrums, the Bruce Jenner of Jackassery, and most assuredly, the Nadia Comănec of being an absolute Cunt.

I’m sorry. That was truly rude of me to call Harshbarger a “C U Next Tuesday” just because she seems to encapsulate all the vile qualities of one, As the term references the crudest of street-level vernacular to describe a vagina, applying it to Harshbarger is widely inappropriate on my part, for unlike a vagina, Harshbarger lacks the warmth, the appeal, and the depth that makes such, as popular as it is.

Not to mention that if a vagina ever managed to achieve independent sentience, I’m certain it wouldn’t post stupid bullshit like this: But what do I know? I’m just a dumb “Demonrat” after all, and maybe whereas Harshbarger is concerned, she perceives posting self-owing hypocrisy as being nothing less than politically proactive. Well, that, or she’s off her meds again, in which case, I hope it all works out in the end:

Gee, we’re the ones that went “Full NAZI”, and yet, we call you guys “extremists”? I can’t imagine why that is:

Oh wait… I remember now.

So nice by the way, to see that a possible grandmother and hopefully future resident of a secured rubber room all of her own, is openly laughing at the concept of American journalists being murdered wholesale, just because they did their jobs and dared to write about everything that Trump says, posts, or illegally attempts to do. Truly, a champion for both Free Speech, if not the Rule of Law.

In addition, the optics of saying that you’re a “Woman for Trump”, is akin to saying that you’re a “Horse for Glue”, a “Teenager for Gaetz”, or a “Sex Worker for, Jack the Ripper”. Call me crazy, but I’d like to believe that most women would tend to think that giving an unabashedly misogynist, self-admitted convicted serial abuser of women, any form of legislative power over them, as being a “bad” thing.

I know, I know, I’m ever so weird. As I start to wrap up what I hope will be the last time that I ever have to scribe at length about this vehemently hateful bitch, I’d like to offer up a brief recap of what we’ve learned about Hershberger’s POV, thanks to her graciousness in consistently posting her abominable ignorance to the world entire.

Here goes: Democrat-run government offering equal rights, opportunities, and inclusivity to all, is “Bad”, Republican-run government that engages in racism, anti-LGBTQ hate, misogyny and wants to track women’s menstrual cycles, is “Good”.

Democrats are the godless party of sex-traffickers and Pedophiles. Republicans, who’ve actually been convicted of those crimes and who are led by a rapist, are paragons of moral piety, because they’re “Christians” in the same way that I’m married to Milla Jovovich.

The FBI and DOJ have been dishonorably “weaponized” against Donald Trump due to his long list of crimes which “aren’t” actually “crimes”, but if they’d just go after Hillary, Obama, and Biden for wrongdoings that GQP literally made up, then they’d be cool again, so far as Neocons are concerned.

Hunter and Joe Biden are “evil”. Hillary and Bill Clinton are “evil”. Liberals are “evil” Obama is “evil”. George Soros is “evil”. The LGBTQ Community is not only “evil” but are also “groomers” and “pedophiles” as well. Talking about actual American History, human sexual development, or that Civil Rights apply to all Americans, is… you guessed it- “evil” as well.

And as an added bonus, while she routinely slanders Transpeople as suffering from a mental illness, she proudly deems that seeking “guidance” from, and “talking” to, an imaginary and wholly sociopathic false deity, as being a perfectly sane thing to do. Just saying.

Also, conspiracy theories are better than facts, the adversarial Media lies but her side doesn’t, and oh yeah… Trump didn’t “steal” those classified documents, as they were planted by the Deep State/the Illuminati/ the FBI, and even though they were placed there by the Left, he had totally declassified them using only his brilliant mind, prior to the FBI raid.

The same sharp mind I might add, that was responsible for his believing that mocking a disabled reporter doing one of his ego-stroking rallies, made him look both” tough” and “presidential”, versus it just certifying that at best, he’s an ignorantly pompous jackass:

This vileness of inhumane behavior aside, I do have to wonder just how does Harshbarger honestly feels about the mango-man-crush that she adores so much, being without question, the most corrupt, cringe-inducing, incompetent, treasonous, and cowardly Commander-In-Chief that this country has ever been cursed with.

Seriously, how does she handle knowing that he went around and swooningly praised dictators, insulted our military and its veterans, allowed thousands of Americans to die from a Pandemic that he failed to manage, embarrassed our country on the world stage, thereby damaging our relationships with our allies, bragged about sexually assaulting women, and then was later convicted for such, as he attempted to overthrow our democracy?

That of course, occurring just before he was hit with SEVENTY-ONE FELONY CHARGES, the first and only, American president to be so. Apparently, all of that shit is totally cool in her book. One that I can only assume, resembles a coloring book that’s already been pre-colored-in.

As I said earlier, rampant hypocrisy, willful ignorance, unbridled hateful bigotry, institutional misogyny, cowardly racism, and unhinged paranoia may not necessarily be a Conservative value alone, but man does Harshbarger kill it, when it comes to putting all of it into play.

It’s been documented in detail throughout this tri-story arc, just how Harshbarger, along with being an unrepentant anti-LGBTQ Bigot, a delusional advocate of conspiracy theory, and a person I wouldn’t trust not to hurt herself using a butter knife made out of NERF, is also a fully histrionic harpy of hypocrisy, but before I raze this section of Wasteland, salt the earth, and then cover it with ten feet of concrete and a shopping mall, I’d like to share some last shreds of her disingenuousness with you all.

Kicking us off, we’ll start with Harshbarger’s penchant for posting positive reaffirmations about being and believing in yourself, in which you’ll see, that not only are they triple-dipped in the treacliest of saccharine, they’re also conditionally applied depending on who wants to actually apply them:

Damn, I so do love hypocrites- flawlessly great at dispensing unwanted, unwarranted, and unasked for advice, while still managing somehow to go 100% out of their way, to ignore any self-reflection concerning it. And as you’d expect, she not only continues engaging in such, she doubles down in doing so:

“Stop replacing real women”, says the anti-abortion law supporting, rapist-leader worshipping, sociopathically obsessed with other people’s genitalia freakazoid, who thinks that DUTCH women losing their spot in a DUTCH beauty pageant, is the central issue that “real” women worldwide are the most truly concerned about these days. Shame then for the hateful harpy that is Harshbarger, that such is not the case in the Netherlands itself.

For not only does the Netherlands possess some of the most expansive civil rights in the world for its LGBTQ citizens, but the concept of same-sex sexual activity was legalized way back in the year 1811, with its age of sexual consent legislative equivalence adjudicated in 1971. There is also a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation in regards to their military, employment, housing, and public accommodations, to boot.

In addition, registered same-sex partnerships benefits were granted in 1998, same-sex marriage was legalized in 2001, [the Netherlands being the first country in the world to do so] and inn 2019, this legal protection was extended to include discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression and characteristics commonly associated with either gender.

And in move sure to piss off dipshits like Harshbarger, same-sex joint & stepchild adoption is legal as well. Not to mention, unlike the conservative cesspool that America has failed to stanch in its overflowing into our government, current censuses have revealed that over 90% of the Dutch population support same-sex marriage.

Amsterdam is consistently lauded as being one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the world, with numerous LGBTQ-friendly amenities, as well as being the home of the Homomonument, which was designed by Amsterdam-born artist Karin Daan in 1979, and completed in 1987, which openly commemorates homosexuals who were persecuted and killed during World War Two. Or as Harshbarger ever the Christian, would most certainly put it; “judged by Gids for their sins”.

I don’t know what’s worse: Harshbarger’s lack of basic human empathy in regards to the issues and tribulations afflicting the LGBTQ Community, or my feeling that she would view the Homomonument with a sense of sadness that the Demographic of the Pink Triangle survived to thrive, versus being horrified that they were subject to the Holocaust in the same manner that the Jewish people were, albeit with a smaller casualty rate.

And no… I’m never going to apologize for that correlation relating to her lack of humanity. EVER. Because if there ever comes a sad day when the Netherlands has to play host to Harshbarger, the people there will undoubtedly be just as appalled by her as I currently am.

Let us not forget that over the course of several disparate screeds as well as the singular trio that comprises her own, Harshbarger, the self-declared “Christian”, the self-declared “American patriot”, and the self-declared “human”, has without cause or proof, slandered the LGBTQ Community as being; “confused”, “demonic”, of possessing a “sexually perverted ideology”, “not normal”,” bullshit”, “godless”, “mentally ill”, “sick and disgusting”, “pure evil”, ”murderers”, ”frauds”, “indoctrinators of Satanism”, “bastards & bitches”, ”groomers”, and in a gambit all too familiar, guilty of “targeting children”.

Once again, Debbie- which political movement is it, whose duly elected representatives, promoters, and ardent supporters, are going to prison almost weekly for sexually-based crimes ranging from sex trafficking, distribution and production of child pornography, and the sexual abuse of kids? SPOILER: it isn’t my team that’s doing it, no matter how much you want it to be, you willfully ignorant cultist.

Golly geewillikers, did I use that word to describe Harshbarger, yet again? For this I simply must apologize, for as I opined above, it’s widely inappropriate on my part, for unlike a vagina, Harshbarger lacks the warmth, the appeal, and the depth that makes such, as popular as it is. Oops. My bad.

Unsurprisingly, she also lacks the ability to see the consistent strain of self-ownership that occurs every time that she decides on the basis of the advice that she receives from the voices in her head, to post her opinions about topics that don’t affect her life at all, that she knows nothing about, and which involve persons of interest that she’s obviously never heard of in the first place:

And as is usual, it’s presented to us all with what can only be charitably considered as grade-A insincerity:

Ah, yes… “Focus on your own issues before you talk about me”, says the detestable homophobe who apparently, spends all of her free time obsessing over just how she can float her bigotry upon the waters of the internet, and doing so with the allegorical ballast her ignorance provides, but please Debbie… tell us all about your unjustified sense of personal persecution.

I have an idea, and whole it may sound crazy, I’d still suggest that Debbie try it anyway:

I only say this for the fact that while I’m fairly confident that Harshbarger knows just who country star Jason Aldean is, due to his current convenience in serving as disposable cannon fodder against the imaginary scourge of “wokeness”, the odds that she has any familiarity with who pop singer Sam Smith, can only be taken as an assumption that even at its best, is a contentiously debatable point.

I’d like to call attention to the fact that even if Smith were happily married, had kids, and sang songs about Jesus, puppies, and how awesome America is, Harshbarger would still find a way to justify her libel him, because he’s openly gay. This meme isn’t about establishing who’s far more “moral”, as Aldean’s song is chock-full of implied racism, it’s just reinforcement of Harshbarger’s homophobic paranoia, and that’s it.

Next up to bat, even more proof of Harshbarger’s sense of inadvertent disassociated self-ownership:

I swear to mythical God above and/or below, that Harshbarger is not on my hand-picked team of dedicated and fairly compensated joke writers- it’s just that she so good at doing the heavy lifting for all of us, she’s sort of become our unofficial office mascot for her dazzling ability to remain ironically clueless. I liken it to being the unintentional owner of a mentally-challenged puppy with an aptitude for asininity, if not denial.

Harshbarger’s “champion”, everyone. A demagogue facing seventy-one criminal charges, with more certainly on the way. Two presidential impeachments. Two failed marriages, with a third in the works. A personal legacy of corruption, perversion, ignorance, incompetence, hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and cowardice, gilded in his numerous failures as a father, a husband, a leader, and a human.

If this is what Harshbarger regards as the “people’s champion” for America itself, I’m truly horrified as to what she might definitively perceive as its most feared adversary. Keeping in mind of course, that no singular American president before or hopefully since, has ever been this openly corrupt, divisive, and treasonous.

Numerous examples of which, Harshbarger has failed consistently to learn any lessons from:

As I’ve been saying, every time a Conservative opens their mouth in public or posts online, it’s as good as the intelligence that’s been acquired by bugging a confessional booth used solely by the members of Cosa Nostra. Maybe that’s why she can’t see the proverbial forest for the well-documented trees?

Well, either that, or maybe its just that she’d rather not know the reality of things, as her entire sense of self-imagined political relevance would find itself made irrelevant as an end result.

Note by the way, that at no point does Harshbarger address the issue of the gun violence murdering America’s children, because when it gets right down to it, she and her party don’t want t a cessation of the chaos, so much as she and they, want it weaponized [pun intended] to assert control. Nor does she provide one shred of credible proof regarding her asinine theories, as well.

Who, other than everyone, could ever have seen that coming?

And as a reminder, whose party is it, that’s currently seeing its adherents going to prison by the busload for abusing kids via the production and distribution of child pornography, sexual acts with children, and the rampant sex trafficking of kids? As it’s been observed, confession, deflection, dissimulation. Also known as the three fundamental founding pillars of the Neocon movement.

And nowhere is this theorem made more prevalent, than when Harshbarger clumsily neuters her social critiques with the worrisome contradictions her stereotypical rants based in lunacy, inevitably brings to the surface:

You read it here first, boys and girls. The evil progressive Left wants to “erase” women from everything, so that they can be replaced by Transgender men. And how does she know this? Well, she watched a documentary about it, of course! the problem with this batshit crazy theory of hers that she most likely gleaned form a YouTube video?

To start, a Trans-man is a man who was born as a female, but then transitioned into being a male. I’m sure you’ve already seen the issue at play here. Technically, Harshbarger should be far more concerned about Trans-women instead, but as she’s an idiot, and the “problem” itself is imaginary to begin with, I suggest that we do the truly Christian thing, and just laugh our asses off at the fact that she actually puts serious stock in believing this crap.

Those of you who steadfastly managed to read this whatever the hell its supposed to be psychotic episode to its excruciating end, will have noticed that it wraps up by claiming that what the Democrats really want to do is, and I quote directly: “ERASE WOMEN  MEN (and) ABORTION UP TO BIRTH”.

None of this is true, or even correctly punctuated to begin with, but as we’ve all seen, Harshbarger has some serious mental issues going on, so I conjecture that we should all be grateful that she’s too old and/or stupid to assert herself as a physical threat. Small favors and all that, I guess?

As to the validity of her supposed eventual defense for her displaying yet another example of ever-advancing mental degradation masquerading as a White Nationalist acid trip gone horribly awry, all I can say is this:

Let me be clear about one thing if hasn’t become apparent just quite yet.

While I do find certain aspects of Harshbarger’s paranoiac bigotry, ignorant anti-LGBTQ stance, stunning stupidity, inherent inhumanity, political ineptitude, and clinically insane faith in regards to the vilest of conspiracy theories to be a cornucopia full of Caucasian cravenness, generating a rich source of story ideas, it’s her remorseless hypocrisy that I find to be truly disgusting across the emblematic board.

It’s one thing to foster unsupported prejudices and keep them to yourself in the manner in which Society demands, if only to maintain a sense of peace among your fellow humans, but to openly spew such vulgarities while disingenuously claiming to be the opposite of that which you so clearly represent, is equal parts abominable and pathetic.

Harshbarger, within reason of course, is free to post her cyanide-laced commentary in whatever manner she chooses, as that is her undeniable Constitutional right. And even I, the most cynical of Snarks, would (and do) support her in her ongoing campaign to do just that, no matter how wretchedly hateful her said remarks are.

Partially because I believe in the concept of truly Free Speech, but also because I place seriously amused stock in the theorem that when your adversary is making a series of crucial mistakes, you really shouldn’t stop them from doing so.

Consequentialism in its purest form, and all that sappy jazz.

But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to find at least one shred of hope within the fetid sewer that is her take on the inhabitants of a world that she so visibly despises. But how can I possibly achieve this goal, given Harshbarger’s seemingly never-ending confluence of intolerance, xenophobia, homophobia, Trans-hate, willing cluelessness and mentally-challenged malevolence?

The answer is simple really. I’ll let Harshbarger do it herself, for hopefully the last time:

The literal definition of hypocrisy boys and girls, as brazenly presented by one of its greatest modern-day practitioners. To quote her directly, if not randomly; “Please be happy for other people” (unless they’re Gay or Trans, that is.) “Let’s build each other up” (unless they think differently than you do) and finally; “Most of all, I would like to see our people start to care for one another” (“our” people, not “yours”).

Nevertheless, I did say that I would try to find at least one shred of hope within the fetid sewer that is Harshbarger’s take on the inhabitants of a world that she so visibly despises, and I shall. And ironically, such comes directly from Harshbarger herself, in the form of advice that for once, actually does apply to us directly, albeit comically unintentionally

Truer words have never been so eloquently spoken Debbie. And most certainly, never by you.


“Conservatives are often fond of La Rochefoucauld’s famous aphorism that ‘Hypocrisy is a tribute that vice pays to virtue,’ and so tend to downplay hypocrisy as a sin. But in the marketplace of ideas they champion, hypocrisy may yet turn out to be the deadliest – or costliest – of sins.” – Bari Weiss