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Seay What? Pt. 2 (A Jackie of all Tirades)

“An obsession is a way for damaged people to damage themselves more.” – Mark Barrowcliffe


Greetings, Bitchiteers!

How are we all doing today? Are we happy? Sad? Optimistic? Depressed? Or are we too busy presenting ourselves to the world entire, as being nuttier than a fifty-dollar pecan pie, and that without fail, as today’s screed subject Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, does almost every day?

Now, if you’ve read the previous installment of this ever-expanding story-arc, you’ll already knew just why I say this, despite Seay’s self-admitted diagnosis of being afflicted with schizoaffective disorder.

To recap, SD is a mental health condition encompassing elements of both schizophrenia and mood disorder, and while it is a severe concern to those who’ve been sadly stricken by the ravaging effects it can unleash, it’s still not an excuse for all of Seay’s literally insane political, societal, and cultural takes, nor is it a legitimate defense as to why I should go “easy” on him, either.

Hate is still hate. Racism is still racism. Ignorance is still ignorance.

And all are treatable, adaptable, and able to be eradicated from one’s psyche and systems of belief, but only if one sincerely endeavors to do so. In other less diplomatic words, there’s never a hall-pass to be expected when you’re unjustifiably acting like a complete jackass albeit online or in person, and yes… it really is that simple.

In my last literary outing, I discussed Seay’s openly displayed racism, threats of implied violence, bizarre ramblings covering quite the gamut from social media platforms to the construct of his mythical and sociopathic “God”, but to be fair, I barely scratched the surface of Seay’s analogous to human pudding-skin intellect, or more accurately, the lack of such, coupled with his highly disturbing at times commentary.

This rather worrying aspect of Seay’s so-called personalities, has naturally led me to once more providing you all with concreted examples of his online opining that should serve as dire warning of that which is yet to come if persons such as he, are allowed to freely propagate their delusions unfettered amongst the far too easily susceptible citizenry, without the validated consequences of concerned oversight.

Now, this is not to say that his right to Free Speech should be curtailed, but it most certainly deserves to be called out fir what it actually is, that being the most odious measure of bullshit encrusted and paranoia-infused partisan pablum, that I’ve come across as of late. Save for the last three fellow loons of his that I’ve also written about, that is.

Dullards of a feather flock together, and all that happy jazz.

Today’s not so secret word of the day is “Obsession” boys and girls, and let me assure you, that Seay has a ton of them. But what is “obsession” you ask? Well, it’s demarcated as; “a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often-unreasonable idea or feeling”.

Say, like Seay’s soon to be revealed over the course of due time fixations regarding nonsensical conspiracy theories, political erroneousness, anti-LGBTQ propositions, supposed Media malevolence, and almost retraining-order-worthy predilection with the celebrated singer Jacqueline Marie Evancho, for instance.

I did briefly touch upon Seay’s compulsion for believing that he and the social media powerhouse that is Facebook [hereafter referred to as FB] were locked in eternal battle for one-upmanship in my last screed, but I’d like to expand upon this curiously sad state of affairs somewhat more, before I eventually delve into his equally oft-bizarre valuations concerning POP culture, before I put it to bed as it were, with his creepily unhinged attacks on Evancho, who at the time he first laid his creepiness upon her, was only sixteen.

If you just threw up in your mouth a little at the mere thought of that, don’t feel bad. So did I, but then again, my brain, unlike Seay’s works the way nature intended it to. And nowhere is this better proven, then by his letting us all know right off the bat, just what it is that he didn’t come on to FB to “discuss”:

Quick show of hands, if you would- how many people currently gathered here, have to consistently deal with either “Flat-earthers” or anything else from the myriad list that Seay posted, openly harassing them on their FB pages and/or daily feed? Let me count…Yeah, that’s what I figured. Considering that I deal with Conspiracists nearly every damn day, and have lost count of how many times over the last five years that I’ve been told about the Deep State harvesting Adrenochrome from child sex slaves, I find it strange that I have yet to encounter any person espousing this particular fallacy even once, whereas Seay literally trips over them to the point of maddening distraction.

However, Seay is also gracious enough to let his fellow FB’ers know just who he is, as a warning to people who for some strange reason, couldn’t determine that for themselves, using only his memes, his postulant commentary, or his stunning ignorance, as the litmus test for their consideration as to whether they should attempt to acquire his ever so necessary FB friendship, or not:
How do you say “I’m a total fucking disingenuous idiot, who supports treason, over-militarization, gun violence, misogyny, bigotry, Homo/Trans phobia, and racism”, without using the actual words? Well, here’s your go-to example. Feel free to take all the notes you may need.

I do find however, that Seay’s advisory guidance is somewhat unnecessary, especially, given the fact that his “friends’ list on his FB profile, is possibly emptier than the space between his ears, and that’s saying a lot. Not only have I never seen anyone comment on any of his posts, I have also yet to see any proof of his actually interacting with any of his fellow humans either.

But hey duly warned is duly informed I guess, and I for one, have always appreciated that sort of optimism, unfounded as it is. Nevertheless, Seay marches on, resolute in his dedication in bringing the FB juggernaut to heel not because he despises their business model, or their global reach, but because he feels that certifying fact from fiction, is somehow a violation of his (and everybody else’s) “rights”:

Surprisingly, Facebook responded to Seay’s whining with the following straight to the point retort:

“Dear Jeffrey: Actually, FB is a private company who has SPECIFICALLY DETAILED USER AGREEMENTS AND TERMS OF USAGE POLICIES THAT YOU WILLINGLY AGREED TO WHEN YOU SIGNED UP, so feel free to stop posting about how you’re going to “delete” your account one day, and actually fucking do it for once. Signed, everybody else on earth who understands how reality actually works”

Whereas Seay finds himself inordinately vexed by the limitations of just what Free Speech actually entails, it’s FB’s fact-checking system that really gets under the fallacious fondant that serves as his skin, and there’s no better way to complain about it, then by posting a series of falsehoods in regards to it:

Yes Jeffrey… that’s how you know when something posted on FB is “true”. By not being able to prove that it’s fake as FB does, by using actual evidence. And I hate to break this to you as well, but when it comes to Liberals spending time in FB jail, they do it as well, but with far less consistency.

Because as you well know, unlike you, we tend to use fact-based arguments and all that, versus manufactured memes as our conduit to do so? Don’t hate the player Jeffrey- hate the game. But before you do, maybe you should learn how to actually play it with some competency first. And may I just say, if only for myself that is, that nothing proves just how upset you are with a clearly stated enforcement policy that certifies your idiocy, half as well as your cluelessly bragging about how often it’s been necessary to apply it to you:

I just have to ask, given Seay’s dearth of publicly posted proof of human interaction, just  what “friends ‘ have you made Jeffrey, and where exactly are they all in your times of need? Seems to reason that such ideological allies would be standing arm in arm with you, fighting the pointless fight, but then again, maybe it’s just another one of your delusions running amuck, which is probably the case.

And the use of a misappropriated cartoon icon that’s been most closely associated with the White Nationalist movement as well? Truly, that’s one of the best ways ever discovered to easily convince others that the “arguments” currently supporting your ideology, are nothing less than intellectually sound, let me tell you.

But where Logic itself fails, then inanity must reign, right? Sort of. Because try as he might, Seay literally cannot get out of the way of his own inherent crazy, as these random postings easily attest to:

Once again, a serving of word salad that looks as if it was assembled from inside the confines of a still-running blender, resulting in yet even more pointless demands that FB will neither read, or even ever act upon.

And when these two … let’s just call them “ramblings”, failed to produce the results that Seay wanted, he fell back onto his favorite detraction grenade, that being the foisting of inane conspiracy theories:

As you may have already surmised, this is not the case. First, as a FB user, you can control your “feed” using FB’s easy to find control settings, and second, Spotify has not a thing to do with FB’s feed, policies or actions, as they’re distinctively disparate companies to begin with. JFC Jeffrey: you’re not even remotely close to being that important to people in your own wretched life, and yet you honestly believe that FB would waste their time and management resources fucking with the likes of you?

Yeah. Good luck with that. As well as continuing in your resistance to “apologizing” for a self-invented transgression that nobody accused you of committing in the first place. Playing the victim, while long a Conservative gambit, finds itself given a new reach by Seay’s addition of his always flawed interpretation of just what is, and what is not, “American”. An opinion that I find almost adorable, in its abject selectivity:

Now, I could comment on this absurdity, but the universe being what it is, already provided me with the best retort, and who am I to mess around with an excellently phrased gift of near-perfection snarkiness?

I’d suggest that Hunt is onto a good point of discussion here, but it’s also fairly obvious that Free Speech is a far-too-challenging topic that’s just outside the grasping line of Seay’s already over-taxed and limited intellect, as he so graciously proves here:
So, let’s establish the guidelines here: Seay thinks that the deleting or blocking of copen commentary on a post or posts, is nothing less than a self-righteous act of vile censorship, and therefore, should be disavowed. I can actually get behind this, as the free exchange of ideas is essential to a functioning democracy, if not the overall betterment of mankind’s march towards progress.

But what if those same said ideas are dangerous to the common good, hateful to Humanity, or in Seay’s case totally insincere to what he just claimed was inherently morally craven for others to openly do? Well then, I can only guess it’s a disingenuous act of “do what I say, not what I do”, yet once more:
One day, some techno genius is going to come out with a phone app that helps track Conservatives multiple hypocrisies in real time, and after he does, he’s going to make Elon Musk his unwilling personal bitch-boy, using nothing save the bank interest accrued off the pure profit alone. Shame then, that Seay is far too busy nonsensically ranting about FB, rather than put all of those voices in his head to work: I’m not sure what’s sadder to discern here: the fact that Seay sat down and actually composed these mentally-challenged meanderings to the best of his ability with the most supreme of effort, or that he thought this was the best version of both to present to the world without any sense of self-reflection.

In retrospect, a moment set aside for such introspection, may have allowed Seay to take thirty seconds and discover that specific situations may exist in which certain aspects of stereotypically protected Free Speech may not fall under the auspices of the 1st Amendment. These may include issues of “hate” speech, child exploitation, slander, factual threats, and those words which may or may have already, incited unchecked acts of violence.

And whether Seay likes it or not, this message of his meme that’s posted below is blatantly false, when those allegorical and possibly arbitrary rules are used as a societal yardstick, as the First Amendment only protects your speech from government censorship, such as that which may be illegally threatened by federal, state, and local government entities, AND THAT’S IT. Simply put, corporations are not subject to it at all;

And no, this is not what modern-day book burning looks like, because they actually look like this:

But please Jeffrey, mewl to us all about how unfair it is that you can’t freely watch videos centered around promoting dangerous lies, anti-vaxx propaganda, racism, homophobia, and debunked conspiracies, produced by persons who film their “exclusive truth” podcasts on a 2nd generation I-phone inside their Moms’ garage.

Left to his own devices in an earlier era, I would have dismissed Seay as just another random kook I’d happily cross the street to avoid, but as the modern-day social order no longer has that protective bulwark any longer due to the double-edged invention and insertion of the internet into our everyday lives, we’re all sort of forced to deal with the terminally ignorant far more than we’d ever wish to.  

But as Seay ill-advisedly, does have unfettered if not unsupervised internet access, we’re all sadly subject to observing his mini-meltdowns being presented as social commentary, even when they’re clearly not:

Note to self: find out who this “Medasin” guy is, download every album that he’s ever made, and then send him a very nice “thank you” card for pissing Seay off this much.

And once again, I love how Seay cluelessly demands that both Spotify and FB (for some reason), listen to him in the same way that he listens to whatever voice in his head that keeps openly suggesting that he embarrass himself in public. However, out of all of these nuggets of madness, this just may be my favorite post, for reasons that are going to be obvious:
Man, I wish I had that kind of self-confidence when I’m out in public sans medication to suggest with no sense of sarcasm that someone was “possibly a lab grown person meant to masquerade”, but c’est la vie, and all that, I guess.

As I’m not a doctor, I can’t even begin to tell you what’s actually wrong with Seay past the effects of his self-declared schizoaffective disorder, but even that doesn’t fully explain his random tangents of obsession, such as the one regarding “porn” that’s being displayed here:
Show of hands! How many of you find yourselves bombarded with pornography every time you go on a legitimate news website? Anyone? Anyone at all? C’mon now, don’t be shy. Speak right up, and let us all know in what way the two blondes who don’t know how to properly tip a pizza guy using cash instead of gash, hurt you.

Seay’s dislike of porn though, isn’t really the issue that I’m mocking here, as even I at times, feel that modern-day porn sometimes goes way too far past the pale, especially where the subsets of rape, BDSM and “teen” fantasy are concerned. No, what I’m making fun of in the short-term, is the fact that not only do legitimate news sites not run porn ads, Seay wouldn’t even know what those are to begin with, given what he erroneously considers to be pornography:

Why do I get the feeling that Seay is so uptight that if he were to undergo a colonoscopy, they’d need dynamite as well as the standard dose of anesthesia to gain access to his colon? Cleavage is “porn”? In what era and on which planet, do you currently live Jeffrey, because it sure as fuck isn’t Earth.

And by the way, you’re turning 50 didn’t give you the “privilege” of blocking people you don’t like on FB, you loon, because that’s literally how ALL social media works, regardless of age, mental acuity, or in your case, an overblown sense of self-righteous Victorian-era prudishness. In addition, what does your being debt-free have to do with the issue of supposedly unwillingly inflicted upon you, porn ads?

So, Seay despises pornography. Good to know. Not necessary, useful, or even that interesting to know as well, but hey…  to each his own personal battle, I guess. Therefore, I can assume that it can be safely suggested that since Seay loathes porn as he does, then it would also stand to reason that he’s also not an ardent fan of its creators, its talent pool, its promoters, and most certainly, not its users:
Well, three out of four, anyway. And BTW, David did not have sex with a “porn star” unless MindGeek had a division based in the unified kingdom of ancient Israel, and somehow that chapter was left out of the Bible. Which is sad, because those stories about a lonely widow and a randy goat herder would have been lit AF.

For the scriptural record, King David, depending on who you talk to, had either an adulterous affair with, or engaged in an act of sexual assault against, a woman of noble birth by the name of Bathsheba. And no, God didn’t exactly “forgive” David’s transgression either. In fact, the first thing that God enacted was a prophecy wherein David would suffer the loss of his three sons; that being; Amnon, Absalom, and Adonijah.

Following that, God decreed that David’s wives would be “humiliated before all Israel”, an event that came to pass when it was discovered that Absalom had lain with “his father’s concubines in the sight of all Israel”. God then capped off his revenge tour with the death of Samuel, who was the love-child of David and Bathsheba’s torrid tryst / possible sexual assault.

And as Seay is a self-declared adherent to what’s in the Bible, he knows that the above is true, because it CLEARLY SAYS SO IN THE BIBLE. Sure, adultery may be number seven on his top ten “no-no” list, but I’m sure he forgave the guy who not only can’t recite a single bible verse, but whom also spends his Sundays playing golf, rather than attending church.

Yup. That totally clocks. And as Seay is all about keeping the Sabbath holy, you would think that Trump’s numerous sins should upset him greatly, considering that Trump once infamously declared that; “When I drink my little wine, which is about the only wine I drink, and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed,”

Call me crazy, but if you’re the type of “Christian” who can’t recite a single biblical parable, doesn’t attend church, and repeatedly commits acts of adultery, fraud, bearing false witness, and refers to the Host as “my little cracker”, then the odds are probably pretty good that you’re a Christian in the same way that Trump is a faithful husband. But nevertheless, Seay knows who’s really disrespectful of the Sabbath, and has no problem saying so:As always, hypocrisy is my favorite Conservative value. And while they’re not the only ones that practice it, they sure seem to engage in it far better than anyone else does. But sports aren’t the only thing that Seay refuses to watch anymore, for as it is with most of his obsessive tendencies, he prefers to take it up a notch. In this case, it centers on the TV show once known as “Person of Interest”, which ran on CBS from 2011-2016:

For those not in the loony loop, “POI”’s central plot was centered on the premise that an ex-CIA agent and a wealthy programmer, saved lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of members of the general public allegedly involved in imminent wrongdoings, and that’s it. Think of Tom Cruise’s 2002 film “Minority Report”, but without the floating in a jacuzzi psychic triplets.

And I would also venture a guess, without the supposed hatred of American values and way of life, to boot.

As to what Seay is babbling about in relation to John 9, in essence it says that the coming of Jesus will disclose who people really are, and as we are all collectively existing in darkness, we need to slavishly accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, in order to be “saved”… from HIM. Yup. That totally clocks with the contextual plot-lines of a cancelled show that features the progenitor of HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey, doesn’t it?

Sadly, this Moebius strip of mentally-challenged meandering, is quite the commonality in Seay’s alleged to be thought process, and it isn’t content to just prattle on endlessly about a show that’s been off the air for eight years, oh heck no. it’ willing to be just as idiotic about a whole slew of TV related nuttiness as well, and if that’s not personal growth, I don’t know what is:
Jesus Mythical Christ, this is exhausting. And let’s not forget, we haven’t even reached the basement level of Seay’s discount-bin-purchased brain yet. By way of example, feel free to peruse these slices of what happens when Seay’s medication fails to do its job, centered on the American superhero television series known as the “Power Rangers” And read them all, because his commentary is truly disturbing:

I’d like to take the time to point out that the actor Keith Robinson, who played the part of Joel Rawlings in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, is not only not a pedophile as Seay so slanderously claims, but has also never been accused or even rumored of being such, in the first place.

I speak only for myself of course, but is anybody else who’s reading this creed, hoping beyond all hope, that Seay isn’t legally allowed to own any form of firearm? Because Holy-what-in-the-actual-the-fuck, dude. You quite seriously, need to be secured the hell away from not only access to the World Wide Web, but possibly, your immediate neighborhood as well. If not its local toy shops.

However, crazy is as crazy acts, and the one other show that Seay really has a tumescent hate-on for, is the one whose creator once described it by saying that;

 “Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs: that there is a tomorrow — it’s not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb; that the human race is improving; that we have things to be proud of as humans. No, ancient astronauts did not build the pyramids — human beings built them, because they’re clever and they work hard. And Star Trek is about those things.”

But as you’ll see, Roddenberry’s truly Humanist vison, is perceived quite differently by Seay:
As I said, Holy-what-in-the-actual-fuck, dude? I’m not entirely sure when the happy day will arrive when the authorities in charge lock you away in a room wallpapered in washable vinyl, but it can’t come soon enough.

Now, when that long overdue day of enforced institutionalization finally does commence, it’s not as if the world itself will get any less stupid, hateful, or paranoid, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction, nevertheless. I say this not to be flippant, but vas we’ve seen Seay’s quirks of logic walks the razor’s edge between being a source of mockery, versus becoming an inevitable headline one day.

I earlier mentioned why this is, and it’s largely due in part not to Seay’s asininity in regards to his takes on politics, POP culture, and theology as you might assume, but something far more disturbing. I am of course, referring to Seay’s fixation with a celebrity that until I came across the 70+ posts that Seay has devoted to harassing and slandering them, I had no idea who they even were to begin with.

This person, who has through no fault of her own, unfortunately become the apoplectic of Seay’s delusional eye, is one Jacqueline [”Jackie”] Marie Evancho, who is best known as a singer, concert artist, actress, and model, A platinum selling recording artist, Evancho’s big break came after her performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” on NBC’s America’s Got Talent (when she was only ten), blew the doors of opportunity wide open.

Prospects that faced severe curtailing after she also controversially sang at Trump’s 2017 Inauguration. The reason why Evancho faced such harsh backlash, centers on the fact that while Evancho has a transgender sister named Juliet, the Trump administration itself, promoted an abominable stance on LGBTQ rights.

Such incivility openly occurred, despite Trump’s false assertion that he would both be a “better friend” to the community, and that when it came to his administration, he felt that, and I quote directly; “Sexual orientation would be meaningless. I’m looking for brains and experience. If the best person for the job happens to be gay, I would certainly appoint them,”

Foisting a blatantly obvious ploy to appeal to the Gay voting demographic, Trump also declared that; “And by the way the LGBT community is just—what’s happened to them is just so sad and to be thinking about where their policies are currently with this administration [Obama’s] is a disgrace to that community”

So, how exactly did these heartfelt pledges play out in the end, you ask? Well… just as you’d expect it would.

Trump’s administration not only opposed the Equality Act that guaranteed non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people and which was eventually passed by the House, he also appointed anti-LGBTQ judges: crassly joked about VP Pence’s wish to hang LGBTQ people, supported LGBTQ employment discrimination via amicus briefs submitted to the Supreme Court, banned transgender people from serving in the military, as he rolled back Obama-era non-discrimination protections.

He also issued a regulation granting federal contractors the right to fire LGBTQ workers because of their sexual orientation or gender identity via a claim of religious exemption, as well as creating a Religious Discrimination Division in order to foment legalized religious persecution against the LGBTQ Community, as he removed explicit protections for LGBTQ people in healthcare programs, as well.

Then there was the attempted elimination of the entire Affordable Care Act, directly affecting those afflicted with HIV. and the suggested trimming of $1.35 billion from the PEPFAR budget: which assists in the fight to stop the spread of AIDS overseas. And even sadder, this isn’t even a quarter of what he’s purposely done to foster anti-LGBTQ hysteria, nor are they even the highlights of such.

Truly, the best friend and protector that the LGBT Community could ever ask for, am I right?

Evancho for her part, issued a statement in concern to the backlash that she experienced from Trump’s numerous detractors, saying: “I now get to tell myself that my name goes down on that long historical list of people who sing at the inauguration. It was a huge honor and an experience I’m never going to forget.”

Simple. Mature. And brief. And in no way, shape or form, was it a snide swipe at Trump.

In a later interview, Evancho addressed the issue of attacks on the rights of Trans people, stating that; “We really just need to fix it. Things need to be equal for everybody. You can’t exactly be comfortable and happy in your own skin when you have all of these restrictions on things that everybody should have.”

This of course, is how America is supposed to work, and just as before, in no way shape or form, was it a targeted attack on Trump, his GQP stooges, or the policies that treat the LGBTQ Community as being perverted, freakish, or evil. Class in action, if I do say so myself, and I do.

This of course, is how America is supposed to work, and just as before, in no way shape or form, was it a targeted attack on Trump, his GQP stooges, or the policies that treat the LGBTQ Community as being perverted or evil. Class in action, if I do say so myself, and I do. However, this is how Seay interpreted such graciousness, which leads me to think that if her security team doesn’t have a picture of him by now, they probably should soon:

You read that right, boys and girls, Seay wants Evancho [who was 16 at the time], DEPORTED for publicly supporting LGBTQ civil rights. Can you say, “Stay 600 yards away from Mrs. Evancho at all times”, as Evancho’s security detail will more than likely one day, have to ask a court to enforce with a legally binding decision?

Other than the fact that a US citizen cannot be deported, regardless of whether he or she was born in the United States or became a naturalized citizen, this take is crazier than fuck.  Balls to the Wall, medication required, shock therapy worthy, lock him up and throw away the key suggested, full-on cuckoo lunacy.

You would think that Trump being as anti-LGBTQ as his policies strongly suggest that he is, would be enough to soothe Seay’s rampant Homo and Trans phobia, but apparently, it’s not. And even more odd, is that despite all the Trump love Seay consistently gives out for free as if here Herpes at a singles bar, he took his unwarranted rage at a SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD CHILD, out on the one guy that represents him, if not his idiocy perfectly.

Buckle up kids, because there’s a whole lot of rage-quaking going on. And trust me, I do mean a LOT. You might want to actually go make a sandwich, hit the bathroom, and slip into your comfy at home pants, because when it comes to this section, you’re going to be reading for a while:
Now, before you get upset with me, I’d like to remind you all, that I did say this was going to be a long stretch. And if you’ve ever wondered what sort of pen pal celebrity superfans such as Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley Jr, Robert John Bardo, Kevin James Loibl, Nathan Gale, John Thomas Sweeney, Yolanda Saldivar, Andrew Cunnanan might like to hear from, I guess you now have your definitive answer.

I’m obviously joking/not joking of course, because despite Seay’s unsettling fixation on hoping to imprison [at that time] a child who dared support a family member in regards to a personal decision that is neither his concern or one that will affect him on any level, he does have the right to say it. However, those around him, also have the right to use it as evidence against him that maybe whatever psych meds he’s been currently underdosing himself with, may need to be reevaluated.

Let me also reiterate, that no matter what Seay’s clearly transparent mental issues are, it’s still not an excuse for him or anyone who supposedly cares about him, to rationalize that this sort of slander and harassment, is socially acceptable for any reason, and as modern-day history has shown, the cult of personality that surrounds most celebrities can turn deadly in a heartbeat.

Is this to say that I believe Seay to be potentially and perilously violent? Not necessarily, but I/m also confident that there’s any among you that regards these postings as being well within the boundary of what could be defined as comforting societal commentary, either. Especially when I discovered this little nugget of accusatory asininity tucked amid the folds of Seay’s fallacious fantasies:

Keeping in mind that Seay has never met Evancho face to face, and that she most certainly has never done anything to him, much less havie any idea who he actually is, this comment is rather chilling in its message.

Taking into account that obsessed fan Chapman thought that Lennon was a “phony”, that Loibl believed that Christina Grimmie was his “soul mate”, and that Bardo turned his adoration with actress Rebecca Schaeffer into an act of cold-blooded murder, so yeah… anything’s possible when you mix your neurotic tendencies with self-invented situational crisis, I guess.

And if any of you were worried about Seay abandoning his mango Mussolini for good, take heart, because like most cultists, he was more than happy to crawl back to him in the end, and lick his boots:
I’d also like to note that this gambit of playing the hapless victim of cruel conspiracy-laden circumstance, is a favorite deflection of Seay’s, as the posts below will soon hopefully prove. Once again, I apologize for the number of images displayed, but if you’re going to provide veracity for a theorem, I’ve always believed that you should hit it with everything you’ve got:
Now, while this assortment has a modicum of strangeness attached to it, Seay’s slandering of the Amish, of all people, is what’s truly worth the read here. And yes, it’s even weirder than you might ever think it would be:
Man, if I had a dollar for every time I heard about someone being attacked by the Amish as they walked down a city street listening to their Walkman, I’d have exactly… (checks bank account) zero dollars, because this story never happened outside the confines of Seay’s severely warped mind.

And when it comes to “Amish duty”, which is a term that Seay invented for his fanciful if bot hateful tale, Amish men are expected to be good husbands and fathers by being loving and supportive of their wives and children, provide for their families, and lead their households, and that’s it.

The Amish do not attack people for using technology. The Amish do not eschew its use either, depending on the situational context of the community that they’re in, and several Amish communities are also electrified as well, although the power they utilize is typically provided by generators and batteries, rather than a reliance on their local power grid

In short, this story is bullshit, and Seay is truly full of it. However, we need to return back to the void that both serves as, and openly stores, the meanderingly annoying madness that is Seay’s thought process:

Move it along, folks- nothing of merit to see here, save for the spectacle involving a wretch of a man whose brain has so many holes in its logic, he can replenish the hot air it requires to function, simply by shaking his head ever so vigorously on a warm summer’s day. But the best of the bizarre is yet to be presented, and it involves the reason/s as to why Seay is supposedly now self-employed:
Ok… for those of you keeping track, Seay became forcibly unemployed from Walmart [shocker] due to either; an unnamed Mormon who ‘burned him out”, his sense of self-preservation or even perhaps his opinion regarding abortion, as his meme is kind of vague as to what he’s actually babbling about, or time theft for sleeping on the job. And in what may be the most insane thing that I’ve read thus far, because Power Ranger thespian Thuy Trang, (a “superhero actress”) died in a tragic car crash that WASN’T a hit and run.

Yup. Nothing fucked-up about any of that, let me tell you. However, it’s Seay’s fixation with Jackie Evancho that brings us to this wrapping-it-the hell–up segment of today’s screed, and if I could, I’d like to offer up some perspective:

I for one, LOVE the actress/model/singer/awesome person known as Milla Jovovich, and while I’ve seen all of her movies multiple times, proudly own a copy of the “Hellboy” reboot wherein she stars as the “Blood Queen”, have listened to her two albums [1994’s “The Divine Comedy” and  1998’s “The People Tree Sessions”] more than once, and have compiled more than 300 ‘screensavers’ that feature only her, I’m still not camping outside her house with a tent and a Coleman lantern either.   Do you know why that is?

Because unlike Seay, I’M NOT POSSIBLY FREAKING INSANE. No other reason, of course. None whatsoever.

Ok. Maybe there’s a few reasons more, but we really don’t need to talk about them at this particular moment.

But exactly just how deep does Seay’s specific rabbit hole of discomforting fixation go? Pretty goddamn deep, actually. In fact, if he keeps digging it at the rate he’s currently attaining, he’ll surpass the obtained depth of the Kola Superdeep Borehole SG-3, in virtually no time at all. At this point, Seay’s consistently simmering hatred for a person who’s done nothing more belligerent than display the Christian values that he claims to have, but sorely lacks, borders on the pathologically clinical.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say “bordering on”? I meant to say that he was in all the way up to that rotting cabbage that he ever so charmingly calls his brain. My bad. Won’t happen again. Pinky swear. As I noted earlier, while Seay is now openly attacking a person who is now a 23-year-old woman, he was more than comfortable in doing so, when she was only SIXTEEN, as well.  

Mental illness or no, Seay’s propagating of vile commentary such as this, is eminently disgusting, if not perverse:

“I don’t support hate groups”, says Transphobe who’s spent a considerable amount of his free time rabidly demonizing the LGBTQ Community, American POP culture, social media companies, and anyone or anything else whose politics don’t align with the hypocritical support he displays for the treasonous seditionist whom he’s chosen to be his primary choice to once more serve as US President, but I digress, if only for the sake of my sanity.

Rationality by the way, seems to be the one item on God’s checklist that he forgot to install into Seay at the moment of his unfortunate birth, and nowhere is this more evident, then when the subject of Evancho’s continuing existence is taking center stage within his already overtaxed brain. This self-invented stressor, based on Seay’s hatefully ignorant fear, results in his posting venomous tripe like this:

You are now seeing what unfettered mental illness looks like, and it’s dually heartbreaking and woefully pathetic. Seay here, disgustingly depicts an at the time this photo was taken. TEN-YEAR-OLD Evancho, behind bars for her imaginary “crime” of supporting her just so happens to be Trans, relative.

I mean, it’s one thing to dislike a celebrity due to their lifestyle or political choices, but demanding that they be criminally penalized for them when at the time of their expression, they’re literally a child? Yup… that seems normal for a person I would consider to be nothing less than a budding sociopath. For as the Joker once said; “Sanity is like gravity. All it needs is a little push.”.

And it’s fairly clear that at some point in his life, Seay’s sense of such, was forcibly pushed off of a cliff:
And apparently, it reached its terminal velocity in no time at all, as this spitefully misinformed posting verifies:First off, you jabbering jackass, it’s her sister that she supports, your mythical God says not one thing about Transpeople at all, and just because someone happens to be a crossdresser, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re also Trans as well. I’d suggest t ta you pick up a book and learn something for a refreshing change of pace, but as it’s perfectly obvious that you’ve never cracked open the cover of the opine you claim to take your moral guidance from, such advice would eventually prove itself worthless.

Wow. She loves her sister, and her doing so caused you for some definitely known reason, to suffer a nearly year-long bout of high blood [pressure? Jesus, what a n absolutely inhuman bitch.

And when I use that term, please note that I’m referring to you, Jeffrey. But like all weak-minded Transphobes, Seay needs to rationalize hos bigoted buffoonery to others, and when he does so, I’d opine that it’s fair to say that it only makes him look even that more goddamn stupid than he already presents himself to be:

I have no idea how no one has ever clued you in on this concept Jeffrey, but “forgiving” someone for things that only you took unwarranted offense at, means not a fucking thing to anyone else, save for you and you alone. In addendum, it also doesn’t mean that you have to “do” anything regarding it either, say like listening to their music, watching their movies, or buying the products that they may endorse.

Thanks for attending my Ted Talk for Lunatics. I can only hope that you took detailed notes.

Speaking of which, I’m pretty confident that the ones that Seay’s eventual team of court-ordered psychoanalysts will have to take just to correctly diagnose him correctly some hopeful day down the road, will most certainly when published, will be quickly adapted into a horror flick, a psychological; thriller, and eventually, as a dark comedy made by Wes Anderson that no one will understand, much less go see:

As Seay is a self-declared “Christian” very much in the same way that Donald Trump is a “Patriot”, I guess we shouldn’t be at all surprised that when it comes to displaying his displeasure that a child has an opinion contrary to his, he’s more than happy to toss out the Good Book, and instead, prove to us all yet again, that he’s never read any other one that didn’t have pop-up as its main feature:

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “Whoreo” [correct spelling counts, dumbass] is “like a whore, only with a “cream” filling”.  Interestingly, it can also describe a person who makes you mad enough to want to shout at them without actually wanting to insult them, so Seay’s so-called insult is somewhat underplayed here, at best.

But also let us never forget, that this 50+ year-old self-styled man of God is hurling this invective at a person he’s never met, who as a TEENAGER, supposedly “offended” him close to seven years ago:

Trust me though, it only gets worse, for Seay, despite being a man of middle-age, of self-professed Christian faith, and filled to the brim of his brain a truckload of prescribed drugs that would drop Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx at a distance of fifty yards, is also equally comprised of a purely spiteful malevolence that I honestly fear one day, will result in an innocent finding themselves grievously injured at his hands

I don’t say this lightly, and I don’t say this arrogantly, either. This behavior is not, and never should be, considered to be normal on any level, nor flippantly dismissed as being nothing more than a lone loon typing out his version of a moronic manifesto within the confines of the dark bedroom where he grew up, either.  These mini displays of public meltdowns are warning signs, that right or wrong, need to be taken seriously.

Definitive case (and its proof) in point: See where I’m going with this? And don’t just take my word for it, because here’s a delightful little snippet wherein Seay begs his false God for his mother to fall into severe medical distress, because somehow her doing so, would make it apparently far easier for his lazy ass to acquire his Hot Pockets, I guess:

Man, you can really feel the love of Jesus coming off of him, can you not? What makes this particular post exceedingly vile, other than Seay’s revolting contempt for his clearly physically disabled mother, is the reality that while he openly prays for her to succumb into a possibly never-ending coma, he’s also situating this plea for false respect saying quite the opposite:

But please tell me again, anyone out there who thinks that this sort of thing is normal, just why we should turn a blind eye to it, especially in an age where people of similar mental dysfunction take what they see on the internet as Gospel, and act with malevolent intent because they derived some form of permissive inspiration from it.

If Seay is willing to utter such things as about his own mom, do you really think he’d give a rat’s ass about a stranger that he’s formed predetermined and wholly paranoid misconceptions about? I’d say “no”, but then again, I’m also fortunate to not be anywhere near as mentally shortchanged as Seay seems to be.

And as if you needed any more proof of concept, here you go:
Now this one here is inadvertently hilarious, and I’ll explain just why that is, but until then, enjoy the cringe:
Not only is this misogynistic as all fuck by its implication that a man who listens to Evancho’s music makes him the walking embodiment of being less than, but its message has been cluelessly delivered to us by a man so painfully frightened by a child supporting the idea of universal Trans acceptance, that he felt the compulsive need to post about it for close to the last seven years now, and his obsession keeps doing nothing but ramping up:

Let’s recap: according to Seay, a middle-aged loser who still  lives at home with his Mommy and daddy, the consequences that Evancho should face for being an actually functioning and empathetic human thus far, should be; deportation, prison, and recommends that she be barred from ever performing or holding any form of employment in the US ever again.

And all of this, as he sociopathically continues to deride her as a whore and witch, compares her to a virus, slanders her as being a snake, and accuses her of both “owning” the Supreme Court and “destroying” America, unlike the treasonous Creamsicle he supports that does and nearly almost did. I for one, can’t imagine how any of that could possibly track as being absolutely fucking insane, can you?

Now, when you give credence to all that he’s espoused, all that he’s fabricated, all that he supposedly places stock in, and all that he’s happily disseminated with no concern for its consequential fallout, the fact that he had the cojones to serve up this bowl of hypocrisy haggis, is nothing short of reprehensible.

“Cruel words wound the soul”, says the Transphobe. Says the bigot. Says the manufacturer of mentally-deficient and fallacious falsehoods. Says the supporter of a party chock-full of pedophiles, misogynists, racists, insurrectionists, and domestic terrorists. Says the loser who abuses his mental illness as a cover to attack a child. To attack his [parents. To attack the LGBTQ Community. And to attack humanity, logic, and basic decency.

Not to mention, the values that unlike he, America actually represents with pride, respect, and equality for all:

Actually Jeffrey? She’s not. In fact, when compared to you and what your self-styled and repulsively dissimilar “values” truly represent, she’s a shining example of how it’s supposed to actually work. Shame that the voices in your head won’t let you hear that clearly, but maybe you could find a meme to explain it to you.


“Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity, because with an obsession you keep coming back and back and back to the same question and never get an answer.” – Norman Mailer