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Inhuman Rage-sources. Pt.3 (Bigotry Blues)

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Joseph Fort Newton

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

How are you all doing today? Are you happy? Feeling truly serene? Well, if so, then the screed for today is about to sadly punch a huge hole in your Kumbaya kayak, for today’s topic is Racism, its practitioners, and its ongoing influence in both American culture as well as its directed impact upon modern-day politics. But what pray tell, is the definite of “racism” as it currently stands in its true perspective?

Generally, the academic definition of Racism is as follows: “The belief that humans may be divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called “races”; that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits and traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural and behavioral features; and that some races are innately superior to others”

In its worst incarnation in America, this unfounded flaw of Humanity has resulted in a host of race-based issues over the years, ranging from inequities in regards to voting access, civil rights, economic and educational opportunities, disparities in criminal sentencing for analogous crimes concerning Black defendants versus ones who are White, and as we’ve all sadly seen the number of unarmed Black men killed by police for alleged social infractions and supposed transgressions of established law..

Wither America’s citizenry wants to admit or not, the vileness of Racism clings to our cultural identity as if it were a face-hugger steeped in an ideology of Xenomorphic Supremacy. And much akin to the hoped-for eradication of that multi-limbed nightmare depicted within the “Alien”: film series, every attempt to allegorically remove it with surgical precision from our collective psyche has sadly, only resulted in a dishearteningly consistent pattern of abject failure.

As a side note, the correct anatomical classification for a face-hugger, is “Manumala noxhydria”, whereas the descriptive of one being an American racist, can be easily designated to those who refers to themselves as being either a “Trumper”, an “American Christian”, or as it’s been known for the last decade or so, a “Patriotic Conservative”.. And yes, I do realize that this is at its best, is a generalized blanket statement, overall.

However, it’s also a well-established hard truth that when it comes to those particular activities and/or actions that are typically deemed to be racist by society at large, the odds are pretty good that a Liberal won’t be found surreptitiously lurking in the disturbingly long shadow cast by such. But those particular persons I just referenced? Well, for them, those same said shadows are indistinguishable from their philosophies regarding the topic of race, as we shall come to sadly see.

Even now, I’m continually amazed by just how much unbridled hate the Alt-Wrong’s political ideology is capable of producing at the mere drop of an unfounded rumor concerning the non-Caucasian, and as Time marches seemingly backward to an era we all thought had thankfully passed into the regrets of history, Racism’s current state of reemergence, should concern us all, irrespective of one’s skin color.

But why simply take my credibly-supported by evidence word for it, when we have a true American like Mario Tomasi here, to illustrate my point with supremacist-tinged clarity, if not cringe-worthy bigotry?

You read it here first, boys and girls… a guy whose lineage is Italian in nature, is going to educate us all on just how rough White people currently have it, thanks to Society finally acknowledging the inherence of America scourge of racial disparity. However, inane as Tomasi’s opinion certainly is, we really shouldn’t criticize him for it, as he lacks the contextual understanding of what Racism truly is.

And who are we to blame him for not having such? For as anyone of Italian heritage already well knows, Italian immigrants who came to America at the turn of the 20th Century were warmly welcomed with nothing less than the height of humble hospitality, if not open arms:

I’m ever so sorry. Did I just state that Italian emigres were welcomed with “nothing less than the height of humble hospitality, if not open arms”? My bad. What I meant to actually say, was that they were met with horrific waves of anti-immigrant hate, and the allegorical open arms, were connected directly to hands that most likely, were holding blunt items that you could bludgeon dirty foreigners with.

So, “Equity means stealing from White people”, says the self-appointed spokesperson for those who stole this country from its native inhabitants, built its Republic on the backs of slave laborers, and segregated its citizens for decades in this, the so-called land of “Freedom”, but please do go on, my scurrilous sage of clueless self-righteousness. Seriously. Please do, as I always the inadvertent laughs at your expense.

Now, we’ll touch base with Mario a little later on down the road, as he’s just full of similarly discussing and bigoted bon mots such as these, but for now let me just say that the subject of the lyrical composition may change over the years, but the song itself, remains absolutely the fucking same. “Wop” becomes “Wetback”, “Chink” becomes “Spick”, “Jigaboo” becomes “Raghead”, you get the general idea.

And yet, it’s Whites who seemingly whine the loudest about how unfair it is that they have to grant these disparate groups with what they themselves, have possessed since the day this Republic was founded; equality, opportunity, and basic human dignity.

Oh, the horror of it all. And while Whites lose not a single thing in this long-overdue exchange of political power, cultural influence, and diversification of the societal landscape, the paranoid and hateful among them don’t see it that way at all, as evidenced by this pustulant re-post from one Judy Bartlett, who at my charitable best, reminds me as to just why condom usage among first cousins needs to be strongly encouraged:

Now, the truly curious among us might ask just how this simpletons came up with both the initial data alleging such an action, and the research that certified it, but we already know the answers to these queries, don’t we?  

Not only is there no such proof for either aspect of this insane supposition, it’s also obvious as hell that this xenophobic fever-dream was pulled straight out of Gadsden’s ass, and then retooled to serve as a meme that involuntarily, showcases the resultant offspring of a family tree that sadly resembles a tumbleweed.

By the way, as of 2021, the current population of America is estimated to be give or take a few hundred-thousand, 331.9 million, or just slightly more than half of what Gadsden claims will be the projected total numbers of migrants from the mysterious lands of the “South”. Which of course, leads me to make the following observation about Gadsden’s grasp on established reality:

Rest assured that Gadsden most certainly does, but for the disingenuous disseminators of false narratives such as he, that’s not where their conservative concern actually lies. Promoting the “other” as being dangerous is a tactic that goes as far back as human society itself, and regardless of the age it’s employed in, it’s still one of the most effective gambits for sowing the malevolent seeds of hate.

And if you’ve ever pondered just what results when such an obvious ploy takes paranoic root in a low IQ but high-hating individual, then speculate no more, for a previous Artbitch guest who’s become rather well-known to my regular readers, has graciously provided the answer for us, once more:

Despite the brain-dead racism seeping from this meme, Marvin (“Choad”) Choate isn’t entirely incorrect about apple pie and hot dogs being ethnic foods, surpassingly enough. Apple pie for instance, is resultant of the merged culinary influences of France, the Netherlands, and even the Ottoman Empire, Whereas the origin of the stereotypical hot dog, can be traced to the city of Frankfurt-am-Main located within the nation of Germany

So, would this set of factoids qualify this meme ‘s commentary as being a six of one, half-dozen of the other, kind of situation in play here, or is it simply a matter of a broken racist clock getting it right twice in one day?

Granted, Choad/Choate isn’t wrong, but he’s also not even remotely close to being correct either. I’ve previously documented Choad/Choate’s abominable opinions before, most of them dripping in the vile ichor of misogyny, anti-LGBTQ bias, as well as a level of political ignorance seen only in the most brainwashed of the mewling mob that is Cult 45, but racism is really where Choad/Choate really sets his metaphorical front-lawn cross afire:

Anybody else notice what’s missing from this meme? That’s right… an accurate representation of our diverse society, versus the vanilla-infused Norman Rockwell pastiche that Choad/Choate presents as being the quintessential core of what America is supposed to be.  And that’s just what the “Whatever” in this meme is- a land where women are in the home, Gays are in the closet, and minorities are blessedly out of sight.

And just in case you were wondering if he “accidentally” left out that which is American, here’s your answer:

Anyone else seeing a pattern forming here?  If not, then it seems truly odd that both Tomasi and Choad/Choate would individually equate the aspect of racial diversity as being an integral problem to society’s betterment, don’t you think? Interesting that neither of them seemingly views the issues facing minorities as being worthy enough to discuss in depth, but when it comes to mixing some color into the symbolic yogurt they represent?

Then, and only then, does a “problem” manifest itself into existence. Weird, that. And I’m sure there’s nothing whatsoever within this assessment that we need to unpack, given the underlayment of its obviously well-thought-out contextual construct.

As previously mentioned, this idiocy in service to the unwarranted fear of the “other”, is really nothing new whereas deflationary tactics are concerned, even if the conspiratorial conduits disseminating its same said racist dog whistle, is now presented via the medium of memes, rather than the wheatpasted posters and hand-bills of yesteryear, and as the following examples will prove, hateful ignorance never ages well: Yes, these takes on racial assimilation being utilized as a cover for future terrorism are mind-numbingly stupid, and should be mocked as such, especially when you remember that the 19 terrorists behind the abominable events of 9-11 legally entered America no less than thirty-one times, using the access granted by airports based in Miami, New York, and Newark, and not via the Mexican American border.

However, actualities as they exist are inconvenient to the false narratives of those who are intellectually bereft, as there’s always at least one lone idiot savant to be found walking among the simple-minded racist rabble demonstrating just why their personal unfettered use of the World Wide Web, should require them to undergo a regimen of psychiatric evaluation first.

And currently serving my literary need as that singular idiot in question, is none other than Artbitch’s resident professor of Racial Diversity Studies, the, aforementioned Mario Tomasi, who once again proves himself to be the best reason as to why his mother’s boyfriend should have been equipped with fully-charged batteries, rather than the three ounces of defective baby-batter that ultimately led to Tomasi’s unfortunate spawning:

Amazing isn’t it, that the very same persons who couldn’t find the origin country of the people they despise on a map, and whose personal concept of political “research: is dependent on the acquisition of racist memes and whispered rumors, always present themselves as if they were nothing less than the combination of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “and “The Federalist”, come to newly sentient life?

Given Tomasi’s vast expanse of political and academic ignorance, I’d opine that if he were ever asked to identify a country that isn’t either Mexico or Canada without the aid of Google Earth, not only would he possibly suffer long-term brain damage from his attempt to do so, I’d also wager that no one who knows him well enough, would even notice the cognitive impairment in regards to his already handicapped intellect.  

An intellect that despite being akin to that possessed by a mentally-challenged urinal cake, still knows just who really faces being culturally disenfranchised, and it’s just whom you’d expect it to be, regardless of what’s actually happening on the American political stage, and/or in front of Tomasi’s face:Sigh… it’s a story as old as America itself. White people being unjustly marginalized, stereotyped, harassed, and sometimes even prosecuted by law enforcement, for doing nothing more than average run of the mill everyday White people things that minorities are allowed to take for granted without so much as a thought given to such. Like exercising their Constitutional rights to “peacefully questioning” a disputed election, for instance:

I’m telling you now, if we as a society start holding White people accountable for the most minuscule of crimes, say such as the attempt to overturn established democracy in the name of a Fascist with skin tinted to match that of an Oompa-Loompa, next thing you know, we’ll be seeing African-Americans get murdered by cops for doing White people stuff as well. Say, like driving, walking home, or sleeping in their own home, by way of example.

I know, I know, it’s a crazy never going to happen at any point in time analogy, but if White people can be held to task for their actions, it could one day, and without any warning, happen to everybody else as well.

And I’m not alone in this opinion, either. In fact, here’s a corroborating judgment wherein the topic of Free Speech being challenged is crudely hijacked, and turned into a soap box to plead the non-existent case that White males (not females, mind you) are being discriminated against by the “bigoted” entity known as the Democratic party.

You know… the people who actually fights against racism, unlike the GQP who’ve replaced their blood with it?

Why would I claim this, you ask? Well, maybe it’s because [gestures to everything’] the evidence to support my theorem, exists in buckets. Take for instance, this post concerning how former FOX News host and White Supremacy aficionado Tucker Carlson, was supposedly “silenced” by the alleged “Deep State”, and watch just how fast it mutates from being an unfounded talking point, into a vehicle for reprehensible racism:

Disgusting as Ryan E, Wasiak’s comment is, it does beg the question: with which political party’s ideology would such a despicable caricature seamlessly fit in? The one that rails about a food truck being parked on every corner if minorities are allowed into our country, or the party that would not only happily line up to eat at those same said trucks, but then would post online about doing so, afterwards?

Yeah. That’s what I thought as well.

But hey… nice attempt at throwing a Hail Mary pass nevertheless, Mr. Walsh. Sadly, along with their inherent intolerance, the Conservative movements collective lack of ethics, empathy, and any ecumenical misunderstanding of what the mythical Christ actually commanded, only tends to underscore the reality that when it comes to engaging in a battle of wits, most Neocons arrive to the duel unarmed.

Not that you’d be able to tell, given the devastating grammatical strength of their racist talking points:

You may be right about English being a second language in Texas Louise, especially when faced with its current racial diversity. However, when it comes to the common vernacular of America itself, your improper usage of the verb “are” over that of the correct first-person plural possessive determiner that is “our”, lends credence to my theorem that English being one’s second language, might apply to you as well.

But as racism is stupid beyond belief, it stands to all reason that devoted practitioners are more than happy to check off all the boxes on the venomous stereotype list that’s associated with it.

Paranoid fear of being gravely harmed by those who are Brown, solely because you’re White? Check. Afraid of becoming a true minority in “your” own country due to being “invaded” by the very same? Check. And as you’re a fan of the racist classics, do you also like to unwarrantedly equate immigrants or their home country as being superspreaders of an infectious disease, even though you yourself, as well as your Ideological leaders railed against wearing a mask during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Check and check:

Conservative ideology. The closest thing that Nature will ever have to producing a truly effective form of birth control. Just outside the overly-generous use of AXE body spray, that is.

if you’ve ever speculated just what happened to that one particular kid in your high school whose supposed mom and dad looked as if they were far too closely related to each other to be the end result of disparate genomes, wonder no more, for they now serve as a poster child for the modern-day GQP base who vote not to the stirrings of their conscience, but to a sense borne of Caucasian cowardice, instead.

And nowhere is this feral fear made fetid flesh more than when the topic of immigration, albeit legal or otherwise, comes up for a tabled discussion. And what better representative for the Alt-Wrong’s xenophobic idiocy than a man whose only interaction with Latino emigres is when he demands that the landscapers in his neighborhood not be seen, heard, or acknowledged as being people worthy of respect?

Ladies and Gentlemen, making yet another appearance as a paragon of that which is ignorant, hateful, and delusionally paranoia, and who’s also the closest thing America has ever had to a barely sentient Butternut Squash cosplaying as a debatably passing human, the one, the only, Marvin(“Choad”) Choate:

First off Marvin, immigrants are not the “enemy” of this country, half as much as your party currently is, and second; what “will” are they forcefully imposing upon us, exactly? The will to do the jobs your bigoted fat ass would never condescend to do, such as maintaining the greens of the golf club who most likely you would quit in a huff, if they were allowed to use the facilities?

And as for “what’s to come”, I fear the mango Mussolini you man-crush on far more, as he talks about setting up “deportation camps”, vows that he’ll jail political opponents without cause or due process, and openly refers to immigrants as being akin to those like himself and the ilk you represent, who are indeed, the only ones responsible for “poisoning” our country”.

In a nutshell, I don’t fear immigrants Marv, half as much as I dread the unhinged ideology of insurrection-supporting, traitor-coddling, conspiracy-theory believing, willfully ignorant racist jackasses such as yourself. And I only say this because as it currently stands, the glorious day wherein that you’ll solve society’s ills by diving into a pool with a plugged-in toaster is taking far too long to arrive.


Sigh… a man can dream, I guess. Speaking of which, it seems that the so-called “American Dream” that once served as an allegorical beacon to expatriates of all shades and philosophies, has found itself somewhat brutally modified by the Caucasian cabal, and whereas this country once offered shelter and promise, it now dictates that its doors are only open to some as this heartless post smugly infers:

In regards to Summers claim that dangerous existent conditions in a foreign country aren’t valid reasons to seek asylum in this one, let it be mu singular joy to point out to his xenophobic dumbass that in all actuality, they actually are. An opinion by the way, that has been legally bolstered via several court challenges that originated from entities attempting to assert that they were not.

According to the precedent resultant ff the Due Process clause of the Fifth Amendment, asylum seekers must establish a credible risk of persecution based on one of the five legally-protected groups. That being, ace, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social caste, or political creed. So, feel free to go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut Carole, because you’re the one who’s certifiably wrong here.

Nevertheless, when the Law and even public opinion aren’t on their side, the Oft-Wrong still endeavors to sow societal division where none is required, and there’s no better way to enact this deflective tactic, than by subtly suggesting immigrants are morally in the wrong for doing nothing more than daring to cross an imaginary line that delineates the border of a country that ironically, was stolen outright from its original inhabitants.

You’d think that the Oft-wrong would catch the s atire within regarding this, but sadly they do not, preferring instead to draw metaphorical lines in the sand dictating the right and the wrong of the situation at hand as they specifically see it. And as you’d imagine, the White people are the ones who got it right. As always:

Grab your popcorn boys and girls, for debunking time has arrived.

(!) Possibly not true, as Congress didn’t enact the first widely restrictive immigration law until 1917, so if your family came to America prior to this law being set in stone, Congratulations! Your lineage just might allegedly stem from undocumented criminals.

(2) Debatable at best, depending on what archival source you use to argue this point.

(3) Patently false, as prior to World War Two, the second most common language spoken in America was German, but please… do carry on about the topic of cultural hijacking, if you would be so kind.

(4) just where and when, may I ask Mrs. Bledsoe, have you personally witnessed immigrants, legal or otherwise, burning the American flag in a public setting? I’d suggest that the answer is “never” given your cult’s penchant for inventing the fallaciously fantastical out of ether and idiocy, but I digress, if only for sanity’s sake.

Irrespective of your race-baiting which says far more about you than those who come here seeking a better life, your unfounded slandering of refugees as being anti-American, still doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. For as it’s well known to those of us who can actually comprehend Reality, flag burning as well as flag desecration, is constitutes a form of “symbolic speech” that is wholly protected by the First Amendment.

The Constitution. The bane of dumbfucks, faux patriots, and mouth-breathing racist morons, since the modern-day Conservatism movement collectively decided to became an inane cult of personality.
Man, if there’s anyone who’s truly “brain-dead” here, it would have to be June herself, because her stupid as fuck take on emigres willingly voting for the mango-man-child who’s proclaimed that he’ll deport them if not inter them in “detention camps”, is quite possibly the most intellectually-bereft thing that I’ve read in quite some time, and that’s saying a lot, given her competition for the dubious honor.

And her implying that other countries are somehow lesser than America, because they’re not America? Let me just say that’s the purest distillation of jingoistic bullshit as well, no matter how you look at it.

For while people may be coming to America for the opportunity to better their lives, they conversely, aren’t coming for its unaffordable healthcare, its lack of gun control, or the mass shootings resultant of such. Nor is the actuality that our nation’s leadership caters solely to the mercurial whims of the rich and powerful, rather than the needs of its citizenry, quite the selling point that they’d like it to be, either.

But as I noted earlier, Conservatism is all about the manifesting of, and the feasting upon, unwarranted fear: Not only does it “rationalize” their bigotry with the weakest of invalid certainty, it also fills their political war-chests, to boot. For if there is no enemy to fight, then there is no political shell-game to play, and mythical Lord knows, a socially aware voter is a lost voter, so far as the GQP is concerned.  

But never let it be said that the cadre of useful idioms whose inherent racism underpins the ideology of Cult 45, aren’t the lifeblood of the GQP, because they most certainly are. And as the following posts prove, they’re more than happy to stand behind irrational inanity with their pride completely intact:

Americans at their most Ameri-Klan, highlighting just what can happen when you allow the introduction of a case of grain alcohol and a gaggle of first cousins, to sadly occur., While a multitude of adequate words to describe such disturbing commentary fail me at the moment, the descriptives of “reprehensible”, “vile”, and “inhuman”, do come quickly to mind.

Let’s review: Mario R. Escobar slurred immigrants as being carriers of disease, Cynthia Spear insanely accused them all of being murderess in waiting, James Oscar Holmes misogynistically implied that US Representative Rashita Tlalib is nothing less than a Syrian whore, and in a turn most disturbing, Ron Bonte informed us all that he thought KILLING AN ELECTED OFFICIAL, was a suitable alternative to voting them out.

These so-called humans can legally vote, boys and girls. That alone, should scare the fucking hell out of you. I know it does me, but to be fair, that might just be due to the fact that my conscience still works the way Biology intended it to, unlike these seeming sociopaths. But it’s not all gloom and doom, for unbelievably, there are still some decent people within the GQP, and they’re more than happy to prove it:
Now, while the actual subject of this meme [that being abortion] is somewhat off-topic, it does imply that Conservatives actually do have a rather deeply ingrained respect for all life, even if its origin of such, wasn’t based ion the America ideal. This is just my theory of course, for it was literally contradicted no less than 24 hours after its initial presentation, and in a plot twist most hilarious, it was inadvertently negated by the very same person who originally posted it to begin with:

I say that this visual gaffe was done inadvertently, because this is how it actually appeared on Snyder’s page:

I’m no expert on social media by any stretch of the imagination,, but as a rule, if I’m going to shoot ,my mouth off in public, I try to make sure that the allegorical bullets I’m firing don’t circle back and hit me in my freaking face as I do so. Just some helpful advice from me to you, free of charge.

But once again, not all hope is lost, for some ingenious Conservatives have proposed a surefire way to staunch the flow of illegal immigration by utilizing an ancient and recently rediscovered technology that by all accounts, was quite the rage back in the day. It’s called a “wall”, and it they’re very excited about it:

And do you want to know what the best part of this magical wall is that Trump promised [and failed] to build at Mexico’s expense? It’s practically impenetrable, unless of course, you possess the ability to buy a twenty-dollar battery-powered angle grinder from your local Harbor Freight store, have access to a hardy shovel, a length of rope, or are one of those people blessed with a keen awareness of the latest developments in ladder-based technology/

Now, I could point out that American crime rates has virtually nothing to do with immigration whatsoever, and that suggesting that the “hate” will stop after constructing a wall based on a foundation of such, is a fever-dream worthy of a psychiatric intervention, but why do that, when Trump’s positioning himself to be the one true builder of the Wall was ordained by no less than God himself?

Yes, I did just say that. But thankfully, I’m also not the moron who actually places serious stock in it:
A few points to discuss, if I may. To start, Trump in no way, shape or quantifiable form, would ever be called into the service of the all-powerful, all-knowing, and totally mythical “God”, as it’s become fairly obvious over the last six years that Trump believes that he indeed, is actually the one true God worthy of respectful adulation, if not outright slavish worship.

Second, if God had indeed hand-picked Trump to his representative on earth, then it’s blatantly clear that he doesn’t believe in conducting an in-depth background check first, or asking for references from his applicants, as a rule. Because if he did, I’d also opine that he wouldn’t choose a builder whose design aesthetic mandates lacquering everything in sight, including himself, in 14K Liberace gilding.

Honestly, does any actual Christian out there reading this, seriously place any solidarity of faith in the theory that a deity who talks incessantly about his love and concern for Humanity itself, would anoint a self-serving narcissistic liar, a convicted grafter, sexual deviant, and confirmed adulterer, as his champion, just so he could build a wall intended to forcefully keep people both in and out, as well as apart?

Yeah… that totally clocks. But rest assured, that even though most of the pro-wall cabal are clearly so due to their being disgustingly racist, that doesn’t actually mean that they’re inherently sadistic in regards to it, either.

In fact, our old buddy Marvin (“Choad”) Choate has gone out of his way to let us all know that he believes in the erection of a wall for one simple reason. That being of course, his concern for easing the unnecessary suffering of others. Although to be fair, I think his interpretation of what constitutes “concern”, might somewhat be a tad bit off the defined mark.

In a refreshing change of pace, Choad is actually 100% right. Walls don’t do that. But then again, what kind of person views the horrific imagery of children being ensnared in razor wire as if they were rats in a trap, and still thinks to himself that keeping them out if “his” country is actually the issue of overall concern?

Other than a complete fucking sociopath that is, but I’m sure you knew that already. Disturbingly, Choad’s failed sense of Humanity isn’t the most malevolent one that I’ve come across in my casual culling of the sewer that is social media, and to be honest, there’s a ton of people whose posted disinterest in relation to the suffering of desperate” immigrants, is far worse than his, if not more psychotic:

Yup… unjustified murder and non-native alligators will definitely fix the problem in due time, no doubt about it. Tully, it’s amazing that these societal geniuses who can’t even spell MENSA haven’t had the supreme courtesy of an invite to join such, is it not? I tell you, there is no justice in the known world anymore, and as a species, we’re all poorer for it.

But even with their publicly posted displays of pustulant hate announcing just who they really are, they’re still not the worst persons in the world, believe it or not. That singular distinction is easily held by our next future candidate for permanent residency in a room wallpapered in bouncy castle, a man who goes by the name of Carl Smicker.

And no, I am not going to make the obvious joke about a racist candy bar, because the Artbitch likes to pout in the work to craft his snarky one-liners. Now as you’ll sadly come to discover, Carl here, is insanely hateful, if not hatefully insane, and I base this assessment on his “solution” for curbing illegal immigration. And I can assure you, that it’s not even remotely close to what you think it might be:
Yes, you did read that right, despite the atrocious grammar, misplaced punctuation, and abhorrence within.

Smicker, displaying the sociopathy that the GQP has become known for, actually sad seriously, suggested that our nation unleash the horrors of MOTHERFUCKING NAPALM against desperate refugees fleeing poverty, drug-related violence, and politically corrupt regimes, in order to collectively protect us from those same said people from taking the most menial of our jobs away from us.

Unfortunately for Smicker’s sadism-laden fever-dream, the use of Napalm against civilian populations was banned by the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons in 1980, but as Smicker is an inhuman Conservative dumbfuck, such legalities are more than likely trivial in his overall estimation. And if you have no idea why his “solution” is so brain-dead as well as barbaric, I’ll tell you why.

First, there’s the unique ingredient list that comprises the very essence of Napalm:

In layman’s terms for the non-chemically-comprehending among us, Napalm can be best envisioned as being akin to lave in a jellied form, and if you’ve ever suffered the painful spatter of a homemade marshmallow recipe gone awry upon your unprotected skin, just imagine what it would feel like if you were inescapably trapped inside that molten marshmallow,

And while that does sound horrendous, it isn’t even the worst of what you’ll experience, to be honest:

Hideously scarring burns, a lifetime of undeserved trauma, and possibly even death, for crossing over an imaginary line, drawn over two centuries ago by colonizers whose descendants to this day, profit from the underpaid and underappreciated labor that immigrants provide Yeah, that seems like a fair exchange, right?

But please Carl… tell me more about what you find to be truly “pathetic”, because I see the literal poster child for such, presenting himself to the world via his repugnantly hateful opinions on social media.

Hideously scarring burns, a lifetime of undeserved trauma, and possibly even death, for crossing over an imaginary line, drawn over two centuries ago by colonizers whose descendants to this day, profit from the underpaid and underappreciated labor that immigrants provide Yeah, that seems like a fair exchange, right?

But please Carl… tell me more about what you find to be truly “pathetic”, because so far as I can tell, you being the literal poster child for such, are currently presenting yourself to the world via your repugnant hateful opinions on social media. Speaking of that which is equally wretched and/or hateful, take a gander at the one other thing that Conservatives have in buckets besides inherent racism, that being hypocrisy.

And while clueless disingenuousness may not necessarily be a Conservative value alone, it definitely is one of the activities that they truly excel at, as these upcoming examples prove beyond a shadow of a doubt:

On the surface, this does seem like a positive message that while debatably harsh in its tone, is also infused with a new-age hippy-dippy “We’re all one race, the human race”, Kumbaya kind of vibe. But unfortunately, its optimistic outlook finds itself somewhat cruelly undercut by Partridge’s earlier posting of a meme that devastatingly, entirely negates its essence by showcasing accurately what constitutes hers:

I’ve honestly lost track of just how many times I’ve seen this particular meme lauded within the sewer that is the Oft-Wrong media stratosphere, but for sake of transparency, I’m not really that shocked at seeing it proudly, if not hypocritically, displayed so brazenly yet again. At this point it’s almost kind of a Conservative cliché.

What does consistently surprise me however, is just how often I see it posted right on top of an “I’m not a racist” declaration by someone who so obviously is. Say for instance, a person like Judy Bartlett here, who while claiming societal virtuousness, unsurprisingly pivots towards being vile, when she thinks no one is paying attention:

I’m not entirely sure what Bartlett thinks the true definition of “blaming” actually is, but whatever her academic reference for obtaining her erroneous classification was, I think it’s reasonably safe to assume that its prologue was written by Tucker Carlson during a lull in his daily race-baiting efforts.

And yes, while Bartlett herself seemingly lives up to the applied descriptive of being a flaming racist, it’s not like she’s out there burning her allegorical front-lawn crosses solo, as the following examples disturbingly demonstrate:
Say what you will, and I happily encourage you to do so whenever prudent, but when it comes to playing the victim of tempestuous fate nobody nails the role better than your modern-day Conservative voter.

No matter what you may ideologically believe, you still have to appreciate the inadvertent humor that derives from the fact that the very same people who slur everyone as being overly=sensitive cancel-culture “Snowflakes”, are also the ones most outwardly terrified of almost everything under the sun,

 Things like Civil Rights, Gays, Feminism, Science, Literature, Reality, or personal accountability, for instance. Nevertheless, these woebegone whimperers of Whiteness do know what they want, and it’s as clear as the translucent skin that they think grants them the unfettered absolution of supreme authority:
That’s right boys and girls, “they” want “their” country back ASAP, and they’re not going to take “noy gonna happen for an answer. Now, while we all know that what they want is a return to the era of the lily-white 50’s, they’re strangely stingy with the minutia concerning just what “taking the country back”, actually means.

Naturally of course, this dearth of detail led to my asking what I thought was a rather pertinent question:

Sadly, I never did receive an answer to my query, but to be fair, Chapin was probably too busy at the time to respond, what with planning on just how to achieve his desired outcome and all. fortunately for his cause though, his fellow self-declared “Patriots” were already laying out their ingenious plans online:

I’m ever so sorry… did I actually say their plans were “ingenious”? My bad. What, I meant to say was that these mentally-bereft fever-dreams are absolutely fucking insane. Casel in point, this particular post by one “Tommy Goods”, who despite proudly wearing his idiocy upon his chest, still doesn’t possess the actual testes required to do so under his actual name.

His inherent Caucasian cravenness aside, Goods does present a uniquely Trumpian solution in order to successfully revert America back to its founding glory, and as you’ve already surmised, it’s as intellectually-bereft as his overpriced made in China tee-shirt:

Now, you’d be forgiven if you openly posited that the wooden dummy finding itself posed next to the flesh-and-bone one was the smarter of the two, and given Goods’ asinine assertion, it seems that the odds at their worst, would still be proven to your favor. You know, since Goods appears to be kind of an idiot and all?

However, even with his absurd suggestion that violence as societal resolution is the best way to go, Goods’ inanity still pales in comparison to Jonathon Townsend Alexander, who is not only a member of a Moron’s Militia known as “America’s Defense Force”, [ sadly, I’m not kidding] but so far as I can tell, was also the main inspiration behind the coining of the “small dick energy” descriptive, as well.

Amusingly, Alexander thought that he could compensate for this clearly obvious shortcoming of his by posing with the stereotypical substitute for such in almost every self-portrait that he posts of himself, but as his countenance far more closely resembles Paul Sr from “American Choppers” rather than the warrior for America’s sovereignty that he clearly lauds himself as, feel free to draw your own concussions.

Townsend, as you can see from his self-posted photo, is a true American badass, who… [Artbitch checks notes] Oops… my bad. It turns out that Townsend is actually an American sad-ass, who as a proud foot soldier of the previously referenced “America’s Defense Force”, supposedly “hunts the evil that you pretend doesn’t exist”,

All jokes aside, this would be a great catchphrase for the marketing of a straight to video 80’s action flick starring Steven Seagal, but when applied to Alexander’s xenophobic ideology, it just comes off as a midlife crisis gone horrible awry, more than anything else.

Why do I say this, you ask? Well, Alexander along with being a gun-toting of Evil, is also a journalist associated with both livebordernews.com as well as the self-regulated American Press Association, whose membership “requirements” are (according to their website) “is predicated upon a brief phone interview.”, so you just know that only the cream of the eventual Pulitzer Prize winning crop are represented.

In other words, Alexander is a “journalist” in the very same way that Donald Trump is a ‘faithful husband” and an “innocent man”. But rest assured, Alexander’s other passion, that being “America’s Defense Force”, is nothing less than a top-notch organization, as this screenshot from their not-amateurish-looking-at-all website clearly shows:  
“America’s Defense Farce”, everybody. Begging for donations, dressed in clothes more appropriate for a Walmart shopping trip rather than the travails of securing our border, and looking every inch like the types of people, you’d expect to see rampaging on Black Friday inside a Hobby Lobby, or starting a brawl at any Waffle House, on any night, in any town. I won’t speak for you of course, but I know I feel safer already.

Amusingly, despite Alexander’s website claiming that; “Our work has helped take down several sex trafficking organizations and so much more”, I couldn’t find one single mention of any such activity concerning ADF whatsoever, nor are there any links to such on ADF’s website, either.

Weird, that.

But considering that ADF’s site claims that; “We have over 150 countries coming in through our southern Borders who many are child sex traffickers and terrorists that have only one thing in mind – death to America”, perhaps we should collectively take Alexander’s grandiose assertions with about a pound and a half of salt.

But before I move on to the next American embarrassment, let’s not forget to sum up just who Alexander and others of his ilk truly are. Despite their declarations of being Patriotic Protectors, they are at best, hateful xenophobes, cowardly racists, and ultimately, betrayers of America’s once-noble promise. And as proof of my claim, feel free to reference Alexander’s statement/manifesto outlining his “Core Values”:

“Vigilance is how I ensure the safety of all Americans. I am continuously watchful and alert to deter, detect and prevent threats to our nation. In order to do this I have to demonstrate courage and valor in the protection of our nation.

Service to Country is embodied in the work I do. I am dedicated to defending and upholding the Constitution of the United States. The American people have entrusted me [to protect the homeland and defend liberty by exposing the corrupt and getting the truth out to the American People.

Integrity is my cornerstone. I am guided by the highest ethical and moral principles. My actions bring honor to myself for being a reporter of real news and a fighter for freedom. If you want news that you can trust follow me on APA news or subscribe to my YouTube channel.?

Yup. Nothing insanely braggadocious to take away from this jingoistic jizz-fest whatsoever.

Save for Alexander’s disingenuous and singular dedication to nothing less than the glorification of his clearly needy ego, of course. Jonathon Townsend Alexander, everyone. Protecting America and its citizenry via a poorly designed website, press credentials less valid than a Trump Organization financial statement.

Normally, I’d call this sort of overly-inflated self-serving false patriotism utterly pathetic, but for modern-day Conservatives, it’s definitively, if not sadly, on brand. Now to be clear, I’m in no way suggesting that one shouldn’t have national pride, but I’d also advise that if you’re going to openly express such partisanship, then perhaps you shouldn’t be a hypocrite about it, as this series of postings will show.

First up, previous commentator Mario Tomasi, who stays true to his ignorant take on most things, except that this time, it’s in the name of American nationalism:

Ah yes… the ol “America Love It or Leave It” challenge that Conservatives employ as naturally as they lie, slander, distort realty, and breathe, but I digress. Unfortunately for Tomasi’s sense of faux patriotism, he’s far better at dispensing nationalistic and erroneous advice, than he is at actually following it:
So… when’s your flight leaving Mario? Because I for one, will be more than happy to help you pack up your shit on your way out of my country. But don’t you fret about traveling solo, because you’ll have a fellow hypocrite named Judy Bartlett, sitting beside you in coach as you do so:

And the best part for Judy, is that Mario shares her opinion that only the American flag should fly within the country that he loves so much, while overlooking the fact that he seemingly hates the underlayment of just how it was initially founded:

For those of you who may have forgotten, America grew by the successful application of land acquisition, limited armed conflict, unrepentant land seizure, and immigration. And speaking as someone who is the child of immigrants, one German and one Sicilian, I have zero issue with anyone being proud of their heritage, because WE HAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BE SO, UNFETTERED, AND UNAFRAID.

And while I’m proud to be an American, I’m also goddamn proud of my dual lineage as well. And as I am, not only do I celebrate the 4th of July and Valentine’s Day, I also appreciate the history of both Oktoberfest and the Carnival of Sciacca, as a rule. And guess what? I still bleed Red, White, and Blue, regardless of how many sauerbraten I eat, or how much I dance the Tarantella.

Nevertheless, I do agree with Tomasi that the American flag should fly far more permanently, than the flags of my ethnic background, but as I noted above, Mario’s far better at dispensing nationalistic and erroneous advice, than he is at actually following it, for I have yet to see him condemn this vile bastardization of the flag that he claims to love so much:
So, the act of respecting long-established flag protocol can be tossed out the allegorical window when you belong to a cult of personality, I guess? Good to know, but if I recall, Tomasi was berating us all about the flying of a non-American flag, and we really need not to interrupt him when he’s being a flunking hypocrite.

No offense intended, as these insurrectionists have already committed the ultimate one in the name of a treasonous man-child, but if any of you out there ever decide to paste my mug on the American flag, please make sure that you use a far better picture of me than the one that these idiots used of Trump.

Seriously. That’s all I ask.

Now while Tomasi’s “advice” falls short due to its dangerousness, Conservatives overall, are more than happy to dispense unasked for and unnecessary instructions on how to avoid societal disorder in the long term.

Take for example, this piece of sage wisdom regarding the decision to cast an African-American actress in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, which if you recall, is the tale of a mermaid princess who falls in love with a land -based prince named Eric, leading to her making an unwise deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, to experience life on land masquerading as a “normal” person.

You know… the sort of personal situation that we all can relate to?

Now as you are all well aware of, this movie based on a cartoon, based on a classic book, centers on a character that’s wholly fictional, but such a triviality matter nutters not in the long run. Especially to our cultural guru who despite the lack of need, is dedicatedly intent on giving us all his racist take on this societal non-issue:

Let me see if I can translate Clowers’ conservative outrage into actual human-based English: “I’m sick and tired of being reminded that there’s African Americans in my country have the same right to cultural representation that I do, and I’d really prefer that everything remains White and uptight, like it used to be.”

Normally, this would be the part where I would respond to Clowers’ bigotry with a snarky rejoinder, but fortunately for my already overworked joke writing department, “RJ Mac” beat me to the literary punch:

And that my readers, is how you Alpha-slap a racist bitch into next week, using only the wryest of targeted humor.

Regardless, sheer idiocy being the persistent cancer that it is, won’t be so easily dissuaded from blazing a trailhead into the lands of racist inanity, and as Conservatives can’t think for themselves, they’re sure to follow the stench-trail that Clowers’ hate laid down, even if it does go straight into the bowels of bigoted dumbassery:

Oh Marvin… you always know just what totally ignorant thing to say that certifies both the size of your Caucasian fear if not your allegedly inverted micro-dick. I might be wrong, but I get the feeling that ol’ Marvin (“Choad”) Choate here, gets seriously pissed off every evening just because the night-sky dares to turn Black without his express permission.

And for the record Marv, Kwanzaa has been a publicly-supported celebration since its inception in 1996, Juneteenth has been a federally-recognized holiday since it was signed into law in 2021, and if you really wanted to validate that you’re whiter than a Utahan swimming in an ocean of milk, there’s no better way to do so than by your implying that “Toyotathon” should be regarded as an actual holiday.

Granted, you’re seemingly dumber than dirt, but I do understand your inherent frustration. It must be such a bitch knowing that you have a perfectly good white hood and matching robe ensemble just sitting in your closet going to waste, now that 3 am front-lawn cross barbecues have fallen out of social fashion.

But as the saying goes, “You can’t keep a good man down”, and as Choad/Choate presents himself as being far more akin to a piece of racist feculence rather than as the good person he was supposedly spawned to be, it’s not surprising whatsoever that the sinks to the bottom of the metaphorical gene pool. And as such, he can’t help but place himself on the wrong side of racial politics, regardless of their intact:

Quick question: did anybody else after reading this tripe, have the takeaway that if Marv had been able to get his way, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial would have been renamed “The Statue of the Uppity Negro”?

Man, if Choad/Choate‘s outrage gets any whiter, Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise is going to offer him a lifetime endorsement deal. If only for the fact that he’s literally the closest thing that I’ve ever seen to a living jar of such, that is. Although to be fir, I’ve never encountered a jar as rancid as his displayed ideology.

But Whitey is goanna whine, and nowhere is this more relevant than when perusing this clueless commentary from the husband and wife (?) team that is Dave (and) Pam McQuel, who despite all of the racist fear-mongering coming out of the Oft-Wrong media machine, cannot fathom just why African-Americans overall aren’t going to vote for the guy that at one point in his past, refused to rent to them:

The background context of what I claimed: In 1973, the Justice Department sued both Trump and his as equally reprehensible father for their “alleged “refusal to rent apartments to potential tenants who just so happened to be Black. Proof emerged that residency applications primarily filed by said African-Americans were marked with the letter “C”.

But what pray tell, did that letter “C” stand for.? “Cool”? Nope. “Conservative”. Wrong again. Was if code for “Captivating”, “Capable”, “Caring”, “Charismatic”, or “Cheeky”? You my friend, are way the hell off. In actuality, it stood for “Colored”. And yes, you did read that right. Iin a way, it’s kind of nice to know that they only use the “N” word among family and trusted associates, rather than in the letterhead of the office stationery.

In the end, the Trumps acknowledged that they had “failed and neglected” to comply with the Fair Housing Act, but in a pattern that was to become culturally familiar, they were never required to overtly concede that any act of blatant discrimination had been committed. It’s kind of similar to just how the McQuels deliberately overlook the obvious point of this racially-charged brouhaha:

Actual definition of Tribulation: “distress or suffering resulting from oppression or persecution”. A situation which can hardly be applied with any defensible sincerity in this particular case. However, the same cannot be said in regards to calling it as an act of overt racism, because when viewed objectively, it alone certainly can be.

Why do I say this, you ask? Well… the reasons are in the collective numbers. Or more specifically, those numerically-based statistics directly associated with the racial demographics of Zimbabwe, as seen here:

So, Zimbabwe is 99% Black, and less than 1% White, and yet it has an ivory figurehead representing it? Even if you’re the type of person that believes in the inclusion of diversity in everyday life as I myself do, this factoid still seems way off the expected nark, given the relevant data concerning Zimbabwe’s racial divergency.

And before any of you out there in the wilds of the web level a charge of my being hypocritical or that I’m cherry-picking the McQuels narrative, let me just put an American filter over this situation, if I may/.

Keep in mind, that notwithstanding their defense of the winner by saying that she deserves her crown because she’s both a native of Zimbabwe as well as the belief that she “earned” it, they’re still ideologically aligned with the GQP, who to this day, still refuses to assign the same courtesy to former US President Barrack Obama.

You remember Obama, don’t you? The first and only (thus far,) African-American President in our nation’s current 247-year-old existence, after he underhandedly weaponized affirmative action, just so that he could uncivilly interfere with the long-held American tradition of only hiring old White guys for the job?

Certainly, you recall the nefarious traitor who dared to suggest that the American people deserved affordable healthcare, that the LGBTQ Community deserved marriage equality, and that maybe, just maybe, we should all try and get along with each other, despite our wide range of personal differences?

You know… the secret Muslim homosexual with a Transperson wife, a fake birth certificate, and two adopted children provided by the Deep State, in order to destroy America itself from within, and whose evil plan was only stopped in its slimy tracks, when Trump took office and… um… finished the job for him, I guess?

But maybe that’s just my TDS [“Trump Derangement Syndrome”] talking, and if so, maybe I should seek some help in relation to it. A condition that Mario Tomasi was more than nice enough to offer a remedy for:

Please remember if you will, that this demagogue talking about people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, is also the same stable personality that posted this idiocy as a reassurance of his own non-racist sanity, and then ask yourself, just who it is that really needs to be institutionalized for the greater good of the public:

Yup. NASCAR, which only has THREE minority drivers out of a current field of THIRTY-FIVE, is, according to Tomasi, “anti-White”. Which is kind of like saying that the NBA and BLM, are “anti-Black”.

In the old days, Whites bragged about their societal superiority, but now? They brag instead about being the unwarranted victims of non-existent discrimination by the very people that they used to openly exclude from their schools, restaurants, hotels, beaches, hospitals, churches, movie theaters, neighborhoods, and governmental positions. So, there’s been, um… “progress”, I guess?

Now, while I admit that my math skills are rudimentary at best, even I know that Tsosie two things don’t add up, whatsoever. In fact, the actual percentage of White to Non-white is 8.57142857%, which sort of affirms that if anything, NASCAR is far more anti-minority, than anything else. Not that such matters one bit to persons such as Tomasi, who are obsessed with portraying themselves as the “true” victims of racism.

As you may have already surmised, such a position isn’t one that Conservatives can actually defend, being the true commentors of internalized bigotry and all, but mythical God love them, that doesn’t mean that they won’t give it their best effort, nevertheless.,

And despite their endless screeching about Leftists being afflicted with terminal TDS, let us not forget that these same said internet psychoanalysts have yet to shut the fuck up in concern to their hypocritical histrionics concerning Obama, even though he’s been out of office for over half a decade now.

Here’s the rub: holding Trump legally accountable for his myriad of crimes, some of which he literally confessed to committing to during press interviews and at his rallies, is NOT TDS.

Nor is pointing out his racism, his convictions for fraud and battery, his fawning love for fascism and dictators, his 91 criminal charges, his attempted overthrowing of a free and fair election, his two impeachments, his lecherousness, his cowardice, his adultery, his penchant for lying, or the reality that as POTUS, he was a walking shit-show of horrific incompetence, elitism, and narcissism, either.

But you do know what TDS truly is? Standing by such a person when you know who and what he is, but still not giving a damn either way, simply because he hates who and what you hate, and the fact that you enjoy that for him as well as your ideology, the cruelty is the point. And by that, I mean the almost sociopathic ongoing despisement of both Obama and his wife Michelle, by the Oft-Wrong cabal:.

For the life of me, I will never understand just why the slanderous stench that Conservatives are both racist and emotionally immature, lingers about them and their collective party. Truly, it’s a mystery fir the Ages, if not the scholars who will study the aftereffects of such hateful inanity for the decades to come.

Especially when they ostensibly still think that he holds sway over the application of executive power:
Yup. They’re not dedicated to depicting Obama as an allegorical bogeyman whatsoever, are they now?

Once again, may I remind you all, that the very same people who crow that Liberals are obsessed with Trump for “no reason” whatsoever, are also members of the so-called party of “Law and Order” which so far as I can tell, no longer seemingly cares about either aspect of such, anymore.

In addition, they’re also the same ones posting daily temper tantrums masquerading as memes, SEVEN YEARS after these two quietly re-entered the (slightly) private life of an average citizen.

Unlike your average citizens however, both Obamas are still openly vilified after leaving their short-term jobs with their personal integrity and dignity fully intact. This, despite the reality that the people who hate them the most, are among the most debatably detestable to walk the earth itself, as evidenced by their need to depict Michelle Obama as being a Transpersons, and her husband Barrack, as Gay.

And no, I am not making any of that insane idiocy up, as the following posts  prove:

I’ve previously covered the vitriolic hate directed at former President Barrack Obama over the years, the most in-depth notation of such in “Shetter Island. (Fun with Dick and Lame.}”, a screed of mine that was published on January 19th of 2022, in which I covered the literally unhinged reaction to the historical achievement of America’s first African American being elected to the highest office in the land.

But as that literary overview centered on Barrack alone, I’m actually going to narrow my focus to just how the Oft-Wrong mixes their inherent racist misogyny with their anti-LGBTQ sentiment, and vehemently directs it at his wife Michelle. You know, in the manner that only a group of truly well-adjusted people would do?

Rest assured, there’s no better way to show that you don’t suffer whatsoever from ODS [“Obama Derangement Syndrome”] than by continuing to claim seven years out, that his wife is a Transperson, and that his actual kids were adopted, solely because you’re still ticked off that the Black guy did a far better job as our duly elected President, than your treasonous mango-man-child, could ever hope to do.

And yet, you continue to post reprehensible trash such as this, even after you submitted your genealogical information to Ancestry.com, and they responded back via a text kindly suggesting that you should start over from scratch:
Does anyone else find it odd that for people who consistently claim to hate the concept of Transpersons in general, Conservatives spend far more time thinking about the concept than any of the persons who actually are such?  I’m sure there’s absolutely nothing in their metaphorical closets to unpack there…

Maybe I’m off base here, but it strikes me that if you think labeling someone you don’t know as Trans is in actual insult in this day and age simply because you don’t like their significant other, then the odds are probably pretty good that you’re the one who really needs help, and not the innocent subject of your ideologically insane ire.

Just a thought.

As I noted earlier, I will never understand just why the slanderous stench that Conservatives are both racist and emotionally immature, lingers about them and their collective party, especially when given the depth of the intellectualism they’re ever so willing to wallow in. But this is only the appetizers for the worst of what’s still to come, and trust me, it’s just as bad as you already know it will be:

A hard fast rule of Conservative politics: when you can’t attack your opponent’s record due to its success, when you can’t disregard their wife due to her own personal accomplishments, then take the next logical step and feel free to go after their kids, because quite honestly, it’s the only target that you might have a slim chance at actually besting, if only In the short-term.

Because when you look at just who their parents are, and as its well-known that your moral barometer is as strong as overly microwaved Velveeta, I guess that literally attacking their children is the only way you’re ever going to score the cringiest of points against them. What steadfast bravery, these moral people project, am I right? Who’s the next adversaries next on your fight-card, GQP members? Defenseless puppies and babies in an incubator?

However, never let it be said that Conservatives aren’t overly willing to go to war over something that they believe in, as it’s a huge part of their brand marketing, it’s just that they won’t ever walk onto that said battlefield without blatantly attempting to stack the odds in their favor first. And when they can’t, they’re perfectly comfortable playing off one clearly false narrative against the other

As I laid out in an earlier piece of mine entitled “Hateriot Lames Pt. 3 (You Ken leave your Hate on)” that was published on September 17, 2020, Melania Trump is not even remotely close to the cultural icon that the Trump PR machine has claimed she is. Far from it, in fact. And if you really want to know why, I’d suggest that you go read it before continuing on.

Now, while it would be pathetically easy for me to eviscerate the gold-digging, nude photo posing, former mistress and First Lady who sounds like Natasha Fatale from The Bullwinkle Show, on her actions alone, as it’s far easier to just let the facts speak for themselves, as always.

Supposedly, this ex-wife in waiting speaks six [not five] languages: those being, Slovenian, French, Serbian, German, Italian and English, but that claim may not be entirely true. I know, I know… a Trump may have been caught in a blatant lie? Clutch my pearls and call my therapist, because the wonders seemingly never cease.

And yes, there is circumstantial evidence underpinning my theorem. For when she met Pope Francis in May of 2017, video surfaced that showed the Pontiff making a joke in Italian to the former First Lady, who appeared to not understand the context of what was being said, until a translator repeated it back to her in English. Now, if she does possess such impressive fluency in multiple tongues, why has she yet to display this theoretical skillset to the disbelieving world at large?

In the words of Tucker Carlson: “I’m just asking the question”. Seems like it be an easy one to settle.

But let’s face it, we already know the answer, and it’s [pretty clear what it is: much like her Oompa-Loompa of a so-called husband, she’s an outright fraud. Despite her one-time stating that; “I attended and graduated from design school, from Fashion and Industrial Design School and also attended, graduated from architecture degree, bachelor degree”, she actually did not, as it was revealed that she had dropped out of the University of Ljubljana located in Slovenia, in her first year

Given this embarrassing information, it becomes quite clear as to why Conservatives such as the pustulant pinheads above, hate Michelle Obama, for she is everything that Melanoma is not.

So, if only for the sake of playing Devil’s Advocate, let’s compare their respective personal & professional accomplishments, as a means to establish who’s a role model for girls and women of all ages, and who’s the kind of woman you wouldn’t sexually entertain while drunkenly using someone else’s spawn-hammer.

In Melanoma’s case, she changed the spelling of her name from Melanija Knavs to Melania Knauss after starting her modeling career in 1992 Yugoslavia after she won second place in the “The Face of the Year” contest. Interestingly, she is also the second first lady in American history that was born outside of the United States. And that’s really about it.

Her post-1992 modeling “career” was relatively unimpressive, despite her husband’s boast that she was one of the world’s top models at the time, as her most notable professional triumphs were appearing semi-topless in the Spanish edition of Harper’s Bazaar in August of 1997, and snagging the January 2000 cover and interior of British GQ, where she posed nude inside one of Trump’s private jets:
America’s firmer First Lady everyone, appearing in magazine bragging about how its chock-full of.  “Naked Supermodels”, so I guess it’s “one out of two” type of situation going on there. So, besides posing in the nude as so many past First Ladies have done, what else is Melanoma known for?

Well, she allegedly banged a married man thereby serving as his mistress, “speaks” six languages, despite showing public fluency in only one of them, disregarded immigrant children being held in detention, once designed a Christmas display at the White House reminiscent of the “Handmaid’s Tale” drenched in blood, and claimed to possess a bachelor degree in architecture, even when she most certainly didn’t, but I’m sure that despite all of that, betwixt the two, Michelle’s resume can’t even come close.

But just for the sake of argument, let’s see if it does, shall we?

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama: the only First Lady in American history to hold two Ivy League degrees, a graduate of both Princeton University and Harvard Law School, former Assistant to the Mayor of Chicago, former Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development. former Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public Allies, former Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago, former Vice President for Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Medical Center, and former board member of TreeHouse Foods Inc.

She also served on the board of directors of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and is the first African-American to serve as America’s First Lady. In addition, she is also responsible for establishing the Task Force on Childhood Obesity co-lead Joining Forces, a nationwide initiative to support veterans and their families by tackling common issues such as unemployment and homelessness.

Not to mention, she’s also a co-founder of Let Girls Learn, a U.S. government initiative committed to helping young girls receive the education they deserve worldwide, as well as being a mother of two, and is the author of no less than five best-selling books, whereas much like her husband, I doubt Melanoma know how to write one, much less read one.

Nevertheless, it seems that despite her being a highly educated, stunningly popular and impressive role models for women of all ages, Conservatives still find Michelle Obama to be almost as terrifying to them as it would be to admit that their imported analog for a whorish version of Jackie-O, can’t even begin to hold a candle to her. Or a marriage for that matter, as Melanoma’s is solely founded on the basis of a series of ever-evolving pre-nuptial agreements.

But please, tell us more about the Slovenian slattern who can ask for her to-be-paid-in-cash fee in “five’ languages, Lorenzo. I’m sure it will be just as impressively deep and certified as Melanoma’s curriculum vitae But as the saying goes; “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity”, and mythical Lord knows, the Oft-Wrong is stocked up to their gullible gills with both.

Case in point; the Oft-Wrong collective seriously believing that the anti-immigrant PR human-trafficking stunt executed by wannabe Trump cosplayer Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, actually accomplished anything of merit. Past the point of making Ron feel taller without the aid of his “special” boots, that is:
As you may have already guessed, Ron’s engaging in an act of mass kidnapping, resulted in exactly the kind of condemnation that you would expect from actually functioning human beings with a soul, but the Oft-Wrong was besides themselves with joy.

Why, you ask? Well, as the last meme suggests, they thought that the residents of the Vineyard would rebuff the newcomers, as they themselves would, but that’s not what happened at all:
Man, it must just suck to be a Conservative these days… you preach hate, spew slander, plan a mass exodus of people that you view as refuse rather than refugees for a  “GOTCHA!!!” soundbite on the news,, and not only does it go pear-shaped by making you look malevolently racist, as you most certainly are, it gets even worse for you as the illegality of your scheme backfires in your cowardly Caucasian face:
Genius Strategy, was it not? Kidnap a whole mess of non-citizens seeking a better life as is the American way, cruelly ship them off to an unknown place under false pretenses, sit back, and watch the well-deserved denunciation roll in and certify beyond all reproach, that quite literally…
And if there’s any doubt about this theorem of mine, then gaze upon this delightful array of racist commentary as presented by the previously spotlighted Lorenzo Zimmerman, who when he’s not being vile in tandem with his FB friend Mario Tomasi, goes out of his way to showcase just why most of his real-world friends are probably cohabitating on some form of a watchlist, with his clearly bigoted ass:
Conservative “humor”. What the KKK would laud as “genius” if only it owned Comedy Central.  But Zimmerman isn’t just about the art of disseminating lame racist jokes, for he’s also quite passionate about the crafting of false racist narratives as well, as a means to justify their existence:
Now, the author of this xenophobic ignorance disused as societal commentary “John Carter”, is a person that I’ve never heard of, and after skimming his so-called essays on the Substack social media platform, I now know why that is. And while yes, it does center on his seeming racist inherence, it’s actually his clunky-as-fuck presentation of such, that I truly find to be the most annoying.

The meme’s quote was taken from one of Carter’s exorable essays entitled “The Day The Irish Snapped”, and its full text reads as follows: “The transnational ruling class has decided that humans are to be treated as a fungible resource, to be moved around the same way we transfer oil, cell phones, or liquid capital. Of course this doesn’t apply, yet, to every country. China, India, and Japan, for example, are famously exempt from the requirements to open their borders to a laminar human flow from every segment of the globe. In practice, it is only White countries that must treat their borders like sluice gates from a cesspool.”

Such wisdom comes packaged with other equally as bigoted bon mots such as; “Contrary to the official ideology of tabula rasa liberalism, humans are highly territorial animals. We are tribal and xenophobic by default, and therefore tend to resent and resist incursions by alien tribes into our lands. Usually with lethal violence. In what amounts to a de facto admission that humans are not, in fact, blank slates – and that the practice of treating humans as interchangeable meat robots is fundamentally flawed – the managerial class has perfected an ideological fix: convince as much of the population as possible that their tribal instincts are ‘racist’ and, therefore, evil.”

Imagine that… we’re all naturally racist, and therefore, immune to changing our perceptions, so never you mind what comes of it in the end. I tell ya… that’s some insight, folks. Irrespective of such resulting from the act of shoving one’s own head up one’s own ass first.

Nevertheless, this following observation is the one that’s pure genius. If by “genius” I meant that somebody wants to call random strangers racial slurs but lacks the balls to do so in front of company that wasn’t selectively cherry-picked beforehand. Buckle up kids, because the ensuing is just gross: 

“Ethno-masochist indoctrination requires a narrative framework, preferably one that paints the native population as morally culpable for some past crime against humanity. This is tailored in bespoke fashion to every country. In the United States, the great crimes are of course African slavery and the conquest of the continent from the Red Man: both blacks and Amerindians are still around to serve as daily reminders of the sins of our fathers, so this has worked like a charm.

In Germany, it’s the Holocaust. In England, it’s the British Empire; in France, the French Empire; in Holland, the Dutch Empire; in Spain, the Spanish Empire. In each case the narrative involves the enslavement, dispossession, or murder of a racial other by the ancestors of the native population, with the native population expected to atone for this inherited sin by allowing the descendants of the aggrieved (along with everyone else) to settle in their lands, while enduring their welfare state parasitism, criminality, and occasional acts of random terrorist violence.”

And this is who Zimmerman thinks is on his side? Because if Carter’s writings are any indicator of his true feelings, rest assured he; s going to have an opinion about the Jews, more certain than not. Speaking of imports from the Middle East, Zimmerman also has some strong takes on the Muslim religion as well, despite what it actually is, what it actually preaches, and more imp-mordantly, its actual impact upon Americans:
OK, let’s have some sanity-based clarity here, if we may. At this moment in time, there are estimated to be no less than 3.45 million persons of Muslim faith reading within this country, which makes Islam the third largest religion in the US, and yet, every time I hear of a domestic terrorist attack occurring in Americas, a majority of the time it’s been committed by a White Judaeo-Christian.

In simpler terms, if 3.45M people want you dead, you’re gonna be taking a dirt nap soon.er than later

I’m sure there’s nothing to dissect there, right? And for the record, I know plenty of Muslims who eat bacon, Catholics who eat steak on Fridays, and Jews who just love a good piece of Ham every now and then, so personal dietary choices don’t mean jackshit in this day and age.

And if I may, I’d also point out that in my personal experience, self-declared Christians are some of the most un-Christian people that I’ve ever met, so what exactly Lorenzo, is your fucking point? Other than you’re proving that you’re an ignorantly paranoid dumbfuck, that is. And as such, ol’ Zimmerman here, can’t help but double down on the bighted blanket statements, regardless of their ill-researched veracity:
You read it here first, my loyal Bitchiteers. “All” Palestinians are part of the HAMAS terrorist organization that want the Jewish people dead, so the implication that it’s perfectly A-OK to slaughter them wholesale, as if they were nothing less than the vermin of the land, must be valid. Damn the actuality of such, of course.

This sort of racist rhubarb is akin to saying that all African Americans are criminals, that Asians can’t drive, that all Native -Americans are drunks, and that White people consistently ruin neighborhood potlucks by bringing bowls of potato salad that has loads of unasked for resins in it.

Ok… while the first three listed items are patently false, let me assure you that the last one involving potato salad abominations, is not. And don’t even get me started on the whole “weird food suspended in a Jello mold” thing, either. We will literally be here for days. Days, I tell you.

Still though, I do have to wonder if my ever-so-casual labeling of Zimmerman as being a racist is out of bounds. Sure, the evidentiary proof is posted online for all to clearly see, but does that mean he’s truly an ignorant bigot when all is said and done? After all, Zimmerman knows himself far better than I do, and to that end, he’s even explained (inadvertently) just why he could never ever be considered prejudiced.

It’s because he has, [wait for it…] and I’ll quote him directly; “respect for others”:
Definition of Respect: “Due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.”

So, suggesting that illegal aliens should be shot at the border, falsely labeling an accomplished woman as being a Transman with a dick, simply because you don’t like her husband’s political success, referring to African-Americans as monkeys, stating that immigrants emanate from a cesspool, and slandering all Muslims as blood-thirsty terrorists, is what you consider as having “respect” for others, Lorenzo?

But rest assured, Zimmerman despite all that he’s posted, still isn’t a racist, because he also posted this ss well:
I gotta say, for a guy who’s allegedly color-blind, Zimmerman’s allegorical eyesight only seems to function in the spectrum betwixt black & white. Just saying. I’m starting to believe that before we get him into some form of intensive court-ordered counseling to help curb those racist proclivities of his, we should probably buy him a thesaurus as an aid to his hopeful betterment, if only to educate him as to what words actually mean.

As I’ve now proven by using his own postings no less, not only is Zimmerman quite the bigot, he’s also a rather impressive hypocrite as well. Funny how those two massive flaws of Conservative character, always seemingly travel in tandem, isn’t it? A random coincidence and nothing more, I’m sure.

What isn’t a fluke however, is just how prevalent blatant disingenuousness is within the fascistic framework of the Conservative ideology. Itself. But as Misery is known to love company, so too, does hypocrisy as well. And in this case, that wretched companionship arrives in the ever-repellent personage of Marvin (“Choad”) Choate, who as usual, lives up to the cravenly stereotype of White male fragility:
“Be More like Poland”, says the clearly ignorant racist who on the surface at least, seemingly has no clue that Poland is already in comfortable goosestep with the xenophobic fascism that the GQP is openly espousing:
See, Marvin? It’s just like home, except that unlike there, you’re the one who’s the punchline of the joke.

Now, as to the rest of Choad’s xenophobic dumbfuckery, while there are an estimated 2000 mosques and/or Islamic prayer rooms in the UK, there are approximately 40,000 church buildings in the UK serving the chosen faith memberships of Anglicans (26M) Buddhists, (272,508) Hindu, (1.03M) Pagan, (74,000) Alevi (26,000) and finally, the Jain (25,000

And while sharia is a source of guidance for many Muslims, the supposed “Sharia courts” themselves, have no actual legal jurisdiction whatsoever in either England or Wales, despite what Choad’s meme is trying to falsely infer. But as I noted earlier, hypocrisy loves company, and as it does, there’s no better guest than Ol’ Marvin here:
If it is indeed held to be true that “race only matters to racists”, as Choad boldly asserts, then I’d opine that it’s also pretty clear as to what team Choad is lighting allegorical front-lawn crosses for in his free time. Irrespective of Choad’s dual lie and immediate proof of such, he’s not alone in spreading falsehoods regarding the non-Caucasian, as this screen-grabbed meme and its subsequent commentary, definitely shows:
Honestly, it’s truly a mystery to me, given the collective failure of their common sense, as to how these people haven’t gravely injured themselves making toast. If I had any advice for David Ellis above, past seeking out the services of a competent psychiatrist that is, I’d suggest that he learn how government actually woks, before assuming the American president has the same power as a 3rd world dictator.

For when one looks objectively at the Conservative playbook, you might be forgiven for thinking that the mob swallowing the false assertion that most of their failed claims and schemes were successful, could be best personified belonged by this self-declared genius…

… and in all actuality, you wouldn’t be too far off. Especially considering the level of delusion you’d be willing to engage in, in order to unquestioningly place stock in divisive drivel such as this, wherein the non-Caucasian are inferred to be nothing more than animals, lavabouts, and murderous thugs:

Say what you will about racists, and I strongly encourage you to do so whenever prudent, but you can never say that they’re not unswerving in regards to their malevolent need to hate. Even when the subject of that mindless despisement, stopped being culturally relevant quite some time ago.

A notation about this post: not only is its premise is entirely false, but the source of the supposed claim originated from a clearly defined (and easily discovered) satire site, as evidenced by this screengrab of the actual headline that inspired this cringe-inducing falsehood:

Read the name of the site itself, and laugh your ass off as I did, because the “Dunning-Kreuger Effect” is a cognitive bias in which people with limited competence in a particular domain, overestimate their abilities.  

In other words, it’s what happens when morons think that they’re actually smarter than they are. And as Tomasi’s an idiot Conservative who’s totally incapable of separating fanaticism from reality, he bought the clearly bogus tale, hook, line, and sinker: And just for the record, the “Dunning Kreuger Times” in no way, shape or form, hides the fact that it’s a satire site, either.
And while this revelation is hilarious in and of itself, it’s really not the best part, for this literally marks the FOURTH TIME that this sort of willing self-ownership has happened to Tomasi by an act of his own hand.

First, he posted TDKT’s farcical story that actress Alyssa Milano was suing musician Ted Nugent for ruining her Golden Globes party, even though she isn’t, and he didn’t, then he promoted TDTK’s tale that Candace Owens had been offered 10M to join the cast of ABC’s “The View”” even though she hadn’t, then presented yet another TDKT fabrication, this one centering on the idiocy that Roseanne Barr’s “new TV show” crushed The View in a ratings sweep, despite the fact that no such show starring Barr actually exists.

Seriously…  just how fucking stupid do you have to actually be, in order to miss that which is obvious? I mean… Conservatives aren’t known for being collectively intelligent, but JFC, you’d have to think that anyone who’s found themselves embarrassed by their own stupidity as frequently as he does, would still be able to put two and two together in the end.

A defining detail that Tomasi is seemingly unable to achieve, if only on a theoretical scale. But then again, neither can his FB friend Rick Aaron, who much like Tomasi, has no fucking clue as to what he’s talking about
That’s right, boys and gilds, Colin Kapernick, a former professional football player is a “cowardly and despicable traitor” for daring to take a knee (as is his Constitutional right) before games he played in, despite the fact that it was a veteran who suggested the idea to him in the first place.

Oh, the fragility of White Conservatives in relation to the dual issues of both Free Speech and Civil Protest, when openly utilized by minorities. Keep in mind, these are the same people who regard the J6 riots as just, White Supremacy the American Way, and Trump’s attempt to overthrow established Democracy as “Patriotism”, but I digress, because we already know who the real traitor is, and rest assured, these two twits will be voting for him come 2024.

And in case any of you were wondering just what Kapernick is actually is doing these days, unlike these two racist choads, I was more than happy to do the merest of basic research to help you find out:

Now, this info wasn’t hard for me to unearth, nor is the reality of its narrative convenient to Tomasi’s false take concerning it, but as it’s become clear, Tomasi, like most of his fellow Conservative cucks, can’t take control of either his unwarranted hate ,or the sociopathic need to be proven relevant to an ever-changing world that requires him not, in order to discover the actual truth of things. Sadder still though, is just how he justifies his paranoid POV to that same said world, via the weaponizing of his own ignorance:

I do love how Tomasi decides to play both sides of the bigoted coin, in order to cover all immigrants, be they legal or naturalized, don’t you? On the one hand, illegal immigrants “bring” drugs, vicious criminals, and undesired political impetus in to our country, and on the other, once they are settled, the implication is that they’ll refuse to assimilate into the modern-day American culture, thereby creating the country-within a country scenario that all Neocons fear.

You know… sort of like this patriotic native-born citizen is doing, by proudly flying the treasonous flag of the defeated in battle country that for a brief period of time, tried to literally destroy America itself?
Yup, no trace of Conservative hypocrisy flitting about here to discuss, let me tell you. Nevertheless, Tomasi knows who it is that’s really at fault for all of the hate crimes, anti-Immigrant sentiments, and xenophobic conspiracies that his party crafts in very much the same way that they produce child traffickers, Homophobes, insurrectionists, and snake-oil salesman, as it’s exactly whom you’d expect it to be:

Well. This is a revelation, is it not? As it turns out, it’s not discovered racism that’s the issue, it’s the Democrats who are proving it as an absolute, that are the problem at hand. Who would have ever guessed?

Not me of course, for when it comes to debunking Tomasi’s blatantly false claim of inherent American racism being a non-issue in both past and modern-day America, all I need do is check my file of his compiled racist commentary, and crunch the numbers pertinent to his hatefully histrionic hypocrisy, and ascertain where the actual “bullshit” really finds itself spread far and wide:
Being outwardly vile once, could be taken as an accident. Thrice, a flaw of character. A handful of times, the beginning of an establishment pattern. But 100+ times? That’s deliberate obsession, no matter how you try to justify it. And even more so, when you try to sell such a lie, by pretending to be whom you clearly are not.

And by the way Mario, in concern to your anti-Muslim idiocy, there are an estimated 3.45M of them currently living in the United States, and so far as I can tell, they seem to have incorporated rather seamlessly into the allegorical cultural river, but when you’re a dedicated bigot, such reality punching a hole in your false narrative, is probably taken as being nothing less than terrifying for you.

A proof of concept, validated by this slew of Islamophobic postings, courtesy of people who at their personal best are still the walking equivalent of a mayonnaise sandwich on Wonder bread. First, there’s the hatred displayed towards duly-elected American government officials who just so happen to be, Muslim, such as the U.S. representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar:
Omar hails from Mogadishu in the country of Somalia, and became a naturized citizen in 1999 at the age of 17. And despite previous governmental service in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Neocons such as the idiots above, still view her with bigoted distrust, based solely on her race and national origin.

Which is ironic, considering that these same said morons couldn’t find Mogadishu using Google Earth, much less spell it correctly in the first place. Also take note if you will, that at no point, do any of these vile memes base their disparagement on her actual policies or personal actions, but instead, play to fear of the “other”, which has been a go-to political gambit of the rabid GQP faithful, for years now.

A ploy I was more than happy to exploit, in relation to their inherent hypocrisy regarding their fear of terrorism:

For the record, no one is “siding” with Hamas. Some people are however, calling out the decades of human-rights violations and related actions, that Isael has previously undertaken to reap such violence, abominable as it most certainly is, standing on its metaphorical doorstep. And guess what? Under the auspices of America’s Constitution, they’re allowed to freely do so, whether you agree with them or not.

And for people who are so openly concerned about Muslims committing acts of domestic terrorism at some theoretical point in time, the Conservative movement to a person, sure doesn’t seem to be overly concerned when it’s revealed that some of its most ardent practitioners, are none other than their fellow members of the Vanilla Vanguard, as the abominable events of J6 proved beyond reproach.

But as they’re inspired and guided by anti-immigrant paranoia, the Conservative-pro-trump cabal slithers forward nevertheless, with their inhuman rhetoric only getting worse as Time goes on:

Now before you get all up in my allegorical grail at some Neocon jackass equating an article of clothing with the Nazi party’s favorited hate-emoji, some context is necessary first. Keffiyehs have been worn throughout the history of the Middle East, but over the last few years, they’ve become strongly associated with the construct of Palestinian’s cultural struggle, as they attempt to exist under the jackboots of an apartheid state.

Yeah, I said it. Come at me, bro. I am more than ready.

As I said earlier, nobody is “siding” with Hamas, but obviously Tcher being a mewling moron of Constative bent, also thinks that it’s perfectly sane to slur an entire race as being anti-Sematic for the brazen act of wearing an article of clothing that has been a staple of Palestinian culture for DECADES, now.

Let me put it this way- if I wear my Motorhead concert tee out in public, that doesn’t mean I encourage drinking and drug use that would put Hunter S Thomson in the hospital, if not the grave, and if I wear my vintage Michael Jackson “Thriller” tour equivalent, rest assured my motivation is not to sing the praises of pedophiliac acts.

Sometimes a design is just a design. Sometimes it’s not. I don’t go around punching out people for wearing Trump’s made-in-China merch, nor do I condone others for wanting to do so. I also don’t automatically assume that they’re racist either, unless like the idiots I’ve been writing about, they hand me the proof gift-wrapped, and ready to go.

And I certainly wouldn’t encourage this kind of alleged maniacal response, based on nothing more than my seeing a provocative symbol: that for whatever reason, I didn’t find socially palatable:Do you want to take two guesses as to who the shooter assumedly supports for President in 2024? I’m guessing that it won’t be Joe, by a long shot, if you’ll pardon the pun. Call it a hunch. And according to the authorities the shooter, who was later charged with three counts of second-degree attempted murder, opened fire on the trio, with no prior warning and/or provocation, unless you want to factor in his Islamophobic bias, that is.

And what was the response from the Oft-Wrong in regards to this hate crime, you ask? Well, it was exactly the type of response that you’d expect to see from a cowardly cadre of Caucasian xenophobes:
Thou Caucasians doth protest specifically too much regarding the people endowed with the brownest of melanin, but goeth silent as the grave when they’re the victims of hate crimes. Weird, that. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the mahogany melanocytes, because if it did, that would actually be racism in its purest furor, and as we’ve all been told by none other than Mario Tomasi himself, inherent American racism is “bullshit”.

And thank mythical God that it is, otherwise the following commentaries would be ever so awkward:
Hey everybody! Donald Trump Jr, the guy who cheated on his wife, hooked up with one of FOX News former screeching bobbleheads, whose family-run company was convicted of business fraud, and who claimed total ignorance to the fact that it did, is now an expert on cultural assimilation. It almost seems as if he’s just pulling this paranoid narrative straight out of his allegedly coked-up ass, does it not?

As noted, earlier Donny Dumbfuck, there are an estimated 3.45 million Muslim Americans currently living peacefully side by side with the rest of America’s citizenry, and the last time I checked, most of the domestic terrorism that I see occurring live on the news, is being done by people who look more like James Hetfield than they do Rami Malek. Just saying.

And considering that you’ve been pushing the “Big Lie” regarding the 2020 election, since your treasonous father found his mango-tinted lard-ass kicked to America’s allegorical curb, I suggest that your equally as corrupt ass sits this one out.

Unfortunately for the state of ongoing war with reestablishing basic intelligence as a commonality, this post by one David Pope, takes Donny Dumbfuck’s racist stereotyping, and adds his own secret sauce comprised of xenophobic paranoia, to an already repugnant nothing-burger:
Oh believe you me David, I trust these immigrants both legal and not, far more than I would ever trust a bigot like you. Take that to the bank and cash it, because you’re a fucking loon, at the best of times A theorem solidly verified by his unappetizing bite of your Caucasian chicken-shit salad
Racist stereotypes disguised as even worse jokes, who could ever have seen that being employed? Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question, as we all know the answer already. Original, these idiots are not, but that doesn’t stop these slithering schmucks from spewing their dimwitted disgust at which they don’t understand, as often as possible.

Case in point, this display of mindless anti-immigrant vehemence that is the binding factor in the wretched life of the aforementioned Marvin (“Choad”) Choate:
Yup… even when Sweden finds itself allegorically “overrun” by immigrants, they still lean in favor of the Aryan template, rather than the false narrative that Choad disingenuously presents as being the go-to standard.

It’s almost as if Choad just regurgitates GQP talking points, in lieu of undertaking any credible form of actual research beforehand. But to be fair, that’s just my humble opinion, backed up by nothing, of merit save for the numerous examples of Choad’s own posted ignorance.

For as it currently lays, the reminder of the country’s collective ethnic diversity, breaks down as such: Syrian (1.9%), Iraqi (1.4%), and finally. “Other” (15%) the majority of which, is made up of the indigenous Sami people, who are estimated to number somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 individuals.

I won’t speak for you of course, but I personally look forward to the day that Conservatives can both willingly tell the whole truth, without a federal subpoena being required to draw it out first, as well as their being able to pass a Palestinian food-cart without thinking that a terrorist is weaponizing the Tatbeeleh Shatta.

However, there has been an uptick in White-supremacy-based hate crimes in Sweden as of late, the worst example of such, being the related van-used-as-a-bomb incident at Regjeringskvartalet in Oslo, and the equally abominable mass shooting on the island of Utøya, both occurring in July of 2011. In the aftermath, the orchestrator of these cowardly attacks was discovered to be a Norwegian far-right domestic terrorist known as Anders Behring Breivik, whose body count totaled 77 victims.

And despite the fear-mongering commentary of Choad and his fellow bigoted loons, guess what race Breivik turned out to be? SPOILER: it wasn’t anything but what you already suspected it to be:
Well. He seems … um, nice? A racist craven resembling a boiled egg, casually throwing a neo-Nazi salute while standing in the dock, proudly resplendent in the knowledge that an ocean of blood is marked within his allegorical ledger, all because he [in his own words] believed that; “The attacks on July 22 were a preventive strike. I acted in self-defense on behalf of my people, my city, my country, I therefore demand to be found innocent of the present charges.”

Shockingly, the court didn’t buy it, but I’m pretty sure given the empirical evidence, Choad and his equally xenophobic cadre of baleful Caucasians would have on some level at least, because for all their pustulant politicizing, the real danger America faces doesn’t originate from those who are Brown, but from the ones who think that they alone, bleed Red, White, and Blue.

And lest we forget, Choad here, is the same guy who posted this clarion call for diversity;… and then went on to add to the never-ending pile of truly racist crap that I’ve been dissecting throughout this screed. But remember, deep down inside, where his soul was just taking up space, Choad only really cares about “character” regardless of whether or not he and his vanilla-dipped ilk are actually able to display some when the need arises.

Nevertheless, the selective memory regarding the actual History of hate-related abuse remains as foggy as ever, whereas Neocons are concerned, and as they deliberately deflect from the what is versus the what once was, I fuses I can’t be too surprised when they try to flip the script in relation to those particular situations that they care not to know anything about, in the first place.

As evidenced by this charming repartee betwixt my new favorite chew-toy Mario Tomasi, and his online oracles of odiousness, wherein they offer up options both revolting and ignorant, regarding the current hostilities intent on decimating the Palestinian citizenry caught in the war between Hamas and Israel:
Well, this is rich… a member of the political party & cult of personality that claims to be the “victim” pf CRT courses, BLM, Antifa, school libraries, college professors, Science, Medicine, Gender Equality, Gay marriage, Transpeople, Women’s body autonomy, kneeling athletes, supposed, anti-Christian bias at Christmas, Starbucks, Converse, HIKE, Cheerio’s, Wendy’s, Samsung, the NFL, NASCAR, Disney, Netflix, CBS, ABC, MSNBC,  CNN, “Woke” and “Cancel” culture, would like to point out just who the real drama queens are, thank you very much.,

And in a refreshing change of pace, I didn’t even have to reference their mango-tinted de facto shitgibbon of a leader, who’s still ranting about an election that he fairly lost three years ago, so that’s nice. But you know what isn’t, though? The overall take of the ongoing conflict, by Tomasi’s dumber than fuck Facebook friends:
Yes, these people are woefully misinformed, outwardly hateful, and yes, even proudly so, but that doesn’t mean a shining star of jingoistic jackassery can’t come along and outdo them all in terms of being an absolute fucking moron, and for that, we turn to the one and only clown prince of such, a walking rubber room who goes by the name of Donald Williams and offers us a truly original theorem to contemplate.

That being, the Democrats are the ones behind the scenes machinating the countrywide pro-Palestinian protests:
I tell you; I don’t know how we Democrats, supposedly operating as a political party, manage to achieve all of our evil goals in this country, what with our already burgeoning schedule running the world as you know it, and all.

I mean… we’re neck-deep in the rigging all American elections from school boards to the senate itself, crafting Deep State plots to raise the price of a Mc Donald’s Happy Meal, installing an illegitimate President in the White House, hiding Satanic messages in and on items ranging from kids cartoons to Monster Energy Drinks.

And for the love of our Dark Lord and Master, Tom Hanks, don’t even get me started on just how much time we spend keeping our side-projects such as human-lizard hybrids, our Illuminati potlucks, Reality TV in general, and our child-trafficking operations resupplying Disney’s labor force, out of the public eye.  

Truly, it’s hard work more often than not, but at the end of the day, the real reward is in watching just how happy it makes all the conspiracy theorists out there, by giving them a false seen of personal relevance to an actual reality-based world that they both can’t understand, and quite frankly, don’t want to.

And thanks to our most concerted of efforts, racist jackasses such as Tomasi, finally have a purpose in life, past being future organ drinkers, that is. No, if anything, they get to live the remainder of their days serving as the archetype for what can happen when paranoia, white nationalism, and self-righteous inanity, forms into an anal wart that’s shaped like a person.

So, as I start to wrap this latest dissection of the very worst people that America has to sadly offer us, I’d like to shuffle Tomasi off into the wings by presenting just a few last examples of just why his future headstone will serve a far better use as a public urinal, rather than as a memorial to his foul memory:

And there’s no better way to certify this sure-to-be-proven-correct prediction of mine, than by sticking with the anti-Islamic script that Tomasi’s ever so fond of sticking to even when all the evidence says that it desperately needs a rewrite due it’s overwhelming faith in blanket statements founded on paranoiac delusions:
Call me crazy if you wish, but I for one, do not find myself routinely paralyzed with fear in regards to  the thought of an attack on American soil by Muslim extremists, whether they’re naturalized citizens or not.

What I do worry about however, are the home-grown, flag-waving, vehemence-spewing Caucasian ones who’ve sworn the most ardent of undying allegiance to a man who, unbidden and on live TV no less, “jokingly” claimed that, he would only “be a dictator for one day”, if and when, he was ever entrusted again with the reins of presidential authority.

Granted, he’s only been threatening judges, prosecutors, witnesses, their respective families, his political adversaries, random celebrities, and high-ranking members of our nation’s military for months bow, all while praising the internal policies of fascist leaders such as Russia’s Vladmir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, but really… we shouldn’t be concerned, whatsoever.

Because as only Tomasi knows, the real danger to America is coming from the guy wearing a keffiyeh, and slinging Musakhan sumac chicken, down at the local farmers’ market, and not the morons such as himself, who can’t differentiate between a Muslim, a Sikh, an indigenous person, or a Mexican.

These same said jackasses, are also the ones who cry about “cancel culture” as they demand boycotts of companies that preach diversity, call Liberals “snowflakes’” as they melt down over PRIDE flags, and who slur everyone from Facebook to celebrities, as being “Nazi’s”, as they not only use the language of such  [“vermin”] in regards to describing their political opponents, but whom are indeed, fully supporting of an actual one demanding to serve as the next President, yet once more.

You quite literally, can’t make this shit up folks, and that’s why satire as an art form, is truly dead.

Nevertheless, Tomasi knows just what these bacon-avoiding, keffiyeh,-wearing, democrat-voting, Hell-bound heathens are really up to, and it’s as clear as the inherent ignorance infused within his asinine assessment:
I KNEW IT!!! As it apparently turns out, Islam is nothing more than a centuries-old ploy to incorporate their so-called “religion”, and their “religion” alone, into our everyday lives, by getting rid of the one True Book that of course, would never attempt such a thing, no matter how tempting it might be. Can you imagine if they actually succeeded?

I mean, next thing you know, we’d be up to our proverb-ial necks in theocratical laws telling us what books we could and could not read, what we could and could not, publicly say about their faith, what movies we could and could not watch, what subjects we could and could not, teach our kids, and just what institutions would have to base their decisions on the whims of a mythical deity.

Not to mention, you just know that they’d also have some clear opinions on just which gender could get legally married to each other, along with what gender would have unalienable rights, [take a wild guess] and which one wouldn’t, and I’m pretty sure along those same lines, they’d probably place severely draconian restrictions on a woman’s body autonomy, as well.

Oh wait… [Artbitch checks his notes] I’m ever so sorry- it seems I was actually talking about modern-day Christianity, but as the ones who utilize Conservatism as their framework for promoting such a falsehood, tend to come off as being nothing more than superstitious epoch-era disingenuous Neanderthals, I’m sure you can completely understand as to why I mistook them for such.

Oops. My bad. Won’t happen again…. I hope. For after all, who am I to libel Tomasi as a fake Christian when he’s such an ardent practitioner of the Word? By way of example, just look at how well he lives up to the edict set forth in Matthew 25:31-40:
OK, that might have been a bad example, given Tomasi’s obvious ignorance regarding just how both actual Christianity and electrical current, are supposed to work.

That being, neither were ever originally designed to be weaponized, in order to hurt people indiscriminately. If you ever discover that Tomasi’s house has a crawlspace, I’d recommend that you never accept an invitation from him to come inside and check out his house, because with commentary like this, he comes off as a total sociopath to me.

And by the way, Matthew 25:31-40 reads as such: “When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

But maybe I’m just being overly cynical here, right? For there’s no way that Tomasi, a man so concerned about t the Bible being eradicated, wouldn’t dare but live up to its challenge of its clearly stated message of accepting Brotherhood, unconditional Charity, and openly welcoming Love and Respect for all, that every human deserves, no matter how racist I might surmise him to be:
Does anybody else feel as if we’re slipping backwards, every time we read one of Tomasi’s “I’m the real victim here” type of postings? For the record, no one in an official capacity has ever asked, infrared, demanded, or even brought up at all, the very idea that American citizens have to “learn” Spanish, and do you know why? Because the overall response from the citizenry, would be this:
But just because Reality exists as it actually exists, and this, regardless of whatever I or Tomasi may think, don’t assume that Tomasi will accept it as such. Especially when he can beat the war drums of his self-manufactured paranoia by equating two disparate events, into one completely unfounded conspiracy theory:
Why yes Mario, I and everybody else on Earth for that matter, remember the events of 9-11. And the two things thing that I remember most past the obvious focus of that dark day, is that (A) the terrorist weren’t Mexican nationals, and (B) they gained entry into the US via the low-key conduit of American airports, using forged passports, and that as we all saw, to a devastating effect.

In other words, they didn’t come across the US/Mexico border, because quite honestly, it’s far easier to use the flaws already inherent in our own security systems against us. Nevertheless, when one conspiracy theory finds itself debunked using empirical evidence, rest assured, that Tomasi will always have yet one racist round in his allegorical chamber, just waiting to be popped off:
So, to recap: over the span of just two memes, we collectively as a country; went from having to definitely kiss our asses goodbye, to having to kiss our jobs good-bye, instead. An assume assessment that every time I hear it, makes me think of this, far more than anything else:
I love to break this to Tomasi, but if your job can be taken by an immigrant unfamiliar with our customs, language, which as a rule, lacks both the education and skillsets demanded by even the most basic of American jobs, then your job overall, and in two words, fucking sucks, and you’re probably going to be better off looking for a new one, when all is said and done.

But what American jobs are truly at risk, you ask? Sure, it’s a given that the traditional career niches populated by Whites such as seasonal farm labor, dishwashing, janitorial and cleaning support staff, and day labor, are clearly in the crosshairs, but what about all of those doctors, teachers, scientists, lawyers, middle-managers, engineers, and politicians, who are just waiting for the metaphorical ax to drop at some point if this trend continues?

And if you think I’m kidding, Tomasi was more than nice enough to let us all know just which industry has been hit the hardest by the intrusion of unwanted minorities, and it’s not gonna be what you think it is:
See? It’s even worse than we thought. If we don’t do something soon, next thing you know, these immigrants will bring in their food, their music, their art, their religions, their culture, and even their language, and what will we do then?

[Artbitch checks notes…}

Oops, my bad. It seems that they’ve been doing that for decades now, and the end result has not only been the expanding of our collective culinary, artistic, engineering, and cultural diversity which is awesome no matter how you look at it. but as an additional unforeseen bonus, we also picked up the former South African resident and currently kicking ass actress, Charlize Theron, as part of the trade deal: too:
Tomasi can call us all Libtards-Commie-Marxist=Socialist-Soy Boy-Cuck-Demorats until he’s as blue in the face as a Smurf gets while engaging in an act of autoerotic asphyxiation,, but as long as I know that somewhere in America, this immigrant is walking around freely within its borders, I for one, will somehow make personal peace with the idea.

I know, I know… I’m ever so brave. It’s a curse, really. I honestly have no idea just how I go on.

And as Theron is White, even Tomasi can feel as if he’s scored a win for once. Which when given his inherently racist idiocy, is truly a rare event, so far as he’s concerned. Now, as to Tomasi’s whine about Whites being phased into remembrance in regards to their current impact on television advertising, he’s wrong, as usual.

In fact, the representational on-screen time stats in relation to appearances, are as follows WHITES 43% of the time, LATINAS 17%, AFRICAN-AMERICANS 18%, and “OTHER”, which includes indigenous and Asian cultures, only 10% of the time. In other words, there’s still far more allegorical vanilla wafers on the plate, than there are actualized churros.

But as it’s been proven time and time again throughout this screed, and by using Tomasi’s own words, no less Reality and he have been estranged for years, even if he would say quite the opposite, if you asked him directly

Fortunately, you don’t need to do so, for in spite of the accumulated evidence set forth by his own fingers, Tomasi cluelessly, if not falsely, lauds himself as being nothing less than the bearer of the purest “Truth” sent straight from the mountaintop itself.  Or at the very least, his severely flawed interpretation of it:
Quick show of hands… where at any point, in this, my latest narrative, did you observe Tonmasi telling the “Truth” as it actually exists? That’s what I thought too, thank mythical God, because for a second there, I felt like I was taking crazy pills.

The more I cull the best/worst of Tomasi’s online rants masquerading as societal commentary, the more it becomes clear that he’s just an overflowing reservoir of hate, and nothing else, which let’s face it, is par for the course whereas modern-day Conservatives are concerned. Professing faux indignation at everything not White and tight isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, as evidenced by this meme:

Well, would you look at that? A member of the race that once legally dictated which spaces African-Americans could eat, sleep, work, choose to visit, and perform in, as well as notating what public facilities they could use, what doors they could walk in, and which water fountains were theirs and which ones were for Whites exclusively, is upset at being excluded, from certain organization and facilities, based solely on his race.

See, the part that Tomasi accidentally on purpose forgets to mention here, are the underlying reasons as to why these “Black only” places were necessary in the first place, and yes, the answer is deeply rooted in societally structured and inherent racism, although not in the way that Tomasi deliberately misrepresented.

For back in the day, Blacks were routinely purposefully denied access to opportunities and equal media representation, and the reasons behind this were due to both direct and veiled racism, whether Tomasi wants to admit it or not. And shockingly, when a specific group of people are barred albeit legal or societally, from that which is supposed to be available to all without question, they tend to circle their allegorical wagons, and create their own thing, independent of their wannabe overlords.

That’s the “TRUTH” of the ongoing matter at hand, and Tomasi, being a seeming racist, prefers not to address it, as his false narrative plays far better to the type of idiot that believes that they’re being openly persecuted for simply being White. I’d point out the irony of getting a taste of one’s own bigoted medicine, but why do that which is obvious, if not long overdue?

Tomasi by no stretch of the imagination, is a bigot, but as we’ve also seen, he’s not the only one promoting racial discord based on nothing save for Caucasian paranoia. And while this bad enough in and of itself, its cultural punch goes that much farther when it’s combined with a helping of hypocrisy that only a true Conservative can seem to generate.

Case in point, one June Bledsoe, who delighted us all with her trio of meme ousted above, my favorite being the one wherein she opines that illegal aliens would overwhelmingly vote for Trump, in order to keep America from becoming, and I quote directly; “INTO THE KIND OF COUNTRY THEY ESCAPED FROM”, despite the reality that non-citizens don’t have the legal right to vote, no matter what she thinks is in the political works.

Nevertheless, this inanity is revealing on a few levels, believe it or not, even with its absurd conspiracy-theory-based assertion laid out in the idiot’s font colloquially known as “all-caps”.

First, it implies other countries are dystopian shitholes, and therefore America is a welcoming refuge, a fact which as native-born Americans should instill some form of pride within us for being considered so, and second, it insanely posits that immigrants would happily vote for a person who not only hates them, but whom has also suggested that they be rounded up, and placed in “camps”.

This assertion of course, shouldn’t remind anyone in any way, shape, or form, of those particular camps camps that the Nazi party was so fond of arranging one-way visits to, because as Trump himself publicly stated, he would only be a “dictator for a day”, which oddly, isn’t as reassuring as it sounds. Call me crazy, but for some strange reason, I get the feeling that we just can’t trust the guy in regards to his promises.

Let’s just call it a ”hunch”, and leave it at that.

But it never be said that Bledsoe is a one-trick pony, for even while she can only play one note, she sure knows how to make the most of it, even when its prelude is more confusing, than enlightening:
I quite literally, don’t have words for this, but even so, I’m confident that regardless of the context involved, there’s no way that I would allow the term “negro Jewish” to ever escape past my lips as a means to describe anyone of color to begin with. On the one hand, Bledsoe claims not to harbor a racist bone in her body, but on the other…

… well, you already know that if she actually didn’t, she wouldn’t have had any of her social media postings being openly shared and dissected here, now, would she? Granted, while “Negro” isn’t necessarily considered to be an offensive word in and of itself, its limited use these days, should serve as a tip-off that there’s a reason it’s been gradually phased out of the common lexicon since the mid-1960’s or so.

And I may be off-base here, but when I came across this post, the first thought that I had in regards to it, was that given the right carefully selected company, Bledsoe would be more than happy to let fly the most common “N” word still in everyday use to describe how she really feels about this person, rather than the Conservative-approved buzzards she employs in lieu of the vile one she actually wants to say out loud:
I won’t speak for you, but it always saddens me when I hear about Black prosecutors holding the Orange criminals wholly responsible for the wrongdoings they actually engaged in.. Oh wait, no I don’t, because that exactly how the criminal justice system in this country us supposed to fucking work, no matter what our bigoted buddy Bledsoe believes.

And in a revelation that will shock no one, most of what Bledsoe erroneously perceives as being the truth in relation to immigration, be it legal or not, is either stunningly misinformed, or just flat dead wrong. Take for instance, this post where she falsely states that illegal aliens get a host of Federal freebies upon entry into the US, ranging from dwellings to doughnuts, as an enticing persuasion for them to vote Democrat:
As the truly informed walking among us know, this is a patently false assertion across the board. While the undocumented receive some assistance, it’s not top-tier, and its most certainly, not just freely granted, either. And when it comes to naturalized citizens voting, as the undocumented legally cannot, despite what bigots like Bledsoe place false stock in, the reason why they tend to vote Democrat, is deceptively simple.

As a rule, we Democrats don’t refer to them as “an invasion”, or as “terrorists”, or as “lazy freeloaders”, and our movement’s leaders sure as fuck, don’t spew vile rhetoric such as this gem from the horse’s ass that is Donald Trump:

“Nobody has ever seen anything like we’re witnessing right now. It is a very sad thing for our country,” poisoning the blood of our country. It’s so bad, and people are coming in with disease. People are coming in with every possible thing that you could have.”

So says the man whose grandfather was an immigrant who has been accused, if rumors are to be believed, of everything from running a Canadian brothel during the Gold Rush, to being a lowly tax evader, which if true, shows that it’s a hobby that runs in the family.

Not to mention, Trump has also married two emigres, once again proving the long-held theorem that immigrants do the distasteful jobs that no American truly wants to do. But whitewashing is what Conservatives do, because even with the volatile political climate these days, it’s still far safer, if not expedient, to use the dehumanizing language reminiscent of Nazism, rather than the racial slurs themselves.

As it’s been said, Evil never truly dies or is ever completely vanquished…
It simply just rebrands itself as a “new” political movement, and picks right back up from where it left iff.
As I’ve often said before, the lyrics may change, but the racist marching song remains the absolute fucking same, irrespective of whether the political waters are reminiscent of 1933 Germany, or modern-day America. But then again, I repeat myself. However, this is not to say that Bledsoe doesn’t have a sense of humor regarding the aforementioned political river and its sensitivities.,

In fact, she even once took the time close to a decade ago, to craft an amusing joke regarding such:
I’m not going to lie here, as even I found this to be equally funny and disturbingly accurate, given the plethora of knee-jerk reactions occurring far too prevalently on both sides of the current partisan divide.

Especially during a time of cultural upheaval when it’s far more common to be societally excoriated for the most flippant of commentary regarding a particularly touchy topic, and no one, no matter who they are deserves that. Unless of course they’ve actually put in the maximum effort to earn the inherent dishonor of such scorn.

Speaking of which, let’s get back to our recently awarded gold medal finalist:
Given that Bledsoe allegedly lives in Florida, a state surrounded on three sides by an ocean, this may be a good time for me to point out to her that a wall would neither protect her state from illegal aliens and the mythical crime that they don’t bring, nor in the long run, would it protect anybody else, unless you make said wall several miles high, and bury its footings, several miles deep.

Or until they ban ladders, shovels, and the true grit of actual human determination. I do love however, how she describes Obam’s speeches as “hypnotic and spellbinding”, while describing Trump’s rambling self-aggrandizing tales of unwarranted victimization as “raw and truthful”, a description that only applies to what he says when he numerously pleads the Fifth, during one of his many legal depositions.

Nevertheless, Bledsoe seem rather fixated on remaining annoyed at the fact that democratic leaders can speak eloquently, in direct comparison of the word-salad-in-a-blender-stuck-on-high approach that is the foundational crux of Trump’s fascist monologues, and it ties in to her paranoid theorem that Obama the former US president, is conspiring with Biden, the current one, to “destroy America”, once and for all.

But remember kids, we’re the ones supposedly afflicted with a politically-based “derangement syndrome”:

So Susie, you want to know what America was like, “before”?  Well, don’t you fret, for I have the answer.

Overall, it was a country hip-deep in tits ever-continuous process of trying to live up to its own once glorious potential, an oath emblazoned on our Statue of Liberty, immortalized in our folk songs and national anthem, and hard-wired (or so we foolishly believed) into the DNA of every Red, White and Blue-blooded American.

Then one dark day, the 16th of June 2015, to be exact, a hateful snake-oil salesman named Donald J. Trump, slithered down a golden escalator with his former escort / mistress / future ex-wife in dutiful tow, announced his ascension into America’s political bloodstream, and then proceeded to brutally mind-fuck the most ignorant walking among us, and in doing so, disseminated a case of societal syphilis that we as a nation, will require decades to fully recover from.

And that’s it in a nutshell, despite Bledsoe’s asinine delusion that Obama and Biden are conspiring together to eventually “Destroy America”, by turning it in one of two differing political ideological states of being. Or given Bledsoe’s partisan ignorance, maybe she thinks Communism and Socialism are the same thing, because while Conservatives can hurl buzzwords, they honestly don’t know what many of them actually mean.

This personal theorem is borne out by some earlier presented posting of one Judy Bartlett, wherein her truly unique takes on the issue of race, nail my soon to be revealed assessment of her, to the goddamn ground. Bartlett as you shall see, is a reservoir of unwarranted hate, Caucasian conspiracies, and contradiction, and fortunately, she’s also our last bigot coming up to bat, as well.

Thank merciful mystical God, because if you’re finding yourself exhausted by reading this collective bigoted bile, just imagine how tired I am, after having to collect it, sort it, and eventually, write about it. 

However, my personal favorite meme from the random collection that’s been presented thus far, is where she implied that US Representative (and practicing Muslim) Ilhan Abdullahi Omar was married to her brother, besides being false, also indicates just what an incredibly hateful C U Next Tuesday, Bartlett actually is. And in a revelation that we’ve come to expect, Bartlett, along with being a proud hate-monger, is also a self-declared Christian, resplendent with positive messages such as this:

Now this is truly uplifting, is it not? Even if you’re not religious, as I am not, it still speaks to you on some level. A message of peace. Of tolerance/ Of acceptance. Of openly friendly coexistence, as it were. In fact, I’d even go so far to say that given its overall upbeat positivity, nothing short of an awful revelation, could even ding it.

But as Bartlett is a Trumpist, a self-declared Christian, and as we’ve already seen, kind of afflicted with a case of racist, you just know something is about to come along, and spit in that barrel of Brotherhood, post haste: And as usual, it’s the polar opposite of what Bartlett claims to believe in:
Weirdly, I find Israel claiming the right to exist while forcing Palestinians to accept living within a brutally enforced state of Apartheid to be somewhat hypocritical, given the fact that my brain still works the way Nature intended it to, but maybe that’s just me. All I know is that if you keep a marginalized community under the oppressive heels of a self-righteous jackboots for decades, you really shouldn’t be too surprised when the populace suffering underneath them, rise up and punch you in the fucking throat.

And you would think that as a “Christian”, Bartlett should be repulsed by the carnage occurring within the scope of the now-current conflict, as it inevitably harms both the so-called “Bad Guys” and innocent citizens alike, but clearly… she’s not, and that’s horrifyingly hateful, even at its very best outcome. But rest assured, Bartlett would never see it that way. And why is that? Because Bartlett remembers this very important piece of advice:
In other words, don’t ever slur, slander, insult, harass, degrade, disparage, mock, ridicule, or defame others, for as Proverbs 16:18-19 says; “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.”

So naturally, what with her being a hate-filled hypocrite and all, Bartlett does exactly just that:
Well, if you’ve ever wondered what a game of “Pin the Stereotype on the Other” would look like, here’s your answer made meme flesh. Not only is this repugnant, but when it’s a so-called “Christian” posting it, then I think it’s safe to say that if Bartlett can be seriously considered as what a Christian should be, then my official approval to serve as Milla Jovovich’s go-to side-piece, should be rubber-stamped ASAP:
You know, on second thought… I’m totally cool with not being that. I know, I know, she’ll be crushed, but she’ll get over it in time, unlike Bartlett’s seeming grudge against anyone who isn’t as white as her 3 am front-lawn-BBQ white-hooded-robe ensemble.

Yeah, I said it. And no, I’m not taking it back. It’s bad enough that someone who had the potential to be a good person from the day they were born, learns to play-act as one, while dually wrapping themselves in piousness. And Bartlett, is so that type of the protective cover of a false faith as a means to act horribly, and yet still claim the right to unchallenged snake in the Garden, if you catch my drift.

For while she posts heartwarming memes such as this, wherein a helpless dog is seeking the kindness of strangers;
She then shows us all what she really thinks of her fellow (and equally helpless) human brothers and sisters, by posting this racist red-meat that openly masquerades as concerned social commentary, which somehow, makes it even that much more vile:

Just look at these two images: one shows a couple that’s comfortably , comfortably  sitting in what I assume are chairs in their own home, and the other ,depicts a group of people comfortably sitting in a dinghy, which as we all know, is not typical of the desert-crossing scenario of our Southern border.

And that’s because this photo isn’t of illegal immigrants crossing into America, it’s an image of immigrants being rescued off of the coast of Turkey, after the overcrowded boat that they were traveling in sank, a factoid that Bartlett could care less about, even if she didn’t know it at the time.

So, to recap the message here: helping stray feral dogs falls under the auspices of being a good Christian, but assisting human beings in a state of terrifying financial, emotional, and societal distress, is not. Congratulations, Judy Bartlett- you’re exactly the type of person your mythical God absolutely despises.

But the stench of hypocrisy, inherent in such a person as Bartlett presents herself to be, remains strong, despite its attempt to mask itself with toothless platitudes. For as it currently stands, the seedlings of hate which the allegorical Lambs of Christ tend to sow, highlight not the steadfast resolve in service to Humanity as their faith commands, but rather, their collective dereliction of their fellow brethren within it.

Case in point, this offering, in which Bartlett stresses just what is most important in life:

Once again, a lovely sentiment. And overall, it’s one that even I, a mercenary Capitalist, can actually get behind, even if it does possess kind of a treacle-soaked, Hallmark movie kind of vibe. But as we’ve previously experienced, the warm fuzziness can’t last for long, due to the fact that regardless of personal inner strength, a Conservative can’t help but show their true colors, if not their actual in-use face:

Judy Bartlett, everyone. A self-declared Christian who despite the edicts of her faith, is seemingly totally cool with state-sponsored genocide, apartheid, and subjugation, based on Resolution 181, also known as the Partition Plan.

This political gambit, which was adopted by the UN in 1947. sought to divide the British Mandate of Palestine into distinctly Arab and Jewish states, which in turn, led directly led to the direct creation of Israel itself.

An act of creation which resulted in the first Arab-Israeli War. That’s right, I said “First”, for as of this writing, there have been SEVEN major conflicts, those being; the 1948 Palestine War, the 1956 Suez War, the June 1967 Six-Day War, the 1969-70 War of Attrition, the October 1973 Yom Kippur War, the 1982 Lebanon War, and “finally”, the 1991 War in the Gulf.

Oh, and as of this screeds publishing, Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group known as Hamas, are going back and forth trying to wipe each other off the literal map, with heavy civilian casualties being racked up on both sides. And in a twist that’s absolutely nauseating, but not at all surprising, real estate developers are trying to sell plots of land located within the Gaza Strip, using promotional material with photos of destroyed Palestinian neighborhoods.

BTW, did I happen to mention that underneath all those collapsed buildings seen in the images, there’s also still scores of unrecovered dead bodies?  Oops. My bad. But remember kids, kindness is what counts, not the accumulation of wealth through war-justified land-grabbing, and most certainly not the power achieved by committing genocide under the cover of military action, either.

But we can relax regarding all of this because so far as I can tell, Bartlett sure as hell has.

In fact, this helping of hypocrisy where Bartlett disregards one set of human beings for ones that she feels more in less-problematic alignment with, carries over into the next posting of hers that I’ll be discussing, and its message is just as strong as the previous ones she offered up, albeit with the same soon-to-be-seen, mixed signals:
This message of seeing humans as such, brought to you by the very same person who heartlessly resented us all with a meme depicting survivors of a drowning incident, emblazoned with the words;  “Ship them back”, but I digress. However, even though Bartlett arrogantly dismissed the very existence of the Palestinian homeland, (such as it once was) that doesn’t necessarily make her a bad person, right?

My mistake. Never mind. Sadly, it appears that Bartlett’s basically a hateful walking amalgamation of willing ignorance equivalent to human pudding skin, and as she only relies on a book she randomly skims to guide her obviously flawed morality, I believe her asinine affliction may be irreversible, at its assumed best.

There’s an old joke that goes; “When you assume something, you make an ASS out of U and ME”, and to a limited degree, I believe this. But I also place serious stock in what the lauded poet Maya Angelou once said, that being; “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time..”

And allegorical God above, does Bartlett ever so consistently, do just that, despite her attempt to hide who she really is under the false cloak of alleged concern for the personal welfare of others unknown to her:

“Be kind to everyone and do good deeds”, which if I were to fathom an educated guess, would be to devoutly assist in housing the homeless, granting the financially disadvantaged a respite from monetary concerns, and feeding the hungry, all of which I might note, find themselves addressed in Bartlett’s meme above.

However, as it will come to be discovered, this attachment to her own sentiment was only temporary, and true to established form, Bartlett finds a way to misuse the instruction manual of her supposed faith to yet again cast unwarranted derision on the neediest among us:
Yes, you did read that correctly. Bartlett, ever the piously devout Christian, is claiming that the Bible, which is full of edicts and parables regarding practical charity, unified brotherhood, glorious virtue and lending a metaphorical hand to those who need such support, is, and I can’t believe that I’m even having to write this, is openly DEAD-SET AGAINST HELPING OTHERS, FOR ANY REASON.

And here I was, thinking that this tome was written by God, rather than the Roman general Marcus Licinius Crassus, whose greed was only matched by his personal ambition to climb up the Roman social ladder. Now as an openly proud Atheist, I generally point out the hypocrisy inherent in both the Bible as well as its so-called adherents, but even I know that Bartlett’s reposted claim is the purest of ecumenical bullshit across the board, hands down.

Receiving or “being on” government assistance, is not a verification of one’s being purposefully idle, nor does it “penalize” marriage, and “undermine the “dignity of work” either. Working is not dignified, so much as it is necessary, to survive in a country that dedicatedly rewards the ultra-rich for doing nothing more than exploiting the working poor, who through their “dignified” labor, sustain both the wealthy’s extravagant lifestyle, as well as the nation’s economy.

As shocking as it may seem to an elitist snob like Bartlett, sometimes people genuinely need help. I for instance, have full-ride state-supported Medicare., and it’s not because lazy, or gaming the system.

In fact, I kind of wish it was sometimes, but the sad reality is that I literally suffer from Diabetes, and over the course of two-and-a-half decades, it’s taken my balance, my stamina, my dexterity, my sense of balance, a chunk of my left foot as well as its small toe, damaged my eyesight to the point that I can only legally drive during daytime hours, wrecked my gastric system, causes me to experience random waves of horrendous nerve pain, and in its doing so, has made it ultimately impossible for me to work a physical job, be it demanding, or not.

Now ask yourself a serious question… do you honestly think I enjoy any of this? Do you think I enjoy having monthly shots in both of my eyes, or being poked, prodded, being regularly drained of my bodily fluids, as if I were a six-foot tall lab rat? Do you really think I enjoy the sugar highs, the sugar lows, and sometimes, being forced to crawl around my own house because my legs betray me?  

Sure, it sounds like ever so much fun, but let me assure you, it really is not, as the inherent joy wears thin, after a while.

But maybe Bartlett is right. Hell, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and let’s be honest here, Bartlett, if not her sense of faith, is most definitely broken. Nevertheless, maybe her God really doesn’t believe in helping the poor at all, despite what he said in the Bible, which by the way, is the only book that He ever wrote.

And despite its tremendous marketing success, it’s blatantly clear that its most ardent devotees by the impact pf their own actions, skimmed it, rather than read it all the way through. Even more insidious so-called “Christians” have weaponized it to serve as the dubious tome of questionable morality that they indoctrinate their children with, thereby continuing the cycle of religious-fueled ignorance.

My cynicism aside, it’s a truly riveting page-turner, thanks to its over-the-top tales of murder, sodomy, rape, genocide, infanticide, misogyny, incest, sexual assault, racism, and so many over-the-top acts of unwarranted violence, that even Quentin Tarantino would call it excessive. And yet, despite the perversion of Humanity within, these very same people are the ones slandering the LGBTQ Community as being nothing less than sexually deviant groomers”, but I digress.

However, in a plot twist that I never saw coming [SPOILER], the main chapter known as “God”, who’s also a supposed omnipotent deity, deliberately impregnates an innocent teenager to bear his son, only to let him be killed later on, for the sole purpose of protecting all of us from… (wait for it) GOD HIMSELF!!! That my Bitchiteers, is some Grade-A trash reading material, let me tell you.

But in a ploy to appeal to the family demographic, God threw in some pretty bad-ass edicts regarding the poor, such as Deuteronomy 15:11 which demands that; “For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore, I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.”

And who can forget the message of Psalm 41:1 which says; “Blessed is he that considereth the poor: The LORD will deliver him in time of trouble. The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: And thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies. The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: Thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.”

And in one of my personal favorites, that being Proverbs 22:16, God lays down his law, Brooklyn style: Proverbs 22:16 “He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.”

Sadly, Bartlett knows exactly what impact her words have, but as a self-declared modern-day Christian, it’s clearly obvious that she really doesn’t care. All Glory to God, my ass. Bartlett’s social media postings if I may be so bold, are more akin to patting oneself for being at truly awful hypocrite, and then getting away with it.

But success is an addictive allegorical drug, and false deity love her, Bartlett simply can’t stop lying, as seen here.
I just love it when false patriots play all of their greatest his; illegal aliens arriving with soon to be anchor babies, immigrants who are in fact, dangerous terrorists, and who can forget the old trope oif the diseased immigrant bring the chilling spectra of death to the front door of innocent Americans. And all of it, is pure bullshit. And yes, Bartlett is aware that it is.

At the moment, the estimated population of America sits at 331,449,281 million, give or take a few as of the 2021 census, so 8 million more people within its borders, is literally a drop in the bucket. We have the infrastructure necessary to absorb these people, and thanks to the efforts of the poet American Emma Lazarus, it’s literally the credo inscribed upon the Statue of Liberty: AKA; “The New Colossus”:

”Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand. A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame. Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name. Mother of Exiles. from her beacon-hand. Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command. The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she, with silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming sharre. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

If you would, take particular note of that highlighted paragraph, for it literally spells out what America openly exports- unfettered hope and the opportunity for the people that Bartlett so clearly despises, to achiever the kind of life that bigots such as the previously named above, as well as Bartlett herself, take for granted, and think is solely their birthright alone.

SPOILER: it isn’t, and nit ever was, as the entire premise of America itself is to serve as a welcoming enclave for those fleeing war, crime, violence, and horrendously fatal poverty, on a scale that a hateful bitch such as Bartlett can barely comprehend, much less stand against.

Like it or not, America is still regarded as a beacon of hopeful renewal. Or at least it was, until racists such as Bartlett and her fellow bigoted ilk decided to collectively and deliberately, to disregard what America represents to the world entire. While we native-born citizens as a rule, refer to America as the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”, we might as well just be walking around and saying to the same said world;

America is made better by immigrants. It’s made stronger by the diversity that they provide. It’s made far more culturally interesting by the numerous and positive differences that they present to us, albeit their religions, their customs, or their respective languages. And I challenge anyone to tell me with a straight face no less, that “our” food is better than theirs, because it sure as fuck is not.

And yes, I will be fucking fight you on this. Come at me, bro… I’ll be standing over by the taco truck parked out front of my local carnicería. Just let me finish my Carne Asada first, and we’ll get to scrapping.

However, Bartlett doesn’t see it that way, preferring instead, to let her all-too-real ignorant bigotry take the reins, rather than an actual fact- based argument for excluding those who seek refuge here. For even though immigrants across the board, have helped elevate this country into something truly unique, Bartlett still propagates the proven falsity that the persons who have willingly emigrated here, secretly harbor an unchecked hatred for America.

Which of course, is 100% pure Grade-A horseshit, no matter how she steps in it.

Nevertheless, Bartlett treats it as Gospel, which is somewhat ironic, considering her faux sense of adherence to actual Christian principles, as evidenced by this vilely misinformed post, wherein she crafts a patently false narrative, combining racial degradation, and her blatant misunderstanding of just how the Constitution actually works, into a self-owning masterpiece:

I love to break this to Bartlett, but as a rule, women who come to America from foreign countries steeped in state-sponsored misogynistic oppression, generally don’t come here for more of the same, whether she chooses to believe it or not. And as to her commentary about such women talking “trash” in order to “change” America into the very same place that they most likely fled from?

Well then, I guess I’d have to point out that it’s her party who’s actually trying to do just that in this country, far more than the immigrants who freed themselves from same said oppressive states. Proof of this theorem, can be found in just how the GQP mocks and attacks sexual assault victims, how it’s currently supporting a convicted rapists’ run for president, and how its ripping away women’s body autonomy, by scandalously overturning the precedent set by Roe vs. Wade, has resulted in incidents like this:

That’s right… in America, the so-called land of “Freedom,” women are now being forced to make a choice between fleeing their home states in order to get the medical care required for a personal healthcare decision that is nobody’s business save their own, or choosing to comply with the unconscionable laws quickly being enacted within the metaphorical boundaries that are rapidly transforming America into the once-fictional, yet completely totalitarian, Republic of Gilead

But please Judy Bartlett, do go on about how it’s our settled immigrants who are trying to turn thic country into a place where women aren’t allowed to talk, and not the absolute fucking hypocrites such as yourself, that openly supports the legal and cultural machination of the people who actually are.

Not that Bartlett is aware of her own hypocrisy, of course. Or maybe she is, and the reality is that she just doesn’t care, so long as she can remain immune to the consequences of it. Either/or, as it works for both mindsets, but she’s still complicit in propagating the hate that the GQP has weaponized in order to maintain their tenuous grip in regards to their political power.

And yet despite being so, she still has the cojones to post saccharine-soaked sentiment’s such as this:

Man, I’ve heard of people being ironically clueless, but I never thought I’d ever see the day when the very descriptive itself, was formed into a literal walking analog of it. Let us not forget, that his person who posted this missive to be less ignorant, consistently posts about her love for a fictional deity while ignoring his teachings, degrades human beings fleeing untenable situations, and spreads racially-abhorrent disinformation as easily as she both breathes and slurs.

And sadly, as we’ve seen throughout this screed, she’s not alone in her quest to degeminate hate, paranoic mistrust, and over-the-top xenophobia, despite the fact that she herself suffers not one iota from immigration, or the people who are its literal physical embodiment.

And in the end, how does Bartlett the self-declared Chistian American, truly view these people, and what does she envision as a rational solution to this modern-day refugee crisis, akin to the one that occurred after the partition of India in 1947? Well, even though I’ve been the one “talking” throughout our time together, I feel it would be best if the so-called “Christian”, tells us herself:

“STOP FEEDING THEM, THEY’LL GO AWAY!” says the Christian, who just openly, if not proudly, condescendingly described her fellow humans fleeing desperate situations, as being akin to the alleged  “nuisance” of feral cats begging for haughtily tossed table scraps. I for one, don’t believe in God or his son Jesus on any level, but if he does truly exist, I can’t wait until the day Bartlett’s deity meets her face to two-face, and cunt-punts her straight into the very bowels of Hell itself.

And if the Karmic scales of Justice do weigh fairly true, she’ll be hanging out with all of the other bigoted bozos I’ve presented to you all as well. Which in a way, is what she and they both deserve, and truly want- a place where her fellow members of the bigoted Borg collective, finally get the minority-free safe space that they’ve always prayed for.

Be careful what you wish for, kids. Because sometimes you’ll only get what you deserve, rather than what you want.



“As a nation, we began by declaring that ‘all men are created equal.’ We now practically read it ‘all men are created equal, except negroes.’ When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read ‘all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.’ When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty – to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.” ― Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Letters