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Month: November 2023

Inhuman Rage-sources. Pt.2 (The Crude Twits of Hate)

“Man cannot be homophobic without having concerned himself with another’s sex life.”
– Mokokoma Mokhonoana


Greetings Bitchiteers!

Today’s Word, Topic, and Mental Illness of the Day, is none other than that ol’ Conservative standby; “HATE”. As in; “I love my country, but I hate everyone else who lives in it.” T

his detestation is of course, applied rather unevenly in this republic by its progenitors, depending on whether or not said individuals are women, minorities, non-White immigrants, or those blessedly absent of the absurdist hypocrisy that underpins modern-day Christianity, but outside of that, Conservative hate is the most consistent of all the Hates, and as such, it’s literally a pictograph of who they really are

One switch from the norm though, will be that unlike the last few screeds, I’ll be sticking to a singular issue today, that being the hateful anti-LGBTQ rhetoric that the Alt-Wrong embraces in much the same way that I approach a box of unopened Ding-Dongs. And in order to do this, I’ll be dipping into my screen-grabbed archive of all that is hateful and histrionic, and pulling out some true gems of ignorant spite.

However, before we dive into the fetid swamp of that which is abhorrent, I feel that we’ll need some cultural terminology explained first, as its most relevant to that which will be soon presented for both discussion and dissection. And to start, we’ll go in order of the long-established societal acronyms:

LESBIAN: A lesbian is a woman who is physically and romantically attracted to other women. Interestingly, the first mention of lesbianism in recorded [circa 1700 BC] history, is found within the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi, which legally granted women the authority to marry each other, so take that, you “traditional marriage” morons.

GAY: A person [typically depicted as being a male] who is sexually or romantically attracted to people of one’s own sex. Curiously from an anthropological overview, being openly Gay may have been considered to be not that big of a deal, as some research has suggested that same-sex relations were freely practiced in the Roman world, So, kind of like San Francisco, but with far more toga parties.

BISEXUAL: Diversely demarcated as a person of either sex, who is romantic or sexual attraction to both males and females, thereby making them your best bet for a date at the last moment, but only if you play your allegorical cards just right.

TRANSGENDER: A person [male or female] whose gender identity differs from that typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. Individuals who identify as such, may undergo transition surgery to achieve what they feel is their correct gender, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that same said person now identifies as being either gay, lesbian, or even bisexual. A fact that Neocons still can’t understand, despite the extensive use of educational flash cards and hand puppets.

And finally, we come to the last stripe within the exceedingly diverse rainbow, that being:

QUEER: Also known as “questioning”, it broadly defines itself as being the rejection of everything that’s associated with heterosexuality, but in a positive way/ Sometimes used as a blanket term for being gay, lesbian, or Bi, its meaning continues to evolve as Time and the boundaries of one’s self-defined sexual identity progresses forward.

Now, the motivation as to just why I provided this soon to be relevant information to you, is twofold: the first reason being that I like my readership to have the firmest of grips on the cultural context that I’m presenting, and the second, to once again highlight just how far the Alt-Wrong is willing to go, in its never-ending campaign to remain pathetically mired in its collective ignorance.

To be clear, I’m not labeling them as such due to my annoyance at their believing in situations and things that are contrary to both established reality if not common sense, although to be fair, that is a rather large part of it, but it’s the arrogance they display in doing so, that is truly the irksome thing for me. In this, an interconnected age, there is no reason whatsoever to find yourself uninformed in regards to any topic.

If anything, my general disparaging of such ignoramuses, tends to be based on the fact that they all to a person, openly present themselves as being just the worst people. Case in point, provided ever so graciously by the homophobic horror show that is one Richard C. Smith;
Now, this is a horrid, if not insidiously inhuman story… or it would be, if were anywhere near to being even remotely true. See, like most Conservatives, the emotion is the thing, and not the actual evidence, which I found in quite literally, less than a second, using the very same web capabilities that provided Smith with his asinine and hatefully misinformed meme:

Well, would you look at that? Seems there are programs to aid homeless vets after all, not that Smith actually cares about such unhoused veterans in the first place. For Smith and the others of his ilk, they’re just a convenient prop, whose only purpose is to masquerade their hatred as help, their disgust as devotion, and their ignorance as inspiration. Because when it gets right down to it, their bigotry always floats to the top:

And referring to the political party that unlike his, actually help vets by its actions, rather than by wearing flag pins, and calling it all good, as “Demon Craps”, only goes to showcase both Smith’s lack of intellect and his inability to keep his always-running internal monologue adequately curtailed to its position as such.

Because regardless of their protestations, when it gets right down to it, their bigotry always floats to the top:
Yup. Smith’s assertion, while appearing quite insane, is fundamentally correct. Prior to the year 2000, there was no widespread media representation of the LGBTQ+ community, whatsoever Anywhere. At any time. For instance, you never saw an openly gay character depicted within a successful mainstream movie:

Oops. Bad example. After all, Hollywood is known as “Hollyweird: for a reason. And as Smith was talking about broadcast TV only, I really should stick to that aspect of entertainment, if only to keep it fair. So, as I was saying, openly gay characters being represented, much less multiple ones on mainstream television, prior to today’s over-saturated with such streaming platforms, was never an actual thing to be considered, am I right?
                                                                                                                                                                    Sigh… never mind. As it always seems s to play out with Conservatives, whatever it is that they’re actually talking and/or whining about, is rarely (if ever) what’s actually been occurring, whether that’s within the biosphere of established and applied Reality, or the maniacal sludge pit that serves as their brains.

Rest assured, anytime a Neocon whines about the overbearing cultural reach of PC or “political correctness”, know for certain that its barely disguised code for their wanting to be openly hateful / bigoted / homophobic, but not suffer the inevitable consequences of being so.  

However, while they histrionically demand the right to say whatever they want, no matter how hateful or harmful it may be, don’t you as a Transgender person, dare expect any common courtesy back in regards to what you call yourself, because they, unlike you, have fully unfettered “Freedumb” and all that:

“It’s not my job to perpetuate your fantasy”, says the very same people that mandate that we collectively support the unwanted and illegal intrusion of their imaginary and wholly sociopathic false deity into the underlying processes that facilitate our public schools, non-theocratic government, and private bedrooms, but I guess hypocrites are gonna hypocrite whenever it’s convenient for them to do so.

And BTW Cliff, it’s not “against” your Freedom of Speech for you to be called tout or societally penalized for your homophobic bullshit either, because whether you believe it or not, that’s LITERALLY THE WAY FREE SPEECH IS ACTUALLY INTENDED TO WORK. Now, you would know this if you spent more time reading the Constitution, rather than making erroneous statements regarding its protections, but I digress.

Getting it all wrong, regardless of the fact that thanks to today’s tech one can easily get it all right, seems to be the modus operandi of the GQP’s faithful these days, and nowhere is this proven more prevalent than when it comes to just how they view society as a whole. Not only do they abhor those who are different, they’re also seemingly contact stewing in the stench of their own fecal fallacies as well, rather than make the merest of efforts to educate themselves in concern to a topic they clearly know nothing about:

As regular readers of mine might already know, Mossberg our resident seer of all that constitutes Leftist culturism, has made an appearance or two previously within my screeds, and the societal takes he presented then in regards to gun rights, Feminism, and race-based issues, were just as bereft of intellect as the one he’s so graciously declared here.

So, to recap, Lesbians are “perverts” who “lead” the Gay movements and are without question, all Leftists, as well. That’s quite the unfounded trio of assertions you’ve made, Marlin, but sad to say, it’s not true whatsoever. For as it turns out, watching lesbian porn doesn’t actually make you an expert on Lesbianism, half as much as it makes you an expert on knowing which Lubriderm formulation suits your needs best.

Fevered fantasias of unbridled hostility directed towards the straights as it were, is a key and consistently played component of the Conservative movement’s rationalization for their ongoing series of character attacks on the LGBTQ community, and even though such occurrences are rarer than a Kevin Sorbo movie that’s worth wax thing all the way through, Neocons present this falsehood as if it were the very Gospel itself.

And when no such evidence can be found to support their false narratives of unwarranted hatred for the hetero-based, as it simply isn’t actually a thing of note within the culture of the rainbow, Conservatives, being persons of great moral responsibility, generally tend to sincerely apologize with great chagrin, if not honest remorse. Which, let’s face it, is a sign of excellent personal character.

Just kidding! When they can’t find proof, they do the next best thing, and craft they craft stories that border on the ludicrously unbelievable, if not the outright insane, such as the one presented here by the very real personage of one “TL Maybe”, whom as I just said, is definitely a real person, and not a pseudonym for a wannabe firebrand of fallaciousness, whatsoever:

I’ll take “Things That Never Happened In TL’s Life for 1000, Alex”.

Has anyone else ever noticed that when it comes to stories of Transpersons having public tantrums, the people within it use language and applied contextual absurdity that you’ve never heard anyone utter outside of a poorly written movie? For not only is this tale spun from an amalgamation of a few disparate tales of alleged and certified Transphobia directed at Starbucks employees and customers alike, it’s not even TL’s own story, either.

He literally took some other person’s narrative, and spun it into his, using the lowest-grade bullshot yarn that he had at his disposal, in order to appear to be a victim of the ever-widening scourge that demands the LGBTQ Community be perceived as being akin to the rest of us. And every time I read one of these viral testimonies re-appropriated by a cultural coward, all I can think to say in response is this:
And if I were to be even more specific in my questioning, how in the ever-loving fuck does addressing someone by their chosen name with the most basic of human dignity, affect your life one iota? Does it cause you to question your religious beliefs? Nope. Does it cause you to question your inherent morals? Nope again. Does it impact your friends, family, and intimate relationships? I doubt it.,  

Let me put it this way- I live in the kind of town where I’ve met  random people who go by the appellations typically accredited to celestial objects [“Antare”], animals [“Okapi”], and even fictional characters from “The Hobbit” book series [:Elrond”], and with mythical God as my witness, I know not one, but TWO people who not only call themselves “Sun-song”, but do so without a trace of self-reflection, and I’m just fine with all of it. And do you want to know why that is?

Because unlike Conservatives schmucks such as “TL”, I’m not a sanctimoniously narcissiic jerk who takes to Facebook to brag that even although “I’m not a: INSERT ABOMINABLE CHARACTERISTIC HERE”, I’m still going to post an opinion that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am just that which I claim not to be, as I histrionically clutch my allegorical pearls.

But despite all available evidence that debunks these fanciful chronicles of that which has never-happened and never will be, the insanity concerning such continues unabated, nevertheless. But on the upside, the detestable harpies who are at the core of the perpetual cycle of hateful disinformation and unhinged paranoia, are using basic math to do so.

A bizarre factoid that this artisan of asininity so happily shares with us all, and that, right off of the bat:
For those of you keeping track, a member of the political party that’s been savagely using the TG populace as its personal partisan punching bag for the last few years, is only now, openly questioning as to just why the country is so seemingly “obsessed’ with them, despite their demographic numbers being such a small percentage of the overall population.

Gee, I wonder how that came to be, don’t you? I do however, love her inclusion of the word “WOKE” as a slur, because as we all knew by now, Conservatives have no clue that it actually indicates persons who are aware of, and actively attentive to, issues of racial and social justice, such as Civil Rights for both minorities, as well as the LGBTQ Community. You know… being decent to your fellow humans and all that Socialistic garbage?

“This is another WOKE agenda””, says a person who probably tells everybody within earshot to “wake up”, but I digress. Take all the time you need to process the cluelessness within that one statement alone as I did, and the jump back in when you’re ready so that I can discuss her completely off the rails rant, which is nothing less than a quintessential word salad prepared using both a blender and a liberal dosage of meth amphetamine as a venomous vinaigrette.

There’s the classic misdirection concerning “Big Pharm”, replete with numerous false assertions about TG transitional medical procedures, parental rights, and the mythical “involvement’ of public-school teachers, who now regularly find themselves being painted as the cowardly villains intent on marking them as unwilling candidates for life-altering surgery that quite literally, simply doesn’t happen 1/16th as much as the Alt-Wrong claims that it does.

And in a plot twist that I for one, never saw coming, it closes on the repellent inference that somehow, it’s TG’s who are the ones responsible for multiple illnesses not being cured, and not the non-interest of Big Pharm itself. Truly, an impressive an=mount of hateful bullshit, lovingly crafted into a leaning Tower of Tantrum.

Disturbingly though, Bookman isn’t alone in her said Barbican of Bigotry, for as it turns out, there’s a basement dweller living there as well, and his opinion that pornography is responsible for Transgenderism is just as goddamn stupid as her assertion that teachers are serving as agents for transitioning toxicity:

Um, dude? I’m a 54-year-old white male, and I have seen a lot of porn in my lifetime. Like… tons of it. On a personal level that would make the publisher of Penthouse Magazine the late Bob Guccione, blush like a schoolgirl, and that guy was figuratively up to his gold-chained neck in the production of it.

And as of yet, it never once inspired me to seriously consider becoming Transgender, so much as it installed the never fulfilled hope that one day as I worked my pizza delivery job, I’d run into two buxom blondes who didn’t know how to properly tip using cash, and were forced to get creative on the spot.

Porn doesn’t foster Transgenderism. It may create false expectations of what you can actually expect when you acquire both a backyard trampoline and a willing brunette, but it does not create Transgender people from scratch. Whether you believe it or not, Transgenderism is as settled as your ignorance is deep, and it’s never fading back into the societal shadows, no matter how much you may whine about it.

Speaking of whining, I’d like to reintroduce you all to one Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville, AR, who was the most recent recipient of a four-story arc detailing his inherent love for insane conspiracy theories, acting as Donald Trump’s official bootlicker, and of course, disseminating anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. That is, when he, a man-child in his fifties, isn’t complaining about how the ever-evolving gay culture has ruined the “Transformers”’ cartoon movie franchise.

And yes, you did read that last part right:

I don’t mean to be rude here, but if a TV show from the 80’s aimed at kids still “speaks” to you when you’re a quinquagenarian, then the odds are also probably pretty good that you live at home with your parents, as Seay actually still does, due to both his self-stated Schizoaffective disorder, as well as the reality that he’s seemingly incapable of self-realization in concern to what he actually says and believes.

That aside, I’m not sure what’s truly funnier here, the fact that Seay is offended by fictional characters using modern-day pronouns, or the fact that he’s genuinely mad on the behalf of these characters, who just happen to be INTERGALACTIC ROBOTS, who look like cars, planes, and 18-wheelers albeit ones that can talk, and also shed their earthly disguises by “transforming” back into their true robotic forms.

So, to recap, fictional robots who battle each other with the most varied of melee weapons, still need human-provided protection from the LGBTQ Community and their terminology, because… um.. oh wait, they actually don’t, because they’re FUCKING FICTIONAL CARTOON ROBOTS! However, Seay wasn’t quite done giving his uninformed takes on just what is and what isn’t, certifiably “gay”:

Now, for those who have no idea what Seay is babbling about past his belief that Gay Conservatives don’t exist, even though they most certainly do, [Log Cabin Republicans, anyone?] he’s also once again, displaying his disturbing fixation with the American classical crossover singer Jacqueline Marie Evancho, a topic I covered in detail in my screed  “Seay What? Pt. 2 (A Jackie of all Tirades)”, that posted in August 2023.

Evancho, who not only sang at Trump’s inauguration at the age of 16, when Seay became disgustingly obsessed with her, but who’s also known for being a strong advocate for trans rights as well, due to her brother identifying as one, has drawn Seay’s ire since 2016, for what she’s supposedly “done to him” by showing said support for her kin, despite Seay’s never having met or communicated with her directly,

So, in knowing that, maybe his personal overview on gay issues, should be taken not with a pinch of salt, but with a ton, if only to be on the safe side of things. Specifically, his unchecked and possibly dangerous lunacy. But just how insidiously and truly insane is Seay’s hatred for Evancho, you ask? Well, you tell me, boys and girls:

Yup… this guy doesn’t remind me of Mark David Chapman at all, even with the [at this time] 90+ comments he’s posted in the last four months alone, singling out Evancho for targeted harassment, unwarranted arrest, and even deportation, for the non-crime of loving her Trans relative. But Seay’s paranoia-based enemies list in regards to those who may one day, harm the purity of American Conservatism isn’t complete just yet, and it’s last two entrants are the wildest of dark horses, to say the very least:

OK, I do get just why Seay might not logically think that the LGBTQ Community may not be Conservative overall, since the modern-day aspect of it seems rather intent on eradicating them out of existence, I must admit that the unforeseen inclusion of both “Witches” and “Mormons” has thrown me for quite the existential loop.

While the topic of whether or not Witches politically lean towards liberalism or conservativism as a unified demographic, is truly open for a round or two of spirited (no pun intended) r donate, the suggestion that Mormons aren’t, really isn’t. By way of example, if Mitt Romney is your idea of a quintessential Liberal, then I can only assume that you regard Jeffrey Dahmer’s home-cooking as the height of daring epicureanism.

Seriously… “Witches”? Is this a rising political movement that I somehow didn’t see coming? I mean, I know I’ve been really busy as of late, but you’d think that something like that would at least make a few ripples in the news, to say the very least. For fuck’s sake, doesn’t the Alt-Wrong have enough imaginary enemies on their allegorical plate already without having to add in ones that make eye of newt milkshakes?

After all, when you’re already belaboring under the delusion that your side are the “good guys”, despite all evidence to the contrary, there’s more than enough dimwitted density to carry you and your inanity over the finish line of fallacy, and straight into the locker-room of sheer lunacy.

For as this self-declared and often wrong “Prophet” by the name of Maggie May so perfectly illustrates, the singular difference between crafting a word salad and mixing a mojito for morons, is all in just how badly you muddle the premise, the context, and the reality of what you think you’re saying, but in the end, fail to do so:

As long as I may get to live, I never thought I’d see the day where even Paranoia itself, wouldn’t want to be seen in public at a Trump rally with a specific person, but here we are at last. It’s truly a shame when you can’t blame stupidity such as this on mental illness, as we so halfheartedly can in Seay’s ever-increasingly disturbing case, but as it’s become clear, inherent idiocy in the GQP isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.,

For instance, we have this post here, which mewls about just how “difficult” it is to teach kids about “the birds and the bees”, in an era when most kids already know far more about them than their uninformed parents do, by the time said parental units decide to have the “talk” with them:Has anyone else ever noticed that when Neocons finally and directly discuss the facets of human sexuality with their kids, they always have to talk about the genitalia of strangers as they do so? And it’s always specifically related to penii, for some strange and later eventually reveled in therapy reason?   But a valid question was politely inferred, and it should be addressed.

So how does a parent explain the Birds and the Bees in this, an age of expanded sexuality? I would suggest in the same direct fashion that they explained just how a self-declared and eventually convicted abuser of women who bragged about grabbing women by their “pussy”, is serious contender for being the GQP’s go-to candidate for the 2024 presidential race.

That abhorrence aside, not only do kids not give a damn about this sort of stuff, they also don’t think about it with half as much of the unnecessary detail that these seemingly obsessed adults do. I’m sure there’s nothing to unpack there, right? And honestly, even less to explain, as I was more than happy to point out:

And BTW, these are also the same people who don’t want their kids to be subject to sexual education classes in their school, but whom are also surprised when it’s reveled that their precious Timmy has knocked up a fellow, classmate, because he has the sexual knowledge of a 1950’s era Sunday School pamphlet.

And when you throw in the TG component, that’s when things get really trying for today’s Conservative parent, who while knowing nothing about the subject, still has opinions about it that match their ignorance:

Yes, Norma …” they” shouldn’t be able to judge anyone or anything within their sphere of actually informed experience, especially when going up against persons, who’ve taken it upon themselves to go out and do their own “research” in regards to a wide range of topics.

Say, like the COVID Pandemic and its related vaccines, the J6 Riot, Trump’s unquestionable guilt regarding his convictions for fraud and sexual battery, his hush-money-compensated acts of adultery, his attempt to overthrow the results of a free and fair election that he lost, and the treasonous theft of classified documents that threatened America’s national defense and ally relations, but please do go on with your astute observations, if you would be so kind.

But who really is this woman, who while complaining about judging others, as she herself hypocritically judges them? Well, in case you were actually wondering what type of person Strydio actually is, she’s a self-declared Christian [of course] who posts commentary concerning people that Jesus himself would openly praise as representing the best PR work he’s seen of late for promoting the work of his long-time associate…… Satan, whom Strydio will get a chance to meet, right after JC kicks her hateful ass out of Heaven, and straight into Hell’s waiting room. Not because she’s anti-Gay mind you, although that is part of it, but because like most of us here on earth, even mythical God too, really hates hypocrites. Especially those who quote his words as they use them as disingenuous cover in order to disseminate their bigotry.

Say, like Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger, who, despite being depicted in no less than three previous Artbitch screeds, [AB Archive: “Debbie Does Malice” series] still shows no sign of turning off her personal tap of hate for all things gay and/or willingly unknown to her, anytime soon. In fact, Harshbarger seems to be a relatively bottomless reservoir of unhinged odium in regards to a wide range of topics, but her anti-LGBTQ sentiment is where she truly emanates the intellectually void stench, she’s best reviled for.

For while Harshbarger is quite fond of openly posting stuff like this, which on the surface at least, belies the reality that at her core, she’s nothing less than the most hateful of histrionic homophobes…
… they only exist to serve as sanctimonious window dressing in order to belie the reality that at her core, she’s actually the walking embodiment of the most hateful of histrionic homophobes, even on her so-called best day. I don’t say this lightly. I don’t say this flippantly. And I sure as fuck, don’t say this without the proof of receipt, graciously provided by Harshbargar’s own words plucked from her venomous carousel of Christian cravenness:

Let’s start off with this Lamb of God’s respect for her fellow humans, especially when it comes to first introductions, because I do believe that Harshbarger could learn a valuable lesson from the edict within, Proverbs 22:24-25, which suggest that we: “Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man thou shalt not go: Lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul.”

However, as I’m fairly confident that being such a devout Christian, who’s so deeply steeped in the ways of the very Word itself, that this warning in no way, shape or form, could ever be directly applied to how Harshbarger chooses to comport herself when out and about in public. If anything, I’m sure she’s an absolute peach:

Well, there goes that theory of expected graciousness under societal pressure, right out the goddamn window. I’m certain that Jesus would be ever so proud to see just how much of his teachings that the ol Debster hers has successfully absorbed.

 In fact, I’m so inspired by Debbie’s courageous duality in being both a faux Christian, as well as presenting herself as a truly awful human being for no definable reason, that therefore, I will no longer be addressing her by the nomenclature she specifically prefers.,

Instead, I will now refer to her as “Debbie Dumbass”, because I refuse to support her slandering the LGBTQ Community as being mentally ill, when she’s the one who purportedly believes in the reality of an all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing, celestial Sky-Daddy deity, actually existing. Seems fair, given the circumstances, and all that.

But trust me, Debbie Dumbass has nitwittery to burn for days, and she’s not afraid to light it up:
Oh, look… the cultist who promotes the conspiracy theories of a violent subculture that routinely legislates Hate Crimes into Law, has an opinion about alleged harassment by a demographic that she attacks consistently, and without prior provocation, I’m sure that’s worth the weight of the water that she’s been carrying for the cause of hateful Conservatism since she discovered that Gay people have rights, too.

I do love however, that Debbie Dumbass ranked the LGBTQ Community wanting “equality” as being supposedly akin to the imaginary violence that she claims is currently happening, even though we all know no such actions are taking place anywhere outside of the fetid cabbage that is DD’s hate-fevered mind.

See, the last time I checked, refusing amenity when you’re a business that serves the general public on the basis that you’re offended by how a stranger lives their private life, is considered under the current laws as being either discrimination and/or bigotry, depending on the circumstances involved.

Also, no one has ever been seriously threatened with prison due to the lack of proper pronoun usage, but I guess when you’re a withered and societally useless elderly homophobe, everything you don’t want to understand is the gravest of threats. Speaking of which, we’re now TEN months into 2023, so when exactly, are the executions at the hands of the LGBTQ horde going to start, Debbie Dumbass?

Tell me- are they waiting for Christmas, just so they can really rub the lack of Jesus at such an event, in your face? As well as the custom catering, which you just know, will be beyond absolutely fantastic? In addition, the last time I saw a mentally ill subculture being openly  “promoted” by governmental, media and corporate interests, was when I saw your inbred cabal storming the US Capitol on J6.

And as for the snuff film Drag Queen / Mutilation of children fantasy that you’ve got running on a perpetual loop inside that nattering noggin of yours, I’d suggest that whatever prescription medication you’re currently abusing, should either be reduced or eliminated completely, because it ain’t mixing well with your homemade hooch, anymore. Evidence of this theorem of mine, as follows:

Yup. Nothing says “I’m 100% sane regarding the issue of Transgenderism” like screaming in all-caps on asocial media post where you’ve substituted your normal profile picture of you as the female you are, with the photo of the disgraced male politico that claims that windmill noise causes cancer, let me tell you.

And as an aside, “Transgender”: is not a “made up word”, you delusional dingbat, for I literally used it to open up this screed which characterizes the idiocy of dumbfucks such as yourself. Not only is it in the dictionary, it’s in medical journals, esteemed novels, celebrated movies, and the wellspring of modern-day culture itself.

In addition, Debbie, you’re declaring anyone as being mentally ill, when you still express belief in an all-powerful, all-seeing, celestially resurrected deity who can mercurially grant wishes no less, is quite the hypocritical take, so maybe you should just sit this one out. Just saying. However, when it comes to the subject of what words are actually made up, “Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger’s actions and proclamations make Jesus proud”, would probably be a good place to start.

And when that’s been analyzed to death as it should be, we can then move on to Harshbargar’s next compiled list of genderized fearmongering, which if anything, just goes to prove that her knowledge of gender fluidity, is just as informed as her understanding of what century she currently resides in. Albeit hatefully, of course:

Um, Debbie Dumbass? Not all women have periods, nor can they all give birth, either. And judging from your lack of regular typeface to address your willing ignorance, it’s also obvious that you’ve never heard of the term “Hermaphrodite” or the medical condition known as “Hermaphroditism“, describing such, which while rare, .is the most common intersex condition to be found within South Africa, of all places.

Go ahead and make your racist joke Debbie, for I’m sure you have one just waiting in reserve. But maybe I’m being overly optimistic that you will, given the fact that you don’t “care what anybody says”, even if unlike you, they’re actually well-versed in the particular subject that you so ardently researched by reading memes instead of a book, a research study, or the published work of those considered to be lauded experts in the field that taxes your already overloaded intellectual grasp.

Such a limited capacity in regards to one’s critical thinking skillset might hamper a normal person rather drastically, but as we previously saw throughout the Debbie Dumbass story-arc, ol Debbie isn’t prone to such contemplative self-reflection. Not by a long shot, or even one that’s near, either.,

However, she is more than able to dig deep when it comes to displaying the mentally-bereft thought process that one day hopefully soon, will cause her to be forcibly placed inside a secured room wallpapered in traditional bouncy castle. And if you don’t believe me, just peruse this not insane at all posting, in which she odiously opines about just what the TG Community is “really” up to:

Yessiree, Bob, nothing insane about this dimwitted diatribe, now is there? I hate to break this to Debbie Dumbass here, but the TG “agenda” as it were, centers around one thing, and one thing only; the right to live their lives free of the lunacy that jackasses like ol’ DD here self-generate as if it were the flop-sweat that forms every time she realizes that they have the legal right to do so.

However, let me address one of the other takeaways from this collectively paranoid shitpile, if I may, as her focus on the supposed scourge of “Transhumanism”, is one of the most unhinged claims to be found within this miasma of mental misfiring. Not excluding the other crazy as fuck examples, she foisted upon us, which can only be resultant of when you use spray-paint in an ventilated room, that is.

For those not in the know, Transhumanism is the interesting theory that humankind can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, by the means of science and technology, which overall, actually sounds pretty badass to me, given my ongoing health issues in concern to my eyes and diabetic-related neural pain management. If I could find myself supremely bettered by the introduction of tech into my regimen, not only would I do it without question, I’d rent myself out for demonstrations of it, at Costco.

Because you just know that they’d be all over it. Is her declaration of an insidious cabals’ agenda nuts? Oh, hell yes, it is. Would she see it that way? Most definitely not, for when that day comes when she finds itself locked away in that padded room, built exclusively to contain both her main personality and the one that she keeps hidden away until she’s in front of a computer keyboard, it’ll be enacted, if not for her owe safety, then most certainly, to protect those who find themselves sadly within her hateful proximity.

A state of self-induced psychosis, that hilariously manifests itself into the lowest caliber of inadvertently unaware self-ownership, as evidenced by this post which serves far better as a personal confession, rather than as a targeted accusation of any merit:

Let’s check the relevant boxes on the collective list here

Which political party is it, that’s been issuing false claims about masks, obsessing over kid’s sexuality, blocking abortion access, disparaging pronoun usage, slandering BLM, disparaging feminism, promoting censorship, and demanding that unchecked governmental power be given to a winnable Fascist, all while making a mockery of family values, ignoring God’s edicts, attacking communities that they don’t like, stripping away individual freedoms, and sticking their noses in people’s private business?

Go ahead. Take all the time you need. And don’t forget to Google for the actual answer, if you get stuck.

Nevertheless, as is the way with all hypocrites, Debbie Dumbass never misses an opportunity to reveal who she really is, even when she doesn’t mean to. I’m not sure if it’s an instinct or an unavoidable compulsion, but either way, it’s gloriously cringe-inducing in its arrogant cluelessness:

“Amen” says the two-faced dissembler who spends a great deal of her free time unwarrantedly judging those who’ve never done a thing to her, while demanding the mantle of virtuousness be hers. JFC, if this disingenuous twunt us the best talent that God can successfully recruit, no wonder the Rapture is taking so long to implement.

Yet, Debbie Dumbass is not the lone standout when it comes to engaging in rampant pretense, for there are others waiting in the shadows of the World Wide Web such as Dave Burggraf, who while giving what could actually be considered good advice, is seemingly unable to follow it, with any modicum of success:
Then there’s Tommy Robson, who “always’ shows people the respect that they deserve, and he does so unconditionally, because he’s not the type to disparage anyone, regardless of who they are or what they believe: Um… is anybody else getting mixed signals here? Well never you fret, because Tommy our paragon of personal veneration, is going to set it all straight for you. And I do mean “straight”:

Tommy is a moronic Transphobe. Tommy does not know that he is. Tommy needs to stop talking about himself in the third person. Tommy requires the services of both a therapist and a grade school English teacher. Also, Tommy is a passive-aggressive racist, which is odd, given his self-declared “respect” for others:

Tommy is seemingly a bigot. Tommy is also a hypocrite. Tommy is dumb. Don’t be like Tommy. And whatever you do, don’t emulate returning guest Marvin Choate, either, because goddam… he just may be far less intelligent than Debbie Dumbass, and trust me, that’s no easy feat to successfully accomplish, even if he does start off with a truly stirring declaration of the unity of community:

“America is not divided by…” says the man who does just that by posting inanity such as this
Yup. America is not divided, but Choate’s limited intellect sure as fuck is.  I’d note that his casual homophobia displayed by his reducing Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders to nothing more than letters, is lame enough, but admitting that he’s creeped out by people that he literally never interacts with, is just the idiotic icing on the proverbial conservative craven cake.

And as to finding one’s self in propinquity to that which “creepy”, this is what Choate actually looks like:

With no due respect, that’s the last face you’ll see, just before the car’s trunk lid closes on you, or it hands you a business card that lets you knew that you’re about to subjected to a sales pitch for upgrading your homeowner’s insurance. Either way, it’s creepy as all heck.

Obviously, I’m kidding of course, for I have no idea what Choate is really like, but his social media postings definitely don’t paint a pretty picture of the man, and they may just collectively be the worst thing to come along since that portrait that he posed for as if he were staging a Post-mortem photography table.

Case/s in point, these fine examples of Choate’s commitment to unified American brotherhood:

Um, none of them actually do Marvin, but as you’re an ill-informed homophobe, I guess I’ll have to cut you some slack, as I’m sure the act of embarrassing yourself I n public, is just second-nature to you by now.

 For the record, according to the data compiled from a number of statical and legal studies, the ratio of “straight” pedophiles to those that identify as being either Gay, Trans, or Gender-fluid, is approximately 11:1, which not only punches a hole in your allegorical hate boat, but does so using that rotting jack-o’-lantern that you call your face. But nevertheless, Choate’s ignorance remains paramount:

Once again, the actual evidence says otherwise Marvin, but I can only guess that when you support a disgraced ex-President who was convicted of sexual battery, long after he bragged about engaging in such, on a “hot mic”, false narratives are all that you have left to offer the conversation, because mythical Lord knows, the met assessment you’ll present to us all, will be twice as stupid:

Liberals are “grooming” children, says the political demographic with one of the highest per capita conviction rates for sexual trafficking, exploitation of minors, and the production of child porn, but please Marvin, do carry on, for as always, your intellectually-bereft takes are nothing less than fascinating.

And as you do, just keep ignoring the rapist running for president, the sexual scandal facer who wants to be Speaker, the two adulteresses whoa cheated on their husbands, one of whom was caught sticky-handed on videotape giving a hand job in a theatre packed with the children you claim you want to protect, as the Floridian brotard that creeps on teenage girls as if it’s his birthright, mewls about ethics.

Now normally, I’d call such selective outrage the height of deliberate hypocrisy, but as is the way of nattering Neocons, when trapped by reality, delving into absurd Fantasy as a defense, is always an option:

I don’t know where these types of events are happening, but they sound absolutely lit. Hell, when I was a kid, the best I could ever hope for was a weekend trip to Mc Donald’s, and even then, there was no guarantee that I’d get what I actually wanted. Which by the way, was a Big Mac, a large fry, and a no-ice-involved Dr. Pepper. Or a Vanilla shake. Either/or. I’m truly not picky.

Getting back on the subject at hand which is  facial at best, I also doubt that Choate even owns a Bible, much less read anything past its first two opening lines, if he actually does. As evidenced by this bigoted bon mot, which showcases not only his indifference to educating himself about the struggles of the LGBTQ Community, but also draws a correspondingly repulsive display of disrespect from one of his equally as hateful friends:

What class. What elegance. What Humanity, am I right? These of course, are also the same people that claim to respect others on Sunday, but do the polar opposite of such, come the dawn of Monday. And what makes this revolting rhetoric even more pathetic, is that their particularly empty lives aren’t affected one bit by the LGBTQ Community at all.

And yet, they use the cover of “protecting the children” to justify their own abhorrence of that which they do not understand, and will never engage in an attempt to do so. An opinion of mine bolstered by the fact that they view even calling some stranger by their name, as being nothing less than a venomous attack on their own sense of well-being. Albeit one that’s been mutated into an allegorical cauldron of seething hatred:

Quick question, Marv? Do you refer to any of the following people by their “real” names?

Pop star Lady Gaga as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? Former Police frontman Sting as Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner? Rapper Ice-T as Tracy Lauren Marrow? David Bowie as David Robert Jones? Noted actor Michal Caine as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr.? Or Elton John as Reginald Kenneth Dwight? Of course, you don’t, because that would be stupid, wouldn’t it?

But addressing a Transperson by their chosen name, is an unforgivable affront to you so far as you’re concerned, because of a lifestyle choice that doesn’t affect you at all? Is that seriously where you draw the line on the dumb as fuck hill you’ve chosen to metaphorically die on? Yup… you’re not the living embodiment of a sanctimoniously self-important dick, at all.

However, Choate’s whining refusal to practice the merest of common civility, has inspired me yet once more, to think that someone needs to be assigned a modern-day nomenclature more in line with their hateful ignorance. To that regard, I believe “Choad” will fill the slot quite nicely, unlike what its definition actually represents. Go ahead and Google the term, for it is assured that you will not be disappointed,

Although to be fair, I can’t say the same for the unfortunate women in Marvin’s life, unsatisfied as they may be, However, I do wish them all the best, if not the biggest. Getting back on track, does anyone out there actually believe that Choad with any unfortunate regularity, is finding himself forced to be in conversational situations with a fair amount of Transgender people?

Especially to the point where he’s become unwarrantedly annoyed with what their preferred nomenclatures just so happen to be? Call me cynical, but I seriously doubt it.

Although to be fair, I can’t say the same for the women in Marvin’s life, unsatified as they may be. Getting back on track, does anyone out there reading this, actually believe that Choad with any unfortunate regularity, is finding himself forced to be in conversational situations with a fair amount of Transgender people? Especially to the point where he’s become unwarrantedly annoyed with what their preferred nomenclatures just so happen to be? Call me cynical, but I doubt it.

Irrespectively however, Choad isn’t quite done with his idiocy just yet, and being a paranoid if not delusional jackass, has developed what I can only say is a most interesting theory that for whatever reason, he felt compelled to share with us all. In retrospect, I’d suggest that in the future he workshops such things before standing behind them, but what do I know?

For unlike he, my brain arrived at the moment of my birth without the trauma of significant shipping damage.

A few questions if I may, Marvin? First, by what societally accepted process are the supporters of Transgenderism going to make women their “slaves”, and second, as it seems that you really don’t appear to have a definitive counter plan in place ready to thwart it. are we then to assume that so-called concerned men like yourself, are just going to idly stand by and let it happen without so much as a challenge being presented?  

And lastly, just how are women “allowing” it to happen, my member of a party that’s hard at work trying to force women back into both the kitchen and the back-alley abortion clinics?

I mean, I would think a man such as yourself who’s so concerned with women being turned into slaves as you put it, would be doing everything he could as a dedicated ally to assist the sisterhood by any means possible, rather than being one who posts women-hating garbage such as this:

Let me tell you all, there’s no better way to show your concern for women than by slighting one as being unattractive because she doesn’t look like the ones you regularly masturbate to. Yup, you as a man in your late fifties, has a far better shot at sexually obtaining that which is on the left, because as we all known, a stunning super model in her twenties with the world at her feet, just can’t resist a guy who looks like this:Sorry ladies, but I believe he’s taken. And if he’s not? Well then, I’m really sorry about that too. Has anyone else noticed BTW, that the main people criticizing women’s weight usually resemble a melted circus peanut, even on the so-called best of their days? I truly don’t want to body-shame anyone here Marv, but there’s a reason why she’s a model, and you’re a cautionary tale involving pork rinds and a bad at home hair dye job.

But Choad isn’t a guy who draws his pro-feminist conclusions based on looks alone, for he’s got lots of other opinions to certify his high respect for womankind, and as you’d imagine, they’re all as equally intellectually devastating as those that have previously come before. Like his take on birth control, for instance:

Granted, you’d be well within bounds if you thought that this assignation was the sole domain of Choad alone, but as his Brylcreem comb-over and Pepsodent breath are allegedly doing all of his heavy lifting these days when it comes to being sexually repugnant, you’d find yourself

Sure, Choad here may possess all the charm of having a Coney Island white-fish wash up onto your beach picnic, but that’s not to say that he doesn’t occasionally make a keen observation, nevertheless from time to time. Take this one for instance, where he, a middle-aged White man of assumed privilege and limited intelligence, draws a parallel to his view on feminists, using Roe vs Wade as its theoretical core:

The answer to this is simple Marv, and it probably has something to do with the fact that far too many men these days are like you, and therefore, not worth having sex with in the first place. Glad I could help you out with that, and feel free to ask for any other societal information that you, might find useful in the future.

But Choad’s flippancy is just a sardonic salve to ease the pain caused by the “truth” of what the loss of Roe vs Wade actually means, and as you can imagine, its reversal is most damaging to the rights, psyche, and well-being of … you guessed it, MEN: You know, the real victims of women’s loss of body autonomy?

 Gee, Marv. I wonder what that is? Maybe it has something to do with women not being under the patriarchal yoke of controlling men as they once were in the past, or maybe it’s due to women wanting to make their own independent choices, or maybe the reason is (GASP!!!) that women in general, have discovered that they don’t need either your validation or your appearance-based criticism, to feel complete.

But as Choad notated, it’s not the women who’ve truly suffered from finding themselves powerless to have a direct say in how they govern their own health, it’s really been the mee who once again, have gotten the proverbially short end of the stick in relation to their definitively short sticks. An unsupported fact that Choad is more than happy to histrionically dramatize as being a problem of biblical proportions:

Say what you will about the never-ending refrain of unwarranted victimhood emanating from the GQP faithful, but their weaponization of it as a divisive wedge in gender-related issues, is a masterclass in Machiavellian manipulation, nevertheless. Only a male conservative could take the concern of women’s body autonomy, and turn it into a venomous attack on the very fabric of America itself.

For the record, Fatherlessness is defined as; “the state of having no father because he is dead or absent from the home.”, and while it does add to the cultural repository of some societal concerns, it hardly qualifies as a “pandemic”, either, as its impact truly depends on the situational context in which it is applied.

A fact that Choad is most certainly aware of, despite his seemingly apparent ignorance of such. And as a person who was raised without the stable presence of a so-called “father”, I take great un=umbrage at Choad’s ill-informed inference that it takes two people to make one person beneficial to society.

However, let us not forget that Choad is ever so concerned about women being forced into unwilling slavery, by those who support Transgenderism and the rights that it is equability guaranteed under the laws of these here United States, because as we’ve seen, he’s all about respecting the sisterhood and as this post verifies, he’s also about shattering the negative stereotypes attributed to it, as well:

The openly public opinions of Marvin [“Choad”] Choate, everyone. A ghastly mélange of homophobic misogyny that just goes to certify the theorem that when it comes to passing as functioning humans, Conservatives might be able to talk the talk, but still can’t get the zipper on their human skin-suits, to go all the way up.

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that Choad isn’t as interested in real women half as much as he is in acquiring a human analog for a blow-up sex doll that comes equipped without a working larynx. But then again, when you find a working intellect, contrasting points of view, and a lack of testosterone-fueled creepiness to be negating factors to your falsely assumed Alpha-male status.

Now, while this misogynistic detour may seem off-topic, I assure you that it is not, as Neocons like Choad revel in being truly awful human beings across the board. Racism, Sexism, Classism, and yes, even the anti-LGBTQ sentiment and the detestable commentary that it foments, all commonly stem from the same source that inspires all such unfounded hate. That being, the dual toxicity of ignorance mixed with fear, 

And nowhere is fusion of malevolent fallacy more prevalent the n when it comes to the yearly celebration know as “Pride” or “Pride Month”, in which the LGBTQ Community openly celebrates who they are and what being such means to them. Such has been the cultural impact of Pride, that come every June, mainstream businesses, public institutions, and the Federal government itself, take part in parades, special incentives, and even the widespread promotion of Gay culture and its relevance to modern-day society.

Naturally of course, Conservatives detest it. Loudly. Bitterly. Immaturely. Insanely. Hatefully. And in some cases, even weakly, as demonstrated by our old friend Marvin Choad’s attempt at humor here, in which he amalgamates gun rights with the audacity of the LGBTQ movement daring to exist:

Checkmate” says the troglodyte who to this day, finds himself absolutely befuddled by the rules of the game that is Pick Up Stix, but I digress.

This overall idiocy notwithstanding, Choad’s extrapolation that the LGBTQ Community is somehow “untouchable” because of their being granted celebratory month in which to celebrate their culture, despite all evidence to the contrary, is indicative of just how far removed from certified reality that the modern-day Conservative movement finds themselves these days, and most disturbingly, it’s by choice:

In this day and age where one can discover the truth behind almost everything under the sun with just a few swipes of a stylus, ignorance is no longer a valid excuse for one’s lack of knowledge, especially when that lack is deliberately willful. While It’s one thing to be uncomfortable in a contextual situation that’s at odds with either your limited understanding or personal code of morality in relation to it, the act of keeping your intellect purposefully gaslit in order to avoid discussing such, is quite another matter entirely.

As is demonizing it, just so you can feel morally superior, as these examples so clearly showcase:

Oh, the horror of it all- wherein a routinely marginalized and threatened demographic whose lifestyle doesn’t affect actually anyone, save for bigots that is, being allowed an entire month that forgoes addressing just how bad White Middle-class Conservatives have it these days. Seriously… you have no idea.

In fact, such adversity even inspired an editorial cartoon: reflecting the exhausting struggle of having to put up with rainbows, the tenets of basic human dignity, and just minding your own damn business for once that PRIDE evokes within a time span that’s far shorter than the time Conservatives spend obsession over its now socially-accepted yearly return, as spiteful homophobes such as Marvin Choad, are apt to do:

Yup. Nothing more strenuous than having to grant people their unfettered right to exist outside of the shadows once a year, let me tell you. It’s amazing that we as a country somehow manage to get it through it all without suffering near-fatal attacks of self-righteousness, is it not?

All jokes aside, mentally-challenged -and-n-the-closet cases like Choad really shouldn’t worry about PRIDE though, because unbeknownst to most, a fellow hater by the name of Norma Zekaria, has devised a brilliant solution to the scourge of having to treat the LGBTQ Community as actual human beings once a year, and it’s both elegant and practical in the long run.

So, in essence, everybody gets their own month? Seriously…  why has nobody thought of this absolutely genius idea before now, and why weren’t “HETEROEXUALs” part of the planning committee right from the start? Also, would it be rude of me to assume that they’re like “Heterosexuals”, but with far less homophobic baggage? Man, you really do learn something new every day. Like using spell-check, for instance.

I love to break this no you Norma, given your online boot-licking love for all things Conservative and fraudulent, but heterosexual [correct spelling\ White people already have a celebratory period. It’s called “Every other month that isn’t June”, and as you’re not a bonified member of the Male Christian Whites academy, I would think that you knew that already, but boot-lickers are gonna boot-lick, I guess.

See, even if every race got its own month, it wouldn’t ease tensions, because when it gets right down to the brass tacks, one demographic would be sure to complain about such commemorative assignations, nevertheless. And we already know who that would be, don’t we?  Rest assured, it wouldn’t be the people of color or differing sexual orientation, so much as it would be the ones who can’t abide having the attention taken off of them, if even for the merest of moments.

And as usual, “they” in the form of Marvin Choad yet again, provide the proof of concept, almost as a reflex:

Aww…. sounds like somebody’s jealous that they aren’t the focus of the world entire, and they’re all butt-hurt in regards to it. Pity that they only have the other 11 months of the year to whine about it. And may I also point out, that for someone who “doesn’t care” about LGBTQ related issues, you sure do seem to talk about such… a lot.

Tale note as well, that the very same people who call the cops on African-Americans for doing anything, who deride Mexicans regardless of birthright or legal status as being “lazy”, and who openly legislate to assure that women, Gays, Lesbians, Transpersons, non-Christians, and the variance of America’s assorted minorities remain designated as being no more than second-class citizens within their own country, are the ones who as always, would be the actual speed-bump toward fostering true equality for all.

In regards to the ludicrous demand that Whites both deserve and should get their own note-worthy month, I’d still begrudgingly admit that this asinine response far outweighs the unnecessary and over the top disrespect shown by these textbook examples of what happens when a grade school bully made it to adulthood without ever getting their asses deservedly kicked when they needed to be:

Keep in mind kids, that these two jackasses are what the Conservative base considers to be “good people”, these days when compared to the LGBT Community that they regard as degenerates, despite the undeniable reality that such a descriptive is blatantly slanderous, when their own transgressive beliefs are taken into measured account.

Implied violence and validated abhorrence in lieu of civilized debate? What fine people they seem to be.

If I presented you with en to one odds and dollars to doughnuts, how many of you out there would lay serious money down on the wager that if either one of these two cravens came within spitting difference of a Gay person, they’d run home and hide under their bed as if the Boogeyman were after them? 

Whereas Rich Pohl’s threat of implied violence directed at the LGBTQ Community is pathetically cringe-inducing at its best due to its broadcasted validity that Pohl himself is a coward, its wretchedness pales in comparison to the rancid representation of PRIDE’s iconic flag by the obviously false-named “Homer Puhdnarker”, whose Factbook page is simply rife with material that not even a 14-year-old reprobate would find amusing, unless of course, he was just as pathetic as “HP” purportedly is:

Wow. Just…  wow.

A joke about sexually assaulting a woman visually, and another about sexually assaulting [via incest] what appears to be a minor child. And yet, this jackass infers that the LGBT Community are the truly perverted ones deserving the mantle of disrepute? When you consider that posting these two venomously disgusting items was a conscious choice on HP’s part, the reason why I used the term “purportedly” in describing his intentions, makes a lot more sense in situ.,

See, when someone engages in the lowest of repulsive Alpha-wannabe posturing such as this, it’s usually an indicator that they’re either a sexually inept loser with no definable impact upon their own life or that of others, or that they’re so far back in the closet, they already know what next year’s Christmas gifts are going to be, because they’re sitting on them. Take your pick. It’s always going to be one or the other.

Once again, I present you with proof of concept:

I won’t speak for you of course, but doesn’t it strike strange that the most virulent of homophobes seemingly spend way too much of their free time thinking about gay sex, far more than the people who actually engage in it? I’m certain that there’s nothing to unpack in regards to that closet, as I’m sure we’ve all let this meme’s theoretical scenario play out in our heads every now and then.

Oh wait, we actually haven’t, mainly because you don’t actually think about such stuff when you’re “straight”.

I’ll be addressing the overall crudity of the homophobic hooligans a little further down the road within this piece, but for now, let’s just consider that a warmup for future wretchedness as it were, and move on to the next topic, that being, the ridiculousness of heterosexual self-importance finding itself wounded, and taking the most direct action against such an unforgivable transgression, by engaging in the practice known as “boycotting”:

Let me start off my remarks by saying that boycotting does work… but really only when such a tactic is put into play by Liberal interests. This is not to say that Liberals have greater resolve in sticking to their metaphorical guns, it’s more based upon the reality that when Conservatives boycott a business, a product, or the endeavors of a specific person, they often do so for reasons that are at best, absurdly petty, if not wholly ineffective overall.

Think about the faux outrage over Bud Light having a Transperson as a spokesmodel, and you’ll get what I mean. Keep in mind if you would, that these same said geniuses abandoned NIKE after the company hired Colin Kapernick, swearing allegiance to the Converse brand, instead only to discover to their horror and our amusement, that Converse is actually owned by NIKE.

You literally can’t make the stuff up, but mythical God above, does the red-meat dog-whistle responding base of the Alt-Wrong ever try, bless their blackened little hearts. But to be fair, this sort of asininity in action, is far less painful to observe than when they started filming themselves burning, smashing, and blowing up items that they had ALREADY PURCHASED as a way to ”even the score” with the “woke” companies who thanks to them alone, already had their money.

However, a boycott based on who a business specifically serves or caters to once a year, versus one that addresses a morally troubling issue, say like unsafe working conditions, rampant worker exploitation, inherent racism, unchecked sexism, or any of the other forms of discriminatory behavior, brings an entirely contextual parallel to the action, albeit one that’s been put into repugnant practice before, and that, with truly horrific results:

The musical composition of the song may change, but the lyrics remain exactly the fucking same: fear the other, the outsider, the different than you, or perish at their hand. Just replace “parasite” with “pervert”, “Fag” instead of “Juden”, and “pedophiles” in lieu of “Untermenschen”, sand you too, can justify or capitalize your hate crime to the point of either running for political office, or playing the true victim, yet again.

And if your malevolent machinations find themselves exposed to the daylight of truth, don’t worry, for all you need do is follow the advice of Joseph Goebbels, who was the chief propagandist for the Nazi Party under Hitler, and who once advised: “Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty”, and just watch the tide turn away from you and drown your adversary in deflective waves, as they struggle to defend themselves from your false allegations.

Proof of concept, as well as a case study in historical ignorance, provided by one Kurtis Hawkins:

Would this be a bad time to point out to this histrionically dense jackass, that the Gay community in Hitler’s pre-war Germany was not only actively targeted by the Nazi’s for being Gay, but were persecuted and sometimes murdered for being so as well, or should I just let him figure that horrendous factoid out for himself?

Decisions, decisions… and none of them good. Now, I know that as a rule, Neocons are insensitively dumber than dirt at the best of time, but comparing the LGBTQ Community to the political movement that murdered six million Jews, plunged the world into World War Two, and whose leader still inspires the modern-day White supremacist movement, shouldn’t be considered as being beyond the pale?

This isn’t a question of optics, or a difference of opinion, this is the forgoing of all ethical Humanity.

However, slippery slopes are how the Conservative movement picks up societal speed, and boycotts are one of the best ways for them to acquire the attention that they crave, even if such comes off as being asinine beyond belief. Take for instance, this “warning” of an industry that is just (GASP!!!) simply infested throughout with all shades of the LGBTQ rainbow:

This just in: water is wet, fire is hot, snow is cold, beach sand is coarse and gets into everything, and Pinky Thompson may be the only person on the planet who has no freaking idea with just whom the fashion industry is staffed. A fact that I was more than happy to point out:

Now, while Thompson’s warning is dumber than fuck, it pales in comparison to the faux outrage that Conservatives threw at the Disney Corporation and its respective theme parks after they released the following statement: on Florida’s Nazi-esque “Don’t Say Gay” bill that eventually, we signed into hateful law:To quote the Chicago-based wizard Harry Dresden in author Jim Butcher’s phenomenal book “Storm Front; “You don’t go walking into the proverbial lion’s den lightly. You start with a good breakfast.” And boy oh boy, did Disney obviously ever eat a hearty one just before chewing on the Florida legislature’s allegorical ass s a pre-dinner snack.

In a move that everyone with an actually working brain saw coming, one of the world’s biggest media empires dared suggest that the LGBTQ Community be tested as actual human beings worthy of dignified respect, instead of happily jumping aboard the modern-day Führersonderzug [“Fuhrer’s special train”] presently being driven by Florida’s current part-time governor and full-blown fascist, Ron De Santis.

And the reaction from America’s ever-so-sanctimonious Conservatives, was exactly what you’d expect: from a bunch of pearl-clutching histrionic hateful harpies. That being, an over-the-top wave of scurrilous slander, vitriolic vehemence, and unhinged lunacy akin to the “Satanic Panic “ of the 1980’s. And if you think I’m being overly dramatic, keep in mind that I wasn’t the mentally meandering moron who posted this:First off Dave you dimwit, God is, much like your sense of Humanity, Christian faith, and supposed possession of a working intellect, a damnable myth. Second, Disney is not a place, it’s the name of the company that owns Disneyland and Disneyworld, so please get you word choices correct next time, if only for the sake of not looking like the total idiot we know you to be. And lastly, Disneyland / world are NOT a “Satanic Altar”, for this is what one actually looks like, depending on the personal decorating sense of the disciple involved:

Glad I could help clear that moronic misconception up for you, Dave. Feel free to ask me if you require any further clarity as to why your perception of established reality may necessitate the application of both future medications, if not intensive and hopefully invasive, mental therapy.

Speaking of which, the same sort of medical intervention should probably be applied ASAP to the nimrod who came up with this questionably brilliant “Gotcha!” social media-based gambit, as it’s one that even Stevie Wonder could see through, and that Disney will just laugh it’s sitting on piles of cash ass, off at:

Truly, a deviously simple plan, is it not? I for one, can’t see this as being anything less than an unqualified success.

Just think how much easier it will be to suss out morons such as Rhodes, with them posting blatantly clear code words such as these to assist us. I mean, the red hats, bumper stickers, and diesel trucks belching black clouds od carbonized death that figuratively scream “I’M OVERCOMPENSATING FOR MY SHORTCOMINGS!” are useful tools and all, but this is really going to help us whittle down the old “Facebook Friends” list in the end, let me tell you.

Nevertheless, Rhodes, ever the pragmatist carries on with his Disney delusion, because when one commits to a self-imposed mental impairment, you might as well goi in all the way up to the ass you’re talking out of:

I hate to have to admit it, but Rhodes is 100% right, strangely enough. This is not the Mickey Mouse I grew up with, nor is it the Disney created cartoons that I remember from my childhood, either. And for that, I am eternally grateful, since I recall seeing scores of vile imageries such as this, throughout their catalog in my youth:

If you need an actual reason to dislike Disney past it’s assembled acts of worker exploitation, efforts at union busting, alleged inherent sexism, and refusals to adequately compensate its creative team members, then this past history is really the place where you should start, rather than its attempting to keep up with an ever-evolving modern audience.

Nevertheless, these far-too-real imaginings naturally of course, begs the question: if Rhodes is upset that Disney is keeping in lock-step with the current cultural norms, does this mean that he misses this sort of depictive referencing as well? This is not to say that Rhodes in any way, shape, or form, harbors racist tendencies, but it is a given that if one holds views that are ignorantly bigoted, as most Conservatives seem to do these days, that hatred tends to spill over into other trains of thought. Just saying.

But thinking outside the FOX box is hard when you’re a demagogue, as this post by Dave Burggraf attests to:Sorry to burst your bubble Dave, but I believe you’re thinking about the modern-day GQP, whose leadership roster includes such normal figures as Jim Jordan ,who covered up a collegiate scandal involving the abuse of student athletes, Matt Gaetz, who’s alleged to have had inappropriate relations with underage girls, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is a known adulterer, and Lauren Boebert, who besides being an adulteress as well, was recently caught on security cameras giving a hand-job in a theatre full of children to her date for that evening,

And of course, who can forget Donald J. Trump, the serial adulterer, lecherous procurer of porn star trusts and payoffs, who’s also been credibly accused of not only lusting after his own daughter, but who is also a convicted sexual batterer as well, far too long after he admitted on tape that as he was famous, it was ok for him to sexually assault women he found attractive.

Not to mention, when it was alleged that he raped the woman whose claim led to his conviction, rather than simply come right out and say that he didn’t, he claimed that he wouldn’t, because she wasn’t, and I quote; “his type”, which of course, implies that out there is a type of woman who most certainly is. But please, Dave, you were talking about pedophiles and perverts, and I’d hate to interrupt you with actual case studies of such.

As it stands, actual facts don’t matter to the Disney Doomsayers, half as much as their being able to be smugly self-righteous in their imagined offense, as in the end, that’s all that really matters to them, regardless of whether or not they know what it is that they’re actually supposed to be mad at to begin with.

And nowhere is this theorem of mine verified half as much than within this error-laden post from Vincent Barone, who I can only assume, thinks that “The “Shining” novel by Stephen King, the cinematically  released movie by Stanley Kubrick, and the poorly adapted TV miniseries are all the same thing:

Not surprisingly, this meme is factually incorrect in a number of easily researched ways.

To note, it wasn’t “Toy Story” that got banned in 14 countries, and not “22” , as @sherry2225 falsely asserted, as the move in question was actually called “Lightyear”, and was one that presented an entirely unrelated story set deliberately apart from the original “Toy Story” quartette of films. And in relation to the countries that did ban the film, they did so due to the fact that in those particular backward-ass lands, same-sex relationships are legislatively forbade

Let’s not forget the fact that it was these chaste sane-sex kisses that led to the ban, and not any form of graphic sexual representation of the so-called “Gay lifestyle”, which Conservatives both hate for the fact that it exists, and also love, for the fact that it gives them something else that they can faux-rage over.

Two kisses, on screen for less than a second and a half, in a CARTOON featuring a fictional space ranger who [SPOILERS] after stranding himself and his crew on a hostile alien planet, time-travels with a robotic cat named “Socks”, fights aliens, robots, and even his future older self at one point, and in doing so, learns a valuable lesson about teamwork and personal humility, by the end.

And this, enraged supposed adults so much, that they felt the need to not only embarrass themselves online in regards to it, they felt justified in doing so, because (wait for it) Disney who once portrayed Blacks as being cannibals in early shorts and offensively stereotyped crows in “Dumbo”, and who released “Song of the South”, arguably one of the most racist movies ever made, was now fully “Woke” and it was ruining… well, just about everything under the sun, apparently…

But do you know just why Neocons think labeling something or someone as “Woke: is an insult? Because they’re too stupid to realize it actually means (according to African-American Vernacular English) “a person who is alert to racial prejudice and discrimination”, two things that Neocons enjoy pretending doesn’t actually exist, but not to the point where they’ll fix the underlying causes to ensure that it does not.

However, when presented with the bottommost tier of low-hanging fruit, Conservatives will never pass up the chance to snag it off of the tree, even if it literally affects anyone or anything, as proven by this bizarre amalgamation of two entirely different cinematic takes on questionably  “original “story ideas:

First things first, if I may. To begin, the central plot of “Pauline” the Netflix “Devil” movie in question, has been described as thus: Pauline, the eponymous protagonist, is an 18-year-old who accidentally becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with “Lukas”, who, as it turns out, is actually the (GASP!!!) Devil himself! Now, for some strange reason, this storyline strikes familiar.

But just where have I heard an analogous plot device wherein the Devil impregnates a human, before?

Oh, that’s right: “Rosemary’s Baby”, “The Witches of Eastwick”, “Our Father the Devil”, the “Omen”: film series, the cartoon shows “Little Demon” and “Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil”, as well as Netflix’s “Lucifer”, so obviously, this concept is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s only a “problem” because the modern-day faux-Christian movement requires a high-profile windmill to publicly battle, because when it comes right down to it, addressing the real issues within its purview, if not its rank and film, such as income disparity, racism, misogyny, Trans-hate and homophobia, is far too much of an inconvenient hot potato for their collective liking, and that’s it.

If there is no villain, there is no reason to fight, and with the loss of such, then there’s also are no willing cash cows for the Christian leadership to milk, albeit for either tax-free profit or additional political influence, now is there? If you’re unable or reluctant to take on the literal plagues befalling society, just invent some supposedly far worse ones, and rely on the odds that your ignorant sheep can’t tell the difference twist the twain. Destroying Disney isn’t the endgame here.

But keeping the mewling self-righteous mass of morons distracted, until the next carefully crafted, and mass-marketed “outrage” can firmly take firm societal root? That most certainly is the game plan, and mythical God knows, the Conservative nose employs it as a strategic gambit far better than anyone else these days. Like when they try to amalgamate two disparate subjects into a comparison that just doesn’t work, for instance.

To note, “Sound of Freedom” was a strictly theatrical release in its initial presentation, and the reason why none of the major services mentioned are showing it, is due to both the reality that its distribution rights have been nothing less than an epic battle to get straightened out, along with the revelation that the events depicted within the film, supposedly based on the life of Tim Ballard, the founder of the anti-trafficking group Operation Underground Railroad, were speciously fictionalized for dramatic effect.

A slightly embarrassing plot twist as it were, that surprisingly emanated from Angel Studios itself, who just so happen to be, the film’s chief distributor. In a publicly released statement, Angel acknowledged that the film took “creative liberties.”, or as we call it in the promotional trade, “lying”.

As for the film’s unexpected box-office success, credible claims of it being artificially boosted by the practice of “astro-turfing”, a tactic in which a disingenuous attempt to deceive the public into believing that something, such as this movie, is the commonly held view., even when no such evidence to support such claims, actually exists. In other words, while tickets were sold, the film played to mostly empty theaters, as multiple online videos allegedly purport to show.

But as I’ve said, where outrage doesn’t actually doesn’t exist due to realty being ever prevalent, Conservatives more often than not, are more than happy to disingenuously invent a wellspring of it, if only to justify their sense of sanctimonious smugness, as evidenced here by this absurd posting referencing Ghislaine Maxwell, the convicted procurer for, and the former girlfriend of, the now deceased infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein:

Now why did I call this posting “absurd”; you ask? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that the person who posted it, that being one Judy Bartlett, apparently possesses all the research skills of a mentally-challenged rice cake, which to be fair is far more insulting to the aforementioned rice cake, than Bartlett: herself:

Sigh… some days, I honestly feel that Earth would seriously benefit from either yet another Great Flood, or a one-time winner-takes-all playdate with the asteroid Apophis if only to get us back on the allegorical track. I’m not hoping for a purge of Humanity overall mind you, but rather just those meat-slabs that would be stupid enough to stand in either’s path of eminent destruction and attempt to take a selfie in front of it.

However, that which is painfully ignorant will not be denied its moment on the stage, and when deception fails, as it invariably does in the face of incontrovertible actuality, outside of the dimwitted demographic that rejects such evidentiary proof, the foot-soldiers within this camp, just change tactics, and craft even far more glaring examples of their already overtaxed sense of inadvertent hypocrisy:

On the surface, I actually support the nucleus of this idea, despite the fact that at its contextual core, it’s based on a sense of hate, rather than a need to understand the nuances of American History, which in ways both direct and incidental, have shaped our country into what it is now. Which if I were to be even remotely charitable, could only be considered a capitalistic cluster-fuck of nearly biblical proportions.

However, and despite my optimistic cynicism that eventually one day America will step up to its promise and be the beacon of Hope to the world it claims that it currently is and even more dishonestly, always has been, I still would like to point out one the undisguised hypocrisy relevant within this jingoistic statement. If one is to believe that the men and women who died for this country offered up their lives to protect its founding ideals, do you think they did so, hoping that it would turn out to be like tit is now?

I mean… do you really think they’d be happy to discover that after surrounding their lives in the name of Liberty, Freedom, and what the Flag itself is supposed to represent, that the full brunt of legislative power was being brought to bear against the civil rights of Women, Minorities, the Poor, the non-Christian, and the LGBTQ Community? Sire, some might, as it was a different time, but most wouldn’t. Of that, I’m sure.

And given just how Conservatives use our veterans as disposable props, and that their leadership fails to deliver on their end of the bargain for these people willingly placing themselves in harm’s way for us, I seriously doubt they’d be cool with just how their courageous sacrifice has been culturally devalued. It inspires parades, it inspires the wearing of flag pins, it inspires grand speeches, but in the end, it doesn’t actually inspire the protection of the marginalized who require it the most.

“Teach them to be grateful that they live in America”, says the meme, and I just have to ask; for what is it that they should be “grateful” for? A government that overall, caters to the whims of the rich and the powerful alone? A country where unrestricted civil rights apply to some, but not others? For displays of inherent racism, misogyny, and normalized anti-Trans/Gay sentiment? For the scourge of crippling income, educational, and career inequality?

Or maybe they should be grateful that in modern-day America, you can be a convicted sexual batterer and grafter, a self-admitted abuser of women, a licentious lech who lusts after his own daughter and pays off porn stars for illicit sex, a draft dodger who praises dictators, and even though you engaged in possible treason by attempting to overturn democracy by fomenting a coup, not only will you still be allowed to run for president again, you may be considered the number one preferred pick for your party, as well.

Yup…. America’s projected visage is nothing less than the allegorical shining city on a hill, is it not? And let’s not forget either, just how “Christian” it is as well, as seen here in posts that if Jesus saw them and had a Facebook account, he would not only designate it as “private”, he’d probably set it up as belonging to Buddha, just so he wouldn’t be bothered by the hatred emanating from these fraudsters in faith:

Such a face-to-face encounter actually occurring, is highly unlikely Mr. Reece, what with “God” being a myth and all, and if he’s not, well then, let me be the first to say that if I were you, I wouldn’t expect a warm welcome from anyplace ethereal other than the one you’ll be rightfully assigned to given your ignorant hate. Best of luck, and don’t forget to stock up on the Aloe Vera.

Trust me, you’ll need it. And If I could, may I offer the same advice to T.P. Harmon, who posted this tidbit of less than sage counsel that’s both wrong, and unasked for, to boot:

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but outside of the designated month of June, when is the LGBTQ Community calling attention to itself to the point where you felt the need to comment on it, T.P.? If memory serves, I see far more anti-gay sentiment online, than I do positive, and the people most seemingly obsessed with talking about gay sex and its accompanying lifestyle, ironically aren’t the ones actually having it and living it, at all. That’s you guys, and I think it’s time you get some help concerning it.

Next up, more moral pointers from a hypocrite, who doesn’t even catch the irony resplendent within his own statement, which while on brand for the GQP faithful, is still fun to make fun of, nevertheless:

When one takes into account Buggraf’s political leanings towards that which is Trumpism, a simple analysis of just how the antics of his mango-man-child checks off this tabulation’s metaphorical boxes as if it were a “to-do” list, makes this affirmation both unintentionally hilarious, as well as cringe-inducingly pathetic. But hey, such is life, and at least it isn’t half as stupid as our next three contestants’ offerings:

As you may have already guessed, all of this wrong, regardless of what this trio of twats wishes to believe. Fore not only does marriage have not a thing to do with God, as it was most often used to secure power, titles, and financial security, it’s also 100% legal in many other countries as well, several of whom passed it into law long before we, the country of so-called “personal freedom”, did. And in the USA, it’s now as common as “traditional” marriages, a fact that I was more than happy to point out to Mr. Radd:

But even with all of that now firmly implanted into the public consciousness, these heralds of hypocrisy-y persist in shoving heir imaginary deity into the societal spotlight as being far more relevant than the entire breadth of established cultural identity. And nowhere is this theorem proven better then by their outrage that the “rainbow” was “taken” from God.

You know, the all-powerful Creator, who despite being such, was seemingly unable to stop a bunch of dykes and queens from seizing one of his favored icons, and making it their very own? Yeah, that checks out, as does the so-called “promise” that God purportedly made in relation to it:

And I was raised to believe that these colors were Yabba-Dabba Delicious, but that’s a discussion for another time I think, as the origin of God’s vow is now front and center on the ol’ discussion deck.

Within Genesis 9-12; God pledges that; “And I will establish my covenant with you, neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth. And God said, this is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:”

In layman’s terms: “I God, now having gotten over my self-induced and ego-driven hissy-fit, during which time I killed almost every single creature thing that I spent a week throwing together, will now vow to never fully engulf the world in water ever again.  In the future, I’ll just drown wide swaths of it instead, and y’all can just hope for the best, that it isn’t your specific section of the globe when I do.”

And despite Peterson’s hateful take, being openly gay isn’t “living in sin”, but judging it thusly when it doesn’t affect you one bit, sure as hell should be, in tandem with the blatant hypocrisy of our met post:

“Respect begins with accepting that others will not accept your ideals”, says the disrespecting homophobe whom not only refuses to accept the reality that others don’t have to respect their religious views, but who also drives home just how little they believe in their own message of tolerance, by depicting the LGBTQ Community as being nothing less than a demonic monstrosity, hellbent on causing harm.

And as to ‘manipulating the little ones”, I don’t recall the LGBTQ Community holding weekly indoctrination classes telling children whom to hate, fear, and disrespect, nor do I recall any of their higher leadership willingly engaging in a decades long practice of covering up sex crimes against children by their collective staff either, so feel free to take your offense and shove it into the place where your head already resides.

‘But Artbitch’ you say, “certainly not all Christians harbor such hateful views, right?” And yes, you would be correct, for my saying that they do, would be just as absurd as when such persons of faux faith declare that all Gays are just pedophiles fabulously lying in wait for your children to cross their path. And while there may not always be a religious component to the homo and transphobic abhorrence expressed by Neocons, rest assured that the element of ignorance-fueled despisement, is always a constant:

Well. They both seem nice and friendly, don’t they? Like a bear trap masquerading as a gloryhole? Yup. Nothing to show that you’re a fully functioning human firing on all intellectual levels, better than publicly hate-yanking to the thought of others unknown to you being put to death via the time-tested process of stoning by fucking morons.

And speaking of one’s intellectual level firing at a rate set just below that of a glacier progressing inland, I offer up this charming example of egregious stupidity

If I thought it would make a difference in her asinine thinking, I might point out to Heather that an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 gays were deported to German concentration camps, with the end result being more than likely, exactly what you think it would be.

Not only is comparing the victims of the Holocaust as being ideologically akin to their respective murderers woefully ignorant, it’s nothing less than inhumanely heartless as. However, two can manipulate an image to create a narrative worthy of inclusion in Heather’s vile version of “Connect Four”, but in this case, my presentation of such is actually accurate:

And here I was, thinking that playing the home version of Conservative Shape Match wouldn’t be any fun at all. My bad. Although to be fair, I highly doubt that Heather being a dumber than fuck homophobe, would appreciate the validated comparison, regardless of how much evidentiary accuracy is involved to support it.

Ignorance, even on its best day, is akin to herpes, because much like that societal scourge, it seems that no reasonable amount of academic Acyclovir can cure its effect on either its cultural consequences, or the dimwitted disseminators responsible for it, such as the previously introduced human skin-rash we’ve come to know as Marvin (“Choad”) Choate, who spews venom as easily as he pukes mythical falsehoods:

And I’m beginning to understand Marvin, that if God id indeed real, he’s going to familiarize you with just why he did what he did, as he gleefully kicks your hatefully hypocritical ass straight into the bowels of Hell, give or take a moment or two for him to warm up his kicking foot first. And joining him in his fallen angel cosplay will be one David Roberts, whose stupidity not only complements Choad’s own, it may in fact, actually be far superior to it:

Sigh… have a dream, it’s not a big dream, but it’s mine. Now, I hope this doesn’t sound too crazy, but I would like to think that if God forbid there ever were an open debate regarding the subject of Transgenderism, being actually informed in relation to the subject, would be a wise thing to do.

You can’t have people wishing to be enlightened by acquired knowledge, saying; “Whatever you do, listen to the guy who obviously doesn’t know anything about the thing he’s consistently ranting about!” That would be bad. Not only for the uneducated, but for the spirit of American tolerance, as well.

By definition, Religion is classified as: “”he belief in and worship of a superhuman power or powers, especially a God or gods”, and Transgenderism  as; “possession of a gender identity that is not congruent with the sex assigned at birth: often associated with, but not necessarily resulting in, gender dysphoria”.

Simply put, the two have not a thing to do with each other, but as Roberts is consumed by his need to wallow in paranoid and misinformed hate, cutting him some slack for being a misinformed idiot, is almost a given at this point. Despite what Roberts may fantasize, Transgenderism is NOT a religion, and if Stan were to actually ever declare adamant allegiance to one, he’d probably self-identify as being a modern-day Christian, due to its hypocrisy lines up ever so nicely with that which is considered to be truly “Satanic”.

Hypocrisy based in the unfounded belief that it’s actually “straights” who are constantly being societally harassed, morally mocked, and venomously marginalized, because unlike the Gay community which has PRIDE month, they themselves have no “straight pride” moth holiday to speak of which celebrates them.

And no, I’m not making this false equivalent of victimization up, for they literally can’t stop posting about it:

In regards to this last post, I could also say that if you’re truly upset by the existence of gay people, you can also blame the straight people for that as well, because they’re the ones having all of those gay babies.

But as it has been oft noted, irony detection isn’t one of the skillsets that Conservatives possess, so once again, I call attention to the fact that it’s always the so-called “straights” sexily thinking about the Gay lifestyle, far more than the people actually engaging in it. I’m sure that doesn’t imply anything out of the ordinary, no matter what this particular meme regarding the issue, might seem to suggest

The Truth may be hard to swallow for some, but it remains the Truth, nevertheless. But Conservatives for whatever reason, apparently see the scourge of gayness everywhere, because their inherent “Gaydar” as it were, has been profoundly broken since the era of the Stonewall riots, which I can assure you, is a cultural reference that the majority of these homophobes neither understand, or will ever want to.

And proof of this concept, is provided by posts such as these, which present a non-reality that’s not only completely paranoid, but quite possibly, the best indicator of just how this person’s obviously disturbed psyche sees the world:

Notwithstanding their collective obsession with gay-themed paranoid conspiracies that they’re somehow changing the sexual orientation of America itself, Conservatives also hold onto the ever-dwindling certainty that the now-loaded with Neocons Supreme Court will put the final coffin nail in gay marriage, which BTW, is never going to happen given its current 71% approval rate among Americans, no matter how much they fantasize about it. But mythical Lord knows, it doesn’t stop them from doing so, albeit sometimes bizarrely

With all due respect, if your choice of a sexy team-switch candidate is FOX’s cringe-inducing commentator Greg Gutfeld over that of the 1995 version of Peirce Brosnan, I think that it can be rightfully declared that your opinion regarding anything, should be immediately ruled as being invalid. But to be fair, it’s not as if Burggraff is alone in his ignorance in just how the legislative process works

James McCabe, everyone. A righteous man who clearly, has no actual clue as to what the separation of Church and State in practice essentially means, much less what it entails in its theoretical purview.

For not only would placing religious symbolism inside governmental entities violate the basic tenets of this separation as clearly stated in the First Amendment, which bars Congress from enacting any law “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise”, it would also mean that the symbolism of all faiths, would be allowed the same privilege.

Which I’m sure, being the ever so tolerant Christian as Mc Cabe most certainly is, wouldn’t present any sort of problem for his sense of interfaith appreciation. Or so I’d like to believe, because as you well know, I’m the walking embodiment of an eternal optimist. For instance, I actually expect people to do some cursory research before the posit an opinion on an issue, but as it goes, I find myself consistently disappointed by just how intellectually lazy my fellow citizens have become, despite direct intervention:

Hate. As I noted above some paragraphs ago, the element of ignorance-fueled despisement, is always a constant, as is the need to justify this stupidity via the stereotypical amalgamation of disparities that have no commonality whatsoever to speak of between them., but which is presented as a conservative “GOTCHA!” gambit, nevertheless. Ands who better to kick off this testicle-lacking tangent depicting such inanity, than our old friend, Marvin (“Choad”) Choate?

Say what you will about Choad, and I encourage you to do so whoever appropriate, but you have to admit, he’s at least consistent in his ongoing quest to publicly display his ignorance:

No, Marv. What we do know, is that you’re a quintessential waste of skin, oxygen, and a set of organs that should have been granted to a person worth delivering into life. And while you’re more known for shooting off your mouth, I could totally see you shooting off your pocket as well, due to the fact that you’re the type of Beta-cuck who regularly confuses a gun for his comically undersized spawn-hammer.

And as such, Choad can’t be bothered to post factual information as it exists in situ, when the opportunity to misrepresent it, yields far better results for both his false narrative and always roiling sense of hate:

Right out of the gate, Choad draws a non-existent comparison between us and “them”, as a way to distract from the fact that he seems far too interested in what total strangers do in the privacy of their own homes, but I’ll digress for now, if only to keep the image of what Choad does in his, out of my psyche, which unlike his, doesn’t obsess over theoretical situations that don’t affect my life whatsoever.

Nor do I rely on unaccredited memes for my opinion shaping either, as researching such stories tales less than a minute these days. A reality that would have served Choad’s goal of not wanting to be revealed as a supreme idiot to the world entire. A humiliation I might note, that was ironically set in place by his own hand. Which when you really think about it, just makes his public display of self-indignity that much funnier.

Competent research. Or as I like to envision it, the Conservatives equivalent of what Kryptonite-laced underwear would be to Superman. It always amazes me that in this, the Golden Age of instant information acquisition, Neocons still think that their proven to be traditionally false propaganda can’t be fact-checked to the point of quickening its eventually fatal degradation.

Puerile propaganda like this for example, wherein a noble profession gets unwarrantedly slandered:

“Get your children out of public schools”, says the lummox who more than likely was the person in her Kindergarten class who sat in the corner and ate paste as if it were a jar of marshmallow fluff, but I digress. For the record, NO ONE in your kid’s school is trying to turn your precious trophy child into a LGBTQ asset, no matter what your paranoid ass chooses to place indignant faith in.

Fear and hate are what drives the Conservative movement these days, and when one is caught in the eye of a malevolent maelstrom such as that, no one or no thing is safe. Such as the right to free speech, freedom of expression, and the presentation of ideas that may or may not contradict the sensitivities of one who is just looking for an excuse to be outrageously offended:

Well, this is interesting. A woman whose sexual activities allegedly rely on her stock of available batteries, whines about teenagers being educated about sex, which of course, is an activity that none of them would ever willingly engage in without the insidiously corrupting influence of (wait for it…) LIBRARIES AND BOOKS. Because as some of you may remember, that’s how we all found out about it as well.

For the record, Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) gives young people accurate, age-appropriate information about sexuality and their sexual and reproductive health, which, when given the fact that the GQP wants to force ten-year-olds to give birth, to children born of incest and/or rape, such education would come in kind of handy.

But the Conservative’s concern isn’t about kids being “groomed” by books and acquisitioned knowledge, it’s about people being smart enough to see through their bullshit altogether. An educated person rarely votes in favor of the uneducated mob, and a consciously aware person is nothing less than poison to the same said sect, hence the need to control people intellectually, spiritually, and even sexually.

As explained by the character of Julia in George Orwell’s novel “1984”; “When you make love, you’re using up energy; and afterwards you feel happy and don’t give a damn for anything. They can’t bear you to feel like that. They want you to be bursting with energy all the time. All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone sour.”

That’s it in a nutshell. Contrail and direct the natural impulses of people, and you can do whatever you want with them. Let’s not forget that the self-declared party screaming for Free Speech on TV, on social media, and at Trump rallies, is also the same group that bans and burns books, defunds public and school libraries. And supports a rapist running for president who has called for the chilling of the Free Press, but please, do go on with your tale of woebegone and misled youth, Kelly.

And as we wait for you to do so, let’s take a moment to see yet another abominably stupid take on the issue of free speech, by a person who while whining about it being held to account;

… also posts supposed offenses of it, which literally contradicts the very essence of what Free Speech actually is:

Man, oh man, is Judy a warrior for the protection of Free Speech, or what? Given this posted idiocy, I’d wager that she’s the kind of person who uses the limited array of books in her home as either deliberate beer coasters or inadvertent cooking trivets, but something tells me that’s being far too charitable on my part. Especially when I see fascist-tinged garbage like this, poorly masquerading as cultural debate.

Two things about this post that you may find interesting. First, there was no video link attached, so I have no idea what got Judy’s panties in a twist, and second, all of these books are considered to n-be masterpieces of literature by both fans and academics alike, so once again, I’d wager that if I had to assign a cartoon representing Judy’s personal preferences in regards to literature, it would be this one::But as it goes with almost all Conservatives, she allegorically neuters her own argument against libraries grooming children via the infectious agency of books, by posting this meme encouraging their use in order to educate oneself about the world as it actually exists, as a means to shake off the chains of propaganda that she herself promotes as if it were the Gospels:

So, which is it, Judy? That which is “vile” because it goes against the inanity you’ve based your pathetically misinformed views on, or that which plants the very seeds of “Rebellion” because engaging in such serves to justify your willing ignorance? Sorry, that’s actually a trick question, as I and we, already know the answer, and it’s just as well-formed as your observations about the LGBTQ Community.

As I said above, Conservative concern isn’t about kids being “groomed” by books and acquisitioned knowledge, it’s about people being smart enough to see through their bullshit altogether, and there’s no better way to do that than through books, one on one educational experiences, and interaction with toile who are different from you, whether that variance be ideological, spiritual, or yes, even sexual.

And enlightenment is truly the one thing that Neocons fear most of all. For if you can’t keep a populace unstable, then how can you control both it and the ideology you wish to ascribe to it/ Simple answer; you can’t, and they know that. Hence, the rampant homophobia, the legislative attempts to push Gays back into the metaphorical closet, and the crafting and promoting of false narratives designed to separate the LGBTQ from being seen as a rightful inhabitant of the same collective pool that we all exist in.

A pool whose shallow end, seems to be quite overworked these days:

Yep… that’s apparently a thing now. Whereas the government was once overstocked with Communists, Marxists, and Socialists, according to the Alt-Wrong, the times have changed and it’s now a surplus of “Heterophobes” who are ruining everything in sight. I won’t speak for you of course, but I think we can all agree that this assertion at its best, is mind-numbingly insane. But on the upside, it’s not as delusional as this posting regarding the “gayness” of TV commercials, so I guess that’s a plus:

Um Dude? On what channel or streaming service, are you seeing a continuous multiplicity of mainstream commercials with Gay characters “making out”, and why do you continue to watch it, if you’re soi offended by it? Maybe you should check to see if once again, you mixed up your Netflix account with the one you secretly maintain on Pornhub, and I’m sure the issue will work itself out, in all due time.

But Ralph isn’t the only one with a bone to pick in regards to the LGBTQ Community, as it seems that his fellow alleged homophobe Eric Moutsos, has an ignorant thing or two he’d like to add to the disquisition as well:

Wow. It Eric’s ultimate goal was to certify his position as an ignorant bigot, he knocked it straight out of the park. But to be fair, he’s probably had a lot of practice at it, considering he’s a former Salt Lake City police officer who retired in 2018 after refusing to take part in a Gay Provide parade as part of his official duties, due to his “religious objections”, regarding such.

For the uninitiated, whenever someone says that they have “religious objection” in regards to an activity, a societal event, or a cultural enterprise being founded, rest assured that it’s nothing less than a code-word for their being either a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, or just an idiot, in general. And as Eric just proved, some of them even brag about their own idiocy. Not well. Not interestingly. But they do like to show it off, as Moutsos does with this mewling plea for relevance, drawn straight out of the Beta play-

Man, if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what else is. If you’re already a shining example of masculinity, then why would you care if anybody else was? Methinks there’ was something to unpack there which I was more than happy to discuss, but instead the resultant conversation with several of Eric’s fellow Facebook flatheads, took a turn towards the truly absurd:

Now, while this conversational flow might seem a bit off the topical track, it does highlight the fact that conservative homophobes aren’t just a one-hate pony, either. As a rule, they tend to also be racist, misogynistic, and deliberately proud of being willingly misinformed about almost everything under the sun.

And most pathetic of all, they seemingly also have zero issue with the perceived optics of the cavalieres with which they express the underlying crudeness of their homophobic idiocy to the world entire. Granted, while I never expect a well-measured debate from a conservative troglodyte intent on defending their irrational loathing for the LGBTQ Community, II also didn’t expect this sort of repulsive vulgarity, either:

As disgusting as these postings are, outside of their grade-school grammar, spelling, and asinine cultural stance expressed within, we can still take heart in the fact that the only way this dumbass will ever find himself in the role of a father, is if his goldfish has babies that he can adopt.

However, if I ever ran into someone as mentally defective as this repulsive twit crowing about their supposed “I like to fuck women” status, I’fd be certain that not only do they have a metaphorical closet in which they consistently deny their “truth”, but I’d also be comfortable stating that they probably live in it, as well. And as you’d expect, the cucks who whine about hearing about gay people’s sex lives, can’t stop hypocritically talking about theirs:

Sure, Jan. We believe you. Because after all, when you’re ever so manly, the best way to certify it is to tell everyone about it on social media, and the sit back and wait for the respect that you deserve, to come flowing in.

Now, while this post could be easily dismissed as someone who’s a tad bit insecure, the next set of examples are the willingly displayed ramblings of a mind far more suited to lurking in the shadows of a children’s playground, rather than the ones prevalent on the internet, for: he’s a classic walking example of hypocrisy in action. And while he’s more than happy to openly posts anti-LGBTQ rhetoric such as this;

Hickam, while seemingly decrying the LGBTQ Comm unity as being less than, also has the gall to do this as he posts abhorrently discussing content, wherein he demonstrates to us all, just why I think that his being separated from your kids by no less than 200 yards isn’t such a bad idea, despite his being the moral gentleman of our age,

Yes, while this is gross on all levels, the fact that Hackham is a supposed adults in his late fifties, and not a child in his early teens, makes these slices of vulgar jocularity, that much more sickening, no matter how you may try (and fail) to rationalize if. This verified certainty aside; I did half-jokingly suggest that Hickam is the type of person that you’d rather not see within the proximity of anything where kids tend to congregate, and now I’m going to explain why that is.

For regular readers, you might unfortunately recall the pond scum human analog that is Wayne Robert Hickam from previous screeds in which his inanities are sprinkled throughout, but I’d like to reference one in particular, that being the one entitled “Conspiracy Drearies Pt. 2 (Transpotting)” which was originally published on May 12th, of 2022, In said screed, Hickman makes a less than reputable guest appearance, in which the post presented below, was dissected to within an inch of its reprehensible life:

But why is it reprehensible, you ask?

From the original screed: “Take a good look at this image. Just how old do you think those two girls on the end are? Fourteen? Fifteen, tops? And this guy and the others of his ilk, seriously consider themselves morally superior to those who’ve done nothing worth noting as nefarious, save past finally embracing their truth? Get the f**k out of here with that bulls**t, bro.

I say this with all due seriousness- Hickam strikes me as the type of guy that if you saw him sitting quietly by himself, just outside the boundaries of a shopping malls’ play-area, you’d instinctively ask it’s rent-a-cop mall guards, to have him kicked out, even if it was only to err on the side of caution. Who in their right middle-aged mind, would even begin to find this amusing or appropriate?”

Hickam, who has the unmitigated gall to infer that Gay and Trans persons are who we as a society need to be worried about, as he publicly jokes about fucking the underaged while he unabashedly posts photoshoped porn pics featuring himself, leads me to ask this of him; “Do you tend to deflect or project your personal issues upon others much, dude?” Because all evidentiary context leads me to believe that you do.”

And I declare this, without any fear of credible reproach for my doing so, as weaponizing their own hypocrisy to the detriment of others, seems to be the number one tool that the GQP adherents lean on the moist these days, more often than not. Such disingenuousness goes hand in hand with their inherently smug ignorance, wherein they showcase not only their inability to grasp tur modern culture as it currently exists, but their unwillingness to educate themselves about it, as well:

For whatever reason, Conservative’s collective inability to debate civilly using actual facts, causes them to compart themselves in a manner most immature, one that’s far more akin to the disrespectful attune of a surly tween having a hissy-fit, rather than that which is typically possessed by a supposed adult:

“They hide behind the internet”, says a person who more than likely, uses the internet to in very much the same manner as his seeming hacker, who most definitively is NOT a Transperson, but I digress.

But when immaturity fails to make its mark, rest assured that Neocons will fall back on the time-tested gambits of degradation and dehumanizing that they’ve utilized since they discovered to their horror that the LGBTQ Community, now has the same rights that they do, and are allowed to exercise them without question.
Yup… the very same people who post this hateful garbage demonizing those unknown to them, who openly support a convicted sexual batterer as their candidate for the 2024 Presidential race, who still claim that the 2020 election was “stolen” despite no evidence that it was, who threaten a civil war if their mango-man-child isn’t reelected to fulfill his role of a modern-day Mussolini despite his four indictments containing 91 felonies, believe that Gay and Transpersons are the “mentally ill” ones, when the two disparate demographics are compared.

Take all the time you need to process this, and when you’re done, let me know if this next posting from a supposedly “normal”: person, doesn’t strike you as being far more mentally disturbing than a stranger declaring themselves to be either Gay or Trans, will ever be to you:

Our good friend Dick… sorry, “Richard”, here, has the dubious pleasure of being a former Artbitch story subject, which was detailed in the screed entitled “Shetter Island. (Fun with Dick and Lame.}” published on January 19, of 2022, and it’s obvious that his ability to be socially repugnant remains strong as ever.

I won’t speak for you, but the image of the wholly fictional Santa fucking an equally geriatric Mrs. Clause with a tinsel condom/roto-rooter, doesn’t exactly strike me as being the type of wholesome imagery that anyone should ever visualize with all due seriousness, much less an adult who it seems, spends way too much of his free time crafting a warped descriptive such as this

But despite Dick’s vulgarization of what was once an icon of the Christmas spirit, I’m sure we’ll get over it, just so long as we have the guarantee that he won’t ever be employed as a mall Santa, now, or in the future.

Once again, mind the fact that the very same people who post this type of fucked-up garbage, are the ones demanding the right to unquestioningly be the judge of what is to be considered “normal”, and then you’ll see why America’s moral compass took an early retirement. But then again, maybe it was just trying to get ahead of the curve when it did so, due to inanity such as this:

Now, I have no idea which particular sci-fi show that Kane is watching, but if it’s one that tends to be pro-gay, you usually know about it beforehand. Not to mention, if you are watching a show that treats interstellar travel, family-habitable space stations with gravity, and sentient humanoid space aliens as being distinctive certainties, maybe you’re really not the best person to opine that Hollywood has “lost touch with reality”. Just saying.

However, it’s almost ironic given Kane’s assertion, that his equally homophobic Facebook friends are seemingly the ones who have lost touch with what constitutes actual reality, as seen below:

Ah, the paranoid delusions of the willfully misinformed. Improving the collective gene pool as we know it. By introducing a plugged-in toaster to a running bathtub, whoever possible. Come on cruel Fate- do your thing, and help [p us all out in the process.

Speaking of which, our hopefully soon to be next candidate for a burned toast cosplay, the aforementioned homophobe Jeffrey Seal, has one last set of arrogantly hateful opinions that he would like to share with us all regarding the LGBTQ’s that he despises so much, using as his “proof” of concept, the Bronze-Age fairy-tale tome known as the Bible: Which to be fair, is akin to using the unwarranted premise that Highlander 2 as an example of a “good” movie:

Actually? The mythical Jesus says no such Him-damn thing, whatsoever. And even if he had, so what? I for one, don’t take life cues from a mythical figurehead, no matter who his dad might be, and neither should you. Not only is it not your individual right to speak for God, the personal lives of strangers are also none of your business either, according to 1 Thessalonians 4:11-14, which demands that;

“And that ye study to be quiet, and to DO YOUR OWN BUSINESS, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you. That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing. But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.”

But as Seay’s brain is limited in his capacity unlike his unnecessary hate, he just can’t leave well enough alone, and had to go that one extra step over the line into full dumbass. Which by the way, you should never willingly do. Never go full dumbass. It’s not a good look, even if you are one:

If you ever needed a reason as to just why a family tree having more than one branch is ever so crucial, look no further than Seay here, who resents the sap that’s sadly running through that which is his.

But then again, maybe it’s perfectly sane to post, in a five-month span, no less than 120 hateful comments about a demographic of strangers whose lifestyle affect your life one way or the other, especially when you have all that time left over after deliberately misunderstanding how the Constriction actually works.

Man, this is an awful lot of hate, to have waded through, isn’t it? Therefore, I would like to add a touch of both education and mirth to the ending proceedings, as I start shutting down this latest screed of mine. First, the educational bit, provided by the entity of all reposited knowledge known as “Google”:

Now, if you didn’t know this information before, you most certainly do now, and while the knowledge of this won’t necessarily make your life any better, it might actually help improve your meme writing, somewhere down the allegorical road, if only to save you from the embarrassment presented here by one Mario Tomasi:

But why is this embarrassing, and possibly even awkward, you ask? Well, it has a lot to do with just how this never-happened event has been artistically depicted throughout the ages. For while the familiarity of animals and their respective appearances is fairly common these days, the artists of the post-Biblical era were not so fortunate to all share the same collective knowledge of such particularly specific things. C

A case in point, and also, proof of concept:

Did you spot the issue? It’s not glaringly aware at first, but it is there, clear as day. If you look closely at this painting, wherein the animals are boarding the Ark, BOTH LIONS HAVE MANES, WHICH MAKES THEM BOTH MALES. So, unless one of the Lions is wishing the other a happy trip as it waits for its inevitable encounter with drowning, the assumption could be made that it’s either a bisexual bromance, or a committed relationship. You know, the kind that anti-Trans and Homophobic bigots absolutely despise?

I will admit that this trifle of an artistic discrepancy is a bit of a stretch to justify a defense of the LGBTQ Community at large, but such has been here since before the time the fairytales regarding “God” were written, and such will remain here long after we’ve hopefully purged this mythical mendacity from our culture’s critical thinking skillset. And while yes, such a mistake of zoological depiction could be blamed on a lack of practical knowledge, the same can’t be said for the modern-day representations of the myth:

In fact, this mistake of bestial anatomy is so common in its cultural dissemination, it’s even found itself inadvertently replicated in Biblical-themed pre-school playsets aimed at the most ardent of Christian adherents:

As an atheist, I can only imagine, and this with great amusement, the certainly uncomfortable resultant parental discussion resultant when their kids, thanks to their basic science class, name the play-set’s Lions Adam and Steve, rather than the Adam and Eve nomenclature that religious homophobes would prefer.

Absurd argument overall, I know. But is it any less absurd than the ones based in paranoia, fear, and willful ignorance that Conservative hypocrites employ to justify their unwarranted hate of the LGBTQ Community and its deeply-rooted culture? I’d say “no” of course, but to be fair, my sense of Humanity still functions as it should. Unlike the despicable troglodytes I’ve presented to you throughout this screed.

Keep in mind, that not one of these people ever presented a rational defense as to why they despise persons unknown to them this much. Nor did one present a personal encounter that resulted in their bigoted bias, either. There was disgraceful slander. There was ignorant fear. There were ludicrous conspiracy theories, as a rule.

But in the end, nothing was offered to serve as actual proof, save for the abominable flaws of character assigned only in the morally timorous, if not the intellectually tepid. These people aren’t inspiring for their unwavering dedication to a lost cause, because that cause is fed, maintained, and buoyed up by hate, and hate alone. Sort of a hate for hate’s sake, kind of deal.

Weather it’s the hatred of minorities, the hatred of Women, the hatred of the LGBTQ Community, the hatred of differing spiritual and political ideologies, or the asinine despisement of established Reality itself, hate is all that they’ve got to spare. Noy compassion. Not empathy. Not intellect. And most certainly, not a singular trace of any desire to educate themselves in regards to their dystopian worldview, either.

Members of MENSA, they will never be, but as mindless MAGA, it’s not like much is expected of them in the first place, past marching when told to, screaming when instructed, faking outrage when coached to do so, and serving as cannon fodder when expedient for the Fascists that they adore more than life itself.

But maybe, just maybe, their winding up as convenient disposable cogs in service of a disingenuous juggernaut that chews them up and spits them out at will, is actually the most appropriate fate for these mindless blunt instruments. For after all, when it comes to hateful idiots, the GQP has the lock on being overstocked.




“The concept that really gets the goat of the gay-hater, the idea that really spins their melon and sickens their stomachs is that most terrible and terrifying of all human notions, love. That one can love another of the same gender, that is what the homophobe really cannot stand. Love in all eight tones and all five semitones of the world’s full octave. Love as Agape, Eros and Philos; love as infatuation, obsession and lust; love as torture, euphoria, ecstasy and oblivion (this is beginning to read like a Calvin Klein perfume catalogue); love as need, passion and desire.” – Stephen Fry, Moab Is My Washpot