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Month: June 2023

Debbie Does Malice. Pt.1 (Diary of a Mad Whack Woman)

“There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as ‘moral indignation,’ which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue.”
– Erich Fromm, Man for Himself: An Inquiry into the Psychology of Ethics

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

How are you today? I for one, have had quite the series of stress-balls unwillingly shoved down my throat over the last few weeks, and if I were to be definitively honest, it’s been quite the tough haul, at least overall. But such is life, as “they” say, and I’m starting to discover that how it will all play out, has very little to do with anything that I’ve been doing as of late.

Case in point: in one incredibly bad day, I lost my phone, had my physical independence threatened by my current eyesight issues, and experienced my rearview mirror disengaging from its perch, bouncing off my dashboard, and as I was driving, HIT ME SQUARE IN THE FACE. Oh, and did I mention that as I was getting out of my car, that my tri-fold cane picked that moment in time to break apart, thereby sending my unbalanced ass to the concrete sidewalk underneath me at warp speed?

True that, Ron. True fucking that.

Overwhelmed and without specific purpose, is how I’ve been recently feeling, and due to this darkly-tinged miasma, certain worrying behaviors I long thought dead and buried, have reemerged from their too-shallow graves hidden deep within the darkened lands of my personal Mordor, and ever so annoyingly, have started the process of organizing a party that I have no intention of willingly attending, due to the sole reason that maybe, just maybe;

This observation aside, it’s become fairly clear to me that just like in my early twenties, I need to sandblast the allegorical rust off of some of my mental self-care regimen. Now for the curious among you out there, I’m seeing a strong relapse whereas my issues of OCD, depressive self-reflection, and anger management are concerned.

This is not to say that I’m currently looking for the perfect bell tower to assist me in my quest to settle some personal scores with the most absolute of finality, but it’s long past the time when I should have sought out somebody more proficient in counseling than the various bartenders who so professionally have been providing me with my daily dose of Diet Cokes for the last few years.  

And while I embrace this ever so necessary mental tune-up of sorts, there’s lots of people who most certainly would not, if it were to be either asked of them, or even more disturbingly, enforced upon them, due to their consistently displaying a pattern of possibly worrisome behavior. Say, such as unwarranted paranoia, the threatening of violence based on an already unhinged political ideology, or even the far more common territory of blatantly espousing rabid disparagement of the LGBTQ Community at large.

If one takes a moment to look up from their cell phone, smartwatch, or whatever other electronic umbilical cord that they’ve willingly allowed to control their lives, they’d probably be somewhat shocked at just how many of their fellow citizens seemingly display the classic signs of being a full-blown sociopath: Said red flags of being afflicted with this condition can vary from person to person of course, but from an outsider’s POV, most of its inherent markers do seem to line up perfectly with the current political ideology being espoused by the modern-day GQP.

These include a lack of empathy for others, such as the standard GQP anti-immigrant, anti-poor, and anti-disabled rhetoric, the attempt to control others through the use of threats or aggression, such as the events of January, 6th, any pro-Trump protest, or the characteristic White Pride march, which unsurprisingly, is generally comprised of the very same demographic.

There’s also the patheticness of not learning from one’s mistakes or the risk of subsequent punishment, notable examples being previous Trump voters as well as the J6 protesters, along with the concept of lying for personal gain. And please, don’t tell me that I really need to discuss who that last descriptive directly applies to, for as I revealed in the beginning of this, my latest screed, I’m already dealing with the rather troubling aspects of deep depression already.

In addition, there’s the pathological willingness to engage in acts of physical violence, and once again, do I really need to debate who this might directly refer to? And occasionally, there’s even the consistency of such people committing other crimes as well, which really only applies in particular to one mango-tinted mouth-breathing wannabe fascist, who just so happens to be, a very real traitor.

Amusingly however, the very same people who tend to display these tendencies, are also the same ones who believe that they alone, are the apogee of those who are at the very essence of their being, the truly sane. Case in point, this seemingly delusional and possibly dumber than all-fuck, jabbering jackass:

And keep in mind after reading this tripe, that I’m the one currently undergoing therapy, and not her- a person who by the time that I get done showcasing her rabid rants, asinine assessments, and general state of disturbed disconnection from verified reality itself, you’ll not only be wondering why such a person is allowed to vote, but is freely given unfettered access to the internet as well.  

I mean… you wouldn’t secure an alcoholic in a Jack Daniels warehouse, nor a drug addict inside the pharmacy at a Walmart, or force an actually talented musician to play nothing but Nickelback covers, so why would you allow an absolute loon, free range to the candy store that sells paranoid deep state fantasies much in the same way that evangelicals pimp the equally mythological story of Jesus?

However, what I really enjoy most about this opening salvo of grade-A mental illness, is the eloquence with which this fine lady discusses the imaginary issues of the day. Not to mention, I just love reading things that have been typed out in all-caps, due to the fact that it lets you know right off the bat, that you’re dealing with nothing less than an intellectual heavyweight of the finest caliber.

Or even perhaps, a whiny wackadoo, who should endeavor to make a strong personal connection with a lifelong prescription for Seroquel®, and call it a day. Either/or. Pick whichever one works the best for you.

Now for some of you out there, you may already have more than a passing familiarity with the name of this meme’s progenitor, that being one Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger, and the reason why that is, rests on the fact that I’ve been weaving her other just as stupid observations throughout the last few screeds that I’ve written, as if they were the sprinkles atop a scoop of Vanilla Valkyrie ice-cream.

And much in the vein of how I dissected my last Artbitch story-arc recipient in literary form, that being a jabbering jackass known as Gerry Catinari of Sacramento, CA, I’ll be focusing on one particularly dumb as fuck facet of her annotations at this time, those being the ones dealing specifically with politics.

Debbie, who just so happens to be a 70-year-old resident of Pocono Summit, PA, is what I would consider to be yet another in a long line of gifts from the very writing gods themselves, for much like my preceding AB subjects, Ruth Darlene Seawolf, Ken Cykala. James Spring, and most recently, Gerry Catinari, she’s a never-ending source of mentally-challenged theorems and assertions that openly testify as to why truly successful bloodlines don’t rely on familial DNA.

In short, I’ve found yet another MAGA moron oir us all to laugh at, and in the end, feel better about ourselves for doing so. This is not to say that we don’t have our own problems accepting realty as it is, since the struggle to do so is hard-wired into the human psyche itself, but there’s a wide chasm between not accepting why your skinny jeans no longer fit you, versus truly placing stock in lunacy such as this:

Here’s a suggestion for hours of unbridled fun: find a Conservative, any Conservative, and point blank, ask them ever so nicely to CLEARLY define what “woke” is, and what “woke” means. And then enjoy the spectacle of their looking like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi, because I can assure you, that not one of them will ever actually be able to do it with any conclusive success.

It’s also a shame for Harshbarger’s demonstrably false narrative as well then, that the one demographic recently most indicted, tried, and convicted for sex crimes involving children, have been overwhelmingly and curiously Republican, and NOT Liberal. Just think about every single time that you’ve ever heard about a person of political stature being accused of such a crime, and recall if you instantly thought before said defensive was told to you, that they just had to be a Liberal, rather than a Conservative.

Yeah… that’s what I thought you’d say.

Interestingly though, Harshbarger’s histrionics did inspire me, if only to satisfy my own morbid curiosity, to undertake a deep dive of sorts in concern to the politically ideological center of sexually-based crime, and in doing so, I found out something far more disturbing; there are seemingly way more Conservatives engaging in sexual deviance, than there are Liberals in San Francisco.

Let’s not forget that Donald [“Grab them by the p***y”] Trump once bragged on the Howard Stern show that because he was the “owner”, he could walk directly into the dressing rooms of the Miss Teen USA Pageant where girls as young as 15 were topless, or even nude, saying that; “You know they’re standing there with no clothes. Is everybody OK? And you see these incredible looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that”, as if that was something that a normal person would or should do.

Remember, he’s talking about seeing underage (AKA: children) girls walking around unclothed as if they were professional models in their mid-twenties, but that doesn’t mean anything, right?

Nor is it relevant that the 2018 state Senate candidate for Alabama Roy Moore, has been accused of preying on girls as young as 14, either. And just because Moore’s alleged penchant for attempting to pick up underage girls was so widely known in his community that it led to his being banned from said municipality’s n local mall, that’s no reason to draw any conclusions regarding the GQP’s almost magnetic ability to attract obvious pedophiles and sexual miscreants into its fetid ranks.

For instance, there’ s Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, who while in service as the wrestling coach at Ohio State University, allegedly covered up the sexual abuse of over 170 student male athletes by Dr. Richard Strauss, who later committed suicide, rather than face earthly justice. Jordan for his part, denies this, despite many of the victims saying otherwise.

Jordan BTW, is also one of the most strident defenders of the disgraced mango-man-child as well, but please don’t take any cues from that. Staying on theme, there’s the case of the longest ever serving Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who received a sentence encompassing both two and a half years in prison, as well as two years of supervised probation when he got out.

Disgustingly, this judgement was handed down not for Hastert’s crimes involving the sexual abuse of the teenage wrestlers that he coached for nearly 20 years, but for his attempting to use to use $952K as hush money to make his deserved liabilities go away.

Rounding out this rogue’s gallery of true justice being meted out, is Congressman Matt Gaetz, who has been credibly accused of having sex with an underage girl, [AKA: “still a child”] and who also, and this was coincidental I’m sure, the only member of Congress who voted against a law advancing the power of the government in relation to human trafficking investigations. Gee… I wonder why.

Gaetz, ever the walking analogy for what the GQP’s so-called  “Family Values” actually represent, finds himself currently seated in a position of power that he so unquestionably does not deserve to hold, and yet, he does so without any fear of reproach or notable consequence from his fellow Conservatives. You remember them, right? The self-declared virtuous that form the party of “Law and Order”?

But please- don’t draw any conclusions from this incredibly easy to find corroboration, as I’m sure all of this thus far is just a bug in the system, a glitch in the Matrix as it were, and not a feature of the structure itself, at all.

Cauterizing the wound that Harshbarger’s false narrative inflicted, there’s this thought-provoking little slice of reality, which I can promise you, serves as the best of evidentiary reassurance that the GQP’s talk about protect g the kids is just that- talk. They won’t do anything about gun violence, which is actually the number one cause of death for children in the United States, so this display of character weakness, really come as no surprise either:

I guess when you’re as delusionally unplugged from actual reality as Harshbarger most certainly seems to be, your chosen champions can fail as much as humanly possible, and still remain undefeated. Call me crazy if you must, but it I were to pick a locum tenens for upholding the greater good, it sure as hell wouldn’t be a convicted sexual abuser who openly talks about wanting to fuck his own daughter. Just sayin’.

In earlier screeds, I’ve talked about just how I compile all the craziness of these Alt-Wrong dipshits, and then with inspiration and realty on my side, boil it all down into only the finest of sarcasm candy for your enjoyment, noting that the quality of said end result, all depends on gather superiority of the venom that I can manage to distill from the intellectually-challenged, such as Harshbarger presents herself to be.

And while her file of posted puerility as it were, is far less stuffed than the majority of the heavy hitters of the MAGA bong that is Trumpism that I regularly present to you all, she’s still managed to knock a few wack-balls out of the allegorical ballpark for us to dissect and mock, nevertheless. Case in point, this lovely amalgamation of current and past history, wherein our resident Debbie Dumbass here, melds the vile and the majestically uninformed:

Sigh… if only ignorance were as painful to the person disseminating it, as it is to the people it’s inadvertently inflicted upon. For the record, the FBI is NOT akin to the Gestapo, and saying or believing such to be true, is quite possibly the dumbest bucking thing that a human being can say to another human being, possibly save for telling a woman, any woman mind you, to “calm down” when she’s clearly upset.

Now to be fair, there is a score of scandals attached to the actions and policies of the FBI, and to overlook them due to any influence of political partisanship on my part, would be just as disingenuous as the very essence of Harshbarger’s asinine meme itself. Therefore, I won’t even try to whitewash or gloss over what they’ve done in the past, as I’m neither a liar, nor a Conservative.

But then again, I repeat myself.

To list, the FBI has with no small amount of fascism involved, engaged in domestic surveillance against US citizens, engineered the harassment of so-called “subversive” political groups, abominably handled the disparate Viola Liuzzo, Whitey Bulger, and Robert Hanssen investigations, fomented an unnecessary fatal confrontation at Ruby Ridge, and several allegations of sexual discrimination, have been directly leveled at the now former Deputy FBI Director, Andrew G. McCabe.

There’s also the matter of the in-custody death of terrorism suspect Ibragim Todashe, as well, but aligning them with the state-sponsored maniacs of genocide directly responsible for the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”, as it was so casually termed at the infamous Wannsee Conference overseen by Reinhard Heydrich, the chief of Germany’s Security Police, is quite the idiotic stretch.

The Gestapo, an abbreviation for what was officially known as the Geheime Staatspolizei, was responsible for “protecting” the NAZI regime from its theoretical enemies, both racial and political, and it accomplished its chartered task using methods lifted straight out of the Fascist state playbook, by utilizing ruthless interrogation methods, such as torture to acquire information.  

While such activities are adamantly banned, if not condemned within the US, a 1936 law passed by the ruling NAZI party, using the rationalization of “preventive arrest,” granted the Gestapo essentially free rein to compart itself without the “interference” of any form of jurisdictive evaluation.

In all essence and practicality, this placed the organization far above the reach of the very law that it meted out to the unfortunate and powerless, such as the doomed members of the Jewish community who were deported from their rightful homes under the threat of violence and exclusion, to live in secured ghettos until the moment arrived for them to be rounded up as if they were lambs for the slaughter, which for all intents and purpose, they heartrendingly were.

And the final tally of this organizations involvement in being behind such activities? Nearly six million Jewish and assorted other victims’ deaths, which can be directly laid at their jack-booted, goose-stepping feet.

But yes, Debbie Dumbfuck, the Gestapo and the FBI have so much in common for us to rationally consider and compare. Now, while I honestly have no idea just how far Debbie’s head is shoved up her own ass, I do get the feeling that her bellybutton is doing double duty as both a remembrance of her birth, as well as an observation window.

And that’s because Debbie’s real issue with the FBI, has less to do with their transgressions of the public trust, as I doubt that she’s even aware of the things scandals I notated, and far more to do with the fact that they’ve dared to legally go after her favorite fascist, the wannabe mango Mussolini known as Donald J Trump. That’s it in its entirety, and I know this to be true, especially when she posts blatant propaganda like this:

For those of you unfamiliar with this so-called “report”, which was the end result of a three-and-a-half-year long wild goose chase that was initially founded upon an unconfirmed conspiracy theory promoted by Trump himself, that several disparate intelligences and/or law enforcement agencies had plotted against him, in relation to the Mueller enquiry which in the end, failed to clear him of any wrongdoing.

This nothingburger is also the source where Trump and his sycophant’s got that “Russia, Russia, Russia” refrain that Trump likes to toss out at his Nuremberg rallies as if it were an incantation of protection.

SPOILER: it’s not.

Tellingly, when Inspector General Michael Horowitz contradicted that theory by testifying to Congress that the FBI showed no political bias in regards to their inquiry, Durham then fomented the falsehood that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had conspired to defraud the government by crafting doubt by insisting that it was the Trump campaign instead, who had colluded with Russia, However, when this report, destined to  blow the allegorical roof off the cathedral of corruption was released, things didn’t go as planned.

In fact, when Durham’s report was finally released to the public, it’s scant 306 pages revealed literally nothing of prosecutable interest. Unsurprisingly, given the reality that its launching was based on vagaries disseminated by a serial liar, Durham was forced to admit that overall, there hadn’t been enough credible evidence presented (or proven) to directly warrant the opening of a full and in-depth investigation.

In addition, while it is true that Durham’s account openly suspected confirmation bias on the part of the FBI, as well as a “lack of analytical rigor”, it also found zero indication or verifiable proof of any definable political motivation for the insidious plot that Trump alleged had been put into play by the shadowy elements of the “Deep State”. As I said, it’s a nothingburger served up with a side order of whine, at best.

But just don’t take my word for it. Here’s how its less than earthshattering “revelations” were received:

And yet, despite this widespread public knowledge of failure, despite Trump’s own hand-picked voter fraud commission having to disband because it found ZERO credible evidence of the supposed “fraud” that to this day, Trump keeps claiming was rife, and despite the SIXTY-FOUR COURT CASES IN A ROW THAT HE LOST challenging the election results due to the same lacking proof of claim, morons such as Harshbarger still drag the corpse of “The Big Lie” around, as if they were making a “Weekend at Bernie’s 3”.

Not to mention, the chances of Harshbarger having actually read said report cover to cover, is probably accordant to the odds of my being married to Milla Jovovich. Sure, it could happen if everything fell into place, but the odds get worse overall as Tome marches forward, and the situation isn’t helped  by the fact that I’m ageing much in the manner that a dehydrated apple tends to do.

But forget about all that, because being a disciple of dipshittery, Harshbarger cares not for the triviality that is verified reality. After all, she has no need for such annoyance, when she’s already got an ignorantly hateful demagogue telling her what to think, see, and hear, and that’s just fine by her. And when it comes to the past and current actions of her treasonous, adulterous, cowardly, perversely corrupted mewling man-child?

Well, she truly sees nothing, save for a hero that she considers best for modern-day America.

A few things to unpack here, if I may; first off, why does this illustrative idolization of Trump, not look at all like Trump actually looks? And keep in mind, I’m not even referencing the ridiculously glamorized depictions that we’ve all been subjected to over the past few years, either.

You knew, the ones wherein he’s portrayed as possessing a normal skin-tone, being blessed with a physique that isn’t best described as being “rotund”, and typically depicted riding a Harley, kicking back after flying an F-14, or whatever other fever-dream that his MAGA minions are apt to self-pleasure themselves to? I mean, this literally doesn’t look like Trump, at all. This in fact, looks as if the artist was inspired by this monstrosity instead:

And yet somehow, this testicleless Terminator, constructed out of plastic, silicone, and bleached ferret hair, still comes off as a far more convincing portrayal if humanity than this depiction that was obviously drawn by a graduating member of the “Draw a Pirate” art school that used to advertise on the back of comic books.  

Along with this graphic of what I can only suspect is a name-brand knockoff action figure brought from the discount bin at a Dollar Tree, the message of “freedom” that it contains is also somewhat disingenuous as well, considering that it was the GQP that tried to weaponize the DOJ against Trump’s detractors, and who managed to get women’s body autonomy stripped away, and is currently, banning everything that it can get its hands on that dares to not be centered on the glorification of White male Christians.

But I’ll digress for the moment, because there’s something oddly familiar about the style of this propagandic artwork, what with its tone of inferred authoritarianism, and its depiction of Trump as the strong man of moral character that he so clearly isn’t. And granted, while it does present itself as being reminiscent of the not-too-distant past, I can’t recall exactly what this reminds me of…

… oh, never mind, I remember now:

Go on…admit it… you thought I was going to make a Hitler reference instead of one involving Lenin, didn’t you?

I thought so. Now, while it’s easy if not fun, to compare Trump to the schwache Arsch Hündin who singlehandedly proved that certain humans among us don’t ever deserve the unconditional love of a dog, Trump is not, and never will truly be, Hitler 2.0. For instance, dogs actually liked Hitler, and in the end, unlike Trump, Hitler actually did his country (and the world) a favor by painting the walls with his brains.

This is not to say that his pre-announced genocidal tendencies didn’t betray his country and its Jewish citizenry when they came full circle just before his cravenly engineered exit off this mortal plane, but he was at his core, a zealous sociopath. Trump on the other hand however, is nothing more than a low-rent snake-oil selling huckster at best, who views the applying of Alt-Wrong fascism to all aspects of American life, as nothing more than a as a profitable shell-designed to insulate himself from eventual prosecution.

However, if some of you still believe that Trump is like Hitler, then this depiction of him as such, is the only version that I would accept, as it clearly illustrates just what kind of Hitler that he could ever possibly hope to be:

And as for the meme’s declaration that “America was founded on liberty and independence, not government coercion, domination and control”? Well, let’s just consider the source of these remarks, and accept once and for all, that it’s just more low-grade sound bites deep-fried in the purest of partisan bullshit.

Trump’s plans, if he were to find himself unfortunately returned to the office that he so disgustingly besmirched, would at best turn our constructional republic into nothing less than a dystopian hellscape, overlorded by a corrupting and fascist mad king.

Proof of this theorem by the way, can easily be ascertained when one takes into account the malevolent machinations first conveyed within an article published by American news website Axios, wherein they reported that Trump at his first opportunity, would allegedly grant himself as President, a wide range oi powers, never before held or even envisioned, by those who authored the Constitution.

Supremacies such as the right to fire those he deems “disloyal””, and instead, replace them with a cadre of subserviently unquestioning sycophants, specifically those who openly assisted him with his attempted J6 coup, as well as the many others who attempted to whitewash its truth for the betterment of the GQP’s public image.

There would also be, (according to the story) a strong emphasis in his rogue’s court to hire and then weaponize, the services of lawyers who wouldn’t be troubled by the ethics of knowing that Trump’s egotistically demanded mad whims were either unconstitutional, illegitimate, or just plain fucking crazy, to boot. Such actions if successful, would grant Trump a level of power never before seen in American history, just so the mango-man-child’s ego could finally be salved for fairly losing the 2020 election.

But please, Debbie Dumbfuck… tell me more about this “freedom” that he wants to provide for us all.

As highlighted earlier, Harshbarger cares not for the definitive reality that is laid out before her, and instead, crafts a world based in the ether of willful delusion to get her through. Regardless of whether she likes it or not, believes it or not, or accepts it or not, her mango Mussolini IS a criminal, IS a sexual deviant, IS incompetent beyond all words, IS wholly corrupt, and currently, remains the biggest threat to our democracy. But cultists are gonna cult, no matter what reality says,

Harshbarger defiantly blazes her own path, despite all those pesky facts that screw her false narratives up:

I’ve oft noted that almost every single time a Conservative deigns to accuse an adversary of committing abominably committing immoral or illegal deeds, you can rest assured that it’s an act of either desperate deflection or puerile projection, on their part. There’s an old saying that when you point a finger at someone, there’s nine pointing back at you, and if this maxim holds its water, then I can only assume that the hands of your average Neocon resemble that of a Cthulhu made flesh.

So Debbie, if all it takes to see the veracity of what’s actually going on is “a little common sense and logic”, where exactly did you misplace yours? I only ask, because if I were to anoint a champion for the People, I sure as fuck wouldn’t chose a narcissiic self-declared sexual abuser, and petulantly ignorant serial liar man-child dipped in dime-store bronzer, to serve as my first-round pick for a virtuous warrior.

The hard truth of this self-owning meme, is that it far better serves as a confession letter of sorts, rather than as a to-be-taken-seriously condemnation of those Debbie so vehemently dislikes.  Are there issues of corruption within the Democratic party? Most certainly, given human nature and all. However, the divisional line twixt the two is not so much a matter of perspective, as it is discernible fact.

Proof of concept, provided:

Well, this is strange, because the GQP (AKA: the party of “Law and Order”) is seemingly the singular partisanship that produces criminals with the same frequency that the Fast and Furious franchise produces shitty movies. I’m  not sure if I should be enraged by this fact, or If I should be impressed by just how consistent they are in dong so.

And now that you possess this particular information, I’ll just have to let the over-the-top ludicrousness of this badly photoshoped image, speak for itself. We’ve all heard the maxim regarding the fox guarding the hen-house, but I think it’s fair to say that we cluelessly anointed an allegorical Benedict Arnold as our guardian of the Constitution, and the ramifications for doing so, will haunt this Republic for decades.

But as I’m referencing asinine uniformity, let me just say that nobody is better at the art of crafting and then presenting hypocritical self-owning irony, than a Neocon on a doomed to failure mission to dispense their singularly twisted variant of bespoke morality unchallenged, as if they had the absolute right to do so. And in that regard, its where moron such as Harshbarger, truly shine the brightest:

Well, this is interesting- the very same people who endlessly complain about TDS or “Trump Derangement Syndrome” as it is also known, are back with a fear-mongering meme featuring a guy who hasn’t been politically relevant for close to eight years now. Take that as you wish, for as I just noted above, hypocrisy is the GQP’s stock in trade, and who am I to mock it?

Oh, that’s right… I’m the goddamn Artbitch, and eating the willingly ignorant is how I relax. So, just for fun, let’s take Harshbarger’s “warning” with the pound of salt it warrants, and examine it line by odious line.  

“Liberalism is all about control”:
Says the political movement that attempted a literal coup on J6, but please… carry on, for if ever there was an utterance steeped in duplicity and density, this would be it.

“Control what you eat”:
Say the very same people who with regularity, vote to take away school lunches from children.

“Control what car you drive”:
Nobody is actually doing that, but paranoid dumbfucks are gonna paranoid dumbfuck.

“Control what you can drink”:
This message brought to you, by an unquestioning cultist who’s willingly aligned herself with the modern-day equivalent of a political Jonestown, but I digress, if only for the fact that I loathe ideological Kool-Ade.

“Control your healthcare”:
Once again, this warning brought to you, by a disciple of the dipshittery that ripped away a woman’s right to personal body autonomy without the fear of facing the severest of criminal penalties imposed by men who have no idea how the baby factory actually works, but I digress yet again, because I truly fucking hate the disingenuous.

“Control what you say” / “Control the News”:
This from the party who believes in, and openly promotes, conspiracy theories, whose news sources manufacture falsehoods, and that has called for chilling the Free Press for decades now, but do tell.

“Control your guns”:
Yeah, I can’t imagine why that is, past the point of all of these mass shootings being quite literally, the number one cause of death for America’s children, but hey… it’s not like those NRA checks are gonna cash themselves, right?

“Control your kids’ education”:
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the GQP the party that’s currently behold the push of banning science books, fact-based history classes, and any form of race-centric (IE: “Non-White”) academic studies?

“Control your money via taxation”:
Once again, who was it that passed a tax break for people who already don’t pay any taxes to begin with? Amazing how the party of anti-taxation, have zero issue with the poor picking up the allegorical tab of the ultra-rich. But to be fair, that’s only my common sense talking, and that guy tends to be somewhat of a know -it-all.

Nevertheless, one bad faith presentation deserves another, and as you’d expect by now, there’s no better propagator of bad faith quite like the parry whose current day “values” are based on the venomous distillation of institutional racism, rabid xenophobia, unchecked jingoism, and cringey duplicitousness:   

To those bold and definitive statement, all I can say is; “Do tell, Debbie Dumbfuck, for your POV is fascinating”:

As you can easily surmise, Harshbarger and Reality had quite the falling out some time ago, and there’s no sign that it and she are ever gonna get back together, anytime soon. This opinion of mine, proven by the fact that Harshbarger dotes on Trump the way I dote on the product line made by Little Debbie, is both pathetic and hilarious, and nowhere is this sad truth more evident, then when she feels the incessant need to place his name over everything seemingly precious to her, as seen here:

I can’t possibly speak for any of these poor familiarly related unfortunate souls, but if my late Oma had consistently emblazoned the name of a wannabe fascist over my otherwise unsullied visage, she’d find herself forcibly relocated to a third-rate rest home faster than Trump claims the Fifth during a deposition.

But just how far does Harshbarger’s brainless devotion to her mango Mussolini go, when all is said and done? Well, there’s this attempt to whitewash his past by placing him in the proximity of far greater men than he, although much like Trump’s so-called religious convictions, said man is no more than a myth himself:

If you ever wondered why the mythical Jesus weeps, it’s because of blasphemous amalgamations like this. I will be going into some detail in an upcoming screed as to just why Harshbarger’s claims of being a Christian is akin to Trump asserting in a CNN interview that; “I am Protestant. I am Presbyterian. And I go to church and I love God and I love my church,”

This, despite the fact that he’s never been seen in one, due to his habit of playing Golf every Sunday.

However, when pressed about seeking God’s forgiveness for his numerous moral transgressions, our hatefully false self-declared lamb of the Lord responded by saying: “I am not sure I have. I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so, I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.

When I drink my little wine, which is about the only wine I drink, and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed, I think in terms of ‘let’s go on and let’s make it right.’”

Yup… nothing says “Dedicated Christian” like referring to receiving the Eucharist by means of utilizing the same thermology that one might apply to describe an economical brunch. But for now, let’s just take a moment to contemplate as to why a true Christian would support a lying, grafting, treasonous, hatefully false lamb of the Lord, such as Trump most certainly is.

Regardless, Harshbarger is all about pushing the snake-oil inoculation that Trump is the most popular president in history, despite the fact that presidential historians to a person, say that he is not. In fact, when the numbers were crunched in a series conducted by C-SPAN, same said historiographers totaling 142 in number, ranked his popularity standing strong at the forty-first position, which is kind of sad, as there’s only been 46 American presidents elected thus far.

However, it could be worse, for he could be the 17th President of the United States Andrew Johnson who ingloriously served from 1865-1869, and is undisputedly regarded as being the title holder for worst president in American history. Once again, how sad is that? Even when he’s challenged by a person endowed with even far worse mediocrity and personal hubris than he possesses, he still finds himself getting his ass kicked.

But maybe I and all those other academics are wrong. After all, I’m sure there’s lots of people who are so exceedingly popular that they have to craft and post incompetently photoshoped memes, in order to prove it:While this in and of itself is truly and laughably pathetic, it’s the accompanying commentary by Harshbarger’s two equally as dumb fellow MAGAts, that I really enjoy. It just goes to prove that Trumpism itself is a collective delusion encompassing all levels of personal intellectualism, and not just a disturbingly pervasive glitch in the Matrix. If Stupid is as Stupid does, we already know what these two twits do with their free time.

The worship of Trump as an ersatz savior of the masses, is one of the most prominent misconceptions that Trumpanzees propagate tirelessly, despite all of the easily obtainable and proven evidence to the contrary. And one of the worst offenses of this cravenly cabal, is their non-stop glossing over of his numerous contraventions, in lieu of a false narrative that they cannot sustain or prove in the first place:

Wow. Just… wow. As I’m not a scientist, I have no idea what would result if you crossbred saccharine with nihilistic jingoism, but I get the feeling that whatever the hell this is, would come pretty darn close.

Call me crazy, but if you’re going to represent America as being a woman in need of both emotional support and physical protection, then perhaps the person chosen to provide such nobility of service, shouldn’t be a thrice-married, lecherous, conniving, lying, porn-star paying, wholly adulterous creep, who’s been convicted of sexual battery. But maybe that’s just me. After all, being a “Christian” as Harshbarger purports to be, it’s almost a certainty that she’s mastered the act of delusional thinking, far better than I

So, if I am to read this correctly, Donald Trump is the only person that can (in a leadership role) respect America the “woman” as she should be, despite a lifetime of evidence to the contrary? I guess that makes sense, especially if you deliberately ignore that this is how he expressed his appreciation of Mother’s Day this year, and did so without the distraction of mentioning his wife, his mother, or his daughter’s position as such:

Donald J. Trump, Ladies and Gentlemen. As always, a class act beyond all notable reproach.

So, I guess that covers America the woman’s emotional needs, given its inherent sensitivity to both the holiday itself, as well as the cultural importance of mothers in relation to a stable society, but what about her need for lauding those who provide her with the physical defense from the outside dangers that threaten her in tandem? Well, never you worry, because the ol’ not -insane-at-all orator of Grace, has that base covered too:

I tells ya’, there’s nothing quite so inspirational as reading the insincere platitudes of a draft-dodging elitist self-declared billionaire, wherein he rhapsodizes about the sacrifice that our brave men and women in uniform are forced to make every day, thanks to the dangerous atmosphere that he himself created and then fear-mongered into a firestorm, in a transparently disingenuous bid to acquire both judicial immunity if not personal profit, for himself alone.

Never forget that despite his extolling of such virtuous individuals, he regards same said persons as nothing more than disposable cogs, at best. For Trump, the sociopathically incessant need the has to aggrandize himself above all others while transparently pretending to be a man of the people, is key to maintaining the razor-thin balance of his already tenuous sideshow act.  

While he himself would never willingly serve alongside any of the people that he (sort of) praised, rest assured that he did see the opportunity to do so, as nothing more than yet another chance to cast derision, rather than promote any actualized respect for those that he perceives as the “losers” and “suckers” of the world. In Trump’s view, service in the name of others is weakness, and the feeding of one’s own Ego, is strength.

Interestingly, when it comes to shredding Trump’s thin as wet tissue self-assumed métier, it isn’t the fear of suffering applied consequences that keeps him up at night, it’s the fear of his public image taking a hit that really gets under that marmalade mantle that he so optimistically calls skin.

Let us all remember for a moment, that while he’s smugly expressed no actual remorse for any of his moral misfirings or displayed delusions of unfounded grandeur, Trump definitely hates being mocked in regards to them. or even worse, having it suggested to him that he be held solely accountable in the very same manner that ordinary people are.

Consequences don’t apply to the rich and the connected, as they can be financially negotiated, legislatively brokered out of existence, or as is typical, ignored completely. Because let’s face it, when was the last time you saw anyone of culturally or fiscally powerful note, pay either their fair share or a skin-stripping price for actions both deliberate and misguided, regardless of their abominableness?

[See; “attempted coup”, “tax fraud”, “porn star payoffs”, “sexual assault”]

These expositions upon the themes associated with cringe-inducing embarrassment, have of course, naturally led to the premeditated weaponization of his Twitter knockoff [AKA: TRUTH Social] that he’s used since its inception, as a cudgel since against those whom he incorrectly and arrogantly, feels have no right whatsoever to call him to account for his series of seemingly never-ending calamities in organized criminality.

And for a guy who always claims to be innocent as hell, he sure seems to enjoy playacting like a thug:

For those few of you who may not know who the gentleman pictured next to Trump is, that would be Alvin Bragg, the currently serving New York County District Attorney who in 2021, made NY history by being the first African-American to ever be elected to that office.

And depending on your perspective, he’s also the lucky / unlucky bastard who had the inordinate pleasure of indicting DJT here, with 34 felonies for his role in falsifying business records so that damaging information regarding the Stormy Daniels affair and unlawful activity in concern to the same, could be prevented from reaching American voters prior to, as well as afterwards, the contentious 2016 election.

Now, given the severity of the charges involved, you might think that after being indicted, the smart thing for Herr Trump to do would be to lay low and plan his counter-defense based on the strongest of legal arguments, versus depicting yourself threatening another human being with a baseball bat, but this is the World’s Angriest Creamsicle we’re talking about here, and mythical God knows that doing the “smart thing”, has never been Trump’s style or even remotely within his severely-limited intellectual skillset.

Trump as it was to be anticipated, denied that his vile photographic juxtaposition inferred in any way that Bragg should suffer some form of targeted violence, instead blaming the valid outrage it generated on (of course) the “fake news media”. However, his word-salad-as-excuse for the incident itself, was almost as wretched:  “You have to understand that when the story was put up, we didn’t see pictures, we put up a story that was very exculpatory, very good story from the standpoint of what we’re talking about.

“They put up a picture of me where I was holding the baseball bat at the White House…Then they put next to that picture, a picture of Alvin Bragg. I didn’t do it. They did it.

We posted the story, but they had a picture up, they then put a picture up, or the picture was put up that nobody noticed or saw or that nobody thought it was bad. These were two separate pictures. I was promoting ‘Made in America,’ you make these baseball bats instead of sending them over to Japan and China…This was a company, a good company, that makes baseball bats and other things like that in America. They took that picture from the White House and then they put a picture of Alvin Bragg up.”

Well. This just screams “believable story”, does it not? And that last factoid that was babbled out concerning the company that made said bat? Truly fucking fascinating. And at no point in the dissemination of this pointless and deflective dipshittery, did it ever seem that Trump was sundowning at all. Let me see if I can boil this slimiest of sap down to the ichor of its essence, using the lexicon of Trumpspeak to do so::

“Yeah, we shared the story. But it’s not our fault, because even though we’re the ones who directly oversee our own website and control all the content that we portion out, “they” somehow got it past us, thanks in no small part to the interesting quirk that all of our IT guys have eyesight akin to that of a Proteus anguinus, which is a blind cave salamander, also known as an “Olm”.

Great little guys these blind Olms… Just great. Like America was once was, but I’m gonna fix that again, even though I fixed it perfectly already. They’re just like Stevie Wonder, who a lot of people have told me is also blind, but they can’t play piano half as good as he can, and he’s not a salamander at all. And he’s Black, too. So very very Black…

A lot of people didn’t know that before I came along and told them that. Anyways, fake news, Obama did far worse, Hillary Clinton did something bad too, blind salamanders are still great, as is Stevie, and please invest all of your spare cash in Trumpbucks.”

Surprisingly, this “explanation” failed to do the trick to calm the muddied metaphorical waters that he himself had roiled, so Trump, ever the strategically stable genius, decided to extend an olive branch of sorts to heighten the odds of his getting the charges dropped, by publicly referring to Bragg as an ”animal” in all-caps, which no matter how you slice it, is a bold gambit on his part.

This is not to suggest that the act of a White American politician calling an African-American the “N” word in this day and age of instant cancel culture wouldn’t be shocking, it’s just that we already know the real reason he didn’t posted such a slur online thus far, is due to the fact that he probably has no fucking clue as to how it’s actually spelled to begin with. But that didn’t deter him from being an ass, nevertheless:

By the way, this “MADE UP STORY BY A CONVICTED NUT JOB WITH ZERO CREDIBILITY”, as Trump so disingenuously put it, was not only confirmed via the truckload of literal receipts that his former attorney Michael Cohen brought to the table, but Cohen’s conviction being directly based on his sad involvement with the scheme that Trump is now facing far worse prison time for concocting in the first place. Funny how actual realty works, when its narrative isn’t being authored by a serial liar, huh?

I’ve heard of a person suffering the affliction of a dissociative disorder before, but at this stage in the game, I can only assume that while Trump’s morbidly-obese ass sits in Mar-a-Lago awaiting and contemplating the sword of Lady Justice, the rancid cantaloupe that serves as his brain, is currently orbiting somewhere around galaxy GN-z11, the farthest known point in deep space, save for what lies between his ears.

Speaking of which, I principally like Trump’s spuriousness in stating that “HIGHLY RESPECTED PROFESSIONALS” have debunked Cohen’s claims, despite the validation of his being sentenced to three years in federal confinement, after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign-finance violations in regards to his handling of Trump’s porn star payoff. In addition to a fine of 50K, Cohen also found himself disbarred upon the recommendation of the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, no less.

And does it strike anyone else as strange, that every time he uses the phrase “MANY (whatevers)” to bolster his obvious lies, he can never actually name any of these said experts, professionals, or situational in place friends? This coincidence of course, running in twain with his gift of simultaneously failing to produce the merest shred of the evidence that he claims to either already have in his possession, as well.

But yeah… it’s the “nut job” who’s the singular one with “no credibility” whatsoever, Donnie.

However, the main standout for me in concern to this rant, is Trump’s well-worn stratagem of playing the gratuitous victim of both the cruelties of circumstance, if not the machinations of a cowardly cabal. Which when you think about it, is sort of cluelessly ironic, given his actually being the de facto leader of one.

If there’s one thing ghat I can always rely on, it’s the certainty that when backed into an allegorical corner, Conservatives will open their copy of the GQP’s little Red playbook, and without shame, willingly claim an ideological kinship with the true victims of the Holocaust, by labeling their detractors as being nothing less than modern-day Nazi’s. Once again, the cluelessly irony is string here, considering that was spotted at an otherwise family-friendly county fair in Bloomsburg, PA. A battleground state that BTW, voted for Trump in 2016:

Just a suggestion, if I may? If Nazis are openly selling merch with your name on it and it’s being proudly displayed right next to a swastika, your PR department has most certainly missed the mark when it comes to the success of its targeted demographic branding outreach. Just sayin’. And keep in mind, the current perception that Trump is nothing less than a Nazi isn’t just an invention of the American Media, as apparently even the crucible of its most venomous progenitor, openly sees it that way as well:

For these among you who don’t speak the tongue of the Fatherland, the photo’s accompanying text roughly translated into the Queen’s English, reads as; “HIS FIGHT / Neonazis, Ku-Klux-Klan, Racism, How Donald Trump stokes the hate in America.” Man, when even the birthplace of Hitler’s hateful ideology calls you out for your fascism as policy pretense, you’ve got some image issues to work out.

Equally disturbing, the vendor of these dual atrocities, a man named Lawrence Betsinger, turned out to be a registered sex offender, who pleaded guilty in 2007 to charges relating to his downloading of multiple images of child pornography, which seems to be a staple among the GQP these days. I’m sure all of us can relate to that, right? Oh wait, no we can’t, because we’re actually functioning non-perverted humans.

Betsinger, in a truly self-unaware interview with Philadelphia Magazine, defended his reprehensibility by saying; “I’ve been doing this shit for 45 years, I can’t see where it would be some tragic thing just because somebody bitched and moaned about it. If you don’t want it, don’t look at it, I’m not making anybody buy it. I guess there’s no First Amendment at the Bloomsburg Fair.”

To note; the First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, and that’s it. It doesn’t mean you’re scot-free from the consequences generated by your use of free speech, nor does it protect you from the criticism be it valid or not, that may be hurled at you by others using their First Amendment rights, either.

For instance, when you’re a registered sex offender who has the cojones to complain that; “I didn’t do anything wrong,” (referring to his conviction for downloading his disgusting spank-bank fodder) “and now I’m being punished for the rest of my life”, my reservoir of sympathy for you is gonna be drier than Melania Trump on the eve of her wedding anniversary.

So, feel free to suck it, Lawrence. And I hope you do so, for however long the rest of that said life of yours may last. But please… just not near a grade school or a kindergarten playground, that’s all I ask.

But Donnie did get one thing right at least, that being the fact that this whole sordid affair is indeed, “disgraceful”. However, while that state of correctness has fuck-all to do with Bragg’s prosecutorial efforts and everything to do with Trump’s inability to not only stop committing crimes, but to do so competently.in the first place. For when all is said and done, the most dangerous enemy that Trump will ever be forced to face, is himself.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the reality that Trump can’t stop himself from admitting to his crimes online, on-air, and ostensibly, in-person as well, but JFC dude… take some time off between the sessions of knitting the rope you’re eventually going to hang yourself with, if only so that we can all collectively catch our breath:

We’ve all heard the maxim that “Confession is good for the soul”, but when you’ve always lacked one to begin with, why would you consistently keep reminding others of your past sins? And as an aside, despite his assertion, Atlanta is NOT the most violent city in America, nor is it even in the top twenty, but we (and your racist base) got your inference Donnie nevertheless, for in your mind, a Black majority city, must certainly translate into a high crime rate. Especially if its top cop as it were, is of African-American descent, who dares hold you to account.

False narratives of his self-declared innocence aside, Trump’s desperation to stay abreast of the illegalities that he fomented and that are coming home to roost, is genuinely fascinating to watch unfold in real-time. Thanks to an ingrained and almost pathological obsession to control the chronicles of his own criminality, Trump hurls every ounce of mud that he can at the increasingly closing-in walls, hoping that in the end, his histrionic hail Mary passes, will finally stick to something, anything, that can save him from himself:

As you’ve already come to expect in regards to the internet as crayon scrawling of America’s short-bus ex-president, this dimwitted declaration of outrage is a mélange of outright lies, a smattering of clearly defined mental illness, and a none too subtle veiled threat, topped off with just a splash of red-meat racism.

I honestly have no idea how much an hour his legal team charges, but I get the feeling that part of that money is allotted to keeping their offices well-stocked with cases of rotgut Tequila, because no lawyer with the merest shred of competence, would allow their consistently self-admitting to crimes client to keep shooting themselves in the face with an ICBM, half as much as this jabbering jackass is apt to do without provocation.

Lay down with dogs, and there’s a slight chance that you might wake up infested with fleas.

But if you lay down with Donald Trump? Then rest assured that the odds are probably better than average that you’ll find yourself picking up the tab, thrown under the bus, subpoenaed, indicted, or convicted for your act of misplaced loyalty. Maybe that’s why all of Trump’s lawyers thus far, have seemingly been hired either off of late-night TV or recruited from the back-alleys behind liquor stores: they’re already more than comfortable with finding themselves laying face-down in the allegorical gutters of life to begin with.

Nevertheless, there’s still the issue of answering Donnie’s list of metaphorical questions, the first being what “kind” of person would dare charge another person, particularly someone as disreputable as the oft-disgraced former President that Trump just so happens to be, and the answer is delightfully simple. It’s one who was chartered to do so under the auspices of the Law as it is written, and yes, the equivalent application of such DOES apply to all, regardless of how one is currently polling among a cherry-picked cadre of absolute idiots.

Once again, while Trump claims that it is “known by all” that no crime was committed, he still can’t produce either the evidence or the witnesses required, that would validate such an assertion. I’m sure that’s just an accidentally on purpose oversight on his part, and nothing else. And as for his threat that “death & destruction” will certainly follow in the wake of justice being sought against him?

Well… I guess it hasn’t occurred to Donny Dipstick here quite just yet, that word might have trickled down to his cultists about how thus far, he hasn’t done so much as lift a finger, (save for his middle one) to help out the more than 1000 plus incarcerated dumbasses who stormed the Capitol on J6 in his name, and yet he expects them to selflessly lay their lives down so that he alone, can stay out of a prison cell that thanks to his financial status, will most likely still be far nicer than the houses they live in?

Say what you will, but that right there boys and girls, is optimism on a grandly delusional scale. But the real cherry on top here though, just has to be his labeling Bragg as a “degenerate psychopath”, which is rich, coming from the man who brags about sexually assaulting women, falling in love with dictators, and talks about windmill noise causing cancer.

Speaking of mental afflictions, when it comes to Harshbarger’s personal perspective regarding that which has been blatantly obvious to all of America for quite some time now, she insistently maintains a uniquely different take on the clarity of what Trump truly represents to the world entire, and who he actually is, whereas Reality is concerned:

I take back what I said just a moment ago, for this is truly optimism on a grandly delusional scale boys and girls, and it comes replete with yet another side-salad of inadvertent self-ownership, to boot. And while yes, it’s true that Trump did show us precisely who the enemies and traitors to America were, I’m also pretty confident that he never intended that revelation to eventually be regarded as a selfie.

In addition, I myself wouldn’t personally list suffering the indignation of dual impeachments, as well as losing the popular vote twice as a “political victory, but as I’ve often noted, when you’ve already embarrassed yourself and your administration’s legacy by adamantly displaying your ignorance, incompetence, and massive character flaws to the world every time that you were  a chance to do otherwise, whitewashing the veracity of such, is probably the only option left for you to score a “win”.

Harshbarger however, is not one to be easily swayed by such deceitful things as verified data, numerous video clips, and credibly-published interviews highlighting the mango-man-child’s unfitness for office, no siree Bob. For after all, she’s no sheep. That must be why rather than do any competent research that could prove (or disprove) her talking points, she relies on posting cringe-inducing memes instead.

But what exactly qualifies as “cringe”, you ask? Well, first off, there’s the MAGA-based fanaticism that regardless of topic, situation, or policy, Trump was the “best” at it, irrespective of whatever reality or the said experts in declared field may have to say about it. And as you’d expect, Harshbarger is more than happy to play along with this mewling charade, even if she can’t back any of it up using facts:

Let’s address the low points here: when it comes to “Leadership”, this mango-tinted moron spectacularly botched the COVID-19 pandemic response, and then claimed that he “took no responsivity” for it, he failed to deliver on any of the promises that he made to women, the LGBTQ Community, American workers, and the economically disadvantaged by rolling back or eliminating their protections entirely, and passed a tax cut for the ultra-rich that has in turn, damaged our economy almost to the breaking point.

There’s also his previously mentioned displays of sexually-deviant sordidness and corruption, his inability to grasp the rudimentary basics of how a functioning government actually works, and when it comes to groveling at the feet of ruthless dictators, no American President has done it half as well as this mook, seen here saluting the general of an adversary whose leader he claimed to have “fallen in love with”:

Keen observers of this photo will notice that same said general has his hand out, clearly expecting a cordial handshake in return, which previously established protocol labels as appropriate. However, as North Korea is still technically at war with South Korea, who remains a key U.S. ally, Trump’s action was regarded as being highly embarrassing for the US, and perceived as a huge PR win for NK’s soulless dictator, Kim Jong Un.

Hypocritically, when Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in 2009, Trump [in 2012] tweeted; “do we still want a President who bows to Saudis and lets OPEC rip us off?”  I guess you could say that this is a classic case of the kettle calling the pot black, but we already know that Trump has several other words for “Black” that he’d rather use, albeit among what I will assume is carefully selected company.

And despite Harshbarger’s avowal that Trump, her so-called “Peace President” is respected by other “Word” leaders, the Sultan of Scrabble being chief among them, the actualities as they appear to be are vastly different. In fact, John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser revealed during a CNN interview that; “I have been in those rooms with him when he met with those leaders, I believe they think he’s a laughing fool”,

Those leaders BTW, being specifically; Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Xi Jinping, the same said fascists, comprise the unholy trio that Trump is ever so fond of gushing about at length, as if he were a 12-year-old girl crushing on the individual members of a K-POP band, but I digress, because the image of an American president doing so as willingly as he does, makes me sick to my stomach.

Finishing off his remarks, Bolton cast attention upon that nonexistent “leadership” that Harshbarger Is so fond of by declaring that; “It’s another example why he’s not fit to be president. If anybody wants to know what a Trump administration would look like, when he’s pardoning the people who rioted on Jan. 6, I think that’s all you need to know,”

Back when I was a boy, the members of GI Joe used to say that “knowing was half the battle”, which if you really think about it indicated that not knowing was the other potential half of the skirmish as well. Now if any of this turns out to be true in the near future, then I believe that it’s fair to declare which side has been winning most of the conflicts taking place between Harshbarger’s brain and accorded reality as of late, if not forever.

Take for example, yet another of Harshbarger’s non-evident postings of “truth”, in which she attempts to reinflate the Neocon fable that Trump is equipped with an intellect so sharp, he has no need whatsoever for notes, prompts, or a listing of relevant talking points during standardized media appearances:

Well. I guess that settles it, then. Certainly, if she never “saw” Trump holding notes during a press conference, it’s never been witnessed before, right? Say, like when he held one to discuss the at the time controversy of his “perfect phone call”: to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’, whose name he not only misspelled in his own notations, but did so in handwriting that one might expect from a still-learning to script, child:

Well. I guess that settles it, then. Certainly, if she never “saw” Trump holding notes during a press conference, it’s never been witnessed before, right? Say, like when he held one to discuss the at the time controversy of his “perfect phone call”: to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’, whose name he not only misspelled in his own notations, but did so in handwriting that one might expect from a still-learning to script child.

Damn. That is pain-inducing, to say the very least. But for my money, my favorite part of these character revealing notes is his bold scrawling that his statement to Zelensky was no less than, “THE FINAL WORD FROM THE PRES OF THE U.S.”, as if the Ukrainian leader needed the additional reminder as to who Trump was, and why he was on the phone with him in the first place.

Granted, this was a charged atmosphere what with Trump being rightfully accused of wrongdoing and all, so him having jotted down a few bon mots to help keep his lies straight, can’t really be held against him, now can it?

Of course not. After all, it’s nit like he needs prompts when he’s talking to the common man such as you or I, and when taking into account all of Trump’s stories where random strangers with tears in their eyes just start talking to him unimpeded by the Secret Service, I’d have to assume that he’s no less than a whiz-bang Johnny on the spot for off the cuff sensitive conversations.

Like the one that took place at the White House, where our man of the people met with survivors of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting, complete with vital reminders, that included the phrases, “1. What would you most want me to know about your experience?”, “2. What can we do to help you feel safe?”, “4. Resources? Ideas”, and as the last line was the highly condescending; “5. I hear you”, it went just as well as you might think:

At the meeting, Trump insanely suggested that he would give dire consideration to arming teachers rather than pass common sense gun control laws, because in his words; “It only works when you have people very adept at using firearms, of which you have many. It would be teachers and coaches.”

Despite his conceding that “the world is watching and we’re going to come up with a solution”, Trump did bupkus to actually stop the epidemic of gun violence, and instead chose to ignore it, as he always does with all things requiring actual human empathy. I know, I know, I’m shocked as well.  I mean… he always seems so on top of things. Unwilling women usually, but I’m sure there’s other stuff in there too.

As was to be expected, the backlash from the Twitter community was brutal, with one user writing; “What kind of person needs NOTES to show empathy to children who were under heavy fire from a maniac?” while yet another cheekily scribed; “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Tell me your thoughts about guns, And (5) I hear you,” But Harshbarger has never seen any of that. Or heard about it either, apparently.

And when it comes to this debacle…

… I think that we can all agree that regardless of political affiliation, the less said about it, the better for us all, even if it does succinctly prove Einstein’s tongue-in-brilliant cheek theorem that; “The difference between genius and stupidity is, genius has its limits.”

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, may I present Exhibit A.

On the one hand, it’s quite nice to see a construct of thought materialize into flesh, and on the other, it’s as equally disheartening to know that said epidermis puppet is able to freely vote, breed, handle sharp stabby things, and drive a car on the same open roads as you and I currently do. Harshbarger being a GQP dipshit, more than likely feels the same way I’m sure, but the sad part is that when she expresses it,..

…she only winds up owning herself and her rank ideology in advance, yet again. This take of mine is further established by the fact that it seems Harshbarger will repost anything that has to do with Trump, even if she doesn’t get the joke to begin with,.

Say, like this prime example of her not understanding what this refers to:

Call me crazy, but I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that a 69-year-old conspiracy-believing loon bar MAGA cultist such as Harshbarger is, would have no idea as to who “Megadeth” s, much less was, in their heyday. Hell, to be blunt, I’d be honestly surprised if she’s even partially aware of what planet she’s slithering on a majority of the time, but when your fountain of knowledge is akin to a squirt gun, I guess it’s probably hard to truly lose your place, as a rule.

Harshbarger’s musical ignorance aside, it’s not too surprising that she knows nothing of the world outside of her utopian MAGA Land fantasy, especially when you consider that her steeped in ichor icon Donald Trump, routinely played the Village People’s “YMCA” as his rally “walk-off song, despite the fact that he’s a virulent racist who somehow never discovered that according to its writer Victor Willis, “YMCA” was written to be a song about inclusion and brotherhood, which just so happen to be the two things that MAGAts despise.

Unless of course, they’re a massed presence hanging a “brother”, while wearing a hood. My snarkiness truly notwithstanding, Harshbarger is quite the dummy, and it’s not just because she openly supports and believes in Trump- even if that is a prime warning sign that at some point, her long-suffering children and grand-kids will find themselves having to seize her car keys as well as limiting her access to the TV remote control, as well.

No, I indeed base this latest take of mine on the fact that she posted this inanity to begin with, and then left it up, even after her team got its fascistic asses kicked during the midterms:

I’ve never heard of a Conservative phrasebook, but I’m starting to think that if one does indeed exist, it’s pages are going to be filled with the contrary of whatever the Penguin publishing company treatise correctly lists as the truthful definitive. By way of example, let’s try a few common axioms to clearly illustrate what I mean: 

Reality: “Lost the popular vote… twice.”
CON: “Won his re-election by a landslide.”.

Reality: “Twice-impeached.”
CON: “Unjustly crucified twice.”

Reality: “Convicted of Sexual Battery.”
CON: “Framed by the Deep State.”

Reality: “A crushing defeat, and a repudiation of policy and agendas by the People.”

Look, I do get it. Democrats to Harshbarger represent nothing less than a scourge targeting all that she admires, such as bigotry, racism, anti-LGBTQ hatred, misogyny, and the implementation of treasonous fascism. And while she herself may not believe in or promote any abstracted variants of those personally, her support of the ideology and the party that does, makes her as equally culpable for its rampant propagation, in my book. And as you’d imagine, she’s got a meme that proves this:

Sigh… it’s truly a shame that Harshbarger’s stupidity is only fucking painful to the unfortunate among us that find themselves exposed to it. To begin, when it comes to feeding the hungry, that’s almost exclusively a Democrat thigh, as Neocons seemingly believe that the necessities of food, housing and basic human dignity, are undeserved luxuries for the poor, and specifically the province of the ultra-rich.

As to the rest of her babble, the last time I checked, the only political party that was statistically rife with thieves, grifters, rapists, was the GQP, whose current de facto leader, was recently CONVICTED FOR SEXUAL BATTERY, but please Debbie Dumbass, expand upon your hypocrisy, if you would be so kind.

Pathetically, Harshbarger can manage to do just that, as she continues to prattle on about Liberals being unable to possess patriotism, a condition that I can only guess, results from us knowing what such actually is:

And by way of a friendly suggestion, one probably shouldn’t comment on who it is that’s to be considered a, and I quote directly; “lowlife bastard commie piece of shit traitor”, when you openly support the mango-tinted man-child who when he’s not cosplaying as a wannabe Mussolini, foments sedition, engages in back-door deals with our worst enemies, and as discussed earlier, praises dictators as if they were supermodels.

I’d like to think we all collectively learned something important just now. And as we all know;

Debbie No-wits-ki here on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be capable however, of learning anything, much less being able to apply that newfound knowledge towards anything past her obsessive inherency to make a jackass of herself online. And where intellect fails miserably, she relies on a Neocon second most used item in their collective battle chest, that being the use of sheer ferociously uneducated and vulgar anger:

I won’t speak for you of course, but do you find yourself half as infuriated as I do by the casual use of bad grammar? Mythical God I hope so, because that’s literally one of the pertinent dividing lines between the actually intelligent and the conservative cabal that Harshbarger so proudly bows and scrapes for.

As a public service, this meme’s text should have read; “Your pathetic mind games only WORK on idiots”, which when given Harshberger’s devotion to the current state of idiocy within the GQP, makes me consider the possibility that while self-owning irony may not be Harshbarger’s main talent, she does seem to have an almost natural affinity for it. It’s a petty quibble at best I know, but if you’re going to present yourself as being a vulgar moron online to the world entire, you should try to bring your “A” game at the very least.

Nevertheless, Harshbarger’s dimwitted desire to score points against those she feels to be inferior but more than obviously knows are not, is still quite fun to watch even if sometimes, it’s akin to observing a bibulous toddler attempting to play Jenga while forcibly strapped to a Home Depot paint mixer. I swear, if it wasn’t for the factory that produces asinine and easily debunked memes, Neocons wouldn’t be able to communicate at all:

Hmm. Has anyone else noticed, that whenever Conservatives point a finger at someone, they always seem to have nine fingers and ten toes pointing back at them? Let’s see… “Liberalism is a selfish justification for corrupt morals”, says a member of the party whose roster includes White supremacists, misogynists, self-admitted sexual attackers of women, Christian nationalists, and treasonous seditionists, but do tell, Debbie..

And if our resident example of density squared here is going to mewl about us suffering the ravages of “limitless self-indulgence at the expense of the rest of society”, then maybe she could explain just why her party’s ideology is so keenly focused on helping the one-percent and homegrown terrorists, far more than the American citizens that they’re supposed to dually protect and represent?

I’m sure it’s an ethical paradox that she can’t wait to expound upon in the immediate future.

Try as she might, Harshbarger simply can’t seem to stop calling attention to the flaws in her equally abhorrent philosophy if not her limited intellect, and begrudgingly even I will admit, that her perseverance to embarrassingly revealing both as often as she does, is almost adorable. Wretched to be sure, but still adorable, nevertheless.

Granted, that’s from the unique perspective of someone who finds himself inordinately fascinated by just how the question of “whatever happened to that one weird kid in my kindergarten class who sat in the corner and ate paste?” was finally answered, but you get the gist of what I’m trying to say, I think:

It must bring a great deal of comfort to be this ignorant, know that such about yourself is true, and yet, still carry on as if this datum bore no more weight than a random feather adrift upon the breeze. As someone who most certainly falls under the categorization of being a “Liberal”, I’d like to ease Harshbarger’s paranoia, if such a thing is even possible by saying the following: THERE IS NO “LIBERAL AGENDA”.

Well, at least not one that’s based on the pronouncements that Debbie Bumbass issued, anyway. I know this may comes as shock to you Debster, but the true Liberal agenda is making sure that our fellow citizens are safe from discrimination, the ideologically-based violence that’s been underwritten by radical policies and politics, as we endeavor to making sure that those in power who pull the strings, are held accountable for their actions, as they pay their fair share.

We also believe in equality for all, via unfettered access to educational, financial, and career opportunities, as well as the right to govern one’s own body autonomy, regardless of what the faux Christians in corrupted authority think, and strangely, we are also 100% behind the concept of our kids as well as yours, being able to go to school without the fear of getting slaughtered like a lamb there.

I know… we’re such unreasonable bastards when it comes to those sorts of things, aren’t we? But since you did subject us all to some more of your poisonous inanity, so therefore, I must respond in the only way I know how: by shredding it into pieces so small, even a Tardigrade wouldn’t be able to sleep on it.

To note?

“There is no God”
Concerning this Debbie, you are 100% right There is no God. Never has been, never will be. Much like his dark shadow known as Satan, God is a human-created construct that otherwise rational people utilize to both explain the intangible, and at times, receive a hall pass from, for their own transgressions based upon a so-called faith that at its best interpretation, still contradicts itself more than a career politician does.

And even if God does exist, which he most certainly does not, he still has no place in our government, our schools, our personal lives, or our bedrooms. I know that it’s fatal to your narrative to do so, but perhaps you should recall the establishing sentence in the First Amendment, where it specifically states that; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, which in essence, is the nicest way to tell you where to stick your pulpit.

That would be in your fucking church, and not in our lives.

“America is Bad
Nobody has said this, you jingoistic jackass, and pointing out the evils that America has engaged in and continues to do, is not an act of anti-Americanism, either. Believe it or not, you can still place appropriate vilification upon your native land, as you praise it for its finer qualities at the same time. I’d strongly suggest that when you get done pleasuring yourself with the Stars and Stripes, you pick up a goddamn history book, and learn that which you‘ve deliberately chosen to turn a blind eye to.

“White People are Evil”
Once again, pointing out the evils that have been done in the name of colonization and unwarranted privilege, is not the same as slandering a whole race- that would be the purview of the numerous race-based laws that Whites in power passed to subjugate minorities, until the Supreme Court started saying otherwise, barely a lifetime ago.

And forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall it being Minorities in general who rail about immigrants, purge non-White voters off the registration rolls, and limiting voting access as well, but to be fair that’s just off the top of my head. Can you imagine what else I could dredge up if I chose to talk about the inequalities in regards to judicial conviction and incarceration rates, educational funding disparities, and economic growth prospects within stereotypical minority neighborhoods?

That’s what I thought. And I didn’t even have to mention just how obsessively your kind worships racist ideals, bigoted values, and the icons of a past best never repeated, such as the monuments and statues dedicated to slavers and seditionists that you decry removing our placing in their proper context.

But please, my asinine advocate for “All Lives Matter”, give us your inane take yet again.

And as for the last intellectual cow pie that you dropped as easily as your humanity, common sense, and loyalty to this country for the chance to worship the World’s Angriest Creamsicle? Well, despite the fact that you Liberals have declared that “We don’t need a Constitution”, it wasn’t our team whose leader said this, now was it?

I said it earlier, and now I’ll say it again: has anyone else noticed, that whenever Conservatives point a finger at someone, they always seem to have nine fingers and ten toes pointing back at them? JFC, as much as I appreciate someone else doing the allegorical heavy lifting every now and then,

JFC, as much as I appreciate someone else doing the allegorical heavy lifting every now and then, I really do wish at times that they’d leave at least one thing behind that I could hoist on my own, if only to feel that I’m actually participating in some kind of hard labor. Dealing with someone as dense as Harshbarger unerringly seems to be, has literally been analogous to the act of my engaging in a battle of wits with a tackling dummy that’s been drinking rotgut whiskey nonstop… since January of 2016.

I guess while it might be true that you can lead a Trumpist to the Fountain of Knowledge, the only real option that you have open to you when you get there, is to make them less of a problem to our otherwise semi-functional society, by forcibly holding their head under the water, until those pesky bubbles of theirs stop rising to the surface.

My sanctimoniously sarcastic snipes aside, it never ceases to amaze me just how easily lummoxes such as Harshbarger swallow GQP Kool-Ade, despite the fact that thanks to the ever-expanding reach of the World Wide Web, all the germane information that she would ever need to make a truly informed decision regarding almost anything, is literally right at her fingertips.

Due to a lack of credible knowledge caused by her willing Inability to discover the veracity of things for her own benefit, Harshbarger also embraces a multitude of GQP-fueled conspiracies as well, but as I will be covering this querulous quirk of hers in a future screed at some depth down the allegorical road, I’ll only present a lone sample for now in order to close out this, the most recent of my literary excoriations:

Yes, my readers, according to Debbie Dumbass here, we need to get our heads out of our asses, in lieu of the reality that this dumbfuck’s head is so far shoved up her own, that not only can she use her bellybutton as an observation window, she can perform her own colonoscopy as she does so. But never let it be said that the threadbare gambit Neocons employ to deflect scrutiny away from their own political detritus by casting it upon their adversaries, isn’t an effective tactic.

Unfortunately, that assumed advantage serves only the short-term gain rather than the long, for as it is with all foundational lies built on the shifting sands of falsehood, the resultant structure it supports is doomed to suffer the indignity of a fatal collapse. See “Obamagate”, “Benghazi” and, “2020 election fraud”, by way of example. I can assure you that every time a Conservative hurls accusatory slanders, all they’re really doing in essence, is confessing in to the series of their own misdeeds:

Need i say more? I really hope not.

I swear to mythical God, if this guy self-provided any more of the critical evidence that’s been deemed necessary to assure his own prosecution, eventual conviction, and definitive imprisonment, they’d have to make him an honorary FBI agent, if only out of sheer gratitude for all of the effort that he put in to make it happen.

However, Debbie’s dipshittery does need to be addressed, and I’ll start off by saying unexpectedly that she’s not totally incorrect in her proclaiming that the middle-class is being systematically destroyed faster than it can roll with the punches that are being leveled at it by the very same people that we collectively elected to nobly serve it.

Every day, more and more hurdles are deliberately placed in the way of our collectively getting out from underneath the piles of capitalistic debt that we’ve accrued trying to either achieve or hold on to, the merest modicum of the American Dream that was promised to us as children. But being dually uninformed and surreptitiously deceptive as Debbie’s asinine accusations are, they’re easily debunked.

Now, I could recall the web of deceit enveloping the numerous instances and years-long accounting of Trump’s business dealings with V=China that renege from his undeclared bank accounts to paying more  in personal income tax there than he did here, as well as the state-sanctioned trademarks that his daughter Ivanka was granted, despite r=Trump’s anti-China stance at the time, but as I’ve covered this topic in depth previously, I therefore see no need to rehash said realities into dust yet again.

However, when given Debbie Dumbfuck’s delusional histrionics that Biden is deliberately targeting the quickly vanishing middle-class for destruction, a few pertinent questions relating to political policies must be asked, if only to watch what will harpoon when she’s challenged to answer them using actual facts:

(1) Which party is it, that consistently fights against the establishment and perpetual maintenance of a true living wage that would allow the middle-class to prosper?

(2) Which party is it, that consistently fights against meaningful tax relief for the poor and the middle class that denies both, the ability to move up the economic ladder, preferring instead to give such to the ultra-rich instead?

(3) Which party is it, that consistently fights against social aid programs that also help accomplish the same with minimal expense, versus the indeterminable void left behind by corporate tax cuts?

(4) Which party is it, that consistently fights against the standardized retirement age, and the benefits associated with Medicare, Social Security, and pensions that allow our senior citizens economic stability in their golden years?

(5) Which party is it, that consistently fights against lowered medical, educational, and utility costs, installs barriers so that achieving home ownership is damn near nigh impossible, and kills legislative measures designed to reduce inflation, especially in the exceedingly crucial areas of food and gas?

And lastly Debbie, if China’s goal is that “only the elites will have money”, then maybe you can tell me:

(6) Which party is it, that consistently fights against the short-changing of our countries poor, our food and financially disadvantaged, our veterans, our minority communities, our small business owners, our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, and our economically-challenged elderly?

Go ahead… I’ll wait. And when you come back with your steeped in deflection-and-bullshit answer, I’ll be more than happy to show you decades of the Congressional voting record regarding the same, via party lines. You speak of the “lowly” Democrats “shooting off their own left feet”, and yet, ignore the fact that when your side plays Russian Roulette with itself, it certifies that the gun is loaded first.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take Harshbarger’s own:

I for one, am truly shocked. I had no idea that Obama had, and on multiple occasions no less, hired illegal aliens to work at his golf resorts while he oversaw the running of a fake University, nor was I even remotely aware that Biden informed the IRS that he was almost flat broke, suffering millions in losses, while at the same time illegally inflating his net worth to secure numerous bank loans that he would later fall into default on, claiming that he couldn’t pay his creditors back, even for pennies on the dollar.

And in a plot twist that even M. Night Shyamalan couldn’t have scripted, finding out that Hillary Clinton had paid of a porn star for an adulterous affair undertaken while her third wife was at home recovering after the birth of their first child, was quite the surprise. And that whole sub-plot wherein she was later found guilty of the offense of sexual battery? Good God, the story just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

As I said earlier, every time a Conservative points a finger at somebody else… you know the rest.

One of America’s most prominent Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson, once wrote that; “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, indicating that in order to protect and America and its self-esteemed values, both sacrifice and a sense of wariness regarding the intentions of the world entire, were necessary attributes,

Harshbarger, by her own admissions of support for a blatantly obvious traitor and fascist, is no “patriot” by any stretch of the imagination, nor is she worthy of being labeled a true tyrannist, either. In all simplicity, she’s just yet another stunningly uniformed, willingly slavish, disingenuously irrelevant, abominably hateful, anti-American MAGA-hag, at best. And as such, she isn’t worthy of feeding the tree of Liberty with her allegorical blood.

However, as she’s basically a barely sentient walking bag of Cult 45 manure, I’m fairly confident that she’ll serve as a useful addendum to the pustulant garden that grows the venomous vegetables that she considers to be her allies, and that the GQP cultivates as its base, For after all, there’s a key difference between knowing your shit, which she so obviously does not, and us knowing YOU’RE shit, which thanks to her ideological love for a Mango Mussolini, we now know to be the only thing about her that’s been proven accurate.

Mark my words: if I ever need a brain transplant, please attempt to acquire Harshbarger’s to serve as its replacement, because I’ll be wanting one that’s clearly never been used. And given what we’ve all just witnessed of her assertions, ’m also pretty sure that descriptive applies to her soul as well…. 100% FACT.



“I already explained this. I don’t like you. True, I don’t like most people, but I especially dislike you. I could start my own religion based on how much I dislike you.” – G.A. Aiken, What a Dragon Should Know