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Month: September 2023

Inhuman Rage-sources. Pt.1 (Crazy from the Bleat)

“You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for his own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful.” – Marie Curie

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

What kind of mood are we in today? Happy? Sad? Contemplative? Whatever it just so happens to be, I hope that it’s working out for you like gangbusters. Speaking only for myself as is my way, I can honestly say that on most days, my stereotypical mood could normally be visually depicted as looking just like this:
Somewhat introspective, occasionally sidetracked by the process of woolgathering as it were, thinking ahead of what’s still to come, while trying to build upon the lessons taught by the key takeaways from my not too recent past. And all of it accomplished, with the aid of a pot of Earl Grey, served char-brewed style.

To quote the English novelist Jasper Fforde; “There is no problem on earth that can’t be ameliorated by a hot bath and a cup of tea.” A sentiment that I heartily both applaud and agree with, one-hundred-percent.

But as of late, it seems that there’s not enough tea in the world to overcome my current level of frustration in concern to the idiocy I see all around me, an appallingly endless cycle that occurs day in, day out, and seemingly, most of the night as well. Some of this aggravation as you’d expect, gets translated into the allegorical grist that fuels my writing endeavors, and the remnants of what’s left, gets transmogrified into the mental equivalent of:
This is not to say that I have a drinking problem by any stretch of the imagination, as to be quite honest, I rarely imbibe any form of alcohol at all. No, what I’m getting at here, is that sometimes, after several days of my writing up a piece to its completion, I feel like I’ve just gotten back from a month-long bender in Vegas wherein I spent most of my time chugging the water from the shallow end of the collective gene pool.

Especially when my background research turns up dumber than fuck commentary such as this:

Regular readers of mine already knew who this histrionic harpy is, and if you don’t, hit up the AB Archive and enjoy the “Debbie Does Malice” trio of stories composed over the span of June 2023 to August, 2023, centered on the ravings of this stunningly ignorant, if not exceedingly hateful, Alt-Wrong wingnut, because after you do, you’ll understand just why providing unfettered birth control access, along with adequately funding public education, should be everybody’s top societal priority in the upcoming future.

Irrespective of all that though, this lunacy does manage to kick it a notch or two up and over Harshbargar’s characteristic “WTF” yammering yardstick, and if you’ve read any of her previous entries of asininity as described in my screeds, you well know that’s not the easiest of things to accomplish.

Sure, there’s the stereotypical Conservative demands for imprisoning their political rivals based on nothing save for their hate for those they can’t leverage actual evidence against, but the claim that these same said political icons were secretly arrested, criminally charged, tried, executed, and then unobtrusively “replaced” with actors wearing Mission Impossible style masks enhanced by CGI?

That my readers, is a truly unforeseen plot twist.

And even better so far as the inadvertent humor is concerned, is the fact that none of these nattering nimrods pushed back on this lunacy, at all, if even for a moment. Hating your partisan adversaries passionately, makes sense. Spreading lies about them, or selectively cherry-picking their words and deeds, makes sense. For after all, that is how the game of politics has always been played, distasteful as it most certainly is.

But casting them in a politically-themed cosplay reminiscent of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Trust me, they do, but they also don’t care, because as they lack any measure of honesty and/or the personal courage to better themselves, the fetid stench of their collective failures as decent human beings, as loyal Americans, and as devoutly faithful Christians, makes such introspective furtherance, that much harder for them to successfully achieve.

Now, to be fair, jackasses such as Harshbarger, Bear, and Reynolds, are the exception, rather than the rule, but it sure does seem that there’s far more of these ranting rabblerousers loitering around these days, than there ever used to be.  Fortunately, this is somewhat incorrect in its cultural scope.

This somewhat incorrect assessment, wherein the parameters of the sociopathic morons in our society are tallied, can be directly attributed to a number of factors. Two of the most prevalent being the influence of social media, access as well as the never-ceasing hate-milling of the modern-day Conservative movement.

This is not to say the Liberals are off the hook in relation to their transgressions, but as far as attempted shots on goal go, Neocons far and away, present themselves as being nothing less than the fascist embodiment of Gordie Howe, at best.

Over the last few years, I’ve amassed quite the trove of cuckolded commentary from these unfrosted Pop-Tarts poorly masquerading as humans, and while a good chunk of that research winds up on the pixilated page, a great deal of it does not. At times, it’s literally a “Sophie’s Choice” type of decision, which is an apt analogy, considering just how close some of this unchosen annotation comes to mirroring Nazi ideology, every now and then.

Granted, this doesn’t apply to all of the asininity that I will eventually be unraveling for you over the course of this screed, for sometimes an allegorical moron is just that, but as you’ll come to see, the modern-day Conservative movement doesn’t so much as march to the beat of a different drummer, as they ever so willingly, goosestep in formation to it.

Case in point, this ever so lovely and not-racist-at-all meme, that weaponizes the fear of the “other”, the “foreigner”, and the “non-American”, in order to rationalize the author’s inherent ignorant sense of unwarranted xenophobia, Islamophobia, and outright bigoted isolationism:  

This vile falsehood, disturbingly reminds me of this abhorrent observation as it was written by one Paul Joseph Goebbels, who, under the tutelage of Adolf Hitler, served as the Nazi’s chief propagandist.

The following excerpt, taken from an article that was published November 16, 1941, and titled “The Jews are Guilty!”, clearly lays out the Nazi’s feelings in concern to the Jewish people’s future place in Germany at that time, and at no point within the original full text, does it ever pull its antisemitic punches.

And after you’re done reading it, take a moment and see if you like me, were able to draw any parallels between its intolerant message, and the one so abhorrently presented by Noyb’s meme:

“Every Jew is our enemy in this historic struggle, regardless of whether he vegetates in a Polish ghetto or carries on his parasitic existence in Berlin or Hamburg or blows the trumpets of war in New York or Washington. All Jews, BY VIRTUE OF THEIR BIRTH AND THEIR RACE, are part of an international conspiracy against National Socialist Germany. They want its defeat and annihilation, and do all in their power to bring it about. That they can do nothing inside the Reich is hardly a sign of their loyalty, rather of the appropriate measures we took against them.”

The more things change, the more the fucking songs rife with hateful rhetoric, remain the goddamn same. Albeit with different lyrics and a rearranged melody, of course. Just switch the nationalities, throw in a few racist code words and red-meat dog whistles, and play the victim card as often as you possibly can, and you my good sir, will have a Conservative hit on your hands that you can retread for decades.

Now, while the aspects of, racism, misogyny, paranoid fear-mongering, the manufacturing of cherry-picked false narratives, and religiosity-fueled hypocrisy and unwarranted self-righteousness are Conservative \classics for a reason, they’re also blatantly obvious to anyone whose brain and/or soul works as Nature intended.

And therein, lies the root of our current societal problem. Conservatives don’t think, don’t care to, and if pressed, probably couldn’t do so at this point, even if their lives depended on it, as their collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic most certainly proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What isn’t in doubt though, is just how pervasive this communal pond of puerile paranoia has been in infecting the general populace, notwithstanding the varying degrees of cumulative success such as achieved. As the saying goes; “We didn’t have “Fake News” until we elected a “Fake President”, and nowhere is this maxim better certified than when you read stuff like this

In the Land of the Nattering Neocon, paranoid conspiracies are the embodiment of Truth itself, hypocrisy is virtue, and saying; “I know you are but what am I” in response to one’s transgressions of character being held to account, is considered to be a stunningly effective and legitimate defense. In other words, the inmates are not only currently running the asylum, they’ve sold the franchise rights to it as well.

As I said above, I’ve got quite the archive of asininity in reserve to draw my literary inspiration from, and if you think I’m kidding or being over-dramatic, here’s the proof of the pustulant pudding:

Fifteen-thousand two hundred and thirty-eight screengrabs, of conservative commentary and posts, gleaned from scores of mentally- bereft neocon cultists, spread out over five-hundred and twenty-six individual sub-folders, further divided by topic as well as specific persons,, with the end resulting in 2.09 GB of the proof that not everybody should be allowed internet access without the results of an IQ test being analyzed first.

And all of it mind you, gathered in less time than it takes to make a sandwich. Say what you will about the Shadowlands of the World Wide Web, and I heartily encourage you to do so, but when it comes to providing grist for my literary inspiration, it’s the equivalent of a 7-11- never closed, easily accessible, and all of the good stuff you really want, is right up front closest to the door out.

So, that’s what I’ll be dipping into today: this relatively untapped trove of terribleness that evidences the Conservative so-called “thought process”, as well it’s ever-increasing spiral into mental instability, if not eventual and societal irrelevance, when one takes into account all of that which has been unfortunately said and is dumb

And for the sake of clarity as well as my own sanity, I’ll be doing it in the order that they’re catalogued: CONSPIRACIES; the sub-headings being Health, Politics, and Wackadoo, HATE: the sub-headings being LGBTQ, Misogyny, Racism, and Violence, POLITICS; which of course is all about American politics, and finally, SOCIAL ISSUES: the sub-headings being Abortion, God, Guns, and Media.

And hopefully I’ll have covered it all with that singular kindness that I’m rumored to be known for, in the end. As an added bonus, I may even revisit some previously written about old friends, if only to see what they’re up to these days, because keeping an eye on that which is proven to be venomous, is never a bad idea, regardless of whatever ideology it is that you ascribe your belief system to.

Whether such revolves around “the Deep State”, “Q”, “Lizard People”, “Clones replacing human political leaders”, “Crisis Actors/False Flag Operations”, or “Satanic machinations“, CT’s are the GQP’s most recent import into the cultural mainstream, and being as such, they show no sign of either losing allegorical steam or being defeated by the penicillin of common sense.

This of course, leads us to our starting off point, that being the Conspiracy Theories surrounding vaccines and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Of which and in regard to, there are endless varieties to be dissevered within the Neocon Thunderdome. Two Conspiracies may enter, but literally one-thousand more leave, when they’re done interbreeding in full view of the clamoring cultists that adore them so much.

Keep in mind if you would, that some of these posts do go back quite some time, and therefore, may no longer reflect what its originator may think now, but as once a moron forever a moron, seems to be a founding philosophical cornerstone of the modern-day Conservative movement, Id also point out that I’m pretty sure the gullible goalposts of theses soon to be presented wackadoos, probably haven’t moved an inch, but as it is with all things, there are the rare exceptions.

Like this guy for instance:
Ken and I, from a literary POV at least, go way back to roughly September of 2020 or so, and his Aryan-inspired asininity has made several appearances in my screeds over the years, with April’s 2021 installment “Vanguard of the Vanilla. (Chauvin-istic Tendencies)” being the crowning achievement. As the majority of what he posted at the time, was generally racist as fuck, seeing him delve into the nattering neighborhood of wackadoo, was actually a refreshing change of pace from his stereotypical bigotry.

But White boys are still gonna White about everything, so naturally of course, Ken here just has to draw a false parallel to the unvaccinated being validly refused entry to certain places for the safety of the public at large, as being akin to the type of racial discrimination that he wishes he could practice openly and without societal consequence.  Why do I say this, you ask?

Well, the answer is White in front of your face:

Yes Ken, they actually do. But as you’re not at credible risk for being five times more likely to be fatally shot by the police while obviously unarmed, or have the threat of being racially profiled due to your being whiter than an Osmond cover band, I think it’s safe for us to take our eyes off of you for five minutes.

However, Ken’s feeling that all White lives do, is only seemingly conditional at best, as this; heartfelt posting highlighting his inner concern for the well-being of others, makes abundantly clear:

By the way, I too, shop at this very same Walmart, and the homeless people there are NOT a problem on any level, and even more relevantly, never have been. And I say this, as someone who walks with both a pronounced at times limp and a cane, which is normally catnip for the criers of sob stories.

I have never been asked for cash, I have never been harassed, nor have I ever even seen in the first place, any of these alleged public nuisances that apparently vex my resident mayonnaise scheißkerlso ever so much.  

Not to mention, there are many travelers who come through my small town who aren’t homeless, and they use the Walmart parking lot as a quick nap-stop, rest-stop, and eating-spot, before they head back out to the world entire that Ken apparently thinks only exists to serve people just like him. A feeling I may note that his fellow and equally as arrogant anti-humanists, share more than willingly, if not publicly:

Yes, Tammie… “they” have “shifts”, because that’s just how the scourge of homelessness works, my suburbanite twat. Strange then, that as someone who visits this location an average of five to six times a week at all hours of the day and/or night, I have yet to witness this dedicated troupe of marauding malcontents as you, Ken, and Ken’s obviously got-nothing-better-to-do-with-her-time wife, allegedly have.

Not to mention, the auto shop location in question, is figuratively miles away from the front doors of said Walmart, and is NOT EVEN VISIBLE from the parking lot itself, unless you literally drive halfway round to nearly the back of the building. But yeah, these homeless people are such a concerning threat. So, I guess “White Lives Matter” only when they have a permanent address and a 739-credit score, right Ken?

However, this is not to say that Ken and his buddies don’t have any helpful suggestions:

Ah, Walter. Spoken like a man who has no idea of what he’s actually talking about, for the “homeless shelter” that Ken mentioned (AKA; SPIN) is an SOS (Seasonal Overnight Shelter), and not a long-term solution for those who find theses stuck between a rock and a hard place in a town whose biggest employers are the Walmart, the Mining industry, the Hospital, and the severely limited food & retail trades.

But then again, should I be surprised about his lack of concern for the homeless, when he’s as equally upset, that blue-collar workers are possibly going to achieve the acquisition of less than a living wage?Poor Walter. His life is going to be made that much more difficult by people having not only enough money to barely pay their bills, as well as funding his monthly social security check, but by finding himself burdened with the knowledge of just whose fault it is for this bare minimum bump of a cost-of-living increase, as well: And who is that, you wonder?

Well, lets’ just let Walter and his mentally-challenged friends inform us all:

A few notes, if I may? First Richard Leyba, it’s actually spelled “outrageous, not “outrages” Buy a dictionary, or learn how to use spell-check. Second, Walter, I have serious reservations that the Communists are going to “take over” America via your pellet stove operational cost. Just saying. But thanks for presenting yourself ad every walking cliché we expected from someone who brings nothing to the metaphorical table, save for willing ignorance and paranoia.

However, the well of stupidity only gets deeper, as Walter and his moronic minions continue to squawk:

Remind me again if you would, which political party it is, that passed a tax break for the uber-rich and not the poor and middle class, who fights against worker benefits and raising the minimum wage, decries maternity leave as unnecessary, rails against affordable healthcare and lowering the cost of prescription drugs, as they attempt to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, all while bragging endlessly that they alone, truly “represent he working class”?

Go ahead…
And while I do, let’s get back on track with what we opened this section up with- that being, conspiracies about COVID. Now, while some of these were clearly borne out of fear, leading to a pervasion of willful ignorance to take hold, more than a few have been manufactured wholly out of delusional dipshittery, such as this gem, courtesy of yet another Artbitch scratching post, a lummox who goes by the name of Russell Ward Mathews:
“Millions of Murders”, and yet somehow, using only the internet, bumper stickers, and the ever-screaming voices in that otherwise vacuous melon that he calls a head, Matthews was the only one on the very earth itself, to suss out a definable pattern of occurrences.

And rather than bring this crucial proof to any form of legal authority, advocacy group, media outlet, book, magazine, or newspaper publisher, he felt instead, that the best way to spread the word was with a self-created meme on Facebook, which just so also happens to be, the main social media platform that Conservatives are always claiming purposefully censors the “truth” whenever such is posted.

Truly, a genius plan all around, with nary a flaw that I could ever hope to detect. I’ll never cease to be amazed, at just how unfair it is that brilliant minds such as Mathews are forced to toil away in only the most menial of mediocre jobs, rather than being allowed to fully unleash their obvious intellectual prowess towards the benefit of Mankind itself, by unraveling the mysteries of the known Universe, such as it currently exists.  

Sure, I could mention that this is yet another claim without any actual evidence being presented to defend its proof of concept, but when you’re far too busy disentangling the web of an insidious cabal hell-bent on murdering all those who get in its way of its lust for power, it’s not like you have the time to jot down any notes, am I right?

Oh wait, no I’m not, because this premise is fucking insane. A reality that I was more than happy to point out:

See? I keep telling you all that I’m truly a “people person”, and as of yet, you still don’t believe me.

But sometimes, being considered a Man of the People isn’t always a good thing, especially when the individual presenting themselves as such, disguises the fact that they’re nothing less an alleged snake-oil salesman who uses the cover of religion to profit off the selling of fear-mongering false salvation, such as we see here:

I first introduced you to this self-styled “Man of God” back in October of 2021, in a screed entitled ”Ruth-less Sheeple. (The Divine Profit-see)”, in which, I discussed Cooper’s moronically misinformed takes on the Constitution in relation to religious practice, the COVID pandemic, his church’s seeming lack of doing anything typically related to what churches actually do, and the fact that as one of his parishioners, you’re more apt to hear about his book(s), long before you hear about God’s record-braking one:
Cooper, for all of his faux-Christian pomposity, somehow missed the fact that the message from the Good Book that he obviously considers to be less important to promote than the self-punished tripe he cranks out, is simply loaded with edicts concerning the protecting others, to take responsibility for your own actions, and to not sow falsehoods of any kind, but when you’re trying to become the next far more-grafting Joel Osteen, I guess you can pick up that annoying slack in your virtuosity, later on down the road.

Because as the Good Book tells us, in in the lesser-known parable of Shitheadius 10:1; “And the Lord gathered the Morons of the arid Lands replete with green chiles, and bade them to care not for others or themselves, for the sale of books with covers too far apart, must continue unabated, and to be haughty and dance like uncircumcised Philistines, in front of the official scribes who would note their jackassery for the age, with great humor and infinite sadness.”

Truly inspirational, even if Cooper’s contribution to creating a public health crisis, is not. You read that right- Cooper here, desperately dependent on the incoming cash from his cringe-inducing merch sales, once found himself in legal hot water, when he decided that despite a public health order issued during the height of the COVID crisis, he was going to hold services anyway, the public safety be damned.

Naturally, he (falsely) turned this into an issue of “religious freedom”: which is code for; “I believe in a mythical Skydaddy, so the Laws of Man don’t apply to me”, which if you’re an actual Christian, blatantly violates the edict of Romans 13: 1-7; which says that:

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and THOSE THAT EXIST, HAVE BEEN INSTITUTED BY GOD. Therefore, whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore, one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.” …

But hey, that’s just God saying this, so I’m sure we can just ignore it, like Cooper so regularly does.

Now, if you’ve already read the screed about this shekel-seizing Man of the Cough, then you’re aware it’s fairly obvious that Cooper is nothing more than a new variant of the long-established cadre of evangelical End-times entrepreneurs, and as such, should be best avoided at all [literal] costs. That is, if you truly value your soul or current credit rating, anyway.

But surely you ask, how openly gullible must one be to put any stock in Cooper’s selling you on the concept that just being human is a “sin”, right before he suggests the fallacy that the only the “cure” for such, is the “salvation” that only he can arrange?  To answer that, I present one of Cooper’s naïvely trusting walking cash cards:

With all due respect Mrs. Turner, if you’re hearing voices in your head while taking a shower in the privacy of your own home, I’d suggest that ether you check your bathroom windows to see if they’re open, or your bathroom mirror, to see if your brain is leaking out of your ears. And when you’re done doing that, check your credit report to see where your money is actually going. Call it a hunch.

However, as fear-mongering is a growth industry, there’s always someone who has to kick the lunacy up a notch:

Yup. COVID vaccines contain “nano particles” to track your movements, everyone. Because your cell phone GPS system, social media postings, location-based apps, and personal spending habits, have failed miserably to do just that with any form of efficiency, thus far.

But wait if you will, for Marlin has more crucial information regarding the vaccines that he needs to share, and in no way, shape or form, is it 100% insane as fuck:

Anyone else getting the feeling that Marlin should call up Ken, and invite him over for a 3 a.m. BBQ on the front lawn of his closest African-American neighbor’s home? So, not only is the vaxx tracking you, it’s also deliberately cock-blocking you as well? Damn. Science-based Evil, is really bringing its “A” game to the allegorical table these days, let me tell you.

Never mind that the originator of this unsupported by any actual science miasma of a mediocre thought process, also uttered that; “COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese”, which according to the GQP, is not a racist thing to say at all, when it’s slanderously false to begin with.

Do you know what the COVID vaccine actually does do, Marlin? It prevents the spread of disease, and increases the intellectual bereavement of jabbering jackasses like yourself, as it does so. But I do hope that you do get the shot, for if your theorems prove correct, not only will it protect the rest of us from a plague, it will also give us all the comfort of knowing where you are at all times, and that you’ll be the last of your line.

Speaking of Science-based Evil, it’s about high time we address just who it is that’s been cluelessly aiding this multiple murdering cabals behind this “scamdemic”, as the cool kids call it, and I can assure you, it’s not going to be who you expect. Sure, the government and the Deep State are playing their part, but the real enemy we should be fighting, is those who swore a satanic oath to the false God known as Hippocrates:
Applying Red Pilling’s “logic” here, I guess it’s also a lot easier to tell yourself that you’re a steadfast  warrior for Truth when you’re not encumbered by the burden of producing any credible evidence to support your asinine claim either, but then again, it’s not as if our anti-masked vanilla vigilante Jason Schagene here, (Red Pilling’s actual name) would be able to do so in the first place. Nevertheless, I offered him some heartfelt advice anyway, which I’m sure he truly appreciated.

Once again, I keep telling you all that I’m truly a “people person”, and yet, you still don’t believe me. That just hurts. Granted, it doesn’t compare half as much as some of the Conservative idiocy that I’ve collected over the last few years, but it’s still quite painful all the same. Case in point, this intellectually-starved meme, courtesy of one Richard “Ricardo” Leyba, who hails from my current neck of the woods:
Yes siree Bob, this twat nails it dead. Having to wear a mask every time you’re inside a store for five minutes to protect both yourself and your fellow human from a pandemic that at this point, has killed over 1.1 M people in the US alone, is akin to slavery.

Layba, much like some of the people listed above, is a previous Artbitch story subject, whose asinine commentary has appeared in a few other stories of mine from time to time, the end result of which led to he and the aforementioned Walter Cook Sr, finally sharing a duo of screeds, “Leyba of Love PT 1 (Walter for Elephants)” in August of 2021, and its follow-up; “Leyba of Love PT 2 (Don’t think the Walter)” one month later.

However, don’t misconstrue this meme as being evidentiary proof that Leyba is no more than an ignorant bigot with no literal grasp of what actual slavery is and what it actually was in the US, because he’s been pretty clear about just who he identifies as, and it’s not as a racist:
Damn… I guess he told us, did he not? He is so not a walking stereotype.  Nope, he’s a free thinker. A godly man, as it were. A patriot, no less. And most certainly, NOT a racist, no matter what his own social media posting history proves beyond a shadow of a doubt.:
“I don’t like traitors to America” says Trump-supporting, clueless hypocrite, who just above those strong words, openly praised two of its biggest betrayers during its tenure as a country thus far. Dude, I know you’re ever so busy being a jabbering baboon, but could you just take three minutes next time, and proofread your self-owning idiocy, before you go ahead and share it with the world entire?

Thanks, you’re a peach. Albeit one that on the surface at least, appears to be rather rabidly racist, for as we all know, thanks to our brains working the way Nature intended them to, the Confederacy and its vile ideology, isn’t a “culture” so much as it is an embarrassing footnote in our collective history.

Look at it this way: I’m German, and unlike you, I celebrate my culture by eating heaping plates of Kartoffelkloesse, wearing inappropriately tailored lederhosen, and singing the ever-popular song “Die Gedanken sind fre” at the top of my lungs, in lieu of posting racist tripe such as this:
Yup… 100% totally not racist, ignorant, or cringe-inducing, whatsoever. An opinion verified by this 3rd to last post of his, wherein he not only forgets that his surname literally hails from north central Spain, but that people who celibate the holiday month he’s promoting, only want him at the celebration to serve them their food:
No wonder he’s Facebook friends with both Cykala and Cook, for after all, you do tend to get a far better deal on a White-hooded robe ensemble when you buy them in bulk. I’m obviously kidding of course, for if you want to spot a potential member of the KKK, all you need now do, is to see if they’re wearing this specific hat out in public, and you’ll have that confirmation on the spot.

But what does the hat actually “mean”? Well, here’s a visual aid to assist you in acquiring your answer:Crafting false parallels, seems to be one of Leyba’s favorite deflection gambits, and while he does do it with consistent frequency, it’s also quite clear that he’s really not that good at it, as this post proves:
Um, genius? We as a nation, already have to carry a card [AKA: a driver’s license or state-issued ID] to get into certain places, such as bars, nightclubs, and the strip club where both your mother and sister work, so when it comes to this particular point, you sound like an even bigger moron than usual.

I also need that said same card to sign legal papers, buy alcohol or cigarettes, complete banking transactions, pick-up my pain medication, and drive a car, so maybe you should just sit this one out. Be careful not to squash your brain as you do so, because let’s face it; you really do need every last brain cell that you’ve got left.

Evermore the pity then, that the few remaining ones still chugging away inside the dimly-lit corridors of Leyba’s already overtaxed intellect, were seemingly asleep at the switch, when he speciously decided that the world needed yet another example of his failure to craft appropriate analogies in regards to sensitive topics that he clearly knows not a thing about:
It’s truly a shame that metaphorical apples and oranges can’t be monetized, for if they could, Leyba would be up to his neck in disposable cash. For the record, the scourge of sexual harassment and refusing to comply with an instituted health policy, are not even remotely close to being the same.

But as Leyba is a proud member of the political party whose current de facto leader is a convicted sexual batterer; I can understand why he may think that it is.To this inanity, I’ll just say what Neocons always like to say when the working class asks for the decency of an actual living wage: “If you don’t like it, you can always go get another job”.

Perhaps Leyba seeking employment as a tackling dummy, would be appropriate, given his intellect.

Moving on, we come to the next level of Conservative idiocy, that being their taking pride in refusing a vaccine or other related procedures designed to protect all people, including these same said jackasses who barely care about themselves, even at the best of times. And what better way to show that you’re on solid moral ground than by using terminology most commonly associated with White Nationalist ideology?

“We’re Purebloods”, say the very same people who look upon Donald Trump as a patriot, the J6 insurrection as an ultimate necessity, and the social precautions to reduce the death of innocent persons from preventable disease as a personally targeted affront to their individual sovereignty, but I digress. Nevertheless, their unjustified pride in allegedly being so, remains willingly unabated:

Unsurprisingly, I had an opinion or two regrading this state of delusion, and was more than happy to share it:
Damn. Do I ever love Conservatives. Not only do they take their moral guidance from persons delightfully unencumbered by any sense of such, they also get their medical advice from them as well, which is doubly hilarious when you remember that their mango-tinted man-child received one of the very same said vaccines that they hate and fear so much, and DIDN’T TELL THEM that he did so, until months afterward.

Irrespective of that hypocrisy, their madness and idiocy continues unimpeded:
If you ever wondered just what happened to all those people in your high school who could make a bong out of anything as if they were the MacGyver’s of the 420 collective, now you know how they ended up. In fact, here’s yet another example of just why you don’t mix your cannabis with your household’s cleaning products:
Oh look, Pam has an opinion regarding vaccine “passports”, and like the majority of what she posts, it’s equally incorrect and insane at the same time. First, it’s not incantational for governances both local and federal, to enforce health-related provisions, and no one anywhere is “forcing” you to get the vaccine, in any way, shape, or form.

And your being barred from a Starbucks, because you’re an ignorantly entitled moron, isn’t even close to being a “violation” of your HIPAA [correct spelling counts, dumbass] rights, either. As for your inference that only “PINKERTONS” and “TYRANTS” dismiss the Constitution out of hand, whose political leader was it, that said this?
Well, I guess we all now know just who the actual tyrant really is, don’t we Pam?

Man, I tell ya’: if Conservative hadn’t wasted all their time fabricating imaginary adversaries, false culture wars, and conceptually non-existent scenarios to obsess over 24/7, they might have actually been able to do some actual good for this country., rather than foment the destruction of it, as they’ve been doing for years now. And sadder still, is the fact that they didn’t invest some of that time learning just how Virology actually works:
After reading this dumber than fuck assessment, is it any wonder why conservative blockheads such as Sherrill, decry everything they don’t understand as being “fake”, regardless of whether it is or not?

Given this level of stupidity in concern to long-established scientific procedures, I can only assume the following: books in Sherrill’s home do double-duty serving as beer coasters, the reading of tea leaves negates the need for reading newspapers, and if you need either leeches or a poultice made from duck dung, honey, and linseed meal, hers is definitely the house to hit up first.

This is especially true if you just so happen to be under-stocked on the crazy in yours:
If I can say anything positive about the scourge of illnesses that Sherrill will most certainly face in whatever remaining lifetime that she may have left, it’s that at least when it comes to our getting into a doctor’s office on short notice, at least she won’t be in the way, thanks to her asinine beliefs about medicine in general.

And nowhere is this reality better verified, than by this cluelessly ironic self-owning meme, in which yet another Neocon known as Nikki Miller, lets us all know just who the idiots walking among us are. You know, just in case they’re not wearing one of those cult-identifying hats that I mentioned earlier?
True that, Mrs. Miller… true motherfucking that. Nikki here, being the lummox that she so clearly is, will be making a few appearances later on down the allegorical road, but for now, we’re moving on to the next facet of my CT collection, that being the ones dealing with the “Political”:
Truly, this is a damning statement, even if it was courteously delivered to us via the personage of a man whose best quality is to consistently serve as the supreme example of just why first cousins shouldn’t marry. Not only is this deflection blatantly false, it’s also relatively easy to disprove as well.

Last time I checked, it wasn’t Democrats being arrested in droves for the crimes of fraud, tax evasion, child trafficking, sexual assault, committing seditious acts, election interference, and obstruction of justice.

Just saying.

Not to mention, we’re also not the ones attempting to pass unconstitutional legislation and civil restrictions based on fallacious fabrications resultant of imaginary culture wars, either. But yes, Greg Gutless, other than those pesky details blowing holes in your dimwitted dingbat dinghy, you’re 100% correct. Well, at least inside your self-created media bubble/safe space that you hide in, anyways.

But isn’t that seemingly always the particularly specific case, when it comes to your political takes? But on the upside, that is, if one actually still exists, Gutless isn’t half as cerebrally cracked as this walking mental illness seeking appropriate medication, willingly appears to present herself as:
She seems ….um… rational, I guess? Yup, nothing but the best that America has to offer in concern to fleshing out the Neocon movement’s membership base, let me tell you. I mean, we already had clones replacing our world leaders being offered up as a possibility, so what harm could actually result from lifting the central plot of  “Capricorn One” wholesale, and then promoting it as being conceivably akin to it?

Nothing good I’m sure, but as the situational aspect currently lies, Storbeck isn’t the only loon out there formulating misconceptions out of the miasma of moronic mental meandering, for a prior Artbitch subject named James Oscar Holmes, is doing his part as well, to make the act of civil debate that much stupider, whenever such an opportunity clearly presents itself:
Sigh. Let’s take this absurd commentary in order of density, box by box, shall we?

BOX ONE:No, it’s not “common knowledge”, and you haven’t “interviewed” anyone. No, they’re not. And no, he is not. Also, if you could, please define “Marxism” for us all, because I’m pretty confident that you can’t.
BOX TWO: In a few simple words, none of this is true, and you are fucking insane. And you have no idea by the way, just how happy that I am, being the one that gets the opportunity to point this actual fact out to you.
BOX THREE: Yes, he did, no he didn’t, no he is not, no they aren’t, and no, he most certainly is not using his own money, as he hasn’t stopped spending yours yet, and doesn’t plan on ever doing so.

Say what you will about Conservatives, but when they find a song and/or a beat that they really like, they tend to stick with it, even when it’s catchiness and marketability has long played itself out, and there is no better example of this to be found than their own craziness-laden social media posts concerning politics:
Oh, Martin Choate. When I first discovered your online idiocy back in 2022, I knew then that someday it would really pay off. And while you’ve been an untapped resource thus far, I have a feeling that by the time the last word of this story-arc has been written, it’ll have been worth the wait. However, you did ask a valid (sort of) question, and as you’re either too goddamn lazy or stupid to go and discover the answer for yourself, I’ll do your homework for you, just this once.

You’re welcome. And even better, you don’t even have to thank me, for I do this all for the love of the craft:
Let it never be said that I don’t try to educate the inane as I go, because I most definitely do. Now, whether or not they truly learn anything however, is up to them alone. But Choate isn’t the only one pushing the false narrative that despite what we all saw on our televisions, phones, and tablets LIVE AS IT HAPPENED, that J6 itself, wasn’t an “actual” insurrection, so much as it was a Deep State telenovela:

What an uplifting message Elliot is promoting here, is it not? I mean, my late Mother and I were never what you’d call close, but I also wouldn’t ascribe our mutual emotional disconnection to the fact that she and I never participated in a treasonable act against our country of birth.

Also, while it’s not illegal to teach your kids to stand up for themselves, it is dumber than fuck to couch that lesson using an attack on Democracy itself with your impressionable child in attendance, as its principal framework. And BTW, did anyone else catch Elliot’s none-too-subtle racist swipe within it, as well? “The Kenyan King”, Lewis? Really?

As to the rest of your blathering, it was on TRUMP’S WATCH, [July, 2020] that protesters in Oregon were being rounded up using unmarked vehicles, and for the record, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, an avowed  anti-government extremist, was killed as he resisted with threats, his arrest by the FBI after he participated in an armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters, a small detail you somehow forgot to mention in your rant-as-meme, along with the fact that he was also armed at the time.

But hey… please tell us more about how Obama who is no longer President, is still ruining/running your life.

While Elliot’s asininitiy is telling of a personality far more suited to being a thrower of Molotov cocktails rather than kernels of Truth, it’s our returning demagogue Marvin Choate, who really comes out swinging the stick of stupidity with his obviously well-researched if unverified take on the “actual” events of J6.

Nice try, Marvin. But I think you’re forgetting a few things in regards to this dark chapter in American history,

That being, the hours of videotape documenting the days’ events as they happened, the trove of eyewitness testimony, and in a twist everyone with a working brain saw coming, the cellphone videos, texts, selfies, and the social media postings from the RIOTERS THEMSELVES, admitting to, and the documenting of, the crimes they willingly committed in real-time, based on the lies of your mango Mussolini.

Reality may not see it the way that Choate does of course, but that still doesn’t staunch the flow of falsehood fabricators trying desperately to lay the blame for this abominably of actual patriotism at the feet of everybody else, regardless of what actually occurred. Case in point, this wretched and quickly debunked attempt by one Sunnymarie Zealy, who somehow forgot that the bleach goes on your hair, and not on your brain:   Naturally, this false accusation of Zealy’s brought on a response from a person who if I may be so bold, quite possibly may just be, twice as goddamn stupid and woefully uniformed than she is:

Honest to mythical God, I have no idea how Obama does it. Pulling the behind the curtain political puppet strings, organizing false insurrections and nationwide race riots, all while running the government, as he chillaxes with Sata himself. Where does he find the time? Screw that; where does he find the energy itself, because whatever the heck he’s having for breakfast, I want some as well, no questions asked.

Seriously. I don’t even care what food is involved, for, I will chow down on whatever it is, like a piranha on a bleeding cow, a dog on a bone, or a Conservative on a chance to make a hero out of a known traitor:
Yes, rest in peace Ashli Babbitt, as well as historical and eternal disgrace, for your role in soothing the bruised hubris of a man who on his best day, wouldn’t have pissed on you if you had been on fire.

Your needless sacrifice means nothing to the demagogue who thus far, has yet to raise one dime for the legal expenditures of those arrested in his name, who has yet to offer any of his own cash towards the same, and who has yet to testify in any capacity, albeit in person or via a video statement, to minimize the punitive judgements that they now face, thanks to the marching orders that he himself, was too craven to follow.

But I’m ever so certain, that down deep inside, he truly appreciates your taking a bullet for the sake of his election fraud lies, nevertheless. James Tronka here, demands that we all “SAY HER$ NAME”, but as I find attempted treason somewhat distasteful, I’ll just use her should-be-official nicknames, instead.

As I’m relatively new at this sort of thing, I’ll do my best to try and [no pun intended] give it a shot. How about; “Brainless Cultist”?  Perhaps “Mentally-bereft Moron”, is far more accurate? Maybe I should refer to her as a “Delusional Dumbass”, as that seems to nail it in the head? Sorry, I meant to say “neck”. It nails it in the neck.

But the cheery-picked narrative imparting heroism, continues on, nevertheless:
Babbitt is no here. And she was not “murdered”, either, as her own actions led to her truly pathetic

At best, she was a highly misguided if not manipulated twit who went down the rabbit hole, and never came back up. And at worst, she’s a seditious and fully complicit betrayer of the oath she swore to protect this country, in willing league with the closest thing America has ever had to a publicly-supported fascist. Either way, not exactly the grade-A material one requires to craft a classically worthy hero, by any means.

A reality that I was more than happy to comment on, with all of my usual sensitivity:
See? I can take the negative and make it into a positive, when the need truly arises. Look at it this way: America gets one less wackadoo seditionist, and History gets a brand-new cautionary tale as to what can happen when one tragically confuses a mendacious moron as being akin to a mythical messiah.

Seems like an equitable trade-off to me, but what do I know? For after all, I remain as always, a situational cynic.

The false narrative that the J6 seditionist were innocent victims of machinated circumstance, is a popular theorem amongst the Alt-Wrong acolytes, and as such, they tend to beat it into dust as if were a dead horse:
Which in a way it kind of is, for we as a nation, collectively saw with our own eyes no less,, exactly what they didn’t do and more importantly, what they actually did, and all of the conspiracies based on sociopathic paranoia, fabricated non- occurrences, and lies uttered by a delusional demagogue intent on retaining his wholly undeserved grasp on fascistic power, will never change that.

For as a group, the J6 insurrectionists DID attack and subsequently injure, over 140 Capitol police officers. They DID loot offices, invade the chambers, smashed windows, and defecated in its halls. They DID proudly march down its corridors waving not only the flags once borne by Confederate traitors, but those bearing the name of America’s newest one, as well.  

And disgustingly, if not more disturbingly, they DID chant about hanging the vice president and a specific group of America’s duly-sworn legislators as well. You know, like “innocent” people so often do? Off topic somewhat, has anyone ever noticed the sheer number of times that Neocons erroneously associate the allegorical strength of the American Eagle with the flatulent flabbiness that is Trump’s?Yup. no better way to represent America’s great promise for the future, than by juxtaposing its most revered symbol of its inherent virtue, next to the criminal mugshot of the treasonous arsonist, who’s never had a sense of such to begin with: Or come to think of it, the strength to be able to manage it, if he had:

Man, that is some serious steadfastness being displayed there, am I right? No wonder the collective forces of the world’s dictators cowered in abject fear. when they found themselves face to face with him in the same room, displaying the resolute strength that he’s truly legendary for:
Hang on a second… is that the former President of the United States fucking saluting a high-ranking official of the North Korean military? The same military led by a dictator who openly swore that he would wipe the USA off the map of the world itself? Yes. Yes, it is. Gee, I can’t imagine what he gets called a “useful idiot” by our enemies, can you?

Their political gaffes and missteps aside, this is not to say however, that Conservatives aren’t all about meting out justice, it’s just that they don’t believe that it’s swift sword should ever touch upon the illegal actions that they themselves either solely undertake or are directly responsible for ideologically supporting.

And nowhere is this arrogance made more obvious, than by the fantasies that they manufacture in order to justify their delusion that they, or more accurately their cult leader, are truly the victims here:

“That’s a hard fact”, say the very same people who have to be able to produce any of notable substance in order to validly back up any of this partisan garbage up, but I digress. Despite that glaring discrepancy, I was still nice enough to offer up some encouragement for the cause itself, nevertheless:

Say it with me, my loyal readers: “See? I can be nice when I need to be.”

However, the same cannot be said of the Alt-Wrong underbelly of the debunked deflection as fact brigade that is today’s GQP, and for people who are always claiming that their adversaries duffer from “TDS”, or “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, they sure do seem to fixate on the Clinton’s (Hillary in particular) far more than they need to, and long after she was ever relevant:
I’m sure this deliberate misquoting of the contextual facts and of what was actually said in the report that Summers here obviously never read, was based on a genuine concern, and not the need to misdirect attention away from their own wrongdoing in relation to the scores of criminal activity that the Trump administration fomented as policy. A fact that I was more than happy to allude to:
I’m sure this deliberate misquoting of the contextual facts and of what was actually said in the report that Summers here obviously never read, was based on a genuine concern, and not the need to misdirect attention away from their own wrongdoing in relation to the scores of criminal activity that the Trump administration fomented as policy. A fact that I was more than happy to allude to:

Context counts, kids. That’s why Conservatives never employ it correctly, if and when they use it at all.

Pathetically, as well as predicably, the non-issue of imaginary voter fraud, became the rallying motive for the Alt-Wrong’s crafting of a fallacious framework intended to justify the chain of events attached to J6, as being a reasonable reaction to that which has been proven to be nothing more than an outright fabrication.

A falsehood that to this day, Conservatives still push as being nothing less than the gospel trut

Once again, a charge of corrupted process straight from the mewling maw of the GQP, that to this very day, has never had one shred of evidence presented in its defense to back any of its claims up.

Sure, it could have been presented inside a courtroom, distributed via books, magazine, or newspapers, posted on social media, or handed out at one of Trump’s Nuremburgesque rallies, but why do any of that, when you can just say that you have proof and your slavish base will just unquestioningly accept it at face value?

The belief that the 2020 election was “stolen”, despite all established evidence to the contrary since, has spurred the Alt-Wrong to achieve new heights of reactionary insanity, resulting in asinine and logistically impractical “suggestions” to stop such non-occurrences in the near future:

Despite Sullivan’s unwarranted insistence that over half of the country would willingly vote for Trump, the reality that such would happen, is overly optimistic at its best, and completely unhinged, at its worst. And as I’m all about helping those who’ve sadly found themselves cruelly bereft of an actually working intellect, I offered my ever-so-kind observational take on the overall situation:
Rest assured, when one batshit crazy conspiracy fails to deliver the goods as promised, there’s always another even far crazier one in the allegorical chamber, waiting for its moment in the sun, regardless of just how rationally improbable it is, or may be:  
As you may have already construed, everything stated within this meme obstinately false. To begin with, there were no “quantum blockchain watermark” [QFS] placed on ballots by anyone, anywhere, nor was there any form of “RIFD” [correct notation] tracking being used in conjunction with such, as well.

And I know that you’ll be shocked just as I was, to hear that at no point in time, were there ever 14M ballots that had been verifiably identified as being pre-filled out for Biden, either. In fact, it seems (GASP!) that this whole assertion was nothing more than a credulously implausible lie:
Imagine that. A guy known for lying as naturally as he breathes, being behind a series of conspiracy theories so insane and unforeseen, that even hardcore Scientologists and the ghost of Charles Ponzi, are seethingly envious of its nearly worldwide success. But the suggestions by Neocons to “safeguard’ the electoral process, just keep coming, no matter how tyrannically fascist they are in nature:

I love to break it to Leyba here, but that’s not how elections actually work in the United States, and it never will be. Shockingly, you don’t get to indiscriminately arrest people doing their sworn duty just because your cuck of a candidate, incontestably lost a free and fair election. Nevertheless, the cries of faux victimization from the side that employed deceit and attempted violence to acquire a win, remain shrill:  

This is truly some seriously selective memory recollection being displayed here boys and girls, and its cravenly pathetic, if not deliberately misleading as all fuck.

To start, the reason why Trump was “banned” from Twitter, was due to his reported insistence on posting incendiary and blatantly false lies that could (and did) incite political violence, which by the way, was well within Twitter’s right to do so, as it is a corporate entity, immune from the oversight of the First Amendment.

In addition, he was first validly impeached for both his soliciting foreign interference in aid in his failed re-election bid, and his attempt to obstruct the inquiry into such, by ordering his underlings to ignore the Congressional subpoenas they were dutifully served. Not too surprisingly, his second impeachment was resultant of his alleged “incitement of insurrection”, which in essence, declared that he was partially responsible for inciting the J6 attack upon the U.S. Capitol.

Wrapping up Washington’s falsehood, his supporters were arrested for participating in the same seditious action, his home / country club for foreign agents was raided due to his blatant theft of classified documents he had no right to be in possession of in the first place, and in regards to which, he refused to return lo ng after that fact was made exceedingly clear to him.

And as to his four indictments? Well, in order, they’re the end consequence of his paying “hush money” to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016, the aforementioned illegal retention of classified documents case, the Special counsel’s investigation of January Sixth, and ending with his attempt to influence the 2020 election results in Fulton County, Georgia Weird that Washington forgot to mention any of this, isn’t it?

And as to  they’re being regarded as “Fascists”…

… I too, have to wonder; wherever did people get that crazy ass idea?

The occasionally unfounded paranoia that Trump’s loyally stupid minions display at times while cringe-inducing, can also be somewhat hilarious for the same reason, and as I do enjoy a moment of levity at someone else’s expense every now and then, I’ll share with you an example of the false victimhood that these conservative cretins live with almost every day, if only to lighten the mood for a moment:
Actually Frank? You shouldn’t wear any hat into any restaurant, because it’s considered socially rude to do so.

And as a MAGA hat serves to inform the people around you that you willingly belong to a cultish demographic of dimwitted demagogues who are uniformly racist, misogynistic, Homo & Transphobic, as well as being proudly ignorant, maybe it’s best if you just leave it at home next time, right next to the copy of the indictments concerning Trump, that you’ve obviously never read.

And you can relax about anyone in the food service industry deliberately urinating in your lemonade, [correct spelling] because the odds are pretty good that ponce, they see your portable idiot identification symbol, they’ll probably ask you not to walk in to their establishment in the first place.

So, lighten up, you paranoid dipshit. You’ll be ok.

Referring back to the quatrain of indictments that are the current bane of both Trump’s legal team, as well as his cadre of MAGA loyalists, the lack of knowledge among the Trump faithful regarding their contextual impact, of the classified documents case as well as the other ongoing ones, while not entirely surprising, is still somewhat shocking, given the pervasiveness of the 24/7 news cycle juggernaut we find ourselves subjected to with an almost negligible amount of meaningful respite.

Overall, not only do they ignore the reality of what’s being explained right in front of them, they also purposefully invent increasingly ludicrous alternative narratives in order to ignore it:
Happy to say that Hickam here, ever the obsequious optimist  is wrong as usual, for The National Archives and Records Administration [AKA: NARA] had, as early as May of 2021, notified Trump’s lawyers that some two dozen boxes of original records had not been not turned over to them, as long-established federal law demands.

Highly classified records by the way, that he denied having for over a year, until they were unearthed in the unfortunately necessary FBI-led raid of his Mar-a-Lago resort on August 8th, 2022.

In other words, they DID know just what they were looking for, but don’t tell the party faithful that, because they already know the “truth” of the matter, and it’s twice as stupid as Hickdumb’s initial take on the situation:
Yes, that must be the reason for the raid, regardless of the fact that they found exactly what they were looking for, despite Trump’s claim that he wasn’t in possession of any such documents. A story that he maintained until he admitted to the exact opposite on his Twitter knockoff Truth Social, on August 31st of 2022:
Adding additional weight to the fact that Trump was in possession of said illegally held documents, past his inadvertent admittance that he was, his lawyers certified this assumption by stating in a now-infamous court brief that  the DOJ, and I quote directly; “gratuitously included a photograph of allegedly classified materials, pulled from a container and spread across the floor for dramatic effect.”

And this my readers, is why you don’t hire your lawyers off of a bust stop bench advertisement. Just saying. Regardless, the fallaciously crafted fever-dreams of unjustified persecution continue unabated
As previously notated in limited detail above, Trump is not being, nor has he ever been, indicted for “questioning” the results of the 2020 election, which by the way, is something that he legally did in sixty-four separate court cases, all of which he lost, due to the lack of evidence verifying any form of the fraud that to this day, he claims unquestionably occurred.

SPOILER: it did not, a fact that he and his sanctimonious sycophants know all too well, but refuse to acknowledge, because I guess when you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a mythical 215 pounds. And when you are, you most certainly need to justify actions bordering on treason, by falsely claiming that by participating in such acts, you’re actually “protecting” your fellow Americans from the auspices of nefarious legal overreach:
No, Donny Dumbass, “they” aren’t after me or any other normal American citizen for that matter, because we’re not the ones interfering with a free and fair election, attempting to influence or intimidate witnesses, inciting acts of political violence, and spreading lies about non-existent voter fraud that directly led to an unimaginable attack on established American democracy and it’s duly-sworn representatives, either..

And yet, Conservatives still cling to the mistaken confidence that a literal hail Mary pass of sorts will materialize from the ether to save their mango-tinted Messiah, although at this point, this clutching delusion is just that- an absolute misinterpretation of how reality actually works in its fullest utilization:

Yeah… it actually doesn’t work like that, though. Because if it did my wannabe Clarence Darrow, I’m fairly certain that Trump’s clearly fraying at the seams legal team might have already acted upon it, quite some time ago to the benefit of their beleaguered client Maybe you should drop them a note suggesting such a course of bold action, as I’m sure your experience poaching and then reposting incorrect memes, far outweighs the relevant knowledge that they collectively acquired in the real-world.

Speaking of observations cobbled together out of ignorance and undeserved internet access, our ol’ buddy Nikki Miller is back with a humdinger of a hot take regarding Trump’s infamous mugshot taken after he surrendered himself to the authorities in Georgia, which Miller refers to as a ”mic drop” moment, forgetting the fact that where Trump might eventually end up, he ‘d be far better off remembering not to drop his soap:
Um, stable genius? The reason n why you had a mugshot taken, is because whether you believe it or not, you’re not above the law, and persons arrested and charged with crimes such as yours as well as others you have yet to commit, not only undergo the process of having their fingerprints taken, but are also subject to the inglorious indignity of having a mugshot taken as well.

I know this comes as a stunningly unexpected shock to you, given the years you’ve skated responsibility for your myriad of previous transgressions both legal and moral, but the rules don’t change just because you’re famous, politically connected, or rich, although most of the time those very same aspects allow you to forgo what ordinary crotoxins cannot.

Nobody gives a rat’s ass whether or not you’re known by many or by no none at all, what they care about is imposing upon you that when it comes to the charges levied agents you, they don’t actually give a fuck about your cultural or political impact, because they’re irrelevant in the eyes of the Law

And while you can publicly rant all that you want that those who finally put the punitive screws to you are “Communist”, a descriptive that you literally couldn’t even begin to define with any clarity or margin of success, it still doesn’t alter the fact that you my treasonous sir, are legally, if not royally, boned.

Now that’s a “mic drop”, Nikki. You really should learn the fucking difference.

However, Miller isn’t the only ideology-fueled idiot who hasn’t quite grasped exactly just what Trump’s mugshot really means in the long run for both he and the political party he’s almost single-handedly destroyed, for as it is with all that is jackass dependent, there’s always an understudy waiting in the wings, resplendently waiting for their turn to prove just why branches are so crucial to a successful family tree:   
Now, I’m not sure what Choate thinks a mugshot allegorically represents, but it’s not on any level, “proof” that your political adversary is somehow more corrupt than you, especially when you’re the one in front of the camera who’s currently looking at possibly spending the rest of your life in prison.

And when you’ve found yourself in this untenable position due to both your actions, as well as the rulings of grand juries comprised of ordinary citizens and not agenda-driven politicos, maybe the best of hills for you to die on, isn’t necessarily arguing that it’s the other side that’s corrupt, and not you. Just saying.

Choate though, happens to be a diehard (if dimwitted) Trumper, and even if his mango man-crush has been impeached twice, incited an attempted coup, been indicted four times, and is currently facing no less than 91 criminal charges, as well as being found liable for sexual abuse in the E. Jean Carroll case, that’s still not reason enough for Choate to see Trump as being anything less than being the leader that America needs.

Despite all well-established evidence to the contrary, of course.

And while it’s long been suspected that Trump is running for his former office solely to save himself from an almost certain long-term imprisonment, Choate knows far better than most, what the real reason behind Trump’s caustically histrionic campaigning actually is for, and truly, it isn’t discomforting at all:
A few crucial notes, Marvin? Don’t worry, they’ll be simple, like your intellectual grasp.

First, all of the profits from those said merch sales will be going straight back to Fulton County, because they’re the ones that own the copyright on the image outright, and second; if you think “revenge” is an appropriate reason that it assures a “lock” on the win, then I can understand why you pleasure yourself to this photo as often as you do, because it]s obvious that you invest heavily in unobtainable fantasies.

Well, that… and unrepentant whining about that which has already been proven obvious to the rest of us:

You know what, Marvin? I too, am old enough to remember when US Presidents didn’t do certain things, either

For instance? They didn’t praise dictators, didn’t abuse the power of their office for barefaced personal financial gain, didn’t openly brag about sexually assaulting women, didn’t engage in acts of graft, didn’t blatantly mismanage a public health crisis, outside Ronald Reagan’s abominable handling of the AIDS epidemic of course.

And tellingly, if not most definitively, they didn’t disseminate slanderous and unfounded lies regarding election safety, in order to preemptively set the stage for an attempted coup against the very country whose laws they swore an oath to uphold when they were declared the rightful losers of a free and fair election, but I digress.

Reviewing Choate’s ever-growing pile of infantile partisanship, I’m reminded of a quoter by the noted author Umberto Eco, who once declared that; “Social media gives legions of idiots the right to speak when they once only spoke at a bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community, but now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. It’s the invasion of the idiots”

A theorem that when weighed against all that I’ve presented thus far, holds far more water than any of the buckets of Trumpian bullshit that asinine adherents such as Choate, carry as if it were the very essence of manna itself. And this brings us to the last segment of today’s screed, the conspiracy theories that are just plain “wackadoo” at their very best.

Now when I say “wackadoo”, I’m referring to the those particular postings that take what is already quite the crazy cupcake, deep-frying it in delusion, rolling it in powdered partisanship, and then serving it up with a wedge of lunacy, as evidenced by whatever the hell this was supposed to be:
For sake of clarity, my prior descriptive describing that which is literally posted above, isn’t just me being sarcastic mind you, as I seriously have no idea what in the hell this loon is babbling about, Nor do I understand why someone close to them, hasn’t sought out the professional help they so obviously need.

However, while this declaration is somewhat extreme, it’s also not that far outside of the lines of what was once considered to be sane, either. A boundary that I constantly see being inexplicably crossed by the Conservative movement, almost every day, regardless of how such appears to the public at large:
Rods of God” … that’s either the best name ever for a heavy metal band, or the best way to describe what an army of John Holmes clones might be correctly regarded as. Either/or, it’s a visual win all the way around. It’s also nuttier than fuck, but that’s beside the point., which in and of itself, is somewhat terrifying.

Let us not forget that the individual who carelessly scrawled this online, can unfettered and unsupervised, breed, handle sharp objects, purchase a gun, drive a car, and also vote, which when given her serious as a heart attack assessment of the mythical Deep State’s validity, should concern the living bejezus out of you.

And by the way Mrs. Storbeck, your allegorical “hounds of hell” have already been released, and quite some time ago, I might add. We call them “the Kardashians”, and they have been doing a fantastic =job whereas making us all suffer unilaterally is concerned, so no need to up the ante, or anything like that…

When it comes to the world of CT’s, the options range from the truly inane to the totally insane, and since they do, I’ll touch on a few examples from my hand-picked collection of well-aged mental mediocrity in order to illustrate the breadth of each remaining category I have yet to fully address.

And to kick us off towards this story’s end, I’ll delve into that which is absurd, to serve as our opening appetizer:

Every time I see this particular Halloween-themed urban legend rear its ever so sadly threadbare false narrative into the spotlight of the public consciousness, it always reminds me of this specific meme:
Which in turn, usually results in my responding to it in a somewhat particularly snarky vein:
In retrospect, I must amend my initial assessment that people who swallow this histrionically stupid swill, require psychiatric help. Maybe all they really need to get over delusions such as these, are a few handfuls of those free drugs that they believe are being handed out via the door-to-door network of crazed Willy Wonka wannabes.

Now, while it was once common to experiencer this kind of stupidity in person via an uncomfortable conversation with a loved one or co-worker, it’s more of a certainty that these days you’ll read it online first, long before you’ll ever hear about it, face to face. For the World Wide Web, being both the progenitor and disseminator of all such drivel is, in its own way, much like the titular character of the Wizard in Frank Baum’s series of “Oz: books.

That being, it’s both great and terrible regardless of its contextual reach, and as such, it allows tripe like the following to be broadcast without delay, interference, or any form of prior consideration as to its necessitated value in regards to its supposed cultural impact:Yes. That was a serious question. And yes, it was asked about one of the most amazing if not well-documented, technical achievements that Mankind has ever truly kicked ass at. And yes, this dumbassery bordering on conspiracy theory, was presented to the world entire, using the very same conduit of mass communication that could have just as easily, answered it in the first place, if only a bare modicum of effort had been applied:
Well, would you look at that? In less than four seconds using no other research tools save for Google, I managed to find not only photos of the folding design that allowed the lunar Rover to fit snugly under the Lunar Lander module itself, I also discovered the deployment instructions concerning it, to boot. Will wonders never cease?

You know, I think this “Google” thing might have a pretty decent shot of really taking off if only the word regarding its intellectual usefulness, could only get out to those who really need to hear about it.

Say, for instance, like conservative Republicans, self-declared ideological Christians, pool hall scientists, and morons such as Savaria here, who, despite being able to navigate Facebook’s cultural complexities almost flawlessly, still finds himself unable to figure out just how to use the basics of the internet itself, to avoid embarrassing himself in public, as a general rule.

Fortunately for Savaria’s social interaction schedule, he won’t be alone in the metaphorical Darwin’s waiting room that is the Internet, for he’ll be sharing the space with his fellow delusional dipstick, one David Shafto:
What an absolute horrible story concerning elder abuse… or it would be, if any of it were true to begin with. Not only was I unable to find evidence of any such story appearing anywhere albeit online or in print, I was equally unable to discover its source of origination either, in an era where literally everything that has ever been said, written, or discussed, is no more than a few keystrokes away.

Now, while Shafto may appear to be the very walking embodiment of a public educational system’s failure, it’s our next contestant John Bradley, who really nails down the main reason as to why the practice of eating lead paint chips as a kid, is so strongly discouraged, and why learning some actual History, isn’t:
Sigh… it is truly a shame that ignorance such as this, is only painful to those unfortunates who find themselves forced to sadly interact with the histrionic jackasses that Bradley so clearly serves as an honorary poster child for. One question I do have for our newest loon, though?

If Democrats were indeed, going to originally round Conservatives up and send them all packing to “death camps” as the result of an “honest” win, then why in the fuck wouldn’t they not do the same, in the face one that was dishonest?

Is that really how Bradley thinks the situational ethics would work at that particular moment?  I don’t know what’s more pathetic; Bradley coming up with this batshit crazy idea, or the fact that he decided that it needed to be put into the form of a meme. I can just imagine the inner monologue within the progenitor of such a plan: “Oh gee, even though we won unfairly, I guess we can’t kill everyone like we would have if we had won fairly”.

Oh yeah… that totally clocks, does it not? Unfortunately for those of us within the sphere of his paranoid circle-jerk, Bradley wasn’t quite done fallaciously fellating the concept of Godwin’s Law quite just yet:
Um, Genius? Before Hitler “took over”, Germany was a fledgling democracy [AKA: “the Weimar Republic”] which was abolished after Hitler and the Nazi Party, seized power in 1933.

Interestingly, for all of Bradley’s talk comparing Democrats to Nazi’s, I’ve yet to see him in any form, address the relevance that when it comes to the political arena, White supremacists and other such hate groups, not only overwhelming vote Republican, they also ideologically identify with them as well, as evidenced in these two not disturbing at all photos showcasing this theorem in action:
However, Bradley is half-right about a few things, albeit from a contextual POV.

For instance, Hitler blamed the Jews for the ills of the world, just like your party blames migrants, the LGBTQ Community, the working poor, and Muslims, for ours. Hitler weaponized the Media to spread lies while discrediting and slandering the ones that didn’t, just as FOX, Newsmax, Breitbart, and OAN ever so blatantly, currently do for your side.

The Nazis burned and banned books, demanded indoctrination in their schools and national culture, censored media, and called for the arrest of its political adversaries, both real and invented, just as your party’s representatives emulate on a daily basis, and stripped away the rights of those they despised, as your party is attempting to do with Gays, Minorities, Transpeople, and women’s body autonomy.

Not to mention, they to almost a person, prided themselves as being unquestioningly loyal to feeding the narcissism of a man they revered so much for no reason whatsoever, that they willingly died for him when they were asked to do so. A man I might add, so morally bereft of basic humanity, that he became the standard archetype for dictatorships everywhere.

A concept so dystopian and far beyond the pale of all that which is considered to be normal, that I’m sure your party could never even hope to ever see its equal within your lifetime:
Well, this is embarrassing. It seems that my optimism was wildly unfounded. My bad. It won’t happen again. Pinky swear. But Richard Williams, our next poster on the other hand, has no such qualms about humiliating himself online, mythical God bless him, and his inanity succeeds where Bradley’s lagged: that being, taking the absurd and presenting it as nothing less than the doesn’t need to be verified to be true, truth:
Yes… the same FBI who were considered to be American heroes when they investigated Hillary Clinton, are now the “Gestapo” for the simple reason that it refused to arrest her when they didn’t find the required evidence required to do so. As for the rest of the meme’s claims, they can all be addressed with one simple phrase: that being; “no, they did not”.

First, Trump has no “friends” to speak of, since actual friendship requires both loyalty and a sense of selflessness, and those are two qualities that Trump has never possessed, much less understands.

Second, same said non-friends of Trump fell like dominoes, due to their committing of serious crimes in his name, and when the FBI did finally raid Trump’s home, they found scores of classified documents that he claimed he did not have, while at the same time, demanding that they be returned to him ASAP, which sounds like a severely clueless disconnection between his stated story and the actual reality of what is.

Say, like claiming that the FBI both interfere in the 2020 election and then somehow sans court trials, put people in prison for simply questioning it, which is blatantly false beyond all measure. But then again, when you refuse to accept how reality itself actually works because it disproves your idiocy, I guess labeling it as a conspiracy makes it far easier for you to portray yourself as the unwarranted victim of cruel fate.

However, not all Conservatives are willing to slur Democrats as using the government as a cudgel to further their alleged evil agenda, some, like George Evans, our next up to bat blockhead, give them full credit for taking on the gull responsibility for doing their own hands-on wet work:
Oh George, you forked tongue demagogue… you sure do know how to lay down that sweet talk, don’t you?

If you would be so kind George, could you please remind us all once more, which political party it is that Jesus would rather hang out with? Would it be the one that welcomes migrants, as well as wanting to take care of the sick, the poor, the homeless, the hungry, and the elderly, or the party that demonizes those same said groups as being freeloaders, while hypocritically ignoring his father’s edicts?

Go ahead…
Ah, Conservatives… living proof that while you can lead a cultist to a place of higher learning, they still won’t be smart enough to figure out just the doors to the lobby actually work. Case in point, this overly optimistic post from 2020, concerning the almost godlike political prowess of a six-times-bankrupted man who couldn’t successfully sell steaks, vodka, and the game of football, to Americans:
Call me clueless Stephen, but which political party is it, that not only squelched the predicted “Red Wave” of the past midterms, and won the 2020 Presidential race, but also isn’t also burdened with the reality that its current front-runner for the 2024 presidential race, along with being a traitor, is a convicted rapist as well? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

And while I do, I’ll just overlook your need to disparage the LGBTQ Community as well as the Muslims, because as you’re a Trump adherent, I get that bigotry is part of your core DNA, as well as your party’s/ In fact, as previously noted, while the GQP screams about “TDS” [AKA; “Trump Derangement Syndrome”] until they’re blue in the face, they seemingly don’t get the hypocrisy of being actually deranged-in relation to Barrack Obama.

And as you’ve already suspected, their maniacal need to marginalize both his accomplishments and his continuing global cultural impact, is entirely based on his being Black. Nothing more, Nothing less. Hence the reason why they continue to manufacture Marxist machinations out of thin air and their racism:
Well, this seems credible as all fuck, does it not? “Somebody” told another somebody, in this case the physicist and conspiracy loon named Tom Fife, the essential details of a top-=secret multi-year plan to take over America, because that’s wat top-level agents of a secretive cabal do, and for whatever reason, he remained silent about it until Obama’s two presidential terms were over?
Oh yeah. That’s not a theorem that finds its central story completely riddled with realistic plot holes, whatsoever.

In fact, just yesterday, an agent of the southwestern division of the Illuminati, informed me that as I’m a middle-aged White guy in my mid-fifties living in New Mexico, I was allowed to slap on the Din-inspired jewelry, don a denim shirt, slip into a pair of cowboy boots, inform everyone in my immediate circle that I had found true spirituality, and then demand unilaterally, that they now should refer to me as “Brandon Bloodstone”.

Take a moment. Let it resonate within you, and then get back to me with your critique…

But the conservative craziness just gets deeper, the further we fall down into the rabbit hole that modern-day Conservatism has dug for itself over the last few years, and when the Manchurian Candidate ploy failed to take hold the way that they hoped it would, they simply switched gears and started claiming that Obama was gay, and that his wife the lauded Michelle Obama was… well, you’ll see:

We are so not racist or homophobic”, say the very same people who employ the gambit of racism and phobic bigotry to degrade those they despise, as comfortably as they breathe. A reality proven by their seemingly never-ending campaign of posting lunacy such as this, and declaring that it is indeed, hard-proven fact:
So, if Obama is “gay”, his wife is therefore obviously “trans”, and it matters not that such assertions are blatantly false, because as we’ve all seen by way of far too many freely provided examples, Conservatives regard a person’s being openly LGBTQ or worse, being born Black, as universally authorized permission to consider either as being fair game for their sociopathic process of dehumanization.

And nowhere is this concept of lunacy borne into pustulant flesh, then by this particularly vile example originally posted by previous Artbitch honoree and fulltime nutbar Jeffrey Seay, which at the very least, certifies the Alt-Wrong’s obsessiveness in crafty narratives so bizarre that even L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the cult masquerading as a religion Scientology, would call them crazy:

I apologize in advance, for both its length and its abominable stupidity:
If you actually made it all the way through this scheißhaufen poorly disguised as political commentary, keep in mind that such slanderous tripe is now more of the cultural norm than the aberration it should rightfully be and was once considered as. Even more disgustingly, the disingenuous vultures that comprise the Alt-Wrong media sphere inject these false fever-dreams into the societal bloodstream, and then claim the faux mantle of innocence when such lies eventually blow up in their faces:
Sadly, and irrespective of consequences such as the one posted above, the conservative movement refuses to bravely reclaim the  limited dignity that it once possessed, preferring instead to acquiesce to the unhinged demands of the inmates running the allegorical asylum, and then having the unmitigated gall to wonder aloud as to just why this country is as currently fucked-up as it is.

This cravenly attitude of going with the fallacious flow of self-propelled insanity, has led to the Alt-Wrong as a collective whole, throwing everything they can at the metaphorical walls in the wretched hope that at least one of their delusional valuations sticks, and by its doing so, allows them to maintain their already tenuous grip on political power.  

And as of late, their favorite go-to tactic for discrediting their political enemies, is either as we’ve already seen, falsely accusing someone of being gay, or even more abominably, as being a sexual predator of children, AKA; a pedophile. This in and of itself, is an already disgusting stratagem, but it’s also somewhat ironic, considering just how many of their very own have been prosecuted and convicted for crimes involving sex trafficking, underage sexual procurement, and the distribution and production of child porn.

Nevertheless, the GQP without reservation, has done little to curb these abhorrent attacks, opting instead to turn a blind eye as well as closed ears to the chaos that it both deliberately fosters and cravenly protects, all while disingenuously claiming that they’re really the ones being unfairly targeted for the violent acts and repugnant words that they inflict upon society as a whole.

For the GQP, cruelty and slander are part of their endgame, regardless of just how insane such may be, or whatever permanent damage it may cause to an innocent person’s reputation. Case in point, yet again:
Ladies and gentlemen, meet one Ally Carter who claims (without any verifiable proof) that at the age of 13, she was raped and I’m not making this up, although she most certainly is, by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and in a plot twist most curious, Beyoncé, and John Travolta, as well.

Now, I do know what you’re thinking: if Obama supposed to be gay, then Isn’t Michelle by extension, also gay if she’s actually a man? Isn’t Beyonce more into Jay-Z, rather than Day-C [short for “daycare”]? And as for the likes of Biden and Travolta, her list of supposed attackers is more akin to the cast list for a reboot of the “Love Boat” series, far more than one based in or on, any form of credible happenstance.

And don’t just take my word for it, or the fact that mainstream media has pretty much disavowed her bogus meanderings either. Even the most wackadoo of Alt-Wrong networks have ignored this clearly fabricated falsehood, and they literally make their money promoting salacious garbage like this as nothing less than legitimate news. Seriously. When even Newsmax thinks you’re insane, trust me… you really are

However, given the impact of this sort of delusional disinformation and its persistence it shows in relation to its hanging around within the cultural sphere, it wouldn’t be out of line if you found yourself asking at one point or another, just what kind of person would actually believe in this sort of story, and the answer is simple;
The English philosopher and political economist John Stuart Mill, once said that; “Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative”, an assessment that I do think has been proven rather competently throughout this screed, using only the words of the very same said conservatives themselves, who as you’d expect, bitterly protest this fact to the contrary, whenever possible..

Despite its whitewashing [emphasis on the “White”] of its own history and current legislative efforts, the modern-day conservative movement is a case study in deflective projection, at it’s very best To note; self-declared intellectuals with no discernible intellect, alleged Christians with no sense of actual Christian faith in service, Patriots who spew vehemently arti-American rhetoric, and self-styled cultural warriors who are at turns, hateful, bigoted, paranoid and morally bereft, if not mentally challenged.

Further evidence of just how strongly Neocons have amalgamated their inherent racism within their latent gullibility is provide by this supremely insane nugget of idiocy, courtesy of one Donna Stirling, who is to established rationality, what Jeffrey Dahmer once was to the preparation of home-cooked meals:
Um, Donna? Nobody anywhere has ever said that. Ever Anywhere. At any time, On any site.

Not the Alt-Wrong media, nor Trump and his asinine acolytes, not even the wackadoos that you self-pleasure yourself to in the wee hours of the gloaming, either. In fact, numerous deep dives of the World Wide Web, as well as combing through multiple Neocon conspiracy websites turned up ZERO results and/or details of such an event as you described, ever occurring.

So, either you’re a liar, which is a strong possibility, or fucking insane, which I believe is far more of a definitive certainty, considering you couldn’t post anything other than vague rumors you more than likely heard from the ever-screaming voices in your tin-foil-wrapped head.

And for the record, this is AOC’s father:
The late Sergio Ocasio-Roman, an architect and CEO of his own company, who died of lung cancer in 2008, seen here with the then an infant, AOC. Comprehensive research. It’s obviously not for everybody. Especially for those jackasses like Stirling, who’d rather remain ignorant, in order to feel as if they’re relevant.

But try as they may, Neocons can’t stop trotting out the familiar if not well-loved classics, and rebranding them as something new. In this case, it’s taking the essence of the “Brute Caricature” from America’s openly bigoted past, and reshaping it into the histrionic fear felt at the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement [AKA; “BLM”] borne out of the societal turmoil triggered by the needless murder of George Floyd and other African-Americans:

But of course, being both ignorantly racist and unwilling to accept the reality of their verifiably being such, Conservatives chose instead to cast themselves in the role of unwarranted victim, and invented not only an implausible scenario in which they could do so, but one that took the focus entirely off of them, as well:

“Black lies matter”? “There has been an order going out”? “Poison or glass in food”?

But let’s all remember kids, Conservatives are in no way, shape or form, “racist” whatsoever, hence the reason why Pam Asshat here, so casually mentioned that the “majority” of fast food and restaurant workers are Black, which BTW, is not even remotely close to being true.

According to industry statistics compiled by Zippia, the most common ethnicity among fast food workers is White (58.1%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (16.7%), Black or African American (12.3%) and Asian (7.1%). And just in case there are some of you out there like Austadd who apparently can’t grasp the concepts of basic math, 12.3% vs. 58.1% does not, on any level, constitute a “majority”.

Glad I could be there for you when your daily meds seemingly could not, Pam. But then again, I live to serve.

And with that, we now enter the world of the truly insane, our last pit-stop on the way to the end of this particular observation of the sewer that is the foundational cornerstone of the Conservative ideology. Yes, I did say “the truly insane”. I know that you think you’ve been experiencing that over the course of nearly 120 separate postings, but let me assure you for the official record, that you have really not.

And what will we find in our last handful of postings both virulent and unhinged? Well, only the best theories regarding False Flags, the New World Order, crisis actors, and whatever the hell these are supposed to be about:
Unbridled insanity, boys and girls: America’s number one current export to its own citizenry, ever since the unfortunate advent of internet access for all, was made allegorical flesh. Got an absurd theorem rattling around your obviously warped mind? Post it!

Want to disseminate harmfully incoherent false narratives? Post it! Need a conveniently defenseless scapegoat, want to terrorize or slander a specific demographic, or display your stunning ignorance to the world entire? Post it! And as you do, remember that the Internet exists for that singular purpose alone, because if you as a Conservative, didn’t have any enemies to rail against, be they real or self-invented, then whatever would you and your equally idiotic comrades have to obsess about?

Well, probably something either paranoid or racist as usual, but it’s not like that list has would ever run out of things to be faux outraged at, I’m sure. Speaking of which, we move on to something that Neocons are always mewling about, that being the never-ending societal challenge of separating that which is “fake” from what they perceive as “truth”.

This is not to say that they have any certifiable lock on what the actual “truth” of anything is, given their penchant for propagating and promoting fake news, fake courage, fake intellect, fake patriotism, fake anger, fake information, and lastly, a fake president yet very real criminal thug and traitor, but mythical God love them, they sure do like to pretend that they do, regardless of its absurdity.

Like this example, wherein a moron who on their best day, can’t differentiate the proper use and context of the words “they’re”, “there”, and “their”, but somehow still manages to uncover a conspiracy of epic proportions, using only a photo that they found on the internet, and the inherent CSI-level investigatory technique skillset that they acquired after years of watching criminally-themed YouTube vlogcasts:
So, if we’re to believe this delusional nitwittery, we need to with one of two possible scenarios:

George Floyd didn’t die as was falsely depicted in the clearly fabricated and infamous video seen worldwide, for he was a willing cog in an insidious plan that allowed the Deep State to acquire nefarious power, using the resultant civil unrest from Floyd’s supposedly horrific death, as an amazingly opportune cover to do so

And in order to engage in this massive breach of trust directly in full view of the public eye without fear of discovery, all “they” needed to cover up this loathsome breach of the public trust, was to convict an innocent cop for his “murder”, which of course, no one would even dare question, as said false death was ever so conveniently caught on video as it allegedly happened.

Floyd in fact, indeed did die, leading to the rightful incarceration of the repressible cop-thug who murdered him in cold blood, and faced with a supreme opportunity to advance their cause, seized the moment to follow the exact same plan above, except this time, “they” utilized the involvement of BLM to make the process go that much faster.

However, for some as of yet unannounced (or unexplained) reason, “they” needed to get rid of Floyd’s now inconvenient to their plan corpse, and rather than just bury him as was going to naturally happen in all due time anyway, ”they” felt the need to either switch his body out for that of a smaller individual, (?) or got rid of it entirely, for as I said some unexplainable reason.

Yeah, that totally makes sense, Audrey. Just as the “math” you used to estimate the casket size, does.

But Floyd isn’t the only pawn of the Deep State whose “death” can be considered as being somewhat highly suspicious, for as it turns out, Ashli Babbitt, the Neocon’s favorite fallen J6 martyr and /pustulant traitor to her prior Air Force oath of service oath, apparently isn’t all that she’s cracked up to be, either:
Other than the fact that all three of the people in this meme have not been identified within it by name, which is always an obvious tell of conservative falsehoods yet to come, I’d also point out that the woman in question, also doesn’t even remotely resemble the late insurrectionist Babbitt, to boot.

Say what you will about Conservatives, but they’re not above eating their own when the impulse strikes them. And as a side note Mrs. Downs, in regards to this notion that you so clearly that you dredged out of the vacuousness that is your failed intellect?

While entertaining as it was, what with your rambling soliloquy presenting your mental illness to us all, its final assessment should have read: “I never believed that she WAS killed”, or even, “I never believed that she HAD BEEN killed.” Either/or. It literally works both ways, ever more the pity, a feeling that comes into play when I realize that sadly, it’s only a matter of time before you inevitably injure yourself gravely while attempting to butter your morning toast.

The exposing of falsehoods is considered quite the badge of honor in MAGAland, which makes it that much more of a goddamn shame that the only ones that ever do get brought kicking and screaming into the proverbial light, are ever only the bones that they themselves fabricate in lieu of presenting an actual fact-based argument. Say, like this paranoid and insensitively repugnant garbage for instance:

Lewis Elliot and Edna Furlano, everybody… what the ravages of untreated syphilis combined with genital warts would aspire to be, if only they could access the World Wide Web on a consistent basis.

I won’t speak for you of course, but isn’t it always amazing how twats like these toxic two, can claim the US government is led by a brain-addled dumbass, yet somehow, is still more than capable of pulling off the slickest of domestic intelligence operations?

And that I may add, without their so much as leaving a single trace of evidence behind, either. Call me a Conservative, [AKA: “crazy”] but I harbor strong reservations that the governmental minds and leadership that’s waged a decades-long “War on” Drugs, Terror/, Poverty, Educational disparity, and Racism, could knock such a ploy out of the infield, much less the allegorical ballpark.

And while this commentary is equal parts insane and vile, it still falls short of the metaphorical bar set in place by this truly dumb as fuck “warning”, courtesy of a person who so far as I can tell, is the reason why toilet paper still needs to be advertised as if it were a brand-new invention: I swear upon all that is unholy, do Conservatives honestly think that the Earth s it currently stands, is just the in-play analog of “Westworld” made literal flesh, but on a far more ambitious scale? Seriously- at the rate they’re accusing people of being a manufactured clone or a body double, it would be far easier for them to tell us who isn’t one, because quite honestly, I can’t keep up with the current stats.

Yes, this is unbelievable, but not for the reasons that you may think. First, there’s no way in Hell that Donnie Dicko would ever let someone steal his thunder in front of a TV crew, and second… where exactly on this planet would you ever find another human being that resembles a barely sentient circus peanut with a ferret glued atop its head?

Ok, maybe West Virginia or possibly Idaho, but even then, it’s still quite the stretch, as is this:
One day, I’m going to tabulate the number of times Neocons forecast warnings, predictions, and foreshadowed abominations against the times that they got something right, and watch the collected series outsell the “The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus”, after I cleverly market it to both Liberals as a great warm-up for cocktail parties, and to Conservatives, as the next best thing to the Bible itself.

And the reason why I’ll be able to successfully sell such a direct mockery of their ideology to Conservatives? Well, much like the Bible, I already know it’s a book that they’ll never actually read, much less crack open the cover to do so, especially if I throw a cross and an American flag on the dust jacket first.

Rest assured though, not all conspiracy nuts draw upon the improbable to score points, but to be fair, even when they do pull their talking points from reality itself, their inherent penchant for political [posturing invariably dooms their narrative, nevertheless: By way of example, this attempt at relevance that crashes and burns, right from the moment of its takeoff:
So, David;  “93% of all felonies including murders and violent assaults are commuted by self-identified Democrats””? Well, slap my ass with a magazine and call me Trump, but if this “fact” were indeed verifiably true, then why didn’t you post a direct link to the said data source proving this beyond a reasonable doubt?

And yet, here we are without it. I’m sure that’s not a deliberately accidental oversight, or anything shady like that, as what with all of the excitement associated with picking out just the right typeface [Comic Sans? Really?] for this meme, I guess paying attention to such a minuscule triviality, must have slipped your so-called mind. Unfortunately for your false narrative, mine was on far move evidentiary footing:
So no, David. Democrats don’t commit 9”3%” of anything, save for kicking the dumber than fuck asses of Conservatives in debates using actual data. But something tells me that you knew that already, hence the reason why your side considers memes as ammo, and not as the proof of your asininity that it actually serves as.

Now, I myself, don’t really enjoy walking within a self-induced mentally-bereft miasma, but I do understand why Conservatives so willingly, if not happily, do. For when you have no desire to expand either your knowledge, as well as your soul, it’s far easier.to slander that which you don’t want to understand as being that which is “fake”.

Especially when you already have a convenient scapegoat for your ignorance set firmly in your self-styled mind:Unsurprisingly, the very notion of climate change, which also covers the three items related to it that Blomstedt mentioned, is supported by scientific data compiled from a number of sources both organic and technological. You know, the application of actual science, versus thinking that a moronic meme is its equal?

Such disciplines include, but are not limited to; analysis of reservoir rock and glacial ice core samples, assessments showcasing the change in climatic conditions over the passage of time, gleaned from the study of tree rings, as well as further evidentiary proof of such, provided by observational satellites.

Now, as to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic which Blomstedt erroneously called out as being an insidious invention both utilized and weaponized by Democrats, I would remind this dimwitted disciple of dipshittery that [at this time of this screed] the death toll from the Pandemic as tabulated by the World Health Organization lists no less than 6,957,216 deaths worldwide, with 770,563,467 confirmed cases in total, thus far.

And by the way, 1,141,782 of those fatalities occurred in America. Speaking only for myself as I always do, I’d opine that the family, friends, and loved ones of those unfortunate people, might disagree with your definition of severity, considering just how many deaths might have been prevented, if ignorant jackasses such as yourself, had only followed basic health protocols.

So, feel free to go pound sand, Oscar, because the adults are talking at the moment. However, Oscar the Scientific Slouch wasn’t satisfied just letting us all know how ill-informed he actually is, oh heck no. For whatever reason, he also had to inform us just where he gets his improper information, and in doing so, he reaffirms my personal opinion that due to his intellectual deficiency, he’s never had the opportunity to grant a woman an actual orgasm:
I say this not to be harsh, but because I’m a stickler for accuracy. I mean… if you go by the avatar depicted within this inane meme, Oscar’s doppelganger in real life, most certainly has to look just like this:

Trust me, there’s no way on God’s fucked-up earth, that someone who believes in this garbage and looks just like this guy, is ever getting laid without the assistance of outright charity, the aura of superstardom, a prank gone horribly awry, a fistful of cash, or a ten-gallon jug of bargain-basement Chloroform, tactfully applied.

A personal take that in my rejoinder, I diplomatically avoided saying or typing out loud:

See? I ca be… oh, you got the joke at this point, I think. But with that assertion settled, we now move into the truly crazy territory wherein the toxic cult of Trumpists happily reside, and to start it off, I’ll open with a rather intriguing conspiracy theory, that places of all people, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, at its core:
Shockingly, even I will admit that overall, this isn’t an implausible or even insane idea, save for the involvement of the CIA, who already has quite the history in running these types of scandal-producing operations, and they’ve done so fairly successfully, without employing a stable of Playmates as leverage to do so..

Not to mention, the theorem that a guy who spent the majority of his overly privileged life lounging around his house in silk PJ’s, could have been a crucial intelligence asset in any capacity, is far more in line with the plotline of a Netflix Rom-Com, rather than a concrete possibility based in reality.

As is common with the majority of these supposedly “discovered” intrigues, the evidence to support them is scarcer than a Darth Vader action figure with Double-Telescoping Lightsaber, still-in-the-box, and in mint condition. Which, let’s face it, comes as no surprise to anyone, including the Conservatives who willingly swallow this crap as if it were manna itself.

Reality is not half as important to these demagogues, so much as their need to feel that they’re politically relevant, and as it is, there’s no better way for them to fallaciously secure their own self-styled cultural warrior status, than by presenting their clearly invented enemies as being part of a worldwide cabal:  
Let’s examine the Conservative playbook, shall we? A none-too-subtle racist jab at Blacks and their valid adoration of Obama as a justification for gear own Mango-man-child worship? Check. An accusation that the sane populace outside of his cult of personality, are the ones who are truly cultists, from a person who is himself, blindly following and swearing fealty to a known liar, alleged traitor, and convicted rapist? Check.

Say what you will, but nobody does “cluelessly ironic self-ownership” better than Conservatives. Nor does anyone else engage with such consistency that they alone, know far better than the rest of us, just what’s what, either.  And even though they miss the obvious point that the term “conspiracy”: means that no one can discover such, they persist in their pointless belief that all which happens, is part of a global plot, nevertheless:

In case I’ve forgotten to mention it, next to calling someone a “pedophile”, or implying that they’re “crooked” or “treasonous”, Neocons just love to label everything else as being “satanic’, even though they themselves really have no idea what such a descriptive actually entails.

And this commitment to inanity persists, regardless of the fact that their party undoubtedly, has the most convicted pedophiles, corrupted legislators, and open-faced traitors, outside of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Besides, when it comes to that which represents the truly Satanic, knowing that such depravity exists within clear sight of your ideological blinders and remaining willingly mute about it, is as close as one can get to being wholly demonic, in my ever so humble opinion. Well that, and continuing to openly endorse stupidity such as this, as being legitimate political commentary
Is there anything more inspiring than witnessing someone having an obvious stroke, and yet, still participating in the art of public discourse as they do so? Truly, a rousing display of personal fortitude over the scourge of applied logic and verified reality. And BTW Johnny, I’m still waiting for that “trap” to close and those weaponized agencies to cease existing, but I’m sure that your ersatz cadre of foot soldiers is all over it.

But wait, there’s more blatantly false “information” coming our way, and this time the impeccable source that, it emanates, is none other than former FOX host and publicly disgraced sexual harasser and bloviating blowhard, Bill O’Reilly, which in a way, is akin to Ted Bundy giving you dating advice:

You know what’s “Reilly” strange about this claim?

Despite this still anonymous “whistleblower” supposedly coming forward TWO YEARS AGO, O’Reilly has produced no ACTUAL proof thus far, which seems out of character for a guy who worked for the paragon of honesty that is FOX “News”. In addition, when given the hostile nature of China’s communist government towards those it deems as being dissenters, a title which this so-called source would be definitely classified as,

Personally, I would love to know just how he successfully got this story out of the Orwellian landscape that is China, and yet, somehow, failed to include the necessary evidence to back it up. But yeah… this scenario definitely sounds totally legit, does it not? Nevertheless, the putrid paranoia of the Conservative 24/7 fear-sphere shows no sign of slowing down, much less stopping. Unlike the electric cars so central to the maniacal narrative of our next claim:

The last time I checked, the personal decision to buy or not buy an electric car, was still a choice. And as an aside, if the government can shut down the power grid to deprive said cars of their energy source, doesn’t that also apply to their ability to shut down both petroleum plants and gas stations, as well?

Seems that the only “dumbass” in the room Geno is you, and nobody else. However, let us not dwell too long upon Geno’s incredibly stilted intellectually-challenged argument, because he’s got another one in reserve that he’s been just dying to share. Key word being “dying”, if not “paranoically stupid”:

I swear to mythical God, Geno, the tragic fact that your paranoid ignorance doesn’t cause you to suffer waves of consistent physical pain, truly disappoints me on a level that you can’t even begin to possibly understand.

Does anyone else out there reading this whose brain actually works, understand that if the “Deep State”: actually did exist to the degree that Geno’s Pizza Troll here claims that it does, the internet would be literally impossible to use as a cultural cudgel in order to exact meaningful societal change?

Speaking of which, change is coming. And if this walking warning to the dangers inherent with inbreeding is even remotely correct, [he isn’t] it sounds like said renovations are gonna be just flat-out lit:

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the holiday that is Juneteenth, it is an African-American-based holiday celebrated on June 19th, and NOT on the 4th of July, which commemorates the 1865 resolution that led to the emancipating of all enslaved people within the United States. Hence the reason why the Vanilla Vanguard is so terrified, if not outright enraged, by it.

The celebration of said holiday usually involves parades, rodeos, races, Miss Juneteenth contests, as well as barbecues, so it’s basically just like the Fourth, but with a far better soundtrack and equality where it was once denied for far too long. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of holiday that Conservatives hate, solely because it’s one less day dedicated to those who are whiter than an Osmond cover band headlining the Mormon Tabernacle church.

Once again, let us remember the battle hymn of the Conservative masses: “We’re not racist!”
However, while this sort of racist -themed whining is par for the course of Conservative political posturing, this is not to say that the rest of their malevolent stupidity isn’t just as dumb. And trust me, I do mean “D.U.M.B.”. And in this particular case, such a descriptive is dead on the mark.

Yup… it’s DUMB, all right. Really, really dumb. I don’t know how to say this, but the odds that a top-secret government initiative concerning certainly classified Black-Ops location sites, isn’t the sort of thing that casually or credibly, turns up in unsupported by actual evidence, memes. Just saying.

I’m not sure what’s funnier here- the alleged acronym, or the fact that the moron who posted this assumed expose of Deep State nefariousness, missed such a transparently obvious example of the purest troll-bait. But it’s not like such people who believe this garbage are the deepest of thinkers, and being such delusional dullards, sarcastic snares such as this, are akin as nectar is to a honeybee.

And a perfect example of conservativism’s willingness to be influenced by its own inherent gullibility, is provided to us by one David Schaefer, who I think it can be charitably argued, may have a few screws that are either way too tight, or way too loose. I’m not actually sure just which estimation is actually correct, but when the underlayment of their psyche comes across as this insane, does it really matter?
One suggestion David, from one assembler of fact-based narratives to one who clearly isn’t? You really need a far catchier name for your delusion, because from my layman’s POV, that abomination of a run-on moniker, is quite the difficult mouthful to get successfully rolling off of one’s tongue.

Now, as I didn’t actually read the attached article out of concern for my own sanity, I can’t honestly give David full credit for his possibly being nuttier than a ten-dollar pecan pie, but even at his best, he’s still equivalent to a jar of peanut butter gone rancid. But sadly, he isn’t alone in his devotion to theories both absurd and improbable, and even worse, for some among us, they’re even granted the highest of undeserved merit:

As noted previously, “Red Pilling’s” actual name is Jason Schagene, and at the time of our initial contact, he was employed as a mid-range grunt at his local Walmart, and not as a lauded professor of Theological Studies at Wartburg Seminary. This is not to say that brilliance can’t come from an unexpected source as even Einstein himself was once a patent clerk, but let’s remember just who Walmart tends to hire, and it’s isn’t MENSA candidates.

So, it’s a war on Jesus Christ, Red/Jason? Hate to say that I’m afraid that “it” is not. However, it is an abhorrent attack on the established bastions of Reason, common sense, and yes, even our basic Humanity.

And when given this specific insight, I harbor serious reservations about his qualifications to cast judgement on what constitutes as research, much less what it actually proves when said research is finally done. A feeling I might add, that has only gotten stronger as I’ve been crafting this particularly disturbing screed, and not for the reason that you might suspect.

See, while it’s been rather easy for me to dismiss these mentally-damaged demagogues as being nothing more than inbred and woefully uneducated dumbasses, such is not the case at all. As is true with any cult, its members are drawn from a wide swath of the general public, and Trumpism is no exception to this rule. If anything, it may even be far more problematic in concern to whom it’s actually ensnared within its claws.

For although we might perceive Conservatives (AKA: Trumpists) to be nothing more concerning than this…

… the reality is that for every clod wearing a star-spangled onesie, there’s a fair number of teachers, lawyers, politicians, judges, celebrities, military personnel, cops, and the providers of vital infrastructure, who not only hold the allegorical keys crucial to the access of power, but in addition, also possess the intellectual competence to utilize it for the endgame of implementing their fascist agenda, without firing so much as a shot.

Hence the reason why this particular societal warning, resplendent with hints of saturnally venomousness, was written. Granted, the cringe-worthiness of what I’ve presented is somewhat funny at times, but the flip side of this coin is the seriousness with which these loons want to alter the facade of this country and what it stands for, by any means possible, be they fair, foul. or forcible.

Remember this guy from earlier above?  Guess what he’s planning on doing in the very near future:
He’ll be voting to secure his Oompa-Loompa-toned Calf a safe berth within his definitively unamerican rand of American Fascism come 2024, as well as considering just what actions that he’ll undertake, should his guy lose again. And in regards to the given eventuality that his resultant actions can’t be predicted with any clarity of comfort, we all need to address the very pertinent GQP elephant in the room, disturbing as it may be to do so.

Just honestly ask yourself: does this cultist alleging his forever fealty to a mango-man-child, even at the disadvantageous cost of either his own life or more than likely, yours; strike you as the type of person that can be reasonably swayed by the application of both facts, and/or civilized debate, at this point in time?
Forgive me if in my inference of what may come, I’m coming off as being histrionically hyperbolic, but I do feel that America is on the edge of an asinine abyss, and it’s been climbing towards this societal apogee for quite some time now, for America is not only facing a crisis of its representational identity, but its very soul, as well. And embarrassingly, we as a once semi-united nation, collectively, allowed this to happen.

Openly, loudly, and with nary a roadblock deliberately set to impeded its progress, regardless of our partisan affiliations, religious convictions, acumen, or sense of hopefully inherent humanism and patriotism.

To be fair, the GQP has been the main antagonist in the attempt to mutate America into a near-Orwellian dystopia, what with their racism, misogyny, Homophobia, Xenophobia, and intellectual incompetence, taking center stage in their political movement, but the Left is almost as equally culpable for the current state of affairs, and no amount of debating the clarity of our hindsight, will ever change that.

This is not to say we’ve been wholly complicit in asserting the GQP cause, but rather to note that in the acquirement of unobtainable kinship, we didn’t’ push back half as hard or as consistently as their actions necessitated that we should have. We allowed conspiracies to be forwarded as incontrovertible “facts”, gave hate speech the societal latitude to masquerade as “Free Speech”, and normalized Alt-Wrong acts of seditious violence in lieu of measured and of well-intended dissension.

And by our doing so, we now find ourselves culturally inundated by this kind of maniacal lunacy:
Yup. Just another day in a truly sane world, boys and girls, one where a fully cognizant Trump has a clone waiting in the wings, just awaiting his chance to be publicly assassinated, as Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood murder children, in-between writing hit country sings. You knew… the sort of thing that so commonly happens almost every other day in this country?

Once again, this guy is allowed to legally vote, breed, and most disturbingly own a gun. Or a number of them, which of course, shouldn’t concern us at all, because he seems… um… stable? However, maybe I am being a tad bit overly cautious, because to their credit, there are a bunch of Neocons out there letting the citizenry know right up front, that not all of them are nuts, some in fact, are just really well-informed:

And trust me, Sherrill here, has “learned “a lot. Say, like vital information about NASA, for instance:
Unfortunately for the credibility of Sherill’s “knowledge”, the image depicted within the meme, is not that of NASA’s film studio; but is instead, their former facility that once produced rockets and other space-related equipment. After the dissolution of the space shuttle program in 2011, NASA did rent out a part of said facility to a film production studio until 2016, but as it now stands, other aerospace firms occupy that space.

That’s the danger of going down a rabbit hole without prior assessment of the situation at hand: the odds are pretty good that eventually you’ll run into the bedrock of realty, and that most likely, with the soft part of your head. Nevertheless, she’s also picked up a mugger or two of political savvy as well, and she isn’t afraid to express it, even if such is rife with inadvertent hypocrisy, and cringe-inducing self-ownership:
Um, Nan? Do you really want to talk about “insanity” or being an “imbecile”, in relation to your mango moron? Do you really want me to open up that overly-stuffed bag of well-documented absurdity that are his thought-process, and serve it up to you with a can of literary whoop-ass as a bonus? Ok, you asked for ii:
And mind you, this mere sampling doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all that he’s actually said, and even worse, actually done powered by both his arrogant ignorance, as well as his unwarranted hubris. However, this next offering just may be one of my particular favorites, considering both the illogicality of its premise, as well as its inability to provide any tenet of veracity:

This claim is resultant of Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean dictator & Trump’s personal man-crush, Kim Jong Un, in June of 2018. Momentous, yes. But accurate? Not really, if you dive deep.

To start, while North Korea did return 55 cases of possible remains in the summer of 2018 after the visit, Trump publicly claimed that the number of war dead repatriated was “over 200”, and that NK was “sending them back”, despite key officials advising that there had been no verified confirmation of the said accounting of such, and the reality of this happening just one month later:
In fact, the US diplomatically adjourned the undertaking of these operations in 2005, allegedly out of rising of rising concerns relating to the safety of US personnel due to their finding themselves working under an increasingly unstable umbrella of heightened political tensions.

This in turn, only added to the already injurious lie that Trump himself uttered in relation to his foreign policy “success”, that being, his so-called meeting with the “parents” of the Korean Conflict war-dead, despite no recording or documentarian of such an event ever occurring, along with this lie-killing factoid: –

But please Nan if you would, tell us more about the inherent danger of having an insane imbecile serving as our President. Especially one known for posting conspiracy theories about an election he fairly; lost, an attempted coup he staged, and a sexual assault that he was convicted of, by a jury of his peers, just before he was multiply indicted for a whole host of other crimes that he’s literally admitted to.

And after you do that, maybe you could then explain how his anti-Semitism is a plus for our country:Spoiler: other than the fascistic undertone warning the “Jews” (vs. Jewish people) to “appreciate” what they have, the accuracy of this claim is selectively cherry-picked of course, especially when it’s measured against the still relevant political popularity of other former US presidents, such as Bili Clinton or Barack Obama.

With no due respect, saying that you’re the most popular person in a country that you don’t lead, when you can barely break a 34% average in the country that you actually do, is akin to proudly saying that you once were considered to be the best dancer in your entire high school. Sure, it might come off as being cute, but it really doesn’t mean dick when you used to “dance” like this:

JFC. As mythical God as my only witness, I’ve seen better rhythm watching a troupe of epileptics’ juggle cats. No offense intended towards either the epileptics or the unfortunate cats, but if this is any indicator of Trump’s dope moves, then his having to consistently pay women exorbitant amounts to fuck him, makes a whole lot more sense than it once originally did.

And when it comes to the overall opinion of Trump’s pro-Israel stance outside of those who obviously prefer their tyranny Americanized, the world’s consensus is hardly pro-him, on any level of note:
But please Nan if you would, tell us more about the inherent danger of having an insane imbecile serving as our President. Especially one who posited the following on the day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish holiday that not only commemorates the creation of Man, but is also the start of the Jewish New Year:
An ominous anti-Semitic warning of ill future intent, ending with “Happy New Year”? Yup. I’m convinced. He’s insane. He’s an imbecile. But thankfully, he’s not our President any longer, nor will he ever be again.

Hopefully, that is. Keep in mind, that despite or in spite of, his history of lies, graft, treason, sexual assaults, [and conviction for the same] his racism, his ignorance, his incompetence, as well as his threats of promised retribution., he’s still far and away, the true Messiah of the Maga Morons.

However, he could be even worse than that in the long run, if we don’t stop collectively acting as if these people are a bug in the system, and not the deliberately programmed and prominent feature within it. So, ask yourself this; do we, nip this bullshit in the budding of its fascism, or do we try to be “nice” again, since last time, that worked out so well for us, our society, and the marginalized communities within it.

These loons, these demagogues, these racist, ant-LGBTQ bigots, these misogynists, these “truthers”, these bleating sheep who swallow conspiracies the way Nina Hartley swallows penii, are at their core, dangerous. To Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. This is not dramatization. This is fact. They are not amusing. They are Heralds of what is to come, if a line in the sand isn’t drawn now, and forever.

I know what my marching orders are. Where exactly, does yours take you?


“Come,’ he said, ‘come, we must see and act. Devils or no devils, or all the devils at once, it matters not; we fight him all the same.” – Bram Stoker, Dracula