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Seay What? Pt. 3 (The Bored Identity)

“Conspiracism is always epistemic poison. this accusatory, credulous mindset, more than any individual theory, is what contributes to our epistemic crisis. it treats confirmation bias as confirmation, rumor as research, and innuendo as proof. It isolates its victims and builds their community on a foundation of sand. It falsely labels ideas and behaviors unconnected to reality as a heroic search for truth. And all those downsides, ironically, are part of conspiracism’s appeal. They’re part of why people believe.”
– Bonnie Kristian,

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

Today’s screed is all about conspiracy theories, and the Granfalloons of gullibility that believe them to be 100% true. For those of you unfamiliar with this term coined by the writer Kurt Vonnegut, a Granfalloon is defined as a “false karass”. That is, a group of people who share a collective identity, but ultimately find that their reciprocated association is essentially meaningless. Think Trumpers, members of any state “Militia”, or in its worst-case scenario, the die-hard fans of Nickelback.
Now, this is not to deride all conspiratorial constructs as being nonexistent mind you, as there’s ample evidence to suggest that given the number of galaxies and the planets within them, extraterrestrial life could possibly exist, that a shaved Bigfoot could be working as a barista in Portland, and maybe, just maybe, that there’s even a shooting script for Highlander 2: the Quickening” floating around out there in the wilds of Hollywood that might actually be worth committing to film once more,
Come to think of it, that last one was too unbelievable even for me, and I’m a guy who still has faith that one day, they’re going to make a J.J. Abrams movie lacking a lens flare effect, every three and a half minutes

But as they say, stupid is as stupid posts online, and whether its morons espousing that the events of 9-11 were an “inside job” (it wasn’t) or that Hollywood celebrities are drinking the blood of children to “stay young”, (explain Tommy Lee Jones to me, then) it appears that CT’s have taken hold of the world by way of an early onset senility storm, and they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

And nowhere is this theorem of mine more certified, than we take a walk through the cavernous void that serves as the intellect of todays screed subject, Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville, AR. Seay is currently, as regular readers know, on part 3 of what looks like it will be a quartet of my observations concerning his particular habit of going online and posting inanities both incredulously dense and if not disturbing, and today will be no different.

For ease of access as it were, I’ll be breaking them down into the following categories: “Health” (dealing with COVID-19 and its vaccines, “politics”, dealing with Seay’s ignorance and willful naivety regarding the subject, and finally my favorite section, “Wackadoo”, which covers a wide range of topics, the majority of which come in varying degrees of sanity, from the ever popular “WTH?” to the always entertaining, “WHAT. IN. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK?”

Case in point, this charmingly petite slice of what the “law and order” party thinks should be “done” about Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, both of whom so far as I can tell aren’t under any form of federal or state indictment for breaking the law, aren’t currently being prosecuted for such, and most importantly, haven’t actually been convicted of anything to begin with.

Not that such trivial details matter to persons who get their political cues from a treasonous fascist, of course:
Gee, for the life of me, I cannot imagine where people get the absurd notion that conspiracy theorists are nuttier than a case of Zagnut bars, can you? Don’t get me wrong, I too, have a sense of homicidal range every time that FB goes and fucks with their layout and functions, but turning the Zuckold into a human pinata is also not the first option that comes to mind, either.

And when it comes to Twitter’s Dorsey, I find it hilarious that while conservatives are mad at him for supposed “shadow-banning” of conservative users that never actually happened, as my lifetime ban certainly validates, they seemingly had no issue with whatever Elon Musk is now calling it, becoming a literal haven for extremist White Nationalists. I guess that must be a quirk, and not a proof of concept.

However, I would be remiss in my duties as a professional Snark, if I also didn’t call attention to the fact that they also want to hang the DA who, after it was DECIDED BY A GROUP OF HIS PEERS BASED ON PRESENTED EVIDENCE, to charge Trump with (gasp!!!) crimes that he most certainly committed, if not kept admitting to in media interviews, at his rallies, and even on his own Twitter clone website, Truth Social.

What fucking nerve. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that the law is supposed to apply to everybody equally, irrespectively of whether they’re busy running for higher office, or not.

For those of you who’ve been reading this story-arc thus far, you’ll remember that Seay self-proclaimed of suffering from schizoaffective disorder, the nature of such I will not be rehashing yet again, for sake of not repeating that which has already been explained in detail previously.

Nevertheless, Seay’s admitted mental issues still don’t entirely excuse a fair majority of his ludicrously unhinged commentary, nor should it ever. If you’re aware that you’re mentally ill, then you’re also more than painfully aware when and how it’s triggered. And as social media is an editable medium, there’s more than ample opportunity for one to go remove and/or apologize for the mentally-impaired content you posted while suffering the effects of a fugue state.

Speaking of which, I can’t think of a better starting point to talk about Seay’s mentally-deficient affinity for equally intellectually-defective conspiracy theories, than the one that he more than likely spent most of his time mewling about, that being the minutia surrounding both the general issue of personal health, and the scourge that was the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Which of course, Seay believes was a Deep State plot:
I’m not entirely quite sure quite how Seay intends to establish just who did and who didn’t, get the “jab”, that he so mistrusts, but I’m sure his scheme to do so, is just as logically sound as his declaration that “they” will “pay dearly in a murder case as well”, which causes me to wonder if he thinks that “they” will kill him for being unvaxxed, or if he meant that “they” will be the ones dying at his hands, instead.

Best answers below, and the winner as a reward, gets a break from having to read any more of Seay’s insanity.

However, Seay knowing that the fight against actual reality is always an uphill battle, isn’t going to engage hi allegorical nemesis using data, logic, and a credible argument, oh no siree, Bob. He’s going straight for the throat of his imaginary adversary, and bringing in his own version of such, instead.

Ladies and gentlemen, wearing the white (of course) trunks, floating in an ethereal beam of light, and fighting on behalf of all of the voices in Seay’s head, the TRUE master of disasters, the man with a plan that you can’t understand because he works in mysterious ways, the one, the only… GOD!!!!!!
“it’s not Christian to wear a mask”, says guy who speaks of what is God’s will, despite never having once cracked open his coffee-table-decorating copy of the book that dictates what such is.

For instance, there’s Philippians 2:3, which says that; “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves”, or maybe I should quote Galatians 5:13; “For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one”, which seems to indicate that we are called to do that which is necessary to help each other, which is exactly what mask-wearing does.

But for my money, Corinthians 10:23-24 just flat-out nails it: “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not. Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.” in other words Jeffrey, stop being a false Christian, a paranoid prick, and a useless jackass, and put on your goddamn mask.

Why would I call Seay a “false Christian”? Well, other than the fact that a true one would be more than happy to show God’s love by doing whatever it takes to keep his fellow brothers and sisters safe, I’m also certain that a true lamb of God’s word wouldn’t also post prideful vulgarities such as this:
Call me crazy, but not spreading a possibly fatal illness on purpose to strangers, strikes me as the very epitome of what being a Christian is, but then again, what do I know? As an atheist, I don’t rely on a mythical Skydaddy to rationalize my motivations when I’m acting out with both overconfident selfishness if not outright willful ignorance, such as Seay so deliberately does.

I guess he also never read (or took to heart) the message of James 2:14-17, either: What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food. And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

In Seay’s very limited defense the Bible is a pretty dense book both in physical weight and where its lack of intellectualism, is concerned, so I guess it would be unrealistic of me to get to all of its relevant parts, save for the ones he uses to justify his own abominable actions, but nevertheless where his faux sense of faith falls through, he can always rely on his even far shoddier sense of humor to finish the job:

Groan… I don’t know what’s worse here- Seay’s “jokes”, the thought process that created them, or the fact that you just know that he thought that these were the best of the bunch. No wonder the people in his life allow him unfettered internet access. It’s probably a far better if not safer, alternative to what just might transpire if he were granted unsupervised admittance to his household’s kitchen chemical supply.

Of course, if such an occurrence had happened, it might then explain this display of dipshittery:

Granted, while this is quite stupid, it’s also not surprising in the slightest to those of you who’ve been closely following the posted course of Seay’s free-form dumbassery via my literary excursions. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have to suggest that even Seay himself doesn’t know what the hell he’s ranting about half of the time, and when he sort of does, it’s still nothing less than pointlessly sociopathic:
So, you may be asking yourself, as I most certainly did when I first read this post without the aid of any supporting context, just what in the blue blazes is this guy going on about? Would you believe me if I told you that it was based on his dislike of a descriptive applied to the common name of an oral disease known clinically as transient lingual papillitis?:

Which by the way, is a fact that Seay still manages to get wrong in his petulant display of faux outrage:
TLP, or “Lie bumps” as they are sometimes called by laymen and not doctors, [see: ”TLP”], are small red or white bumps that occur on the tongue. can cause pain and discomfort, stereotypically disappear after 2–3 days, and overall, are considered not to be dangerous to those who find themselves briefly afflicted with them.

And yes, they are known by that moniker due to the myth that a person could develop them after telling a lie. Now, why Seay is so upset at this minor deception borne from parents rubbing the rhubarb as it were, is beyond me, but I also think that it may be beyond Seay just as equally.

Calling something by a name that’s become enmeshed to its commonalty over the years, hardly makes someone a “traitor”, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean, but let’s also remember the source of this supposed outrage to begin with.

While Seay may find himself offended at the “lie”, he’s also the gone who pushes a Bronze-Age book of collective Middle-East-centered fairy-tales, as being the “truth”, so maybe his assessments should be taken with nothing less than a pound of salt for us, and a strong dose of paliperidone for him and the delusions he fuels.

And not for anything, I am amazed at his ability to seamlessly speak for God yet again as if calling something by a common nickname was a sin, [it’s not] as well as the knack with which he besmirched the myth of Santa Claus, degraded parents in general, and then wrapped it all up by calling the COVID pandemic “fake”, even though it’s caused over 1.1 million deaths in the United States alone.

Truly, a man of pseudo-science, if there ever was one to be found.

However, I did promise you conspiracy theories, and not just a walking example of a failed public education coming into its own, so let’s get started by diving into some of the Deep State plots, cherry-picked narratives, and outright lies that the anti-vaxxing movement has brought to the metaphorical table, rather than discuss the resultant carnage that these same said self-taught simpletons of basic science caused, via their ignorance and arrogance.

To begin, I’ll start us off with this deliberately misinterpreted slice of prosecutorial suggestion that in all practicality, doesn’t translate to the situation at hand, much less the fictional one that Seay hopes for:

Two things I must flesh out before I dissect this tripe, that being what is an Executive Order, and second; what does EO 13818 actually say?  First, an executive order is defined as a declaration by the president [or a governor] which has the force of law, typically based on prevailing legislative powers. Executive orders do not require any action by the Congress or state legislature to take effect, nor can the legislature overturn it.

However, the legislative branch can make it difficult, or even downright impossible, to carry out the order, by employing legal gambits such as passing legislation that invalidates it, or refusing to provide the funding necessary to implement the carrying out of specific policy measures delimited by said order. In other words, it can be regarded either as a definitive action, or a glorified Post-it note, depending on the circumstances if faces.

This synopsis aside, EO 13818 directly addresses being a foreign person who has materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, serious human rights abuse that is conducted by a foreign person.

What this boils down to is that is that the entry into the United States by such persons who meet the above criteria, would be considered as being disadvantageous to the best interests of the. United States, and therefore, would be barred from legal entry.


Nothing about COVID, or the imaginary “hoax” that despite being “fake”, still managed somehow, to kill millions worldwide. Not a word about “Big Pharma” execs, Hospital Administrators, School Boards, the CDC, FDA, the “Media”, Governors, Mayors, or City Councilmen, either. Seay’s take, besides serving as the vilest of Alt-Wrong masturbatory fodder, is also 100% steeped in pore fantastical bullshit, as well.

This is why reading is fundamental, Jeffrey. And in your case, apparently exceedingly necessary.

Irrespective of the verified realty, Seay clearly fancies himself as an intellectual warrior, and as such, he’s not going to let a few worthless trivialities such as established data, proven science, and common sense, get in the way of his campaign to spread the Truth as well as COVID, because he has the best weapons and counter defense that an anti-vaxxer could ever hope to have. You guessed it… he has a MEME! And he’s not afraid to use it:
Fortunately, I have databases, empirical research, and even headlines from reputable and award-winning journalistic media to disavow this less than stunning “bombshell” from a self-declared “news source” that Seay discovered while gleaning “exposes” off of Twitter/X/Whatever the fuck Elon is calling it now:

Steadfastly though, as if he were the Rock of Gullible Gibraltar, Seay refuses to accept reality for what it is, over the dystopian nightmare scape that he’s willfully constructed within the abyss located between his ears, and because of this, he feels the need to share with us his ever-so-public stand:

The sharp-eyed amongst you out there in the wilds of the World Wide Web, may have noticed that the space featuring the “people” backing Seay’s asininity is as tellingly, as blank as his intellect is when it’s challenged, but I’m sure that they’re currently on their way to offer their collective support any minute now.

And when and if they ever do arrive, I can only assume that Seay will direct them to unleash their sanctimonious ire against the entity most responsible for the seemingly never-ending scourge of COVID misinformation being disseminated, that being, of course, the social media juggernauts that are Facebook, Google, YouTube, and as it was to be expected, Twitter/X/Whatever the fuck Elon is calling it now:

First off Jeffrey, as I’ve noted more than once in my previous writings, private companies are NOT subject to the overview of the First Amendment, unlike Governmental entities, which most certainly are. Second, as such, your misunderstanding of what the private property exemption actually means in relation to the aspects of social media, strikes as being nothing less than cringe-worthy, because it quite literally, has nothing to do with social media to begin with.

By definition, the private property exemption pertains to the allowance of you to protect a certain amount of the value of your primary property from taxes. This can be structured to either allow you to exclude a flat amount or a percentage of your taxable value, and it has not a goddamn thing to do with how social media does or does not operate, whatsoever.

Not that such details are going to stop Seay from cluelessly frothing at the mouth:

Minutiae counts. Especially when it punches holes in an egregiously false narrative, such as the one that Seay is presenting here. For instance, the doctor pictured within this meme, is none other than one Dr. Stella Immanuel of Texas, who not only called the COVID vaccine “Luciferian,” but declared that it could be easily exorcised by invoking the name of Jesus, like all competent doctors tend to do.

Furthermore, she also publicly discoursed that in her Nigerian medical school trained opinion, that gynecological ailments were the result of sex imaginings with supernatural beings, who transmitted their “demon sperm” into those who found themselves afflicted with such.

Immanuel was also the nation’s top prescriber of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in 2021 and 2022, writing 69,000 prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine, and 32,000 prescriptions for ivermectin the first year, and 30,996 prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and 16,085 prescriptions for ivermectin, in the second., despite the fact that neither drug has been proven to be effective against COVID.

In addition, she also once commented that “Because the Luciferians and the globalists are not going to stop doing what they want to do to take over the world and corrupt every human being and turn everyone to human 2.0 and take over the nations of the world at the end of the day. God is going to come and stop this.”

Apparently, “God” didn’t get that particular memo, due to the fact that he’s imaginary, and that Immanuel is possibly insane, if not debatably unethical to a fault. But yes Jeffrey, we should all be listening to the doctor who was proudly retweeted by the twice-impeached, four-times indicted, incompetent, treasonous failed TV Reality-show host who told us all to:

Given this willingness of faith that Seay has developed over the years wherein he places full stock in the ramblings of charlatan wackadoos over that of the media platforms and medical professionals trying to save lives, including his own, I can see why he seems to possess the critical thinking skillset of an anemic turnip, at his best.

And once again, Seay himself, has graciously provided the empirical proof for my theorem:

Is there any better allegory to prove that you’re not wholly unhinged, than depicting the corpse of a hung child?

If one actually does exist on this planet, I really don’t want to know about it. Let us not forget, even for a second, that the same people who decry the debunking of false medical information as being akin to first-degree murder, are also the very same persons who won’t wear a fucking mask to actually protect them in the first place.

Sadly, Seay doesn’t see it that way of course, what with being dumber than fuck and all, and as he is, he’s not going to accept any personal responsibility for trusting quacks, disseminating possibly dangerous falsehoods, and crafting a disingenuous tale wherein he and his side are the “good guys”, and all those scrambling to stop a pandemic in its tracks, were insidious agents of a dark cabal, intent on gaining “control”:  

Sigh… when all of this writing is done, I think I’m going to send Seay a thesaurus just so he can acquire the knowledge necessary as to what words to use, along with the proper context in which to present them..

To note Jeffrey, the definition of “tyranny” is “a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler”, which sounds like, when given your support of Trump, more in line with what you essentially want to happen, rather than what’s actually is occurring.

And in tandem with that asinine assessment of yours, the definition of “obscurity” is described as being “the state of not being known to many people”, which when it comes to you and your ignorance, would only be regarded as a godsend across the board, if not your local community.

And in order of your other posted density, the Muslim religion cites burqas and niqābas as a testament of faith, you can breathe just fine wearing a mask, as medical professionals doing soi all day long easily certifies, the same goes for your voice as well, and the last time I checked dumbass, “smiling” wasn’t a right protected by the Constitution on any level, either.

And while you might not want to hear this my dimwitted disciple of dipshittery, the government doesn’t need to foist an “experiment” upon its populace to see who’s down with doing this or that, because they already have that information well in hand, courtesy of your social media posts and preferences, emails, cellphone calls and texts, personal spending habits, and offline activities. That ship sailed decades ago, you dumbass, and there’s not a goddamn thing that you, or I, or anyone, can do about it.

Speaking of things that are in our control, albeit with no small measure of contrived difficulty, the subject of Politics, is yet another area in which Seay’s ignorance tends to cosplays as if it were the Belle of the Ball and in doing so, reminds us all just why lead-based paints was banned from residential use in 1978:Man, is this economically efficient, or what?

Not only does Seay get in a swipe regarding the 2020 election which his treasonous Oompa-Loompa lost by 7 million votes, he also manages to insert a Transphobic slur as well, to boot. Gee, it’s almost as if he had no verifiable evidence to present to back up his claims of voter fraud. For some reason, this situation seems very familiar, but I just can’t put my finger on it:
Never mind. I remember now, and remembering is half the battle. The other half is eventual acceptance of Reality, a concept that Seay proves via these misinformed posts, that he doesn’t truly understand:

Um, Jeffrey? That’s not how elections actually work. See: “Kari Lake”, by way of example.

The World’s Angriest Creamsicle can sit in a corner and yell his head off that he didn’t lose all that he wants, but that still doesn’t change the reality of the conclusion that he did, nor does it stop the transfer of power, either. The verification of a candidate losing an election is what certifies a political loss as such, rather than the insane idea that he has to fully agree with the proven outcome first.

Nevertheless, Trump actually did concede, a fact that I’m amazed you missed, as it was all over the news:

Petulance may not be solely a Conservative value, but they sure do seem to engage in it far more than any other political party on Earth, let me tell you. Whether it’s whining about “cancel culture”, “wokeism”, imagined “pedophiles” and/or “groomers”, or a thousand other moral transgressions that they themselves are the worst instigators of, Neocons never accept either personal responsibility or verified realty on any level, whatsoever.

Case/s in point:

Move along folks, nothing to see here, save for the delusional fever-dreams of one Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR. An American citizen. An American voter. And an American moron, extraordinaire. If you’ve ever wondered why they still have to advertise toilet paper on TV, why silica packets in shoes are marked “DO NOT EAT”, and as to why Preparation H still requires usage instructions, here’s your reason.

I do so enjoy how sixty-four election challenges lost, multiple state recounts and voting record audits validating Biden’s win, no definable proof whatsoever of any nefarious activities in regards to 2020 election fraud, save for that practiced by the GQP and Trump’s own lawyers and advisers themselves, and four indictments relating to such, aren’t enough to sway Seay back onto the side of Logic, but rest assured, he’s NOT in a cult.

How do we all know this to be true? Because he said so, of course!  

Well that settles it, does it not?

Seventy-seven million people couldn’t possibly be in a cult, because it’s perfectly sane to assume that a former president who fomented an insurrection to overturn the results of a free and fair presidential election that he lost, who openly stole classified documents, obstructed justice, tampered with evidence, threatened judges, witnesses, and prosecutors, and who talks glowingly of fascist dictators, is nothing less than the purest representation of what America truly stands for.

Not to mention, I love how Seay slurs Democrats for having dyed hair, as his de facto leader walks around with a ferret glued to the top of his head, derides them for using pronouns out of respect for others, when he doesn’t even respect himself, and then calls them “baby killers”, when it’s his party that has zero issue with letting those very same said kids get slaughtered wholesale by gun violence.

Remember though… he’s so NOT in a cult. Nope. No way. Uh-uh. In fact, one of the best ways to let people know that you’re not in one, is to show just how plugged-in and rational that you really are, by referencing a fictional character from a film series whose last contribution to America’s cultural Zeitgeist, occurred in 1990:
Yup. This so reminds me of Joe Biden. The mental and physical obesity, the bad hair, the crassness, the bullying arrogance, and of course, the radiant personality that’s best associated with the type of guy who sells bootleg DVD’s out of the trunk of his mother’s borrowed car. Unfortunately for Seay though, he’s wrong as usual:
Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Even if you’re the villain that people just love to hate. As is to be expected, Seay doesn’t see the aspects of Trump in Biff, because much like his Cinnamon Hitler, he’s quite the idiot to begin with. In fact, Trump so far as Seay is concerned, is a man of virtue, steadfastness, and of course, bravery:
Yes boys and girls, those mythical Man of Steal depicted here walking side by side with a lion no less, is the kind of leader that America needs. Resolute. Strong. Principled. And absolutely not afraid of anyone or anything:
Except of course, for the literal physical embodiment of America itself, that is. But let’s not forget, even for the merest of moments that Seay is not, I repeat is NOT, in what anyone of us might consider to be a “cult”:

In fact, I have even more proof provided by Seay, that he isn’t, and I’nm sure that you will find it just as intellectually devastating to any false assertions that his mental facilities aren’t firing on all eight cylinders:

I’m sorry, did I say “all eight”? I was trying to be complimentary, but in retrospect, I feel like I was being far more charitable than practical, here. Not only is every claim that Seay made blatantly false, save for the “mattress” joke, which I won’t even begin to portend that I understand as I’m not fluent in “Arkansas dumbfuck”, I’d also point out that they’ve all been soundly debunked by multiple sources as well.

However, given what we’ve all just read, I hope you can appreciate the clueless self-satirizing within this post:

The inherent and inadvertent irony… it simply burns. Although to be fair, the stupidity contained within the following commentary, might just give it a serious run for its money, when the dust has finally settled:
If anything, you have to admire the Alt-Wrong community’s dedication to willingly throwing themselves under the bus when it comes to supporting the disproven, the absurd, and the truly insane  Granted, I would have to think that at some point, consistently being held up for ridicule would have to become truly exhausting, but to be fair, as I tend to deal in established reality, I have yet to experience that feeling.

But Seay it seems, apparently has a long history dealing with such emotions, and there’s no end in sight:

I know that Seay self-admittedly suffers from the affliction of schizoaffective disorder, but for fuck’s sake, is there nobody in his life keeping tabs on him, even peripherally?

Forget the paranoia. Forget the word salads masquerading as political, cultural, and theological commentary, and even set aside for a moment, the level of failed intellect necessary to maintain such delusions, and the question still remains- who exactly, is in charge of balancing this loons mental see-saw? Because they’ are, and without question, simply terrible at their job.

And it’s not like there isn’t enough evidence to prove this theorem, as it’s obvious that perhaps Seay needs either an evaluation, an intervention, or a far stronger medication regimen, one that’s hopefully being overseen by a dedicated team of competent medical professionals. Unless of course, you regard commentary such as this to be humming along at the speed of “normal”:
Let’s check the particulars off the list… fantastical scenarios that didn’t happen? Check. A paranoid delusion regarding unwarranted tyranny? Check. And a duo of claims that you’re being targeted for telling the “truth” when it’s actually the opposite that’s true? Check and check.

Now, while this sort of pustulant posturing is sadly par for Seay’s course of debunked dissemination, it’s when he mixes his faux faith with his unmedicated meanderings that his true inner wackadoo really shines the brightest, if not the weirdest:

Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, everybody. Legally allowed to drive, breed, own a gun, and handle sharp stabby things without the guidance of a supervising adult. And what better way to showcase that you’re as far down the path of no return as one can get, than to reference a cancelled TV show that you miss, with not one, but two, End-times “Mark of the Beast” conspiracy theories tacked on in addendum?

Show of hands: how many of you out there, have been faced with the exceedingly terrifying issue of being forcibly micro-chipped against your will? Anyone? Anyone at all? Man, does Seay have all of the worst luck or what? Can you imagine being the only one who’s ever seemingly confronted with these types of ethical situations, and not being able to prove it, save for posting memes about it?

And then, there’s Seay’s deceptively insane claims about the A=mish. Yes, you did read that right:
Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, everybody. Seen here, having a nice relaxing cup of tea, as he expounds upon his other theories surrounding a demographic nobody else on Earth, seems to have any issues with:

I’m sure that overall, Seay’s fixation on a group that literally has no definable influence ever American politics, culture, or  anything else of actualized note is unworthy of any deep consideration, but it is telling as to how his day-to-day mental state fluctuates between a wide range of obsessive fascinations in concern to the self-imagined scenarios that he alone, so arduously crafts into fevered reality  

And as they say, where there’s schizophrenic smoke, there’s also the Masons:

All Seay looks for to certify that someone is a Mason, is “witchcraft” (in the year 2023) and “pedophilia” (perhaps he should look at his own political party?) because as we all know, anybody who engages in both, would make it a point to do so in public, as often as their free time and opportunity allows.

Crazy on the other hand, seems to have no set schedule at all, nor does it seem to ever take five minutes off:
Nor does it shy away from mining the still fertile ground of past fever-dreams, such as the ones that Seay’ has centering on lunacy derived from his disturbing preoccupation with the kid;s TV show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
Yup. Once again, this is all perfectly normal for a guy in his FIFTIES, to be taking about online.

I’m being dead serious, too. You simply have no idea how many hours a week I spend online talking about how the ghost of American actress Farrah Fawcett keeps screwing with my family, just because my mom at some point in the seventies, aped her iconic hairstyle without asking her first.

On the upside though, the more that Seay finds himself preoccupied with a kid’s TV show, the less we have to hear about the falsehoods of both hos Lord and Savior, as well as the allegorical New World Order Neocons are always shitting their pants over:
Interestingly, Seay has hit upon a truly novel way for himself to connect with Christ’s message, and it’s one that I can honestly say has never occurred to me at all. Just make sure first, that its heralds are dead:
Anyone else out there, feeling like they’re learning so much useful information today? I know that I am, although most of it revolves around keeping Seay deliberately away from anything that can lead to accidental electrocution, inadvertent fire-starting, and/or catastrophic explosions.

And while we’re at it, maybe he needs to be cut off from surfing the Web without his being supervised as well, because thus far, nothing good has come of it, as these further examples of “WTF?” easily prove:
At this point, you would think that nothing Seay posts would throw me for a loop, but you’d be wrong, because every time I think I’m clear of hos insanity, he cranks it up a few more notches:
Once more, I do understand that Seay is self-admittedly mentally ill, but I still maintain that’s no defendable excuse for his posting this wide range of lunacy, given the fact that there’s medication and therapeutic treatments designed specifically for this sort of intellectual dysfunction. But the fact that he seems unwilling to utilize them at all in my opinion, puts most of the reprehensible onus back on him.

As I wrap up this last segment of this tale of paranoid pigheadedness, I’ll leave you with a last few bon mots of mentally-deficient malevolence, and while this last grouping isn’t as unbalanced as that which has preceded it, they’re still perfect examples of just important it is that Seay gets the psychiatric help that he so clearly requires:
Um, Jeffrey? That’s not how the continued maintenance of absolute influence held by the super powerful works. At all. And if you ever do find yourself going up against a well-established “cabal”, then you lost, long before you even started. But as Seay is stuck in a loop, he’s more than happy to run this last set of maniacal musings straight into the ground:
Call me overly cautious, but when given recent events wherein loons with views akin to Seay’s have acted out against society in horrific ways,  it’s reasonable to suggest that  if this sort of thinking is something that doesn’t make you concerned even just a little bit as to how it might all play out in the end, I’d suggest that you and Seay become pen-pals, or unwilling flat-mates within the confines of a secured room wallpapered in packing peanuts

And while I’ll end on this note for now, there’s still far more ludicrous fool’s gold waiting to be unearthed from the fetid morass that serves as Seay’s perceptive mind. But until that time arrives, I offer you this teaser to tide you over:

Words fail. But then again, so has Seay’s medication, to the detriment of us all.


“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe