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Seay What? Pt. 4 (The Rainbow Deflection)

“Well, while you were in the bathroom, I sat down at this picnic table here in Bumblefug, Kentucky, and noticed that someone had carved that GOD HATES FAG, which, aside from being a grammatical nightmare, is absolutely ridiculous. So I’m changing it to ‘God Hates Baguettes.’ It’s tough to disagree with that. Everybody hates baguettes.” – John Green, An Abundance of Katherines“

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

What an age we are currently living in. We can travel the world and access the wisdom of all that is known via our modern-day technology, and yet, we still find ourselves suffering the societal scourge if consistently vexing fools who view the purposeful acquirement of verified knowledge, as being nothing less than akin to Superman accidentally donning a Kryptonite-laced. prophylactic.

Such a state of affairs is nothing new of course, as America was literally founded on the principle of its citizenry openly possessing the singular freedom to be an inexcusably proud jackass if they so desired to be, but as of late, it seems that some people see it less as a right, and more of a challenge to see who can qualify as being just the absolute worst.

If I were challenged to present to you all one of the quintessential walking examples of wasting perfectly good oxygen and internal organs on a hatefully sanctimonious shrew, I would remind you of the previously written about Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger, for whom the term “histrionic harpy” was specifically coined.

I say this not because she’s a stunningly spiteful Neocon, although that is part of it, but because Harshbarger is so damn proud of apparently being perceived as such. And as is common with such people, the proof is inadvertently provided by themselves:

To be forthcoming, I’m not entirely sure what unfortunate event happened to Harshbarger as a child that turned her into the type of person that both Jesus and Satan would deliberately avoid when out and about in public, but I’m sure that it wasn’t half as malicious in its original intent, as the cultural carnage that she so willfully endorses towards those strangers whose lifestyle choices and personal decisions, affect her not one bit.

In other words, she’s your stereotypical modern-day craven Conservative, hell-bent (if not Hell-bound) on purposely making the world a far worse place for no other reason than the fact that they’re fearfully uninformed cowards. However, despite the fact that she ostensibly cosplays as if she were a malevolent Jenny Appleseed, preeminently spreading the spores of hate, lies, and paranoia to harm the undeserving, she’s not the only one out there within the cravenly shadow lands of the Web dedicatedly doing so.

Take for instance, these examples, screen grabbed from the page of one of Hershberger’s equally intellectually-bereft FB friends Nikki Miller, wherein she claims that which is dually not true and debatably insane, to boot:
This warning, that the Democratic party is a threat to Americans, given to you all, by a member of the personality cult that not only attempted to overthrow American democracy on January Sixth 2020, but I’m sorry Nikki, you were displaying some hive-mind ignorance in public, and I would so hate to get in the way of that:

Sigh… welcome to the new reality, boys and girls.  A reality that if you read my stuff with any sense of regularity, is proven to be dysfunctional beyond all reproach. The Conservative crooners may find themselves replaced, the tempo itself may be rearranged, and the backing band may not have any original members left, but the ideological song remains the fucking same, nevertheless.

Hateful, Divisive. Ignorant. Self-righteous. Outdated. Far past its prime. And yet, supremely overconfident in its faith that they alone, know the best way to guide America to ever continuing prominence. You know, by hating everything and everyone within its borders that doesn’t fit its detestable narrative? But these two twits are not the reason for today’s screed, not by a long shot.

They’re simply the 3rd rate warm-up act for the real star of the show, one Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, whom I’ve been dutifully dissecting in literary form over the course of three previous story-arcs. Seay, whose opinions on topics ranging from American politics to Gay Civil Rights, can only be best described as “truly unique”, has some issues dealing with the reality of things and if I may be so bold, some of them rather disturbing.
If anyone out there can translate this what-the-fuckery into understandably coherent English, I’d really appreciate it. Now, I have no idea how the subject of abortion ties in to how a hamburger chain approaches expanding its market share, but the AI component that Seay is babbling about here, is actually a fact, something that Seay using Google could have discovered in….
… 0.24 seconds. Or as us actually functioning humans like to put it; NO FUCKING TIME AT ALL.

Sad to say however, this inanity isn’t as dumb or even as vile that Seay can get, which is a sad veracity that I will hopefully prove to you all, as we walk collectively down what I hope will be the final path that we will ever have to share with him ever again. In order to do this, I’ll be addressing two last brain-addled obsessions of Seay’s, that being his over-the-top hatred towards Alcohol, and his far more troubling loathing of the LGBTQ Community in general.

Given these specific personality triggers, I’d sarcastically surmise that perhaps Seay at some point in his thus far unremarkable life, got way too inebriated and in doing so, discovered an inner truth that to this day, he’s far too uptight to accept, but that’s just my opinion, based on nothing but the obvious tells.

I’m clearly kidding of course, because given his homo and trans-phobic tendencies, I’m sure Seay’s sexual charisma to the sensibilities of the rainbow brigade, is just as alluring to the one that straight women utilize. And as we’ll come to discover, Seay’s aversion to the consumption of alcohol, albeit casual or problematic, may be one of the biggest factors in his disproportionate hatred of all that isn’t straight.

Such a hateful attitude does make sense actually, for if the only way that I’d ever be invited into a threesome would involve my having to soak both of my hands in Jack Daniel’s in order to gain the semi-willing consent of me soon to be sexual partners, I’d probably be bitter as all heck, too.  Wait a minute… did I say “bitter”? I meant to say “batshit crazy”. My bad. Won’t happen again. Well, at least not on my end, anyway:
So now it’s “Satan” who’s solely responsible for rigging the election process, and not the Democrats, the Deep State, or George Soros? For fuck’s sake, I didn’t attend all those planning meetings, just so that the Prince of Lies could swoop in at the very last minute, and steal the due credit from those of us who actually put in the long hours and did all the heavy lifting.

Maybe instead of playing politics Luci, you should work on getting Iron Maiden back into evil shape. Just a suggestion. Nevertheless, Seay is just getting warmed up regarding his alcoholic asininity, squarely placing blame for the societal menace of drunk driving, on the unlikeliest of sources:

First, it’s not a “well-known fact”, nor is it even a fact at all to begin with. When it comes to needing the truth of a matter or even the barest semblance of such relating to it, Seay is not the person I’d openly recommend to be its finest sage. Here’s the thing: I for one, do take the issue of drunk driving very seriously, as I once knew two people who were killed by a scumbag doing just that. And even with them in my occasional remembrances, I still think that Seat’s take on applied punitive justice is completely insane.

I hate to break this to you Jeffrey, but America isn’t a dictatorship yet, despite the best efforts of your fellow GQP sheep, and therefore your current “demands” for mass arrest and subsequent illegally conscripted incarceration, will, like all of the others that your mental illness has blathered out over the years, remain unanswered.

And in case you forgot, the Bible has not a fucking thing to do with the Constitution, for as thew first line in the First Amendment CLEARLY states; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, so feel free to go pound sand, you absolute dumbass.

However, it’s your call for applying the finality of death penalty to a transgression that doesn’t merit it, that just proves to me that as far as sanity goes, you and it, haven’t communicated in quite some time, and maybe, just maybe, some phone calls concerning your truly worrying lack of a grip on reality should possibly be made, if only for the greater good of those within your immediate reach.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d have to believe that Seay composed these Orwellian ascertainments made flesh, right after he discovered the secret of how to mix his prescribed meds with home-brewed bathtub hooch. Normally, this would be the part where I might suggest that a certain somebody could really benefit from an AA meeting or two, but in this case, I think we just skip ahead to the shock treatment and eventual lobotomy phase, instead.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. No wonder Seay adores Trump so much, for the Fascism is strong in this one, as is the undoubtedly unhinged lunacy. Which is perfectly exemplified with Seay’s as equally moronic take on drugs, both legal and illicit:
Now, while these two statements are dumb enough to stand on their own it’s this one that I really enjoy:
“You have not been raised right”, says the man who thus far, has demanded the deportation of an at that time, child singer for supporting Trans Rights, who defers to conspiracy theories over that of actual facts, who has sworn slavish allegiance to a traitor who was not only convicted of sexual battery, but bragged about the act of doing so,, by “joking” that we men should; “Grab em by the pussy”.

And out of respect for rehashing the known, I won’t even mention that one time when he attempted a political coup after he lost a free and fair election. “You have not been raised right” says the man who has posted vile slander against the Amish, people of color, the LGBTQ Community, the Rev. Martin Luther King, and even his own parents, as he calls for the summary executions of drunk drivers, regardless of the severity of their particular offense

Yup. Definitely a prize citizen we should all take our moral cues from, so says I. But it wouldn’t feel right if there wasn’t some discerning cherry-picking on Seay’s part for us to discover, as evidenced by this post steeped in some truly selective theological amnesia:

Let me get this straight, if I can: due to “man’s fall” from the Garden, all things beneficial created by God became cursed? That seems odd, given the fact that the Fall of Man was deliberately orchestrated by God himself, despite his knowing in full beforehand, just what would happen if he forcefully introduced both Free Will and the forbidden apple from the Tree of Knowledge into the lives of his own creations.

In fact, he even admitted to such, albeit in a roundabout and mysterious way, of course:

Anybody else out there find it sort of strange, that Seay accidentally on purpose I’m sure, left this most insignificant of details out of his theorem? A question for another time I guess, because when it comes to this particularly vexing topic for Seay, the dimwitted divinity he promotes, falls just shy of whatever goal it is that he wants to achieve:
Wow. You can really feel the love of Jesus pouring out of this dude, van you it?  So, “90% of the Homeless choose their plight”, because 100% of them spend their given money on alcohol? Gee… I can’t even begin to tell you how truly effective a talking point that’s been presented with zero evidence to back any of it up, is for assigning the allegorical win to your side.

Shame that it doesn’t work that way at all, but you already knew that, unlike anything else that you babble. Speaking of which, we have this next example of exactly just why your parents always told you never to use spray- paint in the garage, unless all of the windows had been opened first:

Once again, my Lord of mentally-larded Lunacy, that’s not how any of this works. Ether in practice, or Reality. But as we’ve all seen ad nausea by now, Seay has no concept as to what veracity actually is, as proven by this specimen of sanctimonious slander wretchedly disguised as political punditryYes, that was stupid AF, wasn’t it? But rest assured, Seay’s one true talent is to take an idea that was already mind-numbingly incoherent, and make it that much worse, by claiming the ever-popular Neocon mantle of being unduly victimized by nothing less than the cruel hand of specifically targeted hate:
For the sake of actual sanity, the definition of “Religious Persecution” is demarcated as being; “the act or practice of persecuting especially those who differ in origin, religion, or social outlook”, which if you look at it, is exactly what the members of the GQP and Seay’s self-declared Christian faith, enact against women in general, the LGBTQ Communiuty, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists, but I digress, because the hypocrisy on display here is so blatantly obvious..

If selling alcohol on Sundays is indeed “religious persecution”, then openly selling ice cream on a daily basis at Dairy Queen without concern for its hypoglycemic index, is societal harassment specifically targeting the Diabetic Community, which just so happens to include persons like myself. I wonder if I should follow the lead of Seay’s online jackassery, and meme-whine incessantly about that injustice, as if it were actually a thing that actually existed, as he tends to do,

I mean, it couldn’t hurt to try, right? But I’m sorry, Seay was about to gift us all with yet another liturgical laundry list of rationalization to justify his idiocy, and it’s just as brilliant as all of his previous takes:

Once again, I can’t even begin to tell you how truly effective a talking point that’s been presented with zero evidence to back any of it up, is for assigning the allegorical win to your side. But facts matter little to those who wallow in sanctimoniousness, and being one of these persons, Seay is more than happy to cast stones at those who dare make a living selling what he considers to be the literal embodiment of the Devil’s urine:

Answer me this Jeffrey, if people who work at a liquor store have no “heart” then what do the various congressional members of the NRA shill brigade who help  facilitate the murder of American children in their own schools, have in place of theirs?

I’d say overstuffed wallets soaked in gallons of metaphorical blood, but yet, this type of easily correctable societal cancer doesn’t seem to bother you half as much, despite how many people a year it kills, now does it? Moving on, we have yet another example of where Seay formed a thought and then found it immediately hijacked by the cadre of the ever-screaming voices forever trapped within the fetid swamp that serves as his brain:
If anyone reading this can translate this babble into an actually comprehensive thought, I’d be more than happy to hear it, for while I write quite extensively about the culture of those who qualify as ideologically-driven dumbfucks, I’m actually not fluent in their native tongue. The downside of a fully-working intellect, and all that, I guess. Such is not the case for Seay, who it seems can play the victim card, regardless of whatever deck he’s been actually handed:
Poor baby. I can’t imagine how stressful it must be for you, living on a planet chock-full flawed humans that refuse to bend to your asinine will, based on nothing more than the fact that they have the right not to do so. The nerve. On the upside though, at least these two statements don’t even come close to possessing half the measure of the maniacal paranoia that this upcoming one certainly does:
I won’t speak for you of course, but if Seay organized some of these lunatic theories of his into a series of novels, not only would I buy them all for the unbelievable plot twists alone, I’d wait breathlessly for the movie versions as well. With all due respect, I consider myself to have quite the knack for writing, but the level of crazy fun that Seay’s ideas could generate as formulated entertainment, would be epic.

What isn’t as impressive though, is Seay’s equally as convoluted literary process when it comes to the attempt of making   point regarding just why he despises booze so much. By way of example, I could perfectly illustrate just why I loathe the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi in only a few mercifully brief words, and you’d get the gist of what I meant, almost immediately. It would be to the point. Clearly concise.

And 100% accurate across the board, even if the incel fanboys want to slander the BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle as being inadequate to do the damn job it was designed to do.

To note; there’s no fucking way in all of creation, that those creepy bug-eyed teddy bears from Hell, helped defeat the Empire. Nut when Seay tries to do the same in concern to his disdain for the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy? Well, the end results appear as if he made a word salad using both a badly-written thesaurus and an open-topped blender:

Strange… this reads like stereotypical “drunk speak”, and yet it still comes off as far less rational. Maybe it would make more sense if it had actually been written by a drunk, rather than by someone whose mental facilities can be severely overtaxed just by the mere thought that other people actually have the right to drink whenever they want?  

However, Seay being the type of person who for whatever reason, allegedly perceives alcohol as being no less destructive than the illicit substances of heroin, crack, and the known to be criminally addictive snack-joy that is Flaming Hot Cheetos, has a truly unique take on what the imbibing of Alcohol represents and what it does, and as you’d expect, it’s just as “informed” as you’ve come to expect:

Ignorance by all accounts, is most definitely Seay’s stock in tirade, and even when he does give a concerted effort to try and incorporate data into one of his rambling ruminations, he still can’t seem to get his facts or the contextual underpinning of such, correct.

Because… priorities, I guess? I do always enjoy how sanctimonious slugs like Seay will go on for hours mewling about “saving the children” from whatever hypothetical issue it is that we’re all supposed to fear unconditionally, but when it actually comes to doing something about one of the most pertinent issues that they should care about, you would think that they’d been struck deaf, dumb, and blind.

In Seay’s particular case, I’d say that he’s got the “dumb” part down, if not nailed to the floor with ten-foot spikes. By way of example, take this slab of stupidity, wherein Seay “thanks” Walmart for still selling guns, currently the number one killer of children in this country, while railing against them for selling booze, which while harmful in its own right, is still akin to comparing apples to durian, and calling them the same:

Interesting mix that Seay has decided to present here: cherry-picked facts, selective half-truths, full fabrications, and of course, an icing of insanity just to keep his pro-gun hypocrisy balanced out against his batshit crazy beliefs: “underaged children” and “Anybody who brews, sells, or uses alcohol is a murderer”?  

Shame then, that reality, the United Sates government, and Anheuser-Busch don’t actually give a fuck what your dumber than fuck self thinks. No wonder you’ve been forced to live at home Jeffrey, as I’m fairly confident that your parents are probably very keen on making sure that the outside world never discovers to their horror, that you’re directly related to them.

This feeling of existential dread that his [poor parents must face on a daily basis, is probably not helped in any way, shape, or form by his online trash-talking about them, but as such is the way of a man-child who sees his comfort as being the top priority, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, either:
Rest assured readers, when I’m finally  finished with this piece, the first thing I’m doing is calling the local precinct in Seay’s district, and asking for them to conduct a general welfare check on both he and his family. Not only to make sure that they’re all collectively okay, but also to verify that Seay’s “parents” aren’t just two mannequins that he likes to call “Mom” and “Dad”, as well.

As I’ve noted throughout these screeds, Seay is a self-admitted sufferer of schizoaffective disorder, and it’s become rather transparent that if he ever found himself held to account for his seemingly endless series of vile commentaries, he’d use it as an excuse to nationalize his easily dealt with behavior, but while that excuse can carry some of the weight, it still doesn’t cover this kind of racism-inspired tripe:

I have to wonder just how much equity in free rent Seay has granted Obama over the last seven years, but the tabulated amount, even when one treads cautiously, has just got to be equal to Trump’s current legal expenses, at this point. And amalgamating contextual racism with his in tandem psychosis slandering voters who drink as being morally opposite of with those who don’t, while somehow blaming Obama for those who do?

Well, all I can say in response to that, is:

It’s truly a shame that Seay can’t successfully monetize his own insanity in quite the same manner that his mango-man-crush has done, but to be fair, when you spend most of your free time inventing scenarios and then crafting the villains who inhabit them, the attendance of a community college marketing class, would just get in the away.

Besides, Seay’s pretty booked up already, what with his harvesting of conspiracies, his self-admitted hatred of his long-suffering parents, his racism, his cravenly contempt for American singer Jackie Evancho, and of course, his never-ending cycle of playing the victim due to the cruelly intervening hands of the TV shows “Person of Interest” “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as “Star Trek”, which of course, I’m sure we can all relate to on some far more spiritually inward -looking level,

Oh wait. No, we can’t, because unlike Seay, the majority of us aren’t as crazy as a shithouse rat.

Actually, I take that back. A shithouse rat has a reason to be crazy, due to both its fetid working and living environment and the fact that rat psychiatrists are still a rarity, even within the sewer tunnels of a big city. Rats at their core, are the most hardened of urban survivors, whereas Seay is nothing more than an urban legend made into sanctimonious flesh, whose only noticeable talent is for simmering sociopathically online.

And it’s that aptitude for groveling gracelessness, that brings this story-arc to the apogee wherein I will hopefully never have to mention this walking Wendigo of Woeful Wussiness, ever again. And to close it out and off, I’ll be addressing what appears to be Seay’s number one fear. Shockingly, it’s not political intrigue, nor is it the concern of Jackie Evancho releasing another successful album.

Heck, it doesn’t even have a thing to do with Facebook, not getting his grape juice, or even his hourly Hot Pocket, if you can imagine such a thing. Nope, we finally reached the point in our tale where I get to mercilessly shred Seay over one of his most abominable quirks, that being his seething abhorrence of the LGBTQ Community.

A detestation that probably stems from if I were to posit a theory, of just how Tinkerbell level “tingly” he gets down below, every time he sees a picture of Ryan Gosling with his shirt off. All jokes aside, just how bad is this hatred furiously boiling within Seay, you may ask? Well, you tell me:

Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville AR, everybody. An American homophobe. An American Transphobe. An American coward. And if I may be so bold, a future perpetrator of an American hate-crime, waiting for its moment in the spotlight. And most certainly, a perfect example of just why Christianity is nationally withering on the line as we speak. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Jesus ever suggesting that you murder people wholesale because you don’t agree with how they choose to interact with others.

Seriously. This kind of statement is what the national news will be talking about, long after the time when someone who believes in what Seay obviously does, enters a Gay nightclub to do “the Lord’s work”.

Funny how these very same self-declared paragons of all that is normal and who claim to be allied with the most powerful entity in the known Universe, are also the first ones who threaten physical violence when confronted with the unfamiliar, isn’t it? It’s almost as if they know that there is no God, that they’re on their own, and that they can’t do jack shit about it, regardless of what actions they take.

In Seay’s case, those actions center around disseminating fear, slander, outright paranoia, and a fair amount of personally held stupidity akin only to the choice to cast Denise Richards aa a nuclear physicist named “Dr. Christmas Jones” in the 1999 James Bond film, “The World is Not Enough”. Yep, it’s that bad, That dumb. And as you’d expect. it only gets worse the further we go down the hate hole to Hades.

As there’s a ton of over-the-top outrage to sift through, I’ll be breaking such into sub-categories, those being the Dumb, the Religious, the Canceled, the Media, and finishing it all off, with the most distasteful of Seay’s phobic rants, the category known simply as the Hatemongering. Sounds fun, right? So, let’s start with his rather audacious stance that despite decades of societal research, Transgenderism isn’t actually existent:

We can all go home, everybody. Seay figured it all out for us, using only the power of his Transphobia and hand-crafted memes to certify yet again, as to just why to this day, he still needs to wear a safety helmet while walking around his house, Quick question, Jeffrey? If Trans people don’t actually exist, then why are you so afraid of them in the first place? Was being afraid of spiders too conventional for you, and as you’re the type that requires something a tad more bespoke to feel relevant, you chose bigotry instead?

Granted, that’s still ignorant as all get-out, but bold choice, nevertheless. Moving on, Seay reminds us all who we should actually be grateful for during Pride month, because the thought oif any demographic getting a celebratory month all its own, is anathema to the middle-aged loser club that he so proudly represents:
Would this be a truly bad time to remind Seay that the whole of the LGBTQ Communiuty came from these same said straight people as well? Because let’s face it, they are the ones who keep having all those gay babies that grow up to be the gay adults that allegedly make Seay consistently feel the way that he used to, when he climbed the rope in his high school gym class.

But Seay isn’t going to take his misplaced interest lying down, no siree Bob, for after all he knows that’s just how the Gays get you. If anything, he’s walking out oi the situation itself, by using the best platform to do it: a nationally connected and supposedly openly promoted, “Pride flag walk-out” day:

And no, this is not a joke, even if the end result of its abysmal failure to score any significant societal impact points, was. Now, if you can’t recall this so-called “event”, don’t feel bad, because despite the Alt_Wrong’s insistence that it was a huge success, literally nothing came of it, save for the public exposure of who the bigots in our society are.

In fact, support for Gay and Trans rights are growing as time moves forward. and when it comes to walk-outs in concern to the display of the Pride flag, this is usually how such actions play out in the end;
Happily, this sort of public reaction routinely occurs more often than not in opposition to this sort of homogenized hatred, and it does so, much to the delightfully delicious chagrin of Seay and his fellow Homo / Transphobes, who seemingly, can’t get over the idea that not everyone masturbates to hate-porn such as they tend to do.

And while it’s their side who creates safe spaces away from those they hate, and who demands that discrimination be passed into law, as they cower in fear at the mere thought that LGBTQ persons are legally allowed unfettered access to the same rights and privileges that they possess as well, they still have the cojones to post self-owning confessional commentary such as this:

“They can’t fight anxiety”, says the very same cabal of cowards who require the ingestion of a case of Xanax  in order to deal with the trauma of an entire month being devoted to persons they wouldn’t condescend to talk to, but I digress. And Jeffrey? If the “world does not care about your pronouns” as you so arrogantly declared, then why in the hell does their implementation or lack of use, fucking matter to you in the first place?

But care Seay does, and he cares… a LOT. Take for instance, these psychological takes on what he perceives human sexuality to be, although he hasn’t any academic background in any discipline of gender-related studies, sexual development, or what gender dysphoria actually entails. Not that such lack of knowledge could ever stop Seay from making an ass of himself in public:Definition of Asexual: “an umbrella term for anyone who experiences little to no sexual attraction toward other people of any gender”. Seems strange that if such a condition doesn’t exist, that they’d go out of their way to craft a specific descriptive for it, does it not? But then again, as Seay probably represents his ongoing celibacy as being a “personal choice”, rather than as “unwilling”, maybe I should cut him some slack.

This courtesy BTW, will not be extended to his mangling of proper grammar, as this meme’s text should have read as being either “There’s such thing as Asexuality”, or staying on theme with “There’s no such thing as AN Asexual””. Glad I could help you out with this one, Jeffrey. No need to thank me.

As to why I feel that Seay ‘s only sexual experiences have derived solely from those aforementioned moments wherein he soaked his mutton-mitts in Whiskey to get them in the mood first, maybe it’s because most women in general, don’t respond well to bigoted small talk such as this:

Seay’s ignorance really isn’t what I find to be the most distasteful aspect here believe it or not, for as it is with most things unknown, all it takes to correct your situational unawareness to undertake some personal initiative in order to learn all that which you needed to know, which is something that despite the resources available to him via the Internet, Seay adamantly refuses to do.

However, this deficiency based on dimwittedness, hasn’t stopped him from diving deeper into the rabis hole of transphobic muttering, and the role models that he seeks intellectual guidance from to justify what he so erroneously believes, are unsurprisingly, just as hatefully uninformed as he so proudly is: Now, for those of you not in the right-wing lunacy loop, Crowder is yet another Alt-Wrong demagogue, who among other things, has been accused of abusing his now ex-wife Hillary after he was caught on video yelling at her for not behaving in a, and I quote;  “wifely manner” , thus establishing a pattern of mentally and emotionally abusive behavior of which, his ex-claims, that he has been engaging in for years now.

In addition, no less than ten former employees of his have come forward and alleged that not only did Crowder engage in targeted harassment towards them, but that he would regularly expose himself at work, as well. Accusations that of course, Crowder has steadfastly denied.

In response to these seemingly credible claims, reports surfaced that he not only interrogated his staff in regards to media leaks concerning his behavior, but in tandem, demanded that they sign non-disclosure agreements featuring $100,000 breach-of-contract consequences, as well.

You know, like an innocent person would do? But to be fair, if a thief can spot anther thief and a liar knows another liar, then most definitely does the possibility exist that an affirmed abuser would recognize his own kind. In fact, let’s take a look at one of Crowder’s “abusive parents” being so in full view of the public:

Jesus H. Christ, what an absolutely horrible person and total failure if a mother. I mean… would it have killed her to add some much-needed pizazz to that hand crafted sign by springing for some glitter? I’m telling you, there seems to be no love for the crafting aspect of protesting these days, and it truly hurts.

Closing out the “Dumb” category, we have these last two entries wherein Seay feebly attempts to use humor to make a point about the injustice of being both unfairly labeled as being Homo & Transphobic, as well as his definition of a Tran person actually is. And surprise, surprise, he gets both horribly wrong.
Sigh… that’s not how any of this works, nor is it even remotely analogous to whatever point you were endeavoring to make. It does however prove that once again, the simplest of well-established cultural concepts is far beyond your exceedingly limited grasp. I’m not entirely sure just how your think combining the disparate makes any definitive sense to us, but I’m certain that the voices in your head, probably got it.

In relation to this meme, an anyone see what the inherent problem here is? I’m sure that you can.
That’s right. Seay, being the ever-eternal blockhead that he so passionately is, has confused the wildly dissimilar aspects of Transgenderism, Cross-dressing, and/or the art of Drag, into one not homogeneous at all example hoping for proof of his concept, but instead, only serves to certify his own intellectual density once more:

To clarify by definition: 
TRANSGENDER: “a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth, or relating to a person whose gender identity is opposite the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth.”

CROSSDRESSER: “a person who wears clothes designed for the opposite sex, also known as a transvestite. Crossdressers often dress only in certain situations. They as a rule, DO NOT identify as being transgender. Most identify as straight men.”

DRAG ARTIST: “a person (typically a man) a man who performs dressed as a female, and whom also does not always identify as being Transgender.”

Amazing what you can learn when you actually bother to do some competent research versus swiping memes, isn’t it? Educating himself isn’t on Seay’s list of personal priorities though, and as proof, we now move on to our next subset wherein we’ll explore Seay’s reliance on the mythical God whose word he does not follow, to justify his loathing for those within the coalition of the rainbow.

Kicking it off, let’s examine Seay’s assessments on what the parameters of being an American or a Christian “really” are, despite the fact that he has no odea himself. And while you or I may demand proof for these absurdities, all that Seay can offer us is; “well, God Says so”, which is akin to my telling you that I heard something directly from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy:
Of course, Seay is dead wrong as usual about all of this, as his interpretation of the Bible comes not from actually reading it all the Way though, but by gleaning snippets he cherry-picked and then recombined for the cravenly purpose of rationalizing and justifying his hateful ideology regarding his asinine take on what Christianity is truly supposed to be, irrelevant of what Scripture actually says..

And the one thing that scripture definitely dislikes, is blatant hypocrisy disguised as secular Faith:

So, to recap: if you’re a true Christian, you in all good conscience, can’t support abortion, or any business or service that accepts money from, caters to, or refuses to discriminate against, the LGBTQ Community in general.

I can hear the CEO’s conversation now: “Oh no! We won’t get the business back that we never actually had in the first place as the demographic we target our advertising towards, maintains its steadfast loyalty? Well, that’ll show us, I guess.”  

Now, as you’re actually sane, unlike Seay, you probably understand that this quite literally, means that almost all forms of commerce, production, and acquirement options that humans engage in, are now verboten to you. Yup. No glaringly obvious fatal flaws in that plan whatsoever, so far as I can tell

I’ll let you in on a well-kept secret Jeffrey: not only are your hissy-fits disguised as boycotts highly ineffective overall, they also make for a far more pleasurable experience for the rest of us, due to your barely-noticed absence. What’s even more hilarious though, is that half the time you guys attempt and fail to “cancel” a business, it’s not even one that you regularly shop at to begin with:

That’s true dedication right there, folks. The willingness to remain in excruciating pain, just because you’re triggered into an incandescent rage by seeing a T-shirt with a rainbow on it. However,< I would like to call attention to Seay’s bizarre accompanying hashtag, that being: “#ZeroTransBaths”, which either indicates that Seay doesn’t want Transpeople to bathe, or more likely, that Transpeople shouldn’t be allowed to use the public rest rooms at Target.

This is an odd hill to metaphorically die on of course, due to the fact that whether Seay knows this or not, TG’s have been using public restrooms since the virtual beginning of time itself, as well as the interesting factoid that the majority of Target’s 1,797 locations, ALREADY HAVE single-occupancy or unisex-deemed restrooms to begin with. Research. Apparently, it’s not for everybody, and far too difficult for some.

By way of yet another brain-dead and dumber than dirt example of histrionic paranoia taking precedence over actually applied common sense, we have this nugget of moronicness, stating that Target was selling “Satanic” merchandise: Specifically, pins and T-shirts proclaiming that “Satan respects Pronouns”:

Unsurprisingly, this is 100% false, but for wackadoos like Seay, who need both a sense of purpose and a cultural identity, what is true and what is not, is immaterial to their desperate need to be depicted as being nothing less than the common man turned societal hero, a false role that they cast themselves in years ago:
I for one, will never cease to be amazed at just how consistently craven Neocons such as Seay, feel the need to manufacture imaginary dragons out of ether and paranoid fantasy, rather than actually step up and take on the real ones that already exist, but it is quite the tell that the only villains that they’re willing to openly  fight are the imaginary ones who couldn’t even begin to hurt them in the first place.

Ironically, Seay even has a meme concerning just that very thing:

But just because a problem doesn’t actually exist, is no reason not to pretend that it most certainly does, and what better target is there, than a corporation that has proven time and time again that not only is it far more popular than your ideology, but that it’s relatively unaffected by it, as well?

’m confused. Which Is Disney: satanic, or communist? I only ask, because under the aspects of Communism, the pragmatic policies infer that while religion was to be tolerated, the ideal worker’s paradise as it were, was that of an officially atheistic social order. And as a writer, I’d also point out that if you do label something as being “satanic”, there’s no need for stating that it’s been “taken over by Satan”, because that quite literally what the fucking word “satanic” means, you dumbass.

In regards to your demand that we need to stop “public LGBTQ”, whatever the hell that is, I’m not sure that even you know what that actually details, but good luck getting over the trauma of attending all those simply fabulous parties, weekend brunches, shopping trips, and seeing your home tastefully redecorated.

Remember boys and girls, Seay is a self-declared Christian and while he may get his sermons off of the internet, posts about not having a physical church of any kind that he attends and issues judgements on everything under the sun via his warped vision of what Christian values are, that’s still no reason not to pay attention to them, am I right? In fact, I’d dare say we could aa thing or two from them:

Now that we’ve all read it, let’s look at what we just learned: first, Seay, evet the so-called “Christian”, apparently despised both DEI and ESG. But what exactly, are those acronyms of, you ask?

Well, “DEJ” stands for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”, which according to the accepted definition; “seeks to promote the fair treatment and full participation of all people”, and in particular, those groups who have historically been underrepresented or subject to discrimination on the basis of identity or disability. In other words, it promotes tolerance, acceptance, and welcoming others into the fold as it were.

“ESG” on the other hand, stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance”, which is a set of characteristics that are used when screening potential investments and exist solely to inspire corporations to act responsibly. Think “Save the Planet”, and that kind of thing.

So, now knowing what philosophy of bettering Humanity each of these represents, let’s take a moment to consider the hypocrisy of a man who claims to follow the Word devoutly, but disparages the very construct of what it means to be a faithful servant of God. That is, taking care of your fellow Man, as well as the planet itself, while sowing the seeds of God’s love whenever possible.  


Those are “Christian values” Jeffrey., Not whatever he fuck it is that you so deceitfully represent. But you did get one thing right: Marxist philosophy is typically atheistic, probably due to the fact that most modern-day Christians like yourself, seem to be nothing less than duplicitous disparagers of mankind, and mythical Lord knows, no person blessed with an actual soul, wants to ally themselves with jackasses such as that.

In Seay’s limited defense, thinking outside of the box isn’t a viable option, as his ability to think inside it, is far worse. Case in point, Seay’s genius idea of aggressively confronting Transpeople face to face, in order to let them know who they “really” are. And after finding themselves threatened by Seay and his faux Christian flying flunkies, that’d be the people who’ll help these bigots meet their God way ahead of schedule.

Um, Dude? With no due respect, you guys aren’t even who you think you are, and if you want to be arrogant enough to forcibly take on anyone who grew up openly Trans in Wyoming, Texas, or Florida, be my ever-loving guest. Just let me know what hospital you eventually found yourself in, after they show you what unexpected consequences for being a hostile bigot, tend to manifest as. That being, generally well-deserved retribution.

Nonetheless, Seay, whose only useful attribute thus far, has been the willingness of serving as a regurgitating parrot, carries forward with the discourteousness of arrogantly speaking for his allegorical God:
You know what is also an “abomination” according to your false and sociopathic deity =Jeffrey? Bearing false witness. Envy. Greed. Adultery. Lecherousness. Theft. Hypocrisy. Pride. Massive flaws of personal character flaws that your political party’s de facto leader engages in almost every day, all of which thus far, you and your disingenuous ideology, have happily turned a blind eye to.

And since you misinterpreted Leviticus, I can only assume that you without question, obediently follow all of the other edicts it demands of you, am I right? Because otherwise, you’d be nothing more than a cravenly hypocrite, and mythical Lod knows, you could never be that. But please… if you could continue lecturing us all about sin, we’d really appreciate it, because given the amount if hate you’ve spewed so far, we could use the inadvertent laugh at your expense… as usual.

Although I do have to say that this particulate upcoming angle is not one that I myself have ever considered:
Should I remind dumbass here, that not only does God NOT play a part in our nation’s complex electoral system, the First Amendment clearly makes this legally impossible? The right to vote is guaranteed to EVERYONE, regardless of color, age, gender, creed, or sexual proclivities.

Once again, Jeffrey: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”, so feel free to take your asininitiy regarding “heathens”, and go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. Preferably one that’s doing so, near the edge of a cliff.

Speaking of which, I’ve oft wondered just why Conservatives are so disturbingly obsessed with the private details of total stranger’s sex lives, exotically given the fact that as a rule, they seem to be incapable of managing their own sexual misadventures with any sense of competency.

I mean, they’re always seemingly linked to unknown mistresses, getting busted for having trysts with porn stars, linked financially to underage escorts, and when it comes to both the crimes of sexual trafficking and the production and ownership of child porn, it would be easily understood if you openly surmised that the modern-day GQP was nothing less than the political branch and PR department of NAMBLA.

Seay however, ignores all that, because it’s far easier to cast slanderous disparagement upon others than it is to clean up the mess festering within the confines of your own duplicitous house, as seen here:
Some advice from me to you: if the World entire thinks you’re wrong, it might be prudent of you to take a moment or two, and set that time aside for some long-overdue personal introspection. Just saying. Also, Jeffrey, no one is going “back” [correct spelling] into the closet, just so that you can stop pretending that you don’t all flustered every time your Grindr profile receives a “nearby match” notification.

Make peace with it, already. Mythical Lord knows, your family and long-suffering friends have.

By now, you’ve probably noticed just how many times Seay has made demands that are either unrealistic, sociopathically petty, or stereotypically, absolutely fucking insane. And like most Neocons, he thinks that he knows how the Law of the Land works better than most, while still thinking that none of its restrictions apply to him and/or his truly warped belief system.

This is never proven more succinctly than when we dive into his hot takes regarding the US government, Gay rights in general, and how these two disparate universes intersect. For not only is he consistently wrong in concerns to nis assertions, he also manages to show just why we need to bring back Civics class in public schools, and that right quick:
“You aren’t for America”, says the Trans and Homophobic bigot who apparently; )A) doesn’t understand how the Constitution works, and (B) seemingly has no idea that gays have worked in governmental service since the days when men wore powdered wigs, makeup, silk stockings, and corsets without fear of reproach.

If I had to lay money down, I’d opine that Seay’s intellectual grasp of just how governmental positions are acquired, is just as well-researched as the database that he uses to present his talking points based on theological underpinnings. Take for instance, this stunningly inaccurate overview of the nomination of one Richard (“Ric”) Grennell, who at the time, was being conspired to serve as the Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence Agency, a position that he held from February to May of 2020.:

I’m sure you’ll all be shocked to know that this so-called “right to fire” is patently false, for while the president can appoint judges, ambassadors, and executive officials. the Constitution itself however, says NOT A GODDAMN THING about whether or not the president can subsequently fire those same said appointees, as the president’s autonomy to dismiss specific directors of administrative agencies, is usually subject to terms set by Congress.

So, in concern to your pile of bullshit Jeffrey, the President can’t just din what they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want. Checks and balances, you non-researching whiny-ass bitch, and yes, not only possible to be both Gay and American, it’s also a certainty that such people are far better are being an American than you’ve ever been or will ever be, so please feel free to choke yourself to sleep over it.

But as it’s been noted, facts, laws, and basic human decency, matter not a bit to Seay’s paranoically hateful bigotry and ignorance, a reality that he’s more than happy to share with the world entire:

Oh, Jeffrey… the allegorical evidence that you truly want to be on “D” just keeps, if you’ll pardon the pun, mounting up, does it not?  All offense intended, I have no idea why so-called straight people such as yourself ruminate over the mechanics and frequency of gay zex, considerably far more than the people actually having it, but I’m sure that’s not a sign of you coming to terms with your own truth, am I right?

Of course, I am. I must be. Shame though, that Seay is never right, about anyone anything, or any situation:
Actually, Jeffrey? They really don’t, as “God” isn’t intertwined with our current form of government, nor is the construct of such, even remotely considered in how governance is enacted in our country, regardless of what its citizenry believes. Say, such as this mentally-challenged commentary, for instance:

In point of fact, Jeffrey? No, it does not. If a chosen behavior that other people may find reprehensible immediately disqualifies you from a lauded position, than your failure to successfully pass as a decent human being, should have demanded that your internal organs should have been forcibly harvested decades ago, and given to a person who unlike you, was actually worth a damn.

Oh look… proof of my theorem, made cravenly hateful fetid flesh:

“God is my Lord”, says the faux Christian who just reveled to us all, that he; loathes the very concept of diversity, inclusion, and brotherhood, while attacking strangers for being Gay, but I digress. If there truly is a “God” Jeffrey, I cannot wait until the day he meets you face to face, spits in yours, and then gleefully kicks your hypocritical ass straight into Satan’s long-awaiting arms:

Seay as one might naturally expect, would be horrified to learn that he’s been a top-draft pick on Satan’s “good” list for quite the length of time now, but it’s not as if all the signs indicating such a pole position, weren’t easy to spot. Shockingly, God loves everyone, or so he says, and He expects his creations / minions / slavish hostages to do the same in his name.

Acts of compassionate-tr understanding that I think can be said without fear of rebuke, that Seay simply will not do, regardless of celestial edict, common sense, or a sense of personal charity. And it’s also something that he openly admitted to earlier above, if you remember:

This is who Seay truly is. A sanctimonious, Bible-thumping and cherry-picking demagogue who’d rather watch his fellow humans burn for the imagined transgressions that he himself invented to justify his ignorance, his bigotry, and his seething hate. Never forget that. And never disremember either, that despite all of his whining, he alone is the one most culpable for his own pointlessly wretched misery.

Not the Gays, not Transpeople, and most definitely, not Facebook, although he’ll tell you differently:

if I felt charitable, I could point out to our professional prey of the rainbow ravagers here, that if he really doesn’t want to see anything pro-gay on his social media, he could just as easily stop using its various service as he does mewling about them, but why would he do that, when playing the victim constitutes so much if his cultural identity? And without such, just what would he be, other than being as equally pathetic and fearful as he is now?

Either way, it’s a lateral move at best, but such is Sesay’s path, and at this point, I harbor serious reservations as to whether or not he can alter its trajectory. The gay-hate is strong with this one, and as it’s not a thing that’s ever going to go away, as gay people themselves aren’t apt to, you would think he’d attempt to learn how to deal with it, but alas he tries not.

While it is true that the acceptance of Queer culture has become far more mainstream, it’s also fair to say that the push-back towards such acclimatization, has been as equally resistant. Especially when it finds itself interlinked with long-established POP culture iconography, such as that which Seay rails about here:
You, read that right. Seay, ever the muddle-aged man-child, is ranting about gay subculture infiltrating the fictional metaphorical lands of a fictional cartoon universe populated by frictional robots who hail from the fictional planet Cybertron.  

And yes, I wish I was making all of that up. But Seay’s adoration for the Autobot’s leader Optimus Prime’s observations about courage, rings somewhat hollow, considering what a bigoted coward Seay presents himself to be. Apparently in Seay’s haste to disparager the LGBTQ Community for merely existing, via his childhood here who would unquestionably, regard him as being a jackass for holding such abhorrent views,

Seay accidentally on purpose I’m sure, neglects to mention something else far more relevant that Optimus once said, that being;: “Freedom Is the right of all sentient beings”, which BTW Jeffrey, applies to everybody, be they Gay, Trans, Straight, White, Black, Brown, or even robot. You’re so lucky that the OG OP isn’t real, Jeffrey. Because he would absolutely despise your bigoted ass.

Nevertheless, Seay carries on falling down the rabid rabbit hole, lamenting about the injustice inflicted ever so cruelly on a TV show whose cultural impact, he should have outgrown several decades ago:
Isn’t it interesting, how the one political party that’s currently attempting to pass unconstitutional legislation against, civil rights, unfettered voting access, personal body autonomy, drag queens, gay marriage and adoption, holding terrorists and insurrectionists accountable for their actions, as they try to keep God and gun violence in schools, all while praising slavery as a good thing as they ban history classes and library books, are also the ones screaming about “agendas”? Yup. Nothing hypocritical there, kids. Nothing at all.

But wait,, there’s more from the Decepticon side of the battlefield that Seay wishes to present, and in a break with tradition regarding his other ramblings, this one isn’t so much a slur, as it is just fucking weird:

Staying on theme with that which is both strange if not unhinged, Seay also references a TV show that even I a dedicated sci-fi geek, had never even heard of. That being, “The Tomorrow People”, which was is a British children’s science fiction series that aired from 1973 to 1979: Now, Seay doesn’t actually have any point of merit to discuss here in concern to it, but he is rather put off by how it’s impact is now regraded:

For those of you like myself who aren’t familiar with this show, the synopsis is thus: a collection of children and teenagers who find themselves gifted (or cursed, depending on your POV) with the posers of  Telepathy, Teleportation and Telekinesis, which they used to protect the Earth from adversaries both human and alien, as they struggled to keep their presence unknown to world governments for fear that they and their powers would exploited and weaponized.

Protecting the Earth? Not allowing themselves to be used as unwilling pawns by shadowy and nefarious cabals with a blood lust for power? Never intentionally killing anyone in order to secretive their goals? Call me crazy, but that sounds “woke” as fuck to me. Now, to be fair, Seay most likely has no idea as to what “woke” actually is or what it actually means, but he does understand how to come off as completely nuts:
I know it’s been a while since I saw the Andy Griffth show, (decades in fact) but I’d bet dollars to doughnuts, that there’s never been an episode of such that dealt directly or indirectly, with the issues of gender dysphoria, Gay rights, or Transpeople.

You know, because it was a forbidden topic on TV until 1977?  In that year, the CBS sitcom “The Jeffersons”, featured a trans character, named “Edie”, who was portrayed as being a male friend of George’s prior to her transition as a woman. And if we’re going to talk openly about someone being “triggered” Jeffrey, between the two of us, which one of us has posted anti-LGBTQ hate rants, close to 100 times?

Methinks thou doth protest too much, and self-medicates, not nearly often enough. Evidence of this lack of self-care, is further advanced by Seay’s faux outrage that a girl likes, and I quote directly; “boy stuff”, which is incel code for “girls are ruining all the dorky stuff I like with their female cooties!”Man, how fucked up as a person do you have to be, to still specifically designate what activities either gender is freely allowed to participate in? Especially when you yourself, never seem to leave your bedroom to do anything? Pray tell Jeffrey, what exactly is “boy stuff”? Weightlifting? Fixing cars? Sports? Being able to walk down the street, without needing your keys poking out from in-between your fingers?

The nerve of these modern-day women! Next thing you know, they’ll start thinking that they’re allowed to have both opinions of their own, as well as unencumbered body autonomy. But Seay isn’t done just quite yet making overly g ridiculous assertions about the things that he cares not to know not a thing about, and that list, which is already overstocked, just keeps growing:
I have no idea what color the sky is in Seay’s paranoically dystopian world, but I get the distinct impression that the very air itself, tastes like regretful bitterness and abysmal failure.

When the day comes that Seay finds out how much of his favored entertainment and obsessive distractions have been crafted and/or creatively skippered by members of the LGBTQ Community, I can only hope that the only place he can find solace to ease his pain, will be the blanket fort that he created for himself inside his mother’s garage.

Seay’s fear is palpable, but it’s his delusions of self-assurance, that I find to be the truly most troubling aspect of his clinically unbalanced personality, His self-admitted schizoaffective disorder diagnosis aside, Seay still las no excuse for posting this kind of veiled threat as social commentary, and rest assured, he knows full well what he is actually saying, even if he does try to hide it in-between the lines as he does so:
Every time I read something like this from an asinine adherent of the political movement that screams the loudest about so-called “cancel culture” as they themselves proliferate it to a ridiculously absurd degree, it brings to mind the intended messaging of the infamous “Die Ausstellung “Entartete Kunst” [The Degenerate Art exhibition] organized by the Nazi party, in 1937 Munich.

Just some friendly advice between you and me? If your inherent ideology lines up almost seamlessly with that of the people who passed racial purity laws, you my brother, are definitely on the wrong fucking side of the allegorical fence, no matter how you’d prefer to rationalize it. So, individual creativity needs to be “silenced” because you’re a hatefully irrelevant twat?

Yeah… good luck with that. I’m sure it’ll work out just as well as your “taking back America” coup did, on J6..

Fortuitously, for society as a whole, the Conservative ability for following through with hoped-for actions, is just as well-developed as their aptitude to think for themselves, as evinced by both their social media activity as well as their media interviews. They have the plans, they know what they want to happen, and yet, when it comes to carrying the water for it, in the end, they only wind up spilling it all over themselves.

Such is the case when it comes to the most virulent of Seay’s anti-rainbow rantings, wherein he propagates vile slander, pushes forward debunked theorems, and calls for punitive societal actions that are just three steps shy of a full-blown reenactment of Kristallnacht [AKA: The Night of Broken Glass”] in which an unfairly targeted demographic found itself literally overnight, turned into allegorical Enemies of the State.

The Nazi’s called them “Juden”.  Seay’s chosen definitive, while far less racist, is no less despicable:First off, my wannabe Wehrmacht water-boy, it’s spelled “heinous”, and second; whether you like it or not, being LGBTQ isn’t a crime of any sort in this country. Morally, legally, or spiritually. However, hate crimes are, as is e the endorsing of such things to happen, depending on the particular circumstances that led to said incidents.

We get it Jeffrey. We really do. You really, really, really, hate the ol’ LGBTQ. And it’s not because you’re mentally ill. That’s your excuse, your shield, and your fault in leaving it seemingly untreated. No, the reality is that you’re just a seethingly impotent loser sitting at home, posting memes and contributing nothing to the world, save for the carbon dioxide you so graciously provide for free to your mom’s house plants.

And that’s it. No personal accomplishments. No humane contributions. No legacy of societal impact whatsoever to be left behind. Just your craven catalog of lies, paranoic fears, slander, and stupidity. Sure, there’s always the possibility that even you, an aging dogmatist, could learn some new tricks, but that hope fades when it’s already clear that you never picked up any of the old ones to begin with:Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville, AR everybody. A fake Christian. An all too real Homophobe and Transphobe, and most definitively, a person that one day we’ll all be seeing on the evening news with the word “allegedly” placed prominently in the front of the chevron crawl announcing his name.

Once again, I don’t think that Seay would truly appreciate being compared to that type of all-too-common modern-day American loser, but if the tin-foil hat and matching coat fits? Well, he’ll just to have to make peace with it, I guess. In fact, being labeled as such, is possibly a thing with him, as this meme attests to:

Answer me a question, if you can: is it irony or cluelessness, that causes a person who supports a mango-tinted traitor who deceitfully accuses others of the very things that he himself has done, to falsely accuse others of that which he has undoubtedly done, after inadvertently providing the physical proof of it? I’m thinking that the answer is “both”, but you tell me.

All I’m saying here is that if you’re going to play the victim, maybe you shouldn’t have been caught red-handed willingly drawing the chalk outline that you’re currently laying in:

Man… where do people get the clearly erroneous notion that Seay might be a cravenly bigot? Truly, a mystery for the Ages, if you ask me. So, to recap; the members of the LGBTQ Community are in order, “Groomers”, despite no evidence of this, “Demons” despite the fact that they too, also don’t exist, and “perverts”, despite the fact that the one Seay supports, was convicted of sexual battery.

However, in a plot twist that I never saw coming, apparently rainbow-themed terrorists as well, despite that it’s consistently been Seay’s side of the political fence that’s been fomenting all the domestic violence as of late. But please remember, not to call him a name that perfectly describes just who he really is, because as we’ve all discovered by now, the sensitivity of a sanctimonious snowflake, tends to be off the charts.

As is their disturbing disconnection from both established reality and inherent humanity:Unfortunately for Seay’s fascist leanings, Gay people are Americans. Liberals are Americans. Transpeople are Americans. But he is right about one thing: it doesn’t matter if you keep “it” where the sun doesn’t shine, because regardless of Seay’s dumber than fuck opinion based so clearly on his own closeted tendencies, the people he despises are what truly gives America its nobility of strength, whereas his contributions to the body politic, causes it to rot away from the inside out.

Rember earlier where I talked about how flawlessly Nazi ideology blended with that of modern-day Neocon fascism? Well, here’s a shining example of this posted by Seay, that if it were laid out side by side with the Nuremberg Race Laws that the Nazi’s passed in September of 1935, the only key differences in their tone, would be the targeted demographic and the propaganda produced in concern to it:Those of us who are sane, fully understand that the phrase “abolishing by law: in relation to a specific group of people, is nothing less than a none-too-subtle codex intended to launch the genocidal action required to achieve such a goal. I guess we should all be grateful that Seay didn’t outright reference setting up Vernichtungslager, but trust me, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll eventually do so.

And similar to the manner in which the Nazi’s publicly referred to the Jews as being either “Untermensch” (sub-human) or “Ungeziefer”, (vermin) Seay weaponizes as equally vile terminology, in a pathetic attempt to paint the LBGTQ Community as being detrimental to the very e fabric of America itself:

Definition of the word Traitor: “One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty.” Or; “One who commits treason”, neither of which on any level, apply legally or otherwise, to being Gay or Trans, hiring someone who is, or supporting financially any pro-Gay business or individual.

And no, his self-admitted schizoaffective disorder doesn’t even begin to excuse any of this abhorrent hate speech either, no matter how much he’ll try to use it as necessary shielding in the future.

Seay is not only a bigot, as is obvious, but he also happens to be, quite the fucking moron as well, as proven by this craven commentary, wherein his suggestion for what he considers to be the “solution” to the ”LGBTQ problem”, echoes the underlayment of what came to be known as the Wannsee conference of January 1942:

Jeffrey Seay of Bentonville, AR everybody… a proud Constitutionalist who believes in the virtues of American freedom, unless those same said principles are legally extended to persons who for no judiciously defensible reason, that he so appallingly fears, despises, and disparages.

As I wrap up this disgustingly uncomfortable skinny-dip into the exceedingly shallow end of the collective gene pool, I’d like to think that Seay is the exception, rather than the rule, but for those of you who follow my literary endeavors with regularity, you already know that this is not the case at all. And while Seay may not be physically dangerous, his words and machinations of realty, sure as hell are.

Now, if you’ve managed to make it all the way through the breadth of the four sections of Seay’s story-arc, I commend you, if only for having the strength to wade through the sewer that is his mind, and coming out of it, both smarter and clean. But before I tie up the trash bag that is Seay’s abominableness, and leave it on the curb for collection, I’d like to end on one last slice of his self-owning hypocrisy:

I couldn’t have said it better myself Jeffrey. But I knew that the ever-seething voices in your otherwise empty head could, and boy, did they ever. I’d wish you luck, but I think medication would benefit you far better down the road. Well, that… or coming out of the closet, because Lord knows, you’ve already come out from under your rock



“What’s unnatural is homophobia. Homo sapiens is the only species in all of nature that responds with hate to homosexuality.” – Alex Sanchez, The God Box