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Month: July 2023

Debbie Does Malice Pt.2 (Transgenders: Dark of the Loon)

“If you voted for a man who said “Grab em by the pussy,” you have zero room to claim to protect anyone in bathrooms.” – DaShanne Stokes


Greetings, Bitchiteers!

Whatever shall I talk about today? And at near-savage length, no less?

Should I call attention to Donald J. Trump recently being charged with 37 counts related to his blatant theft, improper handling, and illegal possession of classified documents? Maybe I could discuss the various charges he’s currently facing, which range from accusations that Trump not only willfully (and illegally) retained national defense information, he did so, while scheming to obstruct justice.

Throw in the fact that when the FBI were forced to raid Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, due to his arrogant and repeated refusal to return that which he had no right to possess in the first place. Disturbingly, when same said documents were discovered, the majority were found stored within less than adequately secured areas, such as a bathroom:

In addition to this, Trump’s personal office space and bedroom also contained unsecured documents, which was to be expected, given both his inherent sloth and the knowledge that those crucially vital to our national security documents weren’t just going to sell themselves without his making a few phone calls from the comfort of his boudoir.

Additional materials were also found secreted away in a common storage room, and even far more troubling…

… a cache was discovered in a possibly accessible ballroom as well. Because as you know, when you’re in possession of information that could literally (and gravely) endanger our republic, the best place to secure it, is within a structure that has the supreme advantages of both a well-documented laxness in concern to crucially required security, as well as a consistent inflow of several thousand unvetted visitors a year, to boot.

Despite the threat of possible spies infiltrating Trump’s golden toileted version of Charles Foster Kane’s Xanadu, and the risk is quite concerning, given that during the FBI raid, not only was there a singular document describing an unspecified foreign government’s defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, but a number of papers notated as being Special-Access Programs [AKA; “SAP”] which catalog US intelligence operations and whose access is harshly constrained even among those with top security clearance, were discovered as well.

This BTW, is on top of the discovery of a trove of equally sensitive documentation which in detail, chronicled a number of clandestine operations gathering strategically important human intelligence from within the borders of in adversarial countries, compiled by scores of undercover agents. whose lives would be placed in potentially fatal danger, if such compromising information were to be leaked.

And just how did Trump handle it when all of this incontrovertible evidence of his lawbreaking led to the declaration of his justified indictment? Well, in the way that you’d expect a truly innocent man to do so, of course, by taking to the internet and declaring that he was the unwarranted victim of an insidious plot, yet once more:

Out of desperation, Trump also opined that; “The corrupt Biden Administration has informed my attorneys that I have been Indicted, seemingly over the Boxes Hoax, I never thought it possible that such a thing could happen to a former President of the United States… I AM AN INNOCENT MAN.!”

Trump continued to play the martyr at a campaign rally in Georgia, where he laughingly stated that that the photos that clearly showed boxes in their aforementioned places at Mar-a-Lago, didn’t show evidence that they contained classified material, despite the reality that hundreds of top-secret documents had been discovered there within them all.

In addition to this selectively reinterpreted narration of actual events, Herr Cheeto also released a video statement on his Twitter knockoff site, mewling that; “I’m an innocent person, I did nothing wrong. And we will fight this out just like we’ve been fighting for seven years. It would be wonderful if we could devote our full time to making America great again

In the movies, if you say the name “Beetlejuice” three times he’ll appear in order to help you settle your hash with the Living, but in Trumpland, all you need do is keep repeating the lie; “I AM AN INNOCENT MAN”, until all the criminal charges that you’re facing magically disappear, and your enemies find themselves being the ones going to jail in your stead. Just like the 1000+ followers who committed sedition in your name.

Oh wait, my bad… it doesn’t work like that at all.Sorry to give you false hope, and all that.

Playing to the equally as dumb crowd, Trump compared his self-created circumstances to the sufferings of those disabused during the era of Stalinist Russia, by openly deriding his blatant violations of the Espionage Act as being nothing more than a possession of simple boxes, noting falsely that his having such to begin with, was “not at all a criminal act.”

“In this whole fake indictment, they don’t even once mention the Presidential Records Act. Because they want to use something called the Espionage Act. Doesn’t that sound terrible?” Ohhh, espionage! We got a box. I got a box. The espionage!”

Actually, Donnie Dipshit? Espionage it may actually be, given the reality of hard you fought to keep the records for yourself in the first place. Now, if you had made the argument that they were intended for your as yet unbuilt Presidential Library, maybe you might have had a chance, no matter how minimal, to sell your snake-oil with a degree of success. But just because the Espionage Act, which was signed into law in 1917, has never been used in relation to a former president such as Trump is, it doesn’t mean that it can’t, either.

Now, as to the Presidential Records Act that Trump sarcastically mentioned, it was passed into law by the United States Congress in 1978 and says that the official records of Presidents and Vice Presidents created or received after January 20, 1981, be they Republican or Democrat, must be surrendered at the end of their administrations service, for the express purpose of historical preservation under the sole management and maintenance of the previously discussed governmental entity known as NARA.

And whatever you do, please don’t even suggest to me even for a second, that Trump actually knew any of this. But never let be said in the face of all conventional wisdom, that Trump isn’t a trendsetter. For instance, not only is he the first president to be impeached twice in U.S. history, he’s also the first Republican president since George H.W. Bush to be defeated in a re-election bid, and then in a moment of sheer hubris, launch a third, despite facing face criminal charges.

If I so happened to be the type of man prone to displaying the mist discourteous of societal rudeness, I might snidely point out to the Alt-Wrong brigade that despite there only having been 46 US Presidents in our nation’s history, the total number of indictments handed down upon the breadth of them all, surprisingly only numbers 71. To put this into perspective, here’s how the tallying by individual presidents, works out:

George Washington (#1) to Barrack Obama (#44) Total number of indictments: ZERO.
Donald John Trump (#45) Total number of indictments: SEVENTY-ONE.
Joseph Biden (#46) ) Total number of indictments: ZERO.

Yup… we got ourselves a real maverick of modernity here, boys and girls. Lucky, lucky us.

And as it often is with those who stand apart from the increasingly saddened crowd, Trump’s slavish fan vase wasn’t going to take the news of his warranted inducement sitting down. And most certainly, they weren’t going to let a few pesky details like Trump’s brazen disregard for the laws of the land get in the way of a gilded opportunity for them to voice their faux outrage, either.  They know who the “real” criminals are in relation to Trump’s obvious misdeeds, and come hell or high water, they had to let us know as well:

Well, would you look at that? Apparently, there’s been a cabal lurking about Mar-a-Lago since Trump left office, whose sole intention was setting him up for a fall. And Trump, who only had all those documents in his possession because of… um… give me a minute… oh yes, Obama’s now reversed nuclear agreement with Iran, never saw it coming, despite being in his own words, “a stable genius”. Gosh, when you think about it, it makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Or it would, if you had just received a bargain-basement lobotomy in a back-alley.

But rest assured, Trump ever the cunning strategist, had an explanation as to why he was really in trouble, and it all centered around his self-invented concept that just like his proven ties to Russia, and the proven hush money that he paid to a porn star, and the proven chaos of the J6 riots, this latest kerfuffle in his reign of never-ending criminality, was all based upon yet another politically-based “hoax”:

I’m not sure if I should be appalled at the amount of fabricated whataboutism contained within this moronic missive, or if I should be impressed by the amount of personal chutzpah he’s displaying in his belief that anyone of prosecutorial note would buy this bullshit at face value. In particular, I love how he paints Biden’s house as being as accessible as the areas in which his stolen documents were found, and does so, without the merest trace of irony whatsoever.

Call me naïve if you wish, but I harbor serious reservations that not only are there not papers of any kind “strewn” all over Biden’s garage floor as if he were a college dropout mooching off of his parents, but as there’s still a team of Secret Service agents protecting him, accessing his personal residence would be somewhat of a challenge. Trump knows this of course, but when you’ve got no viable cards to play, clutching at fictitious straws is probably all you’ve got left in the way of any counter-defense.

And when such is true, the best gambit to establish effective legal cover so far as I can tell, is to arrogantly remind everybody just who you are, what your current poll numbers are ranking at, and as you do so, imply that because of your prior employment, you should find yourself somehow absolved from being held accountable for all of your illegal actions, as a rule. Truly, a master class in outfoxing your adversarial critics and the long arm of the Law, if I do, say so myself.

But why take my word for it, when Trump’s own will suffice?

I won’t speak for you of course, but I can’t wait for the day when I do something criminally abhorrent, and find myself wholly forgiven for it by the simple act of reminding everyone that I was once the assistant, manager of a very popular Head Shop in Phoenix. I’m sure that ploy will work just as successfully as Trump’s desperate attempt to normalize his definitively treasonous actions to the idiots within his base.

Once again for the unknowing among us, regardless of one’s political affiliation, there is a clearly defined process that is required for ex-presidents to assemble a collection of such materials, and for whatever reason, Trump chose instead to brazenly flaunt the law as if it didn’t apply to him, and then whined about the applied consequences resultant of his repeated refusals to comply with a clearly accorded regulation.

Despite his false claims in interviews, social media posts, and press announcements, Trump did NOT declassify any of the documents that were found at his gilded flophouse, nor did he take the documents for his never to be built presidential library, either. And no, regardless of what Trump hopes an eventual jury will believe, no American President has ever had the power to declassify something just by “thinking” about it.

As I noted earlier, if he had made the argument that the cache of documents that he so shamelessly stolen were indeed intended for his as yet unbuilt Presidential Library, maybe he might have had a chance, no matter how minimal, of selling his snake-oil with a degree of success. But thanks to the internet, we know that this was never to be the case.

Why do I say this, you ask? Well according to these close to him, Trump’s establishment of a presidential library seems to be just as solid as his marriage vows, professional ethics, and supposed patriotism:

Gosh, this is a tough one to ponder, is it not? Do we trust the word of several intimate contacts within Trump’s world, or do we trust the blathering of a proven to be congenital liar and con-man, who was just exposed as a carelessly treasonous and brazenly arrogant dumbfuck?

The possibilities for the correct choice are endless, but only if you’re the kind of person whose intellect still allows all of his transgressions to be regarded as nothing less than virtuous strengths, such as this clod, who not only swallows his bullshit as if she were a four-year-old celebrating her birthday at Baskin-Robbins, but is also more than happy to disseminate his false narratives as being the truth, to boot:

Goddamn, my lady. I know for a fact that there’s more than one shade of dumb in the allegorical density rainbow, but that doesn’t mean you have to showcase all of them at once, now does it?

For those of you who are regular readers, the name above this false meme should sound familiar to you, as Debbie Dumbass here, was the featured subject of my last screed. In that particular piece, I covered the inanity inherent in respect to her wildly ignorant take on American politics and reality in general, especially where the GQP and its walking hemorrhoid Donald J. Trump, was concerned.

However, as that base has already been addressed, (albeit in limited depth) I’ll be focusing my attention today on yet another facet of Harshbarger’s sparklingly refreshing viewpoints, that being her nearly as extensive dedication to showing us all just what happens when a venomously hateful Homophobe is sadly granted unfettered access.to a Wi-Fi connection.

For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology of the “Woke”, a Homophobe is; “a person who hates, fears, or scorns gay people or gay sexual orientation”, despite the reality that such persons or their lifestyle choice, doesn’t affect them one fucking iota. The fact that Harshbarger is one isn’t what’s really shocking here, given the fact that she proudly identifies as being a loyal supporter of both Trump and his anti-humanistic ideology as so many of these bigots seemingly do, it’s the fact that she thinks her “God” the alleged paragon of love, tolerance and acceptance, is just as detestable as her.

To be fair, a reasonable argument could be made for that POV, and for a number of non-gay-centric reasons, but I’m gonna bank on my past experiences wherein I have yet to suffer anyone demanding under inferred threat that I simply must try out homosexuality, versus all the times I’ve been openly beleaguered by zealots insisting that I’ll be subject to the consequence of fictional Hell, if I refuse belief in their shared delusion of a magical and wholly sociopathic Sky-Daddy, who supposedly, is all about “Love”.

A love by the way that Harshbarger can’t abide, as evidenced here, using her faux beliefs as justification:

Man, do I ever enjoy it when people attempt to back up their false narratives by using an insidiously worse example of fictitiousness as “proof’, don’t you? For both the record and the quelling of Debbie’s ignorance, the first “official” Gay Pride flag [AKA; “The Gilbert Pride Flag”] was created in 1977 by Gilbert Baker, under the direction of American politician and the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California, Harvey Milk,

Milk who was murdered on November 27, 1978, along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone in San Francisco’s City Hall by former Supervisor Dan White, asked Baker to create a flag that represented the Queer community, to which, Baker created an original design featuring eight different colors-

Those colors in order of their original layout were; Hot Pink: representing sex, Red: representing life, Orange: representing healing, Yellow: representing sunlight, Green: representing nature, Turquoise: representing magic & art, and oh look…  here’s that supposedly non-existent INDIGO that Harshbarger was talking about, which represents serenity.

The last color in the flag Violet, represents the spirit of the LGBTQ people.  A spirit, which try as she might, Harshbarger will never be able to diminish or eradicate. Interestingly however, the Hot pink color wasn´t originally included when the flags went into commercial production, because the fabric itself at the time, was rather hard to find.

Today’s Pride Flag though, which is seemingly commonplace, uses only six colors instead of Baker’s original eight:

And as you can see, those colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, INDIGO yet again, and Violet. But please, oh great keeper of biblical knowledge, tell me again about what the LGBTQ Community “wants”, in relation to your mythical “God”. I’m sure it’s just as fascinatingly deep as the research that you couldn’t be bothered to dismount from your high horse to undertake.

And just how high is Harshbarger’s horse, you ask? Well, it’s high enough that she thinks that she can eradicate 45 years of reputably established LGBTQ history, and replace it with her own:

Sharp-eyed observers will note that this particular meme came from a differently named account in which Harshbarger cleverly switched her name around in order to… well, I’m not entirely sure what her reasoning was, but I guess when you’re attempting to spread disingenuous condescension in the name of your imaginary deity, multiple avenues are the most; logical approach to acquiring your personal goal achievement.

Unfortunately, it seems logic and Harshbarger had a falling out quite some time ago as evidenced by my previous screed wherein I presented her equally as informed political assertions, so I guess I can’t be too surprised that her grasp on the history of, the struggles relating to, and the physical and legislative threats faced by the LGBTQ Community in this country, are relatively unknown to her.

Sure, they’ve been prominent in the cultural river for decades now, and you’d have to be willingly blind to not see them fir what they really are, but that’s the beauty of unfounded self-righteousness: it tends to come with blinders. And on the rare occasions when it doesn’t, there’s always the comforting presence of Religion to help you salve over your bigotry, your ignorance, and your misinterpretation of how reality actually works:

Oh, PRIDE Month… you always bring out the best aspects of modern-day Christianity, such as its intolerance, its paranoiac fear, its hateful ideology, and as always, its sense of White privilege that makes its practitioners think that regardless of the topic at hand, it’s always about them. And you manage to do so, with nothing more than a few rainbow stickers, some craft-store glitter, and the presenting of the crazy idea that the LGBTQ Community are actual people, at your disposal.

Say what you will, but that’s what economic efficiency looks like when it’s done right. And while the terrifying of the hypocritical and the unintelligent isn’t the goal, it is a welcome side perk. I know that observing the religious right and their Alt-Wrong counterparts melt down every June isn’t an Olympic sport, but mark my words, it sure as fuck should be, given the endless hours that these duplicitous dipshits spend winding up for what at best, is a cynical marketing ploy targeting a specific culturally relevant demographic.

The only difference between “PRIDE Month”, and the run-up to Halloween or Christmas, is the colors of the ad campaigns promoting them, and that’s about it. Give or take a few fabulously themed outfits, that is. Despite what these faux Lambs of God consistently bleat, no one is shoving a lifestyle choice or anything else for that matter, down their throats. Once again Debbie, you’re thinking of your fellow self-declared Christian brethren, who when they’re not whining about ersatz persecution, are trying to legislate it into lawful existence.

And while you may despise Christmas because there’s not enough Jesus on the annual Starbucks coffee cup, or bemoaning the kindness of strangers giving children free candy as being akin to an act of Satanic socialism, the real reason why you loathe the LGBTQ Community is because they’re different than you, and that’s it. It’s not due to your religious indignation, because for you, that’s nothing more than an option to pull out whenever you need a convenient excuse to be an unconscionably bad person.

You know it, I know it. We all know it. Your one-trick pony act is dead, no matter how many times you try to revive it, promote it, or revamp it. And as for your religious Ponzi scheme enacted to “reclaim” the month of June as well as the metaphorical Rainbow? Bitch, that ship set sail a long time ago, and as it is with most things that have been interwoven into the cultural mainstream, you missed the fucking boat.

Case in point, thus declaration by No-wits-ki that the symbolism of the Rainbow stands for God’s “mercy”…

… and not for, as she so erroneously puts it, “humanity’s confusion”, which is faux-Christian speak for “I want to be openly Homophobic, but as I lack the power to be so, I’ll have to pretend that my bigotry, is actually nothing less than my own superior morality, instead.”

Now, when you recall what the Rainbow actually stands for in the Bible, that being the after effect of an eventually pointless exercise in which He drowned all of Humanity along with all save two each of the animals upon the world entire, due to his pitching an egotistical hissy-fit, it just makes his “promise’ to never do it again, even far more sociopathic in nature than it already was. Can you just imagine that discussion if it were to occur in real life? I can hear it now:

“Sure my children, I’ll banish you all to a place of eternal torture and suffering, that’s purposefully removed from my sight if you don’t love me unconditionally until the end of your mortal days for cursing you with the sin that not only did I create, but that I also knew beforehand was going to manifest itself into your unavoidable doom, but you have my solemn word that I won’t flood all of the world at once, as I do it. So… we’re cool, right?”

Of course, we are, God. And because this is so, I’m more than happy to overlook the number of times (since your petulant outburst of a cloudburst, that is) you’ve drowned more than a quarter of a million people in one go in the countries of China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan. For after all, it’s not like those countries have the right amount of Christians living there to begin with, so i’ts all good if you want to act like a fucking sociopath.

Say what you must, and I most certainly will, but managing to turn a Middle Eastern Jew borne from what should have been the end of an obviously already troubled marriage, into the bigoted and WASPish Despiser of All Things Not White, Uptight, and Alt-Right, using only the fairy-tales passed down orally from illiterates to educated scribes operating under various agendas, is quite the impressive act of branding, so says I.

Nevertheless, the inherent beauty of engaging in an unjustified sense of false morality so that you can weaponize it into a cudgel against the people you fearfully loathe, is still an unmitigated stroke of genius, even if its destructive power has been carelessly granted to a person so emotionally fragile, that the very thought of Queer culture remaining existent makes her lily-white sensibilities turn lily-livered yellow:

If I read this right, our queer-fearing, God-loving, dimwitted demagogue, and histrionic harpy is concerned that a “demonic sexually-perverted ideology” is taking over our country, and yet, remains outlandishly silent not only about the numerous members of her own party that have gone to jail in the past two decades for sex crimes involving children, but the fact that its de facto leader as earlier mentioned has been convicted of sexual battery, as well.

And yes, when it comes to this sort of thing, the GQP does outpace Democrats by far, as a simple five minutes of research will attest to. Strange that the political party whose ideology is pathologically obsessed with controlling women’s body autonomy, discovering what set of genitals Transpeople possess, while in the process of attempting to legislate what Gay people do with theirs, turned out to be a welcoming and safe haven for sexual deviants, loathsome predators, and confirmed pedophiles, is it not?

As you’d expect, Harshbarger has no actual proof to back up any of her accusations, but the non-existence of certified evidence isn’t going to slow down this hypocritical bigot’s campaign of spreading hate under the false flag of displaying personal “courage”, let me tell you. And when this ploy fails, as it often does, you can rely on her pulling out her magic story-book to “provide” the proof that she does require.

Well, gosh. This seems definitive as all get-out. After all, if you can’t rely on a a compendium from the Bronze-Age wherein angels level cities, a person gest turned to salt, a father surrenders his daughters to be raped in order to “save” an angelic duo from suffering the same fate, along with a mass of other insane contradictions supposedly transcribed to Man by an all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing Skydaddy who’s the reason for it all, what other non-fact-based fairy-tale reference can you trust?

OK, maybe the collected works of the Brothers Grimm, but I assure you, that’s about it.

There’s an old maxim that says “Misery loves company”, and apparently, so does ignorance, as the comments left in favor of this meme by Harshbarger’s FB friends, so lovingly certify. I know, I know… I was shocked as well that she had friends too. And here I was, foolishly thinking that I wasn’t going to learn anything new about her. As it turns out, her taste in personal associates, is just as bad as her taste in political candidates.

Take for instance, this opening salvos from her fellow fallacious as fuck lunkhead, Debbie Childs:

No, my duo of Debbie Dumbasses, what is truly “frightening”, is your sense of unfounded self-righteousness, merged with your hatefully uninformed homophobia and cluelessness about your own religious dogma.

According to the textual inference of your own allegedly spiritual tome ladies, Angels are not male or female in the way that we define and comprehend gender. Yet, when angels appear or are mentioned in the sociopathic scribble notes that comprise the Bible, they are consistently depicted as being make, with masculine-centrist names, therefore, Satan was, and is NOT, the “First Transgender”, you goddamn wastes of what might have been otherwise useful skin and internal organs.

Speaking of which, Debbie’s cadre of vile-spewing nimrods were just getting started with their downhill run to becoming walking stereotypes, as evidenced by the implied violence and buzzword use from two more of her equally as bigoted boneheads:

Is it just me, or have you also noticed that when twits such as these find themselves unable to apply the descriptives of “Woke”, “Socialist”, “Pedophile”, or “Antifa” to serve as either slander or insult, they immediacy go to the realm of Satanism as if it actually had a shot of successfully landing?

And the insipid utterance that the Left “must be destroyed’ coming from a person who at his best, is literally pants-shitting terrified of the LGBTQ Community, is quite the fodder for inadvertent laughs as well., With no due respect, if these people engage in battle in the same manner in which they process Reality, not only will our side be able to phone our response in, we’ll be able to do it using their phones.

Staying on this track of willful disconnection from actual Reality, let’s now call some attention to what happens when your grasp of established theology is just as strong as your grasp on both Anthropology and Biology, Joe Zornow here demonstrates that while it is possible to educate the masses, the morons among them, are still gonna find a way to denigrate their bloodline, nevertheless:

Once again, for people who spend half their time fellating the Bible, that is, when they’re not beating the undeserving upside the head with it, you would think that at least one of these internet ecclesiastics would have actually cracked it open, and read at least a few chapters of it, before they did so. And no Joe, being gay or trans is NOT a “mental illness”, but being an ignorant fuck, despite having free access to all that which could enlighten you, should be.

See, in their book of fairy-tales best burned out of our modern-day society, God is depicted as being infallible, therefore he has never, will never, and possibly cannot, make a “mistake”, as faux Christians insist that Gay and Transgender people are. And yet? Not only is there NOT A SINGLE MENTION about TG’s within the scope of the entire book, there’s also no mention in the Scriptures directly describing their impact upon morality one way or another, as “being Trans” doesn’t always translate into “being Gay”.

In addition, while same-said asinine acolytes are quite fond of quoting Leviticus 18:22: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination” ,and Leviticus 20:13: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them”, they seem oddly okay with the amount of rape and genocide that exists within their cherry-picked spiritual guidebook, which in my humble POV, sort of sinks their performances of pious posturing.

Even better, their rationalized Homo & Transphobic assertions may also be dead wrong, according to an article published in The Journal of Theological Studies, in April of 2020, and I quote directly:

“The laws in Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 are general considered to prohibit homosexual intercourse between men. A renewed investigation of the vocabulary used in the prohibition, taking an important cue from Gen. 49:4, points the way to a different understanding. As Reuben lay on his father’s bed, having intercourse with his father’s concubine, so the man addressed in Lev. 18:22 and par. is prohibited to lie on the bed of a woman, having sex with her man. The laws prohibit homosexual intercourse involving a married man.”

Now you might think being presented evidence that’s readily researchable from respected academics from within the specific intellectual field of theology might cause someone who erroneously claims the mantle of intelligence to use it, but you and your optimistic outlook would be flat out incorrect. In fact, when presented with such triple-checked data, these modern-day “Poisson d’avril” just double down, and hope for the best:

What Tryba is referencing here, is Facebook’s labeling of Harshbarger’s meme as “False Information”, which is one of the easiest ways these days to trigger a Conservative into cosplaying as if they had just suffered a sudden onslaught of Rabies. And yes, I do have FB’s response to ties posting, which of course Harshbarger and her coven of intellectual cuckolds have slurred as being nothing less than an act of fascist censorship:

Oh, my imaginary God- I can literally feel the jackboots of my social media oppressor on my neck, can’t you? Hypocritically, while Neocons are quite fond themselves of labeling everything that contradicts their collective density as “FAKE’, regardless of whatever data has been presented to them, they never tire of applying this pathetic “I know you are, but what am I?” approach to their querulous debates with others.

But rest assured, Harshbarger IS a Christian in every concurrent sense of the word. How do I know this? Why, via the power of disingenuous memes, of course! In my book of go-to stratagems, nothing works better to prove that you’re a Child of Christ, better than a display of rampant and associate-supported bigotry, let me tell you:

From Harshbarger’s own book of scruples, the edict of Proverbs 6:16-19: “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and ONE WHO SOWS OUT DISCORD AMONG BROTHERS.”

What a fine example of Christianity, am I right? But Debbie Demagogue, ever the wordsmith of abhorrent Humanity, still felt the need to expand upon her initial spitting in the allegorical face of both her flawless deity as well as her self-declared morality, by purposely digging herself in even deeper:

Um, geniuses? Actually, for transgender men who retain functioning ovaries and a uterus, giving birth is still possible. And yes, because of that biological normality, the standard aspects of pregnancy are archetypally the same as those of women who are cisgender.

And as to the claim that Liberals are mentally ill, which party, nay cult, is the one that’s throwing away its past legacy and theoretical future behind a cowardly unhinged liar, a well-established serial grafter, a definitively guilty traitor, and convicted sexual batterer of women? Go ahead… I’ll wait. And while I do, may I also point out that it’s spelled “damn”, and not “damm”, as in; “You really are quite the damn idiot, are you not?”

The answer is obviously “YES”, but as Harshbarger’s flying flunkies are just as intellectually-challenged as she is, not only will they not see the significance of taking a moment for such required self-reflection, they’ll just move on to their next pre-manufactured talking point, that being, what happens when you stop taking the hormone replacement therapy drugs generally associated with gender reassignment surgery, which BTW, is twice as common in transgender men, then transgender women:

Now, while Child’s is partially correct about how one’s body might revert if their course of HRT drugs are stopped, she’s still incorrect in concern to the rest of her inanity, for being “Trans” doesn’t always translate into one concurrently “being Gay”, either. That’s akin to labeling someone as possessing a sense for “musical appreciation”, when all they listen to is Nickelback, and/or My Chemical Romance.

I’d suggest Child’s educate herself on the subject, but as it’s obvious that the high-school science class she failed never managed to instill a sense of intellectual curiosity, such optimism on my part that she ever will, seems like a waste of my time and energy. For the sake of knowledge, stropping HRT can reverse some physical changes, dependent on just how long you’ve been taking the therapeutic medications.

However, some particularly specific changes such as the deepness of one’s voice, the scourge of male pattern baldness, as well as the amplification of body and facial hair production, cannot be reversed. And apparently, where these barely literate harpies of hate are concerned, neither can their self-righteous Trans-fear, or on a far less equitable level, their mangling of the Queen’s English:

While reading this does makes me feel like I mixed a distillery’s worth of hard liquor with an unfortunate dinner choice of a platter of uncooked chicken nuggets, the pathology behind its inception, remains fascinating nevertheless. Overall, I do get the gist of Moulton’s ramblingly mendacious monologuing, but what really intrigues me, is her conceited assertion that the LGBTQ Community at large, desires or requires her “forgiveness” and/or “respect”.

And haughtily suggesting that “they” ask for forgiveness from the very same deity whose Word she’s so willingly perverted, is a classic touch of pure narcissism, that even I can begrudgingly admire. You know, in the very same way that one might appreciate watching what might happen to her sense of smug condescension if this twit actually found herself ensconced among a group of Transpeople?

Given the string of commentary that you just read, you might have formulated the theorem that Harshbarger at her very best, comes off as being nothing less than a phobic bigot, and you’d be 100% correct. But let’s not forget her… shall we say, “gift” for hypocritical self-ownership as well? Because if there is one thing that Conservatives do well, it’s being contradictory as all get out.

And when you’ve just proudly posted a meme that states that you despise Transpeople because they refuse to “accept” themselves when that’s exactly what their act of transitioning is representing, then maybe this one wasn’t the best follow-up you could have gone with:

Mythical God above, I do so love it when somebody else does all the heavy lifting for me by presenting their insincerity ever so openly, and it’s even more hilarious when they do so under the pretentious guise of offering “advice” in regards to a problem you’ve been more than happy to inflict upon those you so horribly despise:

Harshbarger BTW, is just chock-full of other such axioms, which if I didn’t know better, seem to have been shoplifted straight out of the disingenuous bon mot aisle of an Alt-Wrong Hobby Lobby. And as we’ve all come to expect by now, they say far more about her penchant for inadvertent self-ownership, than they ever will about whatever “point” she’s impotently trying to make:

If this isn’t the textbook definition of the bigoted pot calling the homophobic kettle Black, I seriously don’t know what else could possibly be, for not only has Harshbarger repeatedly shown her severe aversion to bettering her knowledge of those things that she finds distressing to her pustulant psyche, she seems truly incapable of following her own saccharine advice as well.

Cluelessly pointing out the toxicity of others when you yourself are the walking embodiment of a Superfund site, is quite possibly the best evidence that I can offer of just how disconnected from actual reality, the modern-day Conservative movement has sadly become. And as we’ve seen thus far, thanks in no small part to Harshbarger’s mental dribbling, fear and hate are the key components that drive her to distraction.

A disruption of logic that seems to be the central focus of her life, if I may be so bold.

In my initial screed introducing Harshbarger, we all experienced her detachment in regards to how she erroneously viewed the machinations of American politics, and sad to say, that same misguided sense of just how the world actually works, is what I feel ostensibly drives her seeing the LGBTQ Community as being nothing less than the prophesied harbingers of our inevitable societal doom.  

And yes, she does seem to believe that fallacy, despite as usual, all evidence to the contrary being readily accessible using the very same infrastructure that she uses to declare otherwise. But just how obsessed is Harshbarger in concern to this specific topic, you may ask?

Well, considering that Harshbarger has posted over sixty separate memes wherein she openly slurs the Gay and Trans community as an ever-increasing threat to America’s children, institutions, and supposed morality, I’d suggest that at this point, it’s become less of a curious fixation, and more of a mental breakdown occurring before us all in real time… 

For sanity’s sake, I’m not going to post all of her rantings, as I have neither the time or the patience to do so, but I will present some of the lowlights as it were, in relation to a chosen few. Think of it as a ”Greatest Spits” retrospective yardstick, depicting just how dumb someone can get when they were denied the crucial oxygen they needed at the time of their unfortunate birth.

To start us off, we’ll begin with this rather charming display of false narrative, presented with the visage of everyone’s favorite weed-smoking grandfather, the lauded country singer known as Willie Nelson:

In case you haven’t noticed. Conservatives are quite fond of using celebrities as stand-in mouthpieces for the abhorrently stupid assertions that they express within the bloviating bubble of their visual missives, regardless of whether or not those same said luminaries share those views. And in this case, Willie sure as hell does not:So much for the validity of Harshbarger’s meme, I guess. Especially when you consider that Nelson, a self-declared advocate for most things truly human, has been directly quoted as saying; “I never thought of marriage as something only for men and women. But I’d never marry a guy I didn’t like”, which to be fair, is a pretty good slice of advice, regardless of whomever you are and whatever you believe in.

However, given the nature of the posts I’m about to lay out for you, Harshbarger’s beliefs are seemingly mired in unconscionably bigoted hate, if not the belief that such vehemence needs to be reinforced with open viciousness:

Man, does Harshbarger powerfully exude the love of Jesus, or what? Yup, if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s the inference that her soi-called spiritual Father to ALL, would be down for her inflicting acts of violence upon an innocent demographic of Humanity that has never done one single fucking thing to her.

For the record, the fairy-tale regarding the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, was predicated on both cities being dens of intolerable wickedness that harbored acts of uncongenial behavior towards visitors, idolatry, the abuse of legislative power, sexual assault, stealing, adultery, and the consistent display of contemptuous and fulsome behavior.

Character flaws that have been running rampant within the leadership of Harshbarger’s chosen political party, and have been allowed to do so, and for the last few decades, I might add, However, I’m sure that her puzzling silence regarding this fact, can be chalked up to her maddening inability to find just the right meme that accurately depicts her quantifiable outrage in concern to such, but I digress.

Nevertheless, Harshbarger is more than keen to employ a well-known gambit of the hateful, by offering up the distractive lie that it’s actually the entirety of the LGBTQ Community itself, that’s at fault for the theoretical ills of today’s society, and not the increasingly inane influence of bigoted loons such as herself:

Sigh… first off, the only entities that you directly speak for Debra, are the intolerant voces ever-screaming inside that spooled cabbage you erroneously call a brain, and that’s it. And I’m sure that it’s perfectly “normal” for you to clinically obese over a group of people that you don’t know and don’t respect, but yet, obviously fear far more than anything else, save for wokeism and its implementation by African-Americans.

Well, one African-American in particular, anyway…

A simple question, if I may? When it comes to getting her facts right, does there exist any chance that one day, Debbie will manage to do it for once? To note, the nucleus of the LGBTQ-rights movement was founded based upon the events of the Stonewall riots in the year of 1966, which for those of you adept at math, not only occurred 32 years prior to Obama’s becoming President, but also did so, when he was five years old.  

But yeah, Debbie Dumb-as-fuck, the Gays demanding their rightful societal acceptance is “his fault”, while the current rate of hate crimes and discriminatory legislation targeting the LGBTQ Community, has not a single goddamn thing to do with you and the actions of your equally sanctimoniously wretched ilk. I mean, it’s not like you’ve gone sixty-plus times out of your way to attack innocent people for any defensible reason, save for the weak-ass one presented below:

Yes, if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that any message delivered by “God” would most certainly, not have one single iota of tolerance contained within it.

Never mind the fact that despite Romans 3:23 saying; “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”, which definitely includes Harshbarger by the way, John 4:8 also declares that; “We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error. Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

For anybody out there who may be reading this, answer me a question if you would: what are you truly feeling after perusing her meme? Is it the allegorical love of “God”, or the histrionic hate of Harshbarger? If you’re having a hard time decoding, fret not, for one of Harshbarger’s holier -than-thou fake-profile farshees, is here to help you figure it out:

Does “Lemmony” nail it or what? Not only has he figured out the LGBTQ Community’s Master Plan, he’s also managed to singularly deduce that they never had any intention of co-existence with us “straights”, to begin with. And his mentioning of an entirely unrelated vaccine conspiracy theory as well? That right there boys and girls, is exactly why these geniuses can be distracted by either a box of unpopped bubble-wrap or in a pinch, a particularly shiny set of keys.

Normally, I’d ask him where he got all this previously unknown information from, but I’m sure that since one day his eventually to be court-appointed psychiatric team will ultimately figure that one out for us all, I’m willing to wait for the answer.

However, it is nice to know that Harshbarger an alternative-lifestyle hating bigot, deems both the openly Gay talk show host Jason Rantz and Lesbian Conservative commentator (AKA: “FOX “News” mouthpiece”} Tammy Bruce as being “likeable”, due to the fact that in tandem, they’re both nothing more than obviously knows their place tokens, who in the case of Bruce spews inanities such as; “For the gay establishment, the death of right and wrong began when gaining civil rights ceased to be enough.”

Weird that a demographic which has found itself marginalized and criminalized for just trying to live their best lives, might get overly uppity if they found those same said rights that they had to battle decades for were being taken away, isn’t it?

Regardless, Bruce’s real forte when it comes to the ongoing issues of hate and discriminatory acts being inflicted upon her fellow gay sisters and brothers, be they physical, mental, or legislative, is her ability to remain deliberately unaware of what’s really occurring within the very community that not only goes to bat for her, but is quite literally, something that she’s a direct facet of.

Bruce, without any sense of irony, once declared that; “Hate-crime legislation was enacted to give special protections to select constituencies, and, as practiced, it makes certain people more valuable than others in the eyes of the law- exactly the kind of thinking that civil rights, feminist, and gay-rights groups wanted to combat”, to which, I can only offer the following retort:

This idiocy I’d like to point out, is emanating from a person whose party’s ideology is currently centered around depicting Bruce’s very own kind as being predators and sexually twisted deviants, as they arrogantly demand that a man who committed an act of open treason not be held accountable for his crimes, but I digress, if only to save myself from suffering the forming of a possibly fatal aneurysm.

As for Rantz, his take on the current state of the LGBTQ Community is just as goddamn stupid, as evidenced by this comment regarding PRIDE Month from June of 2023: “I’m also grateful for the politicians who tell me that they care during LGBT Pride. Their messages are brave. Sure, they could just care about the community without demanding attention for caring about the community, effectively begging for credit and implying I wouldn’t have rights if not for their activism, but that wouldn’t be meaningful, would it?”

If I were a sadist, I might suggest to Rantz that he attend the annual CPAC conference in disguise while wearing a pro-Gay t-shirt, and experience for himself, just how much his Conservative masters really appreciate him when he’s not operating under the protective cover of pimping their homophobic policies for cash.

For mythical Christ’s sake, I have no idea just where Conservatives disinter these spineless self-hating collaborating zombies from on such a regular basis, but it’s far past the time that this particular graveyard be decommissioned, if only to meet the minimum requirement for elevating its collective IQ. An argument for this could be made I feel, when one views yet another of Harshbarger’s treacly memes, wherein she equates her faux sense of faith, as being equitable to the one that’s actually demanded by her deity:   You know what? This is, and I say this with no trace of sarcasm, quite the lovely message overall. And I can honestly say I didn’t expect it coming from a person who up until now, has showed us nothing save for an almost pathological level of hateful intolerance, inhumanity, arrogance, willful ignorance, and unchecked bigotry, at best. Maybe I was wrong about her, after all? Maybe it is possible for a demagogue to evolve their thinking.

Maybe if one tries with all their might to overcome their detestation, they could even succeed at….

Sorry. My bad. Overblown sense of personal optimism, and all that. It won’t happen again, I swear. If Jesus does indeed weep, I now know why he does. I get the fact that Harshbarger is a hateful harridan and all that jazz, but JFC, Harshbarger unabashedly going after innocent children by utilizing slurs, lies, shame, and paranoid conspiracy theories as rationalization for doing so?

Yes… that’s just what Jesus would suggest she do, of that I’m certain. I guess the protection that her side claims all children need if not deserve, shouldn’t actually apply to the ones who identify as being Trans, I assume? I know this message falls on ears deaf to reality and a brain deep-fried in unwarranted hate, but identifying as Gay, Trans, or any other shade of the gender spectrum outside what Harshbarger considers to be the norm, is not, I repeat, NOT A FORM OF MENTAL ILLNESS.

But when it comes to the issue of Harshbarger’s consistent slandering of the certain. LGBTQ Community, if that doesn’t fit into the applied classifications of suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder tinged with traces of paranoid schizophrenia, I’d be truly surprised. Nevertheless, Harshbarger hangs on to her erroneous belief that it’s “them” who are mentally ill and not her, and yes… she does have a meme for that, as well:

Three things that I’d like to point out if I may. First? Posting a lone photo of an unidentified person wearing an inflammatory t-shirt, means absolutely zilch when this is how your side responded to its election loss in 2020:  

So, until a mob of TG’s attempt to overthrow established democracy like you guys attempted and thankfully failed to do on J6, I’d kindly suggest that maybe you should sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up.

Second, when it comes to the “Day of Vengeance” which was actually intended as a day of peaceful protest, its organizers clarified what they meant by issuing a press release that stated: “Vengeance means fighting back with vehemence. We are fighting against false narratives, criminalization, and eradication of our existence. It is also a call to our allies to stand up and fight with us to bring down the forces that try to divide and subjugate us all. To do nothing is to accept. We choose to fight for change and progress to ensure a better life for all people.”

As I noted earlier above; “Weird that a demographic which has found itself marginalized and criminalized for just trying to live their best lives, might get overly uppity if they found those same said rights that they had to battle decades for were being taken away, isn’t it?”

However, this attitudinal shift does seem oddly familiar to what the GQP base of mewling maroons repeatedly says, doesn’t it? All it needs is a few spurious accusations of fake news, a smattering of an imaginary illegal alien invasion, some invented slander about who’s actually a traitor to America, half a dozen unhinged comments about liberals committing politically-based crimes that never actually happened, and we’ve got ourselves an Alt-Wrong News network, boys and girls.

As to Harshbarger’s attempt to meld the issue of gender dysphoria, I’m more than happy to say as my third point, that as it is with most of her asininity, her assertion is actually quite incorrect, due to the fact that way back in the year of 2012, the American Psychiatric Association revised its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and no longer lists being transgender as a mental disorder.

And as its now 2023… I guess that Harshbarger can take her false comparison, and go fuck herself with it. I’m not entirely sure just how to express to Harshbarger that someone she doesn’t know living their best lives in no way, shape, or form, has any effect on her own pathetic one, but for some hopefully soon to be diagnosed reason, and regardless of whether such people are in her community or not, she obsesses over these strangers still.

And this mentally deficient preoccupation with that which does not require her commentary, nor her interest, drives the hate that causes her to issue insane twaddle like this:

Before I address yet another example of Harshbarger’s manufactured faux outrage, let me just say what needs to be said: that’s a very attractive sweater, Ms. Finke. Excellent choice, if I do say so myself, and I most certainly do. And I’m not going to lie here, the image of Harshbarger literally foaming at the mouth as she pounded this out to share with the world entire, does bring me an immense modicum of joy.

Imagine being this angry at the evolutionary pace of modern-day societal change, and not being able to do one goddamn thing about it. Seriously. You see stuff happening all around you, and find yourself powerless to alter its trajectory or eventual impact upon the cultural landscape. That just has to be vexing as hell. Not to mention, I find it funny as all heck that woman who unironically posted this:

… is seemingly spending most of her so-called “Golden Years” presenting herself as a wretched caricature of the very thing that she claims is a weakness in the others she so ardently loathes: that being, someone who lives within a constant state of offense in regards to the world as it exists around them. But I will give credit where credit is due, as her declaration that she’ll never stop fighting for Women’s rights, is admirable.

Or it would be, if she hadn’t earlier posted this flaming piece of inadvertent contradiction:

Yup, nothing says “Warrior for Women’s Rights”, quite like being opposed to the one that allowed women to stop being considered, in the words of the thankfully former GQP Rep. Madison Cawthorn, as “earthen vessels”, whose sole purpose was to make babies and remain quiet as the grave in relation to everything else.

And backing the party that dismisses and downplays sexual assaults against women, mocks its victims and degrades than as whores who were “asking for it”, as they openly support a pig of a candidate who was CONVICTED OF SEXUAL BATTERY? Truly, a Feminist for the Ages. Granted that would be the Dark ones, but baby steps and all that, if you’ll pardon the tasteless pun.

You can’t have them gals crafting independent thoughts in their pretty little heads, now, can you? Nope, not at all. Because if you allow them to gain some intellectual leash, and next thing you know, they’re getting all uppity, and thinking that they have the right to do whatever they want with their own bodies, and as we’re Men, we can’t have that.

Harshbarger as we’ve seen, is really, really, really, fixated upon Transpeople to the point that I would consider her fanaticism as almost akin to suffering from a drug addiction. Say what you will, but intolerance and paranoia can be one heck of a rush. Or so I’ve been told, from those few blessed souls who managed to kick their habit to the allegorical curb. Harshbarger on the other hand, gives the impression that not only is she a full-time dealer of hate, she’s also her own best customer as well, in concern to it:

Please note that Harshbarger dismissively referred to the person who won the title, Brian [pronounced “Bree-ann”] Nguyen, a 19-year-old social media influencer and business management student, not as a Transwoman which she is, but as a “Transgender”, as if Nguyen were a Pet Rock or some other such useless piece of cultural kitsch which she most certainly is not, rather than as the person she is. Once more, there’s that inspiring “Christian love” that Harshbarger so graciously exudes, as if she were an ecclesiastical hagfish.

For the life of me, I have yet to truly understand just how the process of Conservative thinking “works”, but if I had to offer up an educated guess, I would probably describe it as “randomly” at best. To note; I don’t fathom for a second how women losing a regional beauty contest sets all women back 200 years, for if it did, Conservatives would most certainly applaud its doing so.

Not to mention, Harshbarger’s bizarre inclusion addressing the issue of women’s body autonomy, only highlights what a loon she is, as it literally has not a thing to do with the issue at hand, which is the matter of a Transwoman winning a beauty contest. I guess in her book, women being paraded on stage in bikinis as if they were subjugated trinkets, is empowerment for women, but their accepting the new and the different is not.

Granted, my POV is that judging women as objects based on their physicality, rather than their personal attributes, is what really sets the cause for women back 200 years, but pleas, carry on with your goddamn density, if you would be so kind. Also, Debbie? Why in the fuck do you even care about a beauty contest in New Hampshire, when not only are you old enough to remember when Noah built the Ark, but also live in a state that’s close to 500 miles away?

Man, I have no idea what turned you into the hateful bitch that you present yourself as Debbie, but seriously get some professional help concerning it, before the state comes and forcibly collects you against your will in order to make it happen. And as I see it, this action is prophesied, rather than hoped for, given the nature and continuous onslaught of Harshbarger’s mentally confused narratives:  

This right here, is why we as a nation, can’t have nice things. And in tandem, it’s most certainly the primary reason as to why Preparation H still carries an instructional usage label. By way of delusional checklist, men ARE inherently dangerous, and women do tend to be better at a wide range of stuff than men, Sorry not sorry.

And I hate to break this to you Debbie, but Transwomen have been using the women’s bathroom for decades now, without incident. As I carry on with your congenital stupidity, Ill note that NOBODY has said that women shouldn’t carry guns, and in case you haven’t noticed, several police officers have gone to prison for killing unarmed civilians such as George Floyd and Tyre Nichols, so maybe, just maybe, you should just shut the fuck up for now.

Kudos BTW, for your asserting so confidently that the Left makes up its arguments “as it goes”, despite the fact that your twice-impeached, twice-indicted, and totally disgraced mango-man-child has not only told no less than seven different tales as to why he stole classified documents, but in a display of unfettered graciousness, keeps publicly admitting to said crime in TV interviews, at his rallies, and in his social media postings. But please, carry on with your asininitiy, if you would be so kind.

In addition, the fact that your party is lauding, supporting, and running an open defense for a convicted sexual batterer while proclaiming that he’s more than worthy to sit yet again in a chair and position that he didn’t deserve in the first place, while crowing that only they represent the principles of “Law and Order” as they do so, only certifies the validity of what an absolute fucking hypocrite you truly are.

“Total unmitigated insanity” is what you called it Debbie, and on that point, you’re for once, entirely correct. Such a shame then, that you’re looking in a mirror as you screech it. But for all of her declaratory talk that it’s the TG Commodity who are the truly mentally ill ones, there’s still plenty of corresponding evidence that indeed, it was her side claimed that allegoric title quite some time ago:

As I said earlier, I just love it when these morons do all the heavy lifting for me, so that the jokes can write themselves. Isn’t if funny, that the same said Conservatives who are always creaming that their adversarial equivalent is “insane”, are also the singular entity that talks to imaginary deities, as they gleefully strip away protections for American workers, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, as well as our veterans, just so billionaires can acquire more wealth to our nation’s deficit?

And keep in mind, that’s before we even get into the troubling issue of their multiple attempts to legislatively attack women, scientists, teachers, doctors, schools, libraries, and of course, the LGBTQ Community.

Pathetically, while the nation is screaming for any small measure of relief from housing shortages, the establishment if a true living wage, and the scourge of raising gas, food, and healthcare costs, the self-declared political party of sanity is spending all their time drafting laws going after drag queens and imaginary “crimes” based on ludicrous conspiracy theories centering on their partisan rivals.

At this moment in time, that being June of 2023, the number one killer of America’s children is the epidemic of gun violence, a sickness that to a person, the current GQP leadership refuses to either acknowledge or stanch the flow of. If anything, they’ve been ramping up their crusade to remove as many restrictions to gun ownership as possible, because let’s face it- those NRA campaign contribution checks aren’t going to cash themselves, if you get my drift.

However, our resident disciple of dipshittery isn’t afraid to tackle this problematic issue head-on, and she does so, by letting us all know just who it is that we need to really fear, and as you’d imagine, she gets the answer wrong, because of course she does:

The textbook definition of paranoia is as follows: “a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others”, something that at this point, I think we can all agree is seemingly the glue that holds Harshbarger’s hatefully ignorant worldview together.  And once again, it’s spelled “Damn” and not “Damm”, you grade-school dropout.

This attempt to take what amounts to an almost negligible statistic in relation to the abominable scourge that are mass shootings and turn it into the nucleus of the issue, is nothing new whereas Neocons are concerned, as it’s literally their go-to gambit when cornered. Sure, dumbasses like Debbie Dumbfuck her could educate herself, but why do that, when it’s far easier to post validations of your ignorance, instead.

In order of claim, the definition of “Nonbinary”, means that an individual denotes, has, or relates to a gender identity that does not conform to traditional binary beliefs about gender, such as that all individuals are exclusively either male or female. In other words, they’re technically NOT TRANS. Glad to help. And, what if the remaining shooters actually were Trans? That quite literally, has not a thing to do with what they did, past the point of serving Harshbarger’s false narrative.

In fact, Mass casualty shootings enacted by individuals identifying as either Trans or even nonbinary are exceedingly rare, as in most cases such persons are far more probable to be the victims of such violence. But never let it be said that sanctimonious scumbags such as Harshbarger, aren’t apt to immediately seize the reins of a tragedy, and make it all about themselves:

I’d point out that this declaration of how Christians should feel safe when they’re out and about, is brought to you courtesy of the very same people currently attempting to not only legislate the LGBTQ Community out if all practical existence, but to roll back the very gun laws enacted in the past that have proven to be extraordinarily effective at keeping guns out of the hands of the malevolent and the mentally-disturbed.

But c’est la vie and all that jazz, for when it gets right down to the signs of the cross, the only people that Christians truly have to fear, is their own kind. I say this only because according to the relevant data compiled from both gender and criminology experts. the overwhelming majority of perpetrators in mass shooting events are cisgender [AKA: “straight”] males, who incidentally, just so happen to be primarily White, as well:

I do find Harshbarger’s insistence on slandering the TG community as being potential murderers in wait as if they were the lead characters in a remake of the movie “Telefon” rather interesting, if only for the simple fact that she apparently believes that “they” don’t actually exist to begin with. A self-satisfied sureness I may add, that she has stated publicly with supreme overconfidence more than once:

I’m confused… if Transgenderism itself doesn’t exist, then shouldn’t its practitioners be regarded as being cisgender and therefore, immune from Harshbarger’s assertions of same said demographic being naturally violent? And as the TG community happen to represent only 0.5% of the US population, isn’t it reasonable to assume that maybe we as a society, literally have nothing to fear from them to begin with?  

After all, I have yet to see Harshbarger post a goddamn thing about any of the numerous shooting events that involve one of her own kind capping rounds into innocent victims, but I’m certain that’s just an accidentally deliberate oversight on her part.

But if I may, I’d like to call attention to Harshbarger’s unmitigated mewling that the TG Community is somehow, by what I can only guess is some form of voodoo, achieving “their way”, no less than 100% of the time, despite that achieving such is statistically unobtainable by all rational thought.

Facts, as it has been widely reported, much like science and Reality, doesn’t actually give a rat’s ass about your feelings or opinions, especially when they’re based in bigotry, ignorance, and misplaced loathing. Just saying. But leave it to Harshbarger’s brigade of bloviating boneheads to lap up the false context of this meme as if it were the very Manna of Heaven itself:

It must be a “mental illness for sure”, say the very same obsessives that spend their free time commiserating about what kind of genitals strangers possess, but I digress, because the thought itself goes far beyond the realms of what should be considered an actual mental illness, but sadly, is not. And that last part where a mythical Skydaddy gets tossed in as if he were a craven crouton, in order to justify Dallessandro’s bigotry? Well, that just a classic self-congratulation of the highest order, is it not?

Their false and societal-invented messiah aside, Harshbarger isn’t the type of chowderhead to just let reality and accredited data sweep her sanctimonious ramblings into the dustbin of History where they have rightfully earned their accorded place, largely in part to her inability to pull her head out of her ever-expanding and paranoiac ass, and actually learn what’s what for once:

My mythical Lord, is there anything better than a freshly made word salad? I say “no”, but to each their own, I guess. How we find joy is truly a personal experience, and for me, there’s no more exuberant event that I can watch, than when a Neocon’s brain leaking out of their ears in public. JFC, did she just have a pile of stereotypical slurs randomly laying around her trailer, before she decided to throw the lot entire into a blender and serve it up as if it were a Margarita for morons? I’d say ‘yes”.

If I may be so bold, using an event that never happened [Sodom and Gomorrah] as justification for unconstitutionally criminalizing a lifestyle that’s existed since the literal beginning of time, is the very essence of one being nothing more than an intolerant jackass, at its best.

So, in your ignorant as fuck estimation; “These so-called people need to be prosecuted [correct spelling] or much worse”, Debbie? Well then, I’m happy to say that we live in a democracy, and not a fascist theocracy, so feel free to take that faux Christian faith of yours, and shive it up your ass sideways, until it hits the bottom of your mouth.

I honestly have no idea what she thinks Transgendered persons want from our established society, but I’m pretty sure that it’s what the rest of us want: the right to live our lives as we please, without being harassed for doing the very same. And yet, like a rabid dog afflicted with a particularly bad case of lockjaw, Harshbarger just can’t let go of her newest chew-toy:

Once again, it’s amazing to me just how vehemently Harshbarger can demonize the Trans community in relation to horrific carnage without a second thought, but when it’s the far more common average White male who’s responsible for such? Well then, you can expect her to go quieter than the grave of a Mummenschanz member.

But rest assured, that her always-at-the-ready brigade of granfalloons, will nevertheless pick up her slack:

Ah yes, the relaxing rantings of persons so goddamn intellectually-challenged, that one has to give serious thought to pondering just how they ever did find their way out of their mother’s birth canal. I swear to mythical God, if I ever need to draft a blueprint to build an idiot, I’m using these loons as my design template.

In review, these comments read less like a reaction to an actual problem killing America’s citizenry by the truckload, and more of a wish list for things they wish would occur, if only so that they could brag about getting something right for once. I mean… the LGBTQ Community is singlehandedly “destroying” both America and the institution of Christianity itself? That’s a tall accomplishment for a group of people who are supposedly mentally ill, don’t ya think? 

As for the rest, strong leaders don’t praise dictators, don’t salute their generals, don’t sexually assault women, don’t commit multiple acts of fraud, don’t attempt a coup to stay in power, and they most certainly, don’t steal classified documents and then brazenly lie about it when caught orange-handed doing so. Just saying.

And while it’s tempting to address the ALL-CAPS rambling of Nicole Borremans, the fact that she apparently doesn’t know how to properly use punctuation, or spell the descriptive “demented” accurately, speaks for itself I feel, so therefore we’ll just move on to this next slice of WTF:

Anyone else here get the feeling that as a baby, Victor repeatedly suffered the indignity of not  so much being dropped accidentally on his head, as he was purposely hurled at a brick wall, instead? Now to be clear, I have no bloody idea what this “Axis” he’s spouting off about is, but I’m sure that given enough time and a measure of red string, Victor could easily explain it to us all:

Now, as any allegorical sociopathic deity knows, in order to assemble that wall and justify the expense of said red string, you’re going to need some fresh conspiracy theories to fill out all those Post-it notes such an endeavor requires, and as you’d expect, Harshbarger is on it, as if she were white on Transphobic rice:\If I had a penny for every unsubstantiated utterance that Neocons such as this dumbfuck here makes, not only would I be financially secure and living fairly comfortably on a private island made out of Ding-Dongs and Slim Jims, I’d be doing so, with an entire army of Milla Jovovich clones at my beck and call, as well.

Once more, Harshbarger accidentally on purpose, disremembers all the details of the issue at hand. Not just because she has the researching skills of a passenger aboard the ill-fated Titan submersible, but because if she did, it would damage her histrionically false narrative. For the factual record, Gender-related surgery is limited to teens, not small children, and even then, it’s as rare as Harshbarger actually getting her so-called “facts” right.

In addition, and according to Dr. Jack Turban, assistant professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of California, who unlike Harshbarger, has the knowledge of the situation directly at hand if not mind; “That is not true under any existing medical guidelines. No medical or surgical interventions are considered for prepubertal children.”

And in concern to Harshbarger’s inference that America’s children are being indiscriminately “chemically castrated”? Well as it goes, her assertion is also quite the reservoir for horsepucks, as the act of delaying puberty gives those diagnosed with gender dysphoria adequate time to explore their gender identity, before the alterations that puberty installs, and which can’t be reversed, affect their body.

Science. It’s cool. It’s interesting. It’s mind-expanding. And one day if we’re really lucky, Harshbarger might endeavor to crack open a book containing its collective knowledge, and actually fucking learn herself some. And while she’s at it, maybe she should skim through a law n-book or two as well, as apparently, she doesn’t yet realize that you can’t submit a doctor to the death penalty for providing legitimate medical care, either.

Such optimism that she can learn, I fear, is definitely misplaced, for when it comes to this specific issue wherein Harshbarger sees evil societal plots springing up faster than she can meme them, she’s the type of person who could tread water for days in the Sea of Knowledge, and still walk out of it perfectly dry. For instance, her source is a former BLM activist, who for profit, now shucks and jives for the Conservative party, much in the manner that professional liar Candyass Owens does.

Brilliant bon mots of his include; “Next time there is a racial draft, I would like to trade @KingJames and @Lizzo in exchange for @BenShapiro and @ElonMusk. White people can also take back Meghan Markle and Black people are keeping Mariah Carey year-round.”, and my personal favorite; “You can’t convince me that the left is not a death cult because everything that they stand for both legislatively and ideologically just relates to the demise of society. Whether it’s obesity, whether it’s how hard they push for abortion, whether it’s allowing all these crimes and murders to happen in the cities.”

Yup. You herd it here second, kids. The Left is a “Death Cult”, according to this token, whose party has been threatening a new Civil War if their treasonous mango-man child, isn’t reinstalled as President. The Left is a “Death Cult”, according to this token, whose party attempted a coup on J6, which led to the arrest and subsequent prosecution of ever a thousand people, all in the name of a dimwitted demagogue who has yet to lift so much as a finger or his checkbook, in order to assist them.

The Left is a “Death Cult”, according to this token, whose party is attempting to legislate the rights of women away, openly attacking the LGBTQ Community with the same dystopian reality, and whose eldership goes on TV every day, and defends a convicted sexual batterer who stole classified documents, and stored them in a shower stall, but I digress.

Man oh man Xaviaer, would the fictional house slave character of Stephen in Quentin Taratino’s Django, be ever so proud of you for knowing your place. But you are right about one thing; that being the fact that “We are not the same”. For I, unlike your licking the boots of Massa self, actually understand what the fuck I’m talking about, whereas you weaponize [and monetize] your ignorance to fill your coffers at the expense of both America’s civil discourse if not its inherent intellect.

However, let me just grant you some additional kudos, for having the good sense to steal that Death Cult slur wholesale from the Candyass Owens playbook, as she was the one that actually said it first.

Speaking of doing things first, Harshbarger is in no way, shape, or form, an innovator when it comes to the disseminating of false information in order to achieve a measure of political influence, as both sides of the partisan pasture have employed this tactic, albeit with varying degrees of success, since this country was originally founded, but she sure does seem to be wholly incapable of separating paranoid fiction from verified realty, as this meme attests:

I actually hate to do this, but I’m going to give Debbie some begrudging credit here, due to her inclusion of both “bastards” and “bitches” as the true villains responsible for pulling the malevolent strings behind the Transgender curtain. Sure, she may be dumber than a rock in regards to everything else, but openly acknowledging that men and women can work together successfully?

That’s a huge amount of personal growth right there, even if it is based on her being a ludicrously jabbering jackass.

If an extraterrestrial ever landed on earth and had only Harshbarger’s ramblings to use as their study guide for Earth, they’d naturally assume that there were roving groups of unchecked deviants scouring the earth of its fiercely cis-identifying persons in order to… um… well, I don’t know exactly what their endgame is, but I’m fairly confident that the voices in Harshbarger’s head do, and will let us all know in due time.

You know… when they’re done posting memes outlining what’s “really” happening, that is:

Goddamn, Debbie. I knew that you were off kilter in relation to how the world essentially spins, but I had no idea that your personal rotation was akin to that of Uranus. Although to be fair, since your head is perpetually stuck up your anus, I guess it makes some sort of sense, overall. But duty calls, as does the need for snarkiness, so let me dispense some if I may, and to kick us off, I’ll start with your laundry list of whimpering complaints.

“Stop feminizing boys”. This, from the very same people who raise them to be toxic Alphas who don’t understand the concept of sexual consent. “Stop sexualizing kids.” Um… aren’t you the guys that openly defended both Roy Moore and Matt Gaetz? Maybe you should sit this one out. ”Stop dehumanizing babies.” We don’t, actually, as we’re the ones continually fighting for the education, housing, medical, and food benefits that they require, and that you’re so find of under-funding..

Also, it’s past the time that you should have learned the difference between a “baby” and an “undeveloped fetus”.

 “Stop silencing women.” Um, aren’t you the one that not only supports women being stripped of their body autonomy, you worship of a deity whose rule book literally marginalizes women to the role of being nothing more than breeding vessels that are expected to grovel at the feet of men, so once again, maybe you should sit this one out

“Stop racializing everything.” Say the people who freaked out at the mere thought of a Black mermaid in a kids movie, and immediately respond with “White Lives Matter”, every time someone dares suggest that perhaps Black people shouldn’t be murdered by those who swore an oath to protect them, but carry on.

“Stop radicalizing education.” Say the people banning school library books, eliminating racially-balanced history classes, and demanding that their religion be taught alongside science, but please… do carry on, if only for the enjoyable hypocrisy. “Stop normalizing delusion.” Says the person who not only views TG’s as a credible threat to her faith and country, but in tandem, actually believes everything Trump says, but I digress.

“Stop justifying crime.” Say the people currently defending the theft of classified documents and the attempted coup of our democracy. “Stop defending victimhood.” Say the people screaming that holding their mango-man-child accountable for his crimes, is a “witch hunt”. Pot calls kettle, what? “Stop ignoring corruption.” Please see previous retort, if you would.

“Stop accepting failure..” Please refer to previous retort, once more.

Moving on to the next nattering nugget of mental obesity comfortably soaking in the fetid cesspool that serves as Harshbarger’s brain, we see that she’s willingly adopted the newest crutch that Neocons are currently leaning on, that being that our public-school educators are “Groomers”, a slander that is used by Conservatives whenever “pedophile’ has been overworked, or isn’t within their momentary reach.

But what pray tell, is a “Groomer”? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, a groomer is “someone who builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them”, which quite honestly sounds more like either the aforementioned Matt Gaetz, or the servants associated with Harshbarger’s so-called faith, but that’s a social take best explored for another day.

Inspiringly, there’s message of “Protect Trans Kids” which as a Christian, you would think that Harshbarger would be more than happy to do, given the edict of Matthew 18:10, which demands that we collectively; “Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven”, but I guess when you’re a self-satisfied bigot, such rules don’t apply to you.

Moving on to the last infliction upon our realty, is Harshbarger’s repeated from its source avowal, that Target, a multi-million corporate retailer who extends its corporate arms to the LGBTQ Community once a year, was “targeting” children due to it selling a line of clothing made specifically for Trans-identifying children.

Clutch my pearls, and call me a poundcake, because I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that a company built on serving the needs of Americans for a profit, would actually see a need, and then fill it.

My stars, what is the world coming to when we start being inclusive and welcome those who are different than us? We keep that kind of thing going, and next thing you know, we all might start actually respecting each other, just like Christ would want. In fact, Romans 12:10 demands that we; “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another”, but once again, when you’re a self-satisfied bigot, I guess such rules don’t apply to you

In hindsight, did anyone else by the way catch the almost imperceptible hint of open racism within the teacher as “Groomer” meme, bolstered by the subtle inference that being exposed to the BLM ideology as akin to being groomed? Now, I do know that might seem like quite the stretch to some of you, but as is typical, Harshbarger was more than happy to provide the fuel for my argument:

So much for that whole “Stop silencing Women”, thing of earlier notation, huh?

But as I stated, when you’re a self-satisfied bigot, the rules of civil discourse don’t apply to you either. But I’m sure that this post has nothing to do with racism. If anything, it’s a clear sigh that Harshbarger just wishes that things were simpler, like the “good old days” that Neocons are so fond of reminiscing about. And as such, it’s something that Harshbarger can get totally on board with:

Ah, the Fifties. When Men were men, women were in the kitchen, Blacks were openly criminalized for being black and forced to remain in their ghettos, and the various brown people found themselves relegated to working in the fields. What a glorious time to be White, am I right? Oops. I meant “what a glorious time to be alive”. My bad.

It does strike me as strange however, that despite the innumerable benefits’ immigrants both documented and not, bring to our country, racist dweebs such as Harshbarger still continue to view them much in the same way that Nazis considered the Jews of Germany. That being, as the most abhorrent class of Ungeziefer, a societal scourge that had to be eliminated if the Fatherland were to remain “pure” for its rightful inhabitants.

And whose responsibility was it to cleanse the realm of these common parasites? Well, in America’s case, it’s the government of course, and if they fail to stem the tide of persons coming here seeking legal asylum and doing the jobs that Whites gave up doing long ago, then according to Harshbarger who cherry-picks the Constriction in the very same manner that she does the book of her alleged faith, then the government itself is guilty of “Treason”, and needs to be held accountable for such.

And as you’ve come to expect, she’s got a meme for that:So, Harshbarger fears a mass invasion of immigrants swarming into America via the relatively hard to secure border that separates our country from Mexico. And she does so, sitting safely within her bigoted ivory tower located in [wait for it] PENNSYLVANIA, a state whose Latino population barely comprises 8.4% of the population. Yup… you definitely have a lot to worry about, Debbie. Other than finding a laundry that will willingly dry-clean the soot marks besmirching your white hood ensemble, that is.

Interesting how she sees immigration as treason, and the theft of classified documents as nothing more than the acquisition of materials for a never to be built presidential library, but I digress. However, Harshbarger’s choir of cravens just had to chime in, as is their way, and they unlike her, decided to kick the racist crazy up a notch, as they did so:

Sigh… it’s truly a shame that the sale of camo and ammo doesn’t come with a mandatory pre-purchase IQ test first, isn’t it?  I swear to mythical God, the list of things that Conservatives unjustly fear at this point has got to be longer than the list of things that I would let Milla Jovovich do to me, if she was so inclined.

I hat to break this to Mr. Ford, who I can only assume considers himself a suburban Rambo, bit same said government has a standing army, planes, tanks, armed drones, nuclear weapons, and teams of specialists that can Ord not only precision drop a missile dawn your chimney from five states over, they can also make sure that it goes straight up your ass as well. Therefore, I harbor the serious reservation that we need fear an “invasion” of landscapers and janitorial staff, anytime soon.

But take heart nevertheless, because certainly as a good Christian, Harshbarger in the end will be most certainly adhering to the message of Leviticus 25:35, which clearly says: “And if thy brother be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with thee; then thou shalt relieve him: yea, though he be a stranger, or a sojourner; that he may live with thee.”

Essentially, this says that we should show hospitality to all those who seek it, be they friend or foreigner, and given the nature of this decree, I’m sure that even Harshbarger, ever the devout disciple, would dare betray it in any form, including that of a meme:

Well, so much for that theory, I guess. But when you’re already a hypocrite, a liar, and a homophobic POS, what’s a little racism gonna do to your already abominable reputation among those who already despise you with good cause? And BTW, Debbi, undocumented persons overall, commit less crimes than native-born Americans according to the statistics, so please take your false narrative, and shove it up your hateful ass.

But willingly uninformed is, as willingly uninformed does, so I’ll offer the supposition that I really can’t blame Harshbarger for being the absolute fucking idiot that she presents herself to be. After all, when you seemingly live on a diet of dipshittery and diet realty, the odds that you’re swinging with a full bat to begin with, are probably close to nil. As evidenced by this slice of paranoiac putridness, right here:

As you read this, please keep in mind that Harshbarger, allegedly ever the dumb as fuck racist, lives 2,355.6 miles away from the Mexican border, and has about as much chance of running into an undocumented person as I do of running into Milla Jovovich wearing a whipped cream bikini inside my house.

But as usual, I’ve taken us off track, yet again. Harshbarger’s possibly pathologically insane Homo & Trans phobia is why we’re actually here, and we need to get back to it, as I wrap this all up with a nice bow. I only took us down this side road in order to prove that while Harshbarger can scream to the sky that she’s a paragon of morality, her actual displaying of such, is akin to watching Satan deliver the Sermon on the Mount. Which BTW, is a comparison that I will proudly stand by.

I previously notated just how obsessed Harshbarger is with degrading, dehumanizing, slandering, and depicting the LGBTQ Community as a formidable treat to both America and apparently thin-as-wet-tissue- paper faith, but in retrospect, I think it’s over time become less of a substantial fear for her, and more of a deeply rooted virulent psychosis, which I also alluded to earlier. And yet? She still thinks that she’s the sane one in the metaphorical room, despite all proven indication to the contrary:

Damn. When the crazy starts roiling downhill it not only picks up near-fatal speed, it apparently crushes one’s intellect as well. I’m not even making a joke here- I literally feel dumber after reading this unhinged garbage, and I’m a guy who read both Dune and War and Peace in 8th grade… TWICE. Mythical Jesus, anymore of this, and I’m going to find myself binge-watching Jersey Shore with a bag of pork rinds as a Lee Greenwood album plays in the background.

Seriously. If I had a dog this goddamn dumb, I’d put it down with severe prejudice., and if it was a relative, I’d drive them to Florida, and then leave them there with a copy of The Art of the Deal, and hope for the best.

To quote a close friend of mine: “Can you even imagine just how much time these jackasses waste on constructing he inane? When in the hell do these dipshits sleep?” While that is a reasonable question to ask, I would also wonder aloud just how they manage to sleep, what with the weight of that big-ass rock and all, atop them.

I would like to say that Harshbarger’s lunacy was driven by a lack of nocturnal nesting, but as we’ve all come to discover using her own words and posts, she’s just a pathetically wretched and hateful demagogue, and there’s no subtext that can be placed upon that as an excuse. And her referring to Transgenderism as a cult while she openly supports a cult leader in slavish worship is literally the best benchmark of unaware irony that I can chronicle.

And remind me if you would, just what section of the populace it’s been, that’s threatening a civil war over an election that their side fairly lost? I don’t recall it being drag queens, the queer, or the Transgenders walking among us, but to be fair, I am a Liberal, and apparently, we’re the ones who are insane due to the fact that we believe in the concept of societal inclusiveness and civil equiveillance for all.

Still, I have to give somewhat begrudging credit to her amalgamating the divergent issues of Abortion, Climate Change, and Domestic Terrorism into a fetid shit sandwich served up for the world entre. Granted, no one with the merest measure of sanity would actually eat them, but as she seems to live on them, I’m reasonably certain that she wouldn’t care having a few extra in her commemorative Kristi Noem lunchbox.

The one thing that I find funny when I read insane theorems such as these, is that no matter what morons such as Harshbarger post in order to justify their unwarranted hate, it only serves to certify beyond all reasonable doubt, just what fucking loons that they really are, in the process of their attempting to do otherwise:

Ya gotta give it to Harshbarger, for when she cherry-picks her conspiracies as a means to deflect from her phobic tendencies, she only chooses the crème de la creme of the available craziest.

While parts of this manifesto as list are barely semi-accurate, the majority unsurprisingly, are not. Whether Harshbarger likes it or not, the paranoid melodrama that she’s composed inside the overripe kumquat that she calls a brain, simply doesn’t exist, regardless of how much she wishes that it did.

In a way, this attitude mirrors how she ostensibly views grammar, sentence strictures, and reality, as the act of reading this all-caps word salad, literally made me feel as if I were the one having a stroke, versus the one she was obviously suffering through as she wrote this vehement tripe.

And if anyone out there can tell me what in the hell she meant when she babbled: “AND HAVE A SEPARATE CATEGORY FOR TRANSGENDER MEN IN A SEPARATE CATEGORY”, I’d really appreciate it, because shockingly, I’m not as proficiently fluent in speaking “fucking idiot”, as Harshbarger so seemingly is. Rest assured however, that when the karmic tab concerning her bigotry is due, it’s not going to be her who picks up the tab, because as she sees it, the problem is never her and never will be:

Oh, my ever-loving stars, Debbie. Is the Pot calling the kettle Black yet again? I mean, there’s cluelessness, and then there’s the type of Kardashian-level cluelessness, such as the kind you’re so blatantly displaying here.

Declaring unashamedly that other people are the ones exhibiting toxicity as you repeatedly attack those unknown to you for their engaging in a lifestyle that doesn’t affect you at all, is the hallmark of being an unrepentant hypocrite, but as you’re so comfortable being one yourself, you probably already knew that.

And as for whining about your being “disrespected” when you’ve willingly aligned the LGBTQ Community with domestic terrorism and perversion? Well, that just makes me want to tell you the following:

You know what I’m going to suggest that your family get you for Christmas this year? A nice big wooden cross. So anytime you feel the slightest twinge of being unappreciated for expressing your rampant intolerance, ignorance, and inhumanity, you can climb right on up, and fucking nail yourself to it.

By doing so, you’ll get that undeserved martyrdom that you’ve obviously trying to achieve, and we get the comforting joy of knowing that you’re too goddamn stupid to know how to successfully resurrect yourself.

Now, I’ve had more than my share of fun mocking the inanity of Mrs. Debra No-wits-ki Harshbarger of Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania, and I can only hope that you’ve enjoyed my doing so as well, despite all of the malevolent mendacity that we’ve had to wade through collectively, if not determinedly.  

But even though she herself is a wretched reservoir of the most repellent qualities of Humanity which sadly still exist, that doesn’t mean that she and her venomous words can’t be usefully applied as both a warning and inspiration. The warning being, that fear of the unknown is temporary of you wish it to be, and that one should never listen to one’s innermost fear, for it is a liar at best.

And what pray tell, is the inspiration that we can glean from my limited assemblage of Harshbarger’s hateful rantings based on her paranoic fantasies tainted with her own arrogant self-righteousness? For that, I’m actually going to let Harshbarger herself answer that question for me, albeit with her typical unawareness:

One of the characterizations of “irony” is thus: “a pretense of ignorance and of willingness to learn from another assumed in order to make the other’s false conceptions conspicuous by adroit questioning.”

Given the nature of that clearly defined restriction, I have to wonder how often, if at all, Harshbarger realizes that in the end, the fear that she seemingly experiences 24/7 emanates not from the people she despises so vehemently despises, but from herself. In retrospect, the answer is most likely “probably not, for as it’s been proven throughout this screed by using her own words, she’s quite the bigoted idiot, overall.

But on the upside, given both her age and intellect, the lineage oi intolerance that she inflicts upon others, will hopefully end when she finally does. And if it doesn’t? Well, at least we can take a cue from her meme, and find the ultimate comfort in knowing that we’re not her.








!“Don’t hide behind the Constitution or the Bible. If you’re against gay marriage, just be honest, put a scarlet ‘H’ on your shirt, and say, ‘I am a homophobe!”  –Henry Rollins, talk is Cheap: Volume 1