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The Art of Gerry-slandering. Pt.3 (Pay no attention to the meme behind the blurtin’)

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” – Harlan Ellison

Greetings, Bitchiteers!

Is it not a glorious time to be had during this, the second golden age of Willful Ignorance?  Normally, I would say that it is not, but to be honest, it’s been kind of satisfying watching the cleaving of the actually intelligent far and away from the cult of dimwitted demagogues, that masquerades as the modern-day GQP.

These Dunning-Kruger disciples, seemingly intent on turning America into an intolerant Fatherland for the sake of conciliating the whims of a14K-plated wannabe Fuhrer, have revealed their true colors over the last few years, to the delight of its Alt-Wrong sympathizers, and the concerns of the verifiably sane. Regardless of the aftereffects, these malcontents view no slur as being too abominable, no outrage too minor not to act out upon, and mist certainly, no conspiracy theory far too unhinged for them to happily, if not unquestionably, regurgitate.

Sociopaths are outwardly the number one exported commodity of the former Party of Reagan these days, although to be fair, he was the one that started that trend with the permissible introduction io the so-called “Moral Majority” into what was then, the still relatively conventional allegorical bloodstream of American politics. And thanks to this dire miscalculation in the calculation of acquired influence, this is what we have now;

A cult of puerile personality, far removed from Reagan’s almost naive 1980’s Election Eve belief that; “Americans, who have always known that excessive bureaucracy is the enemy of excellence and compassion, want a change in public life—a change that makes government work for people. They seek a vision of a better America, a vision of society that frees the energies and ingenuity of our people while it extends compassion to the lonely, the desperate, and the forgotten.”

I say “naïve”, because does any part of that now iconic speech, truly reflect what the GQP has knowingly allowed itself to become under the treasonous tutelage of Trump? If you’re somehow missing the inference io my query, compare what you knew about today’s Conservative movement political platform, versus this one [condensed for succinctness] from 1976:


1976 Republican Platform: Equal Rights and Ending Discrimination

Women: “Women, who comprise a numerical majority of the population, have been denied a just portion of our nation’s rights and opportunities. We reaffirm our pledge to work to eliminate discrimination in all areas for reasons of race, color, national origin, age, creed or sex and to enforce vigorously laws guaranteeing women equal rights.”

This assertion BTW, also included a declaration of support for the ERA, as well as the declaration that; “The Republican Party favors a continuance of the public dialogue on abortion and supports the efforts of those who seek enactment of a constitutional amendment to restore protection of the right to life for unborn children.”

Ethnic Americans: “Ethnic Americans: have enriched this nation with their hard work, self-reliance and respect for the rights and needs of others. Ethnic groups reaching our shores at various times have given our country its unique identity and strength among the nations of the world. We recognize and value the contributions of Ethnic Americans to our free and democratic society.”

Hispanic-Americans: “When language is a cause of discrimination, there must be an intensive educational effort to enable Spanish-speaking students to become fully proficient in English while maintaining their own language and cultural heritage. Hispanic-Americans must not be treated as second-class citizens in schools, employment or any other aspect of life just because English is not their first language. Hispanic-Americans truly believe that individual integrity must be paramount; what they want most from government and politics is the opportunity to participate fully. The Republican Party has and always will offer this opportunity.”

Responsibilities: “Finally, the most basic principle of all: Achievement and preservation of human rights in our society is based on the willing acceptance by millions of Americans of their responsibilities as free citizens. Instead of viewing government programs with ever increasing expectations, we must readily assume the obligations of wage-earners, taxpayers and supporters of our government and laws. This is often forgotten, and so it is appropriate to remind ourselves in this Platform that this is why our society works”


Now, let’s take a moment to be brutally honest here; does ANY OF THIS, sound like the party that’s currently banning books, legislating the removal of Ethnic American studies from school classrooms, and why misogynistically, stripped away women’s body autonomy?  And that’s not even factoring in their enacting numerous anti-LGBTQ measures, Islamophobic paranoia, scientific ignorance, and dedication to propagating gratuitous conspiracy theories, over that of verified common sense.

The Grand Old Party of yesteryear, has metastasized into the Griping QAnon Party, and the effects of such have been catastrophic, to say the very least. As I’ve often written, Trumpism is a symptom of the cancerous malignancy that inflicts itself upon us, and not the root cause of the sickness itself. The long-held idea that the sickness can be cured by cutting off its head is flawed on many levels, as the ailment of Conservatism resides not only in the allegorical heart of this country, but its all-too-real soul as well.

You require proof, I see. Presented to you now, a small slice of what I was just talking about, via the posted lunacy of disingenuous loon, steadfast Trumoanzee, and former Artbitch scratching post, Debbie Nowicki Harshbarger.

Well… she seems… um, “nice”, if not 100% entirely “sane”, am I right?

I particularly enjoy her misspellings that actually are proven correct in their context, albeit inadvertently. For instance; “BIDEN IS RUNNING THE COUNTRY ON PURPOSE”. Yes, he is Debbie. Yes, he is. Because that’s how elections actually work, you dimwitted dipshit. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful for the day when you discover punctuation, and then with a bit of luck, learn to correctly apply it.

For the life of me, I have no idea why Conservatives are so unfairly slurred as being batshit crazy these days, can you? Truly, a mystery for the Ages.

What isn’t however, is the fact that despite her penchant for ranting using the conduit of all-caps ranting, “No-wits-ki’s” only worth here, is in the accreditation of the general public’s certainty that the Cult of 45 is incapable of rational thought, correct spelling [it’s actually “Elitist”, BTW] and being able to distinguish Realty from Fantasy, even on the best of their days.

But when it comes to displaying the most virulently fetid of Conservative ichor, this isn’t even her best rage-inducing shot as of late. However, this just may be, and it’s as stupid as it is detestable:

Conservatism, everyone. The place where empathy, sympathy, tolerance, understanding, and basic humanity, find themselves choking to death on the bile produced by hateful ideology. Say what you will about the steadfast members of the Alt-Wrong philosophies, they never run out of scapegoats to dually demonize and dehumanize, now do they? I’m almost jealous actually, by the amount of free time that these cultists have managed to clear in order to seemingly hate everyone and everything under the sun.

And I say this as someone who has to routinely both dust and organize his collection of Star Wars toys. Everybody always says that they want 10 lightsabers and 5 Millennium Falcons, until they have to actually maintain them.

Seriously. Can you imagine being so pathetically afraid of the world entire as it exists, that you had to go and adopt a creed based in and on Trans/Homophobia, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, as well as paranoid fever-dreams, just so you can cope successfully with what tends to be your average day?

Envision dually if you would, just how mentally cracked you’d have to be, both intellectually and humanistically, to post the following, and yet remain unwaveringly secure in your specious belief that you were in the right:

And as for “The Enemy Within” that Hershberger so disgustingly alludes to, via her undisguised bigotry, I’d point out that such an assertion comes straight out of the metaphorical mouth of a person who has willingly aligned themselves with a treasonous man-child who regards himself as being above both the validity of cultural censure, and overdue consequence, so maybe this seditious slattern should just sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up.

These are just two minor samplings of the unhinged and wholly un-American idiocy that the GQP has in tandem, attracted if not overdeveloped, but the fault for such propagation, does not rest on their sloping brows alone. We on the so-called Left, bear some of the responsivity for this miasma of abhorrent mendacity to flourish as it has, and its far past the time when we should have acknowledged it.

We let the seed take root, we inadvertently gave it the fodder by declaring that everybody deserved the same, and then when it started to grow both rampantly and chaotically, we tried and spectacularly failed to understand why it was doing so. Cauterizing it at its original source with allegorical fire, as well as literal, was the way we should have dealt with it once we realized its malevolence, and sadly to this day, the scorched-earth approach that we should be undertaking, has not been enacted…. yet.

The same however, cannot be said about our political adversaries though, as the abominable events f January sixth, so clearly attest. If there is a singular difference that we can boil current events down to, it’s the fact that unlike the Left, the Alt-Wrong isn’t concerned with the resultant fallout from cracking skulls, albeit literally or metaphorically. And some it seems, are hoping to go even willingly further:

This is where we find ourselves, Ladies and Gentlemen- walking among fucking loons who want nothing more than an opportunity to “me up” with the people that they dislike, and roll the dice on the weak-ass hope that for once, the legalities swing in their favor, if they ever find themselves gifted with the tactical advantage to mete out the justice that they themselves, feel that they have been fraudulently subjected to.

Now, while I do have a wide range of source material concerning people like this Neocon wackadoo, some of whom I’ve been more than happy to notify the proper authorities about, today’s returning screed subject, one Gerry Catinari, isn’t outwardly violent, so much as he is externally idiotic. I’ve owned lawn furniture smarter than this twunt, and my stuff originally came from Walmart.

This opinion of mine, reinforced by my use of Catinari’s own words over the course of two prior forays into the mentally-challenged sewer that serves as his puerile psyche, is indicative of a larger societal problem: that being the reassurance of a collective ignorance, may be far more dangerous to this country as a whole, rather than the targeted threat formerly posed by any one entity purposely intent on doing evil for the sake of doing so.

Houston, we’ve found the Enemy, and it may just be us. Well, the Conservatives anyway, and even worse, we discovered that the not only is the call coming from inside the house, the Enemy is calling us collect.

Take for example, this on-brand assault on the LGBTQ Community in general, by a man who while decrying the act of homosexual sex occurring between two consenting adults as being disgustingly unnatural, seems to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it far more than the people who are actually engaging in it. I’m sure there’s nothing latent to unpack there whatsoever, and if there is, it’s probably better not to think about it for too long, as Catinari already has that base well-covered:

Answer me a question, if you can: why is it, that the people who always crow loudest about wanting to “protect “our” children” from science, actual American history, library books, abortion access, “woke” companies, and the surmised horrors of the Drag Queen story hour, have ZERO interest in protecting them from the validity of gun violence, enforced teenage pregnancy, the practice of child marriage, the rise of Right-wing fascism, child abuse, crushing poverty, homelessness, and the scourge of starvation?

Questions for another time, I guess. Thoughts and prayers, and all that, until the next time when they’re required not to do a goddamn fucking thing that actually helps. You know, just like the mythical God doesn’t?

I’ve said it before, and allegorical Him as my witness, I know I will have to say it again, but the only people “grooming” your children for nefarious purposes my nattering Neocons, are [according to statistics] straight White males such as yourselves. Not Gay men. Or Lesbians. Or Transpeople of any notation.

In short, [too late] take care of your own Matt Gaetz’s and Jim Jordan’s, before you start inventing imaginary ones on our side of the fence, and when you’re done avoiding doing that, feel free to fuck off in whatever direction that you choose, and leave the people who have done nothing to you, the hell alone for once.

Of course, that’s far easier said than done when Conservatives get a new scapegoat chew-toy to run around half-crazed with, and as it tends to be when you’re the aggressor in a situation that requires one not, self-aggrandization is key to maintaining the veracity you necessitate, to justify your unnecessary crusade against the previously marginalized, who at their so-called “worst”, are just trying to live their best life:

Oh look, everybody- the people who constantly refer to their adversaries as “Snowflakes”, “Woke Warriors”, “Soy Boys”, and “Cucks”, are miffed at the fact that they’ve been asked ever so nicely, to be socially polite in public, yet again. Maybe we should, as a compassionate gesture, ask them all just where exactly on the Internet, that those nasty pronouns touched them ever so inappropriately.

Naturally, I just had to point out the flaws in Catinari’s “thinking”, as is my way:

Now, some of you out there might be thinking that this is a cheap shot, or perhaps even a “low blow”, as the nomenclature goes, but I assure you that it’s not, as I seriously believe that given these postings, Catinari may actually be subconsciously looking for one to begin with. I’m joking of course, as I couldn’t see any cultured Gay person finding Catinari intellectually attractive enough to engage with, in the first place, but c’est la vie.

But a scapegoat once unearthed, must be utilized, even if its only purpose, is to serve as a convenient prop within the blatant attempt to mewingly claim to no avail, the unwarranted mantle of directly affected victimhood:

What this post is referring to, was a limited decision by a few select HNL players who refused to wear a uniform shirt promoting “gay pride”, for ONE GAME citing an anti-gay Kremlin law that could imperil Russian athletes currently playing in the US, when they return home. Given Putin’s penchant for tossing people who displease him out of windows, this explanation in regards to the Russian athletes at least, does pass the allegorical taste test.

However, it does not apply to the other players refusals, none of whom BTW, have been or were faced with the threat of being fired for refusing to do so, as Catinari’s meme so deceitfully claims.

In fact, brothers Eric and Marc Staal, who play for the Florida Panthers, cited religious beliefs as the reason for their shunning of the garment, saying that; “We carry no judgement on how people choose to live their lives, and believe that all people should be welcome in all aspects of the game of hockey,.Having said that, we feel that by us wearing a Pride jersey it goes against our Christian beliefs.”

Well, would you look at that- they won’t wear a shirt promoting the veracity of an inclusive community, due to their cherry-picked belief in a mythical and sociopathic Sky-daddy, but we as a rule, must respect same said hypocritical magical thinking, without question or commentary? Yup. That makes sense. After all, we most certainly wouldn’t want to offend the shittiest office manager in recorded history, now would we?

However, when it comes to acts of hypocrisy, Catinari is d=definitely among his peers, who, despite their whimpering degradation of what they see as “cancel culture”, seemingly have no problem engaging in it, at the drop of a red hat. And one of their favorite sources for fueling their faux outrage, is the abstracted idea of companies both large and small, becoming want they consider to be “Woke”, which in MAGA Land, is supposedly the worst slur that one can attach to any person, corporation, or cause.

But what does this purported insult actually mean?

Well, from the Leftist POV, it’s an adjective of positivity, derived from African-American culture connotating that a person is aware of the inherent societal discrimination relating to one’s race, gender, sexual orientation, initial country of origin, or the latest red-meat whistle for Conservatives, the concept of Transsexualism and Gender Identity, and/or Gender Fluidity.

You know, the qualities that aren’t supposed to determine just how much respect that you grant to people?

But this trifle of an irritating realty aside, what it means to the Alt-Wrong, is far different. For in their POV, “woke” is indicative of a person or persons, who due to their ideology being progressive, are nothing more than obsessionally insincere virtue signalers, intent on indoctrinating the naive and the unwilling to their perverse way of thinking, centered on the belief that everyone is equal, even though they know beyond all rational reproach that such an idea, is absurdity itself.

And yes, I did have a thing or two to say about it, as usual:

Interesting isn’t it, that despite their being allegedly against all forms of virtue-signaling regardless of its validity, nobody reacts more petulantly to actual reality than the Alt-Wrong does?  Take for instance, this particularly petty post, whining about yet another non-issue that affects no one save for the thin -skinned

This inconsequential mewling, is referencing the Hershey company’s decision to feature Fae Johnstone, a transgender woman and founder of the consulting firm Wisdom2Action, as part of their “Her for She” national promotion campaign that featured five prominent social activists pictured on candy wrappers:

The advertising campaign, set up to coincide with International Women’s Day, also infuriatingly meshed with Hershey surmised wokeness, resulting in the promise of an at least $30,000 corporate donation to the United Nations-backed gender justice group “Girl Up”, which of course, has set the histrionic hackles of Neocons alight, despite the fact that if they don’t like said idea, they could just not buy the candy itself.

Nut hey, faux outrage is far more profitable than common decency, so I guess I can’t be too surprised about such inanity. For those of you who may be unaware, the “Daily Wire” is an American conservative news website and media company founded by false news icon Ben Shapiro and “film director” Jeremy Boreing. The reason why Boreing’s occupation is in quotes, is because calling him a film director, is akin to calling me a well-respected novelist.

At this point in time, Boreing has directed only ONE so-called film, that being a 2014 short known as “The Arroyo”. Yeah… I’ve never heard of it either, His other great “successes” include being the producer of “Shut In”, a film that has never been seen outside of the Daily Wire’s streaming platform, and “Terror on the Prairie”, which only grossed $804 during its one-day theatrical run. Two obscure films that much like his “Arroyo” project, I never even knew existed.

I guess being anti-woke also means that you never have to worry about dealing with NETFLIX-level brand name recognition. However, where DW’s pathetic political posturing really falls apart, is when it takes a so-called stand against companies that dare promote cultural inclusivity and/or racial diversity, such as Harry’s Razors who pulled all their advertising with DW due to what they claimed was a “values misalignment” issue, despite being g a sold advertiser of DW’s for years.

New, if you were the CEO of a normal company, you’d probably just say “good riddance” and leave it at that. But as we’ve all seen Neocons are sociopathic children at best, and therefore DW’s corporate Twitter response to the cancellation, was as well: “A year ago, Harry’s Razors advertised on our shows. But then, they pulled their ads due to “values misalignment”. Introducing Jeremy’s Razors. Stop giving your money to woke corporations that hate you. Give it to the god-king- Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) March 22, 2022”

Let me get this straight Jeremy: you started up a razor blade company, because you got ever so callously dumped by one? That would be akin to me launching an escort service, based on the fact that my ex had more multiple acts of sexual transgression than a Catholic priest left unsupervised at a Boy Scout Jamboree.

Seriously, dude… go have a lost weekend in Vegas like a normal person, and get the fuck over it, you snowflake.

But it gets even goddamn stupider if such a thing is possible, and as a Conservative cuck is involved, you know that it is, for after blasting DW’s not too uncommon business decision all over Alt-Wrong media, he aired an absurd commercial in which he torches a pack of Harry’s Razors with a flamethrower…

… proved the theorem that no amount of money and paid escorts, can make you look like less of a douche…

and then, in a pathetic attempt to certify his self-declared “God King” status, this involuntary incel wraps it all up by presenting himself ever so smugly, as a man of both power and earned respect, securely seated on a throne bizarrely replete with an American bald eagle as well as compliant lackeys, sitting by his side:

Call me overly critical, but if there ever was an advertising campaign that conceptually screamed; “My dick is so small, my urologist needs the combined forces of both a cryogenic electron microscope and a speculum to find it”, this is definitely the one taking the dishonorable trophy home to Mama.

What I do find strangest of all though, is that Boreing just so happens to be five-foot-nine, and yet, carries the persecution complex of a recently fired five-foot-two boom-mike operator, because he also felt the need to start his own candy bar company as well, after the horror of being made aware that not only do Transpeople actually exist, they occasionally deserve and garner some respect, every now and then.

Boreing tweeted in response to the bar’s rollout; “This is how we win the culture war. Make an alternative product and sell it. Don’t buy stuff from companies that hate you.”  Yes, Jeremy. It’s a far better idea to buy from those companies that only hate particularly specific people instead, say such as the KKK, whom ’ve heard, can offer a person like you some truly smoking deals during their 3AM BBQ white sales.

The chocolate bars, were introduced by Boreing with the typical “humor” that Conservatives find so clever, as they believe that it causes Liberals to cry when they hear it: “Fine. I’ll do it. Introducing Jeremy’s Chocolate. Yes, it’s real. We have two kinds: HeHim and SheHer. One of them has nuts. If you need me to tell you which one, keep buying Hersheys. But if you know what a woman is and love chocolate, go to: [RETRACTED]”

Not to be outdone, DW’s other black pill pharmacist Ben Shapiro, added to this already voluminous pile of cuck-cringe by putting in his two cents regarding the related topic of M&M’s announcing the release of limited edition candy packages containing only the “female” [Green, Brown, and Purple] characters inside. Shapiro, who much like his fellow candy-ass warrior Tucker Carlson, seems to have forgotten just what the words “fictional cartoon character” and “limited-edition” mean, then took the time to embarrass himself in public by saying;

“Women, do you feel represented now because of the green, purple, and brown M&Ms? On the M&M package that you’re guzzling down lonely in your apartment with your wine and your cats? How’s that going for you?  Also, do not ask the female M&Ms for directions. It’s just not gonna go particularly well. If it’s an all-female M&M, I assume that it costs 77 cents on the dollar of what the regular M&M’s would cost, right?”

Oh Benny, your misogynistic cards presentation aside. the evidence that your crawlspace is approaching full capacity with the remnants of overly trussing hitchhikers, just gets stronger as Time marches on, does it not?

Now to be fair, Liberals do cry at stuff like this, but it’s not from the anger of its very existence, so much as it is from the knowledge that those rubes who launch ineffective boycotts targeting “woke” companies, place faith in the falsehood that they’re doing anything more than being willing marks for snake-oil salesmen such as Boreing, who milk them dry, using their own sense of manufactured rage to do so.

And what I mean by this, is that while Hershey’s sells it’s 1.55 oz bar [on average] for about $1,24 at your local Walmart, Jeremy’s Chocolates retails their 1.5 oz bar for roughly SIX DOLLARS each, I won’t speak for you of course, but I for one, am humbled at being in the peripheral presence of such a brilliant adversary. Especially one that’s stuffed full of both hateful bile and overpriced cacao beans.

Only the best of steadfast allies and noble causes for you to get behind, Gerry. You certainly know how to pick from the underside of the bottom of the barrel, let me tell you. Nevertheless, Catinari does have a warning he wishes to share with us all in relation to the dangers of the virulently and defiantly woke, and it is this:

Read that quote again. And consider the source material that it came from, as you do.

Catinari here, has cited without any sense of irony, George Orwell’s seminal classic “1984, which is a novel that follows the life of Winston Smith, a low-ranking member of ‘the Party’, who finds himself increasingly dissatisfied living within the confines of a dystopian society overseen by the omnipresent influence of the party, and its ominous ruler “Big Brother”, who for all intents and purposes, controls every aspect of people’s lives.

Now, which American political party does that sound like? Is it the party that not only openly supports Gay marriage and incorporated it into being the law of the land as well, or is it the party that slurs its participants as being immorally perverse, and still challenges its veracity to this very day? Is it the party that wants people to have subsidized (“free”) Healthcare and affordable college, or is it the party that fights against such, because of … um… “reasons”, I guess?

Is it the party that encourages access to information for its citizens via the institutions of public libraries and schools, or is it the party that like its counterpart in “1984”, bans and burn books, instead? Is it the party that mewls about “protecting the Children”, but won’t do or try a goddamn thing to keep guns out of their schools, put food on their tables, or provide an accessible path to lift their families out of inherent income inequality?  

Is it the party that wants equality in the area of personal body autonomy, or is it the party that engages in the supreme hypocrisy of stripping away the same from women alone, as it continues to slanderously demonize single mothers as whores for making the decision to have those kids that they always claim that they want to “save”.?      

And finally, is it the party that wants sex-ed taught in its schools so that when children grow up to be adults, they’ll have the crucial information necessary to make good choices regarding family planning, or the party attempting to pass laws that force those same said children, to birth the progeny of rape and incest?

Read that quote again. And this time, consider the level of willing ignorance of the person that it came from, as you do, because he’s an absolutely disgusting hypocrite, as well as being the most misinformed of morons.

As you just read, there was a smattering of misogyny running through that last section, despite the actual topic being focused upon the miasma of anti-LGBTQ vexation being part of the GQP’s so-called values, but the two are intricately linked at the molecular level, nevertheless. For as much as Neocons display contempt towards the Gay subculture, they unquestionably despise women in general, that much more, as this sexist tripe certifies:

That’s right ladies, the party that won’t allow you to control what happens with your own reproductive system, wants to let you all knew with superlative and unasked for assurance, that if a man pays the majority of the bills, you unarguably “owe him box”, which when given all of the numerous slang terms for a vagina that are available for use, calling it such, presents itself almost as a charming throwback, doesn’t it?

Mythical Christ on a cracker, this just may be the vilest incel turn of phrase for saying “Close your mouth, and open your legs”, that I have ever heard, and up until now, this was the main competition for the title:

The nerve of this successful and financially secure woman, thinking she has the right to be both childless and publicly display her happiness about being so! If this sort of non-masculine-approved free-thinking takes root, other woman might just start getting all kinds of unhealthy ideas concerning other previously held norms, that they once knew better than to question.

Such as say… asking for equal pay in sports, perhaps?

This is an arena wherein Catinari’s misogyny has come out to play, if you’ll pardon the pun, and in the previous incident that I wrote about [ AB Archive: March 13, 2023] his ire was directed at United States Women’s National Team star, Megan Rapinoe. Catinari, because he has the mental capacity of a petulant child, had posted a meme suggesting that Team Canada was taking spiteful glee in the fact that they had “kicked the ass” of Rapinoe and her fellow American team members:

You know, just the way a true America-worshiping “Patriot” would?

And why did he do this, you ask? Well, as it turns out, Rapinoe is a [GASP!] proudly out Lesbian, a candid [GASP!] advocate for LGTBQ civil rights, and a high-profile professional athlete, who spoke out [GASP!] about the noticeably large bonus pay inequity between male and female teams. To note, the women’s team would have received a $110,000 bonus for winning the 2019 World Cup; whereas men for winning the same, would have been awarded $407,000 had they won in 2018.

Fir Catinari, that alone would have been enough for him to slur a person he had zero issue with until the faux news that he watches told him to acquire some, but Rapinoe went one step further than his anti-woman, anti-lesbian, anti-minority self could ever accept, by not only publicly showing support for still blacklisted NFL star Colin Kaepernick by taking a knee, but by doing so during the national anthem, no less,

A song that I can assure you, Catinari neither knows all the words to, nor even acknowledges, when he’s sitting on his hateful ass watching a game at home. But do you also know what Rapinoe is also known and widely respected for?

She’s a three-time Olympian [2012, 2016, 2020] a two-time winner of the Women’s World Cup [2015 and 2019] the Fédération Internationale de Football Association 2019’s Women’s Player of the and a person who was designated by Time Magazine, as one of the most influential people of 2020, to boot.  And did I forget to mention, that she’s also the only female soccer player in American History to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, as well?

I can only guess all of these accomplishments skipped Catinari’s already over-taxed mind, because he was so already obviously mentally distracted by Rapinoe’s chosen hair color. Well, that and the fact that as a Disciple of Dipshittery, being offended by things that don’t affect him, takes up most of his free time. Well, that and posting memes more appropriate to a brotard in his early 20’s, rather than a supposed “mature” man in his 70’s:

Anyone else just upchuck in their mouth a little bit?

Apparently ladies, Grandpa wants to give you a ride, and sadly, I’m pretty sure that’s not just a risqué metaphor this time around. But all that creepiness aside, it’s fairly obvious that Catinari has nothing but respect for women, but only as long as they’re quiet, compliant, and apparently, easily sexually swayed by his choice of truck manufacturer.

Normally, this would be the part where I make an accurately crude joke about a particular someone’s last two girlfriends arriving in a discretely-addressed box with an air pump and a patch kit as standard accessories, but not this time. After all, I wouldn’t want to mock just how same implied someone finds true love, much less spends his disposable income. Especially when his speciously-chosen hypocrisy, is so gloriously ripe for the picking.

To clarify: in 2011, the State Department cleared the way for a group of American defense contractors led by the Boeing Company, to make good on their deliverance of fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, despite valid apprehensions over the kingdom’s abominable record in relation to human rights, IE: women’s personal autonomy being just one of the numerous and worrisome factors involved.

Now, I’m not gonna mince words here, as the implications behind the accusation declared within the meme above is serious, and as further investigation regarding the issue has certified, the number of traceable quirks regarding it, are somewhat highly suspicious at best.

The deal, worth a reported 29B, had a troubling underlayment to it, that being the fact that in the years prior to Clinton’s becoming the 67th United States Secretary of State, under President Barack Obama, from 2009-13, not only had Saudi Arabia previously donated $10M to the Clinton Foundation, but Boeing itself as it turned out, had done so as well, bestowing $900,000 to the same, a mere two months before the sale was concluded.

As a rule, I try not to talk out of school, but even I have to admit that this all sounds like an overly expedient coinky-dink. According to the report issued detailing the investigation undertaken by the International Business Times

… “As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton also accused some of these countries of failing to marshal a serious and sustained campaign to confront terrorism. In a December 2009 State Department cable published by Wikileaks, Clinton complained of “an ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic priority.”

   She declared that “Qatar’s overall level of CT cooperation with the U.S. is considered the worst in the region.” She said the Kuwaiti government was “less inclined to take action against Kuwait-based financiers and facilitators plotting attacks.” She noted that “UAE-based donors have provided financial support to a variety of terrorist groups.” All of these countries donated to the Clinton Foundation and received increased weapons export authorizations from the Clinton-run State Department…

    In all, governments and corporations involved in the arms deals approved by Clinton’s State Department have delivered between $54 million and $141 million to the Clinton Foundation as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to the Clinton family, according to foundation and State Department records.”

Well, this is interesting. Seems that Catinari and I are actually on the same page for once, because even I find this correlation to be highly suspicious, no matter how you look at it. And yet at no point during his admiration, did Catinari’s mango-man-crush demand an investigation into such coincidences, despite his consistent clarion call to “lock her up”: at almost every opportunity.

This struck me as being strange at first, given Trump’s incessant need to deflect attention away from his own misdeeds, but then I remembered this nugget of inconvenience whereas Catinari’s’ narrative is concerned, and it all made sense. Because while you can disingenuously accuse others of what you’ve willingly done yourself, you can’t really do so when your transgressions are far worse:

What this salacious headline is referring to, is the cold-blooded murder and subsequent dismemberment of American resident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, that occurred within the walls of the Saudi consulate located in Istanbul, in October of 2018.

Ostensibly committed by a “rogue” 15-man hit squad, the abominable act was supposedly in retaliation for Khashoggi‘s writing of a monthly column in the Washington Post, in which he routinely criticized the policies of Saudi Arabia’s current de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Trump, known for both his love of his authoritarianism as well as its puerile pract9cuoners, praised Salman at a press conference where he deliberately avoided answering questions about the killing, saying instead that;

“It’s an honor to be with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, a friend of mine, a man who has really done things in the last five years in terms of opening up Saudi Arabia, And I think especially what you’ve done for women. I’m seeing what’s happening; it’s like a revolution in a very positive way. I want to just thank you on behalf of a lot of people, and I want to congratulate you. You’ve done, really, a spectacular job.”

Now, while Trump may feel that Salmin has done a “spectacular job” in his ordering the turning a fellow human being into inadvertent garden mulch, I personally feel that Catinari has gene one better, by accidentally overlooking on purpose, this further slice of hypocritically selective memory-recalling. As I notated earlier, I think the Clinton connection stinks to high heaven of under the table influence peddling, but if we’re going to have a discussion about that, then we most certainly, need to talk about this as well.

But whatever we eventually do, we must never feel free to point out that while the GQP themselves have always been lips-deep in the pockets of defense contractors, it’s still less morally acceptable for Liberals to accept money from such, as it is for the Neocons to do business with one of their top clients, who as a hobby, chops up dissidents for fun.

And as to Catinari’s taking faux offense at Clinton doing business with a country that “violates women’s rights”, he sure docent seem too upset at the concept of American women being stripped of their body autonomy, or the fact that to this day, they’re still paid less overall than men for doing the same comparable work, now does he? And let’s not forget either, that his champion is the guy who proudly said this:

But please Gerry, continue to impress us all with your inference that way down deep inside that putrid sewer that thinly masquerades as your soul, you’re actually the moist ardent of closeted feminists. For after all, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh at the expense of the pathetically absurd, every new and then? Mythical Lord knows that I do.

Staying on theme, Catinari’s next foray into pretending that he gives a darn about the gender that the GQP regards and treats as tokens, breeding vessels, accessories, and inconvenient commodities, is this prime example of asinine anosognosia, concerning the alleged “anti-woman’; statements of CNN news anchor Don Lemon:

Yes… it’s CNN and the Democrats as well as Don Lemon, that have a “low opinion of women”. So says the, member of a party that openly slurs single mothers as parasites, feminists as man-hating lesbians, sexual-assault victims as unrepentant liars, and non-GQP female politicians as histrionic harpies, but please… carry on with your hypocrisy if you would be so kind, Gerry

I swear to allegorical God, that if Catinari ever has the need or the desire to engage in what I feel would be a highly profitable second career I’d suggest with all due seriousness that he open an orchard, because his cherry-picking skillset is top notch.

I say this, because the inference of this post is that Lemon has a long history of being misogynistic, while the truth of the matter is that he was tagged for a series of ignorant comments (remarks that he apologized for afterwards) regarding Presidential candidate Nimarata (AKA: “Nikki”) Haley.

Currently the age of 51, Haley “isn’t in her prime.” as described by Lemon, who topped off his shade-fest by adding the equally brain-dead statement that a woman is “considered to be in her prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe 40s.” Is this rude? Definitely. Is there a pattern akin to what the GQP leadership and its sycophants, have uttered about women?

Not even close, for as is well-known, Donald Trump is the king of these types of comments despite having all of the personal appeal and devastating charm that you would normally ascribe to an allegedly mushroom-dicked boiled ham sandwich, dipped in dime store bronzer and flop sweat.

Trump, ever the blissfully unaware demagogue, has referred to an African American congressperson (naturally) as an “extraordinarily low IQ person”, and has slurred other specific women as being “dogs’, “pigs”, ‘ugly”, “not hot”, “nasty”, “a crazed, crying lowlife”, “not beauty, by any stretch of the imagination.”, “bimbo”, and in one of the most possibly sexist comments ever, once described former FOX Newscaster Megyn Kelly in the following manner:

“She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,”, which just goes to prove that Trump’s intimate knowledge of the female menstrual cycle, is just as detailed as his knowledge of campaign finance laws.

Speaking of which…

Trump has also repeatedly described the eventual avenging angel of American Justice and porn star Stormy Daniels, as “Horseface”. Well as it turns out, in a stunning example of Karma hilariously biting one in their ever-expanding ass, his paying for her silence regarding his act of adultery,, is what ironically forced the tower of indictments finally toppling his way.:

So in the end, I guess old “Horseface” eventually got the last laugh, after all.  And at his expense, no less.

Nevertheless, as that expense just so happens to be the $130K he paid for what we all know was an unremarkable 90 seconds of sex, I guess it’s also safe to say that she had the first one, too. But Catinari isn’t throwing all of his bleached-blonde eggs into one deplorable basket, for here comes the aforementioned Megyn Kelly, to lend dubious credence to Catinari’s assertions regarding the “history” of Lemon’s misogyny:

Such claims have been dismissed by CNN as being “riddled with patently false anecdotes and no concrete evidence”, adding that said story was “entirely based on unsourced, unsubstantiated, 15-year-old anonymous gossip”. You know, the same sort of parameters that her old employer FOX, not only based their entire network on, but still seriously refers to as “exclusive news”?

However, in Kelly’s exceedingly. limited defense, she does know a thing or two about working among hardcore misogynists, given her 13-year tenure at FOX, which during her last year in its employ, paid out almost 50M to settle sexual harassment claims brought against several of its high-profile FOX associates. To her as equally limited credit, Kelly has since openly criticized FOX’s frat-house mentality, but only after making Shure she was safely established elsewhere before she did so.

Now this in and of itself, isn’t the point that I’m making here, but this instead: if Catinari was so offended and felt the need to offer a quantitate of proof regrading Lemon’s uncalled for comments, then why would he choose the one person whose fellow colleagues (such as Bill O’ Reilly) paid out millions to settle validated sexual-harassment cases? With all due respect, that’s like being charged with engaging in several acts of cannibalism, and then deciding to call in Jeffery Dahmer to serve as your main if not only, character witness.

Odd that Catinari wouldn’t mention the over a decade long misogynistic commentary that’s been presented to us all via courtesy of FOX’s Gauleiter of Babbling, Tucker Carlson, now, isn’t it? I’m sure that he was getting g around to it, but to be fair there’s quite the list to choose from, so maybe he just got overwhelmed by all the examples available to him, and just said ‘Fuck it”, in the end.

Take this 2009 statement, (broadcast live on the radio) where Carlson fantasied about teenagers at his daughter’s girls-only boarding school having sexual encounters with each other: “If it weren’t my daughter, I would love that scenario”, which of course is a normal thing to say about children, when you’re a middle-aged man, right?  Remind me again, which party it is that talks incessantly about the act of wanting to groom children, if you would, as I seem to have forgotten who that just may be.

Then there’s his ever so sensitive take on the abominable and dehumanizing act of rape: “If I’m alleging rape, I have the protection of anonymity. I can say whatever I want while hiding behind anonymity, while the person I accused, whether he’s guilty or not, has his life destroyed. That’s totally unfair … I mean, we’ve done a couple of shows on this, and we always had these feminists on who kind of, “Well, because no one would ever report rape.” Really? I don’t know. Women seem to be adults to me.”

Unsurprisingly, the depths of Carlson’s knuckle-dragging annotations go even lower than this, as he’s referred to the daughter of Martha Stewart, the TV show host Alexis Stewart, as “cunty.”, Hillary Clinton as being “anti-penis” and insisted that; “you know in your heart that if she could castrate you, she would”, and once depicted Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as “the biggest white whores in America”, apparently forgetting for that moment in time that Melania Trump hates competition.

Hilariously, and without a trace of irony, he’s also opined that he feels “sorry for unattractive women” much in the same way that we all collectively feel sorry that his therapist has to hear far too often, just how much he wants to fuck both the Green M&M and Sarah Palin. He’s also slurred Sex workers, claiming without cause that they are are “slutty and pathetic”, despite his party’s leaderships frequent use of such people, while degrading Women in general, as being  “extremely primitive”.

Class act all the way. No wonder he gets invited to all the cool parties that involve 3AM front-lawn BBQ’s. But there’s one last item floating atop Carlson’s cesspit of Caucasian cuckoldom, that being his publicly displayed stance of being arrogantly unrepentant in regards to what he said and ultimately, represented.

When these disgusting remarks along with scores more were made public by the Liberal watchdog concern Media Matters, Carlson took to the airwaves that he controlled, and snidely offered up the following non-apology: “Media Matters caught me saying something naughty on a radio show more than a decade ago. Rather than express the usual ritual contrition, how about this: I’m on television every weeknight live for an hour. If you want to know what I think, you can watch. Anyone who disagrees with my views is welcome to come on and explain why.”

A brave challenge that I can assure you, would never be honored if someone actually stooped low enough to dare pick up the proverbial gauntlet offered. As I declared earlier, I’m sure that Catinari was well on his way to highlight Carlson’s verified misogyny as well as the one allegedly borne by Lemon, but somehow found himself far too distracted to successfully do so.

In reference to things that get Catinari’s undivided attention, [such as it is] there’s no better analog for the red dot that cats love to chase, than his take on the construct of racial identity politics. In fact, it’s something that he really seems to adore, because it allows him to not only freely mix all of his favorite things into one steaming pile of ignorant ichor, it also gives him the ability to wallow in metaphorical merde, just like the racist pig he apparently wants to be regarded as:

What a revelation this… isn’t. Two African American men are murdered by power-tripping cops, and the only pertinent takeaway gnat we’re supposed to get from these race-based incidents, is that the cites themselves are democrat controlled? Once again, Catinari deliberately misses the goddamn blatantly obvious issue at hand, and does so not by miles, but by literal galaxies.  

Regular readers know that I’ve covered the murder of George Floyd by former police officer Derek Chauvin rather extensively in the past, so for the sake of my blood pressure I’m not going to rehash it, as such is readily available for perusal within the AB Archives, but I will address the slaying of Tyre Nichols, as its circumstances while similar in their horrific outcome, are a tad bit off the standardized charts.

In January of 2023, Nichols, a 29-year-old FedEx worker and father of a 4-year-old boy, was returning home from a local park where he had been taken photos of the sunset, when he was initially pulled over for an alleged act of reckless driving, according to the officers involved in the incident. Or so the Memphis Police Department claimed at the time. What am I inferring, you ask?

Well, as it turns out, when the MPD reviewed the officers body cam footage video clips as well as the video caught by a near-proximity nearby pole-mounted camera. MPD Police Chief Cerelyn “C. J.” Davis was forced to admit that the raw camera footage could not find or even ascertain, ANY evidence of defensible probable cause for officers to legally initiate the traffic stop to begin with.

In a further display of authoritarian abuse, the five officers involved pulled Nichols from his car, maced, tasered, and beat him, as if he were a piñata, as they screamed orders of compliance which due to their conflicting nature, caused the melee to ratchet up a notch when he failed to comply to their satisfaction. Body cam footage shows that from the tome Nichols was removed from his car, that Nichols was pulled from the car, officers concurrently issued a barrage of threats, invectives, and what has been described as “assaultive comments”.

At one point, Nichols managed to break free of his state-sanctioned attackers, and ran for his literal life. His fear clearly justified by the raw footage showing that one officer remarked that, “I hope they stomp his ass” in relation to the expected moment in time when the officers in pursuit of Nichols, would eventually catch up with him. And while Nichols’ behavior has been described as being “resistant” by the officers, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER, that he at any point, attacked the officers in question.

Disgustingly, as Nichols lay slowly dying from what would later be classified as a homicide due to a beating that caused him to suffer a cardiac arrest as well as kidney failure, the officers responsible for it, discussed the now-debunked claim of his reckless driving, as one officer boasted to the assembled throng that: “I was hitting him with straight haymakers, dog”, as another commented that they had “jumped in, and started rocking him.”.

Even more inhumane, paramedics that were called to the scene of carnage, failed to administer care for a quarter of an hour. Nichols was admitted to the hospital in (surprise!) critical condition, where he eventually died three days later from his injuries. Preliminary findings of an autopsy commissioned by his family found that Nichols “suffered excessive bleeding caused by a severe beating”

Now, while we’ve all heard this story before, and it comes as no surprise, the fact that those of us who pay attention to the issue of race-based aggressive judicial inflection could still be caught somewhat off guard, is a gut punch to the system that nobody expected. Because there is a plot twist to this story, and nobody I can assure you, ever saw it coming, including me. Which is odd, because I usually don’t miss much.

Unlike the majority of such cases wherein the inherent fascism of the American judicial enforcement system directly leads to the death of an innocent person of color, the five MPD officers responsible for Nichol’s death; Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr, and Justin Smith, are all people of color themselves.  

Therefore, the query that arises with this knowledge, is dually split: is the system itself characteristically racist, or does working in said system, eventually make one unavoidably corrupted to be so?

Another key difference in regards to the fallout from Nichol’s death was what immediately occurred after it was inarguably established that the officers lacked both probable cause and justification for their deadly force. To a person, every single officer as well as two paramedics, was relieved of duty, effective January 8, 2023. On January 24,2023, the five officers were arrested and charged with second degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct, and official oppression.

Charges which we can assume, may be added to or possibly even reduced in the very near future, but for now? They’re sticking to these bastards as if they’re wood ticks, as they fucking should. But here’s the thing that I’m curious about: was the officers dismissal and subsequent murder charges the apogee of a functioning democratic process, or was it hastened for the simple reason that the officers involved, just so happened to be not White?

I ask this question only because in a typical investigation concerning such abhorrent events, the time that’s normally accorded to assembling the crucial evidence for prosecution, usually takes far longer to assess the acquired same, than the one that’s been conferred to the collective cases regarding the Memphis Five. Floyd’s killer was eventually brought to due justice, and I hope that the same fate befalls those of Nichol’s, but I still find the quickening of this case somewhat unusual.

But just don’t take my word for it, especially when there’s the White supremacy-based words of the Alt-Wrong media to choose from. Take for instance, this repulsive offering from FOX News favorite spokesman for the overly victimized demographic that is always American White Conservatives, Tucker Carlson:

So, I’m confused here; is Tucker suggesting that Floyd is actually still alive, (because he most certainly is not) or is he suggesting that Floyd committed an act of willful suicide by placing Chauvin’s knee on his neck for the span of ten agonizing minutes, until he died from this act of subdual restraint and neck compression? Yeah, either checks out, I guess. Well, in Tucker’s white-bread worldview, anyway.

Nevertheless, Chauvin still has Carlson’s full support, but as I said, don’t take my word for it- take Carlson’s asinine ones instead: “So they destroy the city, they put this cop in prison for the rest of his life, we all have to pretend he committed murder… which he didn’t, but whatever, we have to pretend it, and then they leave and they move on to the next thing to destroy,”

This assertion proudly stated, despite the fact that a jury of Chauvin’s peers convicted him for murdering Floyd, and not for his just being a cop. Contrast this “Back the Blue” twaddle take on race-based abuse with that of Tucker’s very own modern-day Stepin Fetchit, a conservative token sycophant by the name of Jason Whitlock:

Whitlock, whose groveling for Massa’s approval is akin to that of his fellow GQP ego-fellating token Candyass Owens, offered a truly unique take on as to why Nichols was brutally murdered by those who were sworn to protect and serve him,

They don’t want us focused on reality”, says hand-picked pundit on “news” network dived to not living anywhere near its clearly defined boundaries. Yes, boys and girls, our ever so misinformed Caucasian collaborator here, has an opinion about them there uppity one-parent Negroes, and he’s gonna shade it with all of us:

“They don’t want us focused on reality, Hey, if they want us to devote an hour of coverage to this and weekend coverage to this and they want to take us to a good place, I would examine the racial element of this.  Because there is a racial element. And this is a story about young Black men and their inability to treat each other in a humane way.

Everybody involved in this, on the street level, was either 24 to 32 years old. Everybody, it was a group of young Black men, five-on-one. It looked like gang violence to me. It looked like what young Black men do when they’re supervised by a single Black woman, and that’s what they got going on in the Memphis Police Department.”

Damn. Not only is ths ignorant, it also serves as father validation that for the promise of a few shekels, Whitlock is more than happy to earn them via a self-hating shuck n’ jive designed to deflect from the actual issue at hand. That being yet again; is the system itself characteristically racist, or does working in said system, eventually make one unavoidably corrupted to be so?

Damn. Not only is this ignorant, it also serves as father validation that for the promise of a few shekels, Whitlock is more than happy to earn them via a self-hating shuck n’ jive designed to deflect from the actual issue at hand. That being yet again; is the system itself characteristically racist, or does working in said system, eventually make one unavoidably corrupted to be so?

However, a well-worn deflective gambit can never not be overplayed, especially on a faux-news network where the actual Truth has been deemed by its management as being “bad for business”. So therefore, and unsurprisingly, Tucker earned his paycheck by launching a few more cans of allegorical gas into the disingenuous fire that he in tandem with Whitlock had stoked, falsely stating that;

“We want to touch on two things. First, regarding “very few unarmed Black men are being killed by white cops.” [This is patently false] Now, we don’t have a breakdown of police killers by race, but we do know that according to federal statistics, the vast majority of American police officers are white. In fact, according to the most recent information only 10% of police officers in America are Black. [So what?]

The race riots of 2020 were never about George Floyd, obviously. That’s why there are no statues of him in American cities.[Um, genius? There are actually two.]  They were about changing the country forever. The first step, of course, was defunding police departments across the country and forcing them to lower their standards [False] to attract unqualified applicants: hiring officers based on skin color, rather than integrity or skill or self-control, all in the name of equity.

Does that result in better policing? Well, what happened in Memphis a few weeks ago is one indicator. At least two of the five officers that apparently beat Tyre Nichols to death were hired under lax diversity-driven standards. They were affirmative action hires. Yet instead of admitting that, and it’s true, the media are diverting attention from this fact by accusing these five officers, who are all Black, of somehow being white supremacists.”

Wow. Just… wow.

Amazing how Tucker, who defended who openly declared that Chauvin’s inherent bigotry and abuse of his authority hadn’t directly led to George Floyd’s death, turned on a dime to promote the equally racist idea that diversity hiring had led to Nichol’s, while simultaneously ignoring the everyday reality of fascistic judicial abuse. Gee, given this discrepancy of thought, I have to seriously wonder what the singular factor differentiating these two cases for Tucker are?  

Oops. Never mind. I got it now, thanks to Fox News’ grand wizard of weird M&M cartoon fetishes and America’s persistently incensed Vanilla Wafer, Tucker Carlson, as well as his reposting sycophant, Gerry Catinari. That’s the one thing I’ve always loved about White Supremist fanboys; whole they really do hate being called “racist”, it’s still not enough of an irritant to stop them from saying and doing racist things.

Weird, that.

But let’s not forget Catinari’s original “point”; both were killed (MURDERED) in Democratic run cites. Nice to know that such only happens in so-called “Blue” areas and not “Red” ones. Oh wait…

Poor Gerry. It seems that Realty once again, is treating him as if he dropped the soap in a prison shower. As usual. But never fear, for when Truth fails to bend to Catinari’s will, he’ll just foist forward yet another ignorant attempt at being regarded as something other than an inadvertent walking punchline. And in this particular case, it’s as the recipient of unwarranted reverse racism. Speaking off which, I’d love to see his proof:

Gosh, my Liberal heart is just bleeding for these two wholly oppressed White men. I mean, can you imagine the pain and suffering attached to constituting the majority of the 332 million people living within the United States? Sure, representing 61.6% of the current population isn’t anything to sneeze at, but now Cheerios actually markets to Black people, and you know it’s all going to go straight to Hell after that becomes commonplace.

And when the stench of false victimhood fails to move the goalposts so much as an inch, Catinari falls back on a classic distraction to “prove” that he’s so not a bigot, but is instead, a man of educated prowess. And how does he do this, you may ask? Simple. He uses misogyny instead:  

Is there some specific reason as to why Catinari felt the need to identify current VP Kamala Harris as a “Black Female”, as if we would have possibly forgotten that she is? This just in, Donald Trump is still a tangerine-tinted man-child, for those of you with chronic long-term memory loss. So glad I could help.

Also, does anybody believe for a second that Catinari even knows what the “View” is to begin with, past being a favorite target of Neocon faux outrage? Yeah, me too. But fortunately, Catinari isn’t alone in his stereotypical inbred inanity, for yet again, his heterosexual BFF Stave Laux, comes riding in on his White horse, just dying to make a declarative stand. Albeit one that’s both long-dead, and far past being beat into dust:

While it’s true that Conservatives like to consistently claim that they themselves don’t see color, unless of course, the people born of such dares to do White people only things in front of actual White people, this assertion of Laux’s, amusing as it is, still raises a pertinent question nevertheless, and it is this: “JFC, how fucking stupid is Laux for choosing this particularly dumb as fuck vanilla-scented hill to impudently die on?”

Granted, I know that’s a question to be asked in metaphorical form only, but even I am at a loss for words regarding just how goddamn mind-numbingly stupid his declarative position is in the face of incontrovertible evidence. Amazing how the same people who (falsely) crow about being truly “colorblind” when it comes to the issue of race equality, lose their freaking so-called minds when an obvious person of color declares membership within its sovereignty.

I’d also note that Laux, much in the way that Catinari is wont to do, fails to give any explanation as to why he passionately believes with such Caucasian conviction that Harris isn’t “Black”, but I guess the small details such as backing up your asinine points using actual verified evidence, goes out the allegorical window, when all of your attention is focused on proving that you’re a fucking idiot.

Building upon that concept, Catinari returns to the fold with yet another unwarranted attack on Harris, and this time, is kind enough to present us all with a list of her potential “victims”, which when given the voting and legislative record of the party that propagates this puerile propaganda, only serves to validate the theorem that everything Conservatives attempt to slur liberals with, is either projection or confession:

Let’s take this supposed hit list in order, if we may, and as you’d surmise, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you’re a Taxpayer: the GQP passed one of the largest tax breaks in history, allowing the ultra-rich to shirk paying their fair share, which of course, we all collectively get to pay for. If you’re a Business Owner: the GQP did nothing to help you during the COVID crisis, and whom also slashed the Small Business Administration’s Program for Investment in Micro-entrepreneurs, which funds programs that help low-income entrepreneurs get training, technical assistance, and access to capital for their businesses.

If you’re a Christian: Nothing is happening to you, whatsoever. And if something actually was, which it most certainly is not, why would you be scared in the first place? I mean, isn’t “God” supposed to protect you, as stated in Isaiah 54:17? After all; “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD”, sounds like God has your back pretty well covered.

If you’re a Parent: Same advice as above, but without all that mythical mumbo-jumbo of a sociopathic deity attached. But you will need to continue ignoring the fact that the GQP is the party that consistently rolls back gun regulations which in turn, directly leads to the NUMBER ONE KILLER OF AMERICAN CHILDREN in this country. But I’m sure that you’re perfectly okay with sacrificing your kids so that the NRA can continue to fund Ted Cruz’s trips to Cancun when Texas gets too cold for his reptilian blood, right?

If you’re a Police Officer: As it is with the Christians, nothing is happening to you whatsoever, save for the fact that you’re now finally being held accountable for the application of systemic abuse of your limited authority, as well as your inherent racism. This leads to an “Us versus Them” mentality, which is the singular reason why Black parents tell their sons; “Don’t give them a reason. Any reason”, if they get stopped by the cops. But please… you were just whining about being unfairly judged?


However?  You and your alleged “loved ones”, will face a far higher risk of being fatally injured with the presence of a gun in your home, as well as raising the risk of having it turned against you during an altercation. But please, my whiny warrior wannabes, feel free to roll the dice on what will transpire when your kid accidentally shoots either himself, or more terrifyingly, his schoolmates on purpose, which seems to be the norm these days.

Thoughts and prayers to the ever so obvious reality that much like what’s been going on between your ears ever since you became a Conservative, you’re lacking “it” between your legs, as well. But I’m sure that your purchasing another 40 guns for “personal protection”, will help you forget that everybody knows it.

And when it comes to that mocking laughter that you hear every time you wear your “Fuck Your Gun-Free Zone” t-shirt outside of your house”? Well, that’s just those Liberal pussies showing their jealousy at your command of faux badassery.

If you’re a White American Citizen: Um, Dude? I’m a White American Citizen, and a blonde and blue-eyed one at that, so I can assure you that overall, we still have it pretty good. Superman and Han Solo are still White, as are most of our cartoon mermaids, and as a rule, we’re still the ones running the news networks stoking the racial fear that you’ve obviously brought into, so try to relax, you delusional blubbercup.

If you’re a Newborn or Unborn Baby: The first question I must ask, is just what are either one of you exactly worried about? You live rent-free, have no pressing responsibilities to contend with, and just about everyone who meets you, loves you unconditionally. You, quite literally, have it made in the shade. And despite what the GQP says, there are multiple safeguards in place to protect you before and after you’re born.

First off, let’s keep in mind just which party is the one painting itself as “Pro-Life” while defunding social programs for children, forcing same said children to give birth against their will to the offspring resultant of the acts of rape and incest, and as noted earlier, adamantly refusing to do a goddamn thing about the actual number one killer of children, that being gun violence.

But I’m sorry, Gerry- you were just trying to warn us about paranoid falsehoods, while being a hypocrite regarding actual ones, and mythical God knows that I’d hate to ever your interrupt that. To that end, I’d like to introduce yet another fever-dream of Catinari’s, his unsupported fantasy that White people are being unfairly saddled with the stigma of being responsible for the majority of mass shootings within this country:

Before I shred yet another of Catinari’s bullshit bloviations, some context first: what my cravenly Caucasian of supreme defection is lying about here, is that the L.A. shooter, identified as one Huu Can Tran, 72, and who later died at his own hand, wasn’t White, so therefore, “nobody” in the media covered this statical anomaly (more on that in a bit), despite the carnage resultant of the body count involved.

This is patently dishonest of course, but leave it to Catinari to make a mountain range out of his Caucasian offense, and call it a reality for the ages. Unfortunately for yet another of his false narratives, reality bites back:

Yes Gerry, “nobody” mentioned it. I love to break this to you, but as a rule, racially divergent mass shooters such as Tran are the exception, and not the standard. I’m ever so sorry that the Media in general, wasn’t able to adequately deflect the sins of your fellow Vanilla Vanguardians by disingenuously placing blame for everything on another race, but as there have been more than 140 mass shootings in the US at the time of this writing, [April 2023] they probably don’t have the time to do so to your scurrilous satisfaction

By the way Gerry, that works out to a shooting almost daily, and guess who’s typically responsible, according to the corroborated data? Well, all I can say is that it’s going to break your already overtaxed heart. To start, 95% [on avg.] of shooters were 33 years old, male, and in a data point that nobody should find surprising…

… 54% of said wrongdoers were WHITE. Overall, it seems that the one racial demographic that seems to be far more murderous, are the Caucasians. Say what you will about the work ethic of us venomous Vanilla’s, but I’m starting to think that we sure don’t like to take a back seat to anybody in anything. But don’t worry Gerry, you can still blame all the other races for our issues, just like you’ve always done. It is an American tradition, after all.

And when it comes to disseminating blame for the ills of an eggshell-colored society, Catinari likes to engage in fellatio on the classics, such as the old and beyond disproven trope that illegal immigrants are openly “gaming the system”, as evidenced by this transparently false slice of bigoted bullshit:

For the more astute among you out there, you already know that this is not true, and so does Catinari, but as his racism overrides his ethics by miles, I guess I can’t fault him for willingly wallowing in the merde of his own self-invented ignorance. To clarify, no refugee is or ever has been considered to be “illegal”, as under U.S. law, refugee status is given to those who can prove that they have (or are fleeing) persecution., albeit physical or political.

On average, the federal government spends $440 per refugee, per month, and the types of programs and the befits offered to such. Come nowhere near to Catinari’s false claim. But you can’t keep a bigoted dumbfuck down for too long, as Catinari proves with this offering of non-researched Trumper tripe:

I’ve often wondered why it is, that the people who brag about knowing the Constitution cover to cover, have absolutely no fucking clue what it actually says. A question for another time, I guess. Perhaps one when I don’t feel the need to give myself an aneurysm trying to find the answer. And as you’ve already surmised, Catinari is not only wrong as usual, but pathetically so.

While it is accurate that the Constitution does not grant immigrants the right to enter the U.S illegally, it does protect them from discrimination based on race and national origin and from arbitrary treatment by the government, once they are here. The U.S. Supreme Court has definitely ruled that the guarantees of our Constitution APPLY TO EVERY PERSON WITHIN THE BORDERS OF THE UNITED STATES, including those persons whose presence in this country is completely unlawful,

What this translates to for the benefit of our graduate of the KKK School of Racist Law here, is that even the undocumented working among us, have the right to freedom of speech and religion, the right to be treated fairly, the right to personal privacy, along with the myriad of the other fundamental rights that  U.S. citizens generally appreciate, without so much as a second or even a first thought for that matter.

So whereas Catinarl’s take on these facts are concerned, I’m trying my absolute hardest to see things from his perspective, but I just can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass. Maybe I should ask him fir some tips on how to do so, given the consistent adeptness he displays in regards to his achieving such.

Take for instance this just as uneducated declaration, wherein despite the reality that I just presented, Catinari espouses that the desperate doing the jobs that Americans gave up doing decades ago, as being nothing less than an invading horde of hardened criminals, hellbent on pillaging the very heart of America itself:

Has anyone else ever noticed how Conservatives always manage to take two disparate concerns and amalgamate them into a false analogy as natural as they lie about both? Truly, an impressive talent on loan from their mythical God, whose teachings they don’t follow. You know, such as welcoming the stranger, assisting the needy, and being honest in both your word and deed?

I find Catinari’s faux concern about the sexually assaulted via the construct of the “Brute Caricature” specifically odious, given the fact that his President is a self-admitted rapist, and that his party, besides typically dismissing most victims of rape as liars, is also currently trying to legislate that women (and underage girls) be forced to give birth to the spawn of involuntary sexual and incestual acts.

But please Gerry, share with us all, your feminist takes on the issues concerning the gender you wish to subjugate against their will. I’m sure it will be just as intellectually sound as any if your other so-called talking points.

For those unfamiliar with what I referenced above, the brute caricature is a racist trope that depicts African-American men as being naturally vicious, and therefore uncontrollably prone to engaging in destructive acts of criminality, such as the targeted predation of (always) defenseless White women. And under the auspices of such racist ideology, the only cure or salve to stop said social savages, is either the act of infinite incarceration, or applying the ultimate penalty via a state-supported death.

Now as we look at this slanderous descriptive as dispassionately as is possible, does this farcical fable sound remotely similar to the slurs consistently applied to the particular demographic that’s become the favored sacrificial scapegoat of the Alt-Wrong’s ever-expanding grievances list?  Yeah… I thought so too, but it’s always nice to have verification of my theorems, nevertheless. The race may change, but the need for an allegorical boogeyman seemingly never does.

However, did anyone else notice that despite employing the issue of unrestrained gun violence to foist his bigoted point upon us all, Catinari most deliberately sidestepped addressing the specific issue itself?

I could wonder why that is, but I’m certain that it has nothing to do with the fact that thanks to his party’s insistence on relaxing gun laws, any wackadoo gun-tard can now effortlessly annihilate an entire classroom of children in under a minute and a half. Such a disclosure would normally cause an ethically-functioning human being to take a moment of pause, but to be fair, it’s hard to think when you’re not actually used to the parameters of the activity.

Case in point? Catinari’s return to an already debunked non -issue, that despite all the evidence that was presented to him, he dismissed as being “fake”, because that’s how Realty apparently chooses to work now.

Sigh… it’s one thing to beat a dead horse into dust, but when you’ve managed by the sheer will of your asinine ignorance alone, to turn said dust into querulous quarks, perhaps it’s way past the time for you to just stop. A personally-held opinion that I feel, was addressed rather succinctly in my brief retort:

As long as I may get to live, I will never truly understand the depth or the toxicity of the hateful well that these abscheuliche Menschen happily drink from. Call me strange, but in my average day, I really don’t have the time to contemplate just how much needless fear I can present if not project to the world entire, while falsely claiming that all things badass, are due to my presence being within proximity of them.

This sense that all which exists in the world is designed to harm or offend them, is a staple of Neocon ideology, and while at its core it represents a clear and present danger to our established democracy, it can also be inadvertently hilarious when placed in the hands of a babbling maroon, such as Catinari appears to be. By way of example, peruse this cultural observation of his that in the end, comes off as if he were my elderly father, eavesdropping on his African-American neighbors next door:

On this one, I will begrudgingly admit that Catinari is half-right in his assertion, as “Old Tome Rock and Roll”, is a great song. I say ,despite the fact that the majority of his critics rank it as one of the worst tunes that he ever wrote. That dishonor I believe, should go to either “Turn the Page” from his “Back in ’72” album, or the inexorable pop monstrosity “Shakedown” from the Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack, but I digress for now, because Catinari is still a fucking idiot, regardless.

A bigot in his seventies bitching about the current state of rap and rock music, is akin to a 14-year-old running commentary about having to make mortgage payments. Neither knows shit about the topic that they’re whining about, and for the good of all those within earshot, both should probably just shut the hell up about it. But since we’re discussing Black culture, and its contribution to society in general, let’s take a gander at this posting of his which screams “I know of a Black Person!”, without using the actual words:

For the record, the concept of being “Woke” is to be alertly aware to the issues of racial prejudice, discrimination, and societal inequality. Conservatives quite fond of saying how “anti-woke” they are, when in fact, they should be anti-idiocy, anti-racist, anti-abhorrence, anti-societal deficiency, and anti-totalitarian.

I am curious though, as to whether or not Catinari essentially knows that the term he so happily regards as a damning disparagement, is not only derived from the argot of African-Americans themselves, but to those who openly deem themselves as being woke to begin with, it’s taken as being nothing less than the highest of supreme compliments. Especially when the intellect of its dissemination source n is taken into consolidative review.

For the life of me, I have no idea why it’s still so necessary that I have to explain to Conservatives such as Catinari as to why they should actually give a damn about other people, but here we collectively are, nonetheless. But baby steps, I guess. In addendum, can anyone tell me just why it is that Conservatives truly believe that posting the meme equivalency of “I have a Black friend so I can’t be a prejudiced twat”, will somehow make us forget that their party is communally racist?

Being able to quote the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, doesn’t mean squat when you’re still one of the openly bigoted manning the allegorical fire hoses, and utilizing a selectively cherry-picked five-minute bit from a Black comedian’s act when you’ve ignored all that came before and afterwards, is an act of intellectual cowardice so brazenly steeped in chicken shit, that even Ted Cruz himself, would disavow it.

And keep in mind he’s an Eddie Munster cosplayer, whose spine is comprised mostly of microwaved Velveeta.

For validity’s sake, Rock does talk about wokeness and cancel culture in the comedy special that Catinari discriminatorily choose his commentary from, but in regards to the abominable events of J6, he also openly mocked the angry mob of (primarily) White men who tried to overthrow the government that they themselves draw the most benefit from, saying; “What kind of white Planet of the Apes shit was that?!”

Interestingly, Catinari didn’t feel the need to dig deep in regards to Rock’s previous social commentary featured in his prior special ]2018’s” Ta]mbourine”] where Rock addressed several issues of cultural disparity that Catinari consistently and deliberately, avoids talking about as if they were the very plague itself. Which for a person who picks the Truth he wants out of his serving of Caucasian Chex-Mix, it most likely is.

Regarding the pandemic of gun violence, where Conservatives pathetically use the argument that if not a gun, a madman would kill as many with a knife: “If 100 people ever got stabbed at the same place at the same time, you know what? Then 97 people deserve to die.”

And then there’s his quip about the police: “I don’t think they pay cops enough. I don’t think they pay police enough. And you get what you pay for. Here’s the thing, man. Whenever the cops gun down an innocent black man, they always say the same thing. “Well, it’s not most cops. It’s just a few bad apples. It’s just a few bad apples.” Bad apple? That’s a lovely name for murderer. That almost sounds nice.

I’ve had a bad apple. It was tart, but it didn’t choke me out. Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. I know being a cop is hard. I know that shit’s dangerous. I know it is, okay? But some jobs can’t have bad apples. Some jobs, everybody gotta be good. Like … pilots. Ya know, American Airlines can’t be like, “Most of our pilots like to land. We just got a few bad apples that like to crash into mountains. Please bear with us.”

Expanding upon same said concern, Rock opined: “I want to see white mothers on TV crying.” you’d think every once in a while, the cops would shoot a white kid just to make it look good. You’d think they’d look at their dead nigga calendar and go, “Oh my god, we’re up to 16. We gotta shoot a white kid quick.” “Which one?” “Ah, the first you see singing Cardi B.”

Honestly, I wanna live in a world with real equality. I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month. An equal world. I wanna see white mothers on TV cryin’, standin’ next to Al Sharpton, talkin’ about “We need justice for Chad! We need justice for Chad! He was just coming home from racquetball practice!”

And much to Catinari’s discomfort, Rock candidly called out the inequities inherent within in the American Justice system, where Black men routinely get the short end of the judicial rope: “Some say young black men are an endangered species. That’s not true, because endangered species are protected by the government. You got to punch your black son in the fucking face. Hard. Yeah, I said it. On Netflix, I said that shit. It’s important that your black son follow your instructions. It’s the difference between life and death. Okay? Okay? ’

Cause we got a crazy justice system out here. We got a justice system for rich and for poor, for black, for white. We got a justice system where two people can do the exact same crime, in the exact same place, at the exact same time and get a different sentence. Only in America. We gotta change this justice system. Yo, the American justice system should be like Walmart. It should be just like Walmart. “Hey, if you can find a lighter sentence, we’ll match it!”

Weird that Catinari didn’t mention any of that which has come before, isn’t it? It’s almost as if he knows that when you give people all the interconnecting details, they tend not to buy your bargain-brand bullshit at face value. Conservatives: keeping the parts that support their false narratives, and jettisoning the inconvenience of the rest that so obviously doesn’t.

But hey Gerry, you can feel free to ignore all these still-relevant observations as trivial, because after all, Rock did issue a flippant comment about the oversensitiveness of some social activists that you view as being nothing less than a Hail Mary pass for your asinine ideology. Now all you need do, is quote the good Reverend King out of context, and then pat yourself on the back for not using the “N-word” outside of your carefully selected company, and the circle will be complete.

My acerbic assertion aside, this is not to say that Catinari has a sense of disdain for African-Americans overall, for there’s more than a few that he does like. That is, as long as they’re the “right kind” of Black person to begin with. People like the racism-denying Candy-ass Owens, the aforementioned bootlicker Jason Whitlock, and this testicle-lacking token, known as Byron Donalds:

Donalds, the U.S. representative for Florida’s 19th congressional district since 202i, has made quite the name for himself being one of disgraced president Trump’s most fervent Mar-a-Lago lawn lackeys, by not only sidestepping the inherently worrying issue of his attempted coup, but by insisting that the evidential reality of his committing numerous other crimes as well, is irrelevant.

Adding insult to his already cringe-worthy servitude, Donalds proudly endorsed the twice-impeached, treasonous, lying, grafting, adulterous, law-breaking mange-man-child for the upcoming 2024 presidential race, saying that; “There is only one leader at this time in our nation’s history who can seize the moment and deliver what we need – to get us back on track, provide strength and resolve, and Make America Great Again. That is why I’m honored to endorse President Donald J. Trump for President in 2024, and I ask my fellow Americans to join me,”

Given the fact that my brain works the way Nature intended it to, I’m afraid that I’ll have to take a hard pass on that offer Byron, because you know… reality and all that?  Shunning such, Donalds has also preserved with his unfounded assertion that systemic racism no longer exists in America, despite clear evidence to the contrary, seriously saying that;

“It doesn’t exist today. One hundred years ago, if you had told me there was systemic racism in the United States, I would have said absolutely there was. Not only the police but the D.A., the defense attorney, and the judge were systematically set up to make sure you were guilty no matter what.

Systemic and institutionalized racism today in the United States? No. We are now two generations from the Civil Rights Act passing. Two generations away in America. I will largely tell you that if you are a Black or Brown child in America, your opportunities for success today are significantly higher than they were two generations ago. That’s beyond question.”

It’s “beyond question”, you say? Well, I guess that must explain the traceable history of GQP-influenced and legislated race-based voter disenfranchisement, the repeated racial attacks emanating from its leadership targeting legislators of color and non-Christian religious faith, and the fact that the equality of applied Justice still overwhelmingly favors Whites over non-Whites.

And whatever you do, don’t make it a point to mention to Donalds, ever the racial history scholar, the fact that the last of the Jim Crow laws was “officially” struck off the books in 1968. which if you can do math, falls far shy of the hundred-year benchmark that he apparently regards as verification for his dripping with cluelessness claim.

No wonder Catinari likes this guy- he knows his place, if not his specifically designated role. That being, the literal whitewashing of a tangerine-tinted fascists track record of incompetence, lying, racism, misogyny, graft, elitism, intellectual density, cravenness, and treason.

And as an aside to Donalds, who has the faith of a toddler at Christmastime that currying the favor of the world’s biggest disloyalist will grant him access to even more power? Trump is never going to let you walk through the door unmolested son, but he’ll be oire than happy to let you hold it open for him. After all, isn’t that the full extent of what he thinks that your people can actually do?

Now while Trump th9nks that African Americans are best locked in allegorical amber as either disposable tokens or the demographic of imaginary people that “love” him, Catinari prefers that they be regarded as societal scapegoats for all of the ills that his party continues to openly foment.

Case in point, this false fever-dream amalgamating acts of random vandalism, with that of the dedicated attempt to overthrow the results of a free and fair election, just so that a wannabe fascist clad in treason and hubris, could soothe his fragile as wet-tissue-paper ego in regards to his numerous failures:

For the uninitiated, the “DailySignal.com” is a conservative website that focuses on pushing the Alt-Wrong narrative that is so deliberately essential to propping up the perspective of Conservative ideology. Published by the conservative think tank known as The Heritage Foundation, its reliability for accuracy has been charted as being just shy of 27% by Ad Fontes Media, an organization that measures media bias, be it Leftist or in this case, paranoically racist.

In other words, it’s just as steadfast as all of Catinari’s other media sources that I previously covered in Pt. 2 of this story-arc, so naturally of course, Catinari responds to it in the same way that I respond to a case of perfectly chilled Ding-Dongs. Unfortunately for Catinarl’s cringe-inducing ploy at stitching two disparate events together to provide us all with a seamless soliloquy of scurrilous slander, the statistics as usual, don’t support the narrative that he attempts to sell us.

To note; an investigative study by the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) analyzed more than 7,750 Black Lives Matter demonstrations in all 50 states as well as Washington D.C., and discovered that the vast expanse of them (95%) were in fact relatively peaceful, overall.

Despite protests taking place in no less than 2,400 locations nationwide, fewer than 220 reported “violent demonstrations”, whose definition encompasses personal assaults upon citizenry or police, property damage, looting, acts of targeted arson, or other similar actions.

Fascinatingly, the ACLED report did call attention to the violence inherent to the government’s response, in which authorities “use force more often than not” when challenged by such, penning that they “disproportionately used force while intervening in demonstrations associated with the BLM movement, relative to other types of demonstrations.

In addition, the report also called out, and that rather specifically, the multitude of unwarranted personal assaults leveled at BLM-supporting participants, such as the fatal incident of vehicular homicide that occurred in Charlottesville, as carried out by both individuals with strongly established ties to White Supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, and other agitators with no direct connections to the very causes and societal concerns that BLM exists to highlight.

Call me crazy, but does it strike strange that Catinari who claims to be an American Patriot, has such an issue with his fellow citizens legally employing their Constitutional rights to protest injustice, while at the same time, seemingly having no qualms whatsoever being in ideological goosestep with a NAZI who used the bumper of a Dodge Challenger to press his abominable point home?

I’m sure that there’s nothing to unpack there, save for his matching robe and hood ensemble, that is. I do wonder what the key differences are twixt his summations, though. I’m pretty sure that the answer to such is White on the tip of my tongue, but for now? It’s just educated guesswork at best.

Unerringly, while I am known for the harshest of critiques concerning persons of true moral unevenness as Catinari moist certainly presents himself as. This is to say that my literary picture of the man is far from complete, as it were.An assessment that I think we can all agree on, regardless of our political leaning or societal attachment.

Just because Catinari posts racist memes and cherry-picked racist tropes as he deliberately ignores all that which is relevant to what occurs around him, it doesn’t necessarily prove that he’s a racist. Not at all. For that sort of accusation, I tend to lean on a person’s own words, which of course Catinari can’t help but provide:

The lauded African American poetess Maya Angelou said it best: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”, and mythical God knows, that Catinari really enjoys the act of showing us who he really is, even when all traces of said reasonable doubt, have been settled for quite some time.

Let’s call it a gift, and leave it at that.

Yes Gerry, it is “progress”. Just think about it- in the 246-year-old history of this country, we’ve had ONE Black president (out of the 45 others who were White) ONE Black vice-president (out of the 48 others who were White) and the only one who just happens to be female (out of the 45 others who… oh, you get the point) and maybe one day down the road, we might even have a White female president as well, but you know… baby steps and all that.

After all, we already know just how fragile the collective White person ego is, and we wouldn’t to have a government that actually represents all of its people, lest the Vanilla Vanguard finds itself offended.

Crunching the current 2023 numbers, there are 32 teams in the NFL with [roughly] 58% of the league identifying as Black, 25% of the population identified as White, 1.6% as Hawaiian or Pacific Highlander, 0.7% as Hispanic or Latino and 0.3% as Asian.

“But Artbitch”, you ask, “What is the number of Black head coaches within the NFL? Certainly, given the racial makeup of the majority of its athletes, that number must be HUGE, right?”

Actually, it is. Despite the fact that currently there’s only two non-White NFL owners, and that neither of them is African-American, and minus the unsettling reality that in the entirety of its 102-year history, the NFL has NEVER had a Black owner, the NFL nevertheless, has made amazing progress where its hiring of African American head coaches is concerned.

In fact, it’s 9.375%, which translates into three persons, when all of the complicated math is done and accounted for. Wait a minute… [checks notes] that’s it? THREE!?!? There are less Black people working as head coaches in an unquestionably Black-dominated sport than you could ever find singing lead in a Salt Lake City-based Osmond Family tribute band, and Catinari is seriously bitching about it?

Dear God, will the madness of Wokeism ever end? Next thing you know, we’ll suffer the integration of our schools, water fountains, hotels, public swimming pools, if not NASCAR itself. And God forbid, you just know that “they” will be demanding the right to vote without our permission next. Such are the slippery slopes that manifest when the privilege of access is charitably granted to such ingrates.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I find to be more pathetic here:  Catinari’s smug condescension regarding an ongoing crisis of equity sadly inherent within this deeply-flawed republic, or the fact that he esteems the incidental inclusion of an allegorical speck of pepper to a stew made of Vanilla and unwarranted privilege, somehow taints the world entire.

Can you just imagine, the dedicated effort that it must take before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee, to be this much of a bigoted and clueless jackass? And then in addition, taking pride in being so? Look, I know that ignorance is supposedly bliss and all that, but there’s a crowbar separation between being in a state of perpetual Zen and a state of delusional denial, as Catinari so clearly is.

Of course, Catinari doesn’t (and never will) see it that way, bit as he and his ilk are fond of saying, fuck your feelings Gerry, because you’re still a goddamn maroon, nevertheless. Catinari’s inane ideology and his obsessive need to disseminate it, often make me wonder just what he might have become, if only he hadn’t been denied the oxygen he required at the unfortunate time of his birth.

On the one hand, I do have a fair amount of sympathy for Catinari, a person so devoid of intellectual capacity, that he probably believes Cheerios are doughnut seeds, but on the other, I’d have to also admit that at times, he can be a person of rare intelligence. Mainly due to the fact that it’s rare when he actually shows any.

Fortunately for me and my writing, that’s a plus, rather than a deficiency, and for that. I will express my sincerest gratitude and well wishes towards his never-ending quest to achieve the true walking punchlines status he’s so dedicatedly earned. He’s not quite there yet, but he is getting closer every day, thanks to the sheer amount of ignorance that he spews almost hourly.

And who am I not to take supreme advantage of that?


So, as I close this particular screed out, rest assured there’s still more of Catinarl’s cravenly mental cavern yet to explore, and I will be more than happy to share it with you all. But first, a taste of that which is yet to come:

Gerry Catinari, everyone. Depriving some poor village of its idiot, ever since he could crawl.


“If complete and utter chaos was lightning, then he’d be the sort to stand on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armour and shouting ‘All gods are bastards!” – Terry Pratchett, The Color of Magic